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Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 02 – L021A

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Taimiyyah Zubair

Channel: Taimiyyah Zubair


Episode Notes

Al-Baqarah 153-162 Translation

Episode Transcript

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I said I'm really cool.

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How do we want to salir de la sulukim Kareem Amar Barrett for Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. furbish lashley sadhana us Sidley Emery wash. Rock data melissani of Cabo Cali Papa Nancy dinner in Lesson number 21. sorbitol dakara ayah. Number 153 to 162

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Yeah, Are you her? Or alladhina? Those who

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are Manu they believed Is there a new you all seek out this sub with the patience was letter and the prayer

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in Indeed, Allah Allah Mara is with a Siberian those who endure with patience.

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Wanna and do not Doku you will say, Lehman for whom you portaloo he is killed fi in Serbia Li Wei, Allah He of Allah um Worthen one's dead, but rather are here on one's alive what I can but they're not that Sharon you all perceive

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well and learner Bulu one Nakhon surely we will definitely test you vishay in with something men from a hope, the fear, while jewelry and the hunger, one taco scene and loss men from and where the wealth, the properties what and and force the lives what's the Murat and the fruits? Why buy, share and give good news of forbidding to those who are patient, those who endure with patients

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and Latina those who either when I saw that home, it reached them mostly but on amis fortune, or disaster. Or Lou they said, in indeed we lilla he for Allah, or in there, and indeed we ha Hee towards him, broad your own ones who return

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una iica those are they him upon them slower to blessings or praise

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men from or be him their Lord, why am I done and mercy what Allah aka and those whom the alma mater Dune those who obtain guidance

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in indeed are suffer the mount suffer while more water and the mount Mandala men from Sha symbols Allah He of Allah Furman so whoever had he performed Hajj and beta of the house o or era demo he performed Allah fellow so not Juna, anything. I lay up on him, and that yotpo whatever he does for the humor of them to

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woman and whoever Tupperware he did voluntarily hiren on any good for in than indeed. Allah Allah. Shakira on one who appreciates our name on always annoying

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in indeed, and levena those who yet to moon they hide, man what, and then we sent down men from albena the clear proves while who the and the guidance men from body after man that by now who we explain that explicitly, Lynn Massey for the people fill kita in the book,

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Ola, aka those young I know whom he curses them. Allahu Allah. were younger I knew him and he curses them. And Larry known those who curse

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Illa except and levena those who terrible

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they repented, what asla who and they reformed? whereby, you know, and they explained explicitly for Allah eco. So those are two boo, I accept repentance or I turn in mercy. I lay him upon them what anna and i thought were the greatest acceptor of repentance, or Rahim they always are merciful

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in indeed, and loving and those who careful they disbelieved one or two and they died were home while they go found on disbelievers una Eco, those are lay him upon them, learner to curse Allah He of Allah, one mela ekati and the angels one sec and the people edge marine all together. Harley Dena ones who abide eternally fee her in it. They're not you have it will be lightened on home from them. Allah double the punishment when a and nor whom the younger own. They will be given respect.

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That's the sort of the recitation of these verses

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wanna Taco

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la de la,

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Luna. Hola.

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