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Sad 1-26 Tafsir 1-3


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The history of the century before Jesus Christ is discussed, including confusion over the title of the Bible and the use of the word "take." The title of the Quran highlights the importance of human rights and duties, and the use of fear and discomfort in relation to pride. The speakers emphasize the need for reference to the Quran for reference in the future and discuss the history of the city and its culture.

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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that's number 239. So looks like I am number one to 26

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so let's fod is a Maki surah it means it was revealed before hedgerow. Remember that the Quran is both murky and muddy. What does it mean by Maki? That part of the Quran that was revealed before Hitler and Medina? Is that part of the Quran which was revealed after the hijra, so the division of McKeon madonie is it by place or time?

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It's my time. Right? It's not my place. So even if something was revealed after Hitler in Makkah, then what would it be? maddening? Right, so this division is by the man and not by Mecca.

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And the primary lesson of this ruler is submission to Allah and turning to align repentance and obedience. And the solar is named slide.

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After what,

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after the half Nakata which comes right at the beginning of the solar and there are three sources of the Quran that are named after halluf macatawa which ones are the

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sod, cough and noon

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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. The surah is to begin with Bismillah which is as you know, almost tequila I have the Quran meaning it is a continuous verse which is recited at the beginning of every song except for surah Toba? And what is the purpose of beginning the surah of the Quran with Bismillah? What's the reason behind that?

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Are the villa understandable, right? That you're seeking refuge with a login Stefan, but why do you have to say Bismillah when you begin reciting a surah of the Quran,

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when you begin anything that is important, when you begin anything that is good, that is important. How should you begin by the mention of the name of Allah? Because Allah subhanaw taala says in order to arrive I want at 111 a smell her Sunnah further rule will be her Allah has the most beautiful names, so call upon him by these names. And when we say Bismillah What do we say? Bismillah R. Rahman and Rahim we mentioned three names of Allah. Why?

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For the purpose of Baraka seeking Baraka, so, every sort of the Quran except for similar to Toba is to be began with Bismillah why in order to seek Baraka by the names of Allah as that is a command of almost a predator.

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Swag welcome any devic slot by the Quran containing reminder containing the

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slot is half Nakata. And a loss of penalty knows best about its meaning. And the reason behind this is because thought the whole facade is of the halluf IJA ear, which in the Arabic language does not pay any literal meaning, isn't it? So, the Hebrew fija the Arabic alphabet, do they have a meaning

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they do not have any meaning. Now some people they have appointed meanings to these rules. And they have said that they are perhaps the names of Allah, or they are the names of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam or the names of the Quran. But there is no evidence to support that.

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And what seems most appropriate is a statement of Mujahid

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and who was Mujahid the professor of his time. He said that these who've heard of Nakata they do not have a meaning. So it's incorrect for us to say that they are the names of Allah or they are the names of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And what's the evidence behind that that these hurdles do not have a meaning? A lot of times it says it's about the sharada I 192 to 195 that what in the hula 10 zero mean, this Quran is a revelation of the Lord of the worlds Nevertheless, I mean, the rule I mean, the trustworthy spirit has brought it down at Colby College. akuna minal moondream be listening. I'll begin moving in, that this course has been revealed in clear Arabic language. So

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what does it show that every word of the Quran is what Arabic isn't at all and the role of macatawa in the Arabic language Do they have a meaning? They do not have a meaning, what are they in the Arabic language?

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They are just Who do you understand

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COVID ear they are just hudl without any lateral meaning. So, it would be incorrect for us to appoint any meaning to these Who do you understand?

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So we cannot say this is what they mean.

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That is what they mean. This is incorrect because Allah subhanaw taala says something otherwise, in the Arabic language these rules do not have any meaning. But then how is it possible that there is something that does not carry a meaning in the Quran? Because whatever does not have a meaning is what love useless, isn't it? Then how is it possible that there would be something without a meaning in the Quran? As we have learned earlier, these halluf they have a purpose and that is to display the miraculous nature of the Quran.

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And what's the evidence that these halluf display the miraculous nature of the Quran? Because every time these who've gone What are they followed by?

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an ayah that exalts the Quran.

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You understand this is the evidence that these rules display the miraculous nature of the Quran. What is the evidence that every time these hurdles come they are followed by a verse a statement that exalts the Quran

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so solid well

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by the Quran, Vivek, possessor of ethic, the zoo that what does it mean? possessor, Sahib, one that contains one that has, so the Quran Allah penalty is swearing an oath by age over here? And what is the description of the Quran given over here? What is the

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meaning the Quran is possessor of the

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now what does it mean by the How does the uncontained lick,

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they can as you know has several meanings of them is that peace

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does good meaning reminder.

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So, this urn reminds people so that they can remember and they can learn, isn't it? So, the Quran has so much information. So, many reminders, the concepts are mentioned repeatedly reminding us why. So that we can remember, so that we can understand. So that we can learn.

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Because if something is mentioned only once is it easy for you to remember it. No, but when something is mentioned repeatedly, then do not remember it. Of course you do. When something is repeated, then you learn it. One is to just hear and the other is to learn. So the Quran because it is possessor of the key, this is why it is a reminder, this is why we're able to learn. And what is the Quran a reminder of what does it teach? It reminds people of the reality of the truth, which Allah subhanaw taala has placed in the fifth row of every single human being, isn't it so? And what is that? That the purpose of our lives is the worship of Allah subhana wa tada Allah subhanaw taala

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to arrest people come to this dunya and what happens? They forget every child is born on fifth row. But what happens after sometime his beliefs are corrupted, isn't it so? So Allah subhanaw taala has sent us on as a reminder of that.

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When we forget the Quran reminds us the Quran tells us and the Quran is also a reminder of the rights and duties of people the obligations that are on people.

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Secondly, the words they could also give the meaning of Motorola, Motorola meaning advice, advice. How is the Quran? possessor of advice? Or how does it have advice? It is such advice by which people benefit, isn't it? The Quran is full of admonition. It's full of instruction. It's full of advice. And it's such advice that is beneficial. People benefit from it with regards to their worldly lives and also their spiritual lives.

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And there are many who offer advice who offer instruction, but which is the most effective Mottola

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the most effective motiva the Quran isn't it so so many people say I've heard so many lectures before. I've read many books before but when I read the Quran, that is what touched me. That is what changed me into a little calmer is 17 Allah subhanaw taala says well, aka Dr. Serrano, analytically felmy modality and we have made the Quran easy for the meaning easy to take a lesson is there any who would take a lesson because the Marula in the Quran is very clear, direct to the point very effective. It has warning it has good news and that is why it has a very good effect on a person.

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Thirdly, the word liquor also means over here mentioned

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mentioned because liquor is also to mention something

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Or someone. So the Quran the basic meaning it contains mentioned.

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What does it mean by that? Meaning? It has mentioned of who people. This is what the Quran talks about. It is about people it's about us. That is the subject of the

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International MBA is number 10. Allah subhanaw taala says Lakota and zelner la conky tabin. Fie, the cloakroom. We have certainly sent down to you a book in which is your mention.

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If you think about every book has some main topics a main subjects a main theme, isn't it so that it discusses from the beginning all the way to the end of the Quran? What does it mention? Who does it talk about?

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Who is it for human beings? Isn't it all? all matters related to people are mentioned in the Quran? Whether it is about their worldly lives, or it is about their guidance, misguidance, Eman Cofer, all of that is mentioned were in the Quran. So the Quran contains mentioned mentionable people.

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And also the Quran contains mentioned off the past and also the future news, isn't it? The people of the past the prophets, the stories of the past, they're mentioned in the Quran, and the future, the Day of Judgment Hellfire, the agenda, all of that is also mentioned in the Quran.

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What other mentioned is there in the Quran of laws commands Sharia.

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So the Quran is the the

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fourthly, liquor over here also means shut off. What does that mean? honor?

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So the Quran, it contains it has shut off, meaning it is a source of honor for the one who lives by it.

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The one who lives by the Quran, the Quran will bring honor to him. Were in this dunya and also in the Hereafter,

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isn't it? So? What did we learn who say that we were of the most disgraced of people? Isn't it? Who are the Arabs? Who are they known by? What culture did they have? What influence did they have on the world? Nothing.

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We were of the most disgraced of people. And Allah granted his honor with this Islam. Now whenever we seek honor and other than that, which Allah honored us with Alicia disgrace us once again. So how did the Arabs get their honor? through what? Through this religion through the Quran? So this Quran is a source of honor for the one who lives by it in this dunya and then also in the era? How in the aphylla, that a person who reads the Quran, the person who has memorized or put on a person who lives by the Quran, what will happen to Quran will come and intercede for him? And what will the person be told read and ascend. So a source of honor in dunia in

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incidences of i a 44, Allah subhanaw taala says what in noho levico laka when it comes to Mecca, and indeed this four iron is a victory for you and also for your people, meaning it is a source of honor for you and for your people.

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The prophets on a lot of sentiment, vegan honor through the Quran, isn't it? So, the goal of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Arabs, how did they again honor through the

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fifth, they could also means they could have Allah. So the Quran they could meaning it contains they could have a loss of hangleton through which one worships alone.

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What are the different forms of this

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is the fall this V. That made it a lot of different ways of remembering Allah subhanaw taala

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and one of the ways of remembering Allah is by reciting the Quran.

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So just as a person worships Allah, by saying Subhana Allah,

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a person also worships Allah when he recites the Quran, fatality, Vikram.

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So saw one could any dezik by the Quran, that is full of music that contains the and one of the five meanings of the

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first of all, that good secondly, Marilla Thirdly, mentioned fourthly, shut off, and fifth, Vicar of Allah soprano.

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Now, if you look at this ayah an oath is being sworn, isn't it? Well

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And it is it. And as you know that a person has four things about it, what are they have person. Secondly, the one who is wearing the oath, right? Thirdly, the maxim or lay the object by which you are swearing the shirt And fourthly, the job person, you need the responses, well, you need the answer as well. Right? Otherwise the person would be incomplete. Technically, four things are needed for a person. But over here, we see that the job person has not been mentioned. slot welcome Annie devic, Valentina cafaro, visiting worship org, that's not

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grammatically it would not make sense.

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Now, some have suggested different geoweb for this person.

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Like, for example, some have said that in the Illa hokum the way, that your God is one God, just as in the previous order, that you have person was, indeed your God is one God. Similarly, they have said that for this also, after the job person is that your God is one God.

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However, that would be confining the meaning, isn't it? When you say that this is a job or some you're limiting the meaning, and in order to limit the meaning you have to have some kind of evidence, but we have no evidence to support that.

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So other scholars, they have said, that this person does not need a job, because it does not require a job question. Why? Because the purpose of this oath, is to highlight the maxim I lay.

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The purpose of this oath is to highlight the object by which the oath is being sworn.

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Because remember, I told you earlier that the maximum delay is always something that is very important, isn't it? So? Because then what's the point of swearing an oath bite, if it's not important, if it's not significant, there's no reason to swear by it. So the purpose of this oath is to

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highlight the importance of the maximum array and what is that? I'll call an Vivek. The Quran that contains the

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and this is the case with some other exam in the Quran as well. Like for example, in through the federal i a one to five, Allah subhanaw taala swears a lot by well fed when I add in Russia very well worth well, lately, it is healthy Delica khazamula the hedge and then there is no job.

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But what's the purpose over there to highlight the importance of the time have

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to highlight the importance of those 10 nights, dried at the importance of a Scheffer. Well, what will lately it is, you understand. So over here, the job is not needed because the person itself is meaningful. Okay, the oath itself is meaningful. And what's the meaning then that this Koran has the

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N O people, you have been reminded?

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You have been reminded This vehicle has come to you.

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At the end of sort of software that people have McKellar mentioned that they would say if only a scripture was revealed to us we would be revived the lion macula scene. So Allah subhanaw taala says over here, that look, the vicar has come.

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And this Quran is full. And it's full of reminder, it's full of mentioned, it's full of knowledge. But it's up to you now, what do you do? The liquor has come, the reminder has come, knowledge has come, what do you do? It's up to the people as to how they deal with this book. If they believe if they follow the vicar that is in this book, it's going to be for their own benefit.

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Because a person who lives by this book, he will gain honor in this dunya and the Acura and a person who rejects this book turns away from this book, he will be humiliated, disgraced in this dunya and also in the

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Bella de rica photo, but those people who disbelieved fear is that in worship, they are in pride and dissension. Instead of accepting this, Vic, instead of living by this Vic, look at their reaction, instead of humbling themselves before the stick. They are in Riza worship Hawk, they are in pride and dissension. Fear is a thing or is is from their own fetters, I say and there is a is a state that protects a person from being humiliated.

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A state of being honored a state of having respect,

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a state of having the upper hand that protects a person from being humiliated.

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protects a person from being disrespected.

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Like for example, when a person has experience, does that give him a reason? Yes, when a person has a particular position in a company, does that give him a reason? It does. And because of that is Will he be respected? Of course, can anyone dare to disrespect him? No. Sir is there is a state that protects a person from being humiliated and disrespected.

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from the same root is alone as as

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alone as as old land that is as as such land that is hard, that is stuff rocky ground that is impossible to dig.

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So, you cannot harm it, you cannot dig it, you understand? Just as a person who has a disease, you cannot harm them, you cannot disrespect them, you cannot cause any loss to them.

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Now, sometimes is, is used in a positive way.

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And other times it's used in a negative way.

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When is it used in the positive way? What does it mean by that, when it is mentioned in a praiseworthy manner, it is when is a is a means of strength for its possessor.

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It is a means of strength for its possessor. Like at the end of sort of too soft that we learn. Suppan are bigger or bigger is the Lord of reserve. So when Allah subhanaw taala is the Lord of reserve, it's a means of strength for him. Similarly, we learned for in Nellore, izettle la Jamia,

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but when there is is used in the negative sense in a blameworthy manner, what does it mean? It gives the meaning of self glory. It gives the meaning of pride. It gives the meaning of arrogance.

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a state in which a person does not accept the truth. So, racism is negative when it prevents a person from accepting the truth.

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Do you understand? It's positive when it is a means of strength for its possessor? It's negative when it prevents him from accepting the truth.

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Incidentally, Baccarat 206 we learn what NFP letter hood tequila. Fuller is to be isn't positive or negative. Negative. Why? Because when he stole fear Allah, his is that comes in the middle, right? And it seizes him.

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So it prevents him from accepting the truth. It prevents him from benefiting from the advice that is given. So when Allah subhanaw taala says over here, but in Medina, aka FOMO fear is setting that the disbelievers they're in a desert. What does it mean?

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What does it mean by that they are in

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pride, arrogance, self conceit, they think too highly of themselves. And because of that, they are too arrogant, to accept fate.

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They are too arrogant to believe in and follow the messenger subtle.

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Because to believe and follow the messenger, what do you need? humility, isn't it? You have to give up. You have to surrender.

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But they were not willing to surrender.

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So fear is setting. They are in arrogance in pride in this state of faith and following the messenger. Instead of following. They want to be followed. They refuse to submit,

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once you call up and also opposition

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shut off from their intellect Racine, cough, cough, Chuck and Chuck is to

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break something in Chicago.

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And Shaka is to oppose Why? Because when there's a group of people, right, and they break apart, why would they break apart into when there's some differences? And when they have broken apart when there's this unity when they have divided up? Will they oppose one another? Of course, will they compete with one another? Of course. So Chicago is opposition division. Okay. It is when both parties are opposing one another.

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So what does it mean by this that the disbelievers are in Chicago, meaning they are in disagreement with the messenger of a lot and what he has brought

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and this is not just disagreement, but also enmity.

00:24:42--> 00:24:59

They are averse to what Allah has revealed. They do not accept it. So it is as though they are in one ship. And what Allah has revealed is another ship. Interesting. They are a way apart from what Allah has revealed. They stay

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away from it. They keep away from it. There's just a rock has been broken into two pieces. One piece is separate from the other. So seminary, these disbelievers they're separate away from what Allah has revealed. They don't have any interest in it. They don't want to listen to it. They don't want to accept it. They don't want to follow it.

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And also it hasn't been said that barilla Dena kafir is it in Chicago, Chicago also means over here, that they are in Chicago among themselves. They are in this unity, discord, a split amongst themselves even.

00:25:38--> 00:25:46

Because when the profits on a lot of them claim Prophethood what was the reaction of the disbelievers? Some people, they called him some

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others they called him gain. Others they called him caddy. So in their position against the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they themselves were not united, isn't it? And if you look at all of the disbelievers of the world, from that time until today,

00:26:05--> 00:26:12

isn't it that some people have said one thing about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and others have said completely different things about him?

00:26:13--> 00:26:19

isn't even they are not united in their opinion about the profits of aloneness.

00:26:20--> 00:26:52

Some have said he was very honest, it was just a gin booze to come to him. Some have said he learned from these Roman and Christian slaves who lived in Makkah. Others have said he was very intelligent, right? So fear is a thing we should call into question if 14 in Las panatela says their civil engineering waku boom shatta you think that these disbelievers are united? No, they're collude, their hearts are disunited, they're separate. So alladhina cafaro. They seem to be one big group, but in reality, how are they in Chicago?

00:26:54--> 00:27:10

So what do we learn from this ayah that the disbelievers those who disbelieve in the messenger, they turn away from the day they turn away from the Quran, despite the fact that it's a source of great benefit for them. And what is the reason of their turning away? pride.

00:27:11--> 00:27:13

arrogance, fear is it in

00:27:14--> 00:27:33

and also because they are in discord about it. This is something that has always been the case, that those that is believe have been in opposition to the Messenger of Allah, no matter who he was, whether he was new Hydra center, or he was Luther the center. People who disbelieve have always opposed the messenger.

00:27:34--> 00:27:44

And after the messenger who have they opposed the heirs of the messenger, meaning the scholars, and also the followers of the messenger, meaning the believers.

00:27:45--> 00:27:57

So but in Medina cafaro fear is it in what you call, this has always been the case. And this will remain the case that those who disbelieve they are in chicag opposition.

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And what's the reason behind that pride that they think if we believe if we accept, we will become small. But the fact is that honor is in believing in this book following this book. But look at how shaitaan deceives people that if you believe in this book, if you follow this book, then you will lose your leadership, you will lose your authority you will lose your power. The same fitnah the machine of maca went through the same filter many other people go through.

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But Allah subhanaw taala warns us come and look at them and cover the human condition. How many a generation have we destroyed before them? Come over here? shows Catherine meaning there's so many Atlanta we destroyed men probably him before them. before them who does them refer to? And Medina cafaro and which alladhina cafaro those at the time of the Prophet Solomon is

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that before these people have maka so many we destroy men, our need of generations of past communities.

00:29:06--> 00:29:15

So many generations of the past communities a loss of panel data destroyed before them. Why? further disbelief?

00:29:16--> 00:29:21

So the one who destroyed the people before them for their disbelief.

00:29:22--> 00:29:26

Is it not possible for him to destroy these people if they disappearing?

00:29:27--> 00:29:31

Is it not possible for him to do the same? Of course, so in this is warning

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that Allah destroyed so many generations before, and if you disbelieve he can easily destroy you as well. Instead of the hedge if 45 or less palletizers forget a human creating a lacuna, where he allow Lima to infer here how we are to know Allah Lucia will be more authority, more costly machine and how many oceti did we destroy when it was committing wrong? So it has now fallen into ruin.

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And how many and abandoned well, and how many are lofty palace. So many palaces they built, but now they're in ruins. So many wealth sources of water they had but now they're abandoned.

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insulated MBI 11 Allah subhanaw taala says welcome Hassan Nam and caryatid cannot let him attend or uncheck Nevada her Coleman Marine, and how many a city which was unjust have we shattered and produced after it another people?

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So if Allah destroyed the previous people, can he not destroy them? Of course he can. And the previous people when there are that came to them, Fernando so they called out, they called out on who they called out on Allah for help, or they called out on each other for help for assistance. When the punishment came, they began calling out for help. Or they began loudly claiming belief. Like for their own, what happened when the punishment came upon him.

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He claimed that he was a believer, Fernando, so many people of the past at the time when the punishment came, Fernando

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instead of profit I 80 for a loss paralysis center, call Amanda villa. Walker founder and co owner Beamish Leakey. And when they saw our punishment, they said, We believe in Allah alone, and this believe in that which we used to associate with them. So when the punishment came now though, they proclaimed the email, we believe in a lot, and we disbelieve in all those partners that we were associating with him.

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In through the MBA, I have 12, we learned from the center either who mean higher coupon and when they perceived our punishment at once they fled from it.

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In total Menon is 64 to 65 had either a hoodlum or trophy and will either be either homea or rune until when we seize their affluent ones with punishment at once they are crying to Allah.

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Fernando they begin to cry out to Allah. But Allah says lethargy or Leone in the komenda Latin saloon Do not cry out today indeed by us you will not be helped further they called out but Allah says well as the hain ominous was whenever and it was not been a time man aswin for escape, well are the Hina manasse but it was not a time for escape

00:32:36--> 00:32:40

letter it gives a meaning of laser

00:32:41--> 00:32:53

What does laser mean? Not so letter also not and the time at the end that you see this the feminine is for the purpose of mobile

00:32:54--> 00:32:55

What is it

00:32:56--> 00:32:57

for mobile

00:32:58--> 00:33:04

just as in the word you have the timer booth at the informal banner. So let's not at all

00:33:05--> 00:33:08

understand no way later

00:33:09--> 00:33:13

someone also said that letter the tie is for attorneys.

00:33:15--> 00:33:41

Because sometimes words are made feminine in the Arabic language for various reasons. And for instance, the word Soma is sometimes pronounced as some meta okay. There is a third that is put at the end. Similarly robot robot is pronounced as look better. So look better. So meta similarly, laser letter okay. And one opinion is that that is for rubella.

00:33:42--> 00:33:58

So Latta, it was not there was no way there was not at all. hanaa anytime Manal sling for salvation for escape, Manal Aslan is from the room fetters Ninewells thought and knows is to run.

00:34:00--> 00:34:02

It is to escape from one's enemy.

00:34:04--> 00:34:07

You understand, to escape from one's opponent.

00:34:08--> 00:34:21

And manasse. Man was actually this is on the structure of my file. So it's either love or it is must look right or both.

00:34:23--> 00:34:28

So my analysis can be understood as the place or time to escape.

00:34:29--> 00:34:32

Or we can even understand this as simply escape.

00:34:33--> 00:34:55

So the punishment came on the people of the past, so many people of the past. And when the punishment came Fernando, they called out screaming for help, or they called out proclaiming belief. But Allah says well as the Hina mouse but then there was no time at all for escape, no chance of escape.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

No chance of being saved.

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

Because if they proclaim demand at that time, was it the right time to accept email? No.

00:35:08--> 00:35:22

If a person accepts email at that time when the punishment games, then it's too late. Well, at the hanaa Manas, it's not time for escape. You could only escape the punishment if you proclaimed if you accept it before.

00:35:24--> 00:36:03

But if they accept now, when the punishment has gone, then it's too late. There's no chance for escape, no chance of getting out. What are the humanists and when the punishment came, they called out on one another for help, but there was no chance of helping each other even there was no chance of assisting each other even taking one another out of the punishment of Allah. So in other words, they called out at a time when calling out was of no use. They called out but they could not escape they cannot help themselves. And in this is a severe warning for who primarily the makan disbelievers

00:36:04--> 00:36:20

that despite the fact that the example of the previous people is there, still they have not taken any lesson from them. And yet they have dared to disbelieve in the messenger and hurt him and call him bad names that people dislike.

00:36:21--> 00:36:25

And this ayah is also a means of comfort for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam

00:36:27--> 00:36:43

that the previous people, this belief they denied they oppose their messengers. They were too arrogant to submit but Allah subhanaw taala to prevent from them. And this is also a warning against the deniers that they cannot cause any harm to the messenger rather they disbelief they will be harmed

00:36:44--> 00:37:29

into the facility if 15 Allah subhanaw taala says for doing first stackable roofing are delayed and as for us they were arrogant upon the earth without right for stackable, they were arrogant right? This is the people of Morocco. What was their problem? Fear is that in any other disbelievers what's their problem fear is that in too arrogant to submit, long time ago when the people of our lived even they were too arrogant to submit and in their arrogance wakanow Manisha domina Cova they said, who is greater than us in strength? Allah says lm euro, and Allahu Allah de halaqa, homeboy a chatroom in Hong Kong. Did they not see that a lot? The one who created them is mightier than them

00:37:29--> 00:37:44

in strength. What kind of be it? No, he hadn't. And yet they used to reject our science and what happened? Were they punished? Of course they were good they escaped the punishment. No. Despite their might, despite their strength, they were unable to save themselves.