Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L239C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the reasons behind "immediate home" in the UK, including warner's desire to be amazed by their new appearance, the shadowing of idols, and the use of words like "just stop" and "just walk" to show the truthfulness of profits. The speakers emphasize the need for intermediates and not believing in one God, and emphasize the importance of being mindful of what comes out of one's tongue and not to risk harming others. The discussion also touches on the controversial statements made by the media, including La ilaha's claims to be the lightest of the wa, and the use of words to show the truthfulness of profits and the potential effects of past experiences on people.
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We're RG boo and they wonder Anja home one zero min home that there has come to them a warner from among themselves instead of reflecting onto the

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instead of looking at the message that the messenger has brought, look at these people. They are amazed at the fact that a warner has come to them from among themselves, meaning a human Warner has come to them.

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What should they be doing? They should be looking at the Koran that is the Vic

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and they're getting sidetracked. RG boo is from newsletters. I am Jean. But I just and what does that mean?

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to wonder to be amazed and remember, there are two types of objects.

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One is out of enough.

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The reason behind amazement is income. Like when you say when you hear about something and you're like no way it's impossible, this can never happen. You understand? So what is income? You find something amazing out of denial.

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The second reason for our job is is

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to find something impressive to find something amazing.

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Like you see something beautiful and you keep looking at it and you're like

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Wow, amazing.

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Like we learned in Bahati that I should only learn her she said that cannon abuse on a love reading assignment. You're a Jew boohoo same word, you're a Jew who at a mono Phaeton early What are Julie at the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to like to begin with the right in putting on his shoes and straightening his hair. So what's the word you're a Jew who he used to like it? This is something that he was pleased with us to find good this is why he would do it what

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beginning with the right when putting on his shoes and also when combing his hair. So there are two reasons for it one is in curl and the others is different. When in curl a person does not accept when you find impressive when you like to do accept. Of course you do then do you do it? Yes, you do. So why do you boo over here? What's their reason for this income? They could not accept it. They could not understand that how is it possible under a homerun zero minimum home that a warner has come to them from among themselves. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is mentioned over here as a warranty, because that was his responsibility to warn the people, isn't it?

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam came both as a munzee and also a

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mobile ship a warner and also bearer of good news, although he was both ones it and wabasha but one that only is mentioned over here Why?

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Because the caffeine or mentioned he was a warner for who that is believers and bearer of good news for who for believers. So warning is given first when a person accepts then he becomes worthy of the good news. This is why instead of vocab we learn Leone, they have essentially the middle Edinburgh, where you Bashir will mean alladhina Yamuna salia.

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So they're amazed that how is it possible that a Monday has come to them minimum from themselves? Now what does it mean by min home? minimum is understood in two ways that he is from themselves into is how, first of all by genes. And secondly, by NASA, by genes, meaning he was a human being like them.

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It wasn't that Allah sent a gene. It wasn't that Allah sent an angel or some other creature. No, he was from among themselves. He was also a human being like them.

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And secondly, by NASA that he was from the koresh.

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But despite that, they just believed in him.

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They knew him. They were familiar with him. They knew him to be a normal human being. They were very familiar with him because he was of the Quraysh. But still, they objected. They were surprised they were amazed they found it very surprising. And as a result, they disbelief at him. were called cafe owner and the disbelievers have said her that this is meeting this Monday this Warner is set here on a magician cut them a great liar.

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Sir Hey, first of all, they call him a magician, a sorcerer. And because they're a great liar, in what he says.

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Over here, we see that they describe the Prophet sallallahu Sallam with two evil descriptions. They're describing with two evil attributes. What are they sick, and Kevin? What does he do?

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Islam, no facade.

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This is what magicians do. Why do people go to magicians? Why do they want magic to be done? For the purpose of Islam? No, for the purpose of facade,

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magicians only spread evil. This is why magic is what?

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What is magic? It is colorful.

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It is colorful. Because the magicians, they spread facade of the facade of dunya facade fill out facade amongst analog. So imagine they call the Prophet Solomon Asahi, what an evil description.

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And why is it that they call the Messiah head? Because a sir head has an effect on the intellect of people? Isn't that for example, a married couple, perfectly fine, no problems, nothing whatsoever. The husband has clearly said I love my wife, the wife has clearly said I love my husband, clearly. And all of a sudden, the husband does not want to see the wife and the wife is not wanting to see the husband without any genuine reason. So what has happened? The intellect the mind has been affected, isn't it? When the mind has been affected, both are averse to one another. So the SAT has an effect on the intellect of people. Now why is it that the people of Makkah called the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam as a hit?

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Because when he recited the Quran, when the people heard the Quran, they were very much affected by it.

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All of a sudden, people were shaking, right? The women there are to change the men, their hearts will change young men young youth, what happened to them? They believed in the profits that allowed them and they didn't care how they were threatened by their uncles and their arms and their parents. Isn't it all? So many Sahaba this happened to them. So this is why they said that he is ahead and they said that he is a great liar.

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Why do they call him a coda? Because the prophets are allowed to inform the people of news never is an actor. He wasn't a bee. So he gave never to people never about what about the Hereafter, right? About the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala. So they said whatever he is saying, This is what all falsehood there is no reality to me. So don't believe in him.

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And in particular, they found this news or this information very amazing. That a journal Licata illa Huwa Haider in a job has he made all Gods into one God, this is a strange thing.

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This is a very amazing thing. A jar that has you made and this Hamza is the famous for the purpose of our job amazement. Out of objection does that a journal areata? Has he made all gods? Because the people of Mecca the machine the Arabs, they used to worship many, many gods, isn't it? So?

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Like, for example,

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what were the names of some Gods the idols that they used to worship, lattes and Rosa and manette, Buble. Right, many gods they have made. So I journal and he has all of these gods that we worship, he has made them into 11 wahida, into one God, meaning, he says that all of these gods will be worshipped, they have no reality to them, they do not exist. And instead there is only one God. When he has said that c'est la ilaha illa Allah

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now saying that Gods whom they worshipped were not in reality gods. This the machine found very surprising and very amusing. And to them this was like a great lie. Because their entire society their entire culture, it revolved around what idol worship, there were idols in the car, but they were idols around the carpet.

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They were idols in every house. And to say that these idols are not gods. They found it extremely surprising, extremely amazing.

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And they considered it as a huge lie.

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So a journal Alianza Allahu wa Hara. And they also found this belief in one God very surprising, very strange, because they could not understand how one God could manage everything.

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How one God could answer my prayers and your prayers. We need someone to get our prayers delivered to that God. We need intermediates. This is why they used to worship all these idols, isn't it? They would say that they're I wish

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they draw us closer to Allah. So they could not understand how is it possible? these gods are not true.

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And there's only one God no way. And they would say in the head on a shaman or job. Indeed this is surely a thing that is our job. Our job is different from RGB, RGB strange, and our job very, very strange. extremely strange. extremely weird. unheard of. There's nothing more strange than what he is saying that there is only one God.

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One follicle mela woman home and the eminent ones among them went forth saying an M Shu continue was early hottie calm and be patient over your gods in

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Iraq. Indeed, this is a thing intended when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them La ilaha illa Allah, what was the reaction of the people? One follicle mela woman home in panaca. You know what this word? What does it mean? To proceed

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to depart to continue after pausing? Remember the story of Muslim Potter fan Tanaka. They were going they would stop and then they would continue. Proceed. So one barnacle mela woman home and mela, the chiefs, the leaders, the notables, the Ashraf the Cobra, people like Abu Jamal, Abu lahab, the leaders and they were the ones who oppose the Prophet sallallahu Sallam most isn't because they had something to lose. They were fear is that

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they had high status in the society. And if they began following the messenger, then would they remain leaders anymore? No. So this is why they oppose the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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So one thought of a man or woman whom and men home, who does this refer to from the people of Makkah.

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That every time the people were together,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them kulu La Ilaha Illa, la se la ilaha illAllah? What was the reaction of the leaders? They would say, let's go, let's go from here. Don't stay here, Don't listen to him, move along, keep going. You understand. And every time they met with one another, the leaders the chiefs, every time they met with one another, this is what they discussed among themselves what

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the matter of the Prophet said a lot.

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And when they discussed it amongst themselves, they would encourage each other to remain firm on their ways.

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So one thought of Alma amin home and him shoe and overhead is the meaning of saying saying to one another, an M shoe.

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From the roof letters mean machine. Yeah, machine. What does machine mean?

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To walk? Right. And in particular, it's used for to go on foot. Okay. And this machine can be understood in two ways. First of all, mushy bilka

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meaning to walk with one's feet. So when they said to one another unimed shoe, what do they mean?

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Go from here? Let's go. Don't stay here. Don't listen to him. Ignore him. He Cinco De La ilaha illAllah. Just walk away.

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You understand? Don't get influenced by him because they would say he is a sir head. So don't even listen to what he's saying.

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Right The Michigan what would they say that the profits on a lot of cinemas Zoo north of Villa Asahi. So if you stay and listen to what he's saying you will get affected by it. So issue walk, don't stay here.

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Secondly, this machine can be understood as machines

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do continue on their ways.

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And what were their ways? What were their practices? idol worship. So don't listen to him. Although he's saying La ilaha illa Allah but as you keep walking on your way, keep going on your way. Just ignore what he's saying. Don't listen to him. was below Allah Allah had to come and be patient over your gods. What does it mean by this Be patient over your Gods

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stay firm over idol worship. Don't leave your Gods adhere firmly to their worship.

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Because summer is what helps enough's right to hold one's enough's on something. So hold your naps on the worship of these gods don't leave these gods and remember that in nevertheless a rod in the this meaning what the Prophet is saying, what Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is saying that La ilaha illa Allah, this is a Shangri La. This is surely something that is you are.

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You are through the roof letters. Oh, well then, here are the What does that mean?

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So your art It is intended, it is desired, it is planned. What does it mean by this in the huddle?

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Meaning the store here that he is claiming,

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right this though he that he is trying to spread. This is intended by him, meaning the one who says it really means it.

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He's not just fooling around.

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He's not just saying La Ilaha Illa. to tease us, or to just bother us. No, he really means it.

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Do you understand? Because the profits are a lot of seller would not change the statement at any cost, isn't it? The most economical offer to him. So many things will give you this will give you that will get you married will get you this whatever you want, we'll give you this change the statement of yours, isn't it? They would say just touch our items, just respect them. But the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would he ever move from his position? No. So in the header a lot, he really means it. And he's not going to change his mind. What does it show the truthfulness of the profits?

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Because a person who is truthful,

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who is sincere? Does he change his mind? Does he change his words? No.

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But a person who was not truthful than what happens to him?

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What happens to him he keeps changing his story, isn't it? For example, if a person is just saying things do be acceptable in front of people to become famous in front of them, one day, he will say one thing and the other he will say another thing, because he doesn't want to displease people so he will keep changing his story. Right. But the fact that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam kept the statement lair ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, what did that show that he was honest,

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despite the many threats, despite the many offers, he did not change.

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So this is an evidence of his truthfulness in the head and assure you you are.

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And because he was truthful. This is why what he said also had an effect on people.

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Because when you intend something, when you really mean what you say that what happens, does it affect the other person, it has an effect on them. Because what you say, you say with your tongue, but what is coming out of your tongue, if it's connected directly with your heart, then what will happen when it will reach the ear of the listener, it will also go into his heart,

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you understand? So in the head, and I show you who you are, he really means it. He's not fooling around, he's not joking. He's not going to change his mind. Don't listen to him, because if you listen to him, you'll get effective. So an issue just keep walking, go away from here, and keep firm on your ways

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in the head.

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Secondly, in the hair that I show you you are, this has also been understood as that this is something intended, meaning he has said this kurimoto heat

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for some selfish motive

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in the head and shaking your disclaimer, this has shaped who you are. It is designed for some selfish motive. He wants to get something he wants to get a hold of something by saying the statement. He wants to become a leader or he wants to turn it upside down. You know, there's some reason behind all of this. What that reason is we don't know, but it is intended. It's all planned. You understand? So they would say in the header.

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Look at the fear that the people had,

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isn't it? Look at how afraid they are of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, What was he saying to them? kulula either in the last two flew, c'est la vie in Oman, you'll be successful. But look at how frightened they are. That they said don't even listen to what he's saying. And they're saying he really means it. And their fear is that it was often not willing to even listen, not willing to surrender. And every time they would meet one another they would say stay firm on the ladder of your items. This is something very strange. This is something that is intended.

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And they would say Massa Mira NaVi Heather. We have not heard of this Phil Miller till hero in the latest religion.

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Mass Amir no be heard that what does that refer to? The heat? This the heating is proclaiming? We have not heard of it. Phil Midleton.

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Mr. Miller, what does midnight mean? Religion, creed that a person is observing

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regardless of whether it is right or wrong,

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you understand, realize what a religion that a person is observing. It could be right it could be wrong

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in 123, lots of hands on says some hyena alayka Anita, we're militar Ibrahima hanifa that we revealed to you that you should follow the Miller of Ibrahim hanifa American Amina mashiki, meaning his religion.

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So they say mass America, we had a female little Afro Afro, what does it mean by that? The previous one, the last one, the latest one?

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What was the latest religion before Islam?

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Christianity, right. Because before Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who was a prophet, he Sorry, sir.

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So they're saying, even in this most recent religion, that's only about 600 years old. There is no concept of the Hades.

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You understand, Massa Mariner behave in military? Because what do the Christians believe in

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Trinity, isn't it so? They have a theta of this lease, that there are three gods or that Allah is one of three. Now the machine they did not consider that monotheism.

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You understand the machine the people of the time, they never considered Christianity to be a monotheistic religion. Why? Because they're saying over here, my sister and I, we had a female, little Afro, even the people before they never had this concept of belief in only one God. They believe in three Gods

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the under understand.

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Secondly, a military

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may also be understood as the religion of their forefathers

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that we have always been worshipping idols.

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If you look at the previous generations, idol worship has been the norm, mercenary tobyhanna have had military there has been no concept of the heat. And isn't it strange people also say this today? They say that polytheism is more ancient than monotheism.

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Why do they say that? That when you look at the people of the past and the ruins, and when you go and excavate their lands, what do you find evidence of idolatry in the form of idols in the form of pictures, but you don't find any evidence of the head? This is what they say. But the fact is that what physical evidence can you find of the heat?

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You cannot except for the Carver, which is a one of eight the first house that was built, that is a symbol of the heat that people don't pay attention to. And when they look at the other things they say there's so much evidence of shift, and there's no evidence of toe heat. So the machine of mocha does at the same thing Massa Mariner behind FL mila tilaka in her that this is nothing in Lassila except a fabrication. Meaning this though hate this Karim Allah Allah Allah Ma. This is nothing but if the love is the love from the reflectors hi lamp of Hulk what has helped me to make to create an IF Tanaka to fabricate to make up.

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So this is nothing but a fabrication and invention. This is mere lies that this man has said.

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He has fabricated it made it up all himself. Just as I said earlier, we'll call Kathy Luna had a second cut there. Now they're saying in her that Illa de la this is nothing but an invention.

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And when they denied the heat, because in these is what did they deny? Though he's the oneness of the last Panther. When they denied the heat, they also denied his reseller. They also denied the messenger ship off the profits of the lotus.

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So in denial of rusada they said, on Zilla la hit the crewmen. bainer has the message been revealed to him out of all of us own Zilla.

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This is different. And this is different is out of the out of amazement and also out of his try to show the impossibility as if they're amazed that how could the Quran be revealed on him? While all of us are here? How come the Quran was given to him and it was not given to us

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