Ramadan Read-Along – Baqarah 258-76 (Pages 9 To 11)

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Do we love him enough to show you on your Raji What is cool? Do Hulu the hill Orietta Gulu circolo means to shake to more vada who follow Baba Sujatha wonderful barbers who

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want to feel welcome Hapa

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was Sana Z Mazzini

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levena wall mo Ferber V now wala pa follow lead high yield lead et Lila whom

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Allah levena Wanna moody

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Mina some

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EB ma

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Regis Meena sama beam

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we have so

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what Easter's or moves do you follow me for for now please? Dr. Flock alhaja be our slaw Cal hijo then we go

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further on email cool Luna scene Musharaka Kulu wash Surah boo me they love you

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will feel all the more seedy

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What if all to Mia Musa

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beer Allah

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add further Oh La now

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back I read your Lana

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to be to be tool our booming name bow already have walked it

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ehow for me huh? Wha see her? Why does he How about Saudi on stability do not levy all stability do not Levy who added

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who are added be lovely who are Holly Holly is beautiful. A beautiful Miss one for

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to worry about. He moves the lead to one my scanner to

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be a global beam

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more one

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will be involved lobby ba me know

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that he can be an

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Furuno OB

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GYN go to Luna OB GYN Abby ye real have

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vy Ed eating how

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the cabbie mouseflow What that he can be ma I saw what can we do

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in Latina noir are I mean,

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in Lavina men who were letting her do one US law law. One Nassau law was slobby e Naaman might

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be lucky we're middle PD we're army law Saudi have war aminos law the fella womb room

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be him

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Don't be him 1011 In

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Wall fell

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fell woke up

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boo it was guru. He

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liked me too.

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Bar the

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fella who felt low law here on a cold water metal ruler to me

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You know for CBD, what are called early into the NA that that will mean feasibility

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level the auditor will need to fill out that that

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we filled out that that false he saw John Naka NEMA back in a day. Bay nya de bah bah bah ha my worry a lot more Debbie. One is on Musa what is Paul

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do you follow me he

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law higher moral

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moral calm

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hold up hold on to that key Runa who's who? Who's Who

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for the Ruby

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code I mean he all new the ruler now Baca yoga ye Lana ma he color in Abuja Kulu

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Allah to love it do Allah big one big Quran our new or

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five who

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all know

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Becca ubec Lana Mala Wuhan all in Abuja Pulu it

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order to slough off out the loan all her 30 year old low no heart the soul rule now leading the soul ruin lead

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personally by the till Maghrib time please personally about that Tim over time all other Alanna Baca Yuba you learn here in Kolkata Saba Allah you were in

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love don't order in goo goo in order to love

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to see roll out that's still how one does still how the mussalam she had her feet

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she had her feet

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on and

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help on

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Darby will help for further who have one my god we have fun on

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what is thoughtful to Neff Sanford Doom fee ha wala humo

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Doom tech two

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three whoo hoo wee bow ugly ha. Flop. Oh no booty boo Viva probably hang God Danny Can you hear Laguna my water while you read?

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D now koonta aki rune, summa Casa coup.

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De Gotha here Cal ninja Arathi shad Ducasse. We're in Amina al hijab, Swati llama, Zhao roomin whole

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were in Birmingham, Alabama. Yes, shut up. Whoo. Yes, shut up over here hood you mean who

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was in

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Alabama? Yeah. Beautiful mean call she Atilla woman law will be law feeling. Mata Maroun

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Fidel Puma Runa a you may know Lego moussaka. They can fit booming home miasma. Rune. Yes, Maru. nakka la mala yoozoom You have the funa who made the MA boo, boo me our level. What is

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the no call to man?

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What about Google Isla Belding father through to her day to night home. Although to have the tuner

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be my father how logline

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they equal be my father how logline equal new

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let's move on to the house