Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 174A Translation Al-Muminun 91-118

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated and disjointed sentences, making it difficult to summarize. The group discusses their experiences and potential success, including women named Rob Han, Missy Han, Shelby, and Mary. They also mention a woman named Missy Han's success and desire to return to her home. They discuss a situation where they were supposed to return to a location, but they did not. The group discusses various characters and potential sources of help with a murder investigation.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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mother who want to Sunday a lot of Sunil can him and my Bartha are the bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim, rubbish rally Saudi were silly MD wash load of data melissani of Kahu Cody Robina xinerama

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Lesson number 175 Surah to me noon I am number 91 to 118.

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MA Not it the harder he has taken. Allahu Allah, men from wallet in any child warmer and not Ghana, it was ma who with him, men from Isla him any god. II then then leather have a surely he went Kullu every inner him God Bhima with what halacha he created one or Allah and surely he would gain ascendancy.

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Now Allah surely he would gain ascendancy

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ba boom some of them are Allah upon Barbin some others Subhana glorified Allah is Allah Amma above what your seafood they attribute

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it ILM Nora ally we have the unseen was shahada and the witness Fattah Allah, so He is exalted. Amma about what usually goon the associate

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cool say Robbie Oh my rug a man if durian knee you definitely show me man that which you are doing they are promised

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rugby or my Rob fella then do not that your only you make me fee in alcohol the people avoiding me the wrongdoing we're in now and indeed we are the upon on that new reoccur we show you ma what Nerida whom we promised them we threaten them law called the rune surely ones who are able

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to defer rebelled bellatti By which here it is accidental best a say he attacked the evil. No we are alarming. Most knowing the man with what we assume they describe.

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Will call and say Rob be oh my Rob Uru I seek refuge bigger with you. Men from Hemesath evil suggestions.

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Evil incitements

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a che ATHLEAN of the devil's what are the and I seek refuge beggar with you Robin my Rob and that Yash Bruni they are present with me.

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Hector until either when

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it came I had a home one of them. Elmo do that on you. He said Robbie. Oh my Rob LG Rooney returned me. Now I leave that I may Arma do I do Sally Han righteous femur in what the rock to I have left? Can never in the her indeed it Kelly Mattoon a word who he thought elucha one who says it? Woman and from where are you him? Behind them

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in front of them.

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But the one a barrier Illa until Yun de ubar soon they will be resurrected

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for either so when Luffy heard it was blown fear solely in the trumpet fella they're not uncertain any relationships buying a home between them jellema event that de Walla and Nora yet as a loon they will ask each other

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famine so whoever Saku that it was heavy magazine who his skills for hola ICA so those whom they are emotionally hone the successful ones.

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Woman and whoever perfect it was like my was you know who his skills for hola ICA so those Alladhina are those who cause you. They have lost

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and foster home themselves. fee in Jehanne nama hellfire, Holly dune Wanzhou abide eternally

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Telfer who it will scorch it we'll see

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would you her home their faces and now to the fire?

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We're home and they fee her in it girlie home ones who are disfigured

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alarm did not duck on it was it my versus toddler is recited or lay come upon you fuckin tomb so you will be here with it to get the bone you all denied you are denied

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or do they said Robina or our holla but it overcame Elena upon us shikcha tuna, our wretchedness Wakanda and we were a woman or people but the ones who are astray

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Robina or our rub Regina remove us take us out

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minha from it for in then if ordina we returned for inner then indeed we volley Moon ones who are wrong.

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God he said X remain despised or get away

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fee her in it. What a and do not took alimony. You all speak to me in a who indeed it can. It was funny. I couldn't agree. Men from everybody My servants Jaco Luna they say Robina or our Amana we have believed frogfish so forgive Lana for us. What Hamner and have mercy on us will enter and you are Jairo best a Rahimi of those who show mercy factor has to move home. But you all took them

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safely Yeah. In mockery. Had the until and so they made you forget victory, my remembrance Welcome to them, and you were men home at them.

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That harpoon your love in me indeed I just say to whom I have rewarded them. Aloma today be mad because of what Subaru they endured with patients and the home that in the day, home they are a fair zone, those who are successful.

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Father, he said, Come how many lovers don't you remain fee in the earth? Either in number sinning of yours? Follow they said let us know we remained Yeoman a day Oh, or barber some part Yom of a day

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first. So ask Allah the those who can't. Corner he said in not lobby stone you all remained in there except Paulina, very little

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low, if only unknown. Indeed you come to you. We're done. The moon, you all know

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did for them has said to you all thought you all assumed

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Annamma that indeed not but Hello Konerko we created you are Bethan without purpose

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were unknown, and that indeed you all Elaina to US law, not toward your own, you will be returned.

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Fat either, so He is exalted. Allahu Allah, and Malik the king, I'll have the true love not in any god in there except who were he. Prabhu Rob and ash of the throne, Al Karim, the most honorable

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woman and whoever yet he calls, he invokes MA with Allah He Allah in our hand, a God, a heart, another lamp not Bohannan any proof, the whole for him, behaved for it.

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For in nama then indeed not but he Sabu his reckoning are in the with probably he his rub, in the whole indeed he left not usually who he succeeds Alkaff your own, the disbelievers will call and say rugby Oh my Rob, if you forgive what ham and have mercy will enter and you are Pyro best of Rashi mean of those who show mercy of those who are merciful.

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Medaka the law whom you

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I can

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sued or had a law here LCD phone it will only be one shot

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Sri Hone will be mandatory and he may

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be the

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only body mean or in

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editor ability here some say national movie man I'll say oh, we'll be we'll be coming to share Shelby

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to be regio Lully literally

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can imagine who or

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why me oh all bubbles up on Isla Iommi or

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on the either end or if you have your soda

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really hone

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1000 Don't tell

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tell the whole

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now lumpy

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oh oh LM Jaqen

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behind to get the moon

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now on the moon god of selfie

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want me

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to move home safely and

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so can decree Welcome to

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Hong Kong Hanko in need as a to whom emails

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or income levels don't fill up the other 74 followed

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the caller to me Pauline

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Moon ever has even

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hotter owner

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earth or has even

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caught up on ankle murder

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total Joe 13

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Mary who will help

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Bullough, she Lincoln

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Eddie, why me? Law he'll

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be in

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New Cathy Hone, walk or run, build with

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