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Al-Baqarah 113-121 Translation


AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a TV show where a character named Alia is mentioned as being a warmer in the sky. The characters discuss the importance of war and the need for people to follow the guidance of Islam. They also mention a woman named Tina who recites a book and talks about being a warmer in the sky.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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I'm about to lay him in a shape honorable Jean Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, rubbish rightly so that he will certainly agree with that and melissani of kahuku Lee, open as a dinner in Lesson number 17 Surah Al Baqarah is number 113 to 121.

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well, and arlette it said Alia who do the Jews laser, it is not an Asara the Christians Allah upon che in anything will correlate and it said and nesara the Christians lay said it is not a lawyer who do the Jews, Allah upon showing in anything while home while they yet Luna they recite al Qaeda, the book gallica likewise. Honor he said and the Drina those who are not, yar lamona they know missler like only him they're saying

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follow who so Allah. Yeah, como He will judge by you know whom between them yoma en de la Amati. At the standing FEMA in whatever can do they were fee in it yesterday foon. They differ. Woman and who have level is more unjust. May month and who manner. He stopped. He forbade massage either masks, Allah He of Allah on that. You've got it is mentioned fee her in it is move his name was and his true. fee in hobby her its destruction.

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Una iica those man not Ghana, it was lavon for them. And that year the Hulu her they enter it in the except for ifim as ones move here.

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Now home for them fee in a dunya The world is Yun humiliation when a home and for them fee in the hereafter are there been a punishment or Lehman great? When in Lehi and for Allah and machico the East one must reboot and the west for a number so wherever to when Lou, you altering Fatima, then there what you face? Allah He of Allah in Allaha Indeed Allah worse your own one who is all embracing our Lehman, always all knowing what I knew, and they said it the harder he took, Allahu Allah, one at a child, silver Hannah, who his glory, but rather the who for him, man, whatever, this summer wet in the heavens, while out and the earth could learn on Lahu for him corny tune, once

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devoutly obedient

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buddy or originator XML words of the heavens while out and the earth what either and when other he decreed among a matter for innama than indeed not but yaku he says Lahu for it could be for kulu so it becomes wirkkala and he said, and Medina those who learn not Yalla Muna Dino Lola, why not? You can live una he speaks to us, Allahu Allah. O or that Dena, it comes to us. I don't assign gallica likewise, color, he said. And Latina those who mean from our buddy him before them. Midler like only him, they're saying

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Tasha, it resembled kulu boom, their hearts are in fact, by Yana we made clear. And I add the signs the government for a people up known they believe with certainty.

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In indeed we also know we send to you, Bill happy with the truth, but sheelane as a bearer of good news, one or the other on and as a warner Weiler and not to salute you

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You will be questioned on about us had companions, Elijah Haim of the blazing Hellfire one and will never doubt it will be pleased that it will be pleased. UNGA from you Alia who do the Jews while there and nor a nosara the Christians had the until that we are you follow me letter home their creed all say in indeed who the guidance Allah He of Allah who it is a who the the guidance What are in and surely if it you followed a who or whom their desires bar the after a lady that jerrica it came to you men from an early me the knowledge man not lucky for you mean Allah from Allah men from when he in any clothes protecting friend wanna and nor Nestle it in any helper

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alladhina those who are thinner whom we gave them al keytab the book yet Luna who they recite it help as is right. Deliver TV it's recitation

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hula iica those you may know they believe be with it. Woman and whoever you work for. He this believes be with it for less than those whom they unforeseeable the losers. Let's listen to the recitation

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on tv

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latifi manca.

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Latina Latina

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fontina watch me una

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