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An-Nisa 94-104 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 103-104

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Find our potato masala data. Then when you have completed the prayer then what should you do? remember Allah standing and sitting or lying on your sites felt good Allah pm and worker rudan were allowed you know because

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for inoculator Messiah that means meaning when you have performed the survey you're done with it. What does it mean by this connecting with the previous is

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that when you have finished the financial health when you have finished the financial health

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then what should you do

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fedco va hi remember a VA while standing and sitting and reclining?

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If you think of it, the Muslim army

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The battle is going on.

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They take a break for Salah

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when the surah isn't what is the loss of friends are the same when you're done.

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Then don't forget to do they could have a lot where are they

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in battle? What are they being told? Remember?

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What does this teach us

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the importance of remembering the kind of data that they could have a life should not just be limited to Salah but a person should also remember loss of parent at all times.

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Especially in the most difficult situations. Especially in the state of fear the person should remember a lot because alphabetically that may include

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it's they could have another brings rest and comfort to the heart

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so forth guru Laffy Yamanaka

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others have said that this is general that once you have completed the Salah whether it is selected house or to Castle or the normal solid that you bring it home, then when you're done with your Sunday, then do they go over? How that after seeing the salon don't just pick up your phone and start calling somebody texting somebody having conversations with the people sitting next to you know, do they could What does it mean?

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Say Allahu Akbar stuff that a lot of stuff that a lot of stuff that a lot longer emphasis on women because certain develop the other jewelry will equal

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there's so many of

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this V that we there are shook

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so fed guru Lucha when after performing the Sunnah.

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Some people as soon as they say the Salaam they start talking immediately.

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And notice how it hasn't been set, the engine will corrode and wild you know because it's possible that you you create the Salah now immediately you have to leave. Okay, you can't just sit there and say Oliver it has to be had.

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So you should not say them at all. No, get up, leave, but your tongue should be busy in remembering

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if you can do your ethical sitting down, go ahead do it if you can't you have to walk, walk and do you really don't be neglectful of a loss primetime.

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30 It has been said that fourth quarter last minute and what this means is that then praise solid standing, if not possible than sitting and if not possible than lying down. But do not leave the Salah

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over here they could give the meaning of

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Suffolk karula pm and pm is a clone of a mocha rudan plural of car it were alleged to be comprised of junk, meaning while you're lying down

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so basically remember Allah in all states

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for a document Nando then when you have become safe, it is from for me Hamza noon, from ultimate Nan. And what does it mean? satisfaction,

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it also is to be addressed.

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So when you are addressed, meaning when you are safe,

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you're not in a state of emergency anymore. You are secure.

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Then what should you do for the Muslim method then you establish the salah how properly

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faith of momentum has been understood in different ways.

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First of all, so that the apostle was mentioned that after your travel now you have come back home. Now you have returned. Now don't continue to pray for that. So

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what should you do?

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If Amata Salah, pray the Salah info.

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Similarly, when you were traveling, you weren't praying the sun. But now that you've come back home, don't leave the sun.

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Similarly, in Seattle Have you prayed only one car

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but now you're going to create a whole seller. So if it does

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Momentum fathima salata meaning you properly performed the real core the sujood all of the parts of solid which I left out in health or in suffer in travel suffer okay masala established

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and ultimately muffaletta can be understood as that establish a solid meaning prayed at the right time because when you're traveling then you have the permission to join the Salah. So you can delay performing Zohar and pray one at us. Similarly you can delay praying Muslim and pray one at a time. But when you're at home, you can't say oh, I'm busy doing the kitchen. I'm busy eating. I'm busy shopping. So I'm just going to join on Monday with your shop know

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when you're at home, when you're not in a state of emergency, when things are fine, then how should you pray

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properly at the right time completing the seller fulfilling all of the conditions. Why? Because in Valletta, indeed the seller cannot either me Nina keytab among quota, it is upon the believers ketevan meaning it is enjoined. How is it enjoined mo Kota at appointed times, meaning it is fixed in time, the times of Salah are fixed key tab and over here gives a meaning of Decree

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it gives a meeting a decree prescription

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something that is enjoined. Meaning it is an obligation it is an obligatory duty.

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And it's an obligated duty, it's an obligation whose time is bound time is fixed, the time is more code, more code is on the road as well after and walk this time.

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So, malkuth is that which is set with time

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meaning the time of that particular thing is fixed.

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So, so, there is an obligation, it is a keytab it is a duty

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whose time is fixed. So it should not be postponed from its proper time.

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It should not be postponed from its proper time.

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We learned about the most important conditions of Salah

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the correct time is the most important and this condition overrides other conditions. For example, if the time of praying Zoho Salah enters,

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and you cannot find water,

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you cannot find water. And you think that if you continue to search water, if you wait for water to come, then what's going to happen? The time of load is going to come to an end.

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So then what don't pay your son What are we going to

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do to move?

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So we see that this condition overrides the condition of taharah even

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that even though there may be filth on your body, there may be filth on your clothes that you cannot wash. What are you going to do? You're going to do? Why? Because you have to press Allah in time.

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Similarly, praying for a car, praying to complete Salah is something mandatory.

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It is one of the conditions of completing the Salah.

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But if you are in a state of fear, and you cannot pray to the car you cannot even pay for the car doesn't mean you need laps Allah. You say that okay, you will pray later on. Know, how will you pray?

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One rocker behind the man in congregation. Why? Because performing the Salah on time is the most important condition. It is the most important condition.

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So how about the rains for no reason?

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That I'm watching my favorite television show? I can't delay I'm cooking. And I can't leave?

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Are they an excuse? No. Are they justified? No. You have to leave everything. And you have to give importance to Sala

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the prophet SAW the Lotus and was asked which deed is the best and he said prayer performed at its proper time of Sadat to allow Bhakti her

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prayer performed at its proper time. That deed is the best.

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And this Hadees is recording Buhari as well as Muslim, which is why we see that even if there are a few minutes left.

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And if you manage to say even to set the clear, even disrespect to the Fatiha within the correct time, then a person has actually got the right kind of sada

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you understand. If there are only a few minutes left, I don't say oh, there's only like 10 minutes left. It's going to be marketed within like 10 minutes, so forget about it. No. If you weren't able to pray until then, let's say you were sleeping

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You woke up and you found that there's only 510 minutes left and what should you do? Quickly as soon as possible do Your will do and start this order. Even though by the time you complete the salad the time of the next Salah has begun. Why? Because performing the Salah at its proper time is very, very important. In the salata, Canada, Alameda makuta it is fixed in time.

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There are lots of current artists as well after he knew and do not weaken

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well after he knew do not weaken from the root address. Well, her new one, what does one mean? weakness, so don't become weak. Don't feel weak. Don't become lazy

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fibula income in pursuit of the people which people is this the enemy. So do not weaken your resolve in pursuit of the enemy. Rather pursue the enemy vigorously. Don't lose hope. Don't lose courage. Don't show any weakness. Don't show any laziness don't become lethargic, but rather continue with a lot of energy. Whenever you feel pretty low income

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into cornuta lamona if you are suffering

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from newsletters, I'm xlm. And what does Allah mean?

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Being any other word from the same route?

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So Allah is pain unimas painful. So in the corner, la Muna. If you are suffering pain, if you're feeling pain, what pain

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like for example, you're sitting in class and you think, Oh my God, my feet are hurting. Now my legs are hurting, my back is hurting,

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my head is hurting. My stomach is grounding

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into Guru talamona. If you're suffering any kind of pain for in the home, then indeed they who your enemy is yet lamona. They are suffering caneta lamona just as you're suffering.

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Why? Because in order to achieve anything, you have to suffer pain. It's a part of the package.

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It's part of the package. You cannot achieve something without suffering pain. What do they say? No pain, no gain.

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So if you're suffering, don't feel pity. Don't feel bad for yourself that Oh, poor me. And don't think you're doing something very great. Because it is something that is normal. If you're suffering pain, no big deal. Your enemy is often suffering pain. But you should not give up at all. Why? Because what they're doing them in a lie. When you have hope from Allah, man, they are doing what they don't hope for. What do you hope for?

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What do you hope for when you're suffering in the way of a loss of pantalla?

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Because even if a believer suffers the prick of a thorn, the prick of a pain.

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You know, sometimes you are putting your hijab on maybe your pin Foxy or something like that.

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Why did you suffer that?

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Because you're wearing the hijab.

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And why are you wearing that? Because a lot of that wants you to write. So if you're doing something as small as that and if you suffer, even the prick of a thorn than a person is given reward for his summary.

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What are gentlemen a lucky man, June you're hoping reward from Allah which they're not hoping for at all. So Shouldn't you be putting in more effort?

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Should you be putting in more effort? Shouldn't you be struggling more?

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yet look at them. They're struggling more than you're struggling. They put an effort more than you put an effort. They don't vote for the same reward. But still they're putting in so much effort What's wrong with you? With a June I mean a lucky melee of June you will from Allah with they don't hope for

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remember the word Arjuna is when the real treasures radziwill from the word Roger. And Roger means hope but it also means fear.

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It means hope. But it also means fear.

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Meaning you fear from a love what they don't fear. Yes, you hope for a ward and help in victory and success. But at the same time you fear a loss of penalties punishment. You fear a las pantallas anger which is why

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which is why what are you doing?

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You're putting in extra effort you're suffering in a way of Allah.

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So with our gentlemen Allah He melee of June, where can Allahu Allah when hakima and Allah is Knowing and he's also wise.

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He is knowing of what you're getting.

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Through and he is wise in decreeing what he has decreed for you,

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in commanding what he has commanded you with.

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So, what do we learn from this is

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that a person should fulfill all of his obligations,

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whether it is Salah, or it is jihad or anything else, out of the obligations a person should perform them, and he should not show any weakness he should not become lazy.

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Rather, whenever he faces any difficulty, what should you remember the reward

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and you should also be fearful of a muscle penalty.

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And you should also think that if I am doing this to please Allah subhanaw taala the enemy is struggling to harm me, they're not showing any weakness.

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What do they hope for? Maybe some worldly success, maybe some worldly gain.

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I am aspiring for something greater for something better. So my effort should also be greater my effort should also be better

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that's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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well many geographies

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was either

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in chief in Keystone a Steena como la de la casa in Alka

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what the levina

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me no no

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Jonah holla you

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womb either

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in Walla

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with regards to celestial castle.

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If you are traveling to a particular city like every single day, for your work,

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or for school, then you don't

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Pray. So that's all possible

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because it's routine.

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It's an everyday thing for you.

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If we look at these if he dies mentioned and right after Salah is mentioned

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that if you think of it many times a person is in a place where practicing his Deen is not possible what is affected most is Santa. It's the workplace or it's the school or it's some environment that he's in what is affected Tada.

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So Santa can not be compromised. You can never ever leave your salon.

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To look at it you have is something that is so beloved to Allah subhanaw taala that a person does that he gets larger above those who don't do it. But still when it comes to Salah you have to stop, take a break and praise Allah.

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What about cooking and cleaning or the equivalent to Jihad? No way.

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soprano Callaghan will be humbucker Misha the one that ilaha illa Anta Luca

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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh