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Al-Baqarah 183-188 Translation

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I said I'm really cool with

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him. I'm about to lay him in a shape line of rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim for beshara News. Sadly we're still the only one. That Amelie Sami Sani tahu Kohli openers

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are to blame in a short run of a dream Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 25 pseudo tillbaka ayah number 183 to 188 Translation Yeah Are you her or, and Medina, those who are Manu, they believed katiba it was written or they come upon you on a CMO, the fasting gamma just as good diva. It was written, it was ordained Allah upon and Medina, those who men from public come before you learn law comb so that you that the whole you all adopt the for

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a Yemen days, Mara do dirty ones numbered femen. So whoever can he was main come from you on Maria one, il, O or Allah upon suffering a journey ferried the tone. So number men from a Yemen days or her other war and Allah upon and Latina those who usually akuna who they are able to do it

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up who know who they are able to do it. fifth year, don't a fifth year around some viable feeding miskeen of a needy person

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famine, then whoever that oh well, he did voluntarily higher on any good for whoever. So, it hiren is better. The who for him. One and that the sumo you all fast? Hi Ron is better local for you are in if quantum you were down the moon you will know

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shabu month Ramadan of Ramadan and lady is that which

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unzila it was sent down fee in it a Quran the Quran who then as a guidance Lindner see for the people, what and by uniting clear proofs, men from alhuda the guidance what and and for con the furqan the criterion Furman So, whoever shahida he witnessed men come from you ashara the month failure some who then he should fast it woman and whoever Ghana he was Maria been ill Oh or Allah upon suffering a journey for the tune. So number men from a young woman these are her other you redo he wants Allahu Allah become with you all and use the ease Wallah and not you redo he wants become with you all an Ursa the hardship, the difficulty, well and little Camilo so that you are complete

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Lee, so, that took me to you all complete,

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and they took me Lou can also be you all should complete the site, so that it also means you all should compete.

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So they should talk me through you all complete,

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and there is the certain number or the number.

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Well, and Lita kabiru you all should magnify you all should proclaim greatness. Lee should, to kabiru your proclaimed greatness.

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Allah of Allah, Allah upon man. What, how dare come, he guided you on what and learn the comb so that you touch grown. You all give thanks you

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Either and when sir Luca, he asked you everybody My servants I need about me for in me then indeed I urban near close would you will I respond darwaza call a diary of the college either whenever the irony he called me failure study boo, so, they should respond or they should positively respond,

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leave to me, while you may know and they should believe, be with me learn the home so, that they your shoe don't they obtain guidance for Hitler, it was made lawful, it was made permissible law come for you all later in night a CME of the fasting a refer to the sexual conduct of refer to the sexual conduct or sexual intimacy. ILA to nissa Eco, your women, Honda, they are lieberson garment, clothing, law come for you all were unknown. And you all lieberson our garment, the Honda for them I Lima, he knew Allahu Allah and acoem that indeed you are condone, you all were the afternoon, you all deceived or dishonest and force a comb to yourselves for turba so he returned or LA come upon

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your work and offer he pardoned on going from your fell Anna. So now vashi ruhuna you all have sexual relations with them, wherever the who, and you all seek, man, what cateva he wrote, he ordained Allahu Allah locum for you all, worker Lu and you all eat, washable and do you all drink head there until yesterday when it becomes clear, it becomes distinct, yet abena it becomes clear or it is distinct. locum for you all

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lie to the thread available, the white men from an hightly the thread and as ready the black men from off on February, the Federal the dawn,

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so much some then a Timo you all complete assioma the fasting either do or to a layli the night

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wonder and do not to bash you ruhuna you all have sexual relations with them? What unto them why you all are key foreigner ones who do erotica or ones who retreat fi in and massage in the massage for the mosques.

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They'll care that who do our limits, boundaries, Allah He of Allah further, so do not doctorado her, you all approach it. gallica thus likewise. You may you know, he explains clearly. Or he makes clear Allahu Allah iotv his versus Lin see for the people that are in the home so that they get the home, they adopt the core. They safeguard themselves

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while they're and do not that kulu you all eat you all consume and welcome your wealth Vayner calm between your bill Burton with the false hood with the unjust ways

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what to do and nor you all offer, be here with it either to a hookah, the judges or those who have authority

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leader kulu so that you will eat you all consumed for Econ, a portion Minh from Mr. Lee wealth, properties and mercy of the people

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It's me with the sin. What anthem while you all Darla moon, you will know

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that listen to the recitation of these verses

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Gucci belt

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bar movies ski,

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you read

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be como la Swanee to me

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in the body. Oh gee Buddha.

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abbiamo meenal

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wanna Hulu

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amelita Hulu 34 the Hulu 32