Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 06 – L069C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of cleanliness and the use of the heart in our lives is emphasized, along with the need for strong and clean image. The need for individuals to perform will do before every prayer and encourage others to do so is emphasized. The importance of reciting the Quran for men is emphasized, along with the obligation to perform actions in order to avoid the danger of a fire. The importance of following orders and the church's rules is emphasized.
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So first of all, we learned from this ayah, about the emphasis of purity in our religion.

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If you look at it previously, in the surah, we learned about the food, that food that a person eats, even that has to be played, even that has to be clean, that you can't just pick up that flesh and eat it. You have to train the animal, the cat has to be done. The blood has to be drained.

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So and we're headed Allah Kamata, you bet, good, clean, pure things have been made lawful for you.

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So when it comes to food, it has to be clean. When it comes to a spouse, even the spouse has to be more fun, he has to be chaste or she has to be chaste.

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And when it comes to worship as well, a person should be physically clean.

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If you look at it, there's three main aspects of our lives. The food that a person eats, then the partner that a person lives with. And thirdly, the worship that a person performs. It all of these three cases, purity, purification, has been emphasized.

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And a believer is clean in all of his aspects, in his physical body, in his mind, what he puts in his body, what he eats, as well as what he keeps in his heart.

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And the fact that we have to perform Voodoo to perform the Salah, what does that remind us of?

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It reminds us of the fact that purification or cleaning yourself is a process that is constant.

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It's not just once in a lifetime procedure. But rather you have to keep cleaning yourself.

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You don't clean your heart once you have to keep cleaning it. You don't clean your habits once you have to keep cleaning them, just as you don't perform will do once in your lifetime. And that's sufficient for the rest of your silhouette. No, you have to perform.

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And we learned that in a lie you hibbott a webinar where you hit one multiple hitting Allah loves those people who repent to him and he loves those people who purify themselves notice, repentance, and cleanliness is mentioned together again. Why? Because repentance is also what? That you're cleaning yourself from sin.

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So we learn about the emphasis of purity that is in our religion, that a believer must be clean in all aspects of his life.

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And cleaned does not mean you just clean yourself once and that's sufficient. No. You have to keep cleaning yourself. You have to keep your find yourself. The moment you realize you've done something wrong, what do you do? fix your problem.

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Secondly, we learn from this idea about the importance of the heart of porcelain, the importance of cleanliness, the importance of cleanliness, for performing Sunnah. Where do we learn about the importance of this cleanliness from from the beginning of the eye where Allah subhanaw taala says yeah, are you aladeen

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because of a man could have been given just like that. But when Yeah, you It has been said What does that emphasize that this is an important command Allah subhanaw taala is inviting you. He is calling you. He's waking you up. So what does it show the importance of the hot offer so that that it's something very important

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30 we learned from this ayah that purification, the hot is a requirement of Eman where do we learn that from? That Yeah, you are living an AMA no the believers are being addressed.

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That to complete your Eman to perfect your Eman What do you have to do? What do you have to do? clean yourself to complete your Eman to perfect your Eman. What do you have to do? clean yourself

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and what do we learn from the Hadith that a brutal chatroom in that room cleanliness is half of one's faith.

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So yeah, you're letting me know believers are being addressed with shows that it is incumbent for every single believer to clean himself to purify himself.

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And remember hanifa he said that a person who prays without will do intentionally a person who performs prayer without will do intentionally he has committed coffee.

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He has committed coffee.

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Why? Why did you say that?

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Because Yeah, you have Medina Allah no have been mentioned that if you're a believer, then you must clean yourself before you perform the Salah.

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And if you deliberately perform Salah

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Without cleanliness without purification, there is a problem with your image.

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So what does this teach us? That purification is a requirement of your image.

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Fourthly, we also learned from this ayah that a man improves and increases with

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a person's Eman. It improves, it grows stronger, it increases with the heart.

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Because again, believers are being addressed that Yeah, are you alladhina amanu you should clean yourself wash your face in your hands before you perform sada so what does it mean? That if you do this, it's going to help your email, it's going to grow your email, it's going to strengthen your email.

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And if you look at it many times performing will do for some people is extremely difficult. Extremely difficult. That what's the big deal? I'll pray but I just can't bother performing will do. Or sometimes people don't like performing will do for every seller. Yes, it's not mandatory to perform will do for every seller. However, it is definitely something that is recommended. But what is it that stops us what is it that makes it difficult? It's the lack of strong emotion. The stronger the amount of a person is he's not going to take will do as a chore. He's going to take it as a means of purification as a means of drawing closer to Allah.

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So we see that a man improves and increases with the hottest if you want your Eman to increase, try this before every seller performance. Try it and you will definitely see an improvement in your email.

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We also learned that lack of purification is a lack of

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lack of purification is a result of lack of email.

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And yes, purification that does refer to will do but even otherwise. The person should try to keep himself clean.

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Because remember that chair clean they go where there is filth.

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When you go to the washroom What do you say along my journey to becoming a hopeless evil cabal is because they go where there is filth. So if you don't keep yourself clean, what are you inviting the company of shaping the company of the jinn?

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And it's the sharpener they're they're going to inspire you with what's what's up with evil thoughts with negative thoughts. So get up and brush your teeth, clean yourself, take a shower, put clean clothes on, because when a person is clean physically even what does that do? It strengthens his email.

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We also learn from this is about the obligation of being in the state of Nevada, he obligation of being in the state of Nevada, before performing any Salah

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because it has been said either quantum Illa Salah whether that folder is for Allah or that Follette is nothing or sooner or it is read or janaza any Salah you have to have will do it's mandatory, because it has been said either quantum in a salah

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and also that means any and every Salah you have to have water

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and how do you obtain Shahada either through will do versus ortho.

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So, basically, if a person performs so that without Voodoo, then that Salah is invalid.

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Remember that if a person performs Salah without taharah, then that's all that is invalid. That so that is invalid it's just physical movement. That's it a person is all going to get any reward for it.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said there's a hadith in Sahih Muslim that led to curbelo Salah to a haidakhan either a de Hector yet our

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that the Salah of one of you will not be accepted if he has used the washroom until and unless a person performs will do so, without will do without purification. So, that is invalid there is no point in performing that Salah you might as well not pray. In fact it would be a waste of time. What should you do? perform will do obtain Zaha and then press Enter.

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Now remember that it is better to perform will do before each and every pair. However, it is not mandatory because it has been said that either condom Illa Salah meaning for every pair you have to have the huddle. So yes if you make fresh will do it's better. But if you have to do from before you're already in the state of Florida then you don't need to perform will do every time. But if a person remembers the reward and the virtue of performing, then it becomes very easy.

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We learned that not even Hamill he recorded it today man even today he said that his father said the prophets are about us Adam used to perform will do before every prayer

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He used to perform Voodoo before every prayer.

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But on the day of

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the day of Mecca, he performed Voodoo and wiped on his socks. And he prayed the five prayers with the same will do, because he had the same will do for all of those five followers who

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are motivated, who said to him, all messenger of Allah, you did something new that you never did before. You did something new that you never did before. So basically, it's the first time ever that they had seen him performing more than one Salah with the same will do. What does that show that it is permissible?

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We also learn from this is that there is no excuse, there is absolutely no excuse for ever leaving.

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Where do we learn that from?

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That you have to perform will do or you have to juggle? So if you cannot do that, then you have to do to me, it hasn't been said that. Okay, then pray the next day. Pray when you find will do pray when you feel like it. No do to move.

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What does it show that in no situation, can a person leave the salon,

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except obviously when a woman is menstruating and obviously it's understood but otherwise, the person is not allowed to leave his salon at all.

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We also don't for this either for holida is YG, meaning a person must be in the state of tahara to perform Salah because over here, we'll do whistle and I am having mentioned for what so that only it hasn't been said that when you wish to recite the Quran, then you perform will do when you wish to do to laugh, then you perform will do when you wish to attach the must have then you perform will do what has been mentioned only Salah has been mentioned earlier also when we read in certain Lisa even then only select is mentioned no other act of worship has been mentioned. Because of this. Many scholars, they say that we'll do is a prerequisite or taharah is a prerequisite only for Salah only

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for salah and no other act of worship. Because of these ayat many scholars have said that that it is only an obligation for performing Salah because it has been said either quantum Illa Salah not you know when you intend to touch the most hyper when you intend to perform to laugh or sorry or anything like that. only select as mentioned

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and we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam once he used the washroom and he did not perform well. And so he was asked that Are you not going to perform with him? He said that no I don't wish to perform the Salah I'm not going to perform will do because I don't intend to perform Salah right now. I will do will do when I'm going to pray. So what does this show that will do is a prerequisite only for what? Select.

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And there's a very interesting report that we find in multi nomadic in which it has been narrated that once Barbara dinar knew he was with some people, and everybody was recycled full on, not together but everybody was recycled.

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And our model that I knew he left to use the washroom and he came back and he hadn't performed

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he came back and he started reciting the Quran again. So somebody asked him Yeah, um you know what, meaning a taco Khurana Wallah Starla Do you think you're reciting the Quran and you don't have Budo or muraleedharan? Who asked him, man, if there could be Heather, Who gave you this fatwa that you have to have to do before reciting the Quran or Mussolini? Meaning did masala give you this fatwa? It was maceda

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the person who claimed to be a prophet. So you said Who gave you this verdict that you have to have will do to recite the Quran did Macedo give you this verdict?

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So it shows that the Sahaba they understood that you have to have to do to perform sonet only not to recite the Quran or any other act of worship.

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Now some people say that when it comes to touching the Quran, when it comes to touching the Quran, then you have to have

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but there is only one sound evidence. Sound evidence because there are many reports that are given. However, many of those reports are not authentic. Many of those reports are not authentic.

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The only sound evidence that is given for touching the Quran would will do is the ayah in total welfare. I number 79 in which lots of hands on it says there Yama, Sulu inland motoharu that none touch it meaning the Quran except those who are purified

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So, who is the person who is pure? The one who has will do so if a person does not have will do we can our customers have? However, if you look at these is almost printout it says in the hula and Kareem, fie tabin maknoon lay Mr. Sulu, inland motoharu

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over here like Mr. suhu, it does not reflect the most have that is in your hand. But rather it refers to capable McLuhan, meaning the original must have meaning in the preserve tablet, and the Moto Harun, who are they the angels, because a human being can never be mortal have the word that is used for a human being is musataha.

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The word that is used for a human being is most of the hub. And in the context, it refers to, which are

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not the most half that is in front of us, but the actual original language is in the Latin muffles, kuttabul maknoon. And which, obviously, only the purified angels data, and obviously no human being can reach there.

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So this is the only evidence that is sound that is presented for having gudo in order to touch the Quran. However, there are no other authentic evidences. In fact, we see that the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he wrote letters to some non Muslims. And what did he have written in those letters? the ayat of the Quran, the Quran, and who was going to get that letter? a non Muslim. So what does it show that it's not an obligation upon a person that he must have Voodoo, when it comes to touch in the Quran?

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There is a hadith in which it hasn't been recorded that Ahmed even present he stated that the profits are allowed incident, he wrote to the people of Yemen, and he said that no one should catch the Quran, except the one who is thought no one should touch the Quran, except the one who is tired. And check him out with me. He said that for his, in that Hadees it refers to the believer. It refers to who? The believer meaning none should touch the Quran except a believer, meaning a non Muslim, he should not touch the Arabic the actual must have. And where does he get this evidence from that over here thought at first of the believer from the other Hadees, which is recorded in Bahati and Muslim

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in which they learn who he narrated. He said that I was met by the prophet sallallahu sallam, and I was I was in the state of Geneva. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took my hand and I walked with Him until he sat down.

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Then I slipped away and washed myself, meaning I took the hosel and then I came back where he was sitting the profits out of Madison and said, Where were you Oh Buddha. So he told him that he was Unum so he didn't wish to be with the profits that allowed his enemy in the state of impurity. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said of Hannover, or Abu Zubaydah, the believer does not become impure.

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What did he say? The believer does not become impure.

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And the other Hadith as well which I should have done, he was told by the prophet sallallahu Sallam that bring a match or something like that from the masjid. And what did you say that I menstruating? What did he say? It's not in your hand. It's not in your hand, meaning the felt the mental blood is not in your hand Your hand is clean. So, because of this ayah the scholars have said the other elohim have said many scholars have said in fact that we do, or Sahara is a prerequisite for Salah only a person may recite the Quran without a person may even touch the most half without will do. However, the person is in the state of Geneva, as you know that Geneva Juniper is when you're at a

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distance. So when you're in a state of Geneva, you're automatically distance from recitation of Quran, even from touching the Muslim. But again, remember that Geneva, the rules regarding the menstruating woman, and the rules regarding the person who is in general because of sexual *, there are different because a person who is impure because of sexual *, his impurities in his control, meaning he can take a bath and get out of that state whenever he wishes, as soon as you want. But the woman who is menstruating, it's not in her control, and it's a much longer period of time. How can she stay away from reciting the Quran for a whole week? How it's not

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possible, and we don't see any evidence, any sound or relevant evidence supporting that a woman may not recite the Quran, when she's in the state of menstruation. There's no sound evidence

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For that, and remember sound and relevant, they have to be both.

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Then we also learn from this ayah about the obligation of washing the hands, the face, the arms up to the elbows, the feet to the ankles and wiping the head for at least once. Because in the eye what has been mentioned falsely loop pumps are Who? What does that mean? Only once?

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So we learned that it is obligatory to do this at least once.

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And the sun tells us three times can you do more than three times? Can you know why? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us only three times.

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And we also learned that when a person washes his hands face, meaning when he is performing the will do, he must completely wash those parts of the body without leaving any parts dry

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without leaving any parts dry. Because it's felt Sulu. And what does loosen mean? That you flow running water over that part of the body without leaving any part dry

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and the profits are flawless, Adam said us bill will do a wake up call we will

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perform we'll do thoroughly meaning don't leave any part dry and save your heels from the fire. What does it mean by that? That if you leave your heels, the back of your foot dry, then you're not saving your feet from the fire so perform we'll do thoroughly and save your heels from the fire.

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We also learned from the site about the allowance of wiping one's hands over socks, meaning it is permissible to do that

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under earlier insulinomas that I mentioned to you about headers and headers above that in which state performing will do is mandatory and in which state performing also is mandatory.

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What is it that breaks a person will do

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the naraka will do those things which breaker persons will do are mainly three. First of all using the toilet. In other words, Maharajah minister Beeline. What comes out of the impurities that are discharged from the two ways meaning the front and the back. So this includes urine as well as passing gas as well as passing stool. Secondly, sleep. And thirdly, eating camel meat.

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Other than these, there are no no wackadoodle. And with regards to vaginal discharge, remember that it is thought it is clean. And it's excretion does not nullify a woman's will do. Why because it is not a result of what a person eats and drinks such as urine or stool is. And besides, it does not come out of the sibylline it is not urine it is not stool. And it's just something that keeps the area moist just like saliva keeps the person's mouth moist. So therefore it is not impure. And it does not nullify a woman's will do.

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Now, remember that menstrual blood or any blood that comes out of a woman?

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I mean, obviously if it's menstruation or if it's fast, then she's not going to pray. And when the bleeding stops, she has to take a bath.

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But otherwise some irregular spotting. In that case, what does a woman have to do? She has to clean herself every time and make fresh wood.

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We also have from this is about the obligation of

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the obligation of also in order to get out of the state of Geneva. Because when you are in the state of Japan, what should you do?

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And what is the Harumi that take also. Now what is the method of taking listen? What is a matter of taking muscle?

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Do you have to recite some kalimat and you have to recite some solos or the Quran you have to do that. No. Just the Nia is enough. Do you have to verbalize the Nia? No. It's understood. You have the Nia in your heart. So first of all you have to have the Nia

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Secondly, the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was that I shall the Nana she narrated when the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam did a vessel for Geneva. He would wash his hands. First of all, he would wash his hands and then he will do will do just as he would do for Salah. And then he would wash himself. And then he would wash himself meaning his body

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and he would run his fingers through his hair through his hair. Why? To ensure that the scalp is wet. And then when he thought that the water had reached his skin, meaning the skin of the head the scalp, then he would pour water over the head three times

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and then he would walk

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The rest of his body.

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So basically what's the procedure?

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Nia, then you wash your hands, you wash the private part, you perform the Voodoo, then you wash your head, making sure that your scalp is wet. And then you wash the rest of the body making sure that the entire body is wet.

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So what does it show that we'll do is a part of what sojourner

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will do is a part of oestrogen ever Why? Because it is mandatory that a person winces, his mouth, and as well as his nose, this is mandatory.

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Then we also learn from the side that it is only water that purifies a person. It is only water that purifies a person, because it has been said, Well, I'm glad you do math. And so if you can't find water, are you going to use coke to do like some people say that they want to make sure that there's coke running out of taps? Instead of water? They want to replace water with coke? Can you perform with the with coke? With juice? with yogurt with milk? No. What is it that you can only clean yourself with

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We also don't know about the obligation of searching for water because it has been said well I'm thirsty do man while I'm dead you do man What does it mean? That you have to search for water and if you can't find it, then you resort to thermal.

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We also learned from this ayah about the obligation of following the order when it comes to performing the will do and performing the time

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that you have to follow the correct order when it comes to performing Voodoo and performing the thermo because the order has been mentioned quite clearly India

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then we also don't in this ayah that the deen the laws that Allah spent Allah has given us they are easy, there is no how much there is no difficulty, but the person might say no I find it very difficult to perform will do I find it very difficult to do. So, this is difficult. So what is the mean by this? That there is no how much what does it mean by this that there is no how much that it is not impossible. It is possible because if you leave it to your enough's then you don't even want to move a finger.

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If you leave it to your enough's, then the nurse will find every single act difficult. But what it means by this that there is no How large is that? The religion that Allah has taught us the laws that He has given us. They're realistic, they're possible. They're practical. A person can apply them wherever he is, if you can't find water due to him.

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And we also learn from this if that shook gratitude to our last panel Gala. is not just saying thank you Allah, but what is it? I'm gonna I'm gonna salia la la confessional on to that you're grateful How? By acting upon these commands that Allah has given you

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by acting upon these commands that Allah has given.

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So should in reality is what not just saying thank you, thank you. But what is it?

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Good, righteous deeds.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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How are you?

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