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Az-Zukhruf 1-25 Tafsir 1-8

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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lesson number 256 sort of dissolve Ayah number one to 25.

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So this is a Maki sola and the words of life. What does it mean? decoration, embellishment, beauty adornment. And this word is mentioned in verse number 35 of the solar after which the solar is named.

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And it's mentioned in a context which inshallah you will learn later, but the main theme of the solar, it discusses the reality of the matter of dunya. What is the reality of the matter of dunya?

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It is poly, it is very little it is temporary. And by mentioning the reality of the matter of dunya we are encouraged to not get trapped in these methods, but rather focus on the fly.

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And the fact is that until a person does not understand the reality of Estonia, he cannot prefer the Euro over the denier. He cannot strive to gain real success.

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This month Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Hello amin Hello from Katara. One kita will move in by the clear book

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well is awesome. And an author is being sworn it is being taken by the Quran. And remember that whenever something is worn by, what does it show, its great importance, its status is being exalted. So when over here, awesome is being taken by the Quran, by the keytab and will be in then the status of the Quran is being exalted. We are being shown how exalted this Kitab is this keytab this book is not an ordinary book, well keytab will be in by the clear book. And remember the meanings of the word will be that one that is clear in and of itself. So the Quran is clear in its message and its contents in its main theme, which is the call to the worship of Allah soprano data alone.

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And ultimate being it is clarifying what is the clarify the path of guidance from misguidance? What is truth from that which is falsehood? So this keytab Allah subhanaw taala swears by it. And he says that this GitHub is mubin It is very clear enlarger Allah who could earn and our vision, indeed we have made it an Arabic Quran. Why? What's the reason? law local therapy alone so that you might understand

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john know, the word jhala. What does it mean?

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Make, but remember that the word Darla has several meanings in the Arabic language, just as the word make in English doesn't mean in change depending on the context you're using it in. For instance, you say I made the bed? What does it mean? You fix the sheets, right? You say I made the food? What does it mean? You cook the food. So the meaning of the word make changes depending on the context that you're using it. It doesn't always give the meaning of Hulk isn't. It doesn't always give the meaning of Hulk. Similarly in Arabic, the word gyla doesn't always give the meaning of Hulk. Over here Allah says in Niger Allah who could earn an Albion Gianna over here gives the meaning of that

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we have rendered it we have set it we have appointed it in which language in the Arabic language, this Quran is in Arabic language. It doesn't mean that this Quran is a creation of Allah, because it's well known, it's clearly understood that this Quran What is it? It is the Kalam of Allah it is the speech of Allah. So, indeed, we have rendered it we have made it we have put it in We have revealed it

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for an Arabian and Arabic Quran. Why What's the reason Lauren Lacan therapy on so that you all can understand? We see over here that our last panel data chose the Arabic language for the Quran. Why? So that people can understand which people who does you refer to? In the first instance it refers to the errors because they were the first recipients of the Quran. So the Quran was sent down in their own language, why? so that they could understand.

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And secondly, Lacan, Turkey loon comb is not just limited to the Arabs, but other people as well, because Arabic is the most eloquent and expressive language. What can be conveyed in this language cannot be conveyed in any other language. So Allah subhanaw taala chose

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The Arabic language above any other language for the Quran, why? so that people can understand so that people can comprehend its meanings. They can reflect on what Allah has said. And therefore they can accept the guidance that Allah Subhana Allah has sent we don't insult the Zuma is number 28 for an Albion Lila de la la Hoon, yet the code that is current is an Arabic Quran without any deviants Why? So that they may become La La Hoon yet the home so that they may become righteous Okay, so Allah soprano data center Quran in the Arabic language why so that people can understand better it can impact them better because only when they can understand it will have an effect on their hearts

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then they can truly develop the core.

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So the fact that a lot chose Arabic language this is for what reason for our benefit local turkey loan into the Chava 195 Billy sign in our bu movie in in a clear Arabic language. So first of all, the Quran in itself is very clear the message is clear.

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And what further makes it clear is the medium of the language that it is in which is the Arabic language

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we're in now who and indeed it meaning this Koran is fi o milky Tabby in the mother of the book, Lady now with US law Li Yun Hakim exalted and full of wisdom. Earlier, an oath was worn by the Quran to show its exalted status. And now Allah subhanaw taala further says that, indeed this kita Where is it? The Omen? kita in the mother of the book? Indeed it What does it refer to the original book? Because remember that at the time of the revelation of the Quran, was the Quran in the form of must have with people?

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No, they didn't have it. So where is the original book? Where is it being revealed from from the low Hill muffles. So we're in the who feed Oh, milk eater, in the mother of the book. And on mother is also understood as the muscle the origin of something. So the preserved tablet, the low hammer fold is called omo keytab, the mother of the book Why? Because it is the muscle of all the scriptures. Every scripture that Allah revealed, its original is where

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its muscle is where its original is where in the left hand muffled in the preserved tablet. So we're in no houfy or melki tab, and it is led a now with us with who, with Allah subhanaw taala meaning in its status. It is very high. It is very exalted because it is with Allah. It's the book of Allah. And where is its original form? It is in the lower level in omega keytab Ludhiana near us. So in its status, it's extremely exhausted. And ladina also gives a sense of that we know that it is with the angels, as we learned in Slovak era is 77 to 81 that in the hula called an Karim fakie tabin maknoon that indeed it is a noble Koran in a register that is well protected. No one can reach there and try

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to edit what's written over there. Try to delete what's written there, try to change what's written over there. No, it is well protected and layer masuku lol motoharu none can touch it except those who are purified and who are they

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the angels because even people do not have access to the Omen kita even people do not have access to the original book. Let alone the sheltering even people do not have that solaia masuku lol Mata Harun and this keytab and Zilla Mirabella al Ameen. It is a revelation from the Lord of the worlds. The same thing is also mentioned in sort of the 11 to 14 that color in Napa tequila. No indeed these verses are a reminder from insha Allah, so whoever wills may remember it. And where is the original field so often, we'll call it Roma. It is recorded in honor cheats more for exalted, Mahara, purified and exalted With who? With the angels with the metal Arla. So we're in Novi, omega Tabby,

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let Dana with us. So who can try to alter this book? No one can. No one can reach there. No one can touch it except a moto Haroon, and who are the matar on the angels who are the obedient servants of Allah. Therefore this keytab is literally you and surely one that is exactly

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vaulted, it is high, high above what, every other kind of every other speech, every other book, the status of this book is greater than the status of any other book, even other revealed scriptures do not have the same status as this book Have a look, that's because this GitHub is literally you.

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It is exalted in its rank, sublime, high above every other scripture. And also, any other kind of it is not religion.

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And it is Hakeem one that is full of wisdom. And one that is also firm, firm in the sense that none can abrogate it. None can destroy it. None can alter its meanings. It is Hakeem it is firm. And it's also decisive it judges between people.

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So over here, we see that in these ads, right at the beginning of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala, mentions the exalted status of the Quran.

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That first of all, he swears an oath by then he mentioned that this GitHub is moving. And then the fact that its original is were in Omaha kita. And it is with a law preserved, and it is our Legion hakima exalted and is Hakeem. So what does it show to us

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that this book is a very special book.

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And this is why those who have been given this book, those who have been gifted this book, how should they take this book?

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How, in what manner, being careless about it, being indifferent to it? No, when this book is so special, those who have been given this book should also value it,

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they should give it its right, they should be happy and receiving it folia for who they should be happy on receiving this book.

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And they should give the book it's right.

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Everything deserves or everything has some rights.

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If you think about it, and the book of Allah, which is so exalted also has some rights.

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The greater something is someone is, the more rights it has, the more respect it deserves. So when Allah mentions to us the lofty status of this book, then what does it show to us, that it deserves a lot of respect from us. And respect does not just mean that every time you know we think about the Quran, we think about, you know, not touching it and reading it, because that's what we think respect is no respect is that you listen to what has been said over here. Respect is that what is said in the book, you abide by respect is that this book is recited it is understood not that it is ignored for days on end. So when this Kitab is so special, it also has some hukou and those who have

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been given this book, they should give the right of this book. They should value this book.

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Every now and como de casa Han and kontum coma muslimeen Then should we turn the message away? This regarding you, because you are a transgressing people. Just because you're not interested in this book, doesn't mean we don't give it to you. No. Just because you denied this book, doesn't mean we don't offer it to you. No. We are going to offer it to you. We are going to reveal it to you. We are going to tell you what is in this book. Just because you're not interested. We're not going to turn away

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efa nobody Barranquilla Zico, Fnl, caribou, nothing evil from the and what does that mean? to strike, but the word love also has several meanings depending on how you're using it.

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When the word love is followed by I'm when the word love is followed by an it is when a person turns away from something and ignores it.

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You understand? When a person turns away from something, ignores it, but up to that I stopped that from him. I did not give it to him, did not do that action anymore.

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It is to withhold, in other words, you understand? So a lot of our plan is to withhold. So far nobody will, shall we then withhold from you what a vehicle that is.

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What does record refer to local?

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So this Koran, you're not interested in it. You don't want to believe in it. So should we withhold the Quran from you

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What does it mean by withholding the Quran that we don't reveal it anymore?

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We don't tell you about what is in the Quran. We don't remind you of what is in the Quran so that you're neither commanded nor are you forbidden from anything you're left to do whatever you want to do, just because you're not interested, shall we withhold the Quran from you if an Elk River and komolika, soft,

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soft, is used for the bomb, and sometimes it's also used for the side of the net, and Safa hat is to turn the side of neck two words a direction.

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So when you have the side of the neck facing a particular direction, what does it mean? You have turned your face away? Isn't it? Because if you're facing something, then the side of your neck is not going to be in that direction. Okay, so soft, is also to turn away.

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And if you think about it, when a person turns away from someone or something showing the side of that to the other, what does it show? They're not interested, isn't it? It is a sign of lack of interest. It shows that a person does not have any respect for them, he does not have any respect for the other he considers it to be worthless, not worth paying any attention to. So this is what soft is.

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And the word soft, is also used for forgiveness, isn't it? So? First, for his soft Helder mean soft is also to forgive Why? Because it is to forgive someone's mistake, ignore it completely not look at it, pretend as if it never happened, never hold them accountable. But over here soft. What meaning does it give, turning away? disregarding ignoring and self harm is understood in several ways over here.

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That first of all, a fan of LIBOR uncom with the clock soften. Shall we withhold the Quran from you soften? While disregarding you while ignoring you.

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Meaning that we disregard you. We do stuff of you, we ignore you. We turn away from you. And we don't care about you. Therefore we don't reveal the Quran to you anymore. Why and contempo Mama's ravine because you are an extravagant people.

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Shall we do that? No, we're not going to do that. We're not going to disregard you. Just because you're Muslim, doesn't mean you don't deserve the message of the

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second links of Hannah's also understood as because of your suffering, because of your turning away because of your disregarding the book of Allah.

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So shall we withhold the book of Allah from you? They could from you. Why? Because of your disregarding because if you're turning away, and why is it that you're turning away and going to Coleman was revealed that you are a people who are extravagant who cross limits? What does it mean by a Seraph over here? You're persisting on disbelief? If you think about it, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was constantly calling people to Allah. But what was the response that he was receiving?

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Off refusal of denial. So this was their Islam of crossing the limits in disbelief, insane, they were refusing to believe. And also Muslim can be understood as that in your in your crimes, you are Muslim. They were an idolatrous people. And besides that idolatry, they were also committed many other sins. What do we think that if a person is very sinful, they don't deserve to be told? This is what we think that they don't deserve the Quran. But what do we see over here, that no matter how sinful a person may be, no matter how much of a Muslim a person may be, he still deserves to hear the message of Allah.

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We think that Oh, it's not going to have any impact on them. But what does Allah say over here of an unbeliever, uncommon because of him? And Quantum tomamos ravine? No, we're not going to. We're going to continue to send the Quran to you. We're going to continue to remind.

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Now we're hearing this ayah primarily the people of Morocco are being addressed. If you think about it, the people of Makkah, they were being constantly invited by the prophet sallallahu sallam, one surah after the other. One way of explaining to them about the heat about shake about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam after the if you think about it Mackey's auras are full of evidences of the evidence of the truthfulness of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but constantly, what was the reaction of people suffering of era of Islam of opposition persisting on their sins, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recited the Quran to people, but they were turning away.

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What do

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We learned in the Quran for all the acceptable for homeless men, most of them have turned away so they do not even listen. But over here we learn that just because someone is not interested in what you have to say,

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it doesn't mean that you stop telling them.

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Just because someone is very bad just because someone is very evil, very sinful, doesn't mean you don't advise them. No, they still deserve to be told. They still deserve to be reminded, and they still deserve to hear the book of Allah.

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We learned about the machine even in Serato, back when was routed over revealed, towards the end of the madonie period is in its

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ninth year after

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so much time had gone in Makkah, so much time had gone in Medina, but still there were people who were persistent on their ship. But what do we learn that even now after the declaration of dissociation, if there is someone from the machine who seeks refuge with You, then give him refuge until he hears the Kalam of Allah?

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Isn't it so? So no matter how much Islam if a person has done, he deserves to hear the word of Allah.

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Unfortunately, we become very judgmental. Before even we say something to the other person, we think, oh, they're gonna say no, there's no point in telling them.

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No point in advising them. That's our own weakness. Because if you think about it, there were people who were staunch in their opposition to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but eventually what happened, their hearts melted. Eventually they accepted.

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Eventually they became Muslim. So just because someone is not interested, just because someone has said no, the first time, you don't stop your effort, you don't stop from telling them you continue your work. And this is something that is mandatory on the dairy.

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Because if you think about it, the people of Makkah when they were not interested,

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if Allah subhanaw taala decided not to reveal the Quran to them anymore, what would happen? What would happen, they would be deprived of guidance, generations after them would be deprived of guidance, and even we do would be deprived of guidance. Just think about it. So it is a great mercy of Allah subhanaw taala that despite the fact that people refuse to accept, he continues to remind, he continues to review, he continues to send the message to them.

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13 years in Makkah, so many more years in Medina. But still there were people who did not want to listen, did not want to accept now doesn't mean you stop, no, you don't stop. Because stopping is not going to make life any easy. It may make the life of the diary easy, in the sense that you will not have to suffer the hurt of people, the aversion of people, the opposition of people, however, then people are going to suffer for eternity. So when you call people to Allah, when you call people to the Quran, you have to have a lot of Sabbath. You have to have a lot of firmness, that even when people say no, you have the ability to say yes. When people say I don't want to listen, you have the

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ability to continue. Because if you're conveying depends on their attitude, you will not be able to convey at all.

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Think about it. People who sell their products, who have something to sell anything, whether it's a service, people call you, they send emails to you, they send different types of mails to you. They send people over to your house going door to door, and you feel as though you're being harassed. You say to them, I'm not interested, they say can I please have one minute of yours? Isn't it? Do they give up? You yell at them? Sometimes people make fun of them. People say the meanest of things to them. But what do they do? Do they hang up the phone? Do they get upset? do their mind? And do they say no, we're not going to tell you anymore? No, they don't give up. Because the thing is that when

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you have something very important to give, and when you have well wishing and sincerity for the other.

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And when you hope for reward from Allah, then you will advise the other person, even if he does not want to listen.

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Even when he does not want to listen, you will still advise them.

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So a mobile

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has to bear hardship in order to convey the truth. Only then he can convey.

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This is just like telling children.

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Children regardless of what age they are off, you tell them once they forget. You tell them another time. They don't want to listen to you.

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They know exactly what you're telling them, but they don't want to listen to you. Do you give up? Do you give up? Do you say, okay, fine, do whatever you want. No, you don't. You don't give up.

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In matters of being sometimes we give up, but it matters of dunia. We don't give up. We are very, very persistent.

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My son these days, you know, when he gets tired to show his fatigue, sometimes he goes on, you know, whatever he finds it throws it on the floor, and then I know he started needs to go to sleep.

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Now, if I asked him, What is this, he says to me mess?

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This is mess. He knows exactly what he's doing. Just because he's making a mess doesn't mean I let him make a mess. Does it mean I ignore him? He's suffering. He's making a mess because he's tired. He's hungry. something's bothering him. Do I leave him like that? No, I should not leave him like that. Because if I leave him like that, find it may be very easy for me. But later on, even I will have to suffer. But think about the child. Think about the other. Because many times people turn away out of

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ignorance. They don't even know what you're telling them.

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They don't even know what you're advising them on. And if you stay firm, you keep advising them, you keep telling them in a nice manner. With persistence, then you will see that one day they will listen.

00:26:25--> 00:27:02

One day they will accept just like children, you keep telling them, keep tying them keep telling them and eventually they know not to throw things on the floor isn't. But if you don't stop them, then children will throw everything on the floor, wherever they are anywhere they are whatever they find. So you have to keep telling, even if the other is not listening initially, for them to eventually listen to you. Similarly, when it comes to the deen of Allah, have an ugly Bronco with the curse of ham and gunton Kala Mousavi. No, we're not going to turn away, we're going to continue to remind you, we're not going to give up.

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And if you think about it, if the other is so firm in his denial, should you not be very firm in telling them? Think about it. If they are so firm, then you should be even more firm. If they have suffered, you should also have suffered.

00:27:20--> 00:27:57

So primarily, this is yes about the people of Makkah. But this idea can be understood in the general sense as well. Sometimes when you ask someone, would you like to come? Would you like to listen? Would you like to study? Would you like to come to the class? The initial responses of this interest? No. I have other things to do. I'm not interested. And sometimes people outright say no, just because they have said no once doesn't mean you don't ask them again, you don't tell them again. Because it's quite possible the next time you tell them the third time you tell them the fifth time you tell them, they will listen. Sometimes just out of respect for you, they will listen.

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And eventually they will develop interest. But you have to stay for

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if you think about it when it comes to our own children. We don't give up. If they don't want to eat the mother say fine, don't eat. No, I've heard so many stories of mothers forcing their children to eat. Just the other day somebody was telling me about this particular child who would refuse to have milk even though the mother would put one lap on top of the child and she would literally sit on the child and force feed milk into him. Why? Because it's necessary. I don't think that's the right way. But regardless, when we know that something is necessary for the child, we force it on them. They're crying, they're saying no, I don't want but still you will give it

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similarly, when children are older, they don't want to study but do parents give up? They don't give up. Why? Because they know that their children or their investment. Similarly, when it comes to calling people to Allah, just because someone is not interested once you don't give up Why? Because know that they are your investment. You want to reward from Allah. You have to stay firm. You can't give up too soon.

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People that despaired they give up hope of rain, Allah still sends rain. So why do we give up hope? Why do we give up hope that the other person is not going to listen? constantly make the offer them and keep trying? Don't give up.

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And you have to be firm. So Fnl believer uncovered the class offhand and quantum Coleman was referring that just because you are most of people in your opposition, in your disbelief in your sin, we're not going to stop telling you. And sometimes we see someone who is very far from the and we think there's no way I can tell them, no way I can say anything to them. But you still can. If you think about the people of Makkah, was anyone more sinful than them? If you think about it, ship. So many crimes were common in them. So many

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crimes. But we see that the profits on a lot of them still want them. And he continued to warn them for so many years, eventually, the hair came out. And remember, instead of the burqa, we learned about the different types of rocks,

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that even rocks, what happens to them, they break down, eventually, they fall out for the fear of Allah.

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And then a lot of goodness comes out. So some people, we might come across them, and we might find them as hard as stone. You talk to them, it's as though whatever you're saying is bouncing back at you is not making any impact on them.

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Something that scares you, that scares another person. It says, Oh, they haven't heard it. You have told them, but it says, Oh, they haven't heard it. But you will see that if you keep telling them, keep telling them, keep reminding them in a nice way, in the correct way, then eventually,

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they will be affected. Eventually the head will come out. We are at fault when we give up. So we should learn from the example of the profits of the lotus alum. He didn't give up. We should learn from the son of Allah soprano that as well. Allah does not stop offering guidance to people.

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If you think about it, the people of New Hardison and did they really know so many people didn't believe the people are the people of some of the people who surround the people who started So now, if you think about what has been the Sunnah, that people refuse to believe the majority of the people, but just because the majority of the people refuse to believe doesn't mean that Allah stop sending revelation. No, Allah kept sending revelation until his last messenger.

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Allah does not stop offering guidance. And the same we have to learn as well. That when the other is not willing to listen, still tell them the other is not willing to accept still tell them.

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And you see, sometimes we think that if you keep telling the other person, he'll get irritated.

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You'll get bugged. And just out of spite against you, they will not listen, even if they agree, isn't it? Do you ever feel that you have experienced that? Yes. So what do you need them? A change in strategy.

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you advise them in a different way. You think about it, a last panel data Delta Prophet sallallahu sentimiento put on as well, that turned away from them had that he does for some time.

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So leave them for a while, turn away from them for some time. And we see that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned them in Makkah for 13 years. And after that, he migrated to Medina, isn't it? But even in Medina, every time they came across the machine, and Muslims did not give Dawa. Of course they did every time they did. So you have to change the strategy, but you can't completely give up.

00:32:57--> 00:33:05

Remember that you can change the strategy, but you can't give up. You can't say fine, don't listen. You can't say Fine, I won't tell you anymore. No, you tell them but in a different way.

00:33:06--> 00:33:12

You use a different approach. And this is why we should continue to ask Allah subhanaw taala for hikma as well.

00:33:13--> 00:33:26

Welcome all the sudden them in a V and Phil a welline. And how many a prophet we sent among the former peoples? Previously, Allah subhanaw taala sent so many messengers before Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

00:33:28--> 00:34:10

But what was the reaction woman yet de him in Libyan but there would not come to them a prophet, it can be a stepz own, except that they used to ridicule. This has been the norm, that every time a messenger came to the people, the reaction of the people was mocking at the messenger. And yes, there is he own his desire is to make fun of someone upon finding them. Colorful, illogical, that what they're saying doesn't make sense. What they're doing doesn't make sense. It goes against logic. It goes against common sense, according to you. So this is what his desire is to make fun of someone upon finding them.

00:34:12--> 00:34:15

If you think about it, when do people make fun of someone?

00:34:17--> 00:34:21

Why do people make fun of someone like for example, why do you make fun of telemarketers

00:34:23--> 00:34:24

you don't like them?

00:34:25--> 00:34:35

You're not interested in them. You don't agree with them? Right? You think that what they're saying? Or what they're doing doesn't make sense, right? So it's this

00:34:36--> 00:34:38

is a way of the clip.

00:34:39--> 00:34:45

It's a way of denial. And it's a way of denying someone so that you don't look back

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

together. Because when you laugh something off, then you are belittling what the other is saying but at the same time you're looking so humorous, that you don't look bad at all. People don't see you as a bad guy.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

It's a very clever way of doing the clip.

00:35:04--> 00:35:16

So, the previous people, what was their reaction? When their messengers came to them their reaction was a is the exact meaning of denial. They also rejected their messengers.

00:35:17--> 00:35:28

Insert yacine i a 30. We learned my D middle Assouline. Illa can ob e e s Desi own, they did not come to them any messenger except that they use to ridicule him.

00:35:30--> 00:36:26

So they ridicule the messenger. They denied the messenger for a lacuna, a shed them in home but OSHA and we destroyed greater than them in striking power greater than, greater than the present people, the people of Mecca for Atlanta, I shut them in him, I said the stronger mightier fiercer the people of the past, how are they much more stronger than the people of Makkah. And how are they strong in the word bots is from the ruthless belt machine. And bots is full strength might force toughness. And it's also used for striking power, worried about Boston, but Boston jeberti that when you strike when you attack, when you see is you attack out as Jabarin as oppressors. So for Atlanta, I showed

00:36:26--> 00:36:30

them in Hamburg, Russia, the people of the past they were much stronger

00:36:31--> 00:36:38

in terms of assaulting in terms of attacking than the people of Makkah.

00:36:39--> 00:37:22

You see, one is that a nation is able to just defend itself. The other is that a nation is able to attack others when they're able to attack others when they're able to fight others what does it show their great numbers, their great strength, the power that they possess. So the people of the past were much stronger than the present people but when they denied their messengers, Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them He punished them into the room I number nine we learned our let me assume will fail early fail okay if I can occupy two Latina men, cobbling him How is the consequence of those people who came before the guy No, I shut them in Hong quwata they were mightier than them in

00:37:22--> 00:37:23


00:37:24--> 00:37:33

what I thought will and they plow the earth What are Maru her axotomy Mara model her and they built it up more than they have built it.

00:37:34--> 00:38:10

The people of the past populated the earth, they constructed greater buildings, then the people of the present had done especially the people of Makkah, but what happened to the previous people when they denied Allah destroyed them. So in this is a warning. One of the editors best methods are well in the description of the former people, the first ones method, the word method remember gives us two meaning sometimes it gives the meaning of example, and other times it gives a meaning of description, okay muda from the root letters mean Bardwell. mulu, to pass away,

00:38:11--> 00:38:27

when the time or something has passed through and when an incident is over, when someone has gone so one more law method will a will in the description of the previous people has already passed, meaning has already been mentioned to you in,

00:38:28--> 00:38:54

in what, in the Quran, right? The description of the previous people has already been given to you in the Quran. And the previous people, they serve as an example for who for the present people that they serve as an example for the present people how that the disbelievers of the past, were mightier, they were stronger. But when they denied the messengers, Allah subhanaw taala punish them.

00:38:55--> 00:39:16

And so the people of the present do the same, then their consequence would also be the same. Insert the same solar if 56 we learned federa Allah himself and will method a little f&e. And we made them a precedent and an example for the later peoples, the people who are destroyed, they became an example for the later generations.

00:39:17--> 00:39:32

So people are being reminded that those of you who turn away those of you who turn away from the book of Allah, who have no interest in this exalted scripture, who don't value this book, remember the nations of the past

00:39:34--> 00:39:41

when Allah offered guidance to them, and they refuse to accept a lot did not stop the revelation from them.

00:39:42--> 00:39:57

Allah did not stop offering guidance to them. However, eventually their time expired. And when their time expired, the punishment descended on them. And don't forget that, that if you follow the same way, your time can also expire any moment you don't know when.

00:39:59--> 00:40:00

So in these are

00:40:00--> 00:40:01

Add is also a warning.

00:40:02--> 00:40:14

First very clearly it is mentioned that just because you refuse we're not going to stop telling you and then a warning has mentioned that if you continue to refuse that eventually Your time will also expire as it expired for the people of the past.

00:40:16--> 00:40:22

And we do should take a lesson because anyone we read these if we only think about those who disbelief but we should think about ourselves as well.

00:40:23--> 00:40:33

That if you think about it, many times we learn about something we don't accept, we don't listen, we don't follow but Allah subhanaw taala he keeps reminding us what are called Sala FNA

00:40:34--> 00:40:53

that I add they are mentioned in different ways and repeatedly mentioned. Why. So that the serve as a reminder, Allah does not stop telling us we have to listen. And if we don't listen, eventually our time to will expire. So in this is a great warning.