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Al-Maidah 6-14 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 7-10

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Hello Jean Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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what guru near Matala here alaikum. And remember the favor of Allah upon you, who is being commanded, and Latina woman, because the previous is a un Latina, amadora dressed.

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So what's going on here mattala here they can remember the blessing of Allah upon you which blessing, the blessing of Islam and all other blessings that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon us.

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Whether it is food or family, freedom, life, happiness, any kind of blessing that Allah has given, remember it, don't forget it.

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Why is the loss of panatela commanding us to remember the best things so that we are grateful to him?

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Because the previous eye ends with our local guru, so that you can do it.

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Now when can you have the motivation to obey Allah? When can you have the motivation to obey Allah to perform Armando sila when you realize that Allah has given you so many blessings?

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You know, just think about it when you realize that somebody has been so nice to you automatically. You want to listen to them. When you realize that they've been so nice to you automatically, you listen to them, you want to listen to them, you want to do something to please them.

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So there are no Campeche. karoun and then Allah says what kurunegala de la here la come so that you can be grateful to Allah, so that you can follow His commands.

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And also remember what, what Misa who as well as his Misa as well as his covenant,

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which covenant is this? Which covenant is this? Some have said that this refers to the earth LS, which inshallah we will read in Sultan Allah.

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The covenant that was made with all human beings before they were sent to the earth. Before even they were created, meaning they were given their physical bodies.

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Others have said this Messiah refers to the covenant which the believer is made with the profits that allow her to send them at different occasions, at different instances.

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So for instance, at her debut, the Sahaba, they made a covenant with the profits of the lonesome at Aqaba, before the profits are a lot of sudden migrated to Medina, again, there was a nice app that Sahaba had made with the profit settlement or something.

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And what was this means that what was this covenant of Summer and Fall of obedience to the profits or loss of faithfulness? So, remember, this promise? Remember this contract that you may

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that person might say, I was not there?

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For example, you and I, we weren't there when that promise was made.

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So why is a lot of times are they saying that remember, this means up?

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For us? What does it mean by me? So, meaning, the implied Misa that is made with every believer when he accepts email?

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When a person says that he is a believer, then there are some obligations that fall upon him? some responsibility, some duties. When a person says that I believe, I believe in Allah as my Lord, what does it mean? Whatever my Lord will tell me I will do. However, Allah wants me to live my life I will do whatever commands Allah has given me I will accept whatever Allah is prohibited me from I will stay away from, it's a promise.

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And in result for this, there is gender. So it's two sided, you obey, and Allah will give you so remember this Misuk remember the fact that you're a believer,

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unless he was alpha COVID, that which you made firmly

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in Kota when you said samina, what authority when you said we will hear and we will obey, that we will hear everything that you command us, what authority and we will obey.

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Meaning we will obey in every matter that you command us or forbid us from

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any command you give us. We will obey anything you forbid us from we will stay away from Sameer now what are not in all times in all situations?

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Whether we like it, or we dislike it somewhere in our a foreigner doesn't apply to us as well. That when we say we're a believer, I'm going to be left What does it mean? That wherever my Lord tells me I will do so if Allah tells me perform will do before praying the Salah will do.

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If Allah tells me eat Helen, what does it mean? It Hello. When you set somewhere in our Aparna, we will hear and we will obey what duckula and fear Allah meaning in all times in all situation, regarding the mishap that you have made with Allah, in the Maha Lima without a salute Indeed Allah is Knowing

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Have that which is in the chests, what is in the chest, the heart, meaning what ever, your heart has meaning whatever you think about whatever you feel, whatever emotion you have, whatever doubt you have, whatever feelings you have, a lot of panel data is fully aware of them.

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What we learned from this is,

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first of all, we learned that in order to be grateful, a person must remember the favors of Allah. In order to be grateful a person must remember the favors of them.

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If you're finding it difficult to worship Allah, if you're finding it difficult to obey a certain command of a loss penalty, what should you remember?

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The blessings that Allah has?

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Like, for example, it's difficult for someone to praise Allah. What should they remember?

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That? Why is it difficult for me to answer my lord five times a day, when he has answered my doors so many, many times, when I have asked him for something, and even when I have not asked him for something, I call upon my Lord, he responds, and when Allah calls me, I don't respond. So when you think about the blessings of Allah, it becomes easier to respond to the carnival, it becomes easier to obey. And last time,

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we also learnt from this I about the obligation of remembering the blessings of

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the obligation of remembering the blessings of Allah. And if you don't say the obligations, and at least the fact that it's highly recommended, because Allah said, What guru because if a person does not remember the blessings of Allah, then it leads him to arrogance, because he thinks that it is his own achievement. It leads him to negligence to heedlessness, that he doesn't care about the blessings that he has. He treats them insignificant. And as a result of that a person forgets the commands that Allah has given him and his obligations towards Allah subhanaw taala.

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We also learn from the side about the warning against the one who does not have to report the one who is not grateful. The one who does not fulfill his promise with Allah. What's the warning that Allah is fully aware, he knows what's in your heart, you say that you're a believer and you don't do what you're required to do. Allah knows what's in your heart.

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We also learned that Deen religion is about commitment. Being a Muslim, does not mean that you have the title of a Muslim, or that you have a Muslim name or that you belong to a Muslim family. Or that you think you're a Muslim, or that you show on your passport that you're a Muslim. No, being a Muslim means that a person fulfills his promise with a law

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which promise the promise of summer and thoughts America will authority that whatever his Lord commands him, he accepts, he obeys.

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We also learn from this ayah that the court is actually in the heart. Because Allah says in the law, it must be there to salute and right before that what the law, the choirs mentioned, what does actually the court is in the heart.

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Yeah, you Valentina. amanu. Or you I believe, Guru kawaman and Allah be persistently standing firm for Allah.

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We did a very similar Ayah earlier in sort of, in the sense that, yeah, you're Latina, I'm an akuna for women, but as a Wyoming, ones who are persistently, constantly, tirelessly standing up, doesn't mean they never sit. What does it mean? That they constantly support they constantly adhere to, they constantly support they constantly adhere to so called opa wamena, lillah be ones who are standing persistently for a loss.

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What does it mean by this go? Well, I mean, and

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what this means is that be persistent in fulfilling what is his view? Meaning what is the Huq of Allah?

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Stand firm, for the hukou, kavala, the rights of Allah? What are the rights of Allah, that he is worshipped, that he is shown gratitude that he is obeyed. The hack of Allah is that a person worships Him that a person remembers him and does not forget him. that a person shows gratitude to him, and does not show in gratitude to him. that a person obeys him and does not disobey Him. kuno amin and Allah constantly stand in obedience to Allah stand firm for the rights of Allah.

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And that includes making sure that a person himself is fulfilling his duties towards a lot. And he's also ensuring that other people around him are also giving the hook will cover most.

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Especially, for instance, a person's children, that you make sure that you are giving the heck of a lot and your children are those who are under you in some way, in some respect, even they're given the hoopoe, Kabbalah Kanaka woman and Allah

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and then that also gives a sense of, for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of fame, not for the sake of people, but only for the sake of Allah subhanho

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Shahada because as witnesses for Christ for justice, meaning you must witness only to that which is just below

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that testify to the truth, testify to the truth.

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So Shahada, meaning witnesses for the truth, meaning when you testify, make sure your testimony your witness is that of that of justice.

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When I entered Monaco, and it should not incite you

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yejide mana come from Jean for me, it should not drive you It should not incite you, you know you should not be carried away by what by the Shanna or Napoleon, by the enmity to a certain people,

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and what is the emotion and only meaning your enmity to them or their and muddy for you, just because you dislike a person, just because you dislike a particular people, a particular country, a particular family, a particular race or a particular tribe, just because you dislike them, this dislike this hatred should not urge you, you should not be carried away by this hatred, Allah upon a net are the new that you do not do either.

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Or the loser newsletters. I know.

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And what does it mean? That you give every person what they deserve?

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that every person is given what they deserve. The airport could literally happen, how come it is to give every the help every deserver every person who is worthy of some help, is happy. That is what others.

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And I don't get the sense of balance as well. Because you cannot give everybody what they deserve without maintaining a balance.

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Generally, what do we do? We give the haka one thing. And we deprive we ignore, do.

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by for example, if you're very careful about giving the half of let's say your husband, it's possible that you neglect yourself

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that you give the half of your self and you neglect your husband. It happens. But what does it mean that you give everyone what they deserve?

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It could not have been have a who, that's what the profits are.

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So the enmity that you have for some people, it should not drive you do being unjust to depriving some people of their health. Because many times what happens? What's the reason behind injustice? It's hatred. The reason behind injustice is what? hatred? I don't like him. I don't like her. I don't like them. They do this and they do that I disagree with them. And therefore, I cannot speak to them nicely. I cannot speak them respectfully.

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So many times the reason behind injustice is this like it is hatred. What does Allah say? That this hatred for some people, it should not urge you to be unjust.

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Okay, hatred should not be in the heart. But even if it is, it should only stay in the heart It should not come out in your actions.

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Enter the loop do other meaning be just on your part, who are Acropolis taqwa it is closer to the core. What does it mean by this? It is closer to the core.

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Meaning it will most likely going to make you a McDuffie and it's going to increase you in your taco.

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And secondly, in the afternoon, there is a parabola taqwa that it is closer to saving you from the fire.

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That if you do other than you will more likely be saved from the hellfire.

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What Tokunaga and fear Allah in the law Have you done Indeed Allah is fully aware. Be my time alone of whatever you do.

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What do we learn from this? Ayah

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What do we learn from this I first of all, Kunal Amina Laila who don't confuse the two iron

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early redco one

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minute we'll paste

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over here. We don't have one minute delay. What does it mean for the hoopoe Kabbalah? So first of all, we learned about the obligation of standing up for the rights of olanzapine

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for the hope of Allah

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when it comes to performing the Salah, sometimes we're very careful, very persistent, but other times will become negligent.

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If we focus on Salah, we ignore maybe reciting the Quran. If we focus on reciting the Quran, we ignore us. If we pray the Salah, then we are not otherwise conscious of Allah subhanaw taala. What does it mean by Kunal? aware meaning that

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meaning constantly, persistently, always in every situation? whose rights should you be standing up for a loss?

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Because sometimes because of the friendship for someone, love for someone, what do we do? We neglect the rights of a lot. We're having so much fun, loving someone who we love, entertaining ourselves that we need lactose Allah. We love the meal that we're eating the food we're eating that we will delay the sooner we will neglect the sooner. So Oh, I'm in at the last meeting in every situation with all people whose rights should you stand up firm for the rights of a loss.

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Secondly, we also learned about the obligation of standing up for justice because she had a bill Bilkis that you should stand up for justice when you witness your witness should be off justice, meaning you should support justice.

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And that should also be only for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And when it comes to standing up for justice, it is applicable in a person's personal life, family life in his married life with his friends with his colleagues in politics, every level, standing up for justice, it is mandatory in every aspect of life.

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We learned from Heidi's as reported in potty and Muslim, a normal kind of a machine he said that my father gave me a gift. My father, he gave me a gift. But my mother, she said that she would not agree that he gave me a gift unless he made a loss messenger as a witness to it. Meaning he has to tell the prophets of Allah Sodom, that he gave me this gift. So my father went to a loss messenger to ask him to be a witness to his giving me the gift. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked, Have you given the like of it to every one of your offspring? Meaning that you give the same gift equivalent gift to all of your children? He replied in the negative, that no, I've only given this particular

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gift to my one son. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Have the quote of Allah and treat your children equally. I shall not be witness to injustice,

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I will not be a witness to injustice. And what did you say have Tacoma Tacoma after Coachella and treat your children equally?

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So what does it mean? That when it comes to standing up for justice, being firm on justice, giving everybody their right, you're the loo doing other? What does it mean? that a person must have other in his personal life when it comes to dealing with his children, when it comes to dealing with his colleagues when it comes to dealing with his friends, when it comes at a political level, even idle is something that is mandatory.

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We also learn from this ibat the obligation of his last sincerity in standing up for justice, because overhearing has been set shuhada limb only for the sake of Allah, not for the sake of fame. Because if a person does something sincerely for the sake of Allah, then he will be just then he will do it properly, then he will not be biased, then he will make sure that he gives to everyone the hug that they deserve.

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We also learn from this either a person must not get carried away by his emotions, and as a result of that commit injustice against himself against a law or against other people. Because many times when we're overwhelmed by our feelings, our emotions and what do we do? We neglect the rights of who either ourselves or a loss Palatine or other people. It's when we are overcome by our emotions.

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So layer gerrymander Commissioner Andrew commonly enmity, our people and enmity has mentioned over here because enmity, many times you cannot control. Many times enmity is difficult to control. If you have love for someone, you can not show it. But if you have a grudge in your heart, it's very difficult to keep it in very difficult. So this bias should

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simply from the beginning of the message. What is it that's being emphasized over and over again? fulfilling your responsibilities, fulfilling your responsibilities? Oh for Villa records in the first tire. And then now again that Kunal comida de la.

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And before that, remember the covenant that you've made with Allah, remember your promise that I will accomplish Quran and what does sugar mean? That you do some ama?

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In certain Nyssa, we learned about many commands and sort of advocate also, we learned about many commands and what happens sometimes when a person learns, he neglects ama. So this sorta emphasizes that whatever you're learning, make sure you're implementing it as well. Make sure you're acting upon it as well.

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And remember that total maida is the last slot to be revealed.

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And right at the end, the Muslims, what were they being taught that all this deem that you have learned? You have to implement it as well. You have to practice it as well. Remember the rights of the law?

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I number nine,

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where are the love and levena am and what I mean? asylee Howdy, Elias promise those people who believe and do righteous deeds.

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So first of all, even and secondly, I'm so sorry.

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And what does it mean over here, that those people who are grateful how that they don't just say, Thank you, but they also do some armor, meaning they act upon the commands that they have been given.

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What else does our mythology include?

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Those who fulfill promises, those who do other, those who stand up for the rights of Allah, the obligations that Allah has imposed upon them, those people who have Taqwa.

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So those people who don't just have a man, but they also do something, they also show their email. Allah has promised them the home Murphy rotten, for them is forgiveness. for them is forgiveness from who? from Allah subhanaw taala. Because Romania flew by a Lama, who forgives sins except Allah, it's only Allah, Who forgives sins.

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So for such people, there is forgiveness for Arlene and also a great reward. And this great reward is going to be according to the greatness of the deeds of a person.

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So what do we learn?

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First of all, we learn about the felina the excellence of a man and

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the excellence the virtue of a man and good deeds, because huge reward has been promised. Notice what Allah has promised this, this is a promise of Allah

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and Allah is going to fulfill His promises. So, we learn about the accidents of human and animal saga, that when a person is human, and he does a little slowly, then he is promised a huge reward.

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We also don't from the side that a man alone is not sufficient.

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A man alone is not sufficient, but rather armor is necessary, which is why thus far we have learned in this order, oh, forbidden food. And repeatedly that remember your covenant that you've made with Allah and fulfill your obligation. So he man alone is not sufficient but rather it is necessary.

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When Medina cafaro and those people who disbelieve what cuz there will be a Latina and they deny Our Ayat which I

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which is

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only the shuttering Coney as well, because when a person denies the county is on what is the county

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I include

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the signs in the universe, basically the creation of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So if a person rejects that, no, the sun is not created by Allah, The moon is not a creation of Allah. I am not a creation of Allah, what is he denying the Ruby of Allah, the Lordship of Allah.

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At the same time, he's also denying the setback of our allies alcoholic. He is a rub, he is Al Malik.

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So when a person denies is Kony, what is he denying? Who is it denying? Allah soprano.

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Secondly, I add over here first to shutter, meaning the verses that Allah has revealed. So those people who first of all they display, and secondly can double. And what does that mean? What's the difference between copper and

00:25:53--> 00:25:59

copper is to deny, and tack V is to call something false.

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The claim is to call something false or to deny something through one's actions to deny something through one's actions.

00:26:09--> 00:26:26

Like for example, you're sick, you go to the doctor, and he gives you some medication. Now, one is that you say no, what he's saying is, folks, I mean, this medication that he has prescribed to me is not for me, he doesn't know what he's talking about. This is what denial.

00:26:28--> 00:26:59

But the other is that a person goes to the extent of not even using the medication. So what is he showing through his actions? What is he showing? That what the doctor said was false. So through his actions, what is he showing? denial? So that leave is not doing the hour? If you really believe that that medication is good for you, then you would take it and if you're not taking it, what does that show that you don't believe it's good for you? You don't think it's important for you?

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So one Medina cafaro workers that will be it now, those people who disbelieve who reject and who don't act upon the Ayat of Allah? Will that equals How will James Such are the companions of the Fire? What do we learn from desire, that those people who deny who don't have Eman And then in their action also don't show even, we will they end up in the hellfire.

00:27:24--> 00:27:33

We also learn from this ayah that a person must completely and fully submit to the ayatollah completely and fully, he must submit to the ayatollah

00:27:35--> 00:27:45

meaning he should confirm the content, he should believe in their reality in the truthfulness of the ayah. And then he must also act upon them.

00:27:46--> 00:28:10

If a person just says yes, I believe in the fact that this Quran is from Allah, but he doesn't act upon it. What is it? denial through action. So what is required from us, that we must completely and fully and wholeheartedly submit to the ayatollah, again, believe alone is not sufficient.

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Belief alone is not sufficient. Just saying that you believe is not enough. You must show that you believe we learned earlier that for an hour of bigger lie, you may know by your Lord, they will not believe how dare you hachimura FEMA shadowbane a home until they make you a judge concerning what concerning the issues that come up amongst them, that they do not find any constriction in the heart with regards to what you have commanded. So what does it mean

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that a person must fully and wholeheartedly submit to the ayatollah

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