Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 26 – L270C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The concept of hellfire is discussed in various ways, including court, media, and online. A woman named Jana is supposed to return to Islam and receive a promised gender change. The rights of individuals, including being protected from fear and valued, are also emphasized. The importance of self control and gratitude in achieving happiness is also discussed. The conversation concludes with a recitation about wanting to go to LA.
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Yo Mana kulu on the day we will say ledger Hanauma to hellfire. hallym talathi Have you been filled up? What a coup and it will say help me moseyed are there some more on that day when so many are thrown into hellfire. So many one after the other one group after the other one nation after the other one individual after the other. When Hellfire seems to have been filled up, Allah will say to Hellfire helium talathi are you for intellect the meme lamb Hamza? Are you full now? With all the groups with all the oma that have been thrown into you? Why would Allah subhanaw taala ask this question for confirmation of his promise to fill it with mankind engine?

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Because Allah said, Unless Johanna, I will fill up hellfire.

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So when the people are thrown into Hellfire, Allah will question Hellfire heleen telepathy because Allah said I will fill it up. So he will question Hellfire hallym telepathy, but Hellfire, it will respond what akula Hellman mercy? Are there any more?

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What does it mean by this response? Helman? muzzin. This has been understood in two ways that this is different in carry, meaning that the Hellfire will say that I only have capacity for what I have been filled up with. In other words, there's no more room. How many machines are there more tickle? There's no more room in here. What do we learn from various is of the Quran? That Hellfire mecanim But isn't it a place that is narrow? Isn't it? People will be stuffed into hellfire. As people are in hellfire. More women are sent into hellfire. What will they say lamb or heaven become? No welcome for you. You're not welcome here. Why? Because it's already so tight. It's already stuffed. So the

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Hellfire will respond Hello members. Are there more meaning every part of me is full. Every part of me is full.

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Secondly, it is also said Helmut muzzin this is understood this is different for all of the other. This is the stuff I'm questioning to ask for more, that there is room home as it Are there more. There is plenty of room here.

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We learn from a hadith that is recorded in Bukhari, that Abu huraira the learner He said, The Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, he said paradise and Hellfire quarreled. They had an argument,

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Hellfire said, I have been favorite with the arrogant people, and the tyrants meaning all these big big people of dunya people like for their own people like ours, and some would, they're going to come into me.

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And paradise said, What is wrong with me that only the poor and the humble? Enter me. You understand? That Hellfire will boast about taking in Who? The arrogant the mighty.

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And paradise will say that only the poor and humble enter me. So Allah subhanaw taala will say to paradise, you are my mercy, with which I grant mercy to those who I will among my servants. And he said to Hellfire, that you are my punishment, which I inflict upon whom I wish from my servants and I shall fulfill both of you. Both of you shall be filled up, they will not be left empty. As for Hellfire, it will not have its fill until Allah puts his foot over it and it will say enough enough.

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Because when Allah will question hallym tala t it will say hello, members it meaning yes more, send more, send more. And then Allah will place his foot over hellfire. And in Hellfire will say enough enough it will become full and its sides will come close to each other mean then it will contract then it will shrink. It will come close to each other.

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Because what do we learn about the Hellfire from Serato mulk if you read the description of Hellfire, it says Oh, it's a wild angry monster that is erupting. Isn't it? in rage, fury, anger, fire, what happens to it it spreads it cannot stay controlled. So this is how Hellfire is as if it's so spacious, never becoming full. So Allah penalty will force it to become full and he will close it. And then Allah shall not be unjust to any one of his servants. As for paradise, Allah will create another creation definit

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Allah who will also fill gender, how, with another creation to fill it.

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So Yamanaka, Rolly Johanna Mahalia masala tea water kulu helmy Murthy Hellfire will ask is there any more? What was the fattier janitorial mata kena and paradise will be brought near to the righteous little very not far at all. To the mattina Allah will bring Jana close to them

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So that they don't have to go all the way, but rather gender will be brought close to them. What this means is that the distance to paradise will reduce entry into gender will be very quick. What is the fetal genital mattina Layla buried? Not far at all, it will be very close, because instead of the Lr 56 Allah says in the Rahmatullahi caribou middle mercy at the mercy of Allah is very close to the mercy it's not far intrarater sharara ayah 9291 What was the fatal genital mattina were resettled visited him on Halloween, and paradise will be brought near to the righteous and Hellfire will be brought forth for the aviators. However, to Arjuna, it will be sad, this is what you were

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promised. But this is promised for who john is promised for who, for someone who does something, they could leave a weapon hafeez for every person who returned to Allah, and every person who keeps his covenant. This gender is promised to a web and hafeez who is a web one who is constantly returning deliberately, consciously, repeatedly, returning, returning to to his Lord.

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What does it mean by this?

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It has been said that what this means is that a person who is very repentant, every person makes mistakes. But a love is He who, when he makes a mistake, instantly, immediately, every single time, who does he return to Allah seeking His forgiveness, he makes a mistake. He turns to Allah, He makes another mistake, he turns to Allah again.

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Our like, though that is Allah, as soon as you realize you made a mistake, what did you do? Hold on a

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second, it has been said that a web is He who turns to a law in every state, whether he's alone, or he is in public, meaning he remembers a law. When he makes a mistake, he turns to a loss seeking His forgiveness. When he does something good. He turns to Allah, praying to Allah to accept his good that he has done.

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When he's in difficulty, again, he turns to Allah seeking his out.

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When he's happy, again, he turns to Allah, thanking Him, praising him a word in every situation in every place in every circumstance, who is returning back to? Who is he going back to again and again, a law that could lead to the person who remembers a lot like this gentleman's promise to him.

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Then it has also been said that a web is He Who praises a lot much just as we learned earlier that the ijebu A will be Morrow, what does it mean by a will be meaning repeat the praises without their insulin? So a web is who the one who praises a lot much the one who remembers Allah much the one who turns to a lot repeatedly, and he's also Hatfields, who is happy because you don't have the one who guards a lot, the one who's very careful, the one who was very attentive, her field is basically used for a watchman, the keeper,

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a watchman is always alert. He looks after what he has to watch very carefully in a very alert manner. He's never ever negligent. So who is happy is preserver of what should be preserved? What is to be preserved? What is to be looked after? We can divide this into two things, the rights of Allah and the rights of people.

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The rights of Allah, what do they include? river that isn't

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so happy is meaning one who guards his

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guards is a rebuttal. What does it mean by that? whenever one has to worship Allah, he's careful. He doesn't miss it. He doesn't neglect it. He doesn't delay it. He doesn't avoid it. Either. He's he feels careful about his Salawat it's not that one day he prays he reads Quran and then for the next month, he's oblivious. No, he feels very careful about the rights of Allah.

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And he feels that he's careful with regards to his eyes, his ears, out of fear of Allah subhanaw taala. He's careful about what he sees what he hears what he says. He feels guarding himself, with regards to Allah, protecting himself out of the fear of Allah. That he protects his ears. He doesn't listen to anything that Allah does not want him to listen to. He doesn't say anything that Allah does not want him to see. does not see anything that Allah does not want him to see how he feels. This person is promised gender

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and heavy is also with regards to people their rights, being attentive about their rights being mindful about what they deserve.

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So her the murderer

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Doing a liquidly a web in her field. It has also been said that her field is half filled with a newbie had tired urine, meaning a person who is careful about the mistakes that he has made until he repents from them.

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Meaning it's not that he makes a mistake. he commits a sin and he forgets it. No. He remembers it.

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He's not careless about them. No, he's very, very careful. And he seeks forgiveness actively, sincerely,

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Mancha, Shia Ramana Will you be who feared the Most Merciful unseen he never saw Allah yet he was afraid of Allah. This is why he was a web. This is why he was herpes. He never saw Allah Allah is in the unseen from him. Yet he feared Allah and Monica Romana belay believe is also that when he was in the unseen from the people, meaning when he was alone, he was afraid of who the last

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man Hashi web would be called by money. And he came with a heart that is muneeb a heart that is returning in repentance muneeb who is money? Again, one who returns repeatedly.

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If you think about it earlier, a web was mentioned over here money was mentioned. A web is referring to the entire personality, that a person is starting to along with his heart, in his actions, constantly turning to Allah, with his tongue and his tongue, he constantly brings back to the core of Allah. In his heart, he constantly brings back the remembrance of Allah, in his actions he constantly brings back obedience to Allah worship of Allah. And over here in particular what is mentioned will be money, the one who turns to Allah with his heart, therefore he is always conscious of Allah aware of Allah, these two qualities are aware and alimony. What do they show?

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consciousness of Allah soprano,

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isn't it and they also show self control.

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Because in order for a person to turn to Allah again and again in obedience,

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in order for a person to turn to Allah in his art, remember him again and again, seek His forgiveness, praise Him, thank him, ask him for help. What does he have to do? control himself?

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Because in times of difficulty, what do we want to do? Went in front of others, isn't it? Or we just want to slip away? This is not called the money. When we're happy, what do we want to do just enjoy, have fun, but you have to have self control over there take time to thank him as well. Remember that this has come to you from him.

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So, these qualities, what do they show to us self control,

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that in times of anger, the person controls himself remembers Allah does not yell.

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In times of happiness, he controls himself does not boast but rather he remembers a lot and thanks him. So such people alone will take to the Hulu her on a view enter it. How be Salomon NPS enter Jenna, how NPS while being secure from punishment.

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And when you will enter Gemma, then you will be in Santa. You will be secure from all sorrows, all worries from any blessing ever being taken away from you. Oh, hello, happy Salah. And odo be Salam also means with Salam from who from Allah from his angels, because as the people of Ghana will enter Jannah what will happen, the angels will greet them with the greeting of Santa odo Hello happy Salaam, Malika yo Hello. This is the day of eternity.

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This is the day of eternity.

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Just imagine this, feel this, there Lika yomo. Hulu.

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Hulu is to last forever, to be eternal, to never come to an end. It's basically when something remains as it is never changing, never getting corrupted, never decaying. It stays in its original state.

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velyka yo mahalo. This is the day of immortality. This is the day of being everlasting. In general, there is no death after today.

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Now you enter general odo Hello Javi salam, this is the day that eternity begins. Now you're never going to die. Now you're never going to come out of Jenna. You're never going to be taken out of Jana. No Danica Mohamoud and you will remain in the state of happiness and pleasure forever and ever.

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I will Sarita the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said that death will be brought like a horn drum and will be made to stand between paradise and hellfire. It will be said oh people

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Faraday's, do you know what this is? They will raise their heads and they will look and they will say yes, this is that it will be said, or people have hellfire. Do you know what this is? And they will raise their heads and they will look and we'll say, yes, this is death, then the command will be given for death to be slaughtered. And that it will be said, Oh people of paradise. It is eternal. There is no death, or people of Hellfire, it is eternal, there is no death. We learn from another version, that if anyone could die out of joy at that moment, who would it be? The people of Paradise but there is no death, so they will not die. And if anyone were to die out of despair, it

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would be the people of Hellfire, but they will not die because their Lika will collude. That is the day of eternity. That is the time that once it has begun it will never come to an end. And it's full of blessings for the people of Jenna lahoma Sha una fi Ha. They will have whatever they wish. They're in weather data moseyed and with us as much more.

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In general they have whatever they want, because every wish of theirs will be granted.

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every wish of theirs will be granted. And even if their list comes to an end, we still have much more validate Amazeen we have more more than what more than what they desire, more than what they can imagine more than what they can wish for.

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Because a person can only desire what he can imagine, right? But we see that the bliss of Jenna it's beyond imagination. It's beyond human imagination, because what does Allah say concerning gender? That I have prepared? What No, I have seen, no ear has heard its description, and it has not crossed the heart of any human being either.

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So people can only wish for what they can imagine and that they will have because Allah says no Maya, but Is that everything? You know, people say sometimes that I wish there could be a house of chocolate river of this favorite drink of mine. That's only what you can imagine.

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That's only what you can wish for. But Allah has more than what you can wish for as well. He will surprise you with what you cannot even imagine. Well a Dana moseyed

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and mozzie daughter refers to more than what people wish for, which is a law's approval, his forgiveness and his countenance looking at him, that Allah being happy with his servants, him having forgiven His servants those engender, never being upset with them ever again.

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We learn from a hadith the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Allah will say to the people of Paradise, for people of Paradise, he will call them and they will respond lebay Oh ALLAH and Saturday, will hire will be a day you can all good is in your hands. Allah will say, Are you satisfied? Are you happy? Because lahoma Sharon, they will say why should we not be satisfied or our Lord, as you have given us what you have not given to any of your creative beings? In other words, you've given us everything that we could ever want. He will say, shall I not give you something better than that? And they will say, Oh our Lord, what else could be better than that? What else could be better than

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that? When we have everything and he will say I bestow my pleasure on you. This is moseyed one a day Nemazee that I was still my pleasure on you and will never be angry with you after that. Never be angry with you after that.

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One a day no mercy.

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And the home Masha Olivia, Indonesia, what happens? A person wishes and he wishes he desires. But those desires never come to an end, isn't it? Those wishes never come to an end in dystonia.

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But in general, we see that people will wish and they'll be given they'll desire and they'll be given to the point that they will not even have any more desire left in the sense that everything they could ever want has been given to them.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala will surprise him with moseyed which is that Allah will bestow His happiness upon them.

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We learned Lilith in arson, her smell. Was he for those people who have done exam for them is her Sunnah meaning paradise. And also, was he more than that? What is more than gentlemen, what is better than gentlemen? What is above every blessing

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elicited one, his happiness, his approval, his forgiveness.

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We listen to the recitation

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why not the hobbyist

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to LA

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