Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L253E

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The shannara law in New Hyde Park, New York is a way to establish belief and is the same for every citizen. The worship of Islam is seen as a form of deeds and a way to create a culture of fear. The importance of affirming actions and staying firm under heat is discussed, as well as the need to be firm and steadfast in one's mission to achieve Islam values. The segment also touches on the confusion surrounding the Prophet's message and the heat, as well as the importance of following one's desire and not following one's own desires. The speakers stress the importance of knowing one's own deeds and deeds, being firm in one's actions, and being liked and loved.
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Should our local minute Dean email wasabi he knew when he has ordained for you of religion, what he enjoined upon new listener.

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shutter shutter is from the fetters sheen raw rain

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and shutter is to walk on a clear path on a specified appointed path. shadier from the same route is used for a main road.

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So shahdara What does it mean by that, that he has clarified or he has set the way he has ordained the law, you understand? So shannara gives us two meanings first of all clarified by Yana and secondly son, meaning he has made the law he has set the law he has set the way.

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So shannara law calm he has ordained for you. He has set this law for you. Mina Dini of the dean, and min overhears of Bayern Munich, Shara la mina Dean, he has ordained for you of religion. Which religion has he ordained for you? Ma wasabi he knew that which he enjoined upon. No, hello, Sara.

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What's up, Wesley? What does it mean to give an important instruction? So, in other words, the religion that was enjoined upon Newhart s&m has also been legislated for us.

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What does it mean by this? What does it mean by Dean over here? Dean refers to the way of the hates the worship of Allah alone.

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Because if you think about it in arcada, when it comes to belief, all of the messengers brought the same, but when it comes to physically commands when it comes to Philippine rulings, then they have varied over time. Why? Because the situations have been different, right. So over here, shutter Allah camino de mela Sabino and the same Dean that was given to New Zealand has also been given to you, you meaning all Muslims comis flora.

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So the same religion that was given to him has also been given to us. And we learn from a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that national martial ambia oletter alette Dena warhead, that we prophets, our brothers and our religion is one that all of them brought the same religion at the beginning of the sort of what did we learn that the same way that where he was in previously It has also been unto you, we the same message that was revealed previously has also been revealed now. So shout out our local Mina Dyneema wasabi, he knew

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wa Taala do Haider alayka and that which We have revealed to you, meaning what we have revealed to you is what we have ordained for you and what is it that has been revealed the Quran? So you see the word shutter, shutter, is it fair? And the maroon over here of shannara is my wasabi New Haven and also one lady Oh, hi, Nina.

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So, we have ordained for you of religion, the same that we ordained on who knew her lesson and that which has been revealed to you. So, in other words, what has been legislated for us to follow? What are we to follow? What are we to do? What are we to do? The same that no one has said I was told to do and what is that? That which has been revealed to the Prophet so that alone is no wonder the ohana ilica. And it is the same woman was seen lb Ebola Hema, or Moosa, where he said the same message that was given to Ibrahim and Musa and Risa or his Sunnah. And these three messengers are mentioned in particular over here because Ibrahim arrested him he's considered I will ambia right

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after him came from the descendants of Izmir eaters and the profits on a lot of sediment from the descendants of your Cobra listener. Who the profits of the money Israel, including Musashi, salmon also are you sorry, Silla.

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So the same message was given to new Hardison, and the same as it was given to a will MBA and also so many profits after him. And what is that an appeal of the that you establish the religion which religion, the religion, of worship of Allah alone, so a dean over here refers to to hate a battle of Allah alone in throttle MBI a 25 we learn how to sell them in public America soon in a new La anahola illa Illa Anna falguni that we sent not before you any messenger except that we revealed to him that there is no data except me. So worship me.

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So all of the profits brought the same message which message the message of the heat,

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weather data for Roku fi and do not differ concerning it. Meaning

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When it comes to the worship of Allah alone, don't have differences concerning.

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What would be different is concerning the worship of Allah alone,

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that some people worship Allah alone and some people legalize the worship of others. They permit the worship of others. They take others as allies besides Allah.

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So, what do we see that from the first day, from the first messenger, all the way to the last messenger, the message has been the same worship Allah alone and do not have differences with regards to this matter. While at the former poofy

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we learn inserted a neuron I have 159 that inner ladina for codina homework I know Sharon, less than in home fishy in Umbra home. Illallah sama University ob McCann we have our note that this the follow this difference when it comes to the Hayden ship, a lot of dislikes it's so much that Allah says that indeed those who have divided their religion and they have turned into * meaning some worshipping align, some worshipping others besides Allah, you will profit are not associated with them in anything.

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You have nothing to do with them.

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Their affairs only left to Allah and he would inform them about what they used to do.

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In certain annamma 153 we learn what Anna had as Serato Mr. keema for terbaru wallet Avira subida for the photocopy, c'mon severely that ECOSOC de la la computer code, that this is my path which is straight, which way which by the way of the heat that is sort of stuck in therefore follow it and do not follow other ways because if you follow them, you will be separated from his way.

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So what is the fabric then, with regards to the heat shake, that if a person starts pursuing others going after others, then he is going astray from the worship of Allah Allah

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inserted me known if 53 we learn for the Cocteau amerihome beta Homura Kula has been the meridian for the home, but the people divided their religion among them into sets each faction in what it has is rejoicing.

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Allah subhanaw taala said let at the photo Goofy, you are to worship only Allah, but still What happened? people they got divided amongst themselves. If you look at it, Musa Islam what message did he leave with his people? worship of Allah Allah but even at his time people started worshipping What? The calf then they were punished. And then afterwards we see that in the Bani Israel, people started praying to who worshiping the Prophet of Allah, Allah, isn't it? And then we learned that they also began worshipping the idol barg. Then later on the Christians, what do they do? They started worshipping resigner center. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here learn that the father of

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goofy do not differ concerning this Deen meaning stay firm on the heat. stay firm under heat.

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carbonara lol mushy kina Mata the room LA. It is very great very difficult very heavy on the machine. What is very heavy for them. Method room la what you're calling them to? And what is it that the prophets are about us and I was calling them to the heat.

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This is something that they could not bear cover is when something is unbearable for you do have you for you do great for you. You can't take it. This is why when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would recite the Quran what would they do? Let us not only have the Quran while ofii So come on our other machine and method room LA. Allah says Allah who yejide ob la de Masha. Allah chooses to himself whomever He wills, Wei de la he may unique and he guides to himself. Whoever returns Yes, Debbie from h diva. What is HDTV to select something to choose someone and draw them close to yourself? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam he's called much the Ibrahima is Santa. How is he described Shakira Lee

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and Rumi each devout who Allah chose him.

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Then with regards to Sahaba, a less apparent artist says towards the back of the Muslim Ummah, Allah has chosen you. So HDTV is to choose someone, and what would you choose that is best in its quality? And then bring it close to oneself make it up?

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So Allah chooses to himself whomever He wills, what does it mean by this? That for the task of affirming his oneness for the service of his Deen, just as it was mentioned earlier will actually use the human shadow field.

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So similarly, Allahu hvla, human Yeshua, were the human unique. In other words, Allah guides whomsoever He wills, but who does he guide those who want to be guided.

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So from the first day from the first messenger, Allah sent the message of though he made it very clear, every messenger

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It made it very clear to the people eliminated very clear letter to philosophy. But still What happened? People different concerning and those who do shake, they don't like the message of the heat at all. The more you call them, the more upset they become. It's very unbearable for them. So who is given the trophy to accept those who want to accept

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omata for Roku, and they did not differ, they did not become divided. What's the reason? Why did the people fall in differences? If new penicillin brought the same message, Ibrahima said and brought the same message mozzarella said and restarted center, they brought the same message of the hidden why is it that people have done shooting in the past? And that's what they do till today. What's the reason? Alyssa Powell data tells us the reason over here that will matter for Roku. In lambing bar, the manager homeowner,

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they did not differ, except after knowledge had come to them which knowledge the knowledge of the hate.

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Meaning they did not differ because of lack of knowledge. But rather the different after having knowledge.

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Even with regards to religion, night, for example, the Bani Israel they were upon the religion of musasa. until after he said, Listen, I'm giving a group they began following restarting the center and the rest they refuse to follow a silencer.

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So when did this difference occur? When did people start falling into differences? It was after knowledge came to them.

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And this knowledge, it was such that made them arrogant. What does it show to us that even after having knowledge, it's not guaranteed that a person will be rightly guided,

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when will a person be rightly guided, when he truly desires guidance, when he wants to be guided when he wants to improve? If after having knowledge a person does not change from insight, then no matter how much strategy as it will not benefit, the change has to come from within.

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So we see that the people they deferred after knowledge, bullion baina home out of jealousy out of rivalry out of rebellion against one another out of transgression.

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So they divided out of what stubbornness, that no, we are better than you. We are not going to listen. We cannot accept this. We said no the first time we're never saying yes now.

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Like the hood, at the time, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is what they disbelieve the first time. So what happened then? They weren't given the trophies to believe after that. They became stubborn on it.

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So mimbar the manager a homeowner animal bullying baina, home due to rebellion.

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And you see, when people have knowledge, and still they argue still the fight. It's very difficult to make them understand if two ignorant people are arguing. They don't know. They're arguing you tell them they will listen, because they have come to know.

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But if a person already knows and still you become stubborn, then what will this lead to differences and rifts and divisions and sectarianism. So this is a reason why people have fallen into different different religions. If you look at history, bullying baina, home out of rebellion against one another.

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Well, Ola, Kelly Martin Silva, Hotmail, Rob Baker, and if it had not been for a statement that had proceeded already from your Lord, with statement with statement,

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rest fight, until when illa ajilon was some until a fixed time

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that the decision of Allah has been that if someone goes astray if somebody does something wrong, he is not punished immediately. But rather, he will be held accountable at his fixed time.

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So we'll Ola Kelly Martin sericata, mirrabooka, Illa de la masama, Laconia by now it would have been decreed between them it would have been decided between them. That you know, sometimes we think that when the Jews disbelieve in our listener, why weren't all of them punished immediately?

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Isn't that what we think someday? Why didn't that happen to the truth would be so clear, when the disbelief of the Prophet sallallahu is and how can we stricken weren't all finished? If that would happen? The truth would be so clear and locally available, right? But the fact is that Allah has set Adel masama for every person. If someone this believes he's not finished instantly, if somebody does something wrong, he's not punished immediately. But Allah gives him time.

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So over here, Allah says well, Ola, Kelly matanza, Bachmann, Rebecca edgerly masama Lakota binah home, we're in the Latina Oracle kita and those people who have been made to inherit the Baku Are they the Jews and the Christians. Maybe

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barding him after them after him after the earlier generation, so it refers to the Jews and Christians at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They are the official cavemen who Murray they are in doubt concerning what kind of doubt, which arouses suspicion that leads to uncertainty. And they're in doubt about to about what about the Koran about the Prophet sallallahu Salah.

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So, those who did not believe in the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from the lol keytab, okay, they don't believe but they are in doubt. And this doubt is such that has made them restless. Just as we discussed earlier, that if there's a big question mark in your head, it's going to make you breakfast for the rest of your life, because you constantly wonder what if.

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So, similarly, the adult keytab they are in doubt concerning the Quran. They don't believe, however, they are in doubt. And this doubt is making them restless. And if you think about it, this is a form of punishment. We wonder why doesn't a love punish people immediately when the disbelief despite having knowledge, they don't accept despite seeing the clear signs, they don't accept, why doesn't a lot punish immediately. He punishes in different ways. He gives respect to people. He lets them do whatever they want for each person is a time that is fixed and that is the time of his death. But even in the dunya he sees the consequences of his crime.

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Family Delica federal so do that invite Lita alika What does that equal refer to? The dean, the dean which has been revealed to you which Allah has ordained for you, which Allah ordained for new Hello Sam and all of the prophets. That same Dean you should call people to.

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And lamb over here gives meaning of Isla so fairly Delica gives me nigga Illa Delica. To that then,

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so to toe heed, you should call people. And at the end of the previous ayah We're in alladhina otisville kita women buried him Luffy Shaka men who men who refers to the Quran, so to the Quran, you should invite people fairly Delica Fedor,

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that there are so many differences. One person says one thing about religion about right religion, one person says you have to adopt this way. And the other says you have to adopt that way. People have different views. But in all of this mess in all of this confusion, what should you hold on to the religion of the heat? What should you hold on to the Quran, that is what you should hold on to. And that is what you should call people to as well fully danika further.

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And lamb over here is also understood as Lamb of our lead of reason, that this is why you should call people. This is the reason what that people are in doubt. People are confused, they are lost. If you think about it, there are so many people who, when they get serious about religion, they start searching for faith.

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They start searching, and they start looking into one religion after the other. And the more they study, the more confused they become. This is why Allah says very delicate feather is there's so much confusion. This is why call people to the truth, Philadelphia further.

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And if you think about it, those who are in error, those who are in doubt, those who are on falsehood, they are calling people to their fates. So isn't it more of an obligation upon us that we should call people to the truth?

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Think about it. How many times have you come across people who are calling you to their religion? Many times directly indirectly. So when that is happening, it is more of an obligation on you that you call people to the worship of Allah alone to believe in the Quran and Sunnah. So fairly Delica further west, and be firm and stand firm, be steadfast be upright was that the means that you should also adopt this yourself? Not that a person is just calling people to a line not doing anything himself? Remember the two meanings of his Docomo? What?

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First is that you become right and proper yourself. And secondly, that you become firm. So what's the frame? Both meanings are applied over here. So what's the game come out? Amita just as you have been commanded.

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So be firm, be steadfast as you have been commanded?

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam How was he commanded to be for?

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That no matter what people say, you cannot compromise unto hate.

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Isn't it so?

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People gave him many offers. But what was he told you can not bend you cannot compromise on this. So what's the thing come out omit be steadfast in your mission, while at the very end do not follow their desires.

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The Jews and Christians, the machine, so many people around you so many pressures from them, you cannot follow their desires, the religion that Allah has given, you have to hold on to it. You have to become firm on it.

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You cannot follow the desires of people will call men to and say, when there are differences, tell them that I believe Bhima unzer, Allahumma and kita. what Allah has revealed off the book, this is what I believe in. I'm not following my own desires, I'm following the book of Allah. So similarly, when people invite you, to their ways, ways that contradict the way of Allah, then should you listen to them? Should you follow their desires? No. What should you say to them? That I believe in what Allah has revealed? And if it is something that Allah has revealed that I have to follow it, I don't have a choice with regards to it. What women do and I have been commanded the ardila vena cava, that

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I be just between you that I do justice between me

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or the law, from the uterus or in the lamb or the what is

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justice. So I have been commanded that I be just between you how I have to be just between you in what in calling you in Tbilisi in their work. And some of sadly, our de la Vina co author refers to in passing judgment when you bring your issues for judgment. However, in the context, because it's a Maki surah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam only passed judgments between the Jews later on in Medina, because the machi sola were made to the database that I do justice between you, meaning that I have to convey to all of you not that I say, this is only for my people. No, it's for all people will omit to Leon de la Vina ko

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Allahu la buena or a book of Allah is our Lord and also your Lord, the one who has to be worshipped, whether you believe in Him or you don't. Whether you acknowledge him or you don't, he is still your Lord. I have been told to be just between you I'm supposed to call all of you. I cannot follow your desires, but rather I have to call you to the worship of Allah known. Lennar armona. What a karma come for us are our deeds and for you are your deeds, meaning each will be held accountable for his own deeds. legit avena there are no arguments between us meaning there's no need to argue. Why, when the truth is so clear,

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when the truth is so clear, when though he does what Allah subhanaw taala enjoined from the first people to the last, then there is no need to argue concerning it. Now how jetavana and alibi nickel Allahu yajima Robaina, Allah will gather between us when he lay him asleep, and to him is the destination.

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Even Cathy has said concerning this ayah that this ayah includes 10 separate and independent ideas, sentences, each of which is a ruling on its own.

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If you think about it, this ayah it has 10 sentences, and each of these sentences each of these statements has what is a ruling of its own. For example, if you go to the beginning of the ayah, first of all, fully Delica. Further, this is the first command fairly radical whether it's a ruling, it's an injunction or command.

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Secondly, was stuck in coma omit.

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Thirdly, while at the tavira home and if you think about it, these are all rulings concerning that what a person should remember all of this What's your goal? What are you calling people to funny daddy come February to hit on?

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was the king come out and be firm as you have been commanded? Thirdly, while at the Bureau, no matter what people say, don't follow their desires. And if there's ever an argument, say, Bakula Montezuma Angela Levin kita. When you tell people what you believe in tell them I believe in what Allah has revealed of the book. Fifth, we'll move to the database. I'm supposed to be fair in just between you six a lot of when our book whether you believe or not, he is your God. He's my God. Seventh Lana. Our motto Know what? Each person will be held accountable for his deeds 800 a vein and Albania could no need to argue. Because many times when the person is doing Dawa, the discussion

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turns into a heated argument. No need to argue when the truth is established. Why argue? and ninth Allahu yajima Robaina Allah will gather between us then we'll either hit mislead

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will lead either you had junuh filler he and those people who are you concerning Allah, meaning concerning the religion of Allah concerning with the hate of Allah mimbar the mustard Ebola who after it has been responded to meaning after the deen of Allah has been accepted. Like for example, that people will come and argue with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam even today people come and argue concerning the religion of Islam concerning the authenticity of the Quran, for example, concerning to hate, they say oh, no, it's not the most ancient chick is more ancient. This is what people say.

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But Allah says those people who are you concerning their religion of Allah after it was accepted, who has accepted to

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Many people have accepted. So many people have affirmed to it. Heard gentlemen, the Halo, their argument is futile. It's useless. It's refuted, it doesn't carry any weight. What is that? Hello, we have done this word earlier. Again, I mean, it would have been the you the hibou we will have to invalidate something so that I have a one that is invalidated, meaning it has no value. It doesn't have any stability, are in danger of being near their Lord, where I lay him Moldovan and upon them as a wrath, one of whom are Devon chedid. And for them is a severe punishment. Even today, if sometimes you hear somebody refuting something of the Quran saying that oh, this is what the

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answers, but this is what the scientists have discovered her ditambah Hello.

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If anybody says anything concerning the religion of Allah trying to disprove it, remember that their own argument is refuted? Why? Because the religion of Allah has been accepted. It has been responded to by so many people, so many people believe in it. So you can't refute it.

00:26:06 --> 00:26:21

And after all, it's from who Allah subhanaw taala so the argument of such people does not carry any way such people deserve the anger of Allah and for them as a severe punishment. So never get impressed by such refutations never become fearful, oh my god, no, have confidence.

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Allahu Allah De Anza okitama bellhawk. Allah is the one who has sent the book with the truth, which book, The Quran and also other scriptures, and he has revealed them with the truth, reading containing true guidance.

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And he has also sent down well, Misa and the balance.

00:26:42 --> 00:26:52

Me Zan has been understood as Justice because me, Zan literally is a scale. What do you obtain through scale? Justice, right.

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Justice. So many times outside a court What do you see a scale? Why? Because when both are equal, this is justice equity. So a scale of balance What does it symbolize justice. So Allah sent down the book containing the truth, meaning true guidance and he also sent down justice equity meaning the command to be just

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and meezan according to some It is said that a lot inspired the people to make it to use it.

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When you did EGA and how do you know there are lesser takari perhaps the final hour is close. So whoever opposes the deen of Allah is in reality opposing what

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how justice because Allah has sent down the justice as well.

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And will allow you to recall our last article if you don't know our could be very near how near a person's our begins when when he dies.

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The aesthetic Judo behind leadin Allah you may not be here, those people who don't believe in it, they're the ones who hasten concerning meaning they are very hasty. They keep asking you When will it be when will it be? And when Latina Amano those people who believe in the our mushfiq una minha. They're fearful of it. Why?

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Because they know about the reality of that day, where Luna and Nell Hawk and they know that indeed it is the truth. unquestionably, in alladhina Umar una fissara indeed those people who dispute concerning the our lowfield blood allenbury they are surely in a far numero uno is from the Tetris meme Roja media and media has to have a doubt but the word uma una Mira, mira turns into argument, media is doubt but Milan is arguing Fela, tomography him lm Ron, la hiragana, test FTP, human ohada. So those people who dispute concerning the hour they are in far error in extreme error from the truth. They're nowhere rightly guided. Because you see, a person will only dispute concerning the

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hour when he doesn't believe in it, when he doesn't prepare for it. This is why Allah says those who don't believe in it. They're the ones who argue about it and those who do believe in it, they're afraid of it. Allah who lovely from very bad, he, Allah is subtle with his servants, he is guiding towards his servants. The word Latif has several meanings. One is to be kind and friendly. So Allah is very gracious, very kind, very gentle towards the servants. Another meaning of life is to be subtle, to be delicate, and to be very fine. It's the opposite of gesture gesture is to be heavy suffield. So the thief has to be fine, to be light.

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And you see, lots of eyes also, subtlety. When something is very fine. You can't exactly see it. It gets hidden easily.

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So let's leave also means that he is aware of the finest details of his service, fully aware, Allahu Luffy from very badly. So what are the two meanings Alize very kind towards the servants. And secondly, he is fully aware of his servants, the Yasuko maneesha he provides whomsoever He wills, will, who will curricula disease, and he is the mighty, the strong, and he's also a disease, the one who is mighty, the one whose way prevails.

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So over here, Allah subhanaw taala mentions his knowledge, his kindness, that he is watching, whatever people are doing, he provides for them, he gets to whomsoever He wills, He is all able he is powerful, but most of the people what have they done, they have forgotten this. And this is why they argue about the religion of Allah, this is why they rebel, this is why they have the courage to try to refute the religion of Allah. Whereas look at the might of Allah He is Alcoa, he is as easy as all able to punish them immediately. They have the courage to doubt the Day of Judgment argue concerning it, whatever Allah has said they have the courage to refute it. But Allah despite being

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Korean disease, he is lovely. This is why he does not punish them immediately.

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He will listen to the recitation

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in a

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cowboy Oh sweetie nama

00:31:55 --> 00:31:58

La Jolla GTB

00:32:03 --> 00:32:06

de la

00:32:13 --> 00:32:14


00:32:23 --> 00:32:24

Walla Walla

00:32:39 --> 00:32:40


00:32:43 --> 00:32:43


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Toby be

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00:33:10 --> 00:33:11


00:33:19 --> 00:33:21

Man wanna wanna come?

00:33:27 --> 00:33:28

A long way.

00:33:31 --> 00:33:33


00:33:57 --> 00:34:03

shadie need a lot more. Let me

00:34:06 --> 00:34:07

be the one.

00:34:10 --> 00:34:10


00:34:13 --> 00:34:21

Tell me Yes, Don Jr. will be Xena. Moon

00:34:22 --> 00:34:23


00:34:25 --> 00:34:26


00:34:27 --> 00:34:28


00:34:49 --> 00:34:50


00:34:55 --> 00:34:58


00:35:02 --> 00:35:03


00:35:04 --> 00:35:05


00:36:15 --> 00:36:15


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on man. Oh come on.

00:36:49 --> 00:36:50


00:37:25 --> 00:37:30

ilaha illa Anta Mr. Rocha, wanna to relay a ceremony?

Ash-Shura 1-19 Tafsir 13-19

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