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An-Nur 30-31 Word Analysis and Tafsir 31

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With a fleet, or children,

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meaning even children, a woman can expose her Zina in front of them, but with children,

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because imagine it could be an elderly lady and she could say that a boy who is 25 years old is still a child in front of her. So how do you determine which child you're supposed to cover in front of and which child you're not supposed to cover in front of?

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This is our assumption that those boys were reached the age of puberty, after that you're supposed to cover No, you may also have to cover before they hit puberty. Because Allah says over here at livina, lumea, lodo, Allah are wanting to set those children to whom the private parts of women have not been exposed to.

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What does he mean by that the word Allah is the plural of Allah. And Allah is that Bart which has to be covered that part which has to be hidden. If it is exposed, it is a means of embarrassment and shame for a person.

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Because our eldest, what embarrassment.

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So I will alter what weakspots private parts, or sexual organs, genitals, this is a lot.

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So those boys, those children, to whom there are a lot of women have not been known to me, they don't know anything about them.

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They don't know that girls are different physically. They don't know that women have certain types of private parts. And what can be done with those private parts. They don't have any knowledge of sexual intercourse. They don't know about sex, they don't know about such things at all. So such children, a woman may expose her Zina in front of him.

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Now, today, what happens, children are not allowed to remain children.

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How, by what they are made to see by what they are taught at such an early age,

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that their childhood is taken away from them.

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That at a very young age, they're taught in detail about sex education, about the parts of the body of a woman, how they're different from a man.

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So when that happens, that's it. That boy, you have to cover in front of him.

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And it's amazing how you will see little children, as young as eight as young as 10, as young as 11, who are using foul words in their language, who, the way they are describing women, the way they're describing girls, the way they're talking about girls is extremely disturbing.

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extremely disturbing.

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These days, unfortunately, the way for harsh indecency is so common, it's so rampant everywhere that even children are not spared.

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You know, sometimes you're amazed. I remember in Pakistan, once, you know this little boy, he was selling roses, selling flowers on the street by the traffic lights. And he was singing some songs. And the wording was horrible. And I could not imagine that this child is singing these words, does he even know what he's saying? And if he knows what he's saying, is he actually a child or what?

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So with playfully Latina, lamea through Allah or Latina sir, remember, the definition that is given over here is not of puberty. It is those children who have no idea about the differences between the bodies of men and women. They have no idea about the private parts of women. They have no idea about sex, about sex, education, anything like that. So such children, a woman is allowed to expose her Zina before them.

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And then Allah subhanaw taala says, one more command

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when a yellow ribbon and they should not strike be unduly hinder with their feet.

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Oh Julia is the plural of region and region his foot.

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So the women should not thump with their feet. They should not walk in a way that they're striking their feet, whether it is their heels, the heels of their shoes, which you can hear each heel you can hear distinct from the other. So when I yelled libnah be oh god in the Euro lemma so that it is known, what is known mejor feanor what they hide, mean Xena Athena of their beauty.

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They should not walk in a way

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so as to thumb, their feet so as to create a sound that would expose the Zina that they're hiding. So for example, a woman is wearing bangles.

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A woman is

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wearing an anklet.

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So she should not walk in a way that her bangles are moving constantly. And her anklet, you know it's moving and as a result the sound is being produced. You can hear the Chun Chun Chun as she moves as she walks or she should not be wearing such shoes that as she's walking, she's stomping on the ground so you can hear the Duck Duck Duck. This is not permissible. When I yelled Libby Oh, Julie in the urine, MMA Athena mean Xena, Tina.

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Similarly, a woman should not walk in a way that parts of the body that she has covered. They're exposed because of her movement. You understand? Like for example, a woman is walking in a way that her shoulders are going back and forth. or her chest is being exposed because the way she's carrying herself. No, she should not walk in a way so as to expose the Zener that she's supposed to be hiding. When I have ribbons, or Julian Leola, your finiman Xena, Tina.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala says what to eat alijah Miran

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what to boo Illa hegemon, au el momento de la la come to

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that all believers all of you together to in a month repent to Allah make number two Allah. What is Toba? That the state that a person is in, he leaves it and he changes himself.

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The state that a person is in he leaves that the work that a person is doing the deed that a person is involved in the action that a person is doing, he leaves that and he adopts something else. Something else that is more beloved to Allah.

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So to change your ways. Turn to Allah seek forgiveness from Allah. Because especially when it comes to implementing these commands, a person may have to change their entire wardrobe.

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A person may have to add certain things to their wardrobe.

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But what do we see? This is a part of doba and allies telling us to work in a larger mirror

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and doable. Repent. Why? For the wrong that was made in the past when you did not know

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for the mistakes that were made in the past when you did not know about this command.

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For all those occasions where you did not lower your gaze where you looked at what was unlawful for all those occasions where you display your Zina where you are not supposed to display or Xena.

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It's okay. Things happen out of ignorance. But once you know, change your ways. What do we Illa hegemon? Uh, you help me know all believers. Look at the encouragement over here. If you're believers, then all believers turn to align repentance. Why not? I'd like them to flee home so that you can be successful.

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Because if you don't change your ways, according to what Allah has told you, then you will not be successful.

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Neither Indonesia, nor India.

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Because unfortunately, we think that if we put on the hijab, if we begin to cover our face, if we don't show our Zina, then we will not be successful in the worldly sense.

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Isn't it?

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made us people have this fear? especially girls, if I cover my face, no one's gonna propose me. If I wear the hijab, I will not be able to work. But what do we say? The way to success is not abandoning the commands of Allah. The way to success is observing the commands of Allah.

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What to eat Allahu jamir on a ul uno de la learn so that you can be successful

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in dystonia, as well as the

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kid will listen to the recitation and then just a few more things that I would like to add

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Mina to

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before moving in.

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me joining in

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the second one, where the list of the men is given in front of woman can expose her Xena

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to men have not been mentioned.

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Anyone wants to guess.

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Okay out of the in laws who the father in law as we mentioned, but brother in law

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and secondly,

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cousins are dear cousins. Do people have not been mentioned? Who? The brother in law? And secondly, the male cousins? Why? Because they're not

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your cousin is your cousin, whether he's your first cousin or your second cousin,

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no matter how close he is to you, no matter how friendly you were, no matter how you grew up together, no matter how much time you spent together, remember, he's not your home.

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Because remember there any man that you can possibly get married to? Who is he? Nan Maha.

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And in front of him You have to cover

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and we see that specially with regards to the brother in law. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said at a humble Elmo,

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the brother in law, the male in law, his death?

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What does it mean by that?

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That this relation is even more dangerous.

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Even more dangerous, but unfortunately, when it comes to family gatherings, and such things, what do we think it's only my husband's brother? So what?

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It's not that we're not allowed to meet them. We're not allowed to speak to them. No. in front of them. Don't display the Zener

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don't display the Zener if you're wearing nice clothes and what are you supposed to do? Cover yourself up?

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With regards to the uncles, your maternal aunts husband and your paternal aunts husband, even they are non Muslim. Similarly, your sister's husband, even he is non Muslim.

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That some scholars they do say that they fall into the category of temporary my home in the sense that as long as the sister is married to that man, you're not allowed to marry as long as your aunt is married to that man you're not allowed to marry. So while there are married, you may expose some Zina like for example, if a woman generally covers her face, she may be allowed to uncover her face. However, other scholars disagree that no this is also non Muslim. You can eventually marry him he can divorce his wife any moment. Why should you be a cause of fitna? So even they come into the category of non Maha.

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Now we see that there are some other male relatives as well, that are not mentioned in this ayah in front of whom a woman is allowed to expose her Xena and who are those men?

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That when it comes to NASA, it includes the paternal and maternal uncles I mentioned to you earlier that some scholars they include them in Hindi, but other scholars, they say that paternal maternal uncles, they are also maharam of a woman Why? Because if a woman does not need to cover in front of her nephew, like over here, we learned then the niece does not have to cover in front of her uncle.

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You see, if you take it the other way around, a woman does not have to cover in front of her nephew to the niece does not have to cover in front of her uncle.

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Secondly, when it comes through cycles through marriage, son in law is not mentioned over here.

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And a woman son in law meaning your daughter's husband is also your mom and you do not need to cover before him

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all right. And how is that derived that if the father in law is permissible for a woman to expose your Zina before then the son in law is also okay for a woman to expose her Zina before

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and thirdly, through or through nursing through foster relations, any relations that are established through a wet nurse even they become the relatives of a woman and she is allowed to expose her Zener to So for example, if the wet nurses husband, he becomes like a father so yeah

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One woman at a bar it may Lumina, nessa what is unlawful because of blood relations is also unlawful because of the corresponding foster settling relations. Similarly, if a man has been nursed by a woman, and you have also been nursed by her, and there's no other relationship between you and that man, but because you were nursed by the same woman, both of you are Muslim for one another, the woman does not have to cover in front of him.

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Your brother, his son in law and your sister son in law, they become a bit distant, they're not Muslim.

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Now this was with regards to Xena. However, when it comes to physical contact, even that is not permissible between a woman and those men who are not related to her, such as shaking hands, because think about it, if you're not allowed to show yourself you think having physical contact will be okay. Think about it. It's common sense. Common sense if you're not allowed to show your beauty in front of a man, how is it possible that you'd be allowed to shake hands with them, sit next to them such that your shoulders are touching? It's not permissible. Similarly, hugging a non Muslim is not permissible by seeing your hand over their head is also not permissible.

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Because unfortunately, some ladies with all due respect, they consider some men to be very young, they consider them to be their children. And at certain occasions, they will even hug them.

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I myself saw someone who has a beard, someone who is very, very religious, they lower their gaze all the time. And there was a lady who came and hugged them on their wedding. He was getting married, and she just came and hugged him, and she was so happy for him. And we were just standing there shocked with her mouth open, like how could that happen? So yes, there's a big difference in age, you're married, they're married, you never think of marrying them. However, these are the limits that Allah has given.

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So we're not allowed to shake hands with them thinking that they're only my cousin. He's only my aunt's husband. No, this is not appropriate. Similarly, you cannot pass your hand over a non Muslim man's head, thinking that, oh, he's 20 years younger than me.

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And if a person just remembers one rule, as I mentioned earlier, any man who you can possibly get married to they're your non Mohan, you cannot expose your Zina before them. And secondly, you cannot even have any physical contact with him. And that's obviously if it's for treatment purposes.

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Now, according to some scholars, the level of beautification, the level of Xena, that is to be shown in front of these men is by degrees.

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So in the order that these men have been mentioned, so at first it was mentioned the husband so in front of the husband, a woman has to go full out with always Xena.

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Second is Ooh, father. So what the father also she can expose your Zina, she can be all dressed up with her makeup with her jewelry with her nice clothes, it's perfectly fine. And so on and so forth. But as their relations continue, according to some scholars, the degree of Xena that has to be displayed also reduces because there is more distance in their relation there is more higher in their relation and that should be considered.

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And we see that towards the end who are mentioned, who are mentioned women,

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women are not mentioned right at the beginning, where they mentioned towards the end. So what is the show that in front of other women as well, a woman should be careful.

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A woman should be careful because sometimes it happens that in all women's events, you know, women will wear such dresses such as a sari with which all their stomach is showing. And sometimes even below the navel, sometimes above the navel, their back is showing or for instance, they're wearing a completely sleeveless top again, okay. We have not been told that your arms must be covered, your shoulders must be covered your This must be covered. Your heart will tell you,

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your heart will tell you what is decent, what is appropriate what is not appropriate.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that a man should not look at the private parts of another man. And a woman should not look at the private parts of another woman.

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Now, sometimes it happens at girls, they will sit on each other's laps to take pictures do make silly poses, just for fun, and they will share those pictures with others. Remember that lap is what the thigh is what I will Yes, there is a garment on top. However, if you sit in somebody's lap, your lap is touching their lap very closely. And it could be extremely awkward. So be careful.

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Similarly, it happens that when a woman is getting married, she is told Why don't you get your entire body waxed.

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And in that, obviously the hour is being shown. What do we learn the older is from the navel to the knees, the knees included. Right? And even otherwise, if a woman wants to get her arms and legs waxed, she will

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Sometimes exposure or whatever,

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and sometimes people will even get their private parts waxed by others. Now, remember that if there is a genuine reason, such as a person does not have the ability to do with themselves, a person has become old, they're physically disabled, they're not able to do with themselves, then if a caregiver is helping them, that is a different situation.

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However, just generally, a woman says no, I'd like to get it done properly. And it doesn't matter, I'll just get it done by someone, this is not appropriate. If there's a genuine reason, gender reason does not mean I want to look nice, I can't be bothered to do it myself. No genuine reason is that a person is unable to do with themselves, they're unable.

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So in that case, only it would be permissible were caregivers doing it. Otherwise, it's not permissible.

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Similarly, it happens, that person is getting a massage, they go to a spa, they're getting a massage done. Even in that case, how should parts of the body that must be covered that are older, they should not be touched.

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And massage includes a lot of touching.

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Now, if the massage is for treatment, purpose, treatment purpose, that's a different story. But if it's just that you want to relax and just want to have fun, and you go to a spa and over there, the deli delight a kid and they just put a sheet on you and they they touch you from underneath on the part of the body that must be covered, then that is not appropriate.

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similarity sometimes people will take their pictures, they will post them on Facebook and amongst their friends are also their dear male cousins. And those male cousins get to see them and admire them. This is not appropriate.

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The herd of Allah are clear, and we must be concerned about observing them property.

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One more thing since Nina has been mentioned in this ayah now we have been told that do Xena

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do Xena but just don't show it to those who have no business with it. Because you're not a feast for other people's eyes. Remember, we learned earlier that this body that we have is not ours. It's an Amana.

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This body that we have is not ours. It's an Amana it's a trust that we have been given. So we're only allowed to do with our bodies what is permissible. And if Allah has told us not to do something, we're not allowed to do it. Just think of it yourself. This body is not my these hands will testify against me. These eyes that I have decorated, tomorrow they could be testifying against me that he or Allah, this person used me, these eyes could be testifying against us. So we should be very careful.

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Now many times when it comes to Xena, when it comes to beautifying ourselves, sometimes pride comes in.

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And we are only beautifying ourselves just to look better than others.

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Just so that we stand out just so that people appreciate us more just so that people think good about us. Because unfortunately today this is the criteria that we have set if somebody is smart, if somebody is up to date, then they will be wearing the best clothes, they were wearing the best makeup, they'll be wearing it this way that we wearing it that way. This is what we think. But if a person wears clothes, out of pride, out of gibberish, that is not permissible.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said on the Day of Judgment, Allah will not even look at him, who drags his robe behind him out of pride.

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So a person who wear certain clothes, and he walks in a particular way exultantly. startingly then this has arrogance. And this is not permissible.

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We also learn from another Hadees that whoever wears clothes of fame in this dunya meaning you wear something just to get fame just to become distinctive among people. He wants people to praise him, he wants to get the attention of others, that Allah will dress him in fluids of humiliation on the Day of Judgment.

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So, we have to be very careful

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because many times when it comes to parties, when it comes to weddings, when it comes to gatherings, this is all that our concern has become. What should I wear? Did I wear it before? Has this person seen me wearing this or not? Is it in? Is it not in what will people say what will people not say? This should not be our concern?

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Because if our concern becomes only highlighting ourselves and wanting to stand out, it falls in arrogance.

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A man once asked even remotely down home that what kind of clothes should I wear? So even if he replied, such as would neither invite the scorn of the weak minded, the weak minded people only think of worldly things. That if you wear those clothes, it will not bring their scoring. Meaning they will not consider them to be cheap and ugly nor the blame of the wise

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Nor the blame of the wise, meaning the wise people will not say about this code that you have done, extravagance. So what kind of clothes to the person were

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those of moderation.

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And if you just want to please people, then you will not be able to remain within the limits that Allah subhanaw taala has prescribed for us that Allah has set for us. And another very important Hadees which has to do with Xena that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I will not be a witness for two types of people who are destined for the hellfire. People with whips like the tails of cows who beat the people, meaning very oppressive rulers who are enemies of their own people. To such people, the prophets are a lot of them said I will not be a witness for them.

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And secondly, those women who, although they are clothed yet they're naked,

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although they are clothed, yet they are naked. They are seducing others and being seduced

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that with the Xena that they have adorn themselves with what are they doing? seducing others and sometimes even through hijab. This is the objective of women. Do I look hard to look nice? Does it match my lip gloss or not? Does it match my hijab or not? This is all our concern is who are seducing and being seduced their hair style like the tilted humps of camels, their hair styles like the tilted humps of candles, meaning they have big buns on their heads. The hair is all collected on the head and especially this is very common at weddings, especially when a woman has been dressed as a bride. Then all her hair is put onto the top so that the butter can be fixed perfectly fine, and

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it stands out. These will not enter the garden. Nor will its fragrance even reach them although its fragrance reaches a very great distance.

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So what's the point of wearing such clothes that will deprive us of beautification of Xena in the hereafter.

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If you look at it in sort of, we learned about the description of gender. You had loan a fee harmony, a salvo that people in general jewelry will be put on them bangles of gold bangles of silver and bangles of birds and clothes, a fine silk, green and color. Gender is beautiful, it's full of Xena. One is that a person prefers the beautification of this dunya at the cost of the beautification of the villa. And the other is that a person sacrifices here temporarily, so that he can get more in the hereafter. The choice is ours.

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adobo Illa Hey, Jimmy, Ron, are you help me No, no, no.

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So that you can be successful.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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