Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 043D Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 38-39

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative qualities of the Islam culture, including rushing, lying, and breaking trust. They emphasize the importance of good manners, praying for Islam, and not giving up on praying for something. The culture also includes a belief that individuals are the only ones who can receive good news and good fortune. The speakers stress the importance of having children and not just asking for everything, and emphasize the need for people to be fully involved in their lives. They also discuss the etiquette of making gar to Allah's name and the importance of the heart being fully involved in the decision.
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Verse number 38, who Nanika de Aza ketiga who, at that Zecharia early he Salam called upon his Lord, when were at what? In the previous verse, we learned that the mother of Medina when she made a vow to devote her child to the service of the deen to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala, she took her daughter to the beta luctus. And then her daughter, Marian, she was placed under the guardianship of Zachary, early Sudan, which meant that he would teach her he would look after her needs, and he would come and attend to her as well in the sense that if there was anything that you would need to look after her wellbeing only he would come to her because she was in a separate room in a separate

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Mahara in the beta luctus. Why? Because in the beta mothers, they were only men. Right? So for her privacy, she had a separate room in which you would worship Allah subhanaw taala all the time. And the Coriolis Allah and when he came to see her once, what did he find with her? That is all provision, some kind of food.

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And when he asked her that mme, where did you get this from? She said, this is from Allah. Allah can provide whomsoever He wills, without any account. When Zachary RJ Sinha saw that, and when he heard that response, what happened? Immediately right there and then he made a dua to Allah. Why did he make a dua to Allah upon seeing the risk with Maria, upon hearing her response? What's the connection? That if Allah can give her something, then he can also give me Allah's treasures are boundless, they're not limited. Allah's mercy is endless. If Allah can give her list, then can he not give me what I need? Of course, he can give me so who nearly can look at the word who now Lika

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who nearly Commons at that time at that place? This is a word that indicates place and time. So at that very place he was and what was that place that may rub off? Maria? And what time was it when he heard her response? Immediately? Instantly? There are Zachary Yes. Zachary arnaz. Sam, he made dua he called out to he called out to who or who to his Lord, he made a doll to him, he asked him immediately. Typically, what happens if we see someone who has something that we also want, but we don't have it? Then how do we feel? Sometimes we feel jealous. But other times you don't feel jealous, you're happy that the other person has it. But you feel kind of sad, and a little hurt, a

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little depressed, right? Deprived that I don't have what she has an I want it badly.

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It could be that somebody has children, and we want children, but we don't have children. And we have been trying we have been asking Allah but we don't have. And when you see someone carrying their baby, or when you hear that someone is expecting, then you know, you have that feeling in your heart that I wish I could have that too. Or you see that all your friends are getting married, and you're not getting married, and you're at your friend's wedding or her engagement party or whatever. And you see that she's all dressed up and you're happy for her. But at the same time you feel a little sad for yourself. Has it ever happened? That somebody is going to university and you're not

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able to because you don't have the money?

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Somebody gets a house and you don't get it because you can't afford it. Somebody's got a car, but you don't have it. Somebody has a phone, but we don't have it. It happens because people are not the same. Now, typically, what do we feel we feel bad in our hearts that for me? That how sad I don't have this. I don't have that. And this is natural to have such a feeling you feel bad for yourself. But what do we see in the reaction of Zachary Yarny sent out that he doesn't feel sad and deprived that Oh, I'm so miskeen so mcglue? No, he called on to Allah immediately. And this is the solution. That when we feel that we don't have something that we want, then we should ask Allah and ask him

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immediately. Don't think that yeah, when I go to camera, then I will ask Allah to give me children. No, why wait for that long? Ask now? Ask instantly immediately. So who nalagarh Zachary Yarrabah who? He asked his Lord immediately. And what did he say? Allah He said, A be oh my lord heavily. Oh Allah. Oh my lord, you gift me. You

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Give me Give me what? Mila don't care from yourself. I want from you what the the yet and the Yuba, good children good offspring. Pure good offspring. But I want this as a gift from you rob be heavily I want you to notice the word have the word hub is from the root letter as well. However, we'll have a Yeah, Hebrew is to give something as a gift to someone. And it's such a gift that has no strings attached, meaning that nothing at all is expected in return. It's such a gift that is given without expecting anything in return. Meaning you don't want a thank you note, you don't want a phone call? No, you don't want a gift in return. You don't want that person to invite, you know, you want

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nothing from them? What is it a gift, why solely for the purpose of benefiting the other person.

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It is given solely only purely for the benefit of the other. Okay. And this means that the gift that you're giving them, they cannot pay back for it, they cannot give you the price for it.

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They understand, because you don't expect anything in return. So even if they give you something, it's not going to be equal to, you know the feeling or the love with which you give them what you give, nothing can be equal to that. Okay, so notice the word Hubballi. He says, Oh my lord herbally you gift it to me, meaning I cannot get it myself. I cannot thank you enough for it. I cannot pay the price for it. I am not worthy of it. No, I can only take it as a gift from you. Because this is a reality. Whatever we have is from Allah. And can we ever thank him enough? Can we know? Can we ever say that we thanked Allah for whatever he has given to us? Can we ever say that we are worthy

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of it? No. Can we get it ourselves? Can we afford it ourselves? No, we cannot. So he is saying Oh Allah, you gift it to me. Grant me a child whose price I can never pay. And I cannot pay. I am not worthy of it. I cannot afford it myself. I need you to grant me I need you to give it to me. And I'll be heavily Oh my lord, you gift me. May Allah Donna from yourself. Mila, don't cut from yourself, what does this mean? Everything we have is from Allah anyway. But when this is said from yourself, then that means out of your special mercy, out of your special mercy and it can only come from you and what it is said from you, then it means that it is very, very important and very

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special and very valuable. Because what comes from Allah is very important. Do people gift you something? One is a stranger. And another is a very special person to you. Let's say your mother or your spouse or your best friend. Now what is more beloved to you? What do you like more? Of the two gifts? What do you like more? What is more important to you? The one that was gifted to you by The one whom you love? Do you understand? Like typically when girls get married, they get a lot of gifts from their mother's side of the family and their husband's side of the family. But what do they feel is more precious to them? What their mother gave them what their father gave them and what the

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mother in law gave even if it's very expensive Yeah, it's from my in laws. It's from my in laws that this my mother gave this my grandmother gave why? Because it's from the one whom you love more. So Mila dunka Oh ALLAH from yourself very special. And what does he ask for? The return the Yerba children offspring a child but what kind of a child by Yeva good. What does it mean by this work by Yuba it's from by you Baba that which is clean, good. And this thank you but doesn't just mean good in the physical sense. Clean in the physical sense. This includes tangible leave as well as intangible deep meaning that which is good and pleasing in the physical sense as well as the

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intangible sense. Now when is a child when is a person pleasing to you in the physical sense?

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When they are physically good looking? Okay. You see, every child, their parents think that their child is very beautiful. Okay, you ask any mother she will think that her child is the best looking child ever. Okay. A child is physically for you when there are no fuss

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ankle deformity. What is physically healthy, because when there is even the slightest problem, the slightest problem, then that hurts the parents. It hurts the parents. Somebody told me recently about when they had their baby, they were nursing their baby right after the birth. And when they were burping, or whatever, they noticed that one ear was slightly different from the other. And she said, I got so afraid, I got so scared that there's my child, is there something abnormal? Is there some kind of deformity? This other lady mentioned to me about how she saw a child who had six fingers, and not five, six. And anytime anybody noticed, you know, they were embarrassed. Okay. Now,

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these deformities, whatever it may be, yes, this is the decree of Allah subhanaw taala. And we accept it. And just because someone has a slight deformity doesn't mean that they're any less. But just because someone is even slightly different. It makes the parents a little bit more conscious, right? They feel hurt. So the reason why Yuba, first of all means physically healthy physically sound in their body. Okay? And this includes everything from the hair to the height to the eyes of the ears to the whole body, everything is included in that.

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And then in the intangible sense, the retinal yerba, a good child, what does that mean? What does that mean?

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Okay, knowledge, good manners, right? Good character. So all of this is important. So he says, Rob, be heavily Mala Don Khazaria, Tampa Yuba. And he says in the customer or Dora, look at how he enters prayer, that Oh ALLAH Indeed you are one who hears the supplication that if you're called upon you respond, you hear what I'm saying to you, and you don't just hear but you listen, you respond. Because Samir is from summer and summer means different things. One is to hear, and the other is to accept. And then the third level is to respond. You ask someone to get you water, they hear your request, then the next level is that they listen to you, meaning they are willing to bring it to

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you. And they're not just willing, but they actually bring it to you. So indeed, you hear that you are you listen, you accept you respond to the draw that people make to you. So Oh Allah, this is my draw, please respond in the customer or draw. So what happened? He made the draw. And soon after that finish, that will melodica. Then the angels called him called who called the Coriolis and then the word now that who is from the root letters of noon Dahlia, from the word Nida. What does that mean? To call out? So the angels called out to him, called out to who to the courier listener. Now, over here, Malayaka is mentioned. And we know that Malayaka is plural. So it's angels. But it was

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Jibreel, the angel Jibreel only who called upon so clearly salaam, because we know that whenever revelation was to be sent to the prophets of Allah, which angel would bring it up, right? So why is the plural used? For Honor? Because this was a great message. So for now, that will mean that it can it's quite possible that along with Gibreel, there were other angels as well, who had come to deliver this good news to him. So for now, that whole Mala Iike to Wahaca. Eman why, while he was standing, the Coriolis Anam while he was standing and caught him from off well, meme, Palmer Jacobo. He was standing you suddenly filled my heart. He was praying for Allah in the mirror.

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Now imagine he is standing in prayer.

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Okay, in the Mojave, and the angel calls out to what is my hub?

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We have done this word earlier. It's the area designated for prayer. It's used for the place where the Imam stands and also for the rest of the area or a room or whatever that has been designated for the worship of Allah. So he's standing in the masjid in the my hub, performing the Salah, and the angel calls out to him and Allah, that indeed Allah Yuba Shuka he gives you good news. Allah gives you good news. Of what of who we are here. Of yeah, here, meaning of a son, that Allah will give you whose name shall be Yeah.

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Now we might find this a little bit strange. He's praying Salah and during your Salah, the angel talks to him? Yes, because the angel when he's talking to him, he's bringing him revelation. Okay, and the

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prophets of Allah, even in their salah, they would receive revelation. Like once the Prophet salallahu Salam, he was praying. So that will receive the Eclipse prayer when there is an eclipse, then a Salah that we should pray at that time as well. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam was performing that prayer. And after that, he mentioned to the people that in that prayer in that salah, he was shown many things.

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Okay, so he was standing there, but what does it mean that revelation was given to him. So likewise, a career in Islam, he was performing the Salah, and the angel came and delivered the good news to him at that time. Likewise, you see that once the prophets all of a sudden was praying salah, and in the middle, he took his shoes off. Why? Later on, what did he say? That Gibreel told him that his shoes were not clean. So this is why he took his shoes off, but he was praying at that time. Okay, so the angels would bring the messages of Allah to the prophets, even when the prophets were praying. Why do you think at that time, because when a person is praying, especially a prophet of

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Allah, when they're praying, who are they talking to? Allah subhanaw taala. They are cut off from the rest of the world in the sense that they're not looking at anything. They're not talking to anybody. Nobody's distracting them. Nobody's speaking to them. And at that time, Allah gives them the good news. Allah gives them the good news at that time. So the career in Islam, he was standing in prayer. And the angel said that indeed Allah gives you good news of Yahia

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have a son whose name will be your here it is said that the name yeah, here is from the word Hyatt and what is high Atomy life. And Allah gave your hair and his son um, this name? Why? To indicate that he shall live meaning he shall be born, he shall be given life.

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Because the career is Solomon, his wife, both were very old. So it's amazing that they had a child. So a child who is to be born from parents who are old,

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also to indicate that he shall remain what does he mean by that, that he shall remain meeting his good name, his good mentioned will remain. And this is true. Your hairless around came hundreds of years ago until today, he is mentioned in good terms in good words. So Anila you bazooka BIA here.

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And Allah subhanaw taala does not just deliver the good news of the birth of a son to the courier listener, but also the good qualities of your hair, the Scylla.

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Okay, this is just like someone wants to have a girl, okay? And they find out they're expecting, and then they go for an ultrasound, okay. And when they go for an ultrasound, they're told, You're gonna have a girl.

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Are they going to be happy, they're going to be very happy. Because they know that it's not just a child that I'm going to have, I'm going to have a girl. It's what I want. Now imagine if those ultrasounds could tell you more about the qualities of your child. If they could, then you'd be very, very happy. You'd be even more excited, you will be even more thrilled. Right? This is why people go for 3d ultrasounds to figure out what the child will look like to find out more details, but there is a limit. But this is amazing that the courier in Islam is not just given the news of the birth of a child, but the name of that child, Allah gives him Allah tells him and not just the

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name but further great qualities as well. Often, first of all, Musa Deacon, one who will confirm from the word test leak flood dal cough, he will confirm the truthfulness. He will confirm the truthfulness of whoo of what have be Kalamata minima of the Kalama the word from Allah, what is this Kalavati min Allah the statement the word of Allah, this expression word from Allah, many times this is used for your SR listener. This expression is used for who to refer to or SR listener. Why is he called Kalamata min Allah, because he was born out as a result of the word be. That came from Allah subhanaw taala. Typically, people human beings are born as a result of what that from a father and a

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mother, right from a father and a mother. But the birth of Isa of Islam was very different. He was not born out of a father and a mother. He was conceived by his mother how because Allah said gone because Allah said a word Kalama Okay, a statement

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If that couldn't be come into existence and Meriam conceived him. So Kalamata min Allah from Allah, it was an order from Allah a command from him. So yeah, here it is Salam what was he going to do? He was going to confirm the truthfulness of a Saturday Salah because he certainly Salam was going to face a lot of opposition from the Bani Israel

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and inshallah we will learn about that. A lot of opposition, not just him, but his mother also was accused. Okay, and the people oppose him so much to the extent that they attempted to kill him.

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So he needed support. And Allah subhanaw taala created Yeah, here it is. Hello. Okay. Why so that he would confirm the truthfulness of restarting So Musa can be Kalama 10 min Allah?

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What's the Yidden more qualities? Of who of your hairless Allah? First Quality is Musa deck. Second quality is Sayed. What does this word say? You'd mean? What is it translated as a leader? The word Sayed is from the root letter seen while dal sada your Su is to lead? What does it mean? To lead to be a leader?

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Say it is a leader, the one who is followed by others, the one who has a following the one who's at the top of the line, others are behind him, others are following him, he is the leader basically, this is who I say it is. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said and I say you do will the Adam will affirm that I am the leader of the children of Adam and there is no pride in that meaning he is to be followed by the people the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And it has said that say it is the one who leads others and is ahead of them through what how does he lead others? And how is he ahead of them, first of all, acknowledge that he has more knowledge compared to the people who follow him. Okay, and he leads others through what through that knowledge as well. Likewise, Dean, that in his religion, meaning in his piety in his righteousness, He is ahead of the people and he also leads them through that.

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Likewise, khaolak good manners, that he leads people through his good manners, he is better than them in his good manners. And these good manners. They include generosity. They include bravery. They include patients, they include fearing Allah subhanaw taala. So the one who is Sayed the one who is Sayed, who is he? Someone who leads others, someone who has been honored by Allah, someone who fears Allah, someone who is very pious, someone who is knowledgeable, someone who has the understanding of the matters that concern people, someone who is noble, right, someone who is respectable. So the word say it includes many, many good qualities. Many good qualities are

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comprised in the word say you now think about a good leader. Think about a good leader.

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Okay, what comes to your mind? Good qualities, right?

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Someone who is strong, courageous, brave, forgiving, right? Someone who is better than others in many ways. So this is who will say this.

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So yeah, when I said I'm will be a say yet. Now imagine someone has told you're gonna have a child and he will be the president. Imagine the state of the father and the mother.

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Just imagine their state, how happy they would be.

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Then another quality. What hustle run, hustled on.

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What is hustle, hustle? What is from the root letters how Sodre and hustler is to detain

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to hold back to prevent to restrict, and how soon gives meaning of houses meaning the one who restricts the one who holds back? The one who prevents Who is he holding back himself.

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Okay, because your knifes your desires, what do they want? If you're eating, you want to keep eating? Right? If you're having very delicious pineapple than even if your mouth is you know getting sore, whatever you still keep eating. Why? Because that's the state of the knifes it doesn't want to stop anywhere. So how slit hustled is one who stops himself stops himself from what holds himself back from what from mean and low characteristics

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from such actions from self

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Ah manners from such behavior that degrade and humiliate a person in the sight of Allah and in the sight of people. Now the question is, what is it that humiliates us in front of Allah and in front of people? What is it that brings a person down?

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Okay, can you give me some examples of what if a person does that and he just falls? Has it ever happened? That someone whom you thought highly of, and all of a sudden you saw them doing something? And you're like, I don't give any importance to them anymore? I'm not that impressed by them anymore. Before I was like, wow. And I'm like, Yeah, whatever.

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So what is it that degrades people humiliate them, insults them?

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Seeing someone angry.

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You see somebody yelling,

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angry, their face read. And they're insulting people. They're like, out of control. And you see them and you're like, wow.

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And all of a sudden, you don't have any respect left for them. You can't bring yourself to thinking good of them. Even if you try to respect them, you know, they've just fallen.

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What else? If they break your trust,

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they made a promise they didn't fulfill it. You expected them to do something. They said they would do it and they're not doing it. So what happens on you're like, I can't trust this person again. What else? Lying, you know that a person is lying. Then what happens next time, you're like, that's it.

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The Fallen. So these qualities, losing your temper, breaking people's trust, lying, these characteristics, what are they they

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humiliate a person in the sight of Allah and in the sight of men. hustled is the one who stops himself holds himself back from showing anger, even when he is upset, he's not showing such anger that will make him get out of control.

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No matter how tempting it is, he doesn't break the trust. He's controlling himself, he's holding himself back. No matter how much he wants to lie, he does not lie. He holds himself back, this is who it hassled is.

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Now, two qualities are mentioned over here. What are they say yet? And hustled? Say it, what does this include? All the good qualities that make an individual better than the rest?

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And hustled, what does that indicate?

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That he doesn't have the bad qualities, right. And so, that is why he is better than the rest. So say he indicates that he had good qualities and how sore negates bad qualities from him.

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And this is perfect praise, this is good praise. And this is what beautifies an individual when he has certain qualities, and when he does not have certain qualities. Okay, this is what beautifies a person's character. We're supposed to develop a few things, and we're supposed to get rid of a few things.

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And the word Hassan is very interesting. Because if you imagine the word like how sometimes you have to hold yourself back, the word has lead is also used for a prisoner. So you have to imprison yourself, change yourself, lock yourself No, I'm not going to say this. I'm not going to do this. No matter how tempting it may be.

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So yeah, here in a salon, he was a Sayed and he was a hustler. Want to be in another quantity and a prophet? A prophet of Allah, not just a righteous person, but a prophet of Allah Minal SLon Hain of those who are righteous winning the prophets, those who are righteous yeah here in his salon will be one of them. Now listen to the recitation of these two verses reflect

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on llegada

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me on

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for now

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all the movie

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Gabby FTM was

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mean Allah He was saying in

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the house wall

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What's the

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So what do we learn in these verses? What comes to your mind or what came to your mind rather, when we were listening to these verses,

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that these verses give us hope, that if we want something if we need something, then we can also ask Allah and Allah can also give to us.

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That even if something seems to be impossible, or far from reality,

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still, don't hesitate to ask Allah Subhana Allah, don't hesitate. Because Allah can do whatever he wants.

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You might think it's too late. You might think it's too hard now might not be possible to why bother asking No, ask anyway? Because for Allah, nothing at all is impossible. And ask Allah for the best. Don't just ask for ordinary, but ask for the best. And one thing that we learn in these verses is that all human beings, all people are in need of Allah, they are needy before Allah.

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They need Allah, all of us. You might think that you have everything, you're fine, you have parents, you have money, you're going to school. So what what's the big deal,

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but there will be a point in your life, where you will feel that only Allah can respond to you, only Allah can take care of you. And the fact is that whatever needs of ours are being fulfilled, they're being fulfilled because Allah is fulfilling them for us. And there are times when Allah shows to us that we need him.

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Zachary Yara is Sinha who was he a prophet of Allah. Now imagine if a prophet's needs and wishes are not being fulfilled? And whose needs and wishes will be fulfilled? I mean, A prophet is close to Allah, isn't he? So you will think that someone who's close to Allah, someone who Allah loves, then obviously his wishes his needs will be fulfilled? But what do we see that even the prophets, they would beg Allah, so we need to beg Allah as well. We are also in that position that we need to ask Allah and if we don't ask Allah, then we are nothing. We have nothing. We can do nothing.

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And the Prophet of Allah, if he's asking, then we should ask too. If he's not giving up hope, then we should also never give up hope.

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Another important lesson that we learn, like it was mentioned earlier that when we ask Allah than ask for the best, and in this context, what do we learn that when we ask Allah for children, then don't just ask Allah for children, because children can be a big fitna, okay, they can be a burden on a person, they can be a hedge against him, they can waste all of his good deeds, literally, they can stop him from doing good in this world, they can make him do many wrong things in this world. And it happens, many parents, what happens to them, they have no authority before their children, no matter how much they resist their children forced them to do many things. So ask Allah for what kind

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of children good children, he asks Allah for his return, but you better not just the LEA but the Yerba and the Yuba is includes in the physical sense as well as the other aspect, the spiritual, the emotional, the religious, all of that is included in it. Then another important lesson that we learn in these ayat is that the desire to have children the desire to have children is an okay desire. It is okay. It is completely permissible, it is completely fine. To have that wish to have children. Sometimes it happens with people that if they don't have kids, then they say, Okay, this is just what Allah has decreed for me. So let us you know, I've accepted my fate. I'm never going to have

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kids. Allah will never give me children. I've accepted this. And a person just feels bad in his heart to her heart, and they don't even wish anymore or if they wish. They feel that they're being ungrateful that they are questioning Allah's wisdom. They're questioning Allah's decision. No, this is not questioning or objecting Allah subhanaw taala this decision or his fate? No. The criada son was a very old man at this age. It is said that he was 120 years old. Still, he wishes to have children, you might say, I mean, isn't it too late? No, it's completely fine. It's completely fine to have the desire to have children. And it is completely fine. There is absolutely no problem.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:03

In adopting the correct means to have children,

00:35:04 --> 00:35:49

okay, if a person is married, obviously, and they're not having children, and if they have to get some procedure done some treatment done whatever, there is absolutely no harm in that. Why? Because the career listen, I'm also adopted means to have children and what was the means that he adopted, though, and that is the best means that is the best way that is the best method to adopt in order to have children. So he made doll. And if there are other means available, then there's absolutely no harm. Because many Muslims, they feel that if they cannot have children, then they should not even try anymore. They should just give up. They should just accept it as Allah's fate and decree for

00:35:49 --> 00:36:34

them. Yes, good. You're accepting Allah has decreed his fate for you for this time, but you never know Allah can grant you in the future. This doesn't mean that you stop praying, no, you keep praying, you keep trying, you seek whatever means that you can. Because having children is something that is good. We know that when a person dies, then what happens his good deeds they stop except for what sadaqa jariya knowledge that he taught and what's the third thing a righteous child who prays for him or her. So it is completely fine to have this wish. And it is completely fine. In fact, it is good to adopt the means, and have the best means is what to make the right to Allah subhanaw

00:36:34 --> 00:36:34


00:36:35 --> 00:36:58

You see, the thing is that as a person ages, as time passes by that what happens the chances of having children they reduce, right, and a person feels that I'm so much more older now I don't think I can have children. And then he gives up or she gives up No, don't give up the career lesson was so old. Yet he didn't give up a dog means whatever that is possible.

00:36:59 --> 00:37:13

So this is a very, very important lesson that we learned. And likewise, we should also encourage people who may be in our family or in our close friends, that if they're going through such a test, then encourage them, give them hope.

00:37:15 --> 00:37:31

Don't tell them well, you know, this is what Allah decreed for you. So you know there is wisdom in every thing that Allah decides for us. Yes, there is. But please don't say that to them. They're already hurt. Encourage them, give them hope. Make dua, make dua adopt the means.

00:37:33 --> 00:37:39

So this is something very important, but greatly widely misunderstood amongst Muslims.

00:37:40 --> 00:38:02

That another important lesson that we learn in these two verses, is about the etiquette of making gar to Allah subhanaw taala. What's the etiquette? What's the correct etiquette of making dua to Allah subhanaw taala there are two things that we learn in particular over here. First of all, that your heart should be fully involved in begging Allah.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:29

Because Allah responds to the DUA which is made from from a sincere heart. Right, a yearning heart milk bottle either Tao not someone who is heedless, not someone who cannot even hear the words that he's saying. We're making dua Allahu, you know, whatever they are we're making and we don't even know what we're saying. Before we know it we're at the end of that era. We don't even know what we asked Allah for.

00:38:30 --> 00:38:52

So the drives are clearly salon what does it show that he was fully involved in that are his heart was in it? So likewise, when we're asking Allah don't just say YOLO please make me successful in this yellow please give me this give me that. Give me this. Give me that. No, sincerely beg, sincerely ask. When you ask someone, a person, something that you need, how do you ask them?

00:38:53 --> 00:39:33

How do you ask them? Roughly? No, if you do that, they will not respond. We see that if we have to speak to someone of higher authority, greater authority, we have to ask them for something request for something that we figured out in our heads, okay, this is what I'm gonna say. And if needed, we write it down. And we ask another person should I say this? Should I say it like this? Or should I say it like that? You know, we practice we have it clear in our heads what we're going to ask, but when we have to make dua to Allah, we have no idea we just say dry words that have no feeling in them nothing. And then we complain, why are our dogs not accepted? So the etiquette of making Grace

00:39:33 --> 00:39:49

should be observed to so the first is that the heart should be fully involved. Another important thing that we learn about the etiquette of making dua is that when we call upon Allah call upon him with his names and attributes, the criada Sam says it Nica Samira Daraa

00:39:50 --> 00:40:00

Oh Allah you hear you respond to the Dora. So if you're asking Allah for this call upon who on Razak when you're asking Allah for for

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

giveness call upon whom Allah food or Rahim so call upon Allah with his names.

00:40:06 --> 00:40:39

Another important lesson that we learned in these verses is that Allah responds to the dura. Okay? When a person calls upon Allah, then Allah responds to the door because it has said it Nica. Samira Dora, and we have learned earlier in total Bukhara about how Allah responds to the door of a person in different ways. And when is it that there is not accepted, so if you cannot remember, then go back and check the verses and read your notes again. Then we also learn these verses, that

00:40:40 --> 00:40:50

when Allah responds to the doora of a person, many times he gives to the person more than what he asked for.

00:40:51 --> 00:40:54

The career in Islam asked for the diethyl Yuba.

00:40:55 --> 00:40:58

Allah said you're not just getting the return value, but you're getting you're here.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:44

Someone who is mosaddek Someone who's going to be say yet has now begun when a Salah hain. Now this is amazing. Musa alayhis salam 's mother, when she put him in the basket and put it into the river, Allah subhanaw taala promised her that we are going to bring him back to you. But not just that. Allah said to her, would you are Illumina with saline and we're going to make him of the messengers. She wanted her child back she must have asked Allah. So Allah didn't just respond to her dua, Allah gave her more than what she asked for. And this is a reality. Many times we're asking Allah for one thing, but Allah gives us more than that much more than that. But this will be given to who for the

00:41:44 --> 00:41:54

one who has hope. The one who trusts Allah, the One who has faith in Allah, the One who sincerely asks, Allah begs him,

00:41:55 --> 00:42:04

you know, a friend of mine, when I first met her, she was very sad. And she was mentioning to someone that

00:42:05 --> 00:42:16

no matter how much she has tried, she is unable to have children. She had had several miscarriages by that point. And she still had trusted a lot that Allah would give her children.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:40

After several miscarriages, she had a son, Mashallah. And then she had another child. And both of these children she had through treatment, okay. And then, after she had two children, she's like a family, Allah, you know, two children are good at 100 Allah. So she didn't go for more treatment because they didn't want or they didn't think that it was as necessary.

00:42:41 --> 00:43:00

And then one day, she's not feeling too good. And her stomach was like, not too good. She's like, might as well go to the doctor, she went to the doctor and the doctor said, Something doesn't seem right with your stomach, you should go for an ultrasound. She went for an ultrasound and she found out she was pregnant, and she was five months pregnant.

00:43:01 --> 00:43:12

She was five months pregnant. The doctor was shocked. I mean, when she went to the doctor, the doctor didn't say go take a pregnancy test because I mean, she could not become pregnant except through treatment.

00:43:14 --> 00:43:16

It was not physically possible.

00:43:17 --> 00:43:26

But this was amazing. She asked Allah for a child, Allah gave her not just one, but a second one and a third one as a huge surprise.

00:43:28 --> 00:43:39

And it happens in our lives, that you want to see just one person Allah makes you see so many more people. You want to get one degree Allah gives you more. You want a little bit of money, Allah gives you more.

00:43:41 --> 00:43:45

But this has given to the one who asks Allah the one who turns to him.

00:43:46 --> 00:43:55

So the career lesson I was given more than what he asked Allah for. Because Allah was treasures are unlimited.

00:43:57 --> 00:44:16

That only when we're clear in our thoughts and our wish, in our words in our DAW, you know, when we're calling upon Allah subhanaw taala then we can expect a good return from Allah. Right? So in Nicosia, Mira Dora, and we learned that the criada Salam, his dar was responded to

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