Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P07 081E Tafsir Al-Anam 71-73

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of life and the importance of following guidance and staying safe and secure in shayateen lif chains. They stress the importance of following guidance and following guidance from Allah, avoiding distraction, and not promoting false ideology. The speaker also advises caution against promoting false ideology and caution against being pressured to believe wrong. The use of the word Islam in relation to the Day of Justice is also discussed, and the importance of avoiding confusion and not being pressured to believe wrong.
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Paul say, another rule Shall we call upon men dunya. Allah He besides Allah, ma that which lay in Verona does not benefit us, wala and not Yagoona it harms us, tell them we're seeking, that you're asking us to worship those who cannot benefit us who cannot even harm us, then we should again, they came up to some Muslims and they said, Follow our ways, come with us. Don't listen to this madman don't listen to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam

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instead, follow our ways look at us are so many of us, life is so good for us, you have that freedom. And if you follow the way of the Prophet salallahu Salam, then you you know, your life gets very difficult, you're going to be opposed or pressed. So why are you bringing this difficulty upon yourself? Leaving him follow our ways. This is just like, sometimes, we are told that if you're in Canada, your husband cannot force you to put something on your head, you know, so feel free to remove that veil

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that tells you in a very caring way.

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Has it happened to you? Yeah.

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I recently did my citizenship test. Right. And there was a question that in Canada, it was something like that. And it was also in the practice test that I found that a husband may force his wife to lower her gaze or something like that. It was so stereotypical, so stereotypical, but I was amazed that how people out of their kindness and affection towards you, you know, sometimes they tell you these things that it's okay if you don't follow your religion. Nobody can say anything to you over here. So feel free. Feel free. This is something that happened at the time, the Prophet saw a lot of something that happens today as well. And sometimes it's your friends. Right? Sometimes it's your

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friends, or people who are very close to you and tell you, why are you making your weekend so hard upon you. You don't have to know the meaning of the Quran. You're chill, relaxed, you're young, you're just in high school, you're just in university, just a few years to enjoy. And then once you're married and you have children, life is so difficult. Take it easy.

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So sometimes people come to you as sincere well wishers. And they tell you stop what you're doing. Take it easy. Allah subhanaw taala says, tell them that are you asking us to worship those who don't benefit us who don't harm us? You want us to worship these idols who cannot do any good to us who cannot inflict any harm upon us? And if we do worship these idols, then one will not do and we shall be turned back or Allah or Kobina upon our heels. Not do I like our club? You know, what does it mean? Our club is the plural of our club turned back on heels.

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What does it mean? That a person is standing one way? Watch. Okay, and he goes like this.

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What does it mean,

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completely abandons what he's doing, and reverses to what he was doing before. Like, for example, a person is a drug addict. Okay. He goes through rehab, leaves everything. And then what happens after some time relapse, he goes back to those same drugs back to that same addiction. Okay, so what do I let our Kobina if we're doing schicke, then we're going backwards, we're not improving, we're going backwards. Bar the is Hidin. Allah after Allah has guided us. Allah took us out of that darkness gave us this hedaya And you're telling us to worship idols, who don't benefit don't harm. There's no use in worshipping these idols. In fact, it's only detrimental to us. So why should we do that?

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Candidly, like the one who is the what we share between whom the devils have enticed is the one who

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it has tempted him, it has enticed him It has led him astray who are Shayateen, the devils Phil Irby in the land. Now the Arabs, when they will travel, obviously, they will travel through deserts, okay. And deserts, what are they empty, barren places? Silent, scary. All right. And such places are many times been occupied by sheltering by the devils by the jinn. So if a person will be traveling, sometimes he's walking, he would hear certain voices calling him

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that he so and so come this way,

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come this way. So what happened that he

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would forget everything that he was doing, and he would start to follow that voice that who is this person calling me.

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And as he would do so, all of a sudden, you know, there would be like a ditch or something or like a steep hill or something, and he wouldn't realize that he would fall, and he would die. So this was basically Shayateen

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leading a person astray, leading him to his destruction.

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Okay. This is an example that is being given over here. So this is why they knew that if you hear strange voice calling you from nowhere that don't answer, don't answer that call, don't go in that direction. Just ignore and keep walking your way. I've heard such scary stories as well.

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Certain people who when they would be walking, then certain voices, like literally calling them then they would ignore, ignore, ignore. So as long as you ignore, you're fine. But once you respond, and you start following, then that's it, then the shouting lead you into your distraction. Right? So Allah says over here, Kundalini is the hour to shayateen. So it's the what we shall think someone who has been tempted by the shower clean meaning led astray by the devils. He was going his way. And the shayateen distracted him led him astray. Phil already in the in the land. Hi, Ron. hyaluron. Confused,

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perplexed. Hi, Ron is from the rudeness hire someone who is confused. Now imagine a person who is hearing voices. somebody's telling him, hey, this way on your right. So he starts walking towards his right and he's looking looking, and all of a sudden he hears a voice from his left. So he changes direction goes towards his left. And then he hears the voice again from in front of him. So he starts walking in that direction, constantly changing directions, randomly walking here and there. If you're watching a person walking in this way, what would you say? What would you say crazy? What is he doing? He's confused. If a person turns right, and then he turns left, and then he

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goes back and then he goes forward, and then he reverses. And then he goes ahead. I mean, you'd say what's wrong with you? hyaluron confused. He doesn't know what he's doing. So just like that. Such a person would be hyaluron. Lo us have one for him our companions were you the Runa who are calling him in alluded to guidance, dinner come to us. His friends are telling him come this way. Where are you going? Why are you walking towards that steep? You know, fall? Why are you walking towards that cliff? Turn back, come here. We're supposed to be traveling east. Why are you going that way? And he said, No, no, I can hear somebody calling me from there. I know somebody they're calling me, I have

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to go in that direction.

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So he doesn't respond to his friends. He doesn't listen to them. Instead, he goes towards his own destruction.

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This is the example of who? The one who does shirk.

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Because previously, what is mentioned that, are you telling us to worship those who don't benefit us don't harm us. And if we do so, it would be a big relapse, right? We're going back into ignorance, like someone whom shall clean have led astray. So he's confused in the land walking here walking, they're going in circles. He doesn't know what he's doing. His friends are calling him come to this way. This is what we're supposed to be doing. But he doesn't listen. And he destroys himself at the end. This is a state of someone who leaves guidance, who leaves the straight back. Then he tries one thing after the other, he pursues one thing after the other until eventually he meets the fire of

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Even though people are there, explaining to him that look what you're doing is not right. This is the truth. Leave it come this way. But he doesn't listen. Allah says old Say, Indeed, who the Allah guidance of Allah, who will Hooda that is the guidance, meaning the guidance that Allah has sent. That is true guidance. That is the truth. That is what you should be following. Not what people are calling you towards. Because think about it in this world. There are so many people who are calling you towards themselves. Every personal claims are right. And they're inviting you.

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They're calling you follow our ways join us.

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But what is right and what is wrong, what should you do?

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What do we learn over here, that the guidance that Allah has given, that is what we should follow. So anything that contradicts the book of Allah, that is not worth following. If you follow that you will hurt yourself. If you follow that you will destroy yourself. If you want to remain guided. If you want to remain safe and secure in this dunya and aka then you have to follow the guidance

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Have Allah in the hood, Allah He who will who there.

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And many times it happens that a person is, you know, perfectly fine going to the masjid. And then all of a sudden somebody talks to them, and they get brainwashed.

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And they start doing these strange things.

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They start doing these strange things, and the family is so concerned that what is wrong with them? What happened to them? How can they become so different? How can they changed, because they left the hidayah of Allah, they heard they responded to somebody else's call.

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They responded to somebody else's call. And when we see that all of a sudden someone becomes an extremist, you know, extremist in the sense that violent in their behavior and very negative in their thinking, it shows that there is a problem, this is not normal.

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When does this happen? When a person responds to the call of other than Allah? How do you know that if somebody is calling you towards something that is right or wrong? Check? Are they calling you to Allah? are they connecting you with Allah?

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What they're calling you to if you do that, will it strengthen your Eman?

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Or will it fulfill some other objective of some organization some ideology, some, whatever, check because many times it happens that we end up in this confusion that so and so masjid, you know, so and so organization, they say, everybody's wrong, you shouldn't listen to any chef, you know, any scholar of this organization, that organization, that organization, who do we listen to? Check, what are they calling you towards?

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Are they calling you towards claiming that you are absolutely right, and everybody else has got fit and everybody else's law and will big, big words.

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If such as the case, they're not calling you towards the truth, they're calling you towards a person, an ideology, and that is not worth responding to. If you follow that, you'll hurt yourself. You'll harm yourself. Because many times it happens that people that study the Quran and Sunnah, I've seen many sisters, they go through the Quran course and what happens, they get influenced by a certain thinking

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by, you know, certain ideologies. And they say, You shouldn't listen to all Muslim scholars, and you should listen to all cultural scholars, and you shouldn't listen to any of these people. They're just wrong. They are misguided. They do magic. Really, you don't know the difference between magic and a trick? Are you that naive? I mean, there are videos up there that claim that certain show you will certain or Aloma, they perform magic. And if you watch those videos, it's not magic, it's just a trick to something to enjoy a trick.

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You really can't tell the difference between what magic is and what tricks are. And based on that, you say that they have committed gopher. And based on that you said that you're not supposed to listen to them ever.

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I'm amazed sometimes at the kind of words people use with the show you work with people who are knowledgeable, to be very careful. People who are extremists don't get influenced by them. And by extremists. I mean, people who say everyone's coughing, but people who go to my masjid, we are right. Everyone's Catherine, except for those who call themselves Salafi. The prophets of Allah doesn't call himself a Salafi. Did he? know yes, we follow the ways of the Salaf. We have respect for them. But it doesn't mean that if so and so scholar doesn't promote a certain ideology, they are misguided. What is the right guidance, guidance of Allah in the hood? Allah hee hoo. Well, Huda,

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that is the right guidance and what is the guidance of Allah, the book of Allah, the Sunnah of His messenger. So at the end of the day, if a certain person is teaching you the book is teaching you the sooner

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that accepted. And yes, you can have differences, big differences, but it doesn't mean that you completely cancel them off just because you differ from them in one opinion in one matter, you would be amazed there are scholars who are working in the same organization, but they differ in their opinions.

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They differ in their opinions, and that's completely normal. But just because you different one opinion doesn't mean that you say Don't listen to him ever again.

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Don't talk about him ever again. Don't read his book, don't mention his name. don't promote their class know, in the hood Allahu Anhu that if someone is promoting the Quran and Sunnah, we will come back. We will respond to that call. But if some

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One is promoting an individual.

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If someone is promoting in a particular ideology, then no, we don't welcome that.

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Other courses, we accept that there's difference of opinion, we say that they have their own theory and they're following that. But when it comes to them, then we totally forget, we have a different idea of what a scholar is. They have their own studies, they have their own opinion, they have different type of knowledge. So we have to accept that and

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move on. And don't just stay stuck over there. You know, some people, you'll be amazed some websites you'll find refutation of so and so refutation of so and so. And I was going through their lists, who is not here. Who is not here.

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I don't think there's any scholar that's missing from that list. At least scholars that we know of in the Western world.

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Every person is on that list. refuted refuted refuted. Yes. What are you trying to prove everybody's evil than your soul? Holy? Really? Yes.

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Yes, I don't know why they say that. Yes, there are many scholars about whom people will say Don't listen to him. Don't listen to him. Don't listen. And people said don't go well.

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You will become like this. They'll brainwash you never take their course. So always use your mind that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed you with and check. What is this person talking about? What is this course promoting? If it's promoting the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah I welcome their will I disagree with them over some things, of course. But what I still have respect for them, yes, a YouTube video where there's YouTube video or somebody was being refuted. And they said that they're listing all their proof saying that this Soller said that we can't listen to this person, this call this call the scholar, the scholar. And then after my parents who just told us but you know, half

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the people that they just use as references a couple of years later they refuted them too. So it's like a self eating machine like what you're feeding people. And then next thing you know, you're the one being refuted.

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So be careful about the words that we use. You want to say something, I was in a fifth course. And we were just learning about the different opinions and the different schools of thought and you'd learn that like, if, for example, Imam Malik had an opinion, his followers and his students had a different opinion. And that's perfectly acceptable, because even though they all studied the same material, but people have different opinions, even within scholars, and that's perfectly acceptable within even one school, yes. And you may have understood something differently, they may have understood something differently. Perhaps this said something accidentally, human beings, you know,

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are prone to making errors. A scholar may have said something person who is acknowledge, they may have said something by accident, unintentionally. And you're just highlighting their mistakes and you say a refutation of so and so that they are not upon the right guidance. So do not ever ever listen to them.

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Do not ever go to their organization. It doesn't make sense. So this kind of extremism is not correct.

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So be careful about who you follow. Who you get influenced by.

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Remember, anyone that you listen to, should be someone who is calling to the Quran and Sunnah. And if they're calling to something else, be on guard.

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So I feel like this verse is really, especially with the beginning statement, where should we believe in those who can't benefit us or harm us? It's really just a very questioning aspect of it. Where Why would we do something so stupid, you really sort of take a step back and think about it before you just blindly do something like pinpointing little mistakes, little things. Take a step back, look at the bigger picture because there's more to it than just one little thing. Yes. Look at the bigger picture. Someone said something you disagree with it. But look at the bigger picture as a whole. Aren't they spreading claim? Aren't they spreading so much awareness? Aren't they teaching so

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many people so many good things? And if you say no, they're absolutely evil because of this one statement that they said then you are depriving yourself. So use the oracle that Allah subhanaw taala has given to me remember the criteria of guidance in the hood Allah He who will who will omit now and we have been commanded by the new slimmer that we submit the Robben Island mean to the Lord of the Worlds, not to an ideology to a group

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to an imam to a scholar. No, we have been commanded to submit to the Lord of the Worlds. So as long as the person remembers this, he will remain on guidance, He will not get confused. And once a person forgets this, then you'll be confused and he'll be like, so who is right should I go over this class or not? But so and so said, You shouldn't take these classes. What should I do? I'm so confused. No, you won't be confused. If you remember this criteria in the hood. Alavi who will who there was a chemo salata and that you establish the prayer, meaning this is what we have been commanded to do. So if somebody is teaching us the method of prayer, the meaning of prayer, what's

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the big deal? What the call hope, and fear him this is what we've been commanded to do what who else is he and he is the one who lie to him to show on, you all will be gathered. So remember that you all will be gathered to Him. So if you don't submit now, tomorrow, you have to submit? Well, who and He is Allah, the the one who halacha sama YT will herba Who created the heavens and the earth will help with the truth, meaning it is truly ye who created the heavens and the earth. There is a reason why He created all of this way OMA and on day, your call he will say, gon be fire cool. So it shall be there will be a day when he will say cool fire cone, he will say B and it will happen. This is

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referring to the Day of Judgment that Allah subhanaw taala will tell como that everybody rise and everyone shall rise. Golem will help his statement is the truth meaning it will come into effect when Allah will command the resurrection to begin the day of judgment to begin, then it will come into effect, while a who and for Him alone is an MOLKO the Dominion. When Yo Ma en de union for OfficeSuite it will be blown in the trumpet, meaning the day that the Trumpet will be blown. Only Allah subhanaw taala will be Malik only Allah will be in power Yoma Yoon for who is sold or sold from the root letter saw dwara horn trumpet when the horn will be blown by who by Israa feel that

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the Command of Allah subhanaw taala what will happen everyone will die and when everyone will die, Allah subhanaw taala will say and so it often is 16 We learn liminal Malvolio, to whom the sovereignty belongs to the state who was in power today who will respond who will reply nobody because everyone's dead. Everyone will be dead. Even the angels and the prophets and the kings everyone we did on the last panel die will be there because he's a high and a young, he will ask lemonade mold Coolio no one will respond and Allah will say Lilla Hill

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to Allah, the One the prevailing, said to him, dominion will belong power will belong on the day that the Trumpet will be blown. It will habeas Shahada. He is the Knower of the unseen and the witnessed. Meaning everything that's hidden from people and everything that's in front of people that they can see. Who knows about it all Allah Allah on Oahu, Al Hakim al Habib, and he is the wise the Acquainted the one who is aware. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, How can I relax when the bear of the swoosh of the trumpet has spurred the soul to his lips? And he has stilted his forehead, listening and waiting for the command to blow it. The angel is raffia has the bugle were fixed on

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his mouth as if ready to blow. Just waiting for the Command of Allah to blow and he will blow the prophets of Allah Islam said how can I relax when such as the case? How can I imagine at this very moment? The angel has the trumpet right before him

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about to blow when as soon as Allah subhanaw taala commands ready to blow.

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The day of judgment can literally begin within a second that people asked or messenger of allah sallallahu Sallam what should we say meaning when the trumpet is blown? What should we say? He said say has when Allah who were near Milwaukee, they were Khulna Allah Allahu Rabina that sufficient for us is Allah and He is the best Disposer of affairs and we put our trust in Allah Our Lord.

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So he's ever ready to blow the trumpet on that day. Allah subhanaw taala Spower will be most evident. Isn't he Malik today? Yes, he is Malik today. Why is the day of judgment mentioned that on that day? Well, I will Moon cuyama Yoon for free. So why is this mentioned because his authority will be more

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First evident at that time, most clear at that time because there's no idea what happens we know of Allah is Malik. But when we see the Malik's before us people, we forget Allah. This is why we get afraid of people, instead of being afraid of Allah, so we obey them in disobedience to Allah subhanaw taala we remember people, and we forget Allah, but on the Day of Judgment, Allah subhana, Allah Spower will be most manifest, so none will be able to reject. And why is this mentioned over here? Because in the previous ayat, what has been mentioned, the futility of showing that how it's futile, it's useless, in the sense that if you worship others besides Allah, they cannot benefit

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you, they cannot harm you, they have no power or authority over you. And this AI on the other hand, what does it show the supreme power and authority of Allah? So why why should you leave Allah? For others? Why should you turn to others and ignore Allah? No, remember him? Turn to Him, seek forgiveness from him, ask him for help and worship Him alone. Worship Him alone because ultimately you come from him and you go to Him, He knows your hidden side and your apparent side he knows you inside out early will leave you with shahada or who will Hakeem will hobby he is fully acquainted with you

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will listen to the recitation

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all another

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duala Babina one on

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long distance what was Shailene coloriages stem what to Sham

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Oh oh

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oh that Tina

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law here

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Whoa man you know slim earlier of

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me what unhappy masala

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Oh 101 levy now you need to show

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us why do you want to model we'll help ya Oh man.

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fulfill so i

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Whoa, Hakeem Bobby

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pentacle long will be handing the shadow

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governor to really a set I'm already

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