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Qaf 20-45 Tafsir 36-41

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are to blame, initiate honorable Jean Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Before we begin the lesson, there were a few questions with regards to the ayah that we learned off my elfies woman, Colin, Atlanta D, ROC, even RT that a person does not utter any word except that there is an angel who is a watchful meaning he doesn't miss a word and he's ready to catch the word meaning anything he utters, it is written, it is recorded. In the explanation of this words, I had mentioned a story about who a particular woman of the past who whenever she spoke, she spoke through the ayat of the Quran. Now remember that the story is not about a companion. It is not about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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either. It is about two people of the past. I don't I don't know Barack was not a companion. He was of the later generations. He was a pious man, he was a knowledgeable man. And some people have said that the story is not true. You may have heard about it, you may have been informed about it. However, remember that even if it's not true, what was the objective of mentioning the story? Or is there a lesson that can be learned from the story? Yes. And that's a big lesson that we can learn, which is that a person should be careful about his speech. Obviously, the intent was not to tell you that you should replace your speech with Quran. But rather, the intent was that we should be careful

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about speaking that whatever we're saying, is it relevant, is it meaningful, is it necessary or not?

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And whatever we say, we should be careful about it. Now, definitely the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that is the best example for us. And we see that the prophets are about a certain he spoke in normal words, isn't it so. But at the same time, he spoke that which was useful that which was relevant, and that which was necessary, we don't find him chatting unnecessarily with his companions. So yes, the story is, according to many not authentic, however, even if somebody made that story up, isn't there a huge lesson in it?

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And many times, we see that for the purpose of a bra. For the purpose of teaching a lesson stories, our narrative isn't.

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Many times we see that children's books that are made and through which lessons are to be taught. Are they always 100% accurate? Meaning did that event actually happen? Not necessarily, the skits that you present over here? Are those actually stories that have happened? No. But there is an urban legend that a lesson in that isn't.

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So this was the objective of mentioning the story. And secondly, there was also a question concerning the fact that is every single word written because the ISS myofilament coding Elana day Hello people I mentioned to you two opinions, is an utter one opinion was that some scholars say that every single word of a person is written, because this is what we learned from the Marielle. Field woman, Colin Colin is what any word any statement that a person utters, intentionally or unintentionally, consciously unconsciously, however, he says it it is recorded, and this opinion is supported by many evidences of the Quran and Sunnah. For example, incidental calf What do we learn

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that on the day of judgment when the keytab will be given? What will happen? What will the people say? MANNY had Okita lay over the roof, severe rotten weather could be overturned in the US, it does not leave out anything small or big, except that it has recorded it. Similarly, we see that the scholars of the past one of them he was at his deathbed, and he was signed in pain. And it happens that when a person is in pain, he sighs so he was told that the sign is also being written. So be careful about what you utter from your mouth. Because you don't want that the last moments of your life, you're saying something that is negative or you're complaining by your sign. So we learned

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that he stopped sign.

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similarity, we learned that once there were these women who were constantly talking, and I showed the learner she was present over there. So she told them, stop talking and give a break dear angels.

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So we learned that this is how the companions even understood. This is how the scholars of the past have understood that every single word that a person utters is recorded. It is written

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now with the mercy of Allah with a person's repentance and his seeking forgiveness, it's up to Allah He can erase whatever he wills is an utter and he can also call a person to account for whatever he wills like for example, we have learned earlier that when a person says something unintentionally, like for example, he says will love you but I will love you unintentionally without thinking this is what love in swearing oaths. But what do we learn from the Quran lair? you actually do como la who be lovely? See a monocle, isn't it? So everything is written. However, it is a last decision.

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Whatever he wipes off whenever he called the person to account for, and whatever he forgives, and he ignores it is up to a law. But the point is, the main lesson is that we should be careful before we speak. And also after we speak, that it's quite possible we say something unintentionally. But just because we have said it doesn't mean we cannot apologize, doesn't mean we cannot do is too far. Of course we can, something that has been said wrong. Okay, it was a mistake, but you do have the chance to seek forgiveness isn't at all. So that is the point of this is we learn from our heads which is reported and was not 100. That when a person commits a sin, when a person does something

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wrong, whether he says something wrong, or he does something wrong, the angel is told to hold the pen for six short periods of time, meaning he's told not to record it instantly, but rather wait for how long, six short periods of time. And if a person seeks forgiveness, meaning he realizes within those six short periods of time, then what happens, a good deed is written for him. And if a person does not seek forgiveness, then that sin is recorded for him. You understand? So we learn from various ahaadeeth that the deeds are written, isn't it? But after even they're written or before they're written, if a person seeks forgiveness, if a person changes his ways, look at the mercy of

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Allah, look at the forgiveness of Allah, that he will also ignore what you've done what you've said, This is why we made the era of burnout feelin that, oh, Allah, forgive us cover our mistakes, isn't it?

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So many words are used for forgiveness are full of fun. What does our family do wipe off? Isn't it?

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So why do we make all of these are seeking forgiveness, so that what has been recorded, what has been written what is to be recorded, it is wiped off, it is erased by the mercy of Allah. But regardless, this ayah is a clear warning that Marian feels will mean Colin in our daily lives, even it, therefore a person must be very careful about what he speaks. When he speaks, how he speaks? is it relevant? Is it necessary? Is it useful? Or is it just without a reason that a person is talking, making his scales of evil as MOBA heavy, so we should become very careful.

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Anyway, let's continue. Lesson number 270. We'll begin from number 36, of sort of cough.

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Welcome luck, now popular home in kotlin. And how many a generation we have destroyed before them before who before the people of Makkah before these people who are denying presently so many generations of the past have been destroyed. And the generations of the past what were they like, whom I should demean home birth or shun? They were greater than them in striking power, the people of the past for much stronger than who the people of the present, especially when it comes to but what does that mean? military might strike in power, the power to attack someone died for example, the people of the people of Iran they had huge armies for their own is known as the OTA the

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possessor bags, why? Because whenever used to travel you took his armies with him. And when they camped, they had to pitch their tents and for that they used to use bags. So this is how the people around came to be known though Oh Dad, so home I should do main home bottleshop

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and what did the people of the past to find out pabu Philby lad, so they explored throughout the lands, they traveled throughout the lens, hello memories Is there any place of escape,

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funnel kabu nakaba is from the rotator is known of bath

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and nakaba is to penetrate to drill through to make a hole through something.

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This is the meaning of the word nakaba to bore two beers to make a hole in particular it is to make a hole through a wall or a piece of leather. This is the meaning of the word not cover

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and not cover. You know people can feel what does that mean? That they went through the lens tunneling through the lens making holes through the lens. What does that mean? That by their travel, their settlement their building, they went through so many cities, they left so many impressions that as they traveled, they traveled to different places, and when they settled for NACA bofill billet they made hold through the earth.

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Secondly, nakaba has also been understood as that they explored they explore through the lens because when a person is trying to vary

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Find some information. He's trying to investigate a matter. He's trying to explore something that he has to do what? Open up things may call through things, isn't it? Look into things deep into things? Look here, look there. So for NACA bowfell belaire, meaning they thoroughly explored the lands, in their travels, in their journeys in their conquests. The people of the past who were so mighty so strong in their attacking power, that they didn't just stay in their homes. No, they went through the cities conquering one after the other. And this is what we learned about fit our own especially, isn't it so that he conquered many lands, one after the other one city after the other? And in that

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process NACA boo, but Allah says, Hello, Mr. Hayes, is there any refuge? What does it mean by this help member his meaning these people, they traveled here and there, they conquered one place after the other. They built great structures everywhere they went, however, could they find any escape from the punishment of Allah when it came upon them? No, they couldn't help him. He says, Is there any escape? Could they find any escape from the punishment of Allah? They could not. They inflicted a lot of harm on the people of the world. They committed a lot of injustice. But when the punishment came upon them, they could find no refuge held memories. There is no refuge. There. It has also been

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said that Fennec caboodle belaire they travel through the earth, why? To search in order to find an escape from death. But could they find any escape from that? They could not hold memories. No, we learn in sort of the Zohar of it. Number eight, for Alekna ushered them in homebirth, OSHA, one more method will have welline and we destroyed greater than them in striking power. And the example of the former peoples has proceeded. When the punishment of a law came, there was no escape.

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In a fee, the early kinetica indeed, in that is surely a reminder, but a reminder of what it's a reminder of a lost power, a less power to punish his ability to destroy it, no matter how strong the person may be, no matter how strong the civilization may be. But if a civilization if a people if the disobey Allah, if they turn away from Allah, there is no refuge in the fie datacolor the car, but this vehicle, who will take it, who will benefit from it? Lemon, Canada, who Colburn for the one who has a call, for the one who has a heart? What does it mean by this for the one who has a heart? Meaning the one who has a loving heart, a conscious heart, a sensitive heart? Because the stories of

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the people of the past their advances, their final end? It is known to many people, isn't it? Perhaps if you ask an archaeologist, if you ask a historian, they can tell you much about the people of the past, much more than you could ever even imagine. Because of their research because of their studies because of their exploration. However, do they take a lesson? Not necessarily. This lesson is only for who the one who has a called what kind of cult a cult that is alive, a cult that is living a cult that is conscious, that heart the possessor of such a heart that person, he will take a lesson or a summer or he listens attentively, or he casts some hearing a lot to cast to offer that

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he casts What does he cast a summer the hearing, meaning the lens ear, he tries to listen attentively and carefully. Well who was Shaheed while he's also a witness, a witness what does it mean by this meaning while he is present, because a person can only bear witness when he is present.

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So Shaheed over here means present present how present in heart present in mind. So in other words, he's also attentive.

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So there's a huge lesson the claw, but who will take that lesson? The one who has a loving heart, the one who tries to listen and the one who is attentive?

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Because if a person is not physically and mentally attentive,

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if a person is not physically and mentally present, then can he understand? Can he take a lesson? No, he cannot.

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insert an RFI 179 we learn no collusion life Kahuna visa.

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So what kind of a heart is beneficial? The one that a person does not understand anything with no, a heart that is an eye.

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What a home Are you gonna be here? What am I then Elias morona be here with a cackle unami Burnham urban hula ecohome Aloha.

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So in order to take a lesson, a person must have

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opened up his heart, a person must listen attentively, a person must be mentally present as well. So who will take a lesson, those who are attentive, one or the

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other, and we have certainly created the heavens and the earth, one avena Homer and whatever that is between them to how in how long fees at 30 a year in 60 days,

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Allah has created the heavens and the earth and whatever that is between and how long, six days, when Allah said, I'm in love, whoo. And they're touched us, no weariness, when Allah created all of this, just imagine the size of the Earth. Just imagine the size of the oceans of the mountains, of the sky of everything that is in the skies, Allah created out of that woman was sent every loop and he did not get tired at all.

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He did not suffer from any fatigue loop from the Tetris lamb line. And the hope is to get tired, because of the magnitude of the task that the person is performing. It's so huge, it's so big, it's so great that when a person does it, he gets exhausted, he gets tired. And also, he gets tired. Why, because of the effort that that task requires, you know, some things you can do. And you don't really have to put in much effort.

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Like, for example, if you're baking something, what do you have to do? Just assemble all the ingredients, put it in the oven, take it out after an hour, isn't it? Does that require much effort? No, it doesn't. But on the other hand, if you're cooking something on the stove, then what does that mean? You have to keep standing over there by the stove, you have to keep checking, you have to keep stirring isn't until after every time you have to add some ingredient, you have to do something or the other to the pot that's on the stool. So it requires more effort, isn't it. So there are two types of tasks. One task is that which requires a lot of effort. And the other is that which does

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not require much effort.

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lube is fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness that a person suffers. Why, because of doing something that requires a lot of effort. Meaning if you're tired at the end, you're genuinely tired, you understand.

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But over here we see a law created the heavens and the earth and whatever that is between one of them is sent me Lou, but still a lot did not get tired at all.

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He did not get tired at all. He did not suffer from any fatigue. What does this emphasize?

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What does this make clear to us? The power of Allah, the strength of Allah, the ability of Allah, that if Allah can create all of this and still not get tired, how could you think that it's difficult for a lot to recreate? It's difficult for a lot to resurrect. Because if you notice from the beginning of the sort of what's the theme, resurrection, that Allah is all able to recreate, he's all able to resurrect. So if Allah can create all of this and not get tired, he is more than powerful. He's very much capable, to recreate everything as well. In throttle cafe 33, we learn Oh lm yo anila hana de holla customer what he will offer when am Uriah be healthy when recorded in

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Allah and you're here Mota. But in Nevada, Alicia and Cody, do they not see that Allah who created the heavens and the earth, and he did not fail in their creation? Meaning he completed their creation? He didn't just leave them halfway through? No, he didn't fail in the creation, he is able to give life to the dead. He's able to do that. Can we not infer from this that if Allah can create the first time so perfectly so completely? He can recreate again? Of course, indeed, he is over all things competent. First with so be patient, meaning the evidences are clear. The resurrection, it is obvious, it is logical, it makes perfect sense. And the warning has also been given very clearly.

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But still if the people don't believe Still, if they deny, still, if they doubt and they oppose you, then what should you do? First, but be patient over what are LeMay coluna over what they say? They say negative things to you. They call you a liar. They argue with you Just be patient over what they say. Because once a person has conveyed, do his best. He has presented the evidences he has presented the warning. And yet the other person doesn't believe that it's not his fault.

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That our work the work of Dawa the work of calling people to Allah. It requires us

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lot of patients from the beginning to the end, therefore first will be patient over what they say. And you see, a person needs over from the beginning to the end. He cannot carry out this responsibility of calling people to Allah without any patience. Because what happens is that when you tell someone, what do you want immediate results, isn't it? When you tell someone you want them to accept instantly, you want them to believe immediately. But the thing is you tell they don't accept. You make it clear. They don't agree. So in that case, should you give up? Should you know? What do you need over there? Patience. So first bit, LMA Kowloon, be patient over what they say,

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Don't give up, keep conveying

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what's up behind the ROB Baker, and glorify with the praise of your Lord, busy yourself in the spirit of ALLAH? Why has this been said right after supper? Because you see what a person does suffer? What does it mean? He's not arguing? Isn't it? Like, for example, somebody gives you a very bad name, they call you with a very bad name, they insult you, in public, they openly contradict you? Is that difficult? It's very difficult. At that moment, what do you want to say something back to them? But what does Allah say? Be patient over what they say? Meaning don't say anything. Now you've swallowed something, isn't it? So you've swallowed your pride, you've swallowed that sip of

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anger? It's inside of you. Now when it's inside, does it still keep burning and boiling? Of course, it does. And many times we say that, you know, let people speak let people say whatever they have to because if they don't, then they will become psychologically unstable, or they will become emotionally unstable. And that they will erupt one day. But the thing is, Allah wants us to do submission.

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And when you have swallowed that type of anger and pride, and it's inside, it's boiling inside to calm that down. To get rid of that you have to turn to Allah.

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This is why after sobral comes, what does B

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What's up?

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So if a person does this B, then he will not erupt someday, you understand? It will not make him emotionally psychologically unstable. Because the example of the profits or the example of his companions is right before us. Throughout their time in Makkah, they were not allowed to take any kind of revenge, isn't it? And they were not even allowed to compromise on religion. They were not allowed to leave either. Isn't it's all the prophets are allowed us and it was not allowed to leave Makkah. Just imagine 13 years of persecution. any normal person? What would happen to him any other person? What would happen to him? He would probably get emotionally psychologically unstable, isn't

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it? But do we find anything like that in the Prophet and his companions? Nothing? Then what does it show that slavery is possible?

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When you control your emotions, when you control your anger, when you control your feelings, it doesn't necessarily make you erupt one day? No. You just have to seek Allah's help to eliminate those feelings. You have to seek Allah's help to calm yourself down on the inside. And what's that solution? Allah tells us over here was Sabir behind the bigger and glorify with the praise of your Lord, when covenant owner a sham, see, what covenant before the rising of the sun and also before the setting of the sun?

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What does it mean by this be over here? two meanings have been understood.

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First of all, this be hasn't this been meaning they could sapan Allah Subhana Allah He will be handy. And secondly, the spirit has also been understood as Sunnah. Because Allah, what does that include? this be? Isn't it? So, in ruku Institute at the beginning of Salah, what are we doing this B.

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So, it was a big behind there are bigger copulatory shamcey were covenantal.

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Now if we take the meaning of this V over here, as they could, then in the morning, and before sunset, Avila tolerations Sham see before the rising of the sun and before the sun sets, these are the two times that a person must busy himself into the drama. You know why? Why do you think so?

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As the sun is setting, darkness is falling. You feel sad? Even if there's nothing wrong. The day is coming to an end. You feel sad. And if a person is already sad, imagine how much more sad he will be people who are suffering from

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Depression and sadness, what happens at nighttime? Can they relax? No, their depression gets much worse during the hours of the night.

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So at this time busy yourself in the dust we have en la and in the morning as well. And if we take the meaning of the spear to be solid, then what does it refer to? Kabbalah tolerations which one is this? For just Allah and Kabbalah guru before the sun sets before the sun sets us up. And before that is also

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So, over here three Salawat are indicated. We learn among others recorded the jury Raven Abdullah, he said, when we were sitting with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he looked at the full moon. And he said, certainly, you will be brought before your Lord and will see him as you see this moon and you will have no trouble in seeing him. So if you can avoid missing the prayer before the sunrise and the prayer before sunset, you must do so. Meaning don't miss your budget and do not miss your arsenal either. And then he recited this ayah or sub Bethlehem the rock became popular today Shamsi will cover the Guru

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wamena daily and also in part of the night meaning also do this be in a part of the night? What does it mean by this woman and Lady which portion is this which part is this?

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This part, it refers to the early part or we can say the later part.

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Some of segment Elaine, it refers to Meridian, Russia and others have said that it also refers to the Hudson. So wamena layli fossa

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and also what are the barriers to you? And after prostrations? Don't just limit yourself to this be at the times of prayer, but also do this be when were other barrows sudduth at about advantages of Florida double and double means back, right behind and uddevalla sujood. Behind the prostrations. What does it mean, after the frustrations? How do we understand this? Some have said that what this means is that after you perform the sauna with this this V What does that refer to Salah so you perform fudger salatu salam ala McGriff sola ratio, sola, you busy yourself in praying, you're busy yourself in glorifying Allah seeking his help. Now after that Salah also do the speech.

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So what does it mean?

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That don't just limit yourself to obligatory prayer, but also pray, voluntary prayer.

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And after you finish your Salah, don't just start talking instantly and going about with your work, no, also do this be at that time. This is why make sure you do your ask God which are to be recited of persona as well because Allah says what Alibaba sujood don't limit this to Salah only that from Allahu Akbar to Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah only during that time you're doing the speech No. After that, as well continue to do this via throughout the day. After Sona do they can after performing the fourth prayer son, prayer no often will advise us to dude. Until I said that, in particular, it refers to do after Muslim prayer wamena lately, when Elaine refers to Muslim Russia

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said refers to require us to know when after the fall, so wamena layli for sub bihu. What to do.

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And this also shows to us that a person should not think that just because he is doing this be in sauna that is sufficient, just because he's praying sauna that is sufficient. No. The more you pray, the more you remember Allah, the more you turn to Allah, that is better for you. Like we learned earlier, that Jenna is promised to who nikoli A webbing Haffield Who is the one who is constantly turning to Allah, I'll be money constantly turning to Allah.

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So such a person will not just remember a lot in prayer, but he will also remember a lot what other battles to do, he will not just limit yourself to the false Allah, but he will also pray the sooner and then I often advise others to do

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it many times people say of others, that's it. I'm just going to print out why'd you have the person? Why do you have to print? This is the evidence for Eduardo sujood. Also person also do you think

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we learned that some for immigrants, they came to the messenger sallallahu sallam, and they said all as messenger, the wealthy people will get higher grades and will have permanent enjoyment. And he said that How come? So they said, they pray as we do. They fast as we do, but they give charity and we

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cannot give charity, they free slaves and we cannot do that. So they will get more reward than us. They will be in jail and they will enjoy so much reward to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, shall I tell you about something that if you did it, you would catch up with those who have surpassed you. They give sadaqa you cannot give sadaqa they're free slaves. You cannot free slaves. But if you do something that I tell you, you will become equal to them in reward. Except for those who do the same. And he said say Subhana Allah Alhamdulillah Allah Hu Akbar 33 times each after every prayer.

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Just imagine, say Subhana Allah and 100 Allah, Allahu Akbar, how many times 33 times after each prayer after every prayer, when you will do that, you will get the reward of who

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are who. Those who gives other cars and those who free slaves just imagine the reward of freeing slaves.

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Now later, those same companions that came to the prophet SAW a lot of sentiment they said all as messenger, our brothers, the wealthy Muslims heard of what we did, and they also started doing it. Now what? So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said replica of the law, he, he mentioned, there is a formula of Allah, which he gives to whomsoever He wants.

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But the fact is that every single person has this opportunity doesn't need after Salah can we not say it? Of course we can. But it's up to us whether we do or not. If we do it good for us. If we don't, we're only depriving ourselves

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and if you think about it many times, why is it that we are not able to do our God after sada? Why?

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Talking? Isn't it so? We like talking to people around us it is though we cannot wait. But what did we learn earlier, that if a person starts controlling his tongue, if a person begins to limit his speaking his talking his conversation, I'm not saying become silent all the time, but limit it to that which is necessary, that which is beneficial. So, if a person does that, then will he not have time to do more they

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will he of course, you will have but if we talk excessively all the time, important unimportant then obviously we will not find the time to do the we will not find the time to recite the Quran.

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So over here we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is being called Be patient, and to help you have that patience, what should you do? Busy yourself in the

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in the Corolla, and also busy yourself in performing the Salah. And also after you have performed this Allah Don't forget to remember Allah. But remember Allah throughout the day, throughout the night, become who aware. We'd already inserted 194 sub behandelt bigger or communist add so exalt with praise of your Lord and be of those who prostrating be of those who frustrating because what does Allah say was there you know, the slavery was Sunnah. So do Saba and also pray, this is how you become common sight was the mirror and listen, meaning listen attentively, pay attention.

00:33:16--> 00:33:16

On what

00:33:17--> 00:33:42

yoma on the day unity, he will call who will call Illuminati the caller? Where will he call from mechanic Kareem from a place that is very near? Was the mirror and listen to listen to what listen to the call? Which call? When will it be? It will be on the day when the caller will call?

00:33:44--> 00:33:55

Which call is this switching to that? is this? This is the blowing up the trumpet? The call for resurrection? And who is the caller referring to the angel is laughing?

00:33:56--> 00:34:12

And where will he call from mechanical Korea from a place that is very near meaning the call the blowing of the trumpet will be so loud and clear that the listener will think that it is coming from a very new place.

00:34:13--> 00:34:34

You know when you hear something and the sound is not loud, or the sound is not clear. Then it says though it's coming from a very far off place. But if the sound is clear, it is loud you can hear every single word every single letter clearly. Then it says though somebody is talking to you from right before you right next to you.

00:34:35--> 00:34:48

So this is how loud and clear the trumpet will be. So Western air yoma united munadi mecanim Kareem Why has this been said all of a sudden? Why is this been said all of a sudden what's the relationship of this with the previous ayah

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

that Be patient, busy yourself in the dust we have a lot in the worship of Allah and remember that a day is coming when the caller will make the call

00:35:00--> 00:35:12

So prepare for that day. worry about that day. And when a person is worried about that day, then it becomes easier to do something it becomes easier to do the speed