Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P13 129D Tafsir Ibrahim 13-17

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the opposition to the people of Shayli and Shayli's movement and the potential for the people to become the enemy. They stress the importance of fearing the people and the fear of the people. The speakers also emphasize the need for people to be prepared for the upcoming threat and the importance of accepting the negative impact of actions on their health and well-being. They briefly mention the struggles of those who fear and oppress others and emphasize the importance of balance in life and forgiveness.
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What call AlLadhina kuffaar Holy Rosary him and those people who disbelieved set to their messengers, law, no hurry, Jenna Coleman or Lena, we will surely expel you drive you out from our land. They threatened the prophets, they threaten the people who believed in the prophets, were going to expel you, you better stop or we're going to expel you own letter or do not female, Latina or shoni you shall definitely returned to our religion. Me and either you become like us or you leave. If you want to stay with us, then you be like us. And if you don't want to be with us, if you're not with us, then we're going to expel you. I will let her Odin, a female Latina. Now what do

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we see that gradually the opposition increased,

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the difficulties increased. Why do we want that in life, everyday things should become easier. But many times it's the exact opposite. It's the exact opposite. That every day you hear some more depressing news. You know, something worse has happened. You hope that things will come to an end problems will come to an end but you realize that things are only getting worse and worse. And this is part of life. It is part of life. And we see that this is exactly what happened with the profits. Gradually it was only debate and then the people came down to threatening the prophets for Oh Ha ha him Rob boom. So their Lord revealed to them to his prophets, learn of Lika Nepali mean that surely

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we shall definitely destroy the wrongdoers. Don't worry, at the end, those who do zone will be destroyed. And this is Allah's promise. Yes, there are people who are suffering at the hands of the oppressors. But yes in that is their test. In that is the test of people in general. But this is Allah's promise lovely. Kandivali mean, we shall definitely destroy the wrongdoers. The people of Shrayber and he sent him they threatened him Lonoke regenda Sure it will ladina Emma Newmar come in Korea, Tina, are sure if we're going to expel you and also those people who believed in you. People have learned that lesson and threatened him acquitted you and ultimate Korea to come expel the

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family of loot or listener from your Korea and the machine of Macau are also the same. We learn what the uncle will become the the unica formula used to be Dukkha Dukkha Dukkha. The people of Makkah they planned and plotted to either kill the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or imprison him or expel him, they planned wham, Corona, wham Kerala, they plotted and Allah subhanaw taala was also planning. So on the surface on the apparent it seems like those upon the Huck the followers of the prophets, the prophets themselves, they were going to be finished. Why? Because the enemy was so strong. It was so powerful, so oppressive, but what does Allah say? Learn only Kandivali mean. remain hopeful, Allah

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who will destroy the wrongdoers when a new Skinner Nakamoto urban embody him with a new skin and not calm and surely we shall definitely cause a you to dwell, no skin Nana, what's the root seen calf known Muskan Muskan his home sukhna So no Skeena Nakhon will cause you to dwell, you will become the heirs you will live this will be your home what other the Earth may embody him after them, meaning your enemy will be removed your enemy will be destroyed. The oppressors will be destroyed and the people will be free no Skeena Kemal Akbar, but this promises for who? There Lika that is meaning this promise is lemon half am Akami will half hour eat.

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Two qualities are mentioned. This promise meaning the promise of Allah's help is for who? Those who Lehmann ha from Akami, who fears My matam will have our ad and fears My worried what does it mean by my MACOM MACOM is position, place upstanding.

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So fears, my position meaning Allah's position, in the sense that he has fear of Allah, he realizes who Allah is the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

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He understands who Allah is. And as a result he fears him Mikami

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and you see my standing standing before me in other places we also learn about fearing standing before Allah subhanaw taala that one day I have to face

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Allah, I have to answer Him He will question me. So fearing that meeting, fearing Allah's position, his status, who he is his rank, and then fearing the standing before Allah, that I am accountable before him. So in other words, the one who fears Allah will have our Eid and fears My threat, threat, threat of what of punishment.

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You see, when things get difficult,

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it's very easy to give up. Very easy to give up. Like for example, if you are having a lot of difficulty dealing with a particular individual,

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they're part of your life a relative, it's very easy to say, never call me again, I'm never going to talk to you by very easy to do that.

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But at the same time, there is threat from Allah that the one who cuts off relations with his relatives and such a person cannot enter Jannah This is a threat, a big threat of punishment.

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So who is it that will bear that difficulty with patience, who the one who fears this threat, the one who fears Allah. And no matter how difficult it is, he keeps going, he keeps accepting the challenges in life and he keeps dealing with them. He doesn't do anything that Allah will disapprove off. And for such a person who keeps driving, who keeps trying, who doesn't give up. He keeps going on for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala then what will happen? Allah who will help him, Allah will give him victory. Take the same example. Remember that man who came to the Prophet saw a lot of sentiments said that I have certain relatives who do bad to me and I do good to them. They keep

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doing bad to me, I keep doing it to them, what should I do? The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that if you keep doing that, then it is as though you are putting ashes in their mouths. What does that mean? That you will be victorious Allah will give you the upper hand at the time it seems people are abusing you. abusing your help abusing your time abusing your life abusing you as a person. This is what it feels like they're using you, they're abusing you. But remember, you are not giving their hug because of who they are. You're giving their hug because of Allah subhanaw taala. And when you will keep doing that out of Allah's fear that Allah will give you victory over your opponents. And

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don't we see that in the life of the prophets on a lot of times there are so many examples of how people who were too arrogant to acknowledge others what happened. Eventually they had to accept in the life of use of our escena what do we learn his brothers did any possible evil to him, but use the Renaissance? What was his reaction like always have a Marcin? And then what happened? Allah gave him victory over his brothers. Allah gave him honor.

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Allah made him successful. So this is very important to remember that equally man ha from a commie will have our IDI. Likewise, it happens that when we're going through difficulties, whose rights do we forget? Allah subhanaw taala has rights. Right? That many times that happens because, you know, there's so many things to do, I'm sick, I'm unwell. I have so much work to do. Yes, I am not going to pray this Allah. I'm not going to do this. I'm not going to fast because fasting is too difficult. Because, you know, I have so much work to do. I can't deal with this.

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So such a person, can he receive Allah's help? Can he receive Allah's help? No. The promise of victory, the promise of help is for those who fear Allah, those who fear the punishment of Allah.

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So when we want our state to improve, when we feel that we are being oppressed by others, and we want our state to improve, let's reflect on our deeds. Do they reflect obedience? Or do they reflect disobedience?

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For the longest time, I wasn't sure what it meant to love something or someone for the sake of Allah. And if somebody told me that they love me for the sake of Allah, I was like, Okay, what does that really mean? Because why don't you love me for myself? If you think about it, the most sincere form of love can only be for the sake of Allah because if you wronged someone, they'll have every right to leave you if they love you for you. But if they continue to do things for you for the sake of Allah, your rights are ensured that way and so are Allah is because part of giving Allah His heck is to give his creation? Yes. So they love you not because of you. They give you a rights not

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because of you but because Allah subhanaw taala has a

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Ask them to do so. Some of them I recently read about Ebola or the Allahu anhu, that he would make dua in the masjid every Thursday. And before he made the, he would make an announcement three times that anyone in this gathering who has cut off relations, please leave this gathering. And one young man he left this gathering and he went to his aunt who he hadn't seen for two years. And his aunt told him go back to him and ask him why he said that. So he came to Abba Herrera, the Allahu Anhu. And he asked him and Abu Huraira the Allah Han, who said, that I have heard that the dua of the person who cuts off relations is not accepted. And I didn't want my was not to be accepted because

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of the people's presence in the masjid. So we should remember these things when we are angry and upset with somebody. And you know, it's very hard to bend down and be humble and you know, go and make up for the person. But if you remember this, then inshallah it'd be easy for us. And the thing is that the way we deal with others the way we deal with Allah subhanaw taala our obedience or disobedience to him that has a direct impact on our condition of life, our progress in general, we think, you know, if we're suffering in our body, and we are asking Allah subhanaw taala for help, it should come immediately. But what is the cause of that suffering? Perhaps it is our attitude towards

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our parents, perhaps it is our attitude towards certain other people until and unless you fix the cause. Hmm. How is it that, you know, things will improve Allah subhanaw taala he is the one who will fix the problems, he is the one who will relieve us of that pain. But that cause has to be fixed by us. So what brother sister was saying about loving someone for the sake of Allah, I was thinking of that just this morning, because I was a little cross with my mother, because she woke me up earlier than usual. So I was just, you know, kind of in a half ignoring her. She's in the middle class, she was listening to her lesson. And it was that I just that one part, be good to your

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parents. And I thought that in an instant, it made me think that, okay, I might be upset with her, but she's my mother. And Allah is telling me. So I was thinking the Quran, part of its miracles is that, when you least expect it, it'll give you what you need. And it had such an instant effect. And I'm like, Okay, forget it, you can't, so stupid to be mad at her for something so little, and repairing my relationship with her even over something so small. It's it by that, and it makes life so much easier. Even in the morning, when we're all getting ready to go.

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Everything's Yes. And if you didn't, you know, improve your attitude immediately, then your morning would be very bad, and your day would be miserable. Also, who would be unhappy, you would be unhappy? And this would, you know, put a strain on your relationship with your mother in general, over something so minor, so minor.

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And if you just accept that situation and do it yourself on the other and overlook their shortcoming, then you also see the good in the situation that you're in that you say, Oh, 100 I have an extra half an hour No, I'm an extra one hour now. I can take a nice, you know, easy long shower and whatever. You know, I can have a relaxed morning instead of rushing out of the house.

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There's always good sides but we don't get to see those good sides because of our

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reaction because we're mad.

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So then we can even call from a commie will have over eat what stuff the who, and they requested victory is stuff the WHO from fat that have fat? What does that mean to open up? Now when a conqueror enters a city then what is opened up for him? The gates the doors, right? So far, also means victory. fatter also means decision. Final verdict final ruling. Why? Because then it opens up your ways, right? Because until a case is resolved, you don't know whether you're going this way or that way. There are so many possibilities. But when once a final decision is made, then ways are opened up for you. So what stuff the who they requested victory, who? The prophets of Allah, when

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the next day, know after

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a long time when they had done their best, they observed their sub. They, out of Allah's fear, they conveyed the message they did not give up. They remained obedient despite the difficulties. Then what happened was stuffed the who they asked Allah for victory, they begged him for success. And Allah He gave them that success while harbor and he was disappointed. Ha yeah, but haber to be defeated to

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who fail in achieving one's purpose? So he failed. He was disappointed who couldn't lose your bearing or need every obstinate tyrant? Notice how the disbelievers were first described as Lolly mean. And over here they're described as Jabez are neat, who is about one who was Jabbar? What is Jabra? to overpower the other so Jabbar is one who is overpowering the other, forcing the other to accept what he's saying.

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Who doesn't care about the wishes when Jabbar is used for human being this is what it means okay? When is used for Allah subhanaw taala the meaning is different. So with regards to a human being a very oppressive human being, who doesn't care about the wishes, the likes the dislikes of others, the choices that they want to make, no he forces his ways on them his opinion on them just about a

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lot. I mean Jabaal I need who is I need I known doll. I need this obstinate Japan and I need meaning such oppressors such disbelievers who opposed oppress the believers. They were disappointed meaning they failed. They failed miserably because Allah subhanaw taala gave victory to His messengers. Think about new heart, acela.

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Think about Ibrahim Reyes and think about restarted, think about most artists and I'm thinking about Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam all of the prophets of Allah at the end, who want prophets one, and who is it that was miserably defeated? It was their opponents. They failed, they were disappointed all of their efforts brought nothing except their own defeat was stuffed, who will have a cooler Japan or any meanwhile, ah, he Jahannam in the dunya. They suffered failure. They were destroyed. Look at for their own what happened to him. His entire civilization it crumble, finished, ruined. He went off with his armies after the Bani Israel and what happened to him when he reached the middle of the

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water finished, the people destroy and the when the people are gone, then what good are the buildings and the architecture and everything that was lost with the people? So his entire civilization it crumbled. This was their fate. This was their end in the dunya their worldly power did not help him their material power did not help them nothing, and in the hereafter MeiHua II Jana whare, what does it mean? It's used as behind but what it also means beyond beyond meaning before him, so minhwa Ajahn Brahm before him is held in this dunya to Jabbar and he destroyed by Allah. And when this person goes into the hereafter, what does he face? What does he enter Jahannam and in

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that, Johanna, what good is he going to get nothing at all what you score, and he will be made to drink. Notice the word you saw it as module the action is being done on someone you score he will be made to drink you will be forced to drink, he will be given to drink, man man in water, a drink that is studied, studied, studied is from their letters, solid dal, the answer D it is basically anything that is repulsive. Anything that you're disgusted by because sod means to stop, right? So there are certain things that when you see you just stop, even your eyes stop. You don't look at it again. When you smell it, your nose, you know you stop because you don't want to smell it. It's so nasty.

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It's horrible to look at nasty and it's smell, studied anything that is repulsive. Anything that is extremely unpleasant that smells bad, that looks bad. Now Matt in studied a drink that is studied, what kind of drink is this? What kind of drink? Is it that which a person sees he stops? He doesn't want it? What would it be? Either because of its temperature? Or because of its looks? Or because of its taste? Or because of its smell? Or because of what it's made off? Or for any other reason studied? Now this liquid that will be given to them to drink. What is it? It's boiling, it's extremely hot, extremely hot, the likes of which don't exist on the earth. The temperatures which we

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have never, ever witnessed on this earth studied extremely hot, boiling temperatures.

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boiling temperatures studied, and not just that, smelling horrible looking horrible. Why because it is made of something disgusting.

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The Old Man has said that, for example, in Mongolia, he said that Saudi there's basically that skin or that layer of flesh that comes between the bus, okay, you know in a wound, and you can say, the top layer of the skin. So you're talking about, you know, a really bad wound that has gone nasty, and the liquids that are oozing out of that,

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and the flesh that is forming over there. If you've ever had a wound like that even you don't want to look at it. Even you don't want to look at it, forget about touching it with bare hands.

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Forget about touching it with bare hands. This is the drink that the people of hellfire will be given. Because in hellfire, when people are punished, and their wounds, they're festering and from that liquid is oozing out, all of that will be collected somewhere and from that the people of Jannah will be given to drink, you score mimma in studied, they will be made to drink from it. Why? Because they inflicted horrible torture on people on this planet. They forced them and Jahannam they will be forced.

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they inflict it on others and they will be inflicted on the wounded others and in Jahannam they will be drinking the liquids the secretions that come out from the wounds of people because each person will have to bear the consequences of what he has done. You score me man in studied Yetta Gerardo who he will go, it's Jura Jeem. Raw rain is to sip little by little when something is too difficult to drink. Why? Because it's extremely hot or it doesn't taste good at all. Or it smells horrible. Like some really strange kind of medication that you've been asked to take how do you take it? You take it little by little? You sip it gradually baby sips little by little Yetta gentle raro who so

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this volume this oppressor also in hellfire he won't be able to drink it quickly. Even though he's feeling extremely hot and he wants anything to drink. No, this drink will be so disgusting so hot, that he will not be able to drink it all at once. He will drink it little by little he will sip it and as he will sip it still will air your car do you see who he will not be able to swallow it meaning he will hardly be able to swallow it he will almost not swallow it but he will. Lay Accardo means that to almost not do something but do it eventually. Lay your cattle you see a little and you see always from Senio lane. It's basically when a person swallow something easily when it's

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palatable and easily goes down. And when a person is feeling nauseous. Or when a person is forced to eat or drink something? Is he able to swallow it easily? Not at all. What happens many children when they're forced by their parents to eat or drink, then what happens they barely put the food in their mouth that they

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started gagging in the throw up. When they occur, do you see who he will not be able to swallow it it will be very difficult for him to swallow it but this is punishment. He has to drink it, he cannot refuse it. He will not have the option to refuse it. And you know that in this world when people are tortured. One of the ways of torture is what force feeding it's a torture it's a form of punishment that truly and in hellfire people will be force fed because the force fed others yet a juror who will a occur Do you see who but you see in this world if a person is suffering from any kind of pain, there's one hope at least that he can have. One day I will die

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one day whether I come out of the situation or don't come out of this situation one day I will die so this misery will be over. I'm not going to stay in this world forever. So people cannot torture me forever. But in Hellfire is there any escape? There's no escape, we d Hill mode and death will come to him. Death will approach him mean kalima cannon from every place meaning all the causes of death will be there. If that person would be living on this earth and he would have died instantly, but in how fine way Deegan motorman, Colima can, death will approach him from every place woman who will be made yet, but he will not die at all. He will not die. So his stead is like that of a living

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person who is at the verge of dying. So he's neither living nor is he dead. He is stuck in the middle. And one thing that is extremely difficult is what? Death it's extremely painful. The extraction of the soul from the body is extremely painful. I'm sure you're familiar with it.

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Different stories of how people die. Some people die because of a really bad accident. Some people die because of excessive bleeding. Some people die because of being burnt. Some people die because their head is chopped off because a limb got amputated and the bleeding never stopped, or they froze to death or they starve to death. And all of these conditions are pretty horrible. pretty painful, quite painful, very, very painful. Imagine Jahannam Yeah, Dr. multiman Colima can that is approaching him from every place every one you every cause. If it was bleeding that he could die with, he would have died. If it was burning, it would have died. But to a man who will be made, it's

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hellfire. It's a hero, the person is never going to die. And is this all women will hear or they're gonna leave. And beyond that is an either a punishment that is really is of alleles more severe, massive, much more worse, a more difficult punishment, meaning this is just the beginning.

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So malaria moved to visa when I hear and this is why it is so important that we refrain from loan today.

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We don't oppress others, neither physically nor emotionally, nor mentally. Because those who oppress others, they will be punished tomorrow.

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Those who do learn Jabba or need, they will be punished tomorrow. And those who fear Allah, fear the threat of punishment that he has given. They're the ones who were given help by Allah, those who oppress others, they are not helped. They are not assisted from them, help is taken away is taken away. But those who are gentle with others than Allah is gentle with them.

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Those who are lenient with others Allah is lenient with them those who are forgiving towards others ALLAH is forgiving towards them.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses well

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mfine Latina

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boom Lincoln

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Orlando skin and

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Kellyanne falls on me we'll hop off

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was stuck on backwards

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for the

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record on your C,

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D LUMO. To mean Cooley maca can

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be made with a meal,

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This is almost justice.

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This is his justice, that those who oppress others, they also face that oppression eventually.

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Those who hurt others, they also experienced that hurt eventually.

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And revenge is in both places in this dunya and in the in this dunya. What do we see the opponents of the prophets they were destroyed. They were punished, a scream, a blast, an earthquake, a flood, a wind a storm, something came and destroyed them.

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And in the Hereafter, a terrible punishment that is never ending.

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We see tyrants in recent years. If you look at all the genocides and things that happened in the last 100 or so years, you see all the tyrants that were leading them. They were also taken down and within our own lifetime, within the Arab Springs, the revolutions that were going on, for example, in Libya, the leader was caught, he had to escape and the people caught him and they beat him. I mean, he was tyrannical against his people and he was caught and punished even in this world before he died. You see, Luna is something that Allah does not allow to last on the earth. The ruler might have said that a people a nation can live with Cowfish they're committing, Allah will not destroy

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them, you will let them live. But once they start

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injustice, oppression, whatever form it is off, then they cannot survive, then they will be finished, they will be destroyed. And there is something that we see in the lives of individuals, in communities, and also at a greater level. People cannot survive with love, no matter how much power they have, no matter how much strength they have, they cannot survive if they're doing.

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And the greatest example of this is federal mean, he was literally untouchable, nobody could accuse him could speak out against him, because he had said to his people, hon, Kamal Arla, I am your God, your greatest God? Could anyone question him his authority? Could anyone point a finger at him? Nobody could. This is how much he had controlled his people, he had brainwashed them, you know, control them in every possible way. But what happened?

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What happened to that one, and eventually, he also crumbled.

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So in this is a big lesson as to give the example of Hitler we learned in history class that almost felt that I like obviously, he gave him the ability to go and, you know, conquer Germany and France and all around. But he had made a pact with the Russian leader that you know, we're not going to harm you, so you don't harm us. And Allah let him go and conquer. But the minute he turned against his promise, and he went to conquer Russia, then Allah subhanaw taala showed him defeat, and from there on, he was defeated, because then the Russian troops went against him. And then we see his death that he was hiding from the people who he actually was in, showed injustice to, and he

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actually ended up committing suicide.

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Santa Monica, when I was reading this, I remembered an analogy that brother normally can get that he's saying that, you know, many people may non Muslims, they say that, where's the justice and fairness in this world, right. And he's saying that our lives are believers Life is like a balanced equation like a chemical algebraic equation. And there's two sides to it. When you have a mathematical equation, you need to balance both side of it one side, when you look at it, the right side could be unbalanced, and you go to the left side and you fix it. But you know, those who don't have belief, they only look at one side of the equation, almost like a coin. When you're on one side

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of a coin, you can see the other side of it. So for us believers, it's like this is like a hope that you know if in this world, one side of the equation if we've suffered any sort of injustice, and we can have that revenge or whatever, Allah will give it to us on the other side of the equation in the hereafter. So it gives us hope, yes, this is why rely upon him to occur or Allah

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subhana Kalong will be handed Nisha to Allah Illa illa Anta Mr. Furukawa to Grenache a Santa Monica rahmatullahi wa barakato

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