Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P04 049F Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 137-143

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning of "has been passed" and its negative impact on leavers, as well as the importance of having faith and patientity in achieving success. They emphasize the need for individuals to strive hard and achieve success in life, even if they experience loss and failure. The importance of patient and honest people is emphasized, along with the need for people to be patient and avoid negative consequences. The success of graduating from a driving test and having faith in Islam is also emphasized.
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So one way after making a mistake is what journeying to Allah seeking His forgiveness. And the other way is of persisting on sin. not repenting, not saying sorry, not apologizing. So Allah who warns us by the harlot men commonly come sooner known, many Sunon have passed before you soon plural of sunnah. And the word is used in many ways. It also gives the meaning of nation and it also gives the meaning of a practice a usual norm. So many people, many cultures, many civilizations, many nations have passed before you who had their own respective ways and practices. foreseeable fill out, so travelled through the earth. So you go from Santiago travel. And remember, the travel is done in two

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ways. One is sidle up them, traveling with the feet, meaning physically going somewhere, and the other side will collude the journey of the hearts so reflecting and learning and reading about a place about a people Allah says travelled through the Earth, read about them. Find out about the people of the past. Look at what happened phone, Google, so look at case Acana rocky button. Look at the bean. How was the end the consequence of the deniers? Those who denied those who remained arrogant those who did not repent who did not seek Allah's forgiveness after committing wrong, what was their end? It's clear, you go through the earth you see so many people that came to this world,

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they went nobody remains on this earth forever. And there are many nations many people who were destroyed for the sins that they committed, and their stories are not unknown to us. So it's a warning that you are also here temporarily soon you are leaving for zero fill org fundamental cave Acana aka tomoka Debian. And also in the recent past what happened at the Battle of blood. When this I was revealed recent past I mean, at the Battle of Badr, what happened? Those who deny those who rejected the machine of Makkah, what was your consequence that even 1000 of them, who were fully equipped, they could not save themselves from the punishment of Allah 70 of them were killed. 70

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were taken as captives, how they're biannually nurse, this is a clear message for the people by Anna something that is clear in itself. It's a clear message, a clear communication to the people to which people all people mean this Quran is a clear message to the people, this invitation to seek forgiveness from Allah repenting from your sins from your mistakes, the clear message from Allah wa who then and a guidance will more Allah and an instruction but for who? Lil mata ki again for those who have Taqwa meaning in the Quran is a clear message, a lot of information, clear information for who leanness all people can understand that, but who will take guidance? Who will accept the

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instruction? Who will bring the change in his life? The one who has the

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so everybody will find out that Allah forgives sins, but does everyone seek forgiveness? Everyone will find out that you should not persist on sins, but will everyone leave since not necessarily, it is only the people of the club, who will accept the advice that is in the Quran. Then Allah advises the believers well after he knew and do not feel weak, yes, you have experienced a great loss, but do not feel weak that he knew from well her known, and one is basically weakness. Weakness that when a person feels weak and lazy, doesn't find the confidence doesn't find the drive to do something that is important. So laughter He no do not feel weak in facing the enemy again. What happens if you

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fail at something once you say, Never again? If you fail your driving test, you say I'm not going to give another driving test again. Too humiliating, too embarrassing, too frustrating? I don't want to face this ever again. What does Allah say that he knew? So what have you failed once? So what if you had a bad experience once? Get up and do it again, try again, let the he know do not become weak. Well, that doesn't know. And don't be too sad. When you've suffered a loss, then what happens? You're too sad. So let me know when is something that prevents you from going forward? And who's in grief or something that keeps you stuck in your past? Okay, and these two things, they destroy a

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person when he doesn't have the drive and the confidence to face the future. And when he is stuck in the past he cannot get over it. These two things destroy a person make him unproductive. Allah says letter he knew well let us know. Why not. Wasn't this really affair?

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Do a big defeat. Your main times it happens that a person suffers something and he's like, am I not genuine in my guilt? Am I not genuine in my sadness and my grief in having lost my confidence? Yes, you may be. But Allah says we're ultimate are alone. You don't need to feel sad, because you are still those who are superior, and are alone plural of Allah. Who is Allah higher from Erlewine lamb? Well, you are still higher, you are still better, you're still good. So what if you failed a driving test? Is this the end of the world? No. So what if you failed one exam? Does it mean you can never be successful? No. So what if you can't have one thing in your life that you dream about? So what

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you're still good, what animal are alone, you're still better, you're still superior. Because you can imagine that the Muslims they develop this kind of fear, you know, from the machete, keep that they really came and harmed the Muslim 70 of the sahaba. They were killed. Some of them their bodies were mutilated. So it was a shock. And sometimes it shakes you it shatters your confidence. But Allah says we're untold are alone, you're still higher, you're still better in quantum meaning, if you're believers, if you're a believer, if you're a good believer or a strong believer, you are still better. And we're untrammeled, or alone you will be victorious. You will be victorious. Allah

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will help you Allah will grant you success, he will give you victory. So what does this ayah show to us that what when and who doesn't is something that Allah does not approve off? Weakness, laziness, lack of confidence, this is something that Allah does not approve off. sadness, depression, this is something that is not good for a person. Why? Because then he cannot move forward. Yes, bad things happen in life, but we need to get over them and we are strong. You know, a person can adopt different ways to get over the challenges, therapy, counseling, whatever, but get over the problem so that you can go forward. You can move ahead, you can go on in your life. Because otherwise we

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won't be able to do anything in life get help but move on. And this also shows to us that a person should be determined and confident and not weak. Especially because he is a believer if you have Eman have trust in Allah Warren Allah He failure to walk I mean, you know that Allah is there, Elise, Allah will be Kevin aguda. Is Allah not sufficient for his servant? Yes, he is. And a person should remember that the loss in this life defeat failure in this life is not ultimate failure is not ultimate failure. If you failed a test at an exam, does this mean you're never going to Jannah

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you still have a chance to go to Jana, I mean, this is just temporary thing in this world. The asset is still there, you can still do so many other things. So basically no defeat of this world is ultimate defeat nor failure of this dunya is ultimate failure. A person should still have hope and should strive hard and do more. And remember what untouchable alone. Allah says Am says come around if you suffered a wound or from PAW Florida, which is a wound for the muscle coma car, then the people meaning the other nation, the enemy the machine, even their suffered a wound. You suffered or hurt the machine. They suffered when at Bette Midler who just like it, you suffered 70 people, you

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lost them, they lost 70 as well. Exactly the same loss in fact, you damage the more when you took 70 of their captives. Allah says what do you call a year these are just days time periods floor and up Yom knew that we knew her been a nurse which we rotate between people from the Veterans dal while lamb and Dola is to rotate that today. You are winning tomorrow. Others are winning. Today you are successful. Tomorrow somebody else's successful today you get a medal and tomorrow somebody else gets it. This is just duniya

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like we discussed earlier, change keeps happening in this life tickle a yam nada. We don't have a nurse when the Yharnam Allahu Allah Deena Avenue. Why does this happen that Allah lets the believers suffer defeat and failure at times, so that Allah knows who are true believers, because a true believer will have hope and Allah will have trust in Allah, even when he suffers a loss. Isn't that so? He will still rely upon Allah he will still have good power.

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It's positive thoughts about Allah, even when he suffers where die them and come shahada, but the Muslims, the last 70 Men, there is another wisdom behind that what's that wisdom that he takes from among you shahada martyrs Flora love Shaheed wala who lay your head below the mean. And just remember that Allah does not love those who do loan. So just because the enemy is successful today, they have managed to harm you today. It doesn't mean that Allah loves them. And this teaches us something very important that just because someone is having a good time in this life, it doesn't mean that Allah is happy with them. Just because someone is successful in the worldly sense. It

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doesn't mean that Allah is happy with them. While you might guess Allahu Allah Dena Manu at the same time, Allah will purify the believers you might have saw from him how saw is to refine something to purify to rectify something. So with the ups and downs in life, with the failures and the success in life, what happens the believers are purified. Every time you suffer a loss. You turn to Allah, you leave a bad habit, you leave a sin, you experience a loss you leave a sin you come closer to Allah the believers are purified in this process. way mmm hmm called caffeine. And the disbelievers are wiped out in this way. Yum Hapa from name halka they are eliminated. So this is something that has

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to happen one has to win the other has to lose um Huseby term and that hollow Jana or do you think you will enter paradise? You think it's easy to go to Jana? No. It's not easy. The way to Jana is difficult. You will suffer in this life, while Amaya Allah Mala who ladina Jaha, Domenico and Allah has not yet known those people who strive among you were Allama Sabreen and those who are patient, and it's only through difficult times that true, sincere people will be revealed. Because what happened at the occasion of our beloved, obey the hypocrites, what did they do? They left and it was very clear that there is a problem with the Eman of these people. So through these times through

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difficult times, Allah desta believers he sees who are honest, and who are dishonest, who are patient, and who are impatient. Because in theory, you know, we know we should be patient, we know I should control my anger, I should forgive others. But when you're in that situation, when you're angry, that's the test. So until that situation comes, who can say whether you really are patient or not whether you really control your anger or not. So Allah puts us in difficult situations why? To test us that who is honest, and who is dishonest, who truly means it and who doesn't actually mean it.

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Allah says Welaka contempt of unknown and multum in public, and you used to wish for death before the manana from demand new meme dunya which is to yearn to wish for to desire. You used to wish for a remote man cobbled before until COVID that you met him. Before seeing that you wished for that? What is this referring to that add button, many Muslims were not able to participate. But when they learned about the great reward for shahada for martyrdom, they would wish that only if there was another battle, then we would participate and we would die in the Cause of Allah. And we will also get that reward. Allah says you wish that before, didn't you? For kodra etuhu. Now you saw it, and

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you know, it's not easy, or anthem Thongloun. And you were looking, you saw it with your own eyes, you perceive that many times it happens that when we read, I asked about controlling anger, you know, we wish that we could also be in a situation where we control our anger. But then when that moment comes, sometimes we fail. And then we wonder why this happened. Allah tells us, you wished for it yourself. You wanted it yourself. When we learn about the reward for sovereign, then we say, you know, I wish I also had some challenges. My parents that forced me to do good. You know, if I were in a situation where my family was not religious, then I would really be religious.

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We say it's that kind of things. But it's not easy. And when that situation comes, then we complain, well, Allah, why are you testing me? So Allah tells the believers over here that yes, you want to death yourself, and now you've seen it. This teaches us a very important lesson that we should not ask for problems. Okay, don't ask for problems don't wish for tests. The prophets of autism sought refuge from fitten. From difficulties from trials he said, None of us should wish for death because of a calamity befalling him. If he asked to wish for death, he should say, Oh Allah keep me alive as long as life is better for me and

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Let me die if death is better for me. Likewise the Prophet sallallahu sallam said do not wish to meet the enemy but when you meet the enemy then be patient so don't wish for problems but when the problem comes then face it property let's listen to the recitation

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going to show you a La ilaha illa Anta let's talk we're going to be like a Salam where you can go to the library

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