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Juz’ 28: Al-Mujadilah – At-Tahrim

Al-Mumtahinah – As-Saff

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to Raja

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Sabha TV?

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been laying in the shape of a gym, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem? Yeah, you have levena, Manu, all you who have believed, do not take my enemies and your enemies as allies, extending to them affection, while they have disbelieved in what came to you of the truth, having driven out the prophet and yourselves, only because you believe in Allah your Lord, if you have come out for jihad in my cause, and seeking means to my approval, take them not as friends, you can fight to them affection, but I am most knowing of what you have concealed and what you have declared. And whoever does it among you has certainly strayed from the soundness of the way. This law is a motherly sutra. And we learned

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that a few years after Saudi Arabia, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam learned of the treachery of the machine, their violation of the treaty, how that they had helped and financed an attack against the allies of the Muslims. And this was clear treachery off the treaty. So the profits of a lot of them demanded from the machine the Meccans blood money, and also termination of their alliances, or else they should consider the Treaty of her davia to be terminated, but the machine refused to comply. And so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam intended to secretly march towards Mecca in order to take over Mecca. Why? Because now clearly the machine had proven that Firstly, they were not going to spare

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any effort in inflicting harm against the Muslims. And even when the Muslims have a treaty with them, they're not going to respect that. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he decided to secretly march towards Mecca. Why secretly, because of the machine learn to the prophets that allows him arrival. What would they do? They would raise weapons against the Muslims and this would lead to great bloodshed in the holy city in the Holy Land. And so the prophets of Allah Islam did not even inform the Muslims about what the intention was. But just a few days before the march to Mecca, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam informed the Muslims, there was one companion, how they brought the Allahu

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anhu he was a buddy for hobby. He was also a Mahajan. And he had relatives in Makkah. So what happened? He sent a letter to the machine with this information in order to do a favor to them. So that in exchange, they will protect his family, who are still in Makkah, and how they broke the law and who did that while being certain that Allah will give victory to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he did this not with the intention of betraying the Muslims. He did this only to protect his family. And he was certain that Allah His plans, nothing is going to cause failure to his plans. So what happened? The profits on the Law Center was informed about this letter through ye and the

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prophets of the law Islam center it who I knew and a few other companions to catch up with the caravan and find the woman who was taking the letter with her. And so the letter was intercepted it never made it to Makkah, however these I asked were revealed, clarifying to the Muslims about what their priorities should be, who they should be loyal to, because over here how to grow the long aren't who gave preference to his personal benefit over the benefit of the deen. So Allah subhanaw taala revealed these ayah that it is made clear that for a believer what is the standard of friendship, what is the basis of love

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Who is it that we should befriend? And who is it that we should not befriend? Those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, they are not worthy of friendship. Allah subhanaw taala warns the believers that if the enemy gains dominance over you, they would be to you as enemies, and they would extend against you their hands and their tongues with evil. And they wish you would disbelieve, meaning never expect them to help you. You are trying to be friendly with them, they're never going to help you. Even if you show a favor to them. As soon as they have a chance to harm you. They're not going to spare any effort. And why are you doing this any way to defend your family? Allah says never will

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your relatives or your children benefit you. The Day of Resurrection, He will judge between you and Allah of what you do is seeing and then Allah subhanaw taala gives an example to the believers to take a lesson from there has already been for you an excellent pattern in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their people, indeed we are dissociated from you, and from whatever you worship other than Allah, we have denied you and there has appeared between us and you animosity and hatred forever. Until you believe in Allah alone. Except for the saying of Abraham to his father, I will surely ask forgiveness for you. Why did he say that? Because he had promised his father he still

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wanted guidance for his father, but I have not found to do for you anything against Allah, our Lord upon you we have relied and to you we have returned and to you is the destination, but I've been a la katakana what a Laker and Urbana, what illegal mostly to Allah is the destination. Ibrahim alayhis salam and those with him the believers with him they prayed. But I've been allotted you are left with Natalie larina cafaro one Filipina robina inaka Angela xizor Hakeem, our Lord make us not objects of torment for the disbelievers. And forgive us our Lord. Indeed, it is you who is the Exalted in Might the wise, Allah reminds us lapada can Allah comfy him Oh, Swan Hashanah, there has

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certainly been for you in them an excellent example. And excellent pattern for who, for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and whoever turns away, then Indeed, Allah is the free of need, the Praiseworthy, we see over here that Ibrahim or his son, when his father, when his people showed open animosity than what happened, Ibrahim al Islam was not naive over there, he did not take the enemy as a friend, rather, what happened, he left those who showed animosity to them. And over here, Allah subhanaw taala is giving us this lesson that those who oppose you openly then do not be deceived by them. Do not take them as friends, do not show favor to them. Why? Because you will be

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harmed, you will suffer Indonesia and an afro. And so over here we are clearly told that the person who fears the meeting with Allah, he should look into his priorities, what are his priorities? Who is it that he takes as his friend, and who is it that he takes as an enemy, and the person who wishes to be saved from humiliation on the Day of Judgment, then he should strive to obey Allah and His messenger. And then Allah gives hope also, Allah says, perhaps Allah will put between you and those to whom you have been enemies among them affection, because hearts change, don't compromise on your faith for the sake of other people. But if you remain firm, you never know, their hearts might

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change towards you. What if they believe and Allah is competent, so be hopeful, and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. A lot does not forbid you from those who do not fight you because of religion, and to expel you and do not expel you from your homes from being righteous toward them and acting justly toward them. Indeed, Allah loves those who act justly. So those who are just with you, what should you do? Be just with them also. So over here, we learn of another category, another group, which is of those non Muslims, who do not oppose you, who do not show hatred to you, then what should you do? Take them as enemies? No, don't treat them as enemies. If you do that, that

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would be foolishness, then what is it that you should do with them, do to them as they do to you, meaning they are good to you, you also do good to them in return. Allah only forbids you from those who fight you because of religion and expel you from your homes and aid in your expulsion. So Allah forbids that you take them allies, and whoever makes allies of them, then it is those who are the wrongdoers. So we see that people have been divided into three categories over here. One group is of those people who believe what is it that we should do with them? These are the people whom we should love.

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For the sake of Allah, regardless of their color, regardless of their status, regardless of their race or their background, we should love them for the sake of Allah, whoever has a man, they are worthy of our love and our friendship. Then another group is of those people, those disbelievers who oppose you who hate you, who openly show hatred and animosity to you. They don't stop at any length in order to harm you. They hate your deen. So what should you do? Take them as friends, no, don't be naive over here, defend yourself from them, never be deceived by them. And then a third group is of those people, those non Muslims who live in peace with you, so you also live in peace with them. And

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if you think about it, if they have favored you in any way, if they have sheltered you, not expelled you, then you should not treat them as enemy, you should return their favor. And we see what adjust and balanced religion Islam is that it disciplines your inner feelings also, that you cannot just show hatred to whomever you want, and show love to whomever you want. Even love and hate, friendship and animosity that is also dictated by what by the laws of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then Allah addresses the believers that Oh, you who have believed when the believing women come to you as immigrants, examine them, meaning test their faith, Allah is most knowing as to their faith. Because

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the men when they come, their faith is obvious. If they're coming to the masjid and everything their faith is obvious, but a woman if she does hit draw, then remember that you have to test them, however, don't try to test the state of their heart, because Allah is most knowing as to their faith. So you have to see what is on the apparent and if you know them to be believers, then do not return them to the disbelievers. We learned that the Treaty of today be it stipulated that the machine they set a condition that if any Rajan if any man immigrates from Mecca to Medina, he must be returned to Makkah, he must be sent back to Makkah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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he, he went by the he took advantage of the letter of the law. So what did he do any man that came to Medina, he sent him back. However, if any woman came doing his law, he did not send her back, because he took advantage of the letter of the law. He said, The the treaty says about you, not a person, but Roger and Roger is specifically for who, for men. So over here, women believing women are being protected, that once they do hit law, if they come, then do not send them back to the enemy. Why? Because they're not lawful wives for them, meaning even if they're married, they're not lawful anymore for their former husbands, nor are they lawful husbands for them. So do not send them

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but give the disbelievers what they have spent, meaning if the woman leaves with her mouth, then she shouldn't keep that she should return that model to that men, even if he's a non Muslim. And this shows us that how a person has to be honest with regards to financial matters, even when dealing with non Muslims. And there is no blame upon you if you marry them, when you have given them their due compensation. Why? Because their previous marriage has been terminated and hold not to marriage bonds with the disbelieving women. But ask for what you have spent, and let them ask for what they have spent meaning return them a home. That is the judgment of Allah, He judges between you and

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Allah is Knowing and wise. So we see over here that once in a couple, for example, a husband and wife if one embraces Islam, and the other refuses to embrace Islam, they remain on idolatry on Khufu, then this marriage is also no longer valid, it is no longer valid. This ayah makes it clear. And if you have lost any of your wives to the disbelievers, meaning any woman goes to the machine, and you subsequently obtained something then give those whose wives have gone the equivalent of what they had spent and fear Allah in whom you are believers or prophet when the believing women come to you, pledging to you that they will not associate anything with Allah, nor will they steal, nor will

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they commit unlawful sexual intercourse, nor will they kill their children, nor will they bring forth a slander they have invented between their arms and legs, nor will they disobey you in what is right. Then accept their pledge and ask forgiveness for them from Allah. If they fall short in observing the deen then what should you do seek forgiveness for them from Allah. Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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Over here, the buyer is mentioned which means that even when a woman becomes a Muslim when a woman accepts Islam, she should be aware of what she is believing in. And over here we see Muslims when they would immigrate to the Prophet sallallahu Medina, they would take a buyer and the men when they would take a buyer pledge of allegiance, they would give that to the to the law salon, a salon, they would put their hand in the hand of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but what the women this was only verbal. Yeah, you had Latina Amano, or you have believed do not make

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allies of a people with whom Allah has become angry. Why would you befriend people who oppose Allah and His messenger to such an extent that they have angered a lot? How can you love such people and compromise your religion? for them? They have despaired of reward in the Hereafter, just as the disbelievers have despaired of meeting the inhabitants of the grave, meaning they don't believe in the era, they don't believe that ever those who have died will return to them. So when they don't believe in the other, everything for them is this dunya this worldly life? How can you be loyal to such people in the way that you compromise your religion, you compromise your priorities for these

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people. If you do that, then your decisions will also be revolved around worldly benefits, then you will suffer in the after. So be careful about those whom you give your heart to soul.

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What is brought

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to you?

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim. Lila him after some

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these will Hakeem In the Name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, whatever is in the heavens, and whatever is on the earth exalts Allah, and he is the Exalted in Might, the Wise, or you have believed? Why do you say what you do not do? Why do you say what you do not do? Sometimes a person hears something good, and immediately intends that he will do it. He hears of a good opportunity. And he thinks, yeah, I'm going to avail this opportunity. But then later, as the effect of Eman wears off, he changes his mind. Allah is asking us or believers, why do you say, what do you do not do? Why is it that you say you will do something but then you don't do it, you change

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your mind? Why this inconsistency between your words and your actions, why? Even to people? Many times it happens that we say that we will do something, but we don't actually do it. We give them our word, but we don't fulfill it. And sometimes children are the culprits of this are the victims of this rather, what happens is that many times we make promises and we do not fulfill them. We learned that once Abdullah bin Ahmed, he said that my mother called me one day, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting in our house, the prophets of Allah was sitting in our house and my mother called me. So it seems that our beloved Armand was still a child at that time. She said, Come

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here, and I will give you something because sometimes children don't listen, right? So you have to promise them these things. So she said, Come here, I will give you something. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked her, What did you intend to give him? She replied, I intended to give him some dates. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, if you were not going to give him anything, a lie would be recorded against you.

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Meaning, if we say something wrong to a child, if we say a lie to a child, even that is considered a lie. It doesn't make it okay, just because we're saying it to a child. It's still an ally. So Allah asks us, yeah, are you Hello, Dina? amanu limit Hakuna Matata. falloon great, his hatred in the sight of Allah, that you say what you do not do? You must abide by your word. You must fulfill your promises. If you make an intention, then you must fulfill it. Otherwise great is the hatred of Allah. Allah does not like this at all. Who is it that Allah like?

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Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in his cars in a row, as though they are a single structure joined firmly. They're so close together, as if they were a wall, one structure that it is impossible to break them. Like Romano, the long run, who when he was the halifa, and he was leading the people in prayer, the people behind him in the front rows, how were they? They were standing so tightly, that when the man who came to kin or model the lower and who he stabbed or model, the lower I knew when he tried to run away, but he couldn't run away. Why? Because the roles were so strong, so firm, he couldn't find a gap anywhere. And even if he tried to go between the people he couldn't.

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So he knew that he was trapped, and that men, he stabbed himself to death over there. Why? Because he knew that he was going to be in trouble. So these are the kinds of rules that Allah subhanaw taala likes. And these roles can only be formed when we are determined ourselves. Tell me, why is it that we don't sit in the front? What's the reason? Because we want to be safe at the back in the corner on the side in case we want to go, we can go. But what is it that Allah likes? That you stand firmly? that once you have stood then stand? Don't be shaky? Don't be hesitant? Once you have come then be firm and leave your affairs to Allah, Allah will take care of them. Yes, of course, if there

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is an emergency that is understandable, but for every little thing, why is it that we become so weak in the way of Allah, that even when we have to go and pray in Jamal, we like to stand at the back. We like to stand on the side, even if there's gaps in the middle. Even if there's gaps in the front. We don't like to fill them up. We like to prefer our comfort over what Allah likes. What is it that Allah likes, look at this ayah in the law, you have boo, Allah loves. This is something that Allah loves. When a person comes in the way of Allah goes to the front stands firmly, without any shakiness determined in the way of Allah soften unknown banana muscles. The Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said, on the day of judgment, people whose jihad, who's striving will be most superior, near Allah is of those who face the enemy standing in the front rows, without paying heed to what is behind them. until they're martyred, meaning the goals stand in the front, and they don't care about what is behind them, who is behind them. How many people there are, how many soldiers there are? No, they don't care. They have put everything behind them. And now they're in the front, they are determined, bravely facing the enemy. And Allah subhanaw taala, he is amazed at them. And these are the people who will be amazed laughing in the highest level of in Paradise, meaning

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they're the ones that will be given the highest places to live in general, and their Lord will be looking at them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, and when your Lord laughs at a people, then there is no hisab for them,

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then there is no hisab for them. The servant who goes in the way of Allah determined, so determined he doesn't even look back. So what do we learn over here from this ayah that we are encouraged to do things in an organized and disciplined fashion and organization and discipline only comes when there is commitment, commitment in our hearts. And Dean requires discipline from us. Not that we are randomly doing our work one day, yes, we do it three days we leave it and for the fifth day we pick up something, no this kind of work. What result will it bring? What does it show non serious effort? Allah subhanaw taala likes the effort of those people who are serious and determined who start and

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then they complete also what they have started, and in the middle, they don't give up. And also we see that together as a team. This is necessary as a group because we see that a wall it cannot form until each brick is next to the other. And we see that in a group of people. Each person is bringing his own talents, his own skills, his own strength, and each individual is unique and together. More is accomplished. What if Carla musala called me and mentioned Oh Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when Masada Salaam said to his people, oh my people, why do you harm me? Why do you hurt me? While you certainly know that I am the messenger of Allah to you. And when they deviated a law cause their

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hearts to deviate. And Allah does not guide the defiantly disobedient people. We see that the bunny is sloppy. They hurt their own messenger. They heard their own leader their own Prophet, and this is why what happened, their hearts became deviated. We are also required to observe a level of respect

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Dealing with one another, especially when working for the dean in an organization than what is that respect commitment. And when a person observes the proper etiquette, he remains committed, then he acquires much and when a person does not show the due respect, then what happens instead of gaining, he only loses. In general also we see that we must show respect to the shy of the deen the Prophet of Allah, what does he deserve respect? Likewise, anything of the deen whether it is the book, or it is the recitation of the book, whatever it is, it is something that deserves respect from us what his father is of pneumonia, and mentioned when he said the son of money upset or children of

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Israelite ill, indeed I am the messenger of Allah to you, confirming what came before me of the Torah and bringing good tidings of a messenger to come after me, whose name is Ahmed and Mohammed Ahmed, the meaning is the same, but when he came to them with clear evidences, they said this is obvious magic, meaning they called him a liar, and who is more unjust than one who invents about Allah untruth while he is being invited to Islam and Allah does not guide the wrongdoing people. They want to extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will perfect his light, although the disbelievers dislike it who are lady Ensenada Sula, who been Hoda, Medina paleochora,

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who Allah de Nikolay, wallow, carry hell mush raccoon, it is Allah, it is he who sent His messenger with guidance and the religion of truth to manifest it over all religions. Although those who associate others with Allah May dislike it, meaning this religion Allah has sent it in order to make it prevail, not so that it is prevailed. So those who want the light of the Quran to be extinguished, they shall never be successful. This is Allah's plan to make his book dominant to make his religion dominant. Do we want to be a part of this plan? Yeah, you Hello, Dina amanu Oh, you have believed help other local? Shall I guide you, shall I direct you are allowed to Jonathan to a

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transaction a trade. Dungey caminada been Aleem that will save you from a painful punishment. Would you like to know about such a transaction, such a purchase such an exchange which if you make you will be saved from the punishment of hell? You will be saved from painful punishment, meaning you will get true insurance life insurance that doesn't just apply here. But for eternity, you will forever be saved from hellfire. What is that? Allah asks us would you like to know? Would you like to know? Do we want to know something that will save us from Hellfire? For sure. Allah says don't mean Oh, Nabila. He was so Lee. Whoever wants to be saved from hell? What is it that he has to do?

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You should believe in Allah and His messenger and strive in the cause of Allah with your wealth and your lives? This is a great defense against the fire of hell. What is that Eman and jihad. What is jihad, extreme efforts? ultimate striving, ultimate struggle that whatever capacity you have, the maximum that you can offer, not just what you can easily do, not just something that you can easily offer without causing you any inconvenience, that the moment it gets inconvenient. A person stops and he sits back. No thuja Hey, do you strive your best you do the maximum that you can, your utmost struggle, your ultimate effort with whatever capacity that you have. And you strive with your tongue

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with in with armor with words. And then finally, if there's no other choice, then with a weapon in the battlefield, but before that, there are many levels, many levels. And this is something that we need to think about also, because when we think about doing something for the sake of Allah, we think about things which are impossible for us. We think about the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam when the Sahaba went for battle with Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and this is something that yes, we cannot do today. However, what is it that is within our capacity? Can we not do jihad through the Quran, which I hate when bt hadn't Chavira? And for that, do we not need to put an

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utmost effort to really give time to the Quran to make time for the book of Allah so that we recite it, it becomes a part of our lives, and also we can bring it to the lives of other people. This is something that requires utmost effort from us, not an ordinary effort. And if a person does that, what does Allah promise him that this

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will save you from the punishment of hell. That is best for you. The Polycom highroller comm if you should know meaning this transaction is better than any other transaction that you could make in your life. This contract with Allah is better than any other contract, this job is better than any other. So the fact is that as believers, no matter what we are doing in our lives, no matter where we are, whether we are studying or we are working somewhere, whether we are as mothers, whatever, it's our wedding day, it doesn't matter what we are going through in our life. This striving for the sake of Allah, to adhere to the religion of Allah, and to bring the religion of Allah in the lives

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of other people also, help them learn the deen. This is something that is a full time job. This is something that is a 24 seven job seven days a week, not something that we should restrict to only parts of our lives only certain days. No, this is a part of our life that no matter what we are doing, where we are at vacation, or we are at home, whether we are young, or we are old, whether we are grandmothers or expectant mothers, whoever we are, this is something that should be a part of our life put on in my life forever and for always, every day, every single day without exception. Struggling to adhere to the religion of Allah brings Allah on time reciting Koran regularly,

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remembering a lot morning and evening fasting when we are supposed to excelling in acts of worship, and then bringing the spread to others also, he will forgive for you your sins and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow and pleasant dwellings in gardens of perpetual residence. That is the great attainment. And you will also obtain another favor that you love meeting don't just think Allah will give you a reward in the alcohol. There is also something that you will get here in this present life, something that you really love. And what is that success, victory from Allah and an imminent conquest? Meaning definitely Allah will grant you victories. Yes, initially there will be

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failures, you will feel as though your efforts are useless. However, eventually, Allah will bring you benefit, Allah will bring good results for your efforts will be many and give good tidings to the believers that if you do your part, you fully strive then Allah will fully pay you back also for your efforts. Indonesia and Acura. Allah calls all of us. Yeah, you have levena amanu or you have believed gooloo onsala be supporters of Allah. Why are you hesitating? Why are you holding back? Gulu onsala be supporters of Allah justice when he said the son of money and said to the disciples, who are my supporters for Allah, the disciple said, We are supporters of Allah, and the faction of

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the children of Islam. He believed, and affection disbelieved, and those who disbelieved in him, were much more than those who believed in him. But what happened, we supported those who believed against their enemy, and they became dominant. So history is proof that those who respond to Allah call those who obey Allah strive in the way of Allah, then what will happen, Allah will certainly grant them success, even if they happen to be only 12. Because how many disciples were there of a recycling center, we learned there were only about 12 people, and one of them even betrayed the rest of them. So the numbers reduced a lot of what the exact number was, but there were certainly a small

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group of people. But what happened, what happened, they remained firm, they lived at a time when a person who believed in Allah, when a person who believed in restart his center, he will be killed.

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Remember the US habit of those who were the most humble of the people who were thrown in the trenches of fire, they were people who believed in the teachings of resign his center.

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So what happened today, the people who do believe in Greece are the center, even though their belief may be corrupt because of the passage of time, and because of how the dean has been changed. But regardless of that, history is proof that at one point in time, there were only 12 people who believed in recycling center, and now.

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Now, if you count them in the millions, you cannot count their numbers. If you include the Muslims and the and the Christians, those who do have respect for our lesson, they're much more.

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So never ever think that your efforts will go waste if you have done them for the sake of Allah. If there was sincerity. Yes, you put the seed in, you bury the seed. It's

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hidden from you, you don't even see it. It seems as though you have ruined what you had by burying it in the soil, but leave it to Allah, Allah will grant you success it will grow that seed will germinate, a plant will come out of it, that plant will turn into a tree will grow into a tree and that tree It will also produce seeds and those seeds will spread. And what was initially just one seed now is a huge orchard now is a huge garden. So never ever hesitate in going out in the way of Allah soprano Darla and this is a tea jar or this is a trade that a person is making with Allah. There's another kind of digital also that we learn about from Hades, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

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said to a human sorry, should I not tell you about a tiara? He said yes, please, please tell me. He said join between people when there is facade between them. Meaning when people have fought with each other, and their relationship is gone really bad. Then if you join between them, bring them close when they distance from each other. This is what also a trade with Allah because you're doing this for Allah soprano, Tada. And you see when two people they try to fix the problems that are between them, many times they cannot fix these problems themselves. You always need a third party, a neutral person who will come and who will solve the problem, right. So this is also an investment.

00:36:26--> 00:36:51

This is also the Java because what do you get in return? Nothing. If you are trying to solve other people's problems, what are you getting? Nothing. In fact, you are losing your time, your mental energy, right? Also, it takes a toll on your emotional well being also, right. And if you want to do it properly without taking sides without being biased with justice, then it requires more from you. But this is also a tiara