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A Juz A Day (15th) – The Glorious Qur’an is the Solution
Surah Al-Israa – The Glorious Qur’an
The word Qur’an is mentioned 11 times in the Surah.
Surah Al-Kahf – Trials and Tribulations of life


AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of balancing priorities and spending in a way of life, particularly in the context of financial tightening. They stress the need for people to be clear about their choices and not allow others to mistake their actions. The title "med strict" is discussed as a promise to continue the discussion in the next segment. A sexual encounter is also mentioned, but the details are unclear. The conversation turns to a discussion about a man who claims to be a coworker of the speaker's own name, but the speaker denies it. The segment ends with the speaker expressing frustration with the situation.
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Are all the Millennium industries on the regime? smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah he was early he was having wala rubbish he said recently Emory watlow Dr. melissani efco who Kohli robina atina dunya ha Santa Clara de hacer la vaca nada, nada Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to adjust a day. Today we will be covering the 15th Jews of the Quran, a summarized look at the 15th Jews. This is the halfway point of the Quran Alhamdulillah we are progressing through Ramadan, very swiftly and also progressing through our study of the Quran very swiftly as well. We ask Allah to allow us you know, acceptance that he accepts our good deeds,

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and that he allows us to continue to do good deeds in sha Allah

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as we are doing now and continue to do them after Milan. I mean you're on holiday, I mean, the 15th jos has two sutras Surah Surah in its entirety. So number 17 and Soraka have Surah 18. In in parts in most of it is in the 15 just a little bit of it is in the 16th jers. So we will cover this one will cover the parts that are here in sha Allah

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Soraka and the remaining part will cover tomorrow. But we'll start with

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the surah number 17 of the Quran. And before we begin with that, we actually have to go and check out like the connection between Surah

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Surah nahal, the previous surah and this surah that we are going to be studying today. So the connections or the relationship between the two is as follows First thing you have the link between the two. The Surah nahal concludes the last part of it concludes with a last pantalon mentioning Ibrahim LSM in Ibrahima Ghana, Martin Cornett and Lillahi hanifa mala Mia Kunal mushrikeen, Abraham Ali Salam was a nation unto himself IT community in himself he was so incredible alehissalaam It was as if this one man, he was equivalent to a nation all by himself, Ali hisako salam. So that is how Allah describes Ibrahim alayhi salam. But in Surah, Surah Surah, Israel is named after the journey

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of Israel and El Mirage, the ascension, the journey of Ascension that the prophet of Islam miraculously was,

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was, was, was was bestowed upon him by Allah subhanaw taala, a miracle given to him where he was taken from the his house from his from the house, actually of his cousin in Makkah, to the house of the Sacred House, baitul Muftis in Jerusalem. And that is where he was, and this was done, you know,

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by a by the means of an animal that he wrote called albayrak. And this was done overnight, and he was taken in body and spirit, Allah salatu salam, and when he got there, he salatu salam was a tool to lead a Salah, a prayer, a very special prayer and praying behind him in the sacred house, the basil knotless in Jerusalem, where all the prophets Allah brought their souls back to the Bible, not this and all of them stood behind as the prophets and led them into the cause of prayer. This was in Makkah The problem was still a maka hadn't yet gone to Medina yet. So as this

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and then he ascended from Israel to El Mirage all the way to the the all the way through the seven skies until he met Allah Spano, tala and spoke with him. And there he got the command of salah and also had on the journey met all many, many prophets individually and you know, spoke to them. That is a very, you know that that's a well known incident in our history, a great miracle of the Prophet Salaam. But the link with that to this sutra is that the surah begins with Allah saying Subhana Allah the straw the Abbe de holy is He who took his servant by night from the sacred place of worship and Mecca to the remote how the house of worship at Jerusalem. So as Ibrahim al Islam is

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mentioned as a community by himself in the previous surah the prophets are some is now mentioned in this surah as the Imam of all the prophets, the son, you know of Ibrahim becomes the Imam of all the prophets. He was the community by himself and nation for himself. His son becomes the Imam of all of the rock

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The last surah mentions the Sabbath.

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Over here in the majority the Sabbath to Allah levina Fela foofy the Sabbath was only enjoined on those who differed about it this surah talks about bernisa l Walker the 911 Israel in the very beginning and we'll get to that part inshallah in a bit also this surah ends with a very beautiful Ayah oduro in SME Arabic Surah 16 says called the way of your Lord with wisdom when hikmah while mo a lot It has an affair a good reminder what jack did humility he arson and argue and reason with people in a manner that is the best in a really good way. Okay. In Naropa movie man Bala and Sabine Eva who Allah will be noted in your Lord knows best those who have strayed away from the path and he

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knows best who are rightly guided meaning Allah subhanaw taala you don't have to slam you know, the Quran on someone's head for them to get guidance, you have to be gentle, and communicate this gently with them. And Allah, Allah knows who is getting it and who's not. And then this is a very beautiful segue into the surah. Because the topic of the surah, the whole Surah Surah Surah speaks about the glorious Koran, how the Quran is like the best way to speak to people, the best type of guidance, the best way to remind the best way to convince the best type of examples, the variety of examples, all of that is mentioned in pseudocode, etc. So it's a very beautiful transition that surana has the

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previous source says you should invite people with wisdom and kindness. And then Surah israa says here's the plan. And this is the best way to invite people to Islam. So it's a nice, you know, link between the two sutras Surah israa, mentions the Quran 11 times the word palparan is mentioned in it 11 times, and that is a very, you know, that's not a common occurrence. It's a rare, it's a rare, and it's something that is specific to sort of Israel, it mentions the word Al Kitab the book quite a few times as well. And it refers but it says to the, when it says Al Kitab, it could refers to the it could refer to the previous scripture, the previous scripture that Allah had given to his

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prophets, he calls it the book, ie previous scripture, he calls the book of deeds that a person has, he calls it the book, the book of deeds is what everybody will get on the Day of Judgment, that is a record of every single thing that they have done, how they lived, how they acted, every single thing is recorded in this book of deeds, if you could just give me a sec here Sorry, my light and cameras are just falling away a little bit. So

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that was not an intended dramatic effect sorry.

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All right.

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The Book of deeds, the rope under the law

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is mentioned as Al Kitab as the book also what is mentioned as the book is the Quran itself is the book as mentioned in in the surah. So all of these Allah refers to it as the book and I will in sha Allah as we study them, I will bring them to your attention be in the lajitas Allah Okay. Now firstly, in the introduction of the surah begins by talking about how the passing of the book, the book has been passed from Bani Israel to the Muslims, the prophets of Salaam leads, the all the all the prophets in a Salah, where he is the Imam and that is a symbolic Salah where now it is to be known that the prophets of the La Jolla seldom is the leader of Emacs, he is the last or the leader

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of the prophets he is the last of the prophets, the chosen one of Allah subhana wa Taala Okay, so that is how the surah begins. And the surah then continues to say this is not strange, right? This is not this this transition, or this passing of the book from one prophet to the other, like the passing of the baton. Right. It's not so strange. It's not something that hasn't happened before. It happened before with musala Salama, no tenemos el Kitab rajala who wouldn't live in Israel, a lotta tequila Mindanao, Akilah, Lauria tamanho mala mano, we gave Moses the book and made it a guide for the children of Israel Al Kitab. The book here refers to previous scripture

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and made it a guide for the children of Israel saying, don't take anyone besides me as a guardian, worship me alone. They are the descendants of whom we carried in the ark with Noah, meaning Noah had the book before and the scripture was passed on to his descendants, the people

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followers of Musa Musa and his followers and that is how Allah spawn Tada, this is his, this is his Wait, he passed he, you know, he gives the scripture to a Prophet and his p the people of that Prophet become honored by that scripture. And then it's passed on to the next Prophet, and then they are honored by it. And every single person who or every individual, the responsibility for them is to follow the Prophet that has the Scripture and the Prophet Salaam has the final scripture, and that's the responsibility to follow him lies upon every person, irrespective of which ethnicity they are from. Allah zmodeler mentions also the slacking of many extra el, right?

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The slacking of many Israel regard with regard to the book he says what kobina illa bunnies are ill affiliated before warned the children of Israel in the scripture again Al Kitab here refers to the previous scripture, twice you shall be you should you shall commit evil in the land, and you shall become transgressors. Allah mentions that this is going to happen, don't do it or be warned of it. And they did not heed the warning of Allah and both times when that happened. It was a

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it was a ravaging of the homes of Bani Israel. Okay. And then the second time it happened, it was

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an even worse, destruction of what of Bani Israel this is, you know, the historical accounts of what happened to Jerusalem, how the children of Israel were, historically, you know, Jerusalem had been raised by, you know, the Roman Empire and Nebuchadnezzar and all these other like King kings that will come and just raise and destroyed and the last month Allah references that that he had four warm bunnies in the scripture of that yet the warning was not heated. And this is the slacking and now this is a hint to us that we have been warned about not being slacking or not slacking off when it comes to our, our grasp of this book and our application of this book and our adherence to this

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book, we're being warned of that as well. And Subhanallah unfortunately, we are also slacking off as a as a nation when it comes to this. The word of the Quran the book Allah describes the Quran is that it is the guide surah number nine I'm sorry, I number nine surely the Quran the Quran guides the most upright way in the huddle Khurana Yeah, and the little lady here at home, okay, it leaves it is the best way to God, it's the best course of action in guides the best course of action. And it gives good news to the believers who do good deeds that they will have a good reward. So it is the guide that guides the best course of action. It is where are the warning of a lot patrulla is so

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we don't fall into the scene, you know, destruction that went on to write the warning of is there in the Quran for all of us. Okay.

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The Quran mentions how this is also that those who don't want the Legionella umina will Allah those who deny the life to come will have a grievious punishment, they will have a very, very severe punishment. Okay. Now,

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the Quran speaks about the book of deeds. Remember I said the book here in the surah refers to a whole number of things. We've seen it refer to the previous scripture. Now we're going to see it to refer to the book of deeds of an individual. Okay. The Book of deeds of an individual is referenced in Isaiah 13 as Allah says akula insane in Alexandria Hutto era houfy oronoco de mano fringilla who yo malkia Mati kita, urban Kitab al cognomen Shura, we have tied the fate of every human about his neck, and she'll produce for him on the day of judgment on the Day of Resurrection, a book that he will find spread open, read your record it rockethub today, there will be none but yourself to call

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to account, it will be set to him. Jeff ibfc, kaleo, Malika Ziva. Here is your book of deeds. You were given this opportunity to live. And you were given the freedom to choose and your choices are recorded in this book, a karate topic today you read your choices, your life story, and then you have no argument to make about where your final destination is, because your record is an indictment of yourself. So patola that is the idea. Alaska speaks This is that idea very important idea of accountability that He will speak about, right because the book

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deeds is all about accountability. It's all about the choices you make are all recorded there. important note about accountability is money. In America, the deed NFC, whoever chooses to follow the right path follows it for his or her own good. This is a choice you make for your own good. ATIA is this, you know, seek guidance and to adhere to guidance. And again, the relationship with the guidance with the Quran is mentioned here or on yahudi. The Quran guides not just to any way the best way or the best course of action. Now, the one who wants to adhere to guidance, that person adheres to the Quran address, the sooner he is doing so the for their own good for their own benefit

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well among Allah and the person who strays for in namirial, lilou. Allah, then they are string to their own peril, it is their own, like they will have to live with the consequences of that string here isn't someone just losing the way accidentally? No, this is a person who

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knows and couldn't care, knows and ignores that's the idea of straying from the path. It isn't somebody who never heard about the book, okay? Isn't somebody who never heard about the religion, that is a person who is not included here, this is the person who heard and said, I couldn't care less I have, you know, like, this is not the path I want to choose, I'm gonna choose that path. Right? That is among the left in the lower layer than that person's choice. They are the one who is going to bear the consequences of that choice, while at a 002 with no bearer of burdens shall bear the burdens of another, okay, all of us are going to be liable for our choices. I cannot blame

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someone for my mistakes. And no one can blame me for their mistakes. I cannot say hey, I everybody was doing this wrong thing. So why should I be blamed? No, no, you chose to also do it. That's why you're blamed, right? Everybody was doing this thing. That doesn't if everybody's killing doesn't mean you are allowed to kill. Right? That it doesn't it that that is not an invalid, logical reasoning. So the class is left as it was.

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Don't blame the group for your flaws. Don't blame the group for your own lack of accountability. And that is what the this is the note about accountability. Your book of deeds is about you your choices, don't blame the collective for your failures. wellmark una mas de nahata navassa Rasulullah. This is by the way, a big problem. people blame others, for their failures, blame the collective for their failures, blame systems for their failures, but that maybe you're not advantaged, maybe you're not privileged. But the choices the Parana seeing is you make your own choices. You have to be accountable for them. And this is a very liberating message. Right? Let's

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not make excuses. Let's try to improve and work to get better. Let's try to improve to get to that to get adherence to the book. All right, but Allah says also, the idea of

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accountability is lahmacun Amara Divina hatanaka de sola a principle we do not punish until we have sent forward a messenger to give a warning or a message has been received, ie the person of the one who was straying from the path is the one who saw the path and rejected the path. The one who never saw the path or never heard about the path is not by default punished is not they have a different level of accountability. Their accountability is based on their fitrah on their natural disposition to find Allah, which Allah had left in all of our souls, all of our souls have it. And if a person was to bury that Fedora inside of their soul, that is schofer that is literally what Cooper means to

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bury something and you know, let it die away. And the one was held, who knows how much that happened is Allah and he holds accountable, but the idea of punishment without ever having received the message is flatly denied in the Quran as fat it's rebuked in the Quran that doesn't is not happening. The one who is accountable is the one who has heard the message and received the message. All of us have levels of accountability, the base level of being the fitrah and anything above that is how much of the message Have you received when acuna mas Divina hatanaka masuleh very important observation or note about accountability also an observation about the attitude

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that determine a person's accountability unless as woman man Ghana up to the agenda agenda, Allah houfy hamanaka mundo de, we give whatever we will to whoever desires, the immediate gains, but then we will have prepared hell for him, which he will enter disgraced and rejected, you know, a person's book of deeds, the amount of, of suppression of their fitrah that they have done, all of that goes back to their attitude towards life, if their attitude towards life was I want the immediate gains of this world, and this whole talk about the next life is just too much for me. Then Allah says, we give this person whatever we want from this world, but then the next world, this person has no share

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in it, because that was not their priority. And then they live with the consequences of their choices. Whereas woman or other athletes are the one who desires that their next life is their priority. That's what they want to build for masala hassayampa. And they are striving for that. Right. Like, they're not just saying, you know, like lip service, oh, I want this. They're actually doing something about it. We're movement and they are believer, they believe in the Scripture. They believe in the profit and all the profits. Fola, economists argue homeschooler, they will find favor with God for their endeavors, they will find that their endeavors are accepted by Allah, they will

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get this good life, a good life in this world and a good life in the next world. The attitude determines what the book of deeds will hold the book of deeds that the Quran describes in the previous ayah what's in it is determined by the attitude of the person. And again, the idea is don't blame others for what's in your book, blame yourself and hold yourself accountable for it. Okay. And this is a very beautiful message of the Quran. This is a very powerful message. It it shoots down all sorts of excuses and, and and mis directions and addresses gets to the core of the issue immediately. Now the Quran talks about some beautiful commandments in the Quran, that are mentioned

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here. They were there's a parallel to that in Surah number six, you might remember we addressed it in Surah. Number six, there were 10 there in here, there are 12

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of those commands. They're all related. Some of them have a little bit more details on a little less detail. But these are beautiful commands again because they are an talks about the book of deeds. You want your book of deeds to be upright and good. Here is how you do it. Number one we'll call darbuka Allah taboo in the year, the Lord has commanded that you worship none but him and that you show number two of invalidating the Santa kindness to your parents, not just kindness like above and beyond type of kindness. And this kindness is shown at all stages of life but particularly when they I've gotten older in my ablon in Kibera, Houma Oklahoma, if either or both of them attained all age

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with you say no word of contempt to them, and do not rebuke them, but always speak gently to them and treat them with humility and tenderness while foot lump lahoma Jana has only Meena Rama is the image of like a bird that could fly. But this bird is lowering its wings out of humility, meaning you have the ability to fly, but you are lowering your wings out of respect and, and, and tenderness that you may have. This is the the image here is as a child who's growing up and other parents are older you have the ability to dominate, you have the ability to overpower but don't lower your wings. Hold your ego lower yourself to out of tenderness and love for your parents. Because they had

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shown you a lot of tenderness and love when you were a child, and then make the law for them a quarter of their hand. Houma, Kamara, bionis Avira lor be merciful to them both, as they raised me up when I was little. So I'm not very beautiful. First, Allah mentions himself worship him and him alone. And number two, he mentions that be very good to the parents. Now, the interesting thing here is what if the parents, of course, we are assuming the parents have been good to a person and that is the norm. But what if the parents have not been good to their child? What if the Father has been an absent father? What if the mother has been an abusive mother? What happens in that case? Well, in

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that case, still, the reason why we are good to our parents is not necessarily only because of what they've done, but because Allah chose them to be our parents called Otto bucola. taboo, your Lord has decreed that you worship Him. And part of part of submitting to Allah is the fact that he chose our parents for us. We didn't choose our parents. He made our DNA we didn't make our DNA, right. So even when the parents are not so good

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Should we are good to them as submission to Allah, the first commandment, the first thing that the ayah starts with. And if the idea is that there are, you know, this abusive cases, it doesn't mean that you put yourself in harm's way to, you know, you know, to please your parents. The idea is you keep a minimum basic level of, of kindness and gentleness with them at all times, not because of what they've done, but because you are submitting to a loss command. And if, of course, the parents have done a lot have done everything for their children, then the parent the child is like, forever indebted, always trying to do good by them, always trying to, to be nice and kind to them,

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continuing to pray for them. Ahora Burnham, Houma, Kamara, bionis Avila, this law is beautiful, because it says, you know, it's like, well, they were nice to me, you be nice to them, they were kind to me when I was little, you be kind to them. Right. And this is one of those ways that we can kind of, you know, repay the favors that they have done to us, there's no actual monetary or physical way of doing so. But maybe perhaps the world while we can repay some of what they have done to us, and that both things apply, both things are done because Allah is who we submit to, and he's chosen them as our parents. So very beautiful is of Quran there.

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And there's a Hadith of the prosilver man comes on the Day of Judgment, and he finds all these good deeds, and he says, oh, Allah, what are these good deeds, I never did them. And the, the this man is told by a law that all of these good deeds are here because your kids made to offer you afterwards. So such a beautiful incentive, we asked a lot to make us, you know, those who make the art for our parents. This, by the way, is a command total is a command in the Quran, right? So here Ally's commanding that we make this law, not from the

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idea of legally it's an obligation in Islam, but it is highly, highly highlighted and recommended that we do this. And Allah does so by saying,

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you say, Muslims, every one of you say this Rob Burnham, hamaca Mara, Barry Sameera, a very beautiful dog. Then a lot goes on talks about

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number three, Atal Pura haka, who while miskeen gave you a relative's there, their due and the needy Wabi Sabi and the one who is the wayfarer in or not the store,

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the one who has temporarily lost who temporarily isn't able to get hit to his money, because he's away from his hometown. Okay? Take care of people, not just take care of yourself, take care of others around you, the relatives, the poor, the one who was temporarily poor, well, that was Rita Riviera, don't become extravagant in your spending, in the sense that your habit is extravagance, it's just spending

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for for justice, you have nothing to do with your money. So you just blow it on random things. That idea is a veal and so Hannah veal this, this excessive extravagance, you know, you see this around the world, how some of the rich live and how the things that they indulge in and I'm talking about the ultra ultra rich, and how the other side of the coin is this? You know what, like 40% of the world is living at like $1 a day or something. Right? That is what you know, in the mobile arena can ohana Shelton, these people are the brothers of Satan. Because this kind of extravagance creates the economic disparity that leads to so many people being in like a you know, in poverty and

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impoverished for like almost a perpetual cycle, that they're in this situation. That spendthrift nature of people who are the ultra rich, that is what creates it to the contrary, we're taught to be people will take care of everybody take care of the poor Zakat, so that the people who are poor are uplifted from their poverty and parodies eradicated. Right? This is the system that the the industry that creates economic disparity Allah calls it. They are the brothers of the Satan. They are the brothers of the Satan. They like they're doing the work of the devil so Pinilla extravagance, to that point, it's a dangerous game. It's the game of the devil. Of course, Allah says also, that when

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it comes to spending, you shouldn't just spend everything for taking care of others. There is a spending policy in Islam. What is the spending policy? What are the Kama hula the number four, don't tie your hand to your neck while others

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Taco Bell bust and don't extend it all the way to the front. What does that mean? Don't be completely miserly holding everything to your chest, not giving anything to anybody not spending anything out of fear of becoming poor, neither become irresponsible and spend everything. And you're not saving, you're not investing. You're not taking care of those who are your first priorities or your financial liabilities. You don't take care of them. But you spend on other things, even if those other things are good. That is irresponsible. But Duk colada maluma masura. In both cases, the Quran says you become blameworthy maluma masura, destitute, you know, you're trapped, and you're

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blameworthy, it's your fault. So it's a very beautiful message of balance, and

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a balance between taking care of our priorities first, then spending in the way of law spending in the way of us in the way of our love for the sake of Allah helping those who need help, but also keeping an eye on what needs to be prepared for the future, not being too miserly holding everything under the guise of Oh, I need to provide I need to provide, but also not being irresponsible, and that's striking that balance, beautiful Quranic instruction. Allah says, of course, Allah is the one who gives abundantly right to whoever he wants and sparingly to whomever he pleases. sustenance is in the hands of a lot of cars in the hands of a lot. But the book of deeds that we spoke about

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before, that the deeds in it are determined by this, this attitude and how a person is able to fulfill this instruction of taking care of our financial obligations, while also providing for those who need help. Number five, what not to do oladipo har*a imlach do not kill your offspring out of fear of want out of fear of poverty, It is we who provide for them and for you, indeed, killing them is a great sin. Also, what are takanawa Xena interesting, do not commit adultery. Usually what happens when you know a couple have adultery or they have done adultery or they've engaged in extra marital intimacy. When the girl gets pregnant quite often, that is when she aborts the baby. Right?

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So you see Dr. Lu Allah documents the ayah before the next I addresses maybe the root cause of why this is happening. don't engage in adultery in extramarital affairs. In Ghana for Asia, it is a decent thing. Isabela, it is an evil course of action. The Quran guides the best course of action, Xena is an evil course of action. Well, enough sanity harmala don't take the life that God has made secret haram Allah Haram is something that is prohibited and and it is also something that is secret haram Allah life is sacred Allah has made the lives of people or people sacred. You cannot take their lives except by what is right. ie This is a due process in a court of law and that is what is

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been hacked. Now the one who is killed wrongfully has the in Islamic law the option under the after the due process is completed. And this person the killer has been convicted to

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extract retribution by ending their life. Okay. ajala de suparna we have given the authority to his heirs to demand retribution for that useful capital but let him not transgress the prescribed limits in extracting retribution meaning even when we are doing something as painful as extracting retribution as fair retribution for a murder that happened to one of our family members don't exceed an overstep your bounds out of emotions, keep your emotions in check, keep things objective, keep things in line with according to the instructions of a law don't overstep the bounds. Because in the Hulk animal pseudo for then he will be assisted by the law while attacking Obama Let me elaborate.

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He said, Don't go near the orphans property, except the best of intentions until they reach maturity, maturity, or full billet. Keep your promises. Because the promises that you make, you will be asked about why you made those promises. Our word is our bond. These are not small things. You can just say, oh, I'll do it. And just, you know, like the person said, like, you know, it was a there was a woman who was telling her child, Hey, come here, I'll give you a date. And the Prophet asked her did you actually intend to give him a date? Because if you didn't, this would be a lie. This would be a lie. If you had intended to give her the your child to date, and you're enticing him

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

by that that's fine, you know the children. But if you are going to mislead a child, even a child that's still considered to be alive and what we say

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

These things in the kanima oola, we will be asked about it. And this is important because how you know are we are nothing but a product of our words and our actions. If our words are so careless and our words are misleading, then what will be then the product of our life, it will be a lie and the book of deeds will be filled with lies. So the Quran and the Sunnah instructors not to go down the slippery slope in the land the Ghana masala, you know, promises will be you'll be held accountable for them, right? Of course, there's some, you know, what's understood to be like a promise or was understood between people to be like, you know, not a binding promises fine if I tell you, I'll text

00:35:46--> 00:36:22

you tomorrow and then I don't do it tomorrow. I do it the day after, it's fine within normal discourse, okay. But to intend to mislead, that is where the problem lies. And the Quran comes and cuts that at the root, or our full cane, give full measure, be honest, as men, you're doing business and we with accurate scales, that is fair and better. In the end, that is important. You know, that reputation and business that you have, you can build your business off your reputation, that's what your businesses well, that duck formula aisaka V and don't follow that which you don't know. Meaning.

00:36:24--> 00:37:06

Don't say in fact, even what you don't know about the religion particularly Don't be pretentious, because in summary, I will bust out I will add the ear the eye and the heart shall be called to account meaning this these are you know, these are all actions that are held accountable for in the book of deeds that we discussed before. When Adam Schiff and LD Maha don't walk proudly on the earth. Don't walk around like strutting and whatnot. Okay, don't walk with the Conor McGregor walk you know don't do that. It's ridiculous. Okay, in Nagaland toxicol Alba you cannot cleave the earth nor can you rival the mountains in height. You are just a human being. You cannot like dislike your

00:37:06--> 00:37:48

you're not going to dominate the earth or scale the mountains with your height. You're just a human. That's all you are. Remember your place in the world. So Pinilla that is a way Allah reminds us to not be arrogant, Hulu La Liga kanessa, your Ender have become a crew of all that is evil in the eyes of Allah. So he mentions these beautiful commands, again links that to the book of deeds, the book of deeds is a some of your life. These commands are going to allow you to have the book of deeds in your right hand, the kind of accountability of the kind allow you to read the kind of choices where your choices are the right choices, and that is what the Quran does the Quran, its value is that it

00:37:48--> 00:38:10

instructs us to make the right choices. And obliterates the excuses for making the wrong choices. opens the door for Toba, that opens the door for us to reform if you made bad choices, but never allows us to lie to ourselves that we have made the wrong choice because everybody else is doing it never, never is an excuse.

00:38:11--> 00:38:12

A last part Allah

00:38:14--> 00:38:58

mentions about how this poor ad is such an amazing book. He talks also about people who you know, historically the Quran came like they were they were not able to benefit from the Quran. The Prophet salaams enemies were that Quran. When you recite the Quran, we placed an invisible barrier between you and those who do not believe in the hereafter. These were specific people have blush, but also people who are if they are hell bent on denying the hereafter then the Quran won't penetrate their hearts. It will just like Allah says what Jana Allah kulu became a kindergarten. We have put veils over their hearts to prevent them from comprehending it because it's not that Allah is doing this as

00:38:58--> 00:39:40

a retribution or last month was doing this to stop these people for no reason is because they themselves have rejected the idea of the next life and they're looking to for more reason to reject it. So thus Allah has prevented the Quran from penetrating their hearts. And these are important this something that that's important who is prevented from reading from the Quran, we have to understand that and we have to ask Allah protection from that the story of Adam and obliques is mentioned is number 61 mentions the story of Adam and it believes in which Allah mentions, again this idea of he told the angels to prostrate before Adam, and they did so except a beliefs and he

00:39:40--> 00:39:43

was from the jinn. Okay?

00:39:45--> 00:39:53

And he said, How can I prostrate myself to somebody made out of clay, his arrogance, his lack of humility. stopped him. Okay. Now,

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

a lot. patola says something very interesting to employees here and this is the new part.

00:40:00--> 00:40:51

The new information in this surah that wasn't in the other suitors. What does that go ahead and entice whoever you can with your voice and mount assaults against them with your cavalry and infantry, and be their partner in wealth and offspring. Okay, this idea of enticing people with your voice and and mount assault at them with your cavalry and infantry, this is an illusion, this is a illusion to the entertainment, business, entertainment business, excuse me, that is meant to distract us from our purpose in life from us being devoted to Allah subhanaw taala. And an indulgence in that entertainment system. Right? That is what this is referencing to. And the

00:40:51--> 00:41:37

opposite of that is the Quran the Koran is what you know, we find our solace and comfort in we don't find that solace and comfort in, in entertainment, or we don't find the purpose of our life through a, you know, a song or something. Okay, that shouldn't define your mantra in life. That if that's the case, then shavon has done a good job there. Right? But in reality, the purpose of life is found through the words of a law and that is what is the new thing in the story of Adam and Eve at least last month, I mentioned also that the prophets of Salaam faced a lot of difficulty but Allah helped him through the Quran when kaddu left in hoonah Canyon levy ohana Lake, they indeed sought to entice

00:41:37--> 00:42:18

you away from what we have revealed to you hoping that you might invent something else in our name, and then they will accept you as a close friend. They want you to Oh prophet fabricates of stuff and if you fabricated something, then they would have been friends with you or profit. This is referring to his enemies and mcca but Allah says when Lola answer but Naga, if he had not made you stand firm, you would have almost inclined towards them just a little bit that got kicked in am shaking. The Prophet was a human being after all, right? But Allah said he stopped you and He made you firm, firm through what the revelation of the Quran right that is how Allah gave the Prophet some firmness. The

00:42:18--> 00:43:04

Quran describes that the sweetness of the Quran is found is when alchemy salata nee De Luca, shamcey illa masaka Lane. Say your prayers from the decline of the Sun until nightfall and at dawn in Coronel surgery, Ghana, Masha recite the Quran at fudger because the Quran as recited fudger is indeed witness which is by the angels when people are sleeping the angels are awake, witnessing your visitation of or an or an in the salon of fudger is very beautiful is highly recommended. And for an after the salon of budget is highly recommended. And a sweetness is felt in those moments of calmness and peace when there is no hustle and bustle. That's when the sweetness of the Quran is

00:43:04--> 00:43:18

truly experience also in the 100 women, the lady for tahajjud v. During the night wake up and pray as an additional prayer. It may be that your Lord will raise you at to a station of praise and glory. Okay.

00:43:20--> 00:43:38

The Quran has this Allah says the Quran we have sent it down as a healing in a mercy to those who believe as for the evildoers, and only increases their loss the Quran is sent. And if a person is a believer inclined towards Allah, inclined towards finding his or her purpose in life

00:43:39--> 00:44:25

is a healing for what ails them. It's a mercy for them, increases them in love and increases them in commitment and devotion. But the one who is the opposite the one who is to like couldn't care less they want this world they want to suppress their fitrah their inner desire to this their natural disposition. By the, the the pleasures of this world, then that is a person that Allah says the Quran only makes their losses even worse. And this is a it's like a you know, like a double edged sword in a way. The Quran Allah says is what we'll have to answer now who will Happy nuzzel Subhana Allah, it is we have revealed the Quran with the truth and with the truth it has come down we have

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

sent forth we have sent you for all of them only to give good news and to give warning. All right, and this is a reveal the Koran for Akana who revealed the two bit by bit the Takara who Allah NASS, that you may recited to people slowly Allah MOOCs when as the now hooten Zilla with deliberation and we have imparted by gradual Revelation the Quran is to be read not commonly and nicely with the bration it is done so that it could be a gender reveal. So it could be pondered over

00:45:00--> 00:45:08

And understood, and it brings the truth will happily answer now what will happen as it brings the truth

00:45:09--> 00:45:10

to light

00:45:12--> 00:45:25

last month and describes that this is how people of the past, remember the sutra began talking about the benissa eel and people previously like no Hollis alum who were given the Scripture.

00:45:26--> 00:46:10

This is now a return that circles back to that law school Ameobi Allah took me know in the Latino community believe or don't, those who have who knowledge had been revealed to before they fall on their faces in prostration. When it is recited people from before people who had the scripture before that was what happened when they received the scripture or heard the Scripture, it will cause them to fall in prostration, saying Subhana rabina glory to our Lord, our Lord's promise is bound to be fulfilled, and they would fall on their faces weeping, and it would increase them in humility. That is what happened when previous scripture was revealed. That is what happens when the Quran is

00:46:10--> 00:46:55

understood that a person weeps and increases them in humility, and in devotion. That is what happens when somebody accepts Islam, that the Quran pulls the strings of their heart and it makes them cry, it increases their humility, it causes them it compels them to fall into such as the Subhana Allah, Allah subhanaw taala concludes the surah by saying, you know, call, say, call him as Allah or call him or Rahman, whichever you call him by all the finest names are for him. And when you are praying, don't be too loud, and don't be too silent. But find a middle path of data, you may know Delica sebelah seek a middle path, just like you seek a middle path in the spending policy that Allah

00:46:55--> 00:47:41

describe, seek a middle path in the way you pray, and the middle path hydrothermally osato ha, the best way is course of action is the balanced way. That's the way of the Quran, the balanced way that she teaches. And here is a beautiful example of that say Alhamdulillah all praises to Allah who has not taken a son, and who has no partner in His Kingdom. And nor does anyone aid him because of any of any weakness of his and proclaim His greatness. The surah ends with Alhamdulillah. The next surah begins with Alhamdulillah. The Surah Surah began by saying a sarabi Abba de all praise glory is for Allah who took his slave, right took a slave

00:47:43--> 00:48:31

on the journey of israa. And here again, Allah mentions Alhamdulillah all praises for Allah who sent upon his slave, the book. So Alhamdulillah, the surah ends with Alhamdulillah here say Alhamdulillah. The next surah begins by saying Alhamdulillah it talks about the Prophet as the servant of Allah, that's the greatest honor likewise surah Allah did the same. So Israel began with Subhana Allah Subhana Allah de that is glorifying Allah Surah caha begins by Alhamdulillah all praises for Allah, a very beautiful symmetry between the two surahs how they are very, very much similar. The prophets also have said whoever reads Soraka have the surah on Juma. That person has a

00:48:31--> 00:48:51

divine light that they are given a spiritual divine light that they're given that will continue with them and that is going to and there will be they will be granted a forgiveness from Juma to Juma and the Prophet also said whoever recites the last 10 I add another narration The first time I add

00:48:53--> 00:49:36

another nation who memorizes the lesson I add of Soraka have Rosie mom and fit under the gel that person is saved from the trial of the gel. The trial of the gel is important because the theme of Soraka have his trials and tribulations of life. Okay, and there is a beautiful that it actually lists, you know, five different trials and tribulations that we go through. And each of these is demonstrated through a story and this is the beautiful expression. The beautiful Quranic expression of how the Quran presents a topic but presents it with an example and extrapolates lessons and leaves us to do the pondering to extrapolate more and more lessons.

00:49:37--> 00:49:59

It's interesting the surah begins with no mention of the Quran Alhamdulillah Allah De Anza Allah, Allah Abdel Kitab prays with a God who has sent to servant the book, which is free from any flaws or any ambiguity and it ends also with the Quran, which we'll see tomorrow. The implication being to be able to make it through the trials and tribulations of life the Quran

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

is essential. The Koran is what strengthen the prophet SAW them and he was facing his most difficult trials, the Quran will be, will be there to strengthen us when we face our difficult trials, the trials of Firstly, the trial of following the true religion. That's the first

00:50:18--> 00:51:06

message of this, the first message of the surah. Right, which is I'm happy to announce Hubble cafe, Rocky McCann woman, Aya Tina, Java, the people of the cave, and inscription. This was a great sign of Allah, Who were these people? They were young men. In our fifth year, they sought refuge in the cave, and why did they seek refuge in the cave, you find out, they said, Our Lord, grant us your special mercy and give us right guidance and our affair. And then we cause them to fall asleep in fall into a deep sleep for many years inside the cave. And then we woke them up again so that we might see which of the two groups would calculate the time they had stayed there better. Why is the

00:51:06--> 00:51:52

law telling us their story, not an apostolic another a humble heart, because they were young men in the home with yet another man who will be him they believed in their Lord was in our home Huda and we further bestowed guidance upon them. They were the ones who stood up. And they were tested with the trial of following the true religion as a minority. The majority were not following the true religion, the majority were trying to compel them to follow the false religion of the time, the majority were trying to overpower them by physical threats. But these young men, not older people, the fact that they were young is also something remarkable here because young people generally would

00:51:52--> 00:52:11

not care so much about following the true path. Might they might concerns might be more about the career or finding, you know, someone to to mate with or something. But here these people's concerns were squarely about following the true religion. And when they were concerned about it, and they were devoted to it

00:52:13--> 00:52:55

was the dinar, whom Buddha Allah increased them even even more guidance. When they chose guidance, Allah gave them even more, right? Remember the Quran, like last sutra we said was the Quran was the way that guides the best course of action? Here it is, right? These people were given the difficult choice, or they made the difficult choice of believing as a minority as someone who's under threat. And when they did that, and when they were firm, Allah gave them even more guidance. A lot says, when they stood up if or move when this rose up, what about Allah, Allah coleauxv me strengthen their hearts. Of course they were nervous. But when they stood up to say and do the right thing,

00:52:55--> 00:53:40

Allah strengthen their hearts, and they declared Rob vulnerable sumati will earn our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Never shall we call upon any other deity with him, he will never do. That is false, that is wrong. You cannot compel us to do shift, right? And then they said that our people have taken other deities. That is an incorrect religion. What is the what is the evidence? Lola tuna lamb Sultan in Beijing? Why don't they bring a type any type of evidence to show the validity of of having a second God? And then if they can't, then how terrible how wicked is that? Now Allah, Allah instructed these young men, they lived around the time period, basically

00:53:40--> 00:53:46

between a silence alarm and the profits of syllabus time, and they lived in, you know,

00:53:47--> 00:54:15

they were under a Roman Emperor. And what happened is that they fled their city, who was were persecuting them as I didn't want them to believe in Allah and worship Allah alone. They were a minority. And then they fled to a cave and a last month to put them to sleep in that cave for 309 years. And when they came back, you know, they were when they were walking from their sleep, they went to a market to purchase food.

00:54:16--> 00:54:19

And then when they purchase the food, right when they woke up,

00:54:20--> 00:54:55

you know, they went to the market to purchase food, and that's when the people who were selling them food, recognize that this coin is 309 years old. And thus, immediately they became, you know, they were, you know, outed in a sense, right? And, and that's their, their legend that was around for 300 years, finally came to fruition. And that was the story of the people of the cave, that Allah gives an example that this is the trial of following the true religion and the people, the young people of the cave, were the example for that. Then Allah mentions the story of

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

the two men that trial to having the

00:55:00--> 00:55:29

The the the trial of having money, luxury and privilege is number 32. Recite to them the parable of the two men. One of them we provided with two vineyards which we surrounded with date palms and place the feel of green in between. and these two gardens, both gardens produces fruit did not feel to yield as best and there was a river gushing forth between them. Now this is almost like a magical scene here. Right? Two gardens.

00:55:30--> 00:55:38

Okay, there's a river flowing between the two gardens, and what half of nahama Nestle and they're surrounded by why

00:55:39--> 00:55:46

by date, palm, so date palms are kind of forming a boundary around these two gardens. And these two gardens are

00:55:48--> 00:56:04

they produce vineyards, okay, and other fruits, and there's a river flowing. So there's natural irrigation, there is protection from you know, like people from intruders, and date palm trees are notoriously difficult to like get through. And

00:56:06--> 00:56:52

the most difficult type of crop the this garden is producing and producing it without fail every single year, added kukula on top of the minutia, not even a smallest amount of decrease would happen. So this is like the most incredible thing to have, you have all sorts of fruits without any losses completely protected, irrigated naturally, and you have watery for yourself. This band has gotten made. Okay. Well can Allahu thumbor and abundance, this person had fruit, fruit. And then Allah talks about what happens when the abundance, right? They causes corruption. This is the thing it's prone to cost corruption among people. So this person got corrupted so much that when he was

00:56:52--> 00:57:32

speaking to his friend, he said, and I thought, Oh, man, come on. Well, as soon as this person is acting completely, you know, like a very, very, very, very unpleasant person to be around. Instead of welcoming this friend to his house. He's like, Hey, you I have more money than you. Right? And it was like a weird flex But okay, right. What the hell agenda hula hula volley. Molina See, he harmed his soul as he entered his garden, how so because he was so arrogant. And he said, I don't think this garden will ever perish. And I don't think there's any day of judgment, I think I'll be alive, or you know, like, I don't think I'll be brought back to life. And even if I'm brought back to life,

00:57:32--> 00:58:20

I think my Lord will give me a lot of good in the next life, this person is so spoiled by luxury, that they think that there will be no bad things happening to them at all, because they have such an abundance of good around them, and have just become used to an abundance of luxury and privilege. That is a trial. That's a trial of having a wealth and luxury and privilege that it causes you to forget your, your origins, it causes you to forget, having humility and humbleness. It's a it's a catalyst towards that. So a lot reminds us of that. And then this person's friend was actually trying to remind him He's like, how could you deny Him Who created you from dust from a small drop

00:58:20--> 00:58:31

of fluid, and then from gentlemen, have some humility, remember your origins. And this, of course, did not do any good to this person. And Allah says, this person's

00:58:32--> 00:59:09

fruit and his gardens were all destroyed as an example, in this surah that the life of the world is fleeting and fickle. alamelu Alba, Luna, Xena, tolyatti dunya. These are just the ornaments of this life of the world. But what lasts after the life of the world, the next is alberca to saw they had good deeds that are rewarded by your Lord are a far better source of it's a far better investment, good deeds that last Subhan Allah, Allah subhanaw taala. Also, by the way, gives an example here. inshallah, we'll actually conclude with this because Muslim and

00:59:10--> 00:59:50

it bleeds. We'll talk about moussaka. We'll talk about tomorrow because the story continues. But he can, in this passage, he talks about how on the Day of Judgment, new safety rule jabaal, we will cause the mountains to move and the earth will be bare. It won't be like a earth that we're used to, and everybody is brought back to life, and no one will be left behind. Everybody will be arranged in rows. And Allah says now you are here like the first time you were created with nothing. You had money and luxury and privilege in the world. Now you have nothing. You're standing here alone in front of Allah spawn Tada. And then what will the only keytab The Book of deeds, the same one we

00:59:50--> 01:00:00

spoke about last time in the last surah it will be presented and the guilty ones the criminals will be apprehensive in seeing what's in it and when they see it. They will

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

See ya when you go to us, man, he hasn't GitHub what record is this law? You hold eurosai Ratan wala quwata illa Saha does not leave any deed small or large and accounted for Alicia Duma army know how they will find everything they ever did laying in front of them. Well I have a moto buka and your Lord will not be unjust to anyone. Okay? This is a very such an incredible scene that Allah mentions right after luxury and privilege and an indulgence because don't make your luxury and your privilege and your wealth and accomplishment accomplishments make you forget your origin and then your end your origin was from a drop of sperm your and will be standing in front of a law that they have

01:00:44--> 01:01:20

judgment with the book of deeds open so Pinilla This is such an incredible message of the surah Allah mentions Iblees here again with whom Allah Malacca this to the other Mufasa please. Here is new information can aminal Jin he was one of the Jin Allah mentions that he is one of the jinn. He wasn't an angel. Right? And he his arrogance, right? He had knowledge. He had knowledge and status status. He was a Jin among angels. That's how amazing he was. But that status diluted him and made him

01:01:21--> 01:01:49

you know, need him not just this obey Allah made him question allows wisdom made him question allows decisions. And then we'll see tomorrow, the example of Moosa who had also the highest status, one of the top five prophets, yet when he is told, go and learn from an individual by the name of by by the name of feather in the Quran, the Quran as I mentioned his name, the Sierra mentions it.

01:01:50--> 01:02:00

He says what he says, I will not give up until I meet this person, so I can learn from him. And when he met him, he said,

01:02:01--> 01:02:47

Can I follow you around so you can teach me what you have been taught? So Pamela, look at the difference in attitude. their beliefs had status musasa status, at least for the jinn among among angels, and yet he his status, his station made him diluted. And he thought that now he could question the wisdom of Allah. And he could question a lot of choices. And then he was made the worst of the worst. Mossad Hassan was the highest, the highest status amongst humans, the top five prophet of Allah, the One who will last spoke to and yet he had the utmost humility, that when Allah told them Musa there's somebody who knows something that you don't immediately Moosa set off and spend

01:02:47--> 01:03:23

many much time and energy traveling and when he met this person spoke to him with humility and said can I follow you along to learn from you can I be with you to learn from you and that is that trial of knowledge and status being an important person cannot corrupt your soul cannot corrupt your mind and we'll talk about that more sorta tomorrow from sort of catches up not everybody for sticking around till the end today and handle lottery ended a little earlier than normal. I will try it again to keep us back towards seven inshallah. Thank you again for sticking around. Bottle coffee calm. I will see you all in Charlotte up

01:03:24--> 01:03:32

in Charlotte tomorrow, same time, same place. So Hanukkah lahoma will be hamburger and Chateau La ilaha illa Anta and stuff like that