Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 01 – L002D

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is discussed, including its use in relation to the church's "has" and its significance in Arabic language. The speakers also discuss various topics related to Islam, including the beast's name, the importance of praying, risk and tangible things that can be touched, and the concept of "will" and its use in various settings. The speakers emphasize the importance of practicing and practicing every day to benefit from the Quran and avoid mistakes.
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shavon rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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let's go over the lesson I will test you as to what you have written

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Surah Al Baqarah Tell me something about the surah

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it's a very good, how many verses does it have? Do 186 and any other special point about this any special feature about this unique feature?

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It's alight what else cherdon does not enter the house where the pseudo is recited

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it learning social worker there is blessing in ignoring it there is sorrow. So the current sort of area and bond both will be like light and shade on the Day of Judgment for who? For those who learn it, read it implemented.

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Anything else? It's the longest surah of the Quran

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two and a half years. Why is this little named Al Baqarah? Because of the story of the guy which is mentioned in the solar

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as for the first day of sort of Baccarat le Flan me, what do these roof mean? What's the meaning of these hurdles?

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What is the meaning of these things?

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They have no exact meaning, but they have a significance they have an importance they have some purpose, what is that purpose?

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One is to draw the attention of the listener what else to prove the miraculous nature of the

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next day, then he can kita Bulava Fie

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Valley can kita kita is this everybody? The Quran, the word velyka has been used to point to the Quran Why? That equals used for that which is far but the Quran is right in front of you. Why is the liquor used?

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Because it is pointing towards the actual book which is in the low hanging fruit and where is that in the seventh heaven?

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What's another reason what's the second reason to express the greatness of the Quran to express the highest status of the Quran? Because you only point to something that is very respectful that is very high that is very glorious, with an Islamic shower that points to something that is for

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so that he can kita boo la vida de

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las panatela says lovely Buffy There is no doubt in it. What kind of adult is right?

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What kind of adult is right? What do you remember?

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One that creates unrest in a person it makes him very shaky. It takes his piece away.

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And especially when you're reading a book or when you're listening to something and if you have a doubt like that, you can read it with this, isn't it so it becomes very heavy for you. So right at the beginning Allah tells us there is no doubt in it read this book, with peace of mind with peace of heart and you will be satisfied.

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What does it mean by There is no doubt in the Quran.

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What does it mean by There is no doubt in the

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in the fact that it has been revealed by Allah subhanaw taala. But another reason

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one is in the fact that this has been revealed by Allah Spanos Allah, what's another reason?

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Yes, in the fact that it has the best guidance for mankind. What's another reason

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that there is nothing incorrect in it? Everything that you read in the Quran is going to be accurate. So then you can narrow your fee. Why was this book sent? What does Allah say? What's the purpose? To guide Hu

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l Motoki, those who have Docker? What is Docker? What is Docker?

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I want everybody to raise their hands if you know the answer.

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To take protection from the punishment of Allah from the disapproval of Allah. This is very important. Okay to take protection against the disapproval punishment of our last panel data How? By doing what he's pleased with, and by abstaining from that which he is displeased with. So that little motto clean What does it mean by that? That the Quran is a guide for those who have the core? It's a guide for everybody. What do you mean by that?

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Only those who have Taqwa can benefit from the guidance that is in the

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Do you remember the two types of guidance that I told you about hedaya that is off his shirt and he died that is off Sophie?

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He died his shirt. We can understand this as he died in me. guidance that has to do with knowledge. And the second type of guidance is he Daya Armani though few feet means what that a lot gives the person the ability to do or armor on their aim that he has received.

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Now the Quran embarks he directed me as well as armor

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As for Hidayat ilmi, who was the recipient of that, everybody. And as for who they are Molly, who is the recipient of that

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only those who have Taqwa

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they will have the trophy to do an AMA on the Quran as well. And if you notice the characteristics of the people of Takada mentioned over here, they have to do with armor, isn't it? So they have a man, they established the prayer they spend, what does that show action on?

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So called imparts a dire in me as well as the dire Armani it means for everybody, but only those will gain from the Quran, who have been given the trophy of the last panel data. And what is the condition for that to have the code?

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So what are the characteristics of mood token that are mentioned in the following verses? What's the first characteristic? What's the first characteristic?

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And levina? You mean owner? belhaj be those who believe in the unseen Is it important to believe in the unseen?

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Why is it so important to believe in the unseen?

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If you don't believe in the unseen How will you believe in Allah? How will you believe in the Quran?

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So we learned that believing in the unseen is a foundation of the

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it is a foundation it is the basis and that is the real test if we're taught to believe in something that is seen, is that a big deal? No. But when we're told to believe in something that is in the unseen is that a big deal? Yes. So Allah Dena, you mean I believe that's the first point

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that Allah says what's the second quality that the Muto can have?

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There they perfectly established a solid way up Muna salata what is the literal meaning of the word Salah? literal meaning

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the supplication

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and why is the prayer being the ritual prayer the five daily prayers Why are they called a Salah? Why are they called Salah? Why is Salah called Salah?

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Because we make dua to Allah soprano Thailand.

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There are other reasons given as well.

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For example, it has been said that Salah is called for lead because this is from the Arabic word of sila. How will you write a salah and if lamb suad lamb and if

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there is no time or Buddha to a Salah. And our Salah is when a horse lifts up its tail, and then bends it, then lift up its tail and then bends it. Okay. And insula, what do we do? We're standing up, we go down into the core, then we stand up, we go down into sujood, then we rise up, then we go back down into sudo, then we rise up again into the standing position. So this is also an opinion that's what that is called Salah, because this is from the Arabic word which is used for the horse, lifting up and bending its tail again and again.

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Another reason has been given, it is said that solid is derived from sunlight and

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sunlight and root or this word for sir later. In particular, when it is used for root it means to make the piece of wood very soft. How when you rabbit rabbit rabbit, that it becomes thin it becomes fine. And almost suddenly a person who is praying, he humbled himself, he becomes soft, he humbled himself in the prayer.

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So first of all, because we make the iron Salah, secondly because of the actions that are in the center, and thirdly because of the humility that is in the center.

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So when you pay Muna salata and they establish the Sala

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what is included in establishing the center, what is included in a comma to Salah

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I gave you four points.

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It says to pray in the prescribed manner, to pray in the prescribed manner, such as facing the Qibla having the correct will do fulfilling all the prerequisites of Salah, fulfilling all the pillars of Salah the shrine of sola. So praying in the prescribed manner. What else is included?

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praying in the prescribed times? What else is included?

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praying in congregation and what's another point? praying consistently praying regularly. So basically a comment of Salah is to give the Salah it's proper do it's how

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to pray the Salah as one should pray in the prescribed way at the prescribed time fulfilling all the prerequisites, praying consistently praying regularly praying and jamara when you do that, what are you

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You're giving the hip hop Salah, Tsukamoto Salah is to get the proper view of Salah.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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This mean

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man you're walking.

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Let me know.

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Let's continue our lesson

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on the salata merasakan

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one member member is a combination of men and men from what

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and the word men in the Arabic language also has several meanings. That says the word B, which is based on just one letter has several meanings in the Arabic language. Similarly, men also have several over here do are relevant. In this context, two meanings are relevant, which inshallah will tell you about First of all, men is off by n. What does bangmi explanation So, it is explanatory. What is the mean by that?

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May Melrose Akane home unifocal What it means is, and that which we have provided them, they spend it

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and that which we have provided them, they spend it were in the way of the last panel data. So in other words, they spend all they spend whatever is required at that time, at that particular occasion at that particular instance, for example, Abubakar or the learner at the occasion of the expedition to the book, what did he spend? What did he spend

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everything he had, do remember that story, but or model the law, he said, I have to give more than a buck. And he brought half of everything he had half of his wealth, and he got there and he found out that aboubaker had brought everything he had. So at certain times, in certain occasions, we have to spend everything we have because that's what the situation demands. For example, some people they save all their lives,

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or they save for like, you know, a few years. Why so that they can go for Hajj. And when they go for Hajj they come back and their bank is empty. There's hardly anything left. isn't a good to save some Yes, it is. But if it's mandatory, you need to do a hedge, then it's better for you to spend all that you have in the way of a loss.

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So Mema main means First of all, it is explanatory giving the meaning of all that they have, depending on the situation. Secondly, men as understood as men off

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the board.

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And the various means some are part of

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so when mementos economy inficon being some of that which we have given them, what do they do with it? They spend it some? Not all of it, but some of it, which is why we see that the cat is the entire wealth. It's two and a half percent. So the call, is it supposed to be all of a person's? Well, no, some of it. So we're members of Chrome infocomm can be understood in two ways.

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For us O'Connor is from the root of all Zay cough.

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Any other word from the same group that you're familiar with it is what does risk mean? provision It is said that risk is every beneficial thing. What is risk, every beneficial thing everything that is a source of man's spiritual or physical sustenance, spiritual or physical sustenance,

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anything that is beneficial. It could be something that is tangible, like for example, food, water, money, cash, house property, this is what tangible something that can be felt something that can be touched something that can be seen.

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And risk also includes that which is intangible meaning those things that we cannot touch or feel or hear or see. They're not physical. Like for example, a person's time, right? A person's ability, the knowledge that a person has been given

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the opportunities that are

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person is given the relationships that a person has been bestowed with

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the time in which a person is living and such things. So tangible as well as intangible.

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So, when mementos aachener home from that which we have provided them, it doesn't mean only the wealth that we have given them, but it also goes to the time that a person has been given the abilities that a person has been given.

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So, all of that which we have provided them out of that what do they do unifocal they spend

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youcome is from North Africa, noon fare off

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in FARC is to spend,

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you may have heard of, in fact, feasibility law or does that mean to spend in the way of a loss penalty

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in fact, literally means a barge What does it mean to go to leave to go away,

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for example, it is said Neff aquatic daba Nakata, meaning when the root of the animal leaves it departs when the animal dies.

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Okay. So, an animal dies, what happens to root leaves when a person dies, what happens to root leaves, so, for that the word never cut is used.

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So, what it means is, when something is used up when something is exhausted, and as it is exhausted, it is gone. Just imagine an animal is used all of its life for different types of work. And then eventually, it expires. Similarly, you have money, it floats between your wallet, and your bank account or something like that. And then when you spend it, what happens, it goes away, it's out of your bank, it's out of your wallet. So this is what in fact means

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it is also said that never quite literally is to make a hole. When you have a hole in something, what happens to it, for example, a hole in the container, what's going to happen to the stuff that's inside the container?

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It's going to go away, it's going to fall out.

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So many models are gonna come into your cone and from what We have provided them, they spend, they spend where

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in the way of Allah, but is that it?

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It is that that? models, okay. Now, if the risk over here refers to wealth in particular, then Unicode means three things. Spending means three things. They spend their wealth, what does it mean by that? First of all, indicates mandatory arms mandatory,

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which is part of the pond a person who falls under the conditions to give zakat.

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Secondly, unification they spend were in sort of

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voluntary charity, voluntary arms. And thirdly, never caught.

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Nakata, less

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mandatory expenditures, where a person is required to spend his wealth,

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on certain things on certain people, for example, for a man to spend on his wife, on his children, on his parents, this is what expenditures that are mandatory upon him, he has to bring food to them, he has to provide them with food, education, so on and so forth.

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So when we matakana, whom and for whom they spend where, if it's wealth, then three ways. First of all, is a cat YG. But secondly, so the cat that are Mr. hubba, meaning voluntary arms that are preferred, and thirdly, never called plasma mandatory expenditures.

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And if raise over your first few other provisions that a person has been given, not just well, but other provision, what does it mean by that, that they use these talents that they have been given when they use these abilities that are las panatela has given many times people will go to a university, they will get a degree, and they will just not use that wealth, of knowledge that they have been given. They will not benefit the people with the knowledge that they have earned with the knowledge that they have gained. So whatever that Allah subhanaw taala has provided them with, what do they do? They're not selfish, that they only hoard whatever they have with themselves, but rather

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they spend so that they can benefit others. They can benefit human beings. They can benefit the rest of the creation. They're not selfish. unifocal Deshpande in the way of Allah.

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Next day, one levena and those who use me No, no, they believe

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They believe in what Bhima Zilla alayka in that which was revealed to you, who does you refer to the prophets of Allah?

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What is it that was revealed on the Prophet sallallahu earlier was in

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the Quran,

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the Quran was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. However, there is also some other knowledge of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was given by a loss of pedo data which is not mentioned in the Quran. Isn't that so? For example, several a Hadees Hadees could see like I told you about the different ahadees about the importance of sort of tobacco? Are they mentioned in the Quran? No, they're not. Where do we learn them from from the Sunnah? Where did the prophets are allowed to send them get that knowledge from, from Allah subhanaw taala.

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So that which has been revealed to you includes the Quran, as well as the Sunnah. So they believe Bhima on zerah alayka, in that which was revealed to you, and they also believe in what we're more on xlm in public and what was revealed before you what was revealed before the Prophet sallallahu sallam, which books, the NGO, the Torah does a book, the survey, Ibrahima Musa, right, and other scriptures that we don't even know

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madonsela alayka woman on dilemma in public everything that was revealed before the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Now, you may wonder that chronologically the Quran was revealed after all of these books, isn't it?

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But the Quran is mentioned first, isn't it? And then the other books I mentioned, why is it so why is the Quran mentioned first?

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Because the essence of all the previous books that is were in the Quran

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and also if you think about it, the previous books are not relevant anymore in the sense that they cannot be applied today. Why? Because they have been changed, they have been lost, they have been forgotten. So the Quran is mentioned first because it is relevant to the context that they believe in the Quran meaning they believe they accept and they found out the Quran to the Quran, as mentioned first because it is relevant to the situation.

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So Allah Deena, you may not be my own Zilla. alayka, warmer on the lemon carbonica. We're Bill irati, whom you can then Allah tells us we're bill, God whom you can bill our hero

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is from the route, Hamza? Ha, ha, ha ha. What does he mean? Last? What's the opposite of that?

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A will, a will means first off it means last,

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I heard is basically that which comes at the end,

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that which comes at the end.

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the Hereafter, is the opposite of dunya. What is it the opposite of the life on this world?

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It is that life which will begin after the life on the earth.

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That life which will begin after life on Earth. So when does it begin? When does the genre begin?

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When does the genre begin?

00:23:26 --> 00:23:35

When the person dies, from the moment of death, up until eternity, in general, or in enough

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so we're bill hero, and in the Hereafter, one you can own they believe with conviction. Notice the word home. What does one mean? They and you can own up notice from the root year of noon. Have you heard of the word Yaki? What does your certainty conviction?

00:23:57 --> 00:24:06

It isn't that your cane is such faith in something that is free from any doubt. It is completely free from doubt.

00:24:07 --> 00:24:23

such faith that is completely free from doubt. It is to be completely convinced about something to know something for certain to be sure about something to have no doubt about it at all, to be 100% Sure.

00:24:24 --> 00:24:40

So for Bill accurate Tomioka. No, you can own is more than just faith. It is more than just knowledge. They have faith, they have knowledge about the hereafter that is free from any doubt they're 100% sure, we'll ask God whom you can.

00:24:41 --> 00:24:42

So what does he mean by that?

00:24:43 --> 00:24:59

That they have absolutely no doubt in the coming of the Day of Judgment, in the establishment of the Day of Judgment, in the reward or punishment that will be given in the Hereafter, but rather, they're completely sure what will fit

00:25:03 --> 00:25:25

So these people, Allah says, Allah, Allah who don't live up to him, those are the people who are on guidance from their Lord. Allah aka Annika means those earlier we read the word velyka What does that mean? That velyka is that and una is those

00:25:26 --> 00:26:01

that Lika is the singular form and Ola iica is the plural form just as you have this and that, similarly, you have these and those these books that are near those books that are up on the shelf, okay, this book, that book, these books, those books, right, so they're Lika Ola, aka velyka is a singular form, hula is the plural form.

00:26:02 --> 00:26:36

And velyka is used to point to something that is far lighter is also used to point to something that is, for vaniqa is used to point to something that is singular that is one and Allah is used to point to something that is far but is more than two. So Ola, aka those people, which people which people this is referring to the mocking those who have been described in the previous verses, those who have Taqwa those who believe in the unseen, those who stand in the way of Allah, those who established the salah.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:56

Those people who have Taqwa who have these qualities, they are Allah who the mirror behind their own guidance from their Lord. Now a question Why is Allah ecos? Why is those used? Why not bees? Huh? Why those are not bees.

00:26:57 --> 00:27:01

My question is, just as the book The Quran,

00:27:02 --> 00:27:14

we learned the ayah that book not this book, similarly, for these people, we learn those people, not these people, why those why that to point to what to highlight what

00:27:15 --> 00:27:34

the highest status, the highest status, so Ola, aka those people, who have such great qualities, those people have such a high rank in the hereafter. They are who are not who they never became, they are on guidance from their Lord,

00:27:35 --> 00:27:47

Allah, Who the upon guidance, what does it mean by upon guidance, meaning there upon the knowledge there upon the tofik? On the AMA, from who, from our last panel?

00:27:49 --> 00:27:53

What does it mean by Mira being there on guidance from their Lord?

00:27:55 --> 00:27:59

Meaning Allah has enlightened the path of guidance for them,

00:28:00 --> 00:28:22

of law has enlightened the path of guidance for them. Allah is showing them the way Allah is leading them on the right way. Their own guidance from their Lord will Karla who they'll never be him, what Allah eco homomorphic and it is those indeed home, they're a lovely home who will be successful.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:31

Notice home this comes again, just as in the previous ayah. Home, you know, even if you remove the home isn't a sentence copy.

00:28:32 --> 00:28:44

Those are the successful ones, but the ISS those they are the successful ones, why they are again, they are again home. This is repeated for two reasons.

00:28:45 --> 00:28:52

This is repeated for two reasons. First of all, to emphasize the fact that it is only such people,

00:28:53 --> 00:29:06

only such people such people who have such qualities who do these things only then none other than them who will be successful. It is only such people who will be successful.

00:29:07 --> 00:29:28

And secondly, it is also to highlight their elevated status. home they will be successful it is to highlight their elevated status. So we're Ola aka homeowner freehold and they will be the ones who are successful. The word muffler Hoon is the plural of moth, the muffler.

00:29:29 --> 00:29:37

And muffler is from the root letters. Fair lamb health, fair lamb. Have you heard of the word fella?

00:29:38 --> 00:29:39

What does it mean?

00:29:41 --> 00:30:00

What else does it mean? success, for that means success. Follow her. Literally. It gives us three meanings. Fela conveys three meanings. First of all, it gives the meaning of splitting cutting, breaking something for

00:30:00 --> 00:30:08

example it is said in her Dida bill How odd you flow, that indeed iron is left with iron.

00:30:09 --> 00:30:24

In the Haditha bill, odd you flew. So you fly who follow what does it mean successful No, over there, it means that it is got it is cleft. So falahat, first of all means to split something to cut something to break something.

00:30:25 --> 00:31:17

Secondly, Fela also conveys the meaning of success, mostly, as we see over here is used for a successful person. And thirdly, fella how also gives the meaning of Baccarat to last to remain to endure, to last to remain to India. So we have three meanings coming from this route. Now we see that from the same route, we get the word filler which is used for a farmer, what does the farmer do? What does he do? He splits he claps he breaks open the earth, He cuts through the earth, what does he do? He sews the seed. And then when he takes care of the plants, when he takes care of his crop, he attains success. And when he has success, he can last longer, isn't it? He can survive

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until the next year. And he does the same thing again. And then he is able to last again until the next year, and the cycle continues. Okay.

00:31:29 --> 00:31:37

And if you think about the farmer, this farming is he has anyone Have you tried to have a vegetable garden?

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in your backyard.

00:31:40 --> 00:31:41

It didn't work, why

00:31:42 --> 00:32:23

the weather conditions. And also you have to be very consistent, isn't you have to be very regular. You have to water the plants at a particular time. You have to sow the seeds at a particular time. You have to know about the plants as well. It's an everyday thing. I tried planting some herbs in my house, and hungry that they survived and hamdulillah. And one thing that I did, I don't know what I was thinking I went away for a few days. And when I came back, they were almost dead. I thought the weather is nice, it's still a bit cold. I'll put them out in the balcony, and they'll survive with the rain. But when I came back, they were almost dead. You know, they were completely ready. All I

00:32:23 --> 00:32:32

had to do was just go pick the Herbes and that's it. They were ready. And because I was not there to reap the fruit at the right time, they were gone.

00:32:33 --> 00:32:41

All the effort that I had done, gone every single day after forger so that I would have to go and water the plants.

00:32:43 --> 00:33:25

It's not easy, you have to be so consistent, you have to be so regular. So for law is used for a farmer, he can ever go take a break, he can ever go take a vacation. He has to be there every single day, looking after his plants looking after his crop. So follow his success. But what kind of success is it? What kind of success? Is it? Easy success that a person gains is because he's lucky. No. It's success that a person attains after putting in a lot of hard work after being very consistent after being very regular. After being very careful, very conscious, very alert.

00:33:26 --> 00:33:43

And we see that the first quality of the successful people is what those who have the core, those who are conscious, then we have belief in the NC, then we have a comma to select. What is the comma to solid, being consistent being regular.

00:33:44 --> 00:33:51

So such people who have these qualities Allah tells us, they're the ones who will be successful,

00:33:52 --> 00:34:01

even if it is how he said that the successful ones are those who attain what they seek, and are saved from the evil from which they flee.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:12

Who are they who attain what they seek, they attain their goal. And they are saved from the evil from which they flee.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:21

So the Moto team, they have taken protection against what against the punishment of Allah, that is what they're running away from.

00:34:22 --> 00:34:34

And what are they going towards, towards the pleasure of Allah. So who are the successful ones, then those who attain the pleasure of Allah and those who are saved from the punishment of Allah.

00:34:35 --> 00:34:42

We learn in the Quran from anzor they have an interview with odo Hillel janitor for core defenders.

00:34:43 --> 00:34:57

So earlier on we learned that he who is drawn away from the fire and admitted to paradise, then he has attained success. So who are the successful ones, or the successful ones?

00:34:58 --> 00:34:59

Those who will enter john

00:35:01 --> 00:35:08

Those who will get the benefit those who will reap the benefit when, after having put in a lot of hard work

00:35:10 --> 00:35:11

and where do we put the effort?

00:35:13 --> 00:35:15

Now, in the dunya in this life

00:35:17 --> 00:35:18

let's listen to the recitation

00:35:20 --> 00:35:21

Miss min

00:35:35 --> 00:35:39

can kita boleh ye Murphy, he

00:35:50 --> 00:35:51

was a foreigner

00:35:55 --> 00:35:57

well levina you

00:36:25 --> 00:36:26

What do you understand?

00:36:31 --> 00:36:44

You understand the words then only it goes in, get into general requires some effort from us requires some work from us. We have begun our journey to study the Quran to learn the Quran to benefit from the Quran.

00:36:45 --> 00:37:14

And right at the beginning, Allah subhanaw taala told us about certain things we have to do to make sure that we benefit from the Quran. You're gonna spend 18 months a year and a half studying the Quran. Don't you want to get some benefit? Of course you do. All of us have come here with the intention to benefit from the Quran. And Allah tells us if you want to benefit from the Quran, not just knowledge but also armor then these are some things that you must do that you have to do.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:21

So make a checklist for yourself make a list of all these actions and ask yourself everyday Am I doing these things?

00:37:23 --> 00:37:32

Because many times you will hear people say you know I know such and such they read the entire plan but you see them they're still doing the same bad things that they used to do they haven't changed a little bit even

00:37:33 --> 00:37:35

why the problem is not what the

00:37:36 --> 00:38:00

what is wrong. We're not doing these things. We prayed intuitive Fatiha if dean of Serato Mr. Clean Oh Allah guide us to the right way over here let's elders oola aka Allah Buddha Mira became such are the people who are on guidance from their Lord. You asked for guidance. We pray for guidance every day. And Allah tells us if you want guidance, this is what you have to do.

00:38:02 --> 00:38:17

subhanak Allahumma will be handicapped by Chateau La ilaha illa Anta Lester fuuka wanted to LA. Just one more thing. You have to memorize the word to word translation. Okay, that's a daily thing now. Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

Al-Baqarah 1-5 Word-Analysis 1-5

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