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Az-Zariyat 1-60 Translation 1-60


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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wa salam ala rasulillah calcaneum. Another word for the Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Frobisher Ashley sadi away Sidley, Angie, Washington bureau of data melissani.

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Lesson number two 171 similar to that yet I am number one to 16

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what that Yeti by those that scattered that were the dispersing, scattering fellow hammy latty then those that bear with a heavy load fell geria t, then those that flow Yusra with ease, fell Nakashima t then those that distribute Umrah matter in number, indeed, whatever. To our donor. You all are promised lasagna. Surely one that is true. We're in and indeed, Edina the recompense lower here, surely one to happen. One to occur was summer by the sky, that possessor and sjoberg off the bat in acoem indeed, you all Luffy surely in Colin, speech, most different. Your circle, he is diluted on who? from it, man, whoever or FECA he was diluted boutella he was cursed alcohol soon. Those who

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guess alladhina those who home they see in Ramallah in a flood of confusion? A flood of ignorance. So Hoon ones who are heedless? Yes. aluna they ask a Yana when yo mo de a dean of the recompense yolmer on the home the island now upon the fire, use the noon they will be tormented.

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Dooku you will taste fitna taco, your torment has this lady which control you will be here with the star judoon you all seek to hasten in indeed, Elmo.

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Those who are Dr. Cohn see in Jeanette in gardens, where are you and springs? earthly Deena ones who take ones who accept math, whatever. At home, he gave them proper home their inner home indeed they can do they were obala before velyka that more sinning ones who do utmost good guy No, they were an Elan very little meaner lady from the night man that you had your own. They sleep wobble as hell. And in the hours before dawn, whom they yesterday Sharon. They seek forgiveness or fee and in unworthy him their wealth have gone awry. Lissa in for the beggar, wild mushroom and the one who is deprived

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wafi and in

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the earth

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signs. Lil mukuni for those who believe with conviction, Wi Fi and in unfussy Calm yourself as Allah do they're not too soon you will see Wi Fi and in a summer the sky risco calm your provision warmer and whatever you are doing, you will have promised follow up be so by wrap a summer of the sky while and your inner who indeed it will have gone surely to Whistler, like ma was unknown, that indeed you dumped the cone you will speak how has attacker it came to you Heidi's story by a fee of guests, Ibrahim of Ibrahim or he said Have a look I mean, those who are honored is when the Hulu they entered or lazy upon him sacado then they said Solomon peace. Allah He said Salam on peace. Oman, a

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people Mancha rune once unknown,

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forever, then he slipped away.

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sarafa then he slipped away, Isla towards his family, his wife fudger then he came bury Julian with sameen In fact,

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*a Baba Who? So he put it close or Sakuraba? Who so he brought it near? La him do them honor he said, Allah do not that Quran you all eat for Odessa. Then he sends men home from them. He fatten a fear and they said last do not the house you fear or buy shampoo and they gave him good news bihu lemon have a boy are the men knowledgeable for Aqua Bella. Then she came forward Emma to his wife fee in selecting a screen or selecting a cry for socket. Then she beat or for socket. Then she struck. What do you her her her face? What color? And she said our dues on an old? Our theme on Baron kalu they said Kedah Leakey like that color. He said Rob buki your inner who indeed he who he

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is Al Hakim, they always are wise. And Arlene they always all knowing

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Allah He said firmer so what how to become your matter your concern Are you here are you almost alone those who are sent ALU they said in there indeed we are Silla we were sent Ella towards Omen a people would you the mean ones who are criminals. Lino sailor, so we send our lay him upon them. Hey, john rotten stones, men from cleaning clay was a woman marked in the near Bob Baker, you're a little more serene for those who are transgressors for a hardener so we brought out money whoever can uh he was see her in it men from a movement in the believers. Summer so not what giardina we found fee her in it. Viola besides bait in house, men from a Muslim in the Muslims, what are

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aachener and we left see her in it a at an assign Linda Dina, for those who you have foreigner they fear Allah either but the punishment Aleem the painful war fee and in Musa Musa alayhis salam Salaam is when also now who we sent him. Isla towards theater owner at our own visceral fun and with an authority movie in in one clear fatawa Then he turned away bureau Can he with his support? What color and he said Sasha on a magician? Oh or my junoon a madman for 100 now who so we seized him? What do you knew the who and his forces phenibut now home then we threw them Valium in the sea. wahiawa while he moody moon blameworthy was he and in art in art in our center when we sent our lay

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him upon them as the head the wind and our team the barren man not dead. It leaves men from che in anything at that it came I lay upon it a lot except jala to it made it Galois meme like the decayed rubble

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was he and in some mood some mood is when Taylor it was said la home to them. De matar you all enjoy until she in a time farrotto but they disobeyed or but they were insolent and from Emory command robbing him of there for a while that home so it sees them as equal to the awful cry the Thunderbolt while home while they young boon they look firmer, so not is tougher. They were capable men from the men standing raising warmer and not ganu they were monta serene ones who help themselves walk home and people know him as new earliest men are blue from before in the home indeed they can know they were omen of people faceting ones who crossed limits was summer and the sky benina we constructed it

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be a den with might with strength what in the And indeed We lemercier own surely ones who expand well and the earth Photoshop near her we spread it out for near miss so how good Alma he don't those who spread woman and from coalition in everything hi lacuna recreated though Jane do make law local so that you all do that.

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charoen you all take a lesson fasciae rule so you all sleep you all run in a law towards a law in me indeed I luckily for you all men who from him maybe on a warner movie, no tear, wanna and do not touch your eye Do you all make mark with Allah, Allah? Allah has a god, her other in me indeed I luckily for you all men who from him, Nadine a warner will be known clear, because alika likewise, man, not at a he came, and levena to those who mean from probably him before them, men from Rasulullah in any messenger Illa except Allah they said, Sir Sharon, a magician, oh, or my junoon a madman

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did tawassul they all enjoined each other? Or they all willed each other? Be happy with it, both rather whom they own, a people born ones who transgress all bounds fatawa so turn away on home from them from a sauna, and you be mudroom at all blameworthy. Well that kid and remind for in So indeed, as the claw the reminder, done for a benefits, meaning the believers warmer and not hollow. I created a gin the gin while in and the humans and the mankind in there except Leah Abou dooney so that they worship me, man, not only do I want men home from them, men from Brisbane any provision warmer and not only do I want and that up every morning, they feed me

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in Allaha Indeed, Allah who he is, a was the old provider, the continuous provider

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do possessor alcova of the strength and Mateen the firm? Fair enough? So indeed lilla Dena, for those who want to move they did wrong. The new one a portion missler like the new portion of her behavior of their companions. fella so not yesterday alone. They seek to hasten me for why you don't saw a wall. Lin Medina for those who don't follow the disbelieved men from Yomi him their day and money which you are doing. They are promised.

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Let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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the booth?

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Ready to be

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wafi wifey.

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be here

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