Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 22 – L230A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of advertisements and talks about various topics including news, culture, and war. The group discusses various names and characteristics including Yeshua He, Rasulo, and Lucta. They also talk about a woman from a family who is forgiving but not a good person. They end with a discussion of a woman living in a house for a long time and a woman from a new house.
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de su the hill Karim. I'm about to be laughing mina shaytani rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Frobisher, Elisa de were Sidley, Emery

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melissani of kahuku. Li, of Vanessa dinner in

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Lesson number 232. Let's Padlet is number 15 to 38.

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here are you here or a nurse who the people until you all and fukumura, the beggars, the ones who are needy

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Illa towards Allah, Allah, Allah who and Allah, who he is Eleni you, the one who is rich, the one who is free from want and Hamid, the most praiseworthy in if yet he will, you have become he will take you away, where at the end he will come be helping with a creation Jedi then new

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wama and not velyka that Allah upon Allah, Allah bear Aziz at all difficult

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why not and not does you? It will bear was the Latin, any bear of burden. Wisla burden, Oprah have another one in and if

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she called muscala tune, one who is heavily laden, Ella to hemley her her load its load last not use ml it will be carried men who from him shame on anything. Well, even if Ghana he was their possessor corba have close relationship intimate indeed not but don't do you warned and levina those who have shown they fear or by whom they behave with the unseen welcome and they established a salata de Sala, woman, and whoever doesn't care, he adopts purity, or he purifies himself

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for innama than indeed not but yet

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he purifies himself, lean FCV for himself, what ILA and towards Allah, Allah, Allah must lead the destination, the final return,

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warmer and not yesterday we he is equal,

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the one who is blind, while bus lead and the seeing Wallah and nor illuminate, the darkness is Wallah and nor a new the light while and not a win lose the shade, while ah and nor

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the heat of the sun, warmer and not yesterday we it is equal, he is equal. Allah here, the living ones, Allah and nor a word, the ones who are dead. In Indeed, Allah, Allah yusmeiro he makes to hear, man, whoever, Yeshua He wills warmer and not enter you be most married at all, one who makes to hear

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man who fee is in a cuckoo, the graves in not until you Illa except now the urine a warner in that indeed we are silica we have sent you will help with the truth. But she run as a bearer of good news, one of the law and as a wonder what in and not men from almost in any nation in their except color he passed fee her in it. Now the urine a warner was in and if you can be buka they belie you for God then in fact kasturba he belied and levina those who made from poverty him before them.

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At home, it came to them Rasulo home, they're messengers built by unit with the clear signs were visible. And with the scriptures were Bill Gates and with the work on money. The enlightening summer then has to iciest Alevtina, those who cafaro they disbelieved for kafer so how can it was Nikki's my punishment? Or nikeid might denial alarm did not turn off. You see under that Indeed, Allah Allah Angela, he sent down Minnesota

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from the sky man water for a hardener then we took out the he with it. Thermal rotten fruits mocked elephant different various albino hair its colors. Woman and from algae well the mountains do the dune streaks be alone. Ones white wire homerun and wonder red.

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Telephone different various. And why new hair? Its colors Wahhabi blue, and one's intensely dark soudan ones that are black

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woman and from a nurse the people what the web and the creatures while a neuron and the grazing livestock

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telephone various elewana who its colors, gallica like that. innama indeed notebaert yaksha he fears Allah Allah men from Eva de he his servants an aroma those who have knowledge in the Lucha Indeed Allah, our z zone always Almighty her food on one who is most forgiving

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in the levina indeed those who yet Luna pericyte kita Bala Book of Allah, welcome and they perfectly established a salata de Sala, or unfair coup, and they spent Mumma from what Rosa Panetta whom we provided them, Sivan secretly were Orleanian, and openly your June they hope didja rotten a trade learn never double, it will perish liwa fear home so that he gives them fully oduro home their awards. Why is he the home and he increases them. Men from fugly he his bounty? In who indeed he are for on most forgiving shockula on one who is most appreciative.

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One lady and that which are hyena we revealed alayka Do you mean from Al Kitab? The book whoever it is, I'll help the truth Messiah Deacon one that confirms Lima for what biner between the day he it's two hands in the Lucha Indeed Allah very badly he with his servants la hubiera surely always all aware bus Leone always all seeing some then our listener we made to inherit Al Kitab the book and levina those who is the Fina we chose men from a bagina our servant for men home so from them volumen one who runs lean FC he for his self, woman home and from them mocha desolate, one who is moderate woman home and from them sabich one who is foremost or one who exceeds belhaj a lot with

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the good deeds. He is me with permission Allah of Allah vaniqa that who it is I'll follow the Grace ultrabeat the great

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Jenna two gardens are the name of Eden of eternity, the other coluna they will enter it. You had loner they will be adorned fee her in it men from a salvia bracelets, men from the hubin gold

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and pearls while he vessel home and their garments see her in it had eaten of silk or callaloo and they said and handle all praise lilla for Allah and Lady The one who had habit he took away he removed it from us and hasn't the sorrow the grief in indeed, Rob banner, our lover Fudan, surely most forgiving shakugan one who is most appreciated

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and loved lady who a headliner, he settled us data in place, Elmo karma, of the stay of the duration, and mahkamah this day or the duration. Men from fugly he, his bounty His grace, last not the Emma sooner it touches us fee her in it. NASA burn any oil. While and not yemma sooner attaches us. fee her in it luban anywhere in us.

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One levena and those who get photo they disbelieved la home for them. Now to fire denim of *. Left not

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Yoda it will be concluded it will be ended

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or lay him upon them. Fire moto so they could die. Wanna and nor you have fefu it will be lightened on home from them. Men from either behalf it's punishment.

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gallica likewise New Jersey we recompense cola every gefallen one who is most disbelieving or one who is most ungrateful.

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While home and they yesterday holder they will be crying. They will be screaming fee her in it. Rob banner. Oh our up. Regina take us out. Nirmal we will do slyly hand righteous availa other than a lady which corner we were normally we do. A did work and lamb not know our mid comb. We gave you life or not our mid comb we gave you long life. Man that yetta that cuddle? He receives admonition fee in it man who had a car he received admonition wotja accom and he came to you and now via the Wiener further to show you all taste from us or not live while Amina for the wrongdoers main from misleading any helper in Allaha Indeed, Allah Island is one who knows, live unseen smls of the

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heavens while up and the earth in know who indeed he or leemon always all knowing that with possessor a sudo of the chests.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Notting Hill

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Yo Joe

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Lee was

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shampoo, one lady

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in the lobby

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Fatir 15-38 Translation 15-38

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