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Al-Isra 61-65 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 64


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of words like " Volkswagen" and " hesitation" in race training, as well as the concept of "ug pleasant" and " hesitation" in socializing. They also touch on the concept of "will" and the concept of "ug pleasant" and " hesitation" in relation to race training, as well as the concept of "port pleasant" and "port pleasant" in relation to shaper protection. The speakers stress the importance of raising animals and protecting them from wild and deadly animals, as well as the need for loss protection against sh mattered children. They also touch on the concept of "port pleasant" and how it is often difficult to achieve.
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Then another tool that at least uses what agile is, and you assault or lay you abundant behind liquor with your horses were logical, and your soldiers attack them. How? Through your horses. And also with your soldiers. The word adjective is from the roof actress, Jean lamb, the

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Jean lamba job.

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And job is to gather together

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and age lab is to gather to make noise.

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with that noise, whatever you have gathered together, you merge it forward, you move it forward.

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Let's say there is a teacher.

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And there are little, little children. And they're playing in the playground. In order to get them together, what is it that you're going to do, perhaps use a whistle, or make some loud noise. And as a result, the children are going to come together, they're going to form a line. And now the teacher says, okay, continue go to the classroom. And constantly, she's giving instructions. Constantly, she's yelling constantly, she is telling them loudly as to what they're supposed to do.

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So with this repeated loud instruction, what is she doing? She's leading, she's urging the group on to a particular destination.

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And magilla gorilla like over here, Ajay was followed by Allah, it is to scream loudly at someone and force them to move forward.

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For example, like a horse is moved forward is made to run faster, how? By the constant noise that is produced.

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You may have noticed that in horse races, there is a jockey, there's a person who's riding the horse. And there's also other people who are constantly making noise to make the horses run fast.

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And in certain places, they die. Like for example, children who are kidnapped, do an animal like that who has been used for horse races for camel races, and the child will be tied. And as the camel runs, the child screams and that scream makes the camel run faster.

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Yes, they do that.

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And I remember once we had gone for horse riding, and there was a small child with us. And he was made to sit on the horse who's sitting on the horse, and he got scared and he started crying. I started crying, the horse started to run. And he started crying louder, and the horse started running fast.

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And eventually we had to catch up with that horse. And we had to tell him, we have delta boy, stop crying, because if you don't, the horse is going to continue running. So this is what happens when you constantly yell. When you scream. The horse the animal, it runs faster. And there's something very natural. Like, for example, when people are playing soccer, or they're playing hockey, or they're playing basketball, why do you have a team to cheer them up? Why do you have people singing all across the stadium? Why?

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In order to make them move fast, in order to make them play fast, constantly, there's music, people are singing, they're standing there clapping. Why? Because in all that excitement with all that noise, people become very energetic. And they start moving, running, walking faster, whatever they're doing, they start doing it faster. And this is the reason why we play the a smile sutra. That wherever you are, quickly you get up and you just run to the classroom or you run to the groups. But unfortunately, what do we think, Oh, it's three minutes long. I can sit for one more minute, then I will get up and I will go here I will do this. By the time it ends. I will be in

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class inshallah. But unfortunately, many times we end up coming late.

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So we have to see that the reason behind that is to make us move fast.

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Many times people play music really loud so that they can drive fast. Similarly, when people are exercising, they play music so that people can be quick and fast in their exercise. I'm not saying is permissible. Okay.

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We just learned it's the salt of shaper.

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Because unfortunately the kinds of things that happened at the gym that instead of people focusing on their workout they're focusing on other things

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so urgently, but I lay him

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a salt on them, attack them. Attack Who? The people bunny Adam, the children of Adam, how should you attack them behind liquor with your horses? How should you make them run faster? How should you make the people excel in committing wrong in disobeying Allah subhanaw taala. Through your horses and your soldiers. Heil as you know is used for horses.

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But it's figuratively also used for force for power,

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rebellion high.

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And it's also used for horsemen. So it's horses its power, and it's also used for horsemen. And the logic is the plural of Origen.

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florala, larger and larger is a pedestrian. A person who is on his feet meaning a person who is walking

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the digital is what? foot sarachan one on his feet.

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So the height of a police, who are they?

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The horses of the police, what are they? Who are they? The horsemen and the pedestrians? The soldiers, the infantry, who are they?

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Even our bus so the nine who said

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that colo halen the Sufi master famously Attila were kulu Rajan YesI, to famously,

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every horse that runs meaning that is made to run in disobedience to a master plan, Tada.

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And the legend refers to every person who runs who travels in order to disobey most opponents.

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For example, some people they use their cars in order to

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do what go to the masjid. Other people, they use their cars in order to

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go to a concert. Some people will travel long distances to go attend a conference, a class, some people, they will travel long distances on their car in order to

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attend a game or attend a concert, or something like that. So with these horses, or with these cars with this power, people are made to accelerate in committing.

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They're made to accelerate they're made to go faster towards the crime that they're committing.

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Because if a person does not have a car, would he be able to do so? Would it be able to go to that concert? Will they be able to go to that model will they be able to go and do that particular action he will not be able to do so.

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So this car, this horse becomes a tool in becoming fast in excelling. In disobey a loss apprentice, it becomes a tool, it helps a person disobey more disobey faster,

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so urgently by laying him behind leka while

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others have said that Hi, it refers to those who are very active in obeying SharePoint. And Roger refers to those who are slow in obeying SharePoint. And the highest and Roger refer to all those people who are misguided from among the men and the jinn. Who the SharePoint uses to lead people astray.

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Who are they, those who are misguided are amongst the jinn and the men whom shavon uses in order to lead people astray. In the previous part of the verse, what did we learn, chip on uses voice.

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Now one person chip on puts rssi in his heart, that person is defeated, okay. He has been defeated by shadow. But there are some more people who cannot be defeated by the mere voice, what has to be done, they have to be attacked. So what does shaylen do? He sends one person, one person doesn't work, he sends an entire group of people to go in attack, to go and stop him.

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And this happens many times, that if there is a person who is doing good, first shaitaan will come and attack him in his heart, then shavon will come and attack him through other people. And then he will raise many people against him from all over the world sometimes to somehow stop him from what he is doing.

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So he is using the misguided people and jinn to lead people astray to stop people from the good that they're doing.

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So leave him behind. Lika virginica, basically to summarize our two meanings of this ayah

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First of all, that make people go faster, run faster, accelerate in their crimes, how? By sending your home and your budget against them.

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By sending your horses your horseman and your infantry, your soldiers against them.

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Secondly, it means adjective or lay him behind leka word ulica. Meaning yell and scream at who you hide and your infantry because number five is to make someone go faster. So continue to instruct your horseman, your infantry, your groups, your soldiers to go and attack the people to lead them astray.

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So in the first case,

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He's yelling at the people. Secondly, he's yelling at the height and the Roger. So if you just imagine the scene, it's like as though there is an entire army, some are on horses, and others are underfoot.

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And who is our commander

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Iblees. And he is sending battalions and groups,

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against to, against the believers against the people to lead people astray.

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Some people, they can be defeated by only one champion, that's sufficient. But some, you need an entire group in order to move that person.

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And this is very true, it happens many times that a person starts doing something good. Was was a comes, he ignores it, a suffered a lot. He seeks a loss protection. One person comes and he says, Why are you doing this?

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Why are you wasting your time studying the Quran? And you begin to think yes, maybe I should do something different. And then what happens, friends come and relatives come

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and a job offer comes

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an opportunity to study further somewhere else comes. And with this a person gets distracted,

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a person is removed from what he was doing firmly. So he sends his armies against people, sometimes to lead them astray

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will surely come another tool. Another way that shavon leads people astray, that shared equal share with them be a partner with them. Shouting from the roof letters, Shin Raka, Phil or Molly in wealth, while Ola and the children

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be their partner, the partner of people have money either in their wealth and also in their children. What does it mean by that?

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That the people they put in their effort to obtain their wealth to raise their children.

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But you get to share in how they obtain their wealth, how they raise their children. And once they have obtained their wealth, once they have raised their children, you get to decide what the wealth is to be used for and what the children are supposed to do.

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Like, for example, a woman, let's say, all by herself, she's raising the child, she's looking after the child, the Father, for instance, he doesn't do anything.

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And when the child grows older, the father says, I'm your father, and I'm telling you, you have to study this, or you have to do this work. How will the mother feel

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that this is so unfair? I have spent all my life looking after my child and here comes a father telling the child what he should do. And the child will also feel Who are you to tell me now all my life, you were somewhere else you never shared in anything. You never paid for anything. You never advise me or anything. You never took care of me? How can you just command me to do something now? I'm just giving you an example. Because there's something that we see. And people feel that it's very unfair, that somebody else comes and takes advantage. This is what she found us that people put in their effort to make money. But where did they spend it Wish Upon Western people put in their

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effort to raise their children. But what does your dad do? He tells the children what they're supposed to do. Well, Shadi conville, and Wally went over that.

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Now with regards to wealth in particular, how does shavon share the wealth of a person with him?

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I'm going to tell you several opinions of various scholars, what they have said

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First of all, making how long what is Helen

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that a person earns money through halaal means he puts in so much effort. He struggles day in and day out. But shavon does not let him take advantage of it. He does not let him take benefit from it. Neither Indonesia nor India.

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A person is working nine to five. A person is working day in and day out constantly. He's making money and when he has the money. Chetan makes him believe this has Hanim upon you. You have to spend it over here or you cannot use it you have to get rid of it. Like for example the machine of Mecca what would they do? They would make certain animals how to open themselves.

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raising animals looking after animals something very difficult. Anyone who has a pet

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any pet How difficult is it?

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It's like having another child, because they get sick, they need to be fed, you have to take care of their health, their nutrition. And because they cannot talk, they cannot express themselves, it becomes even more challenging.

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And especially livestock, you have to be extremely careful.

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You have to really take care of them properly. You have to feed them, you have to look out for them, you have to take them out to pasture you have to bring them in, you have to protect them from wild animals, then sometimes their food has to be brought to them. And remember, this was Arabia Makkah, you could not just send your animals outside the barn and they would eat. No, you would have to take them out into the desert in search of an oasis where they could eat some fresh food. This was extremely difficult.

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And if an animal cannot go, what would you have to do? You have to go yourself, get all that stuff and bring it to the animals that it can eat it now that you put in so much effort to raise that animal?

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What is a shavonda? You cannot use it. You cannot consume it. It's held on upon you. And you have to dedicated to your guns in sort of an arm I 138 we learned we'll call you had he and aramoana Hudson. Hey Jerome, lay out our Omaha Illumina show, bizarrely.

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The thing is that the world that you have obtained through halaal means it's yours. Especially when you have given the heck of a lot meaning there's a cat out of it. You've given us a cat now it's yours. And if you think that it is unlawful for you, you cannot use it, then this is Chet on taking advantage of your wealth. Introduce it 59 we learn all around item madonsela Allahu la committed respect for Geraldo men who have ramen wahala Allen

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say have you seen what Allah has sent down to you a provision of which you have made some lawful and some unlawful?

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Who has given you the authority to do so?

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Similarly, the Machina maka, what else would they do with these animals, they would dedicate them to idols, they would sacrifice them for the sake of it. So this is how shaytan would get a share of their wealth. Secondly, how does shavonne have a share in the wealth of a person

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that how a person obtains them through how romney's how a person earns the wealth? through how long means

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that a person is putting in effort he's working? He's struggling, but the wealth that he has obtained is in itself how long because the method was inappropriate, or what he has acquired is unlawful.

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So can the person really benefit from it? No, it's to his detriment, he cannot benefit from it, neither in the dunya nor in the alpha. So who takes advantage of least us. Thirdly, this includes spending in disobedience to almost panic,

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that a person puts in so much effort to make that money, but shaytan says, spend your money here, spend your money there in disobedience to Allah, who is taking advantage

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because when a person especially spends money in disobedience to a lot and what is he doing,

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he is committing wrong himself, but at the same time, he is also promoting disobedience, he is cooperating with others and disobedience. So this way he becomes a tool of shaper.

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Similarly, this includes

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like for example, today, what do people do? When people earn so much money? They do.

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They expand beyond need excessively, in ways of disobedience, earlier we read about lead lead to bad data. So if a person does disease, if a person does is rough, who is it pleasing? Chetan?

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Recently somebody was mentioning what how they heard of someone who got married, and the stage that they had decorated.

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The stage itself was, if I'm not mistaken, about 20 500,000 rupees.

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Those of you who know about the value of Pakistani currency, and the state of Pakistan's economic system, and the poverty that exists in Pakistan 20 500,000 rupees stage decoration, which is there only for a few hours.

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All that money that you earned all of that money. You put an effort in acquiring that money, and you are spending it in order to present a very good image of yourself before people, perhaps to make them feed and all of you make them feel very great about you think very highly of you that you're so wealthy. This is what self projection, in a way leads to the showing off who is the person pleasing by spending all of that money? Who is it pleasing? Think about it. it bleeds shadow

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Because when he will have such an elaborate stage, people will come they will feel good about it. Yes, it looks very nice. But with what kind of hearts will they go home?

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Especially the poor amongst

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those who are even serving over there, even if you don't invite any poor people. Just imagine the people who are serving over there, what are they thinking, My mother is so ill at home, I don't have the money to pay for surgery. And here they are washing money with throwing it away. How, by just spending it on stage decoration. So it's rough and tough.

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Yes, if a person has a lot, he is allowed to spend on himself. But again, he should not waste money.

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He should not waste money. If you have a lot of money and you buy a lot of jewelry, very expensive jewelry, that each ring perhaps costs $10,000 you have the money earned through Halloween, if you're using it, and 100 you're paying Zakat on it and hundreds. But if you're just buying and buying and not using, it's just sitting there, nobody's benefiting from it. Or it's so expensive that you spent so much money just for an evening, just for the eyes, then that's a waste of money. That's a waste of money. And this is something that will be accountable for.

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So it's often too late is also part of how shaitan has a share in how we earn our wealth, how we use it, how we benefit from it, how we deprive ourselves from it, or how we wasted now wash it come fill and Wiley, well Ola, how does your bond become a partner in their children,

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in the children of people?

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First of all, this is from the time that the child is conceived.

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This is from the time that the child is conceived.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said is the Hadees that isn't party as well as a Muslim. That when one of you wants to have intercourse with his wife, then let him say Bismillahi Allahu Majid Nibbana shavon agenda shavon him out as a cleaner In the name of Allah, O Allah, keep us away from shavon and keep shavon away from what you bestow on us, then if a child has decreed for them from that, then shavon will never harm him. But if at that moment, a person does not seek a loss protection against the shavon then what is he doing? He's willingly giving up his child to be a victim of shape.

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Similarly, when a child is born, the parents should make the law for the child. When the child is born, what happens shavon hits the child.

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This is how much he hates human beings. Just imagine a small child who has just been born. Everybody's willing to hold the child dying to see the child and they come straight on. It's the child

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and as a result, the child starts to cry. This is how much he hates human beings. So at that point, what should we do? Seek of loss protection against the shadow, recite it acoustic

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recite some uscar to be protected from Shetland into the alien run i a 36. What do we learn that Madame la Sam's mother, she said we're in need to her bigger weather yet to her ministry shavon.

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And then after the birth sooner, the sooner they must be implemented. They must be carried out like for example, shaving off the head. But many times your dog comes and takes a shower and says that no, this is my child. It says hair. It's her hair that looks so lovely. Why should I shave?

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So when a person does not follow the Sunnah, who is he giving a share to shed on he's making shaitan the authority that you also contribute as to how we want to keep this child. Similarly in the case of boy circumcision, later on the Earthlings

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and then the proper upbringing of children.

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So it's our responsibility that we must do this properly. And if we don't follow the instructions given to us by Allah and His Messenger, then what are we doing, giving the right to shape on that you also contribute as to how we should raise our children.

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how shaitaan becomes a partner in children. This includes killing children,

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killing children, and this includes abortion, killing a child before it is even born. Because Japan becomes a partner in that how shaitaan gets to decide whether or not you should keep the child. Allah made the decision to give you that child. You decide with Shetlands consent, we do not want this child.

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Recently, somebody was mentioning as to how this couple

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they were planning not to have a child and the woman she became pregnant, and they decided that they were going to abort the child. So everybody said that, no, you shouldn't do it. They said

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No, this is our decision. We never planned a pregnancy and now you know my wife has become pregnant. So this is our decision that we're going to abort the child. Now this is your decision but Allah decision is something else. Allah decided to give you a child despite the fact that you were trying not to have one. So if a person at that time decides no I want to get rid of this child, then he is including who shall die in that decision. You might say that no, no, it was just the husband and wife who gave that was fossa who gives him instruction. Who made them feel that Oh, you can't take care of another child shavon

00:25:34--> 00:25:46

inserted an arm I 140 we learned about the hace la Latina quarter Ola to whom Stefan belay they are in. Well, how Ramon Rosa como la who, if you're on Allah, or w womac. And

00:25:48--> 00:25:53

thirdly, some scholars have said that this includes the children of Xena,

00:25:55--> 00:25:59

the children that are born out of wedlock illegitimate children.

00:26:01--> 00:26:04

Because if you think of it, the same children could have been born, how,

00:26:05--> 00:26:07

through Halla, Tunica.

00:26:08--> 00:26:19

But when a person does not use proper means, then the child that is going to be born through how long who has a share in that he believes chetanas a sharing

00:26:21--> 00:26:23

the same children could have been born out of wedlock.

00:26:25--> 00:26:32

Somebody was mentioning to me about how this couple they were living together outside of the bounds of marriage and the woman became pregnant.

00:26:33--> 00:26:41

When the parents found out that there she's still dating him, they had no idea she was expecting, they got married, a lower limit the niqab is even better, because she was expecting at that point.

00:26:43--> 00:26:58

And I was thinking if they had waited a little bit, or if the parents felt that their daughter is not going to listen to get them married. Now she's going to have a child who is going to be born out of Xena. But the same child could have been born out of.

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Similarly, scholars have said forcely it means those children who are killed those children who are killed, who are sacrificed for the sake of

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idols for the sake of Gods etc.

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And this was an ancient practice amongst many cultures where human sacrifice was made human sacrifice. So children who were killed for the sake of Gods in dedication to certain gods in order to please them chevonne gets to decide what happens to those children fifthly scholars have said that this includes giving children such names in which there is

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like for example, the Michigan of maca, they would name their children of the shrimps, the slave of the sun, Abdullah Rosa Rosa was one of their idols are dumb enough when AP was also one of their idols. And today, many people name their children, Coco lamassu, the servant the hula. Similarly, they will give names such as Abdul Hussain

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this is what should

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when a child has given such a name, in which there should who gets a big share, chaplain similarly, Hazard reversal number six, he said, the alacarte share plan to take a share of wealth and children by making them maidens, Jews and Christians and making them follow any religion other than Islam. And by making them give a part of their wealth to the shavonne, because what do we learn from the Hadees

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that the people have been born on? Fedora,

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Fedora, but what happens? Their parents they make them you have with any aluna serani they make them yahoodi or Christian, so on and so forth.

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So this is how chevonne takes a share in children.

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If you think about it,

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this is a big loss for people.

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Because what two things are very dear to every person,

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his wealth, which wealth that he has earned himself. And secondly, his children.

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And if you ever find out that somebody else wants to have a share in how I want to raise my child, how do you feel?

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How dare you write. Many times mothers are very, very possessive about how they want to raise their children, which is why they will be very careful with everything that their children are learning. If they even sense that somebody else is trying to teach their child something. They become extremely possessive, even if it's their closest relatives like in laws, they will not tolerate that they will not let the child spend much time with their in laws, because they feel that they're going to teach them some things which I disagree with.

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This is how careful parents are when it comes to their children. But unfortunately, when we need

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Let the third via our children, the corrector via the correct upbringing,

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then we are given the authority to who he believes

00:30:09--> 00:30:20

that you come and teach my child, you come and have a share in what the child does in what he learns in what he says, in what he dedicates his life to.

00:30:21--> 00:30:45

Similarly, wealth. If you earn your money, and somebody else comes and says, this is how we're going to spend your money, how will you feel? Many times that happens with women, that they work, but their husbands take all of their money, they don't let them decide anything about how they're going to spend the money and defeat. It's so unfair, and it is unfair. But why is it that when we spend on her arm, we don't think that shavon is benefiting from that.

00:30:46--> 00:30:48

We're losing our chip on his benefiting.

00:30:49--> 00:30:58

We're at home and promise them, threaten them when you're either home or shaytani in the huddle, and shavonne does not promise them except delusion.

00:31:00--> 00:31:04

So at least he also promised His people what kind of promises

00:31:06--> 00:31:08

that do this alone will fold over him you will forgive you.

00:31:09--> 00:31:14

He will promise them saying things such as there will be no resurrection. What if there's no Day of Judgment?

00:31:16--> 00:31:31

What if there are no consequences to this? Or he makes him procrastinate saying, don't do it today? Do it tomorrow, do it tomorrow. And tomorrow never comes in like this. A person's entire life is wasted. Do it it goes away because of the false promises of SharePoint.

00:31:33--> 00:31:38

There's so many things that we know are important, but we continue to delay them. I don't know why.

00:31:40--> 00:32:12

If we think about it, all of us are supposed to die. All of us every single one of us. And we need to question ourselves. Am I ready? If I were to die right now, am I ready? If I'm not Then what am I waiting for? Because many things we keep delaying. I will memorize I will recite I will improve my dream. I will complete this lesson I will give you a cat I will give sadaqa I will contribute to this I will contribute to that. When this comes when that never comes. That chance never comes.

00:32:14--> 00:32:24

Because whatever you don't do today, it means that it's not a priority in your life. Well my URI domu shaytani 11 or all the promises of shinken are what? A deception

00:32:26--> 00:32:43

intro to NASA I 120 we learn URI to one where human need him? Well my URI to whom was shaytaan in the hula shaytaan promises them and he arouses desires in them. But Chitwan does not promise them except delusion. This is the reality of the promises of shape.

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Reputation again