Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L258A

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Az-Zukhruf 57-89 Translation 57-89

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu

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una sala de soutien Karim Allah Bharath Ruta Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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Rubbish Ronnie surgery were silly and re watch the Tommy Lee saniya Cody openers opener in

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Lesson number 258. So, the toughness number 57 to 89

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transmission, what a man and when do Rebbe he was struck? He was quoted as memoriam son of Miriam or they have Sena matalon as an example, either then our worker your people, men who from it yesterday do they make noise? What can you and they said our earlier tuner, our gods higher and better, um, or who he may not baraboo they quoted him, lucky for you in there except geralyn to argue, well rather home the common of people has the moon once quarrelsome is not who he is, except other than a servant. An honor We bestowed favor or lay upon him was your Allahu and we made him matalon and example liberty for children Israel of Israel.

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One Oh and if Nasha we will ledger and surely we made men come from you, mother a cotton angels fee in the earth yes new phone. they succeed

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or in the who and indeed he literally would surely knowledge Lissa for the our fella. So do not don't Aruna you definitely be in doubt be here about it. What to be Rooney and you all follow me Heather this Serato about Mr. Team one straight winner and should not he also done knuckle he definitely stop you a shade on the show icon in the who indeed de la come for you are the one an enemy Obi Wan clear

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what a man and when he came Raisa resigned his alarm bill by unit with the clear poops on it, he said, in fact did to come I came to you, Bill hikmah with the wisdom while he obey Hina and so that I made clear Lacan for you barraba some allottee of which destiny funa you will differ fee in it. Factor cool so you will fear Allah Allah or lt Ernie and you all obey me in the Lucha Indeed Allah who he is, but I'll be my Rob, one of bukem and you're up for a boo hoo. So you all worship Him? Has this Serato about Muslim one straight first and then he deferred

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the group's men from veiny him between them for Wayland. So destruction lilla Dean and for those who love them, they did wrong. Men from Adobe punishment, Yeoman of de Aleem painful, Han, not young Luna de wait Illa except a Sarah that our and that that to whom it comes to them, both that and suddenly we're home while they learn not. Yes aroon they perceive

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the intimate friends yolmer even that the barbu home some of them liberally for others are the one enemy Illa except Allah takim those who fear Allah.

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Yeah, a baddie, all my servants learn not how often a fear are they come upon you allow me today, voila. And nor until you all that has known you all will grieve alladhina those who am a new day believed the ayah Tina with our versus our science, what can and they were muslimeen want to submit or the Hulu you will enter Elgin the paradise until you are well as Why'd you come and your spouse's balloon, you all will be made happy.

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You tofu, it will be circulated or lay him upon them basically happen with big dishes, big trays. Men from the help gold were acquiring and cups where he had an idiot man, whatever dish the he

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It desires it unforce the souls what Allah do, and it delights you, the eyes are untold and you all see her in it. Holly don't want to abide eternally

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what Elijah and that agenda the paradise allottee which all is to her, you all were made to inherit it Bhima because of what quantum you were Dharma loon you do.

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Luckily for you all see her in it. Frankie Hutton, fruits, Cathy rotten, plenty men have from it that gewoon you all will eat in indeed almajiri mean the criminals fee in either be punishment. Johanna of Hellfire Holly don't want to abide eternally.

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They're not you factor. It will be subsided. It will be eased on home from them while home and they fee in it mobily soon ones who are in despair.

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Warmer and not. While I'm near home. We wronged them when I can but can they were home they avoided mean the wrongdoers

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whenever the end they called Yeah, Malik, Malik, Leah Cody.

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He should terminate. He should conclude.

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Elena upon us. probook Europe, pilot, he said in acoem indeed you make his own ones who remain.

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Lacan certainly did not come, we came to you will help with the truth, while I can, but ethical, most of you will help for the truth, carry home ones who hate

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or evitable they have settled

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on a matter for in then indeed we move to the moon ones who settle in in brackets applying

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or, yes sir Buddha, they think that indeed we learn not nazmul we hear civil a home their secret when a Jew at home and their private councils. But why not? What also Luna and Our Messengers led him with them Yakubu there right

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old say in if canon it was he was little rushman for the Most Merciful, when I do a child for Anna then I will first and RBD of those who worship Suba Hannah glorified lobby is robbed a semi wet of the heavens and the earth or be robbed a large of the throne. from whatever he has the phone they attribute feather home so leave them here who they are engrossed. Well our will and they play Hector until EULA who they meet yoma home their day and melody which you are doing they are promised wahoo and he unless he is the one who first summer in the sky Illa who God will fill out and in the earth in our home God wahoo ne al Hakim the always always an early they always all knowing

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what about Okay, and he was bested and lady who left who for him malkuth Dominion smls of the heavens while out and the earth warmer and whatever bainer humor is between them two were in the who and with him. Ill move knowledge Azhar of the hour what la he and to him to Tarun you all will be returned

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wanna and not yummly coup he possesses, he has power and levena those who gather owner they invoke men from dooney he besides him a Shiva at the intercession in the except man who shahida He bore witness will help with the truth will hold while they are in the mood they know when or in and surely if CELTA whom you ask them man who calaca whom He created them. Layer coluna surely they will definitely say Allahu Allah for and then how you for corn, they are diluted.

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work really he and his saying, Yeah, Robbie O'Meara in indeed, her Allah. These Oman are people they're not you know, they believe first. Then you overlook then you forgive

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from them walk on and say Salaam on peace for sofa. Then shortly yellow moon, they will know.

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The recitation.

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the MENA region

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