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Juz’ 23: Ya-Sin 13-83 – Az-Zumar 1-31

Sad 45-88 – Az-Zumar 1-31


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The speakers discuss the origins of Islam and the importance of adoptivity towards Islam, particularly in times of adversity. They stress the need to fix one's behavior and bring about change in oneself, as it is crucial to avoid becoming a child. The speakers also emphasize the importance of showing one's true values to others and avoiding false assumptions. The segment emphasizes the importance of having hope and faith in Islam, especially in times of adversity, and the importance of remaining true to Islam in order to achieve success.

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We've got a burden. And remember our servants Ibrahim is how ner cold. Those have strengths and religious vision. They were people of strength only ad one absorb strong men who were tested severely, but the narrow lost vision. Indeed, we chose them for an exclusive quality, remembrance of the home of the hereafter. Why is it that Allah chose them? Because they remembered the home of the hereafter much and what is that? Then hereafter he saw and indeed they are to us among the chosen and outstanding olalia and remember it's marine Alia sir little careful work alumina lufia. And all are from among the outstanding servants whether they This is a reminder and indeed for the righteous

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is a good place of return. gardens of perpetual residents whose doors will be open to them, reclining within them, they will call their in for abundant fruit and drink and with them will be women limiting their glances and of equal age. This is what you the righteous are promised for the day of account. The fact is that in general, everyone will be of equal age, similar age in the handler is Kona mela, whom in Nevada indeed this is our provision for it, there is no depletion, this is so but indeed for the transgressors is an evil place of return hell, which they will enter to burn and wretched is the resting place this so let them taste it is scalding water and foul

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Peruvians and other punishments of its type in various kinds. its inhabitants will say, this is a company bursting in with you know, welcome for them, indeed, they will burn in the fire, they will say nor you know, welcome for you, either you are leaders brought this upon us and wretched as a settlement, they will say Our Lord, whoever brought this upon us increase for him double punishment in the fire. And they will say, why do we not see men whom we used to count among the worst? Is it because we took them in ridicule? Or has our vision turned away from them in

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the hospital, Elena? Indeed, that is truth, the quarreling of the people of the fire, say, oh, Prophet, I am only a warner. And there is not any deity except Allah, the One the prevailing Lord of the heavens and the earth and whatever is between them, the Exalted in mind, the Perpetual Forgiver called who another owner alim, say it is great news. And to mine, Homer alone, from which you turn away the Day of Judgment after live, this is great news. But really, how much is it that we think about it? How much is it that we pay attention to it? I had no knowledge of the exalted assembly of angels when they were disputing, meaning the profits or losses made to say that I haven't witnessed

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all of this that the Quran talks about, in you have in a year, it has only been revealed to me, meaning I am conveying all of this to you because it has been revealed to me. I haven't witnessed the conversations of the angels, because remember that when Adam and his son was to be created, illustrations are told the angels right and the angels, they asked a lot that why would you create somebody who's going to create facades on the earth? So the prophets of a lots of them was not there was he? Then how did he come to know of that conversation? How through Ye, in another Hadees, we learned that the angels they actually dispute about something else. Also they discuss something

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amongst themselves also. And what is that?

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Roger Welker. feraud, Wolfie knocklyon academic,

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in the acts that raised ranks, and the acts that XP that wipe off that erase a person sins, and in recording the footsteps to the congregation, meaning the footsteps that a person takes to a jamara. does that remind you of an incident that led to a man who had committed 100 murders? Remember, he was on his way to do Toba. And what happened? He died. So then groups of angels came and there is a dispute over there. The angels who take the evil soul, they said no for us, and the angels will take the good, so they say no for us. So there was a dispute over there. So you see angels, they dispute about these things? How much reward should be assigned? And what should be written and what should

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be erased? And how many footsteps is it that should be recorded for a servant? What does this show to us the concern of the angels? How much the angels like the believer also? What do we need to do? believe in Allah and His mercy, and his forgiveness? and his angels, we need to believe in Allah. Allah loves to forgive. And this hadith continues where it's done and we'll do a filmer crew hat

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and perfecting Voodoo when

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It's difficult when tilava sloty barcos What are waiting for solar after Salah. So the angels they dispute over these matters it color of bucola equity in the Holy Quran Bashara min clean. So I mentioned when your Lord said to the angels indeed I am going to create a human being from clay. So when I have proportioned him and breathes into him of my creative soul then fall down to him in frustration, so the angels frustrated all of them entirely, except at least he was arrogant and became among the disbelievers. Allah said, Oh Iblees what prevented you from prostrating to that which I created with my hands? Were you arrogant then? Or were you already among the hottie? He

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said, I am better than him. You created me from fire and created him from clay. This was the caliber of abilities he considered himself better. Allah said them get out of Paradise, for indeed you are expelled and remember that no one with pride can enter Paradise, and indeed upon you is my curse until the Day of Recompense. He said my lord then reprieved me until the day they're resurrected, Allah said So indeed you are of those who are reprieved until the day of the time that is well known meaning the Day of Judgment, whose time is known only to Allah ably said, by your might, I will surely mislead them all. You see, the main problem of at least was what his pride his rudeness, so

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those who follow him in this are his companions, being proud and being rude. We should adopt humility and fear of Allah, except among them your chosen servants. Allah said the truth is my oath and the truth I say that I will surely feel hell with you, and those of them that follow you all together. So you see in the Quran many times we come across verses that say Allah's word has come into effect. This is the word that when shavon Iblees challenged that I will take all people to hell unless I find the final help. We'll call this a saw and the truth I said, that if you do take people with you, then it doesn't matter how many there are, I will fill you and those who follow you with

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hell all of you called madness, Allah camarilla human edge, say, oh Prophet, I do not ask you for the Quran, any payment, and I am not of the pretentious, I am not pretentious, I am myself, it's me who I am. In who are illogical, lalalala mean it is a reminder to the world. And you will surely know the truth of its information after a time meaning very soon, you will come to know the reality of this life, the next life the ultimate outcome of this matter. Now what we see over here the prophets of Allah, Islam is told to say, tell them, I am not of the pretentious meaning I'm not fake. This is who I am in front of you. And this is something that we also need to adopt, that we

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should be ourselves, be yourself. Because a person can display something. You know what he's actually not. But this is not long lasting. It's not enduring. It's in fact, very exhausting. So what we need to do is that we need to fix ourselves, because sometimes we say, Oh, you know what, I am very loud and rude. That's just who I am. Accept me. No, no, no, we have to fix ourselves. The problem comes when in one situation we are very rude and loud, and another situation will become so polite, so polite and nice unkind that people would never think that we ever raise our voice even. This is what we need to avoid. And what we really need to do is bring about a true change in

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ourselves. Alright, so at the zoo

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you're walking

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t found Boudin

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on the

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long, long

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Surah xumo Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the name of Allah be Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful, does ito kitabi mean Allah healer Aziz al Hakim, the revelation of the Quran is from Allah, the Exalted in Might, the Wise, indeed, we have sent down to you the book in truth. So worship Allah, being sincere to him in religion, unquestionably, for Allah is the Pure religion, meaning worship is exclusively for Allah. Why? Because he gave you all that you have. So all you should be, is also only for Allah. And those who take protectors besides him say, we only worship them, that they may bring us near to Allah in position, whether it was the co founder of Makkah, or

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the modern wish the king, whoever it may be, this is the justification that is given for sure that those whom we pray to besides Allah, those whose pleasure we seek, why is that so? We please them and through them, we please Allah, we hold on to them these righteous, why in order to reach Allah, this is what opens the door to shake. This is what opens the door to shake this isn't reality shift. Unless has indeed Allah who will judge between them concerning that over which they differ. Indeed, Allah does not guide he who is a liar and confirm disbeliever because to say that a person is alive in their grave or to say that a person listens to our doors, this is a lie. How do we know now

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Aurora de la jolla Takeda, if Allah had intended to take a son, he could have chosen from what he creates, whatever He willed, He could have done that Exalted is He, He is Allah, the One the prevailing, meaning he does not have a child, if he really needed a child, why would he make a human being a child? Because human beings compared to the rest of the creation, what are they?

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What are we, we're so weak, so weak, I mean, just compare your strength to that of a cheetah even. I mean, who's better than us angels are, isn't it? So what is being said over here is that if Allah really intended to take a son, he would have chosen from what he creates. And the fact is that creation would not be a child, then you don't create your own child. And Allah is the only God there is none like him. So if he would intend to have a child that too, would be a creation and creation cannot be a child, so you understand how it's being refuted? That it is not possible that Allah would have a child because everything is in his control, ultimate power rests with him, and

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everything besides Him is creation. So stop ascribing children to him. He created the heavens and the earth in truth, he wraps the night over the day, and wraps the day over the night. You see this word wrap? You can't be a little This is very interesting. You know, when you cover, for example, a bowl with like saran wrap or something plastic wrap, or foil? What do you do, you take it from one side and you bring it to the other. And just like that night, it comes from one side and just overtakes the entire horizon. day comes from one side and overtakes the entire horizon. And he has subjected the sun in the moon, each running its course for a specified term, unquestionably, he is

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exalted in mind, the Perpetual Forgiver we can still use to night and day that we don't even think this is happening by Allah's will. We don't even think about that. And this is why we complain sometimes over here. These are so long nights are so short, or it's the exact opposite in other parts of the year. I mean, this is whose determination whose decree, Allah is decree, he decides this, and there is reason He created you from one soul, then he made from it, it's made, and he produced for you from the grazing livestock, eight mates, meaning eight males and females, and Four Bears basically, that you enjoy that you eat sheep, goat, cow camel, he creates you in the wombs of

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your mother's creation after creation within three darknesses that is Allah your Lord, To Him belongs the dominion. There is no deity except Him. So how are you averted? If he's the only one who created you? How could you turn to other than Him? How could you forget him? If you just believe Indeed Allah is free from need of you, and he does not approve for his servants disbelief. And if you are grateful, we're in touch

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Er Lola comb, he approves it for you and no bear of burdens will bear the burden of another, then to your Lord is your return and he will inform you about what you use to do. Indeed he is knowing of that within the breasts. So here clearly we are told that Allah does not like in gratitude from his servants. What does he like? gratitude? What is in gratitude that Allah gives a person everything, and what does a person do? He runs towards others, he strives to please other than Allah, He serves other than Allah, he seeks others, then Allah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to a man once, how was your morning, and the man said, I am grateful to Allah before your meeting, and hamdulillah I am

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very grateful to Allah. He said, This is what I wanted for you, that you should be grateful. Allah likes gratitude, as to the loss of the loss. And I'm also like gratitude, and even people what do they like? What do they like? gratitude? Isn't it? So? I mean, if there are two children, you give the same thing to both the kids one says thank you and the other is quiet. What do you do? You remind them to be grateful. Because gratitude is something that alone likes has messenger sort of lost it on life and people also like what in fish Kuru, Yoruba hula comb. It is good for a person. When a person says al hamdu Lillahi kathira. Allah says, right from my servant or mentee, cathedra

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when a servant says Alhamdulillah, like Athena, all thanks to Allah, abundant much thanks. Then Allah says, right from my servant, much, much a lot of mercy. He's thanking me so much. I will show him a lot of mercy too. And when adversity touches men, he calls upon his Lord, turning to him alone. Then when He bestows on him a favor from himself, he forgets him whom he called upon before and he attributes to Allah equals to mislead people from his way. Ultimate Arbuckle flicker, kalila. Say Enjoy your disbelief for a little You see, Cofer is the opposite of sugar. Indeed you are of the companions of the Fire is one who is devoutly obedient during periods of the night, prostrating and

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standing in prayer, fearing the hereafter and hoping for the mercy of his Lord. This one, can he be like the one who does not do this? One is a person who prays in the night and the other sleeps. When is a person who worships Allah? He's afraid of the punishment of Allah hoping in Allah reward His mercy. Can they be the same? No way. You see hope and fear. They both go together. Allah says say are those who know equal to those who do not know called Holly esta la Vina Yamuna, Valentina, Laila moon, no, they can never be the same. And hope and fear is the way of the knowledgeable it is of the way of those who believe. Once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam entered upon a young man, that man was

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almost dying. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, How do you feel? He said, I have hope in Allah, a messenger of Allah, but I fear my sins. The prophets otherwise would have said these two things. Do not coexist in the heart of a person in a situation like this. But Allah will give him that which he hopes for, and keeps him safe from that which he fears. So we need to have hope in Allah's mercy, his reward his promises, and yes, we need to be afraid of his punishment also, when both are combined together, that is true. Only they will remember who are the people of understanding, say, oh my servants who have believed fear your Lord, for those who do good in this world is good.

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larina, Sanofi has he dunia has an A in this world they will find good in the hereafter they will find good and the earth of Allah is spacious. Indeed the patient will be given their award without account, say oh profit. Indeed I have been commanded to worship Allah being sincere to him in religion, and I have been commanded to be the first among the Muslims, the first of those who surrender to Him say indeed I fear if I should disobey my Lord, the punishment, have a tremendous day, say Allah alone, do I worship sincere to him in my religion, so worship what you will besides him say, indeed the losers are the ones who will lose themselves and their families on the Day of

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Resurrection, unquestionably, that is the manifest loss, they will have canopies of fire above them and below them canopies by that Allah threatens his servants. Then you have wiffle Lago be here.

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Yeah, arriba de facto cone, oh, my servants then fear me.

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But those who have avoided tahu less they worship it, meaning they tried every class they struggle at every cost. They make sure at every cost that they avoid the worst football

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They only worship Allah and they turn back to Allah for them or good tidings forgive good tidings to my servants, who are Allah servants, and leadin as the mirano coalfire tervuren Asana who listened to speech and follow the best of it, that first they listened to what Allah has said. And then they follow that also. Those are the ones who Allah has guided, and those are the people of understanding the prophets of Allah and once asked shalina tell you about the best of you. They said yes, he said, he will come up when you come armor on what arsenicum armor and the best of you are those with the longest of lives and the most excellent of deeds, this report was

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that the best person is He who lives along live, but then he feels that life with good deeds also, good deeds, and these good deeds they come from what learning yesterday mirano coalfire una escena? Then is he one who has deserved the decree of punishment? Such a person? Can he be guided? Then can you say one who is in the fire? Meaning someone who's not willing to get up? What can you do, but those who have feared their Lord, for them are chambers houses, above them, chambers built high beneath which rivers flow, this is the promise of Allah, to have hope in Allah His promise, Allah does not fail in his promise. So believe in his promises. Do you not see that Allah sends down rain

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from the sky and makes it flow as springs and rivers in the earth? Then he produces there by crops of varying colors, then they dry and you see them turned yellow, that he makes them scattered debris, indeed, and that is a reminder for those of understanding. So is one whose heart Allah has expanded to accept Islam, and he is upon a light from his Lord like one whose hearts rejects it, can they be the same? Never then well to those whose hearts are hardened against the remembrance of Allah for whaler, little rc articolo boohooman decree law so hard, that a person does not even find the strength to say Alhamdulillah Allah Subhana Allah, those are in manifest error. Allah hoonah

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Zilla Arsenal Hadees Allah has sent down the best statement, this Koran is the best speech a consistent book, wherein is reiteration meaning despite the repetition there is no contradiction. The skins shiver there from of those who fear their Lord, meaning when they hear the Quran, they get goosebumps, then their skins and their hearts relax at the remembrance of Allah, meaning their hearts melt on listening to the Quran, their feelings change, that is the guidance of Allah by which he guides whom He wills and one whom Allah leaves a stray for him there is no guide, then is He who will shield with his face the worst of the punishment on the Day of Resurrection, like one who is

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secure from it. One is the person on whose face the fire will be coming and he'll be shielding himself. And there's another person who saved are they the same No, and it will be set to the wrongdoers. Taste what you use to earn those before them denied and the punishment came upon them from where they did not perceive. So Allah made them taste disgrace and worldly life. But the punishment of the Hereafter is greater if they only knew. And We have certainly presented for the people in this Koran from every kind of example that they might remember. It is an Arabic Koran, eloquent Koran, beautiful Koran, without any deviants that they might become righteous. mean there's

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nothing in the Quran that is beyond one's understanding. That could be a cause of corruption. A lot presents an example a slave owned by quarreling partners and another belonging exclusively to one men. Are they equal in comparison? One person is ruled by 50 bosses. And there's another person who's got only one boss, can they be the same? No way you can imagine what difficulty the person is living in the first person who has so many bosses Praise be to Allah, but most of them do not know. So the example is that how could you take different gods for yourself? How can you please so many? Your goal should be to please Allah, because in the committee you don't want in the home may you

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tune indeed you or profit are to die, and indeed they are to die. No one is living in this world forever, who came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said yeah, Mohammed rish mash it for in a coma you

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live however long you wish, indeed you will die with a big man ship. For in a camel fall of love whosoever you will, you are going to move it aka who you are going to separate from it, where a madman should do what you wish. For indeed, you will be recompensed for it

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Some in comio malkia Mati are in the context of Simone, that indeed you on the Day of Resurrection before your Lord will dispute, meaning if you haven't prepared for that meeting, then that day you will only blame one another. So prepare for that. Believe in it. Fear Allah have hope in his promises, and prepare for that meeting. So Chronicle locomobi hammock, a Chateau a la ilaha illa Anta a stockbroker water tuvo LA, a salon early quarter with aloha