Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L280A

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The "lee of Islam" era was a time where women and men were given rewarded actions for their actions, which affected their lives and their relationships. The "lee of Islam" era also involved a "lee of Islam" era where women and men were rewarded for their actions, and affected their lives and relationships. A group of individuals discussed various topics, including a war in the world, a woman claiming to be a god, a woman claiming to be a god, a woman claiming to be a god, a woman claiming to be a god, a woman claiming to be a god, a woman named Sharon, and her boasts about being a woman.
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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim.

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Sidley MD data melissani of koko de urban as it

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doesn't number 279 sorta two headed is number 16 to 29 Translation

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Alan did not yet me it has come levena for those who are new they believed and that duck Shara it humbled Kaluga home their hearts lyrically for remembrance Allah of Allah wanna and that which Nevertheless, it came down min and help from the truth when and should not be a coup de be can levena like those who go to they were given a keytab the book men fabuleux from before for taller than a prolonged are they hang up on them do the time factor set then it hardened to Luba home their hearts work a theater on and many men home from them facetune ones who disobey their normal No. And that Indeed Allah Allah ye he gives life

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to the earth barder after Modi had it's that and in fact by Jenna, we have explained explicitly, luckily for you, the vs learnupon so that you therapy Don't you understand, in indeed, a messiah defame those men who give sadaqa while massage the thought, and those women who give sadaqa

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Corrado and they lent Allah Allah, Allah alone hasn't been good, you there are food, it will be multiplied the home for them, one a home and for them a doodle a reward kutiman honorable

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one levena and those who am I know they believed villa in Allah also he and as messengers, who are those whom they asleep deikun those who are truthful, what you had, and those who are witnesses are in the near or be him there are no home for them at your home, their reward when or home and their light when levena cafaro and those who disbelieved. What are the blue and they be like, be it now with our verses without Ecuador's as horrible our companions and dream of the blazing Hellfire

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era normal you all know a number that indeed not but I'll hire to do near the life of this world. Larry Byrne is a play when a woman and a pastime was in atone and adornment, waterfowl and mutual boasting but in a comb between you what a castle and competition for increase fee in the wild. What Ola and the children came I felt like example blazin offering our job it pleased Alka fella, the farmers or the disbelievers. Now back to its vegetation. Some then, yeah, he do it weathers or it tribes, Fatah who then you see it, most farms run one that has turned yellow, some then yaku it becomes pratama broken pieces or fee and in the Hereafter, either a punishment should either be

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severe, or not. 02 and forgiveness mean a law from a law when you're blind on and good pleasure. Warmer and not and higher the life adonia of the world in except matter a temporary enjoyment

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of the deception Sabu you always you will compete Illa towards muffuletta and forgiveness never become from Europe or Japan nothing and a garden out of blue hair. It's wit Carly like with a summer of the sky while up and they're worried that it was prepared levena amanu for those who believed biLlahi with Allah was also the he and his messengers. Rarely, that travel is bounty Allah of Allah. ut he he gives it my Yeshua whoever he wills will know who and Allah Lu possessor

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Federal of the bounty under Aleem the most great man not a Saba it reached men from mostly but in any misfortune for the elderly in the earth wanna and nor fee in unphysical yourselves in the except fee in GitHub in a book, men from before and that number I have recreated it in indeed velyka that Allah upon Allah, you see on easy licola so that not that so you all grieve Allah upon my that which further come it slipped away from you

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wanna and nor duffer who rejoice Bhima because of what he gave you one law who and Allah led not your hibou he loves color, every mock stallin one who is arrogant, one who is proud for who one who is boastful

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and levina those who have aluna they are stingy with maroon and they command a NASA the people below with the stinginess woman and whoever yet our left he turns away for in the law, her then Indeed Allah, who he alone Allah honey you the one who is rich and Hamid they always all praiseworthy Lacan certainly all of a sudden now we sent Rosalina Our Messengers bit of a unit with the fear proofs are uncertain and we sent down Mara home with them l kita. But the book one reason and the balance Leah Kuma so he stands a NASA the people bill test with the Justice ones and and we sat down and had the the the iron fi in it but soon power shed Eden severe one my nephew and benefits lioness for the

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people. Walia allama and so that he knows Allahu Allah, man who the unsolo who he helps him also law who and his messengers behave with the unseen in the Lucha Indeed Allah, Allah Yun strong, Aziz and all of his Almighty what are called and certainly I will send them we sent no one knew what Ibrahim and Ibrahim or Dr. Annette and we placed fee in the Yeti humor, their offspring of them to, to react to human offspring of them to a new water the prophethood while kita and the scripture for men home so from them more that one who is rightly guided work at your own and many men home from them. First of all, once we disobey, some then a failure we cause to follow or a failure. We sent in succession.

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Allah upon a 30 him their tracks, bureau Selena with our messengers, work Athena, and we cause to follow Marisa with irisa In Memoriam son of Marian what attina who and we gave him an NGO, the NGO what you're under, and we placed fee in kulu hearts and levena of those who interborough who they followed him but fatten compassion while Hamilton and mercy what have baniya and monasticism epidural her, they innovated it, man not cabina her, we ordained it or lay him upon them in there except it evolved to seek that one pleasure Allah of Allah from the not throw her. They observed it held as was right here at half of its observance. For Athena so we gave a levina those who knew they

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believed men home from them at your home they reward workers here on and many men home from them. First yakun want to cross limits. Here Are you her or you are levena those who are Munna they believed it takala us fear Allah amin and you all believe there are suli he in his messenger your take home he will give you give Lainey two portions, men from proximity he his mercy

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and he will make Lacan for you neuron alight them sooner you shall walk behind with it, welfare and he will forgive Lacan for you. What Allahu Allah or foodland most forgiving or human always on merciful

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Lee Allah so that not yet

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Aloma he knows people are keytab of the book and learn that not here Kaduna, they have power Allah shame upon anything, men from follow grace Allah of Allah or under and that indeed and fabula the grace the bounty beard, in hand of law of Allah, He gives it man whoever he or she, he will, will law who and Allah, the possessor and federal of the bounty under Aleem the most Great.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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All right.

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v. v v.

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Al-Hadid 16-29 Translation 16-29

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