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Al-Hujurat 11-18 Tafsir 15-18

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Who are the true believers in animal movement? Indeed, the believers who are the levena Amato, Villa he rasulillah, those who have believed in Allah and His Messenger, and then some millennia of taboo, and then they do not have any doubts.

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Those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, and then they have absolutely no doubt about their faith. Rather, they are 100%, short 100% confident, they do whatever alone His Messenger have instructed simply because Allah and His messenger said, so

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not because, you know, there's a lot of worldly benefits, there are a lot of worldly advantages. No, they do what they do, they obey, because online is messenger set, so, so millennia of taboo, then they don't have any doubts. They're not doubtful about their faith at all.

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And you see, when a person has even the slightest of doubt, the slightest of uncertainty? Is he confident about his faith? Or is he embarrassed about his faith? Embarrassed, whereas a person, if he has yaqeen, then whether people look at him weird, or people object, or people mock, he will not care about it, is it? So So malami are taboo, they do not have any doubts at all. They're 100% confident, which is why they obey Allah and His Messenger, wherever they are, in the east, or the West at home or in the mall, with their righteous friends, or with their not so righteous relatives, wherever they are in whoever's company, whatever part of the world, whatever time of the year. What

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do they do? They obey Allah and His messenger. They do not have an apologetic behavior towards the D know, they're confident about their Deen.

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You see many times when it comes to the commands of the dean, we always wonder, okay, what's the heckler? What's the wisdom? Why do we have to do this? And we say, only when I understand the wisdom, then I'll do it. This is what doubt

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because if you truly believe that a lion has messenger have said this, then you will do it whether you understand the hackamore or not. Whether you understand the reason or not, whether you understand the wisdom or not. It's good to know the wisdom. It's good to know the Hikmah. But if you don't get it, then it doesn't mean you don't do it. No, you do it.

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Because if you don't do it, it shows that there's doubt.

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We learned that once a Jewish man, he has a metal fantasy mockingly in a very mocking way that does your messenger also teach you how to deprecate how to use the washroom.

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And just imagine if we are ever asked such a question. So in your deen men are allowed to marry up to four wives.

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In your deen when a woman's husband dies, she has to stay in her house for four months and 10 days. You know people raise objections isn't

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that in your deen if a person commits theft, his hand has to be chopped off. If a person commits murder, he has to be killed in return, if a person becomes immortal needs to be killed people object and how do we react in these situations with a very apologetic behavior, and we start giving one justification after the other, Oh, this is so because of such and such reason. And that is so because of such and such reason. But the fact is that if people raise objections today, this is not the first time that people have raised objections to Islam. There is objection to the time of the Prophet subtleness of them as well. You understand? They mark to the dean at that time as what a

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geralyn earlier ilaha wahida Balaji boo and gentlemen didn't so many times our job is mentioned, isn't it? people found Islam very strange. they mocked the question. They raised objections from our leader to fix everything. But what was the reaction of the Sahaba? Some monomial taboo, they did not entertain any doubts. They were confident about their Deen. This is why it's a matter of fantasy. How did he reply? He said yes. He forbade us to face the Qibla when urinating or defecating meaning Yes, he has taught us the etiquettes of using the washroom as well. And you know what he has also taught us that we should not face a Qibla when we're using the washroom you have a problem with

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that? Look at his response. so confident. He doesn't say Oh, yes. Because, you know, when you use the washroom in that way, it's much more hygienic. And it's more efficient, and it's best for your bowels and so on and so forth. No, no explanations, no justifications. Simple. Yes. He instructed us.

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The thing is that, you know, whenever it comes to matters of then we keep justifying them. Like, for example, the issue of hijab, we say that a woman should be appreciated for inner beauty for her work, and not her outer beauty. And a person might say, well, I find women in hijab more beautiful. Does that mean a woman is not to wear hijab? No.

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So we do what we do simply because what, simply because Allah and His Messenger set, so there are benefits that we understand. And there are other benefits that we might not understand. However, we do what we do, because Allah sets

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and the benefits the wisdom, you can explain to them, you can mention them. However, that's not the ultimate reason. You understand. That's not the ultimate reason. The ultimate reason why we do certain things and why we don't do certain things is simply because Allah sets

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like, for example, when it comes to eating pork, we don't eat it. Why? Because, you know, bigs, they're so unhygenic. And there's so much you know, stuff in their meat, but a person might say, but it's been treated, it's perfectly fine, there's absolutely no germs in it. So eat it, you can't eat it and if you start giving justifications, then there will be a point where you will be defeated by the other because he will present an argument that you cannot refute, you cannot answer. But if you say, Allah said I cannot have it enough. Simple. This is the difference between our dean and the Dean of others. Our Dean is what submission to Allah, doing what Allah has said. And the Dean of

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others is based on what their desires, whatever they find good, they do it whatever they don't find good they leave it which is why their Deen keeps on changing and our Deen is the same and it will remain the same because it is submission to Allah.

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And if we start thinking that we do what we do because of other reasons, then what will happen? Every now and then we will have to come up with new rulings is an utter

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whereas our Deen is to remain the same because our Deen is complete.

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It is perfect. So someone may have trouble. They don't have any doubts. They're confident about their faith. They do what they have to do what to do. And they also strove hard how we unwary him with their wealth what unfussy him and also their lives. This shows that they are dedicated, this shows that they are sincere to align His Messenger. This shows that they really have he meant what when they strive when they spend their wealth, and they also spend their lives.

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Because when you spend your money on something, what is it? You want it really bad, isn't it? Money is not earned easily. It's not acquired easily.

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When you spend your money on something that shows that you prefer it, even above your money, it's very important to you,

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and what unforeseen when you don't just spend on something, but you also spend your time, your energy, your abilities, your efforts, all of them you dedicate to a certain cause, what does it show that that cause is very important to you.

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Like for example, cleaning your house? What will you do spend your money in order to buy cleaning products and they will not just be sitting there? What will you you will also use them and clean your house What does it show that cleaning your house is very important to you.

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It is very important to you just a small example.

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So what jaha do be unwelcome or unforeseen feasibility. This shows that the deen is very, very important to them. They will spend their wealth they will spend their time and energy, they will personally participate in their eco methodical, those are the ones who are truthful, truthful and what is their claim of being believers, not those who just say, I'm an AMA now with their mouths, and in their hearts, there is no faith, there is no respect. There is no striving there is no action.

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If you think about it, over here, where the believers are described, that these are the believers, has it been mentioned that they perform such and such ritual? And they performed that in that ritual that hasn't been mentioned? Why? That's understood. They are a level above

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along with performing the rituals whatever is necessary, along with that let me have taboo

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because when can a person perform the rituals? But he doesn't have any doubt. When can a person follow the Sharia? When he doesn't have any doubt if he has slightest of doubt, he will not perform the rituals

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and their level higher with jaha to be unwelcome or unforeseen. feasable illa Allah ecohome Masada Khun Allah says Paul say to Allah Muna la hubbie de Nico, are you telling a lava Ciardi Dr. Luna to teach?

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This is from Alabama. You are living Charlie, are you teaching a law? Are you trying to tell a law? Are you trying to inform a law about your deen when you say I'm an airman

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There's a lot not already No, of course he knows if you're a believer or not. So why are you saying I'm an I'm an Willa who yd mo and Allah knows math is similar to my fill of whatever that is in the heavens and whatever that is in the earth will love will be cliche in it and Allah is with everything, all aware, knowing he knows every single thing. When it will happen. What happens? Exactly? all of the details will now be cliche in early so you don't need to tell Allah. Allah already knows.

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So every person should think before saying anything, is what we are saying the true voice of our heart, or is it just a verbal claim? Because if a person is just making a verbal claim alone already knows.

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We see there's a difference between truly loving the the truly being sincere to the deen and just claiming to be proud about it.

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When a person he truly loves the dean, then what happens we learned it number seven of the same solo that what I can aloha Baba la como he man was a Yahoo Philco. lubicon

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when he man that his beloved to a person beautiful to a person when he loves me, then what happens it's easy for him to follow the theme that comes with respect and on the other hand if it's just outward profession with nothing in the heart, then kind of person stay away from wrong No. So well I can no longer have Bubba in a coma. He man was a you know if you could lubicon acaba, la Coco for a while for su COVID, RCN. So this shows that a person truly has even

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and if a person is just making verbal claims alone, right, he knows about that. Allah says Yama noona alayka. They consider it a favor to you Yama noona meme new noon man, what does man mean? Their son to show a favor? And also to remind of a favorite that has been shown

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over here, what does it mean? That they remind you as a favorite.

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So you're more known or alayka. They consider it as a favor upon you. This is why they keep telling you. They keep telling you Amen. Amen. What do they consider as a favor upon your profits on a Monticello and assemble that they have become Muslim? That they have accepted Islam?

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When they have become Muslim, they think they're doing you a favor, which is why they keep telling you.

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This is just like a person who upon learning something about the deen starts doing something or leave something. And when he finds it difficult, he goes and tells the teacher you know, you told me this, this is why I'm doing it. But I'm finding it so difficult. But I'm doing it for you. By the way, because you told me this is no air sign upon the other. When a person is doing something. When a person becomes stronger in his Deen this will benefit Who? himself it's not a favor on the one who told you it's not a favor on Allah Who gave you the fee? No. Yama noona alikhan Aslam say Latimer no Allah Islam accom don't regard as a favor upon me of what your Islam meaning don't think that you've

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done me a favor by becoming a Muslim.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he was calling people to Allah. So when the people accepted as called, responded to his called, some of them thought that they were doing a favor to the Prophet. This was not a favor to the Prophet of Allah. Allah says well, rather Allahu Allah, Allah is the one who is showing favorite to you, how and how they are condemned him and that he guided you to him

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that he gave to you, which he has not given too many. It's a last favor on you, not your favor on Allah and His messenger.

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Because when you have been guided to Islam, when you have become Muslim, when you perform good deeds, who benefits you are the one who benefits Bali La Jolla, menorah, Aleikum and herder communally man in kuntum sidefx, even if you are truthful when you say that we believe.

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So if you're truthful in your statement, that we have believed, then you must realize that your Islam is actually a lost favor on you, not your favor on anyone else.

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And the thing is, that a person must consider Islam as a blessing of Allah.

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Because in fact it is a blessing. Because not everyone is given that blessing.

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It is a huge blessing. What do we learn that the people of gender when they will enter gender? What will they say 100 Allah He lady Hi, Donna Lee, Mr. Khan, Elena de Lola and Hayden Allah All Praise to Allah.

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guided us to this, we could not ourselves have obtained guidance if Allah had not given us guidance. So Isn't this a blessing when a person has been given email? When a person has been given a feat to become Muslim and practice of commands of Allah, it's a huge blessing.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam, what was he told me he became a demon for our What would you like a violin? For Harada? He found you unaware. And he taught you He guided you. He showed you the way. You were unaware, you had no idea. Allah is the one who told you. So it's not your favor upon Allah. It's in fact, a last favor upon you. And when a person realizes that this Dean is actually a blessing, then will he value it? Will he? Of course he will.

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Then will he complain of any difficulties that come along? No, he will not complain.

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Just like a mother when she realizes that her child is truly a blessing. Because not everyone has. Not everyone has it easy. When she realizes her child is truly a blessing. Will she value her child? Yes, she won't complain, she will look after him, no matter how difficult it is.

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Similarly, women, they might be going through some marital problems. But if they realize that there has been it's truly a blessing, they will ignore the difficulties and they will focus on that blessing. Because they will remind themselves not everyone has this blessing, isn't it?

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So when a person realizes that a man is indeed a nirma, it is indeed a man a huge favor from Allah. A HUGE favor from Allah than out of gratitude. He will never complain. Never. You see, this is just like children, children, when you tell them to do their homework, they get very upset. They don't want to do it. And when they're done with it, what do they tell their parents here? I've done it as if it's a favor that they're doing on their parents, in fact, who are they benefiting? themselves? In fact, it is a favor of the parents that they are telling the children. They're helping the children, they're giving them education. So we need to realize as well that anything that we do have

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the dean is in fact a blessing of Allah, not our favorite to Islam. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said to the inside on the day of the Battle of her name, when the Prophet sallallahu wasallam divided the booty and the inside didn't get much. So the inside they were upset. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them, Mr. shuttle I'm sorry, Oh, I'm sorry. Have I not found you a stray and Allah guided you through me? Were you not divided and Allah united you around me? Were you not poor, and Allah gave you riches through me. So if you think about it, Islam is a huge blessing. Because if you compare your life before, and you compare your life after there is a big difference,

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you might say I was a born Muslim. But if you think about it, before knowing before learning, before coming closer to Allah, how was your life? How are your days spent? How are your moments spent? What did you read? What did you think about what did you talk about? What were your interests? Very different. Now you have a purpose. Now you have a goal. It's a huge blessing of Allah. So never think that you're doing a favor to your teachers, or you're doing a favor to your in charges or you're doing a favor to someone else, by learning the deed. Because in fact, you're doing a favor to yourself. It's a last favor on you.

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In Aloha, Indeed, Allah, yar, la nueva sumati. Well, he knows the unseen of the heavens and the earth. And he knows what's in your heart will love who mostly you don't, and Allah is Ever seeing the matter, I'm alone of whatever that you do, meaning nothing at all, is hidden from him. in solitude I, a five year old woman, you see Runa what may you really know linoone in the who are Lehman be that disorder, Allah knows what they can see, and also what they declare, indeed, he is knowing of that which is within the hearts they can hide nothing, people can conceal nothing in their hearts. And since when does he know us, since the beginning, in certain najem, ayah, 32

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Wheeler and who our land will become in a communal or we will enter a ginetta and feeble Tony Omaha Tico. He was most knowing of you, most knowing of you, no one else knew you as well as Allah. When, when he produced you from the earth. And when you were fetuses in the wombs of your mothers,

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when you were fetuses in the wombs of your mothers who knew about your details, Allah alone, who no one else knew about you, fell out to the coup and forsaken, who are and will be monitored. So do not claim yourself to be pure, he is most known of who fears him.

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So don't think that you're doing a favor by being a Muslim. Allah knows who is more deadly. Who has more

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for me

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many times, people desire to be noticed their desire to be remembered. And in order to do that they sometimes do crazy things such as walking other people being very humorous by insulting others joking about them, when making fun of other nations making fun of other people, people who go to other schools or you know, so on and so forth, the list is endless. They tried to do many things just to become more famous, just to be remembered just to leave a mark, just to become impressive. But we see that the most honorable is who, the one who has more than

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the one who is most careful.

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And we see this in our lives as well, that people who market others make fun of others do bad things do impress others, how are they remembered, in a negative way?

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But a person who was very careful, then how is he remembered? in a good way, in a positive way? What do we learn about the prophets of Allah, that Allah left their good mentioned in the later generations? Why? Because they had the core, because they feared Allah.

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And in easy times, it's easy to submit, and it's easy to what everybody else is doing. But Allah mentions that mean are people who don't have doubts, so that we come here, we may not have doubts, but the next part is legit. And that we have to struggle and strife and that comes out, especially in difficulties. Very true and objections when they raised, what does that bring about the heart of a person? Note, but lamea taboo, no matter what objections people doesn't matter what questions people ask them, or how they market the dean, let me have taboo. So the real test is were in a difficult situation, against the force when everybody's against you. That is a real test. What do

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you do at that point?

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Do you give up or do you remain confident, and instead of giving up you jaha do be unwilling one perceive

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the deception of being in good company, the deception of thinking that you know I belong to a Muslim family

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I have very good righteous friends, this alter disease a person sometimes. And he thinks that he doesn't need to do anything.

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But the fact is that a person has to do something, he has to become careful in his actions and his thoughts and his words, in order to become better in the sight of Allah.

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And you see, sometimes we think, like, for example, I go to a hotel, I'm fine. So many people don't go. But think about it. How is our seller? How is our How is our own? How are our thoughts? How are our dealings with other people, this is what shows a person has the code, because a person might be going to a particular place sitting with a particular people, and not benefiting from that company from that gathering at all.

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So in a Chromebook, or in the law here at Qualcomm, not the one who belongs to a certain group, but a person who actually does something. So we all need to think about what we have to do. Not just that we feel content that we are, you know of a certain class of a certain school. This alone is not enough. Because actions speak louder than words.

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Sometimes we think that just because we are learning, or just because we're teaching, we're the best. And this is why we don't need to be careful about how we deal with other people, how we speak to them, how we are to respect them, we don't give much importance to these things. But if you think about it, in the pseudo What have we been taught, that we have to be careful about our other with Allah, with his messenger, and also with fellow believers, all of that is necessary.

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If you think about it in an economical manner, like at Costco, not at Costco, not the one who is most annoying, but the one who is most careful, most conscious, the one who fears a lot most, the one who loves a lot, most the one who does something for the sake of Allah, not just the one who is learning, learning, learning, going to a particular place and not doing anything. action is necessary. Because that's what we're not being taught. And that's sufficient.

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We are Muslims, that's enough. But what does Allah say that's not enough. You have to do something.

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You have to do jihad. You have to show your email.

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Listen to the recitation

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want to be like a Santa Monica?