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Az-Zukhruf 57-89 Tafsir 66-67


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The conversation discusses the importance of friendships and relationships in the fight against infection and how they can lead to priority over others. It also touches on the concept of friendships and their potential for conflict, including the quote from the Prophet sallahu sallam. The speakers emphasize the importance of honesty and loyalty, rather than blindly acting, in building stronger friendships and a lasting community. They also stress the importance of sharing personal friendships for happiness and building a healthy theology.

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hollyanne zerona are they waiting? What are they waiting for? Why don't they believe illa serata except for the hour, and do humberston that it should come upon them suddenly, or home layer scharoun while they perceive not the machine of Makkah, constantly their behavior was of arguing with the Prophet sallallahu sallam. anytime something was said to them, they raised an objection concerning.

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I mentioned to you that incident where Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sitting, one man came and other men came and other men came one after the other. What were they doing, arguing with him?

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Why does a person argue when he doesn't want to accept to the people are being questioned? What are you waiting for? Holly and Luna illa serata and to whom volta wahome layers alone, this is what you're waiting for. When it comes, then you will not have another chance. And that day is not an ordinary day. Allah Hello, yo, Ma, even close friends that de barro boom, Li Berlin ado, we'll be enemies to each other, except for who Elon would have been except for the righteous.

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If you think about it, all of these people will also have the library as a bottle. They were friends to one another, isn't it? So? Who Are they

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friends to one another. And their friendship was a means of leading them astray. Because if at times one person was convinced by what the prophet sort of autism had said, others would come and again, what would they do? Stop him, convince him not to believe in him.

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We learn about that person even more. What did he do? Because he was a friend of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. He was one of the Friends of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he invited the profits or losses, send them over for some food. And when he offered the food, the profits are monitored and refused to eat. He said I will not interview Billy so he believed, isn't it? And later on what happened his other friends said to him what

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that goal and spit on his face only then we will believe that you have given up your belief in him. So he did that.

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So we see that friends, sometimes they are a means of leading one another astray.

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They become a means of preventing a person from the truth. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, your invaluable homely burden I do this friendship because of this friendship, you compromise in the truth. You stay away from the truth. You argue with the messenger friends on that day will be enemies. Except for those who have Taqwa. This friendship will not help you on that day, this friendship will turn into enmity. And if you look at this word of Hilah it's the plural of Holly, who is Khalid an ordinary friend, a best friend, because Helene This is from the Rufus high lamb lamb Kala filou which is appears to slip into something to make a hole through something.

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So hula is such friendship that, that penetrates the heart that goes deep into the heart settles in the heart. This is not ordinary friendship, this is deep friendship, someone whom you call a best friend, an intimate friend. So our

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best friends on the day of judgment will be enemies to one another. Every friendship that exists for a purpose other than the sake of Allah will turn into enmity, except for who Elon would be, except for those who are.

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Those who fear Allah, their friendship will be a source of great reward for them on the Day of Judgment, and their friendship will continue in the hereafter. Their friendship will not cease. When they die, no, it will continue even after they have passed away from this dunya even in the afterlife, their friendship will continue. But some friends they will be enemies on that day.

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And we learned from our bodies that we really don't know he reported that allows messenger sallallahu Sallam said that in the La Jolla kulu yamapi. Amity Anan would have Boone Abidjan le le oma only low homefield Lily, yo my lovely, lovely, lovely Lea, that Allah will say on the Day of Resurrection, where are those who loved one another for my glory say for the sake of my glory, for my sake, they loved one another. Where are those people? Today I shall shelter them in my shadow, when there is no other shadow, but my shadow

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on the Day of Judgment, who will be placed under the shade of Allah subhanaw taala those people who love each other for the sake of Allah.

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Now what does it mean by loving each other for the sake of Allah? that a person does whatever he wants, but he just says Oh, I love you for the sake of

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friends for Allah sake. Is this what it is?

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About No.

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It's about having taqwa

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because Allah says over here a language,

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the friendship that is based on the friendship of those who are taqwa is that friendship which is for the sake of

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friendship in which the fear of Allah is involved.

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Not in which the desire of the knifes is involved, which friendship is the one in which the fear of alliances involve that friendship, which increases the fear of Allah, which helps a person remain obedient to Allah, that is the true friendship.

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Which friendship, that helps a person remain obedient to Allah, that stops the person from disobedience to Allah. Because what is the core fear of Allah that leads to obedience, and that prevents from this obedience, isn't it. So this is what the boys, so friendship that leads to obedience prevents from disobedience, that is the true type of friendship. And that is what will help a person bring a lot of reward to a person in the hereafter.

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If you think about it, friendship is something very essential. A person can do many things with who, with his friends, because alone, you can't do much. But when you have supporters, when you have friends, then the work that you have to do becomes easier.

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Many times you see that even when people have to study, what do they do? They study with their friends, I don't know how you do that. But some people do that. Because I feel that if you're studying with your friends, and you end up talking more studying less. But anyway, people find that whatever they do with their friends becomes easier. Which is why we see that friends are of two types, those friends that help you facilitate you doing good things, and those friends who facilitate doing bad things.

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Because to do good, you need company to do bad again, you need company, isn't it? And friends, they keep you firm on what you're doing. They don't let you give up.

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Like, for example, we see that even when people are committing crimes, do they do them alone? No. Many times they're involved in gangs, isn't it? And when they're involved in gangs, that even if a person realizes after some time what I'm doing is wrong, I should leave? Can he leave?

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Can he leave his other gang members? Do they let him leave? They don't let him leave. If he dares to leave, he is killed by one of them, isn't it?

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So friends, they support you, they assist you in doing many things, and they keep you firm on doing whatever you're doing.

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But we see that friendship that is based on sin

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on a cause other than the love of Allah subhana wa tada

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all such friendships? What will they turn into enmity? Why?

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Why will they turn into enmity?

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Because a person will realize on that day, this person was not really my friend, he was my enemy. He made me say this wrong. He made me do this wrong. He made me stay away from this good thing from that good thing. You understand? So this is why friendships will turn into enmity on the Day of Judgment.

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Then a person will not see Oh, I had so much fun with my friend. No, he will see I made this mistake. I did that wrong thing. I said this wrong thing, because of my friend because of this person. So he will view him as an enemy and not a friend.

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As we learned earlier, that a person will wish that there's a distance of machines claim between him and his Corinne from South Korea. What an evil friend, the same friend that he was dying to be within the dunya. He missed a lot. She missed a lot. But on the Day of Judgment, a distance of two East's I don't want to see you I don't want to know you. You made me do so many wrong things. And if you think about it, sometimes people learn so many rankings from who have their friends, they pick up bad words, bad habits, from who from their friends, you can see how the attitude of one person is rubbing off on the other.

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If he is lazy, the other is becoming lazy. If he is active, the other is becoming active.

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We see that in the hereafter. Definitely such friendships will turn into enmity. But sometimes it also happens in mania. That friends who are so close to one another, then they become enemies. They don't want to know each other. They don't want to see each other when when they get into trouble because of one another.

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So true friendship is that which is based on the code we read is represented by a 29

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that will call a Latina cafaro robina rinella dana, our learner meenal genius.

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Well, it's Natural Woman aka Amina Li akuna Minal us family. They love their friends but in the Hellfire in the Hereafter, they will want to crush them with their feet, crush them with their feet. This is how much they will hate them.

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But friendship was founded on taco in which there is a fear of Allah, that will last forever.

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Because when a person has fear of Allah, then no matter where he is, and who he is with, with you do something wrong when you disobey Allah. No. He is conscious of Allah, He is fearful of Allah. So even if his friend is doing something wrong, will he stop him? He will stop him, because he has the

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will you support him in the wrong action? No. Will he assist him in any way? No, he will discourage him, he will tell him what you're doing is wrong.

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So if a person has taqwa, he will not help his friend in doing anything wrong.

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Instead, what will he do? He will encourage him to do that, which is good.

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So taco leads to good friendship. And this is what shows that the true friends are sincere to one another. That these two friends are sincere to one another. They're honest, they're trustworthy.

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Because if you think about it, if normally what do we think friendship is that whatever I do you support me. If I'm in trouble, you help me. If I'm doing something wrong, I'm in trouble. you defend me. You don't speak up against me. This is what we think friendship is. But a person who has the flaw will not even support his friend when he's doing something wrong. He will tell him on his face, you're doing wrong. He will tell him on his face, what you're doing is right, you're making a mistake. Why? Because he is honest, he is trustworthy. And this shows the honesty of a person, doesn't it?

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Because if you think about it, if a person can disobey a lot with regards to you, that just to make you happy, they're disobeying Allah, when you're doing something wrong, they say, Yeah, you're right. I support you. Then tomorrow, can they deceive you? Can they deceive you? Of course, if they're not loyal to Allah, how can they remain loyal to you, they will not remain loyal to you.

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So a true friend is the one who has fear of Allah, the One who will show you your rank. The one who will not hide your own cover your own butt will tell you where your faults are. He will correct you. This is who a true friend is and such friendship will last in the hereafter as well.

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Friendship for the sake of a love friendship founded on this because this is true well wishing, right? This is being sincere and trustworthy, that if the other is making a mistake, you stop them. You stop them. You don't just say, Okay, nevermind. Because if you say okay, never mind, then you're saying okay, never mind when you will be held accountable, when you will be held responsible in the hereafter. This is not fair. This is not right.

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I remember recently, one of my friends, she was suggesting something and I said, No, this would be a lie. And I said outright, this would be a lie. And I didn't realize at that time that it came about too straight. But later on, she's coming in apologizing. No, no, I didn't mean to lie, says that, you know, I had this idea. The suggestion? I'm like, No, I just thought at that time, it would be a lie. So I said to you, it would be a lie. And I knew that you would take it in the right way. And I feel that this shows that I have that level of friendship with her that I can tell her when she's making a mistake. Right. And when we are faced with one another, when we pretend to with one

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another, then even when the other person's making a big mistake. What do we say to them? Yeah, good idea. Sure. It's all good, you are good. This is not true friendship. This is not friendship for the sake of Allah. Friendship for the sake of Allah is that a person remembers Allah, he fears Allah, when he's dealing with his friends when he's doing something with his friends.

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So when they're sitting, talking, the time of Salah comes, they pray, they remind each other that we have to do our God because sometimes what happens we're sitting together having so much fun talking away, the time of the day comes and it goes away. But true friends are Who? Who will remind each other Okay, let's stop talking. Let's do it. Let's stop talking. Let's go pray. Don't say that this is wrong. Let's talk about something that is beneficial. Why are we wasting our time over here? What's the point of doing? What you're saying is inappropriate. This is what true friendship is.

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And this friendship will last in the market as well. So uh, hello, yoma eden borrow, boom, Libra Berliner. I do in Malmo, takim. Except for those people who have Taqwa.

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And you see this type of friendship, which is based on taqwa.

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Also, Indonesia, meaning a person remains loyal to his friend in the dunya. Even he doesn't abandon him. He doesn't turn his back to him. But he is sincere to him loyal to him throughout his life. And this we see in the example of Abu Bakar, a leader, and the Prophet sallallahu said that how Abu Bakar of Iran who he loved the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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and he suffered so much because of him, didn't he? He sacrificed so much because of him. If ever we have to suffer because of our friend, what do we say? What do we think? That's it? I can't believe I'm in this trouble because of her. Look at how she ditched me. Look at how I'm suffering because of her because of him. I'm never going to see them again. But we see that aboubaker of the learner he was beaten by them shakiness to the point that he was unconscious, to the point that His hair was falling out. And every time he would regained consciousness, who would he ask about? The profits? That alone is enough? Not even once did he think I am suffering so much because of him? Why should I

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bother to defend him? Why should I bother to support him? No. And when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him to accompany him in the Hydra, he was crying out of joy out of delight. Anybody else would cry out of fear, out of regret. But avacado didn't know he was crying out of joy. He was so happy.

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And we see that their friendship It was so strong, it was so good. It was so beautiful, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that loconte would definitely and hollyland has to abide by that if I were to take anyone as a Helene because hola is only for Allah subhanaw taala if I were to take any UNESCO lien from people, I would have taken a look,

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I would have taken Abu Bakr as well.

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So we see that Abu Bakr da da da, he supported him wholeheartedly, wholeheartedly, that even when he had to suffer financial loss, physical suffering, social problems, even he had to suffer because of his friend. He never turned his back on his friend, because he knew that his friend was true.

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He knew that his friend never spoke alive, he knew that his friend was who, the prophet of Allah.

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So when a person loves another in this way for the sake of Allah, then Allah subhanaw taala rewards this person greatly as well. That the Hadith that I mentioned to you that Allah will say on the Day of Judgment, amen with the have buena vigilante. Where are those who love each other for my glory sake? anioma lilla Humphrey Lily, yo Malala in lovely Lea. Today, I will share them under my shade. Besides which there is no other shade. Look at the honor.

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Look at the honor and other people that did what will they be doing? cursing one another, hating one another blaming one another? So if you really love your friend, then what should you do?

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What should you do? correct them when they're wrong.

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And if ever they say something incorrect, do something that is incorrect. You should have the guts to correct the error if they're really your friends. They will take it positively. Anything else before we listen to the recitation?

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true friendship is what sincere honest friendship is that you want the best for your friends? If you know something, you share that with them. He says Salaam he said to the people in a lot of below have become far boo Allah is my Lord and also your God worshipping. So how is it that we know about this fact that we don't share with other people and yet we claim to be their friends. We said that, oh, we're such good friends. But the other person, he doesn't know much about Islam. She doesn't know much about Islam. Our own relatives, our own spouses, they don't know what kind of friendship is this? If we love them, then we want to see them forever. We want to enjoy their company forever.

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And if we want that, then we must share this knowledge with them as well.

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Sometimes become very selfish. We're learning one thing after the other, improving in one thing after the other, but what about our family members? What about our friends? If we really are sincere to them? If we really love them, then we should share this with them.

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Okay, well.

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boom, boom, boom.

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una coma?

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t Paula G.

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Matthew Annie obey,

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obey Nina

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telefoon, Effie

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only berlina I do in them attacking all friendships and that they will turn into enmity. Why? Because typically, what do friends do they lead each other to disobedience do wrong actions away from Allah. And it's only them with the pain whose friendship will last in the hereafter whether those within their friendship means that they are married to one another, their friendship means that they study together their friendship means that they are working together somewhere. Because friendships are established between people through different relationships, right. So any relationship that a person has with another, if it's not founded on the core, remember, that

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relationship is going to bring you loss. And if it's founded on taqwa there is a fear of a lie involved

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with one another are also given because of the fear of Allah, then this will lead to eternal happiness.

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Many times it happens, you want to do something good, but you have fear inside of yourself. And when you ask your friends, some might discourage you, and others might encourage you, those who encourage you, they are sincerity. Remember that, and those who discourage you, they're not sincerity.

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Even children, they have friends. And they should also be taught from a very young age that what kind of friends they're with, who they're eating with, what they have learned from who. So it should be instilled within children that they should be careful about who they're hanging out with. because later on, this is what helps a person,

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anything else.

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And if she said, Oh, she's my mother, if I say this to her, you know, we have such a good relationship right now she will become more strict with me. This is not true friendship.

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It strengthens your friendship. Other friends you can choose but your family members you can't choose. But you love your family members, even the relationship that you have with them should be based on the fear of a loss of kindness.

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In order for your family members to correct you in order for your friends to correct you when you are slipping when you are making a mistake. They have to know as well. What's wrong with right. So when you share this knowledge with them, when you tell them they'll be able to point out your mistakes. And if you don't share with them, then the mistakes they see in you, other people don't see in you.

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Okay, we'll listen to the recitation.