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Yusuf 58-87 Word Analysis and Tafsir 67

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We learned from the Quran that when you see a nice garden when you see some good property when you see some beautiful house somebody beautiful garden instead of saying wow and just staring at it from one part of the other scanning it What should you say? Masha Allah left with the 11 inserts of calf I 39 we learned well Lola is the health agenda Taka, Kota Masha Allah, La quwata illa de la.

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Similarly, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he would read upon his grandchildren certainly occur, which I will mention to you, as an in her same when they would come to him, the prophets of all sudden would read certainly caught up on them.

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Because generally people have a habit of staring at children.

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Just imagine they're the grandchildren of the prophets of Allah. So imagine how much people would, you know, look at them. So he would recite those account to ward off the evil eye. Similarly, we should read them or whether then,

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so it will follow as well as slowness, and we should also do Rukia if someone has been affected by the evil eye,

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I shall the learner she said that gibreel used to pronounce some words upon the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to relieve his pain.

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And he would say Bismillah you Billerica woman colada in your speaker woman surely has it in either hacer de wishard Rico, Lydia,

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I'm sure you can find all of these occur in fortress of Muslim

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that may you get relief from the pain cure from the disease and be protected from envy and evil I by the virtue of alazani

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even our bustle did I know he said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to seek refuge with Allah for an Hassan and Hussein who were they

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his grandsons, and he would say your father Ibrahim used to seek refuge with Allah for his marriage and his health by reciting the following

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what the rules will be Kalamata Tamati when coalition taniwha matin woman Kalia dilemma

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that Oh Allah, I seek refuge with your perfect words from every devil and from poisonous pests and from every evil, harmful envious eye.

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And this is something that every mother should know. Every single mother, every single ant, every single grandmother should know. And every single girl for that matter should know why. Because girls have more of a tendency to spend time with the children. They love holding children, they love playing with the children. And sometimes it happens that children are with some other people and they come back extremely upset. They're crying, they're very cranky for a reason that cannot be understood.

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So make sure that whenever you are with a child, a child comes to you. You recite this on them if you're babysitting someone's child, if you're carrying someone's child, make sure you recite this as a protection.

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Another cure is that which was at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam an incident that we learned that if someone has been affected by the evil eye, and you know, who has affected them, who you suspect has affected them, then what do you have to do? That person whose evil eye has affected the other has to take a muzzle and that water should be poured onto the one who has been affected.

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For example, we learn from Busan, Ahmed Abu Mama, he reported that even her knife,

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even her knife, on the authority of his father told him that as they went out one day with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam upon reaching the valley called How to Sell he washed himself and appeared as having a very fine figure. He was washing himself. And when he came out his body, it looked very beautiful. He had a very fine figure. And this attracted Ahmed even revere to the extent that he actually said, Wow, what a nice and delicate figure. He didn't say Mashallah. He didn't say it's a planula He didn't say barnacle. lofi just as you go to a wedding, people are dressed up someone's looking very nice. You say wow, this color suits you. Wow, this jewelry looks so good.

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Similarly, if somebody is driving their new car, you're like, Wow, what a nice car. So he said that while What a nice and delicate figure you look like a charming lady.

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So he gave a comment as well, that you look like a woman. Like it's such a beautiful figure that you have.

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Now, upon uttering this remark, Sahil he felt unconscious. He felt unconscious. And when the people took him to the prophet SAW the law instead of he asked them Do you suspect someone that someone's you will I couldn't affected him? They said yes. And they replied, We suspect Ahmed even revere, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam called him and reprimanded him he scolded him

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and he said why try to kill your brother in faith?

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have killed your brother. Why not say upon seeing something fascinating, a lot is bested or May Allah bless you say some good words Baraka lo fique surprised a lot

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to wash up the traces of the envy. Ahmed was told to take a hustle. And all of that water was collected into a bowl. And the contents of that bowl were poured onto someone. And once that was poured, then sahal recovered.

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So what do we learn? What's the lesson in this for us? That the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reprimanded the companion who did not say good words, upon seeing someone beautiful, upon seeing someone handsome. So anytime we see someone looking good, whether it is a nice hijab, or it is a nice bag, or it is a nice pair of shoes, or it is a nice car that they're driving, or they look very good with their husband. Anytime that you see someone looking good, say some good words from your mouth, don't just say wow, and don't just think in your head, just say some good words because it Ward's off the evil eye. Because it's with the help of Allah, it's with the shadow of loss.

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And if there is a child who was not a Muslim, even he could be affected. So when you see a child, definitely pray for his diet, that may Allah guide him and protect him and also say something like this because sometimes when people look at other children and they keep commenting on their beauty, they constantly comment on their beauty. So we should be very careful.

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If a person seeks help, other than Allah, like for example, an amulet, a necklace, a thread, etc.

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Then Allah will leave him to that being alone will not grant and protection. Allah will not grant insha Allah will leave his affair with what would that amulet which can do nothing by itself? So the lesson in this for us is what do we have to do? When we see something good? We have to say some good words. And before that, we must avoid staring at things. We must avoid staring at things if there is a child.

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Just look say Mashallah barakallahu, fake, maybe have the child and then go on, do something else. Don't just sit there for 10 minutes with your eyes fixed on the child do something different? How would you feel if somebody was watching you for 10 minutes non stop, put yourself in that position.

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Similarly, if you go to a wedding, a woman is looking very beautiful. The bride is looking very beautiful. Don't stare at her don't.

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And secondly, another thing that we must do is that we must protect ourselves from before.

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How? With the morning and evening Grace is a very interesting story that I'm sure you all have heard as well recently, that once there was this person from the self, from the pious predecessors, who was in the West, and somebody came and said, your house is on fire. And he said it's not possible My house is on fire.

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So he said no, it is he took him and when they when they saw that it was a neighbor's house that was on fire. So he was asked that How come you were so confident he said, I said my god in the morning nothing could have harmed me. I said Bismillah Hila de lado de Maras, Nisha, lovely, whatever summer one more similarity it's not possible that something could have harmed me.

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So, we have to protect ourselves from before we have to take our precaution from before

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and if there is a need to cure, then we must only use what

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that which is free of shift.

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Okay, can you give yourself the evil eye?

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Like for example, if you constantly staring yourself in the mirror,

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which unfortunately many people do, you know, I'm amazed sometimes why it takes so long for you girls do will do.

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And sometimes when I go into Washington, people are just fixing their hijabs one angle, the other angle, this pin that thing. I mean, how long does it take to wear the hijab? The Salah is going the class is going, you're missing out on every second every moment. Then people are standing in front of the mirror, fixing their hijabs although we have put only one mirror on one side, still all the girls will collect over there and admiring themselves putting the lip gloss putting their eyeliners putting this putting that in Do you really have all that time? Seriously.

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And if you stare at yourself too much, you could give yourself the evil eye as well. You could give it to your own children, you could give it to your own spouse you could give it to your own stuff. To keep looking at your nails. Keep looking at your fingers and your rings and your nail polish. You could honestly give yourself evil eye as well. You wonder sometimes I wore that jewelry. I wore that

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Because for the first time, and it's gone,

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somehow or the other with a loss within power, the gays division can have a physical effect on the other, how exactly it happens alone.

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But this is what we learn from the Quran and Sunnah, that this is something that happens a lot.

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And it's not only the Muslims who believe in this, it's across many cultures, many religions, this is a widespread belief amongst people.

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But the solution that we have been given is prevent yourself from before take precaution. And in case you do suffer from this, then sure the right way.

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So your Cobra, Sam, he tells his sons don't enter from the same gate, because if you do, then you might be affected by the evil I

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remember early in the beginning of the surah. Here COVID Hassan also told his son Yusuf, not to tell his brothers about his dream. Why? Because it could lead to hazard, it could lead to envy.

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So this shows to us that if Allah has given us a particular blessing, then we must not go out boasting it showing it off all the time. Because if we do, then it will make other people envious of us. And it might also get us the evil eye.

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Because it's possible that the other person is not intending evil for you. But just they're looking at you. They're thinking about you. They're admiring you. And they don't say good words. And as a result of that you get affected by the evil eye. So you have to be extremely careful. And he says over here, that Wham o near uncommon Allah human shape, I am not making you free self sufficient from a lot. Meaning I cannot protect you from a loss plan. I'm taking this precaution I'm telling you, what you should do. But at the end of the day, I cannot protect you from the will of Allah. If Allah wants that something that should happen, that you should incur some harm some loss, then that

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will definitely happen. My precaution cannot prevent you cannot save you

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in an 11 Allah because ultimately the decision is with who? Allah subhanaw taala therefore, la Hito culto, where la familia de Vaca and moto Qian upon him should all of us stressed because at the end of the day, the matter is only in his hand.

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Whenever the hello and when they entered me in Hazel, Amara home abou home, from where their father had commanded them. And what was that? Different gates? McKenna euganean, whom in a law, human shape, nothing could avail them from Allah, nothing at all. Nothing could avail them from what from the decree of

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from the will of Allah. Nothing could save them. And what was the decree of a law?

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What was the decree of Allah that Vinnie amin was not going to go back?

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He told them to enter from different gates so that they are not affected by the evil eye so that they're able to come back home all of them safe and sound.

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But the will of Allah was that Vinnie amin was going to stay.

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He was going to stay jacobellis and I made his plan.

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The sons they follow the plan. But at the end of the day, whatever Allah willed, that is exactly what happened.

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And this is something that we should remember that sometimes we say our God,

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and we make a plan as well. We follow that plan, but still, we incur some kind of harm. Does that mean we should start doubting the Gulf?

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Does that mean we should stop taking precaution thinking that whatever is meant to happen will happen anyway? Why bother yourself? Why burden yourself with all this planning? And with all of these are cards that take me 1520 minutes to read every morning every evening? No.

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Because whatever is meant to happen will definitely happen. Our responsibility is to do what is in our head

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in the handwritten except for any Phoenix iacob in the nuts of your Cobra hustler, that cowboy hat he satisfied it. What does it mean by Hydra? Hydra is a need. It's a necessity that must be fulfilled. And over here Hagit, meaning the need refers to the desire that your Kubernetes alum had to fend off the evil eye.

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And this desire that he had to fend off the evil eye. He called her he fulfilled it. He fulfilled his responsibility of warning the children of telling the children of making a plan of following their plan.

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But beyond that, he couldn't do any more. He couldn't do anything else.

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He did whatever was in his capacity. It was a habit.

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In his heart to protect his children. And he fulfilled that How? By warning them by telling them what to do. And beyond that it was not in his ability. And this is something that we should remember as well.

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That we do our part but we remember that it's only up to a certain limit after that. It's ultimately in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala.

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What in the world and indeed he meaning your Cobra Salaam he was in when he was surely possessor of knowledge.

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He was surely knowledgeable. Why Lima alumna who, for what we had taught him.

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Lima has been understood as because he was someone knowledgeable because we had taught him we had given him knowledge. What kind of knowledge was he given

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through what he because he was also a prophet of Allah. So in other words, whatever that he was doing was based on knowledge. It wasn't just based on assumption, meaning when he told them what to do in order to fend off the evil I this was not based on this assumption. This was based on what

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knowledge like for example, even if today, when you're leaving the house, your mother says make sure you recite ISO QC, don't think that she's being very suspicious, and don't think she's following all tales and old concepts? No, this is based on what revelation This is based on divine knowledge.

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So he was someone knowledgeable and he was doing this based on that knowledge, which Allah subhanaw taala had given him what I can account for NASA. But most of the people they do not know what do they not know

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the relationship between the deed and

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what is the D planning and tawakkol relying upon

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many people do not know this, which is why when they make a plan they want that it should happen as it is and nothing should go wrong.

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Or when they think about relying upon almost a penalty they forget to play.

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Most of the people are completely unaware of this.

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will listen to the recitation and then we'll continue

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Paula, Tony,

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Tony beneath Calera

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on Oh Sonora.

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Walk on

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bella I'm

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Kong law

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that in all on

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the beach

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See? All Allah, Allah Houma.

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me no

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shame in

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jacoba was someone very knowledgeable.

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And he realized the fact that despite his planning, whatever Allah subhanaw taala decreed would ultimately happen.

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He knew that his planning is trying to fend off the evil I could not outdo the decision of Allah.

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And when a person believes in this, only then can he accept, if things don't go according to plan, otherwise, a person gets frustrated, he gets angry, he becomes furious. He begins to yell at other people. He does not trust them anymore.

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yaku got his son, he trusted upon who Allah soprano Tada. And he realized that ultimately, the decision is in his hands.

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Unless hence. And this was because he was ill, he was a possessor of knowledge.

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Others have said that over here gives a sense of Armand.

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He was someone who acted upon the knowledge that he had. And Armand has been called an alien. Because when can you do armor? When you have.

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And when a person does armor, it shows that he has.

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So he didn't just have that knowledge, he actually implemented that knowledge as well, that he made his plan. And he also relied upon Allah soprano data, both these things are necessary.

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And if you look at the patient's of use of his salon, he did not expose himself right away. He did not tell them who he was. Just as when the envoy of the king came? What did he say? Not now, I'm not coming out right now go back. He was very patient, even at this point, he was very patient, because if he had told them immediately, then what would happen? They would not realize their mistake, they would not realize he waited. And in the long run, he wanted good for his brothers as well.

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If you look at the way we are Cobra Hassan, when he mentioned to the sons that you made a mistake in the past? Why does he mention that?

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Why does he remember their previous mistakes? Shouldn't you be forgiving? And forget about what people have done in the past and and overlook it completely?

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Because you must learn from your past mistakes. And over here, what did he learn from that mistake? From the mistake of his sense, that now he made them make a firm promise In the name of Allah?

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Previously, he didn't. Now he did.

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And this is something that we must do when we're planning something. We must look at what has happened in the past, if certain mistakes have been made, what do we learn from that, so that we can avoid these mistakes in the future?

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We must have this review of what we have done in the past so that we can avoid those mistakes in the future.

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They are covert Islam, he gives his sons another chance, although they had been liars. They had been deceptive in the past, but still he gives them another chance. And this is something that we also need to do. Sometimes if a person has made a mistake in the past, we never forget it. We never overcome it.

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That person is constantly forever in our bad books. Forever. His name is written over there. We never think anything good about him.

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But we must overcome that and we must give another chance to people.

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And one more thing about the evil I

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remember that evil I can also be given by the jinn.

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You know that

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because we learned about a police that in who eurochem whoever Kabira woman Heisler Toronto that the jinn they see you from where you do not see them.

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This is why don't just read your morning and evening car when you think you're going to do something. When you think that something might happen, when you have to go before people know, even if you're just at home, doing nothing major. Still, you must read your morning and evening a God because it can come from the gene even because they look at you, they see you. And it's possible that their vision can also affect you with the evil eye.

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And one more thing I remembered while the recitation was going on that sometimes people have this concept of the Satan alternator button,

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which is that if someone is looking very good or some places looking very good, put something ugly over there. So that somehow that whole scene won't be that beautiful and the evil eye will be warded off. This concept is also wrong. Because what are you thinking?

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That object that mark? That particular thing is a source of warding off the evil eye. This is sick.

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This is sick, this is not correct. Only Allah subhanaw taala can protect you only he can prevent you