Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P18 182A Translation Al-Nur 41-46

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Let's move on to Salia la Sunil Karim Allah Bharat Farah was bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah HeForShe Maria for him. Rubbish. Rocklea Saudi were Sidley and the Wagner of determine the Sani yokocho holy Robin has it in our English

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lesson number 183 Surah to know is number 41 to 46.

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LM did not delta, you see a nurse that indeed Hola Hola. Hola. You said Bishop if glorifies law who for him? Man whoever fits somewhere in the heavens? Well up and the earth. What Pharaoh and the birds saw 13 with wings outstretched Good luck cologne, each one God indeed Alima new salata who is prayer, what does be her who and its glorification?

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Well Allah Who and Allah are Limon always all knowing, be man with what you have alone, they do.

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Well Allah He and for Allah, MOLKO, kingdom, sovereignty, a sinner worth of the heavens will up and the earth what Allah Allah and to Allah al mislead is the destination, the place of return.

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alum did not thorough you see, and that indeed, Allah Allah use G. He drives so haben clouds some then you early foo he joins Boehner who between it so much then yeah, Dr. Liu, he makes it real karma layer upon layer or the heap

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cetera then you see L word aka the raindrops. Yahoo it comes out men from sila Ali he between it were unit zero and he sends down Meena sama from the sky. Men from de Berlin mountains fee her in it. Men from burrowed Hill, so you sleep who? Then he reaches, be he with it, man, whoever Yasha Oh, he wills Well, sorry for who? And he turns it away on from mon whoever Yasha Oh, he wills Yucca do it is near Santa flesh. burpee have its lightning. Yes herbal. It goes. they'll absorb with the sites.

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Your own label he overturns Allahu Allah. Alain the night when the herb and the day in indeed fee in Delica that their Ebro surely a lesson Li Li for possessors I'll absorb of the sites.

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Well Allah Who and Allah halacha he created color every day but in crawling creature, men from man in water from in home so from them, man who yam she it walks Allah upon Buckland hee hee its belly. Woman home and from them man who em she it walks Allah upon ridgeline two legs or two feet. woman whom and from them man who yam she it walks Allah upon a bar for yes loco. He creates Allahu Allah, ma whatever. Yasha Oh, he wills in the Lucha indeed Allah. Allah upon Kali every che in thing or the Iran always all able

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Laqad certainly. And Zelner We sent down as versus MOBA unit once clear. Wala who and Allah yesterday he guides man whoever Yasha who he willed Isla to flit off in a bad was the team one street

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that's this is the recitation of these verses.

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was at

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the center of the world

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be a long one it will be my

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the ways in a law in mostly

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law he was Jesus

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that's all

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zero Nina's

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they will see movie me

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oil sorry boo me

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saw you can leave Allahu Laila

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in Nephi that in Kerala

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Allah Allah

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I mean my and she

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I mean me and she Julene are mean me and she yada

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yada Hello Paula whom I share

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along at me

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