Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 25 – L253C

Taimiyyah Zubair
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What are the aliko hanaa illega? And thus have we revealed to you, you meaning or Prophet sallallahu wasallam? And how have we revealed to you for an Albion and Arabic for

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that does have we revealed to you and Arabic Quran? What does it mean by work at alika? meaning in the same manner of revelation that was done to the previous messengers, we have also revealed to you the Quran in your language,

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meaning where he previously was sent, in which language, the language that the Prophet spoke, the language in which the people spoke to whom that messenger was sent to.

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For example, the Torah what language was it in?

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It was in Hebrew. Why? Because that's the language that the Bani Israel spoke. That's the language that Musa Islam also spoke because he was of the Bani Israel.

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So, Allah subhanaw taala whenever he sent messengers, whenever he sent revelation, what language was it in the language that the messenger spoke and the language that the people spoke?

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earlier? What did we learn today? That will Oh, you're a local and our Jimmy and localu Nola for so that I add to our Jimmy and we're Adobe. It's strange. How is it possible that our Jamaican, a non Arabic Quran and Adobe profit or Adobe audience, how is it possible it doesn't make sense. So this is why a lot of panel data center are in Arabic language as well. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what language they speak Arabic as well. And what did he say about himself and an upset that I am the most eloquent of the NFC was in fact, the most eloquent? If you look at the statements of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam our the brief, isn't it to the point. So precise and so beautiful,

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so meaningful, so effective. So workers, Alico hanaa, electrical and Albion, why an Arabic call an leetonia, amalco woman so that you can warn the mother of the towns and also whoever is around it. Obviously omocha over here means people have omocha people omocha because you don't want the city you don't want the place but what do you want? The people of that place?

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And what is omokoroa? maca. Why is maca called the mother of all towns?

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Why is it called Mother of Thames?

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That in Arabia, if you look in that area of hedges, that is where the people settled first isn't the tribe of Durham. That's where they came and settled. And as a result, the place started getting populated and people came for Hajj as well. They were Scarborough.

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If you think about it, it's called the mother of towns because people from all towns they go there for pilgrimage. And this was before the prophet SAW a lot of them and also after him, isn't it? Even though he rested him he made the call for Hajj and wishek even they would come for Hajj, isn't it? So people will come from all towns to the mother of all time just as children, they will go here and there play and when they're hungry when they need something. Where did they go to? To the mother wherever she is I find her

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so omokoroa mother of all towns and also because of its central location.

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So letendre Oh Malcorra woman Hala the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was to warn the people of that town and also those around it.

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Now what does it mean by those around it man? Hola.

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Man, hello has been understood in two ways.

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That first of all the people around Makkah meaning in the areas around Makkah. You understand? Because the Arabs only spoke Arabic. So only they would understand so woman how la refers to Arabia.

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But others say that no, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran Allah Azza laka laka fatale nurse, but she don't want to do we have not sent you except entirely for all people.

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So women how Allah means the entire world.

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Because if maca is the mother of all towns, and if you go around it, you keep going around and you keep making your circle bigger and bigger than you will cover the entire Earth eventually, isn't it so? And this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu Sallam and his companions did.

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If you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam it was direct responsibility to warn the people of Makkah. But did he limit his warning to the people of Macau only know when people would come from outside of Makkah to perform hajj, the Prophet sallallaahu

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would go and do Darwin in minutes, isn't it? And then, when the profits are about to sort of went to Medina, did he say no, no, I was only supposed to do that over there? No. He also called people to the worship of Allah over there. And the Sahaba. who were in Medina who were in Makkah, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam died, did this day in just Makkah and Medina? No, they went all over Arabia and even beyond, isn't it so? Two lands of Persia to land the room, so many areas all the way that within a few generations Islam had even reached as far as Europe and China? Isn't it so far? Why? Because they took it as their responsibility to warn people.

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So Allah says over here, Lee tunes it Oh, Malcorra woman, how loud the first thing we are to understand over years, that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was to warn, not just the people of Makkah, but all people. And after him, it's the responsibility of who his oma, his followers, those who believe in Him, those who have received this warning that they must pass this message on letendre, omokoroa, woman Hezbollah.

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And if you see over here, what is mentioned is that the Quran has been sent in Arabic so that you can warn,

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because if it was in another language, then would people be able to understand? would people be able to understand the message? No, they wouldn't be able to.

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So the reason why Allah chose Arabic was that people could understand. Now what does it show to us? the obligation of clarifying the book of Allah do the people

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warning is for all people the messages for all people. But does the entire world speak Arabic? No. So what is the obligation on the Muslim Ummah, that they must clarify the book of Allah? Do the people so that they can understand whether they speak Arabic or they don't speak Arabic?

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And there are two ways of doing this? What are the two ways? What do you think, in the language that they understand? The first option is that everybody learns Arabic, once they learn Arabic, once it become extremely proficient, only, then they'll be able to understand.

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But if you think about it, there are people who know Arabic, even but when they read the Quran, do they understand everything? Not necessarily, because the language that is spoken? To become a master of that language? It takes a long time. Can everybody do that? They cannot. So what's the second option, that you explain to the people in the language that they speak, you tell the people, you warn the people in the language that they speak, and both should be done, depending on the audience that you're catering to?

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Some people who have the ability, they should definitely master this language, so that they can carry on this work. And those who do not have this ability? Should they be deprived? Completely? No, the message still has to be communicated to them but in a language that they understand. So in the warning, is an obligation and how would it be done? When it's done in clear terms? Allah sent messengers who spoke the language of the people so that people could understand

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Allah, panel data center Quran in Arabic so that the Arabs could understand now, it's an obligation on us that we must clarify the message in the language that people speak.

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And this warning is necessary, because the loss of data says over here, what tune there are Yo man January, and you warn of the Day of Gathering, you have been sent as a messenger and you speak the language of the people the revelation that has come to you is the same language that people speak. Why so that you can warn people of what yomo January, the Day of Gathering, what is this Day of Gathering, the day of judgment, why is it called Yama Yama, because all people will be gathered on that day which people the first and the last the a welline and are heading into the rock era I have 4950 Allah subhanaw taala says, in a wehlener will Irina llama GMO Runa Illa Makati Yeoman Mara

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loom, say indeed the former and the later people, those who came early and those who came later all are to be gathered together for the appointment of a known day.

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And it's not just that the people of the early generations and the later generations they will be collected but even the ILO somewhat and the alt right because the entire creation, those were on the earth and those were in the skies the angels. Everyone will be collected together into the taba iodine. yo maya Jamaat welcome Leo mille January. The day he will assemble you for the day of assembly Leoville January the Day of Gathering the day of assembly

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Instead of the most solid i a 38 we learn how the young will firstly jamara now como el awali This is the day of judgment we will have assembled you and the former peoples as well.

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In total calfire 47 more Hashanah whom Fallon Nevada men who are harder and we will gather them and not leave behind from them anyone.

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So, warn people of the Day of Gathering when each and every single person will have to be there. No person, no person can stay back. No person can be absent on that day. No person can go missing on that day. Every person will attend that they will attend that gathering each person Why? For accountability for recompense, this is why I warn the people. If every single person has to come there, then this means every single person must be warned, isn't it letendre Yama, January, you warn the people of the Day of Gathering when all people will be gathered. So we see that the real responsibility of the messenger and the Muslim Ummah, is to warn people warn people of what the day

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of judgment because the Day of Judgment is not something small. It's very serious. And what will happen on the day is also very serious. So warn people of the Day of Resurrection, The Day of Gathering the day of standing before Allah, and this day, lovely Buffy there's absolutely no doubt in it, no doubt and it's coming. It's inevitable, it will definitely come to pass.

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And this day, when all people will be gathered together, then they'll be separated forever. And how will they be separated? That furrier config agenda? Will Ferrell confessor read a group in general and a group of people in Hellfire

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right now people are all scattered, scattered all over the earth. One is buried here, the other is buried there. One is living on one part of the earth and others living on the other part of the earth. People are scattered through time and also base.

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But we see that on the Day of Judgment, all people will be gathered together and then they'll be separate for eternity. separated for eternity, how that a group will be in general and a group will be in hellfire. And there are only two destinations.

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Only two destinations either agenda or Hellfire no third place. No third option. No person can say or choose not to go to either place no, either in general or in hellfire. This is why enzyme must be done. Warning must be done. And it should be done in clear terms in a language that people understand. Because this is something serious their fate depends on this their eternity depends on this.

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One OSHA Allah who and if Allah will ledger Allah whom surely he could have made them omata wahida of one religion. If Allah wanted he could have made people united on one religion on one faith, then in the Hereafter, people will be separated, there will be fuck division amongst people.

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And this is based on what

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this division in the hereafter it will be based on what on people's beliefs and their deeds. Those who had the right belief who had the right deeds, Amano waarmee lasala hatheway will they be in general? And those people who had the wrong belief wrong actions Where will they be in Hellfire?

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Now if Allah wanted, he could have made all people into one nation, meaning all people observing the same religion following one religion, in guidance in righteousness in their Eman in there, almost all people would be the same. Just as all the stars they're obedient to the sun, the moon, all obedient to Allah all the trees are obedient to Allah. Similarly, all people could have been forced to be righteous and be believers. But this is not the way of Allah. Allah has given men free will, when I can, but you do feel Romania shall feel mighty. He admits whomever He wills into his mercy. What is his mercy refer to his Deen guidance, meaning he gives though feel to whomsoever He wills to

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accept his faith, to be obedient to Him to become righteous

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was Ali Muna and the wrongdoers man or woman religion? Well, honestly, they will have no family, no protector and no helper when in the hereafter. Anyone in the dunya they don't really have anybody in the suite except for a loss apprentice, but in the Hereafter, Allah will not help them even he will not protect them who those who are running.

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So we see over here that a loss of private data

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Could I force people to be on the same religion, but he hasn't done that. He has given people the freedom of choice that you choose, you use your mind that Allah has given you, you use your intellect that Allah has given you. And you do whatever you can. Those who deserve guidance, who show that they deserve it, who desire it, Allah subhanaw taala will give them guidance, he will admit them into his mercy. And those who do his own little man who are themselves, how, by rounding by disobey such people, they're only harming themselves and they will have no helpers, no protectors in the hereafter.

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So what is the show to us? That if a person has been given guidance By Allah, what is that? A huge Mercy of Allah, what I can usually do my shadow, feel mighty, it's a huge Mercy of Allah.

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So first, and should first of all, never be proud about it, that I know so much, I do so much. No, there is no pride in this. Because who has given this trophy to Allah? It's his special mercy on you.

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And secondly, when Allah gives a gift to someone, what does he like? gratitude? Isn't it? And what is gratitude with regards to the blessing of guidance

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that a person forgets it? No, what should he do? He should share it right? He should tell other people about it. He should not limited to himself, he should share it with other people. tell other people about it as well inform other people as well. So and this is such a huge mercy. A person should never be proud and be, he should be grateful. How will he be grateful by telling other people about it?

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amid the human dooney Alia or have they taken protectors or allies besides him for law who actually but Allah, He is the real protector.

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Previously what was said that Allah is hafeez over them. Over here Allah says that he is the real Wali, they take others as only besides Allah in reality, who is their money, they have taken others besides Eliza earlier in reality, Allah is their wedding, he is the true Wali, therefore, people should depend on him. Therefore people should worship him call upon him, Well, who are your Hill Mota, and he is the one who gives life to to those who are that were who are called Alicia encoded and he is able over everything.

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You see what is mentioned over here that he gives life to the dead. He gives life to those who are dead. This is something great

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if he can give life to those who are dead, can he not solve your problems?

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Of course he can. Can you not answer your prayers? Of course Can you not remove your difficulties? Yes, if he can give life to those who are dead it shows how powerful her mighty how capable he is. So why turn to others besides Allah who are dead themselves who don't have life themselves. For law who actually will Who are you Hill Mota. Wahoo. Our ally coalition are the

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we listen to the recitation then we'll continue

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Come on.

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be funa be handy. Be moist tofu

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be wanting the work

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it was very

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Whoa, the moon

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I mean to

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in body?

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If you think about it, we're in any place that people are divided in groups, which group? Do we like to be? The group that is the best? The one that is most respected by for example, when people are traveling in a plane, there's one group that is where?

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In the business class, right? Then there's one that is all the way at the back of the plane in the economy class. Where do people wish to be? Right at the front? Right? Why? Because it's much better over there. So, even in dounia, with regards to little things, we'd love to be in the group that is best, that is treated most respectfully, that gets the most advantages, isn't it? That it gets the most favors that enjoys the worst.

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But with regard to the Hereafter, also, we have to see for your confusion, or for your confiserie there are only two groups, only two options. Only two destinations.

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We see in the beginning of the solar, the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala, as mentioned, that how the skies are so mighty, so huge, so massive, and the angels as well, if you think about it, they're so huge, so powerful compared to people, but both are humble, fearful, submissive to Allah, and how the angels are constantly glorifying Allah. Why because they realize the greatness of Allah. And yet here we are down on the earth. Down on the earth, we're not even up in the skies down on the earth, full of pride, refusing to humble ourselves, refusing to remember Allah, refusing to worship and refusing to obey Him. It doesn't suit us. So in order to recognize Allah, what is necessary that a

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person must learn about to allies.

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The inventor of the Macintosh, he died. But when I was listening to his story, it was like, you know, he said, insanely great, like he's great. Like you know, he thinks of himself as the great inventor and everybody knows that he's a great inventor and all that stuff, but I was like thinking so panela no matter how great you are, there is somebody who is greater than you are, and you will die.

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And it's that he did not search for anything like he read Hinduism, Buddhism and all that stuff. But then again, it was like, if you did not find the true religion, which is Islam, or you probably found Islam and you did not pay attention to it, you're such a big loser even if how great you are on earth, and your life is just nothing. And I was like thinking of myself, I was like, Oh my God. And a lot of people are arrogant and they think how great they are, but in the end, they all die.

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about it the people in this dunya no matter what greatness they may achieve, that every other child knows about their name every other child aspires to be like them. They have inspired many people, they have changed the lives of so many people they have literally revolutionized so many things. But we see that ultimately whoever walks in the surface of the earth is going to die.

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Allah subhanaw taala He is the one who gives life to the dead. He is a high he does not die. We get so impressed by people so impressed by what they have made. So inspired by them, but we see that Allah subhanaw taala. He deserves that we are more impressed by him. That

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We fear him more. We respect him more, we know about him more. But we see that the fingers of dystonia, people know about them. People know what age they died at what age they started their work, but their life details where they studied where they spoke, where they lectured. All these things they know about them, which is why they're all of them. But Allah, He is alarmed he, he is an athlete, he is greater than all of them. And he deserves more respect from us. He deserves more humidity from us more fear from us.

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That he enters into gardens,

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to His mercy. And you know, there are some people out there who continually are told about his time or the truth, and given offers of guidance over and over and over again, but they just don't see. And they can't explain why they don't understand that they just Alize close their eyes and shut their heart. And even if I say go home, know that we've been given guidance, and we're here and we're learning, I don't know. But there are also people out there who've been good their whole life and near the end of their life, I can take that away. And I've been allowed to say bad data. And if you do a whole life, good deeds and a lot take that away, at the very end, it's all gone to waste.

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So, having guidance is a huge mercy. Never be too proud about it. And never think that just because you have been good, so far, you will be good forever. This couldn't be taken away any time from a person.

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And when is a blessing taken away from a person when he doesn't value it. This is why it's important that we're grateful for this Rama for this blessing and we also shared with others

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instead of the people how arrogant they are towards the greatness of Allah. And the thing when I noticed too much repetition of Quran and Arabic.

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Because I'm thinking that the gibberish is one of the really bad trade of the human personality. And that's a big obstacle. Understanding the greatness of Elizabeth as I was thinking will guide me that how we can help people to get out of it. And so, I was thinking one of the two unless one of them is telling us or and in our opinion, we should be curious to learn the Quran properly, have good command on it, to teach others to learn because the way one can get the fear of Allah in this language No matter how much we try to translate in English or any other words. Of course. So if Allah says that you do the answer, then we should

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give a listen to the recitation

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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hammy see

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Ash-Shura 1-19 Tafsir 7-9

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