Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L280F

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the fear of Allah and the importance of remaining firm in following his teachings. They emphasize the benefits of being given light on the Day of Judgment and the potential for increased knowledge and knowledge through media. The concept of a double share and "has" in relation to taqwa is discussed, and individuals may not have any authority over anything related to their taqwa. The bounty of Islam is also discussed as a special reward given to individuals with a certain amount of power.
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Yeah you have Latina, Manu, all you who have believed it duckula her have fear of Allah. Because when a person has fear of Allah, only then can you maintain the right balance between Deen and dunya.

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So it took a lot of fear Allah, because it's out of the fear of love that a person will not abandon their religion. It's out of the fear of Allah that a person will spend in the way of Allah. It's out of the fear of Allah that a person will give to his children the right that they deserve, that a person will give. Do his spouse, his wife the right that she deserves.

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So yeah, you're Latina, Amma No, it took a lot of fear of Allah. What Amina will be able to sue Lee and believe in His Messenger, which messenger Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, don't we already believe in him? Yes, we do. So why is this being said what am enumclaw slowly, meaning remain firm on this email.

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And believing in the messenger means following the messenger as well.

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believing in Him means following him as well. So I'm in ob rasuluh. He believes in his messenger. remain firm on this belief. Follow his way. Follow his Sunnah.

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And when you will do that, you can give Ladyman rometty He will give you two portions of His mercy.

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Some people have said that this is actually addressing the allocator Yeah, you're Latina ama refers to the allocator Why? Because they're being told me Nubira suli believe in Who? Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam However, this is extremely wrong. Why? Because how is it that Allah would address those whom Allah describes as the Kaffir? On Medina? kalu? How is it that he would call them yeah, even Medina Imani?

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Allah would not address them with the safavi man.

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The safer email addresses will

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only those who believe in Allah and His messengers, meaning all of them.

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So this addresses to the amount of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and by the command will Ameobi la su Lee, what does it mean remain firm on this belief, perfect your belief improve your belief show your belief and remember Eman is not just about COBOL but what does it include? Also Iran submission action. So I mean, obviously, and if you will do that you can give Lainey Mata he will give you a double portion of his mercy gift ln is a dual of given and given is a good share of something remember they'll give

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they'll give remember. So, given what does it mean a good portion a good share of something and you can give lane he will give you two shares do portions, meaning double of His mercy, meaning twice the reward, twice the reward compared to whose reward compared to the reward that the previous woman received, that the previous nations received?

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The previous nations, the believers amongst them, whenever they did good, whenever they believed, a loss of power and data rewarded them. However, for The Omen Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Allah has promised them double reward. Why? This is the father that Allah has given to the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu

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because they are the last final oma.

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So you couldn't give him a committee, where do your local neuron and he will make for you neuron alight which light is this? them should be he you will walk with it. Which light is this?

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The slide can refer to light on the Day of Judgment. That because of your belief, because of your taqwa because of your adherence to your belief, Allah will give you light on the Day of Judgment. And by this slide, you'll be able to walk you'll be able to go to Gen Z. Secondly, others have said that this news refers to or on hedaya knowledge. So if you believe

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if you have Taqwa of Allah, then that will result in increase in knowledge, then Schoonover he will walk with it, meaning you will live with it. Well, Phil local and he will also forgive you Allah who have a photo of Rahim and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. What do we learn in this ayah what's the result of Eman and taqwa? What's the benefit of Eman and taqwa?

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First of all, double reward. Double reward. Secondly, news nowhere, Indonesia and an accident. Indonesia. What does that mean knowledge in Africa? What does that mean? light that will lead people to jet

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What does it show to us?

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That when a person has the core of Allah, then this leads him to attaining more knowledge. The more dako a person will have, the more income he will gain.

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The more decoy he will have, the more we will gain. Because when is a person interested in knowing when he's conscious when he's careful when he's afraid when he doesn't want to make a mistake? So, the level of your taqwa determines what? The level of your desire to have knowledge.

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Isn't that interesting?

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Isn't it

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that the more taco person will have, the more he will want to learn?

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So where'd your local neuron thumb Shona be another benefit? What is that? We have a locum and he will forgive you. Willa, who's a foreigner Haim and allies Forgiving and Merciful. Why? Because man is in need of forgiveness. He makes mistakes, even though he knows.

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Li Allah Allah Hello kita This is so that the People of the Scripture may know.

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Li Allah. This is a combination of Lee and law.

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And over here law is that it is extra, just as filler. Ooh, Cosimo beam Okay, renewal.

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Sometimes law is extra, it is

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just as math is extra.

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Similarly, law is also extra. And why is it there? Sometimes the Arabs would place law in a sentence even though it didn't carry your meaning there. But that sentence is very strong. It's proving something.

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So li la kita. What does it mean? So that Yala Rokita

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so that the People of the Book may know, what do they know that Alaia kurunegala shaman means

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that they do not have any power. They do not have any power over anything of the bounty of Allah.

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That they have no,

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no authority, when it comes to the father of Allah.

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When it comes to Allah giving something to his servants, People of the Book don't have any authority over that. Neither in giving it nor in withholding it. Because the anarchy tab, the houden and Asara, what is it think about themselves that they were the rightly guided?

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They were the ones who are going to enter

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the hood, what do they think, national law?

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So therefore, we're definitely entering gender. We are the children of the prophets. What are the Christians think that because we believe in reincarnation, and this is why we're going to paradise because he was crucified for us, this is why we're going to paradise. And because of this, they consider themselves rightly guided, and what do they consider the rest of mankind astray? Including who Muhammad Sallallahu salamanders oma, this is what they think.

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And with regards to the WHO THE What did they think Prophethood was only for them was only for the bunny is for you. Right, but Allah so panel data sent the last messenger amongst to the bunny is Mary.

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So Allah subhanaw taala over here, he's telling you this, what is he telling you that you will have double reward, as opposed to other Oman, as opposed to the previous nations so that these people have the book who are very proud of themselves they know they realize that they don't have any power, any control over the funnel of

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what Anil fabula BIA dilla and that indeed, the bounty is who it's in the hand of a lot, meaning it's with Allah.

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When it comes to reward when it comes to favor when it comes to giving something when it comes to giving a special reward a bonus, who decides that? Allah because he is the owner, you see him on your show, he gives it to whoever he wills will know who they are, leave and Allah is a possessor of great bounty. So li la kita. Why is Allah telling you about this, that this special favor of gift ln double reward is for you only, so that the People of the Book realize that they don't have complete control. They don't have any control, in fact, over the father of Allah, he decides how much reward he wants to give to who and where he wants to send Prophethood it's not with them, but rather his

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powers with who almost

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deikun Keith lane

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lol kita

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wanted to be a summary camera

Al-Hadid 16-29 Tafsir 28-29

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