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Az-Zukhruf 57-89 Tafsir 57-65

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim lesson number 258. So that is it number 57 to 89.

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What am malgudi revenue model Yama. And when the son of magium was presented Motherland, as an example, either como come in who usually do immediately or people laughed aloud, what a man and when mareeba he was struck meaning he was quoted Who? Even memoriam the son of Miriam, and who is that? Risa Addison.

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So when Risa this around was cited as an example. So an example was given a who have a recycling center? What was the reaction of your people either co mukha, then instantly your people either over here gives the meaning of future so immediately, your people meaning the machine of Mecca, the idolaters, what was their reaction? Men who added meaning at that example? Usually, dude, they began making noise. They laughed out loud.

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They're already asleep doing this from newsletters slot that that

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remember that saga? Yes would do is to stop to hinder to prevent and slip that your sleep do

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suck that your sleep do which bad is this?

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Fine. ferula Yes, riilu

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barraba el drebbel.

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So someday your sleep do studied is to make noise.

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But what kind of noise is this? It is in particular to make noise when a person false. You may have noticed that when children when they fall,

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they make a lot of noise. And sometimes you're amazed at the fact that they can actually cry that loud. Otherwise, it wouldn't make all that noise. But when they fall, and they're screaming in that pain, that hurts. That sound is extremely loud. So this is what studied is described to scream upon, falling.

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And from this, the word sad they usually do is also used for making a lot of noise. hooting, laughing out of surprise out of amazement.

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So over here either como come in here your sudden immediately your people began laughing out loud, making a lot of noise. They were shooting with joy at what they had heard,

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will call you and they said earlier to now Hi, Ron, are our gods better? Who or he? Who is better our gods meaning the idols that we worship?

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Or Isa? Is he better?

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Allah says malborough boohoo that they did not strike him as an example for you in La Jolla except for the sake of argument, by whom komunikasi Moon rather, there are people who are quarrelsome. They are a very argumentative people. They argue for the sake of arguing. They don't argue for the sake of knowing what the truth is. No balloon balloon has the moon.

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And people who love to argue, what do they do, they always find a reason to argue. They don't let arguments finish. They play around with the words of other people. And they will find a reason to say something negative, well whom Coleman has removed.

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Now when was this When did this happen?

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We learned that once the Prophet sallallaahu salam, he said to the kadesh, there is no good in whatever is worshipped besides Allah. Anything that is worshipped besides Allah, there is no good in it.

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The Quran said, You say that irisa or his salon was a profit and a righteous man. So there is no good in him either. Why did they say that? Because he too, is worshiped besides a lot by many people.

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So when this was said, immediately, the people began laughing out loud.

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They started laughing they started making a lot of noise that Oh look, we defeated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Look how we set something against him. And now he doesn't have anything left to say, look how we refuted him. Either como come in who? Yes, we don't. Immediately they started laughing. And they started saying that who is better our gods or him?

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If there's no head in our gods, and there's no head in him either. So both are equal. a righteous man and an idol. Both are equal. Unless as Melo Boudicca Elijah della did not present him as an example, except for the reason of argument just for the sake of argument, just to dispute with you.

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Because they knew very well that he started Islam was a messenger, a righteous man. He never

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commanded people to worship Him. And what is meant by your Gods is the idols. Right, because the idols, what are they inanimate and restarted Islam? Who was he? A person, a human being a servant of Allah. So my little Buddha, Elijah just for the sake of argument, balloon, Coleman hustling.

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We learned from another incident as well that was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sat down with what he didn't believe in the masjid. And another Hadith he came and sat down with them. And there were also other men from the operation the gathering and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spoke, and then another one had his came up to him and the Messenger of Allah spoke to him until he defeated him in argument so basically one person after the other coming arguing, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave them proofs and evidences until he defeated all of them. And then eventually Finally, he recited the I am sort of MBA I number 98 that in como una buena min dude in LA he Hassan boo Johanna

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Angela howdy do, that indeed you wish you can and what you worship other than Allah, you and that which you worship other than Allah, so you and your idols are the few of hell and you will be coming to enter and to do so when this ayah was recited What happened? This man by the name of Abdullah Ignacio Baba,

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of the likeness of Allah. He said that, if this is the case, that we and our gods are both going to Hellfire, then tell me, is this specific to our nation? Or is it specific to all of the nations meaning is it only for the people of Makkah? Or is it for any people who worship other than Allah,

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the prophet SAW a lot of sort of sadness for any people who worship other than Allah. So he said, if that is the case, then he said, he is also worship besides Allah. So if you say that our idols are to be in Hellfire, and the same should apply to him.

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So when they said this, they thought they had defeated the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in argument, and everybody started laughing. And they had a lot of fun mocking the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and of the likeness of Allah. He didn't just say this with regards to reciting Sam but same thing with regards to his aid or his setup and also the angels because all of them are worshipped besides Allah.

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So he said, If you say our idols are going to be Hellfire, then they should also be in Hellfire because they do our worship besides Allah.

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Now just imagine the entire scene.

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All of a sudden, everybody breaks out into laughter. Everybody's working at the Prophet salada center. So what happened then, we learned that In response, the ads were revealed in total ambia, which is 101 200. And to do that, in alladhina, Saba casilla hoomin and personnel would move on to that, indeed, those for whom the best reward has proceeded from us meaning it has already been said. It has already been promised that they will get reward from us, and this includes restarting sooner or later, the sooner they are from it far removed from what? From Hellfire, they're far removed from the hellfire. larious Marina has Isa welcome FEMA mustard and fusuma polygon. They will not hear it

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sound even even the sound of Hellfire they will not hear while they are in that which their souls desire abiding eternally. So then these ayat were revealed, refuting what the Michigan of Makkah had said.

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But if you look at their argument, even what they said with regards to the AI in a coma tabula mendola how sabudana if you look at one Mater, buena mundo de la Hema, what does not apply to? What does not apply to inanimate beings, angels and the prophets of Allah that are living and idols, what are they inanimate beings, and the word ma is used for them. So this is why Allah subhanaw taala says, Mao's little Buddha, Elijah della, they said this just for the sake of argument because they knew very well, that the word mark and not apply to Reese our listener, you understand? They knew very well they were Arabic speakers. They knew the Arabic language. So the word Mark would never

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apply to restart listener. So melora Boudicca, Ella, Jana, bal, Hong Kong, they are just an argumentative people who love to argue, and people who love to argue what do they do? They play around with other people's words, they twist them, they caught them out of context, and then they show that they're very clever. They try to refute others with their words. And we see that in the Quran. Also, we learn that a lot of Paradise has been the canal allottee waku, and so when

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that fear the

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Fire whose fuel is people and stones and over there also stones, what does it refer to the idols that were worshipped besides Allah?

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So when the machine of Makkah said that, okay if our idols are going to have fire, then even the prophets who are worship besides Allah should go there. This is incorrect. It doesn't make sense. Why? Because a Allah has promised the prophets of Allah What? Jenna, reward

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and be they don't fall into the category of matter. bounnam and do love because law applies to what? inanimate beings, inanimate things.

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And besides, the prophets of Allah never told people that they should be worshipped. What did they tell people to worship? Ooh, Allah subhanaw taala alone. People started worshipping them out of their own desire. And when they worship them, in fact, who are they worshipping? Who are they worshipping? shaitan associaton? Yes, he will be in Hellfire, but the prophets of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala says concerned when they move out, they will be far removed from the hellfire.

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So if you look at these ayat again, that will ml believe Ave Maria mamma Theron either como caminho Dune wakanow le hatena Hyeon ambu Allah says malborough boo boo la isla de de la belle who common cussing.

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And why is it that Allah subhanaw taala will throw both the worshipers and their idols into hellfire. Why?

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That their idols do not help them at all. So every time they see them in the punishment, burning, burning stones, burning rocks, burning wood, it's going to add to their regret that what were we thinking? Why did we worship them? Why did we worship them? So it's going to add to their regret

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in who are Illa overdue. Allah subhanaw taala clarifies the position of resigning sooner that he was not except a servant. He was not a God. He was not a God, Who was he? He was a servant. So why do you call him God? Why do you include him in the categories of Allah? He was never God. He was a servant of Allah. And we don't insert that into I 116. To 117 that a loss of penalty will ask yourself this time of the day of judgment what it called a Maria, Maria Maria and Takata nassetta hidden eva omya eloheinu in June Allah, Allah will ask him Did you tell the people that worship Me and my mother Take Me and my mother has God besides Allah? What will be the responsibilities are the

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center partners of Hannukah may occasionally an akula Melissa Lee we have glorified Are you it's not right for me that I say that? Which is inappropriate, which I don't have the right to say in control to other items. If I had said it, you would know it. Darla Murphy nuptse. When I say, you know what is in my heart? I don't know what isn't Uranus, in our land, when will you? You are the Knower of the unseen malerkotla. Whom inland of the Navy? I did not say to them except what you commanded me. And what was it? A nearby de la hora be? What have become that you worship a lot, my Lord and your Lord.

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So who was restarted center? In Who? Illa? I will do he was only a servant of Allah. But what was special about him? And then he We bestowed favor on him. What was the favor that Allah subhanaw taala bestowed on us in

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many blessings. First of all, he was given many miracles to perform. And those miracles were also very different.

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Like for example, he could cure the leper, the blind, right? The person who had died, he could bring him back to life. He could make a bird of clay and then blow into it, it would fly. So this was a blessing. What blessing many miracles that he could perform.

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We learned sorts of metadata, a 110. That is called a law here. He said no motoyama was called near Mati alayka. Why there were lead Attica, remember my favorite upon you and also on your mother. So Allah subhanaw taala himself mentioned the nirma the blessing that he had bestowed on a silencer what were they? First of all, is a yet to kabiru hinfo to see. When I assisted you, I aided you with Ron colas we do angels up. And this was not just once or twice, but many times. We see that even at the time of the birth of carnism. And what happened, Medea? She was alone. And Allah subhanaw taala sent the angel the angel told her that don't cry.

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The angel told her that eat of the dates and also the water or the job Okey dokey. Sorry. Yeah. So it's a yet to kabiru headquarters. And it wasn't just at the time of the birth of restart etc but many times after that even Allah subhanaw taala held restarted by Angel Jubilee

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just as the profits are a lot of sentiments, or was he held by God, many times when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was ever in danger, he didn't know the interview will come and tell him move from here Go away from here. So it's a yet to come, you know headquarters and Research Center also suffered a lot of opposition from his people to the point that they wanted to kill him. So Allah subhanaw taala helped him with who Angel GP and restart Islam would also speak to his people presenting many arguments to them. So who would assist him in that also introduce

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secondly, to can limo, NASA filma de Vaca Hola. Another blessing that was bestowed on him that you speak to the people in the cradle and also in majority. So this was another favorite special favorite that was given to me. Sorry, this one. How many children speak when they're infants? They're not able to. But our Isa has spoken clear words calling people to Allah as he was an infant. Just imagine to call him a NASA Phil mathy or kefla third favorite way that I learned to colicky Tebow and heck moto adorato well in gene knowledge, that when I taught you the book, and the wisdom and the total and the Injeel, he was given a lot of knowledge, knowledge of religion, knowledge of

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scriptures. For us, fourth favor. What is the Hello community Nika Hey, at the play db isni for 10 foofy half a teaspoon

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or two buddy will estimate how well abbasov ajni What is Stokely dual motor V is ni. So all of this means the different miracles that he used to perform, which ones blowing into the birds it would come alive during the blind, the leper, with the permission of Allah, giving life to the dead by the permission of Allah. Fifth, where it confessed to Bani Israel either and it will be unity for call alladhina cafaro main home in her de la sera movie when I saved you from the bunny screen, because the buddy Israel they tried to kill him, isn't it? But Allah subhanaw taala saved him. Well, now pata Louie Akina, they did not kill him for sure. So Allah saved resign.

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So in Hua, Illa, Verdun and LA, he was only a servant on whom We bestowed many blessings. He was a special servant, he was given many blessings, many favors, and by them what you are now who and we had made him Motherland and example for who live in Israel, he for the children of Israel.

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How is he an example for the children of Israel, that he was born without a father, when he was born without a father, this was a proof for the Bani Israel that Allah subhanaw taala can do anything, he can do anything. If he can create a person without a father, he can resurrect a person as well. He can give life to those who are dead as well.

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Because we learned that at that time, the Bani Israel had become very weak in their, in their belief, belief concerning the hereafter. So around the same time was the birth of your hair in a salon was well and he was born to old barren parents. And at the same time was also the birth of recent incident. So through the birth of these do the bunny is start you were shown that Allah can do anything that Allah can give life to those who are dead even what's your Allahu method and liberty is for you. We made him an example for the children of Israel.

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Then Allah says well ownership and if we will, ledger I'll name income we could have made from you, or instead of you Malaika that angels fill in the earth Yahoo phone succeeding one another.

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In the previous IRA, whose reality is mentioned, of resource center,

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and Allah subhanaw taala says over here that Allah has made his art as an example. But the matter does not end there. All things are in whose control Allah says

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that he can even create angels from you will own a shadow ledger I love men Camilla ekata. What does it mean by this men Kamala cotton this has been understood in several ways.

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First of all, instead of you meaning in your

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Replace, that he could cause the angels to populate the earth instead of you. And they do would fill earlier snowfall would succeed one another, meaning come in generations as you come in generations, you have lavon is from holiday which is to come after the other, come in succession.

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So the angels would live upon the earth coming in succession, one generation after the other just as you do so. So Allah can populate the earth with the angels instead of you he has complete power and authority to do that. Creating a Santa Santa without a father. Is that difficult for Allah? Not at all. It's not difficult for Allah at all. If he wants he can replace you with angels the entire population of the earth, replaced by angels.

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Men comb has also been understood as through you mean through your progeny that you would be giving birth to angels

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imagine will own the shadow but this would happen at whose will Allah subhanaw taala will only show that your other men come through Humala, he gotta fill out the flow form.

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And some have said that ledger, Allah minko make some of you into. So as a result, what would happen if people were to give birth to the angels and what would happen? Eventually human race would come to an end. Imagine if no more humans are to be born, angels are born and angels live on the earth, then the human race will be replaced by that of the angels. He has no phone they would succeed you, you will be finished wiped out. Now why is this mentioned over here?

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The people of Makkah when they raise their objection against a prophet sallallahu sallam, they quoted the example of him resigning sooner or later and instead of and also the angels.

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Now the position of the prophets of Allah, Allah subhanaw taala terrifies them that restart Islam was only a servant of Allah. He was a special servant. There was a reason behind that he was an example for the people an example of the power of Allah soprano.

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And now the angels are being mentioned that if Allah wants he can replace you with angels on the earth. Where are the angels?

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up in the skies? Some Hulk, Allah subhanaw taala has created it captured where in the earth and some years kept were up in the skies.

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But both What are they? Who are they allows creation? Now just because someone is up in the skies, does it mean that desert worship doesn't mean they deserve worship? No. A law can very easily bring them to the earth and populate them on the earth.

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Just because someone is in disguise does not mean they become worthy of worship. They are still who servants of Allah because the machine of Makkah used to worship angels, because the angels are up in the sky. So they consider them very honorable, close to Allah therefore they deserve worship. But what does Allah say over here? Well, only Sharona. jalna min comala can fill out the the angels could have been inhabiting the earth even if Allah wanted. But this is not the case. Where are they? Up in the sky? So just because they're up at the skies does not mean they deserve worship.

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Sorry, sorry. Listen, I'm Who was he? A servant of Allah. Angels also who are the servants of Allah? Yes, they are special honorable servants of Allah. But just because they're special, honorable does not mean people begin to worship them. You understand? So they're not gods who are they? Who are the righteous servants of Allah? So when we speaking of Makkah, equated them with their gods, was that correct? No, it wasn't correct because they are servants of Allah righteous servants of Allah.

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Well, no who and indeed he who does he refer to or you start to send him back to the topic of restart is

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indeed he l'oeil Melissa, surely a knowledge for the final hour or so listener? He came, he was here, but soon he will return

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and when he will return, he will come as and return for the PSA and knowledge for the our knowledge, what does it mean by this?

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That the arrival of the hour will be known by his coming

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that he is a sign of the coming of the day of judgment that when he will come then it will be known that the Day of Judgment is not too far. We're in the hula l molissa.

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And indeed he is surely acknowledged for the final our final exam total nebbia so don't doubt it at all. Don't doubt what the coming of the hour what Avi Rooney and follow me mean the profits are a lot of stuff.

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Mr. Dahle, to say to the people follow me, Heather slaughter Mr. Kane, this is the straight path.

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So we see that the birth of Aris artists Anam was a sign,

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a sign of what an evidence of what the power of Allah and also the fact of resurrection.

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And we see that his coming back will also be a sign

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a sign of what the near Enos of the day of judgment and we learn from many Hadees that restarted soon and will definitely return. For example, there's a decent Muslim in which we learn. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I swear by Allah, that the son of Miriam will certainly descend as a just judge, he will certainly descend as Ooh, as a just judge, and he would definitely break the cross, and he will kill the swine and abolish jizya and he would leave the young she can also no one would endeavor to collect Zakat on spite mutual hatred, jealousy against one another will certainly disappear. And when he summons people to accept wealth, not even one will do so. So, people will be

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very contented, happy, satisfied, when he will come.

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What I have done a comerciais on and never lectured on over to a virtue from what from the truth from preparing for the Day of Judgment. Because in the hula Kumar do will move in indeed he is to you and open enemy, a clear enemy whose enmity is manifest interest factor is six loss paralysis in the shape Juan and Omar do one, but who are do what take him as an enemy.

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So he sarena Santa, his coming before and his coming later, this will be a sign of what the Day of Judgment so that people become serious about it. And Allah subhanaw taala says over here well as the nakoma shavon, don't cheat on prevent you, from what from preparing for that day, because he is for you and open enemy.

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And we see that the machine of Makkah, the trap that they were in arguing with the Prophet sallallahu sallam, this was what shavonne preventing them from the truth.

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So don't let Chitwan prevent you. He used to use an open enemy

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when a merger is a bit of a unity. And when Risa brought clear proofs. When we started, Sam came as a messenger, bringing clear proofs What do the clear proofs refer to

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the miracle that he had been given? honor he said God to come, Bill hikmah. He said to the people I have brought to you, Hickman I have brought to you wisdom. What does it mean by hikma? Heckman is understood as Prophethood it's also understood as the prescriptions of the commands that were in the Injeel. So I have brought to you, Heckman and Hayek also the essence of religion, he didn't just tell them what they were supposed to do. But he also revived the spirit. Because the people they already knew what they were supposed to do. They had the law in the form of the Torah. But he saw when he came he didn't just tell people to do's and don'ts but he also revived the Spirit. And you

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see, when people see miracles and signs, what happens to them they get lost in the appearance and they forget the true essence the true spirit of God.

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So he said to them that I have brought to you hikma he brought two clear proofs but at the same time he said I brought to you hate but don't forget the main thing. Don't forget the main message. Caracas Hekmati. Wali obey Unicom and to clarify to you bearable lady destiny funa Fie, some of that which you different

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because we learned that the bunny is fine at that time had fallen into many, many differences amongst themselves, that even with regards to their beliefs with regards to Akita, they had major differences. Major ethnographer and this have led to a lot of division sectarian is a series on Islam had been sent why, in order to resolve some of those issues. First, the Holla Holla Rooney, so he said to the people fear Allah and obey me. In Allahu Arabi. He said to the people that Indeed Allah He is my Lord, what have become and also your Lord for boo boo. So worship him had a Serato most of him this is the straight way.

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So over here last panel tada further clarifies the position of

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how, by mentioning why he had come. What was the reason behind his coming? What was the reason behind how his birth was? Why was he different? Why was he so special? Was it because he was God? No, he wasn't God. It was because he was a method for the Bani Israel and he clarified many issues to them. He taught

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them hikma they knew what the commands were. But he taught them hikma as well. And he emphasized the worship of Allah alone

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in the law, who will not be one of bukem ferragudo. Allah is my Lord and your Lord. So how can you ever say what restarted Salah that he was God? He was not God. He never told people to worship him. It was the people who came later who began worshipping.

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Do you can't say that if the idols are in Hellfire, then any righteous person, even the Prophet of Allah, if he is worshipped besides Allah, He will also be there No. It's unimaginable, uninvited unimaginable, because the prophets of Allah they stopped people from ship. This was a message of Eastern center.

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But what did the people do? foster a woman by him? But the observed the various groups they differed amongst themselves, the different concerning

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concerning concerning Greece is enough. What were the differences they had concerning him. Some said that he was Son of God. Others said that he was God Himself. Some said that he was a liar.

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Some said that he was a magician. People had many opinions concerning him and these opinions are there till today.

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Some believe in Him as God others believe in a son of God others believe in him as an ordinary man just a liar, right? That's what people say. So Father level as a woman by any him so the groups differed amongst themselves concerning who is our listener.

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So Allah says for weighed on so a big war destruction for who lilla Dena Rolla mo for those people who do loan war to them, walk them through what mean, are there be Yeoman Aleem from a punishment of a very painful day? What is this painful day, the hereafter meaning on that day, they'll be punished severely painfully for the loom that they have been doing? What does their loom refer to over here, their coffin and their ship?

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So those who say that he was not a prophet, this is what when and such people will be punished on the Day of Judgment. Those who say that he was God, they did Hello concerning him. Then they are also doing zone because schilke is also where Cofer is one schilke is also zone. So for Waylon lilla de Nevada moment either be Yeoman and he so in the case of reseller, Sam, those who worshiped him and those who deny Him, they will be punished.

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Not he started hustling because Who was he? In who Illa, overdone and unnaturally and he called people to the oneness of Allah and then wished Akina Makkah with regards to them they and also their idols both will be in hell.