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An-Nur 1-10 Word Analysis and Tafsir 2

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Now in this ayah this punishment has been mentioned, what does this teach us? First of all, this shows to us. This tells us about the prohibition of Zener.

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That dinner is an act that is how long that is prohibited.

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It is not allowed for a Muslim man or a Muslim woman to commit Zina. It is not permissible.

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And it's not just that this act is forbidden, that this act is prohibited, but rather it is off major since it is of major since

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we learned in total for Khan is 68 to 69. When leadin Elia darunavir Allahu Allah and those who do not invoke with Allah, another god meaning who do not do shake. So first of all should is mentioned. Secondly, when I have to Luna nasality, Harlem Allahu Allah will help they don't kill. The second crime that is mentioned is of killing and you know that killing someone unjustly is what a major crime, a major sin and thirdly, what is known and they do not commit sin. What does it show that it shook his head on, if cotton is heroin, similarly, Zina is also heroin,

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if sugar is a major sin, Patil is a major sin, then Zina is also a major sin.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, lay Yes Nice zanni Hina yes nee wahoo a movement

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a fornicator does not indicate in a state that he is a believer, meaning when a person is fornicating, when a person is committing Zina, then what happens? A man leaves his heart

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because a man and hire both of them stay together and if one leaves the other will also leave.

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So if a person is committing Zina obviously higher has left definitely higher has left. So when higher is has left, obviously Eman will also go.

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We also learn from another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he was asked about the major sins. After mentioning Schick and other major sins, he said unto zania, be highly lithogenic that you commit Zina with the wife of your neighbor. That is off the major sense.

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So first of all, we see in this ayah, about the prohibition of Zener the fact that Zener is a major sin. Secondly, we also learn from this ayah, about the abhorrent of Xena that what a hated crime, what a hated act is it by Allah subhanaw taala how much Allah hates this act? How much Allah dislikes this act,

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that he dislikes it so much, that both the man and the woman should be punished? And the punishment has to be executed? It's an obligation. And when the punishment is being executed, no one can have mercy for these people. And this punishment should be witnessed by people. What does that show? How much Allah dislikes this act? How much he hates this act? Without insulting Islam? Number 32. Allah subhanaw taala says well at Aqaba, Xena don't even go near Xena. Why? Because in the who can affair Hey, Shannon was a sebelah because it is an immorality, and it is an evil way. It's an immorality. It's something that Allah does not like, because Allah subhanaw taala is he? One of the names of

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Allah is Alhaji meaning one who has higher one was very bashful. And he is really one who has a lot of real protective jealousy. So when Allah has so much higher, and he has protective jealousy, protective jealousy is when you like someone so much like for example, a man he has protective jealousy for his wife, that he doesn't want any man to look at his wife. He doesn't want his wife to talk to a man, for example. So Allah is like you, and if a man and woman they violate the limits of hire, to the extent that they commit Zina, then definitely what are they inviting the anger of Allah,

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that Allah, He loves higher. He is my youth. And if a man and woman they don't even have this much higher, that in our religion, we have been told that men and women board should lower their gaze, they should not look at people who are non related to them directly. They should be lowering their gaze. A man and woman they're violating so many limits of Allah, no higher at all, that they're having sexual intercourse. Just imagine the Wrath of Allah upon these people.

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You see, this Dino virus. It's not just a dean that guides us with regards to our spiritual affairs, that Allah subhanaw taala just tells us as to how we should pray.

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We should perform the rituals, when and how and where? In what method? No. Similarly, our religion is not just about guiding us with regards to political affairs, that who should be the leader, when should he be obeyed when should be removed from his office? No. Our religion is a complete religion. It guides us with regards to every single aspect of our lives, from the very personal, to the social, to the political, every aspect of our lives.

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And this is why our religion is called Islam, because Islam means what? submission, total submission to the commander,

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that a person submit in every aspect of his life, to Allah so

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that when it comes to eating, what does Allah want me to eat? What does Allah allow me to eat? I will only eat that. When it comes to talking. What does Allah forbid me to say? I will not say that. When it comes to buying and selling, what does Allah forbid me from buying and selling, I will stay away from that. When it comes to marriage, when it comes to sexual relations, what is permissible and what is not? This is what Islam is about, that a person completely entirely submits to the command of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So this is why our religion also guides us with regards to sexual relations with regards to the very personal affairs with regards to personal relationships as well. That in this aspect of life as well, a person should be alone. A person should do what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded us to do. And this is the reason why when a person obeys a line every matter of his life, then he gets rewarded for even the most mundane tasks, for even the most routine tasks that even if he's eating his eating with his right hand, he's saying Bismillah is eating halal food, he will get reward for that.

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And if a person is having relations with his wife, woman is having relations with her husband, in a relationship that is of nikka that is legal, then even in that relationship, there is reward. Why? Because in that aspect of his life, her life a person has submitted to Allah. This is our religion. And we see that Zina is a crime that violates many many commands.

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In order to commit Zina, a person has to violate many, many comments, he is not submitting, he is rebelling. And when a person rebelled like this, then the punishment is also very severe. For example, when a person commits dinner, then what laws are violated, first of all, lowering of the gaze. Secondly, physical contact with the opposite gender, having a relationship with a non Muslim,

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and then many other things are violated and then eventually, sexual intercourse. So because Xena does not just happen like that, before that many, many commands are violated. This is why the punishment is so severe.

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And also the punishment is severe. Because Zina is a crime that has far reaching effects on the individuals that are involved in the crime, and also on the society at large. If you look at it, when it comes to Zener it's not just that the woman gets affected, the man gets affected, they're cheating on others. For example, if a man and woman are married, who are they cheating their spouses, by having a relation with someone who is not related to them.

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If a man and woman are not married, then who are they cheating their family members, their family members trust them. They think of them to be chased the think of them to be honest and decent people, but here they are in their private lives, committing Zina.

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So a lot of wrong is committed in order to commit this action. And the worst thing is that when a person commits Zina, then he loses higher, he loses shyness and modesty, if he can go as far if she can go as far as committed Zina, then there is no higher in that person. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that either Lem the study for snowmachine that when you do not have higher than do whatever you wish. Meaning when a person does not have higher in himself, then he can commit any crime. He can commit anything. He does not fear Allah. He does not fear people in private nor in public. This is why this is such a serious crime.

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If you look at it in an hour off we learned about the story of a police that how he got Adam and Salaam and his wife out of gender in Iowa.

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27 we learned yans zero or unwomanly basta Houma, Liguria, Houma so ottima that he believes he was stripping them off their clothing to show them their private parts.

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Iblees his mission is to remove the higher away from people. Because when higher goes, when people don't have any shyness left any modesty left, then they can commit any crime.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said and higher is a part of Eman.

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In another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that higher and Eman are two that go together. If one is lifted, the other is also lifted.

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And we see that where Xena becomes common within our becomes acceptable in that society, many other crimes are also committed. Like for example, if Xena is committed, if a woman can commit Zina, can she not going to abort the baby? If she becomes pregnant? Is that difficult for her? No way. It's not difficult for her at all.

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Similarly, if a man can have dinner with a woman, because she agrees, can he not rape a woman because she does not agree? Of course he can. Because to him, his mission becomes fulfilling his desires, whether someone wants to or not.

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So we see that whereas in our becomes common, it leads to many other crimes, it leads to rape, it leads to disrespect of women. It leads to forced sex, it leads to sex trafficking, it leads to wrong relationships, where people are living lives like those of animals. That one day they're sleeping with one person and other day they're sleeping with another person. It leads to illegitimate children. It leads to sexually transmitted diseases where people can die.

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This recently I was watching this video from TED conference in which this woman from India, she's basically fighting against sex trafficking that is extremely common in India. And she had mentioned about how she has rescued little girls as young as three and four year old

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who are raped by 10 men at a time. And they're afflicted with AIDS with sexually transmitted diseases. And when she goes and she rescues them, this woman herself is beaten, this woman herself is raped. And she has rescued many, many women. But most of the time, the women, the girls, the little children whom she saves, they're already at the verge of dying.

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Because they have been physically abused to the point that little girls their intestines are out.

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Physically, they are torn apart, torn apart, they're left to die.

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And they're suffering from such diseases that are incurable, that cannot be cured.

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So when Xena becomes so common, where a man does not respect, the fact that the woman whom he is sleeping with his not his wife,

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he is not going to see her tomorrow. He's not responsible for feeding her for looking after her. Will he have any respect for other women? No. Will he have respect for young girls? No.

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So Xena is a serious crime, which leads to many other crimes. This is why Allah subhanaw taala here to describe. This is why the punishment is so severe

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that people who dare to commit this crime, bring them out in public and flog them 100 times and don't have any mercy on them, because they do not deserve any mercy.

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They should be punished, they should be stopped right there. And then, and other people should also be saved from committing this crime.

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Because what happens if one person dares to do it, then other people also they get the confidence. But if the criminal is caught, than other people also become cautious.

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So punish them in public and don't have any mercy.

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Now the punishment that is mentioned over here is for unmarried zania inzone.

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Now what about the punishment for the married zanni and the married

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a woman who is married and the man who is married? If they commit zero, then what about them? The punishment for them is gradually stoning to death. Why? Why should these people be stoned to death? Isn't that barbaric? Why should they be killed? Should they not have freedom with regards to their sexual affairs? With regards to their sexual relationships? This is what we think it's a free world. People should be allowed to do whatever they want.

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Why should they be controlled when it comes to why should they be restricted when it comes to something as personal as sexual relationships?

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As we discussed earlier, Islam is a total way of life, total submission.

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So if a person

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Does not submit, in this matter, he is rebelling. And if a person being married he commits in it or she commits Zina,

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then this is a serious crime. Because in order to commit this crime, again, many, many things have been violated.

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The spouse has been cheated.

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If a man commits enter, who is he cheating his wife? If a woman commits Zina, who is she cheating, her husband,

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who is going to get affected the children, the entire society at large is going to be affected because of this.

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And if a person has the guts to commit this crime, while being married, then such a person is like a tumor and a tumor, what do you have to do with it, you have to discard it immediately. Because if you leave it, what's going to happen?

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What's going to happen? It's going to spread,

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it's going to spread. So if a person while he or she is married, they have the guts to commit Zina. They have the guts to have illegal relationships, then other people will also be encouraged, the effect is going to become large scale, the family is going to be affected. And not just one family, many families are going to be affected lineage will be affected, that if for example, a woman commits dinner with a man and she becomes pregnant, and the husband thinks this is my child, and that child gets a share of inheritance eventually, whereas in fact, he is not his child. He gets his name, whereas in fact, he's not his child. This is a violation of many, many commands of a law

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This is why when a person has the guts to commit such a serious crime, then he has to be discarded. He has to be discarded if he's not discarded, then this tumor will spread.

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And it is proven from the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that the hand of Rajan, it was implemented.

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Because there are many people who say that Rajim is not mentioned in the Quran. It's not mentioned in the Quran. Therefore, there is nothing such as this. This was an Arabian practice. However, what do we see? That had it includes what Allah subhanaw taala has revealed in the Quran and also what the prophet sallallahu Sallam has taught us. We learned that in Lebanon, Hussein was sorry, he reported that a woman from Johanna, she came to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and this woman was pregnant as a result of Xena. And she said, O Messenger of Allah, I have broken a head, so carry out the punishment on me. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam summoned her guardian, and he said to

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him, that treat her well, when she gives birth, then bring her back to me. So the Guardian, he took her and he did that. Then when the woman she came back after the baby was delivered, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam commanded that her Garmin be tied tightly about her, meaning that her clothes should be put on her very well so that while the punishment is being executed, her out of her body does not show and then the punishment was inflicted on her meaning she was stoned to death and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. After she died, he prayed for her.

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So remodeling I know he said to him, that do you pray over her or messenger have a low and she committed fornication?

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Because somebody who has committed a serious crime, we begin to hit them. So Ramona said you're praying for her? He said, she repented with such a repentance, that if it were to be divided out amongst 70 of the people of Medina, it would be enough of them. She herself came and confessed, she herself came and said, execute the punishment of me.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Can you think of anything better than her, offering herself to Allah, the mighty and the majestic, and this is reported in Muslim.

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So the punishment of the unmarried man and woman who commit Zina is flogging. The punishment for the married ones is stoning to death. What about homosexuality?

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What is the punishment for that?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said moja to move who Yama Yama coma, Luton factory ferula will Marula be that whoever you find whoever you find, practicing the deed of the people of loop, then kill the door and the one on whom the action is being done?

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The door and the one on whom the action has been done meaning both of them because again, these people are like what a tumor. They don't bring any benefit. They only bring harm to the society.

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Now the question is that when can the punishment be executed on the criminals? When How are they to be proven as guilty?

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There are two ways First of all confession and secondly, by

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when it comes to confession, it is when the criminal himself or herself, appears before the judge and confesses four times that I have committed this crime.

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And he confesses in a very explicit way, he does not confess in an ambiguous way he does not say, I have committed something wrong. No, he says I have committed in a clear way, explicit way not ambiguous. And how many times does He say it four times. When he confesses four times, then the punishment will be carried out.

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There's a hadith in Sahih Muslim, in which we learned that I believe in Buddha he reported that Mary's eslami he came to Allah messenger, sallAllahu Sunnah. And he said, O Allah's Messenger, I have wronged myself, I have committed adultery, and I earnestly desire that you should purify me,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam turn Mary's away, because he didn't want to inflict the punishment on him just because this man was saying, because the fact is that when Allah subhanaw taala has concealed a sin, then what should our behavior be? That we should leave it concealed? If Allah has concealed it, we should leave it concealed, we should not expose it to people.

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Because some people think that if we confess it before, people, if we confess in public, if we go tell everybody about it, then we'll be free of guilt. No, when you tell everybody about it, then what happens? Everyone is going to become a witness to it.

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So only confess before those who can actually do something. So Mary's, he went to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and he said, I have committed this action, and I earnestly desire that you should purify me. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he turned him away. On the following day, Maurice again came to him and he said, Allah messenger, I have committed adultery. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam turned him away for the second time.

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And he sent him to his people. And he asked his people, do you know if there is anything wrong with his mind? Like he's mentally stable, right? He's not saying this, out of nowhere.

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And the people they denied of any such thing in him, and they said, We do not know him, but as a wise good man among us. So far as we can judge, there's nothing wrong with him.

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So Mary's he came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for the third time. And again, the prophet SAW, sent him.

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And he asked about him again. And the people informed the same thing to the Prophet Solomon and said that there's nothing wrong with him. When it was the fourth time that Maurice came, and he confessed, then the punishment was executed on him. So what do we see that confession has to be done? How many times four times for example, in the court, the person comes, and he confesses four times before the judge, only then the punishment will be executed. Secondly, a person can be proven guilty, how? By witnesses,

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you see, who will come and confess himself before the judge, someone who was afraid of the punishment of the hereafter.

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If you look at in both of these incidents, what do we see that decide we wish to be purified, purify us cleanse us in the case of the woman, as well as in the case of Mars, both of them came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and the SEC purify us.

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Because a believer knows that if I can get away with something today, I will be held accountable tomorrow. It's better to be punished now than to be punished later.

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So the first way is through confession. And the second way is through witnesses, how that four witnesses for witnesses have to come and testify to the act of Xena.

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And these four witnesses cannot just be any four random persons, but they have to be first of all Muslim. Secondly, they have to be male. Women are not acceptable over here. Why? Why do you think so? Women are emotional, and they tend to exaggerate Miss Anita, especially when it comes to these affairs. When it comes to these matters. Women, they go by their emotions, more than by logic. So first of all Muslims secondly, male, thirdly, they have to be seen, mentally stable. Fourthly, they have to be mature as well.

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And fifth, they have to be free. Not slaves, because a slave can be forced by his master.

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And six, they have to be just as well. And remember that these witnesses, they should have witnessed the act of Xena with their own eyes. You understand? They have to have witnessed the act of Xena with their own eyes. It cannot be that they say that. Yes, we saw the man and the woman holding hands at the restaurant.

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And then they went up to their hotel room? Nope. They went up to the hotel room. We don't know what they did. How do you know if they committed sin or not? You have to have seen the act with your own eyes. And remember that if there is doubt, then the head will not be implemented.

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For example, if the person comes and he confesses in the first case, he comes in confesses, he confesses three times in the fourth time, he makes an ambiguous statement. Or he says something that goes against his first confession, then in that case, the punishment will not be executed on him. All four times the confession has to be clear.

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Similarly, if the person comes and he says so and so has committed Zina, and he produces only two witnesses, not four,

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then what will happen? Will the punishment be executed? No.

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It will not be executed on those who have been accused of Zener. Or, for example, if one witness says something different, if one witnesses I think so I think it was like that. I'm not that, sure. Again, the punishment will not be executed. So what do we see that in order for a person to be proven guilty, and for the punishment to be executed, the punishment has to be proven, it has to be proven, or the person has to have confessed first.

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Because if this is not the case, then every second person will be accused of sin.

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Because unfortunately, such conversations are very, very common amongst people, that two people are seen working together perhaps on something or they're seen talking to one another. And people think there is a relationship between the two, something wrong, something fishy when I saw them yesterday, as well. And I saw her in his car as well.

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Like, I know that somebody was in a car. And all of these men, they happen to have long hair, all of them.

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And when this other man he saw them from outside, he said that in the car, they were women.

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So unfortunately, this is our way that we assume a lot. We assume a lot. That just because we see someone in a particular place at a particular time with someone we think they're committing Zina, we have to guard our tongue. So we have to be extremely careful. So before we proceed, what do we see in this ayah that the punishment for a sinner has been mentioned. And this punishment is extremely severe. Why? Because this crime is also very severe. This crime is hated by almost 100.

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And we will see that in order to prevent in many, many commands have been given in the salon.

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For example, we see that when entering the house, we have been commanded that we should seek permission when we enter somebody else's house, seek permission.

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Now if for example, the man goes to his friend's house, and just walks in, and there is a sister sitting over there.

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Now, what's that going to lead to? Perhaps a wrong relationship? A low item, it might lead to that.

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So in our religion, all the doors that lead to Zinner even they're closed. seminary, we see that in the solar the command has been given that when a person reaches marriageable age, then they should be married. Why? Because if they're not married, that what is that going to lead to? How long relationships

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similarly, the command to lower the gaze has been given. The command of hijab has been mentioned disorder, and a severe warning has been given in the soldier against spreading scandals.

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So we see that in our religion, it's not just that, find the criminal, find the guilty and punish him immediately. No, in our religion, we have also been taught as to how to prevent the chances of that crime occurring, the chances of that crime ever happening, prevented from before Don't let it happen. Don't let it get to that stage.

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And if a person violates all of these crimes, and he reaches the last stage and he commits in, then that is unforgivable, that cannot be pardoned, then that person has to be punished. This is why the punishment is also very severe.

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We listen to the recitation this ayah

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to me

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