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Qaf 20-45 Tafsir 42-45


AI: Summary © The upcoming release of "IT" will include a return to Earth feature, as well as a game called "IT" where the death of a woman is revealed. The process of the death of Elena is also discussed, along with the importance of changing someone's heart and privacy. The speaker emphasizes the need to be mindful of one's words and actions, as well as the importance of knowing the origin of "meditation." Additionally, the speaker cautions against reciting words like Congressman Sub and not talking about them.
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What's the mayor? Yo ma unitl Mona de mccannon Kareem yo mas morona say hi to the day they will hear the blast. On the day when the Trumpet will be blown, they will hear the blast. How will they hear it will help with the truth. What does it mean by will help, meaning clean, they will hear it. And they will be certain that what they have heard is in fact a call to hashish. Before that they were in doubt. But when they will hear the blowing of the trumpet, they will know for sure exactly what it is. Who will all the people there like a Yeoman rouge that is the day of emergence. That is the day of exit that is the day of coming out coming out from where from the graves that is the day when

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everyone will come out of their graves alive.

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Instead of the SCI 51 we learn one new feature of his story for either hormonal edge deathly ill or be him. Yen saloon and the horn will be blown and at once from the grave to their Lord, they will hasten in throttle cover is 78 core Sharon avasarala home Yahoo Juna middle aged, ethical, unknown, gerado, watershed, monthly arena, in a dairy that as people will rise from their graves, their eyes humbled, they will emerge from the graves as if they were locusts, locusts spreading everywhere, meaning 1000s and 1000s. Millions and millions of people imagined the first of the last, as if there are locusts spreading everywhere, and they'll be racing ahead to work the collar toward where the

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sound is coming from.

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in national nahi when you meet, indeed it is we will give life and Costa Allah is the one who causes life. He is one who gives life to people on this earth. And he is the one who causes death to them as well. When their lives come to an end, where Elena must lead and when he causes death, then what happens to us is the return to us is the journey's end. So he is the one who begins the creation. He is the one who terminates and he is the one who restarts what Elena must lead.

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And if you think about it, if he gave life if he cause death, you think everything is not going to return to Him. Of course, of course it will. Everyone will. If he is the one who initiated then all people will return to Him as well. Yo Mata Shaka Calderon home Sara, when will they return on the day the earth breaks away from them, and they emerge rapidly.

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On the day of judgment, when the Chicago Auto and home, the sharp tohoshinki cough, cough shock and shock is to split something apart, to break it apart to rip it open to tear it apart. So the earth will split apart on home from them, meaning away from them, that the earth will open up. And as a result, the dead will emerge from their graves yoma the Chicago or the Arnhem Syrah

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meaning that the earth will open splitting open tearing open from different places. And as a tears open, any person who was dead buried underneath, he will emerge out he will come out. It's not that people will have to dig themselves out of the graves No, the earth will open up and they will come out to their graves. And how will they come out Ceylon hastening hurrying out. Sarah is a poor enough Sadie from the electric scene.

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And sadder is one who is in haste meaning one who is doing something very quickly. So people will emerge out of the grapes quickly velika has shown that is a gathering Alena upon us escr on very easy, it's not difficult for Allah. If Allah can create the earth when the earth was nothing he can bring the earth to an end as well house splitting it open

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so that the dead can come out. The dead can emerge out of the grapes that are and quickly it's very simple for Allah Delica Hashanah, Elena seed.

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And so the learn who said that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said an outward lumen 10 choco on Earth, the earth will open up first around me, he will be the first to emerge out of his grave.

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Allah says national airline will be my aku loon we are most knowing of what they say. The evidences are clear. The truth is obvious. And we know very well about what the people say to you, in your denial.

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The objections there is at the resurrection, the objections there is at what you say to them.

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Entirely invisible and you're not over them attired. Meaning you have not been sent over the people in order to force them to accept you can only tell them

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Isn't it so, Your duty is only to convey you can only inform them, you cannot compel them you cannot force them to accept your duty is just to convey instead of the word I have 44 in America legal below where I leaned upon you as a duty to convey and upon us is to call to account so to Russia 21 to 22 for that kid in Nevada and when that kid remind because you're only a reminder, Lester lay him because

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you are not over them a controller

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entirely him budget. And how should you remind continue to remind how for the kid will call on sir remind with the Quran, continue to remind with the Quran, even if they don't believe even if they don't accept continue? keep reminding? Because there are some who will benefit. So for that kid will call Ernie may have worried one who fears my threat, meaning keep reminding and who will take that reminder, the one who fears my threat, he will benefit from that reminder

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into the furious 99 we learned a loss of panatela questions His Messenger under Tokyo NASA have diacono meaning then would you compel the people in order that they become believers Can you compel them? You cannot compel them you cannot force them. What can you do? You can only remind and the one who fears Allah, the One who fears the warning of the hereafter he will take benefit. recitation

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at home to mean home.

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was that

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good morning

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Elena YesI National

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This is the mirror yo my unit Illuminati and listen attentively on the day when the caller will call me McCann inquiry from a place that is very near. What does it show every person will hear the

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blowing up the trumpet.

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And it will be as though the sound is coming from very near. And it will have such an effect on every listener, that those who are lying there in their graves will come out alive. How Sarah and hastening out of their graves, running out of their graves, no matter how deep down their graves are, no matter how their bodies are, all of them will emerge.

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There Lika hasharon Elena, you see, this is a gathering that is very easy upon Allah, very easy for him to collect everyone into one place, people that are scattered all over the earth, buried in different different places. One is on the mountains, one is in the sea. One is deep underground, wherever their bodies are. That Elena, you see, it's not difficult from

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anything you'd like to say, before we continue everybody stand up, please. What did you learn

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to busy yourself with the bigger and glorifying the time. And if we were to do that, and replace all the times that we talk so useless, we we would end up benefiting so much from what we're doing, as opposed to just talking and you know, wasting our time. He was many times we were talking, what are we talking about? What Wi Fi isn't for sharing our feelings with other people. So until said this to me, so and so said that, to me, this is how I feel I feel so bad. I can't believe that it that I can't believe this at that. I can't believe I think that, isn't it. So this is what we're talking about. But such conversations, what do they bring? What do they bring to us? no satisfaction, no

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relief? Because no matter how much you talk about the situation, talking about it alone cannot solve it unless you talk to the person who is concerned. Who needs to change? Can you change their heart? You can't? Can you force them to do something different? You can't it's not in your control? Who can change their heart, a loss of privacy.

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So this is why when you're distressed when you're sad, when you're worried, busy yourself in doing the speech of Allah, because he is the one who will give you comfort. And he's one who can actually change the situation as well.

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What we do, we go to our own friends or family, and then we vent to them. So we say everything we wanted to say, but we say to our family, so not only is he by now, but you're not injuring patients at all in such a situation Exactly. And you see, this is a very common thinking that people have if you do suffer, if you don't say anything, you're gonna harm yourself, you're gonna hurt yourself. And it happens sometimes, that people keep taking the stress. And it affects them physically, even. Not just psychologically, but people get physically upset as well. Why? Because it's habit is not being done properly. Sabir is not just about controlling yourself. It is yes, you control yourself,

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but you expect help and relief from who Allah, this is why you keep turning to him.

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Patience is possible because many people do use the excuse that it's not within our control to injure that patient, some people can and others cannot. And we have to vent and we have to let it out. So this just proves that yes, it is possible and that we need to turn to Allah, Allah, that one is boiling within us. Yes. Seek his help. Exactly. And keep turning to him. If you think about it, so many times are mentioned over here. Well, suddenly, we have a little bigger cabinet tolerations he will cabinet who will be women and lately is anytime like throughout the day throughout the night. Professor beho What advice would you not have after the

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altar, after you pray, even then do the speed.

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So if a person visits himself into the care of Allah, in seeking his help, then definitely he will be at peace, no matter what difficulty is going through. Because if you see the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the difficulty that he had to endure, it was great.

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If you think about how that difficulty has been described in the Quran, Allah Allah banheiro nepsac Allah that you would almost kill yourself out of grief, he would almost die out of this grief. It was intense. It was a lot. But it's amazing how he survived how if you think about it, how a sad by this V, turning to Allah.

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And this is what we see this another prophet sallallahu sallam, that there's a God throughout the day and throughout the night, isn't it? constantly you would engage into the Kingdom a lot because that is what brings peace to the heart.

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Not only can we always forget that, you know, when we're talking to each other, we see our family we see our friends, we always forget that. We're talking uselessly. There's a lot of things that we can talk about. We can do Vicar of Allah subhanaw taala that's remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala we can do Dawa. There's a lot of people who need the truth be known out there. And to be yourself studying, learning about Allah subhanho wa Taala so that you are really going close to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And these are the things that we should be doing instead of just stopping like, you know, make sure that each time you open your mouth, it's beneficial to others.

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it's beneficial for you.

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Because remember that Heidi said, if a person sits in a gathering and he doesn't remember out lights as though he has, when we do

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a cat donkey, how disgusting How disgusting. I mean, even if there is a donkey that is alive, many people don't even go near it, why it's dirty. It's smelly, isn't it? There's too many flies. It can urinate anytime, it's not really a good place to be in a barn with a donkey. But imagine a dead donkey. And we're perfectly fine with it. So we should be careful. Any conversation we're having any place we're sitting in people that we're with, whenever we talk, dark, useful, dark beneficial, that it's not the experience of a dead donkey that we're taking with us.

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Sonic, I just think the last after that could have been put on the importance of knowing the origin. Because sometimes what we do is that when we're trying to make dow or something like that, we go to size and then trying to bring the percentages on but the most effective is just to use the law.

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And that's only possible when a person knows the Quran,

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Salaam Alaikum. I was thinking about if possible,

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and then continue the iOS terminal.

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So hello, hear about salad we talking about all the five salad. So the munadi every day is calling us five times a day. And if we not respond that mean it wouldn't respond to it we like it or not. So we have to prepare for the big munadi.

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First Parana kulu is only possible when a person ignores the mistakes of others, he disregards what the other people have said, if the harsh words mean words, don't keep repeating them in your head. You know, we learned earlier that Allah Subhana Allah knows when are the worst, this will be enough so that even what the soul whispers to us the conversations that we have in our heads, even though the last panatela knows about and many times, what do they revolve around? Can't believe she said that and that entire conversation that entire scene is replaying in our heads,

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isn't it? So once we've forgiven someone, what does it mean? Don't keep thinking about it, just ignore it. Don't talk about it, don't think about it. Because if you keep thinking about it, if you keep talking about it, you cannot forgive you cannot get over it.

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Somebody was telling me that you know the length of the job again and they were supposed to cut their nails and they weren't able to didn't get the chance they were waiting until the last moment and didn't get a chance and now every time they see their nails they get so like you can imagine how a person must feel nails are long do you want to cut them but you can't cut them? And I told them, don't think about it. Don't talk about it. Don't look at your nails. It's difficult, very difficult. But don't look at your nails. And don't talk about even if you think about it, don't talk about it. Don't say to anyone. My nails are so long I need to cut my nails I need to cut my nails. Now don't

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even talk about it because the more you talk about it, the more upset you become, isn't it?

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So similarly, when a bad experience has happened with someone forgiving means don't repeat it in your head. Don't repeat it in your brain because then you won't be able to let go.

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Call upon us.

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mehandi on Big

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Boy Amina

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La massumi yo

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Yo Mecca.

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the recitation from the beacon

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pelicula hammarby handicare shadow a la ilaha illa Anta nesto funeralcare wanted to relate Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh