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Ash-Shura 1-19 Tafsir 10-12


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The decision of Islam's ridden rule is ultimately the best decision for individual, based on individual's preferences and desire rather than a general rule. The "slackday" in which decisions are made is broadly applicable to various aspects of life, including personal and political decisions. The "slackday" in which decisions are made is a decision that is best for the individual, and policies like recitation and chattery may result in harm. The decision is ultimately the best for individual, and individuals should not say why a decision is made because it is best for them to accept it.

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rW ni*ani logic Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

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lesson number 253, sort of the Shula I number 10.

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While most others don't see him and che in for Haku in Allah and n anything over which you disagree, its ruling is to be referred to a law.

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Well, most often man, meaning whatever, any matter, whatever matter it may be, whether it is of the dean or of the dunya anything that you defer concerning it will musta left on fee he mentioned in anything

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and whether you differ concerning it amongst yourselves meaning amongst Muslims, or even with this believers, those who don't believe so, basically any matter of disagreement, whether it is about the dean or it is about linear, whether it is some religious issue or it is some social issues and family issue, any kind of issue that people have differences in amongst Muslims, or even with the non Muslims, then what is the right way of dealing with it? What is the solution? Allah soprano tada says for Hoku it Allah so it's judgment, its ruling is to be referred to Allah soprano.

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Meaning its judgment is with Allah, a person should see what Allah has decided concerning it. And he should do that.

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If you think about it, people have many differences, isn't it? Don't people have any differences? many differences?

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It is with regards to family issues. Also, with regards to social issues, at many different levels, people have differences.

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For example, men and women, do they have differences? Many, how

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women are more emotional men are more logical. And because of that there have been differences, but I'm talking about the differences that people have with one another over issues that no, this is how we should do it. And the other says that no, this is how we should do it.

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So for example, for women, many times people say you should be like this and you should be like that, and you should not be like this. So differences are there. But what does Allah subhanaw taala say over here for Hoku in Allah its judgment is with Allah, meaning people should in these situations, not look at their own desires, what they want to do, but rather they should see what is it that Allah subhanaw taala has legislated concerning it.

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For men and women, for example, Allah Subhana, Allah has created them differently, each have their own distinct roles and functions. And if a woman if she objects and she starts competing with men, she tries to walk like them, talk like them, live like them, and work like them. Then what will happen? Will she suffer?

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Of course, she says, No, no, I can do everything. But she is a woman after all, she cannot do everything that a man does.

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So in any matter of difference, what should a person do? He should look at what Allah has commanded not at what his desire says. Not at what he wishes to do. For Hoku in Allah, its decision lies with who? Allah soprano.

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Because whatever decision Allah subhanaw taala has made concerning His creation, isn't that best for them? It is best for them. So for hokhmah will it Allah

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and for her poo in Allah, this is understood as both Indonesia as well as India, that Indonesia, Allah subhanaw taala has told us with regards to many things as to what to do, what not to do, what the role of each thing is what the function of each thing is. And in the huddle, the matters which people cannot resolve they will be resolved.

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In total cost. 88 Allah subhanaw taala says the hotel como la he told geralyn His is the judgment and to Him you will be returned.

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Instead of the Nyssa I 59. Allah subhanaw taala says for internet certain fish a in photo do a llama he was sued. And if you disagree over anything, then refer to Allah and the messenger. So for her kmo Illa its judgment, its decision lies with Allah, meaning, overcome your desires, and see what Allah has commanded concerning it what he has legislated concerning. See what the book of Allah says, see what the messenger said and observe that follow that.

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And there are some matters with regards to wish there are no solutions. So these matters.

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For her in a law we're in the hereafter meaning he will judge between the people in the hereafter.

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Now, why is it that we have been told that we should not look at what I want to do what you want to do what he wants to do what she wants to do, but we have to see at what Allah has commanded? Why is this?

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What Allah subhanaw taala has decided is the best, he knows the best. And if people were to follow their own desires, then what would that lead to? facade, it will lead to a lot of chaos, it would lead to a lot of injustice. And for Halloween, Allah because Allah zarzis His name is Hakeem. And if you think about it, he is also the greatest authority in the surah. From the beginning, what have we been learning about the greatness of Allah, the glory of Allah that He is early years COVID he is happy as he is well he. So when he is when he when he is a lien, then what does it mean that we should refer to him?

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People do not encompass all knowledge, their vision, their understanding is limited. And people are not completely fair and just, they suffer from biases. They suffer from selfish motives and benefits. People are poor, they're incapable, they're weak, but Allah subhanaw taala he is above all of these weaknesses. This is why for hokhmah, who in a law This is why see what Allah has decided concerning something, what he has commanded with regards to a particular issue.

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Because for many things, people will say to you, let's do this. Now let's do that. Do this do that people will give you many opinions, many options, they will tell you what they feel is best. But in these situations, we have to see what is it that Allah has commanded if we start following the desires of people. If we start following our own desires than a we can never please everybody. And we will only harm ourselves. This is why for hokku illa Valley como la hora be that all you are is Allah, my Lord, our lay Ito call to upon him I have trusted because a person can only accept the decision of Allah when he trusts Allah.

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And when he realizes that Allah is that

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if you think about it, Rob Izu Holic Malik would say if he owns me, he decides best for me. If he has created me, if he's the one who's providing me who's making me grow, then his decision is also best for me.

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Valley como la hora de la Ito culto Wa la una and to him it is that I returned, I returned to him, meaning I turned in repentance to him. And I also hope from him that he will take care.

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Introduce Avaya 67, we learn in in shock Mo, la La, la Hito Cal to where they evaluate our Canon matava chiune. That when it comes to accepting the decision of Allah tawakkol also is necessary. La kitakata. The decision is only for Allah upon him, I have relied upon him let those who would rely, indeed rely.

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And it's a little calfire 26 we learned while I usually could be hooked me, I had any shares not in this legislation with anyone.

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So when Allah decides something, when he has decided with regards to a magic that is, in fact best for people,

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and that is what we should take, that is what we should accept. And we should rely upon Allah subhanaw taala when accepting, because sometimes you might think, oh, if I do this, it doesn't make sense to me. If I do this, I may suffer. If I do this, I will not have fun. But I later come to trust on him and know that his decision is best for you.

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And the one who accepts the decision of Allah, He will never ever suffer. And you see, you will have peace of mind, he will also be happy he will also be content. The main problem that people suffer from today is discontent, unhappiness. Why? Because they're not happy with the decisions of Allah. Why is this happening in the world? Why is this happening in my life. But remember that anything that happens for hawkmoon in Allah, Allah is the one who will judge concerning it. And whether you accept His judgment or not, ultimately, his will will be carried out. So it's best that we accept his decision. And you see for everything, Allah subhanaw taala has made it in a particular way for a

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particular role for a particular function. And we should accept it the way Allah has made it, for example, the sun, how is it bright? Hot? If you stand in the sun, is your skin going to burn? Yes. Are you going to feel hot? Yes. What's the best approach with regards to this issue that a person should say no, no, I don't care. The sun should not burn me. The sun should not be too hot. I'm going to be out in the sun. Is that the way? Is it going to make a difference? Is your rejection of the decision of Allah going to make a difference? No.

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It's only going to harm you. What's the best way that when the sun is hot, when your skin is sensitive, don't go out for hookman wait Allah, this is the decision that Allah has made. No matter how much you cry, no matter how much you are upset, no matter how angry you become, it's not going to change the decision of Allah. You might say that, Oh, this is not fair. Why is the sun too hot? But that's how it should be. that's necessary.

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If there is no heat, there's no light. How will you get vitamin D? And how will the plants grow? And how will so many things happen in the world?

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So we are limited in our vision. We have limited understanding. And sometimes we're filled with bias and we're filled with selfishness. This is why we should trust Allah, we should trust his decision, and we should overcome our desires. Whether it is with regards to Deen or it is with regards to family issues or it's with regards to any matter of life. Because Allah says warmaster leftover him and che anything that you're different for hookman in Allah, see what Allah has decided concerning it. And its decision should be referred to Allah subhanaw taala look at the book of Allah, what has he said?

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Why, because Falco, sumati will have, He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. He is the Creator. And this is why you should accept this decision. This is why you should refer to him when there are differences amongst you that he is a Creator of the heavens and the earth. And he knows you so well. That look at how he has created you. Journal accom He has made for you men and fusi come as virgin from yourselves spouses. Why is this mentioned all of a sudden? Why is this mentioned all of a sudden?

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Most differences are between who as well. Right? But if you think about it, Allah subhanaw taala says, woman it is often the science, isn't it? and spouses, what are they a huge blessing. There are things that we like things that we don't like things that we agree with things that we don't agree with. But ultimately, if you look at this, it's a blessing of Allah soprano that Allah cares for you. He knows your needs.

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Otherwise, he was created but Allah made from him, his wife, why?

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so that he could find peace, he could be at comfort, he could find enjoyment he would have company, he could have been sent to gender alone, but Allah subhanaw taala sent with him, his wife, why? Because Allah loves Allah cares, he knows the needs of people. This is why his decisions for people are also the best. What he has decided for us is also the best.

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So he is the fact that he is a creator. And look at how well he knows you how concerned he is for you that janilla come in and fusi come as Raja he has made for you from yourselves as much meaning when he created however from other or main unphysical means that of your type of your origins intuitiveness that we learned Yeah, you will ness it the core of the community Holla Holla Holla Caminha Xhosa intro to natural is 72 we learned well Lahu jalila comin and fusi come as Allah has made for you from your type as much

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wamena anami as Virgin and also from the grazing livestock he has made them into bears, he has also made them into pairs, why

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the male bring benefits and the female also bring other benefits this variation that Allah has kept in the creation, this is the last this difference. Is it for a purpose? Is it it is for a purpose?

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Women have an army as virgin? Yes. Oh comfy. He creates you he scatters you in it meaning through it.

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He scatters you in the earth How? By such means that you are in pairs. Yes. Oh, from the reflectors that comes up or then what? Well, if from the word Darwin, Darwin is to create. So yeah, he creates you, meaning he creates all of you through this process of you being in fairs. And from the authors their own their own is to scatter something

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that is too scattered to sow a seed in the ground. And when a seed is put in the ground, does it produce only one more seed in return? No. Isn't it multiplied? It's multiplied. It brings many many more. So yeah, the outcome fee he multiplies you by such means both human beings and also animals. Generation after generation. Laser chemistry Shay there is not like him anything

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Like who, like a loss of penalty, there is no one who is like him, no one who is similar to him, neither in self nor in attributes nor in names and actions. So no one is similar to him, no one is like him, he is unique, he is the master, he has no peer, he has no equal, therefore, his decision is best for you. This is why for hawkmoon in a law, laser committee he shaped well who was severely bullied and he is the hearing and he is the seeing, he sees all he hears all his knowledge is perfect, his knowledge is complete. This is why for hokku in Allah. So if you look at this ayah it is showing to us, Allah subhanaw taala has complete power, his ability, his knowledge, his concern

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for his creatures, that how he takes care of them, how he knows about them in so much detail that he fulfills every need of theirs, even without them knowing that it's a need. So when that is the case, then his decision should also be accepted. What he has commanded should also be accepted. What he has decided for an individual in his personal life, in his social life, in his religious life, everything that Allah has decided for a person, remember that it's best for him?

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If you think about it, the bears that Allah has created in people in animals. Isn't that the best way? He has comfy?

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Just imagine if you have a child, people would have to go and purchase one. Would they have the same bond? No. Would they be able to afford? No, but the way that Allah multiplies people, isn't it the best way? Isn't it the best way Yeah, there are comfy. So similarly, anything that Allah has commanded for you, anything is decided for you, that is best for you.

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And his decision only Why? Because laser chemistry, there is no one who is like, no one who has knowledge like he has no one who has wisdom like he has no one who has concerned for you like he has, therefore his decision accepted.

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So man's betterment isn't what accepting the decision of law for hoopoe in a lot more reasons. lahoma Cali the similarity will have, to Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. He is the owner. He is the owner of everything that isn't the heavens and the earth. And Macaulay there's a plural of milk lad, which is used for a key key of what a storehouse Why do you need to keep the lock something inside right to store something inside. So he owns the keys. So if he owns the keys, he also owns what is inside. So all the treasures, the store houses of rain of vegetation of blessings, various types of blessings, Rama Jai Baraka, all of that is owned by who? Allah alone

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Lahu makani the semi wati will not

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intro to Zuma is 63 we learn no Macaulay do somehow it will interrupt them an African is seven we learned while he lay Jose in a semi wet you will have what I can tell when I feel clean and I have come to Allah belongs to depositories of the heavens and the earth. But the hypocrites do not understand. So he's also the owner.

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You have a sort of this California shirt, he extends the provision for whomever He wills, where could it and he also restricts it he gives to whomever He wills. And he gives unlimited quantities to whomsoever He was. But if you see he doesn't completely deprive anyone

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do things are mentioned bust and

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bust meaning he extends he gives a lot in abundance and other meaning he restricts it he gives it in limited quantities. So no person can say I have nothing.

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Can a person say that? No, because each person has been given something at least Yes, it may be limited, but it's not nothing.

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So never feel you have nothing.

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You have a sort of this column. Ayesha. Were coded in the hooby coalition in early indeed he is of everything knowing.

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And if you see over here, what is mentioned is the Division of Risk between people.

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Is that the decision of Allah? Is it? Yes. Do people have any choice with regards to it? No. So what's best for Hoku? No, not just accept the decision of Allah.

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And know that if Allah give something to someone or deprive someone of something, there is reason behind it. There is wisdom behind it.

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Instead of the Shura 27 the same surah we learn what elbasan LaHood is colliery where the leverhulme fill up with American University to be Qatari Masha in obiri by the hubiera embassy

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If Allah had extended excessively provision for his servants, meaning he would give everything to everyone, then they would have committed tyranny throughout the year. But he sends it down in an amount which he wills. Indeed, he is of a servants Acquainted and Seeing.

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He knows what people need, he knows how much to give to who, at what time, at which place. So why are we upset? Why are we angry? So in this, we learned another lesson that if a laws decision prevails,

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if what Allah decides happens,

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then what's best,

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accept the decision of Allah

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accept the decision of Allah.

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Instead of server is 36, we learn a neurobiol pseudo riscaldamento were coded Well, I can act on se layer and a moon say indeed, my lord extends provision for whom He wills, and he also restricts it, but most of the people do not know.

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And if you see many times people have differences over which issues,

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financial matters, right? That's when they have problems. Many problems arise over such matters, matters of provision. But we see that this also is at whose decision a loss of function a person will have something or not have something because what Allah has decided for him. So the best way is accepting the decision of Allah.

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And remember that hukum of Allah, it's of two types, right, who come shuttering, and who can go need

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so for hoopoe in a lot in both ways, Rockland County and also hurricane shutters, can you give me an example of broken County?

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Rain, when it's to fall? The way a person's body is illness if somebody falls in the hokum County, so what do we learn from these ayat that a person should accept the decision of? He shouldn't say, why is it raining now? Why isn't it not raining? Now? Why is it cold? Why is it sunny? No, accept the decision of Allah.

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And when people have so many views with regard to these matters, this is happening because of this reason this is happening because of that reason.

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Like for example, people say that I have received this blessing because I went to the grave of so and so for example, but how can Illallah take it to Allah? What does it mean? that this happened? Why? Because Allah made it happen.

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You got this Why? Because Allah gave it.

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Similarly, sometimes, certain things happen and people blame others. I ended up in that accident because of this car. I ended up in that accident because she told me to go, No, for hokku illa the circum Kony it happened at whose decision Allah soprano, her concetto he give me an example of that Salah This is an example of her coup, Chenery hijab that is an example of her come shattering. So what should be our way of acceptance of submission?

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So with regards to both her cocconi and chattery, what do we learn over here we have to accept it, there is no benefit. If a person objects if a person resists Because ultimately, whatever Allah decides prevails and know that whatever Allah decides for you, that is best for you to listen to the recitation and continue

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be on a return to La

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fusi calm

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as a

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lady second Miss Lee

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McCauley do some tea one

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is polymer

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wire bonded