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Yusuf 88-111 Word Analysis and Tafsir 110-111

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hotter until hotter, this is connected with the previous statement. That woman, all of a sudden, I'm in acaba de la geralyn.

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That these messengers were sent to the people.

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And they conveyed the message they continue to convey. They continue to bear hardships, until either stay or self rasuluh until the messengers were despaired. As they ascend from the root letters, yeah hums se Yes. And what does it mean to give up hope?

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And stay as it is to gradually lose hope?

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What does it mean, to gradually lose hope?

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So until the messengers gradually lost hope, lost hope and walk

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in people,

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yes, in the people accepting email, like, for example, new listener, even he had almost given up that now No one's going to believe in Allah subhanaw taala confirm that telling him that now no one is going to believe from your people. So that they're in a state of loser, this despairing does not mean they despair to have help from Allah. Not at all. messengers do not give a pope of help from Allah, this is what they gave up hope of people believing in them.

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That there was no hope of Islam in those people.

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What No. And they thought, unknown, that indeed, they could, in fact, could the Boo, they were lied to, or they were denied.

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This part of the ayah has been understood in two ways. First of all, could evil.

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They were lied to. They refers to the people, the communities to whom the messengers were sent.

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The messengers, they lost hope of people believing

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and the people was one knew. And they were certain unknown, that indeed they the people were certain that they had been lied to.

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The people were certain that they had been lied to by who?

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by their messengers, or that their messengers had been lied to concerning the victory, which they had been promised.

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Because when the situation it became very, very difficult for the messenger, what did the people think that see, this man is a liar.

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If he was truthful, then Allah would have helped him.

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And this was very relevant to the situation in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in at the time.

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It was getting so difficult for him because he had just lost obatala he had lost his wife as well.

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They had just come out of the boycott that they had suffered for so many years.

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And then when the prophet SAW that all the sudden went to a five, he was rejected from there as well. Each and every day, the difficulty, the opposition, it was increasing, it was getting more and more intense. And the people, what do they think, see, this man is a liar.

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So when the people began thinking like this, about the messenger, geheimnisse Mona, our help came to them.

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Allah subhanaw taala helped as messengers. Secondly, it has been understood, that was one no unknown decodable code Evil has been read as could the Boo could do and what is called the booming from Tech leap,

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that leap to deny to reject, right. So the messengers were certain that they had been denied by the people.

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And there was absolutely no possibility of anyone accepting human.

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So when the messengers were sure that no one is going to believe now, what happened, Jehovah Sona our help came to them.

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And remember, we learned earlier that whenever the situation becomes extremely difficult, then what happens? relief is very near.

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There is a principle that either it does or that when a situation when an affair, it becomes darker, it becomes tight and constricted, more and more difficult than what happens. It does, then it becomes vast, then everything becomes easy. But you have to go through that difficulty.

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You know, like I said, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Right? So when they were certain that nobody's going to believe now, and that they had been rejected. Johanna Sana, our health came to them for no GM and Nasha. Then we saved whosoever we will, meaning those people who deserve to be saved Allah subhanaw taala save them. Whether you're a bit sooner and our punishment is not returned. arnnl COVID would remain from those people who are criminals.

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meaning they're definitely punished.

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Lock all the cash.

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Have you kasasa him? Certainly there is in their stories, in whose stories in the stories of the messengers, the messengers from Allah subhanaw taala sent the messengers and their people, certainly in their stories is Ebola, a lesson.

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A lesson for who Leonel Alba for those people who have intellect, for the possessors of intellect. For those people, there is a great lesson in these stories of the messengers.

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And look at the word puzzles. Again, the word puzzles has been used, not Hades, not hicare. Not some other word. Why? Because the word puzzles itself shows because a solid means to follow someone.

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Right? So it shows to us that the stories that Allah subhanaw taala has related. They're not for the purpose of amusement, they're not for the purpose of entertainment, or just to improve your knowledge of history. No, the objective is that you take a lesson you follow in the footsteps of the one who is being spoken about in the story.

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So over here, we learned about the story of use of Ernestina the purpose of studying the story is not so that we increase in our information, so that we can tell another story. No, the purpose is that we follow in the footsteps of who you serve, and instead and we take lessons

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so that other characters also see him or Ebola, little Al Bab

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and notice the word Ableton has been used a lesson.

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And remember 10 key Nikita is for different reasons. Sometimes it is for the fee, which is to show the enormity the importance of something cerebral I don't a big lesson, a very important lesson.

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And what is that very important lesson that can be learned from the stories of the messengers that a loss opponent artists help comes

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through either it does or

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when things become very difficult, then relief is near.

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And we see this in the story of every single messenger every single messenger.

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No, hello Sam, he preached for over 900 years 950.

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And towards the end, the situation had become extremely difficult. But when it became extremely difficult than relief game, Sherry burden Salim Saleh and insulin, when they hamstrung the she camel, then the punishment came. Right.

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So when the difficulty becomes very intense relief is very near. And this is the big lesson in the stories of all these messengers.

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And especially we learn this from the story of use of Renaissance

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that when he was sent to prison, now imagine a prison in a foreign land. Nobody knows you. Nobody cares about you. Nobody can find out you're there. Nobody's gonna fight for you.

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Nobody's gonna go try to get you out of the prison. But Allah subhanaw taala brought him out. Similarly, his father jacobellis and when he was in so much difficulty, he lost another son.

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What did he know that the help of Allah is near.

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So this is the big lesson in these stories. McKenna Hardison. This is not a speech, mean this Quran is not a speech that is used at all that is fabricated

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this for another Hadees that is fabricated that is invented by a person and ascribed to Allah know, when I can, but it is just leave it is confirmation. It confirms the truthfulness of what and Lady beignet II of that which is before

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the Quran confirms the truthfulness of what of the Scriptures that were before it.

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Like for example, the Quran confirms the truthfulness of the Torah.

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And in the Torah, you do find the story of use of

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the Quran is

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what I've seen, and it is also a detail and explanation of what condition in everything doesn't mean that in the Quran is the explanation for every single thing that exists. What does it mean by color, shade, a detail for everything,

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everything that is relevant, that is relevant to the guidance of human beings,

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everything that is needed for the right guidance, Allah subhanaw taala has explained that in the Gita

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where who then and it is also a guide, not an any mercy, who then it is a guide, it tells you what you should do, it shows you the way

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and Rama it is a mercy a relief that finally people know what to do how to get out of problems, how to deal with difficult

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Situations isn't that immersive and

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then you read through the use of it broadens your mind, it makes you more positive. It makes you more hopeful. That's a huge Mercy of Allah, because a person could be going through such difficult problems. But if he's negative, if he does not know why, if he does not understand, it makes experience more difficult for him.

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To just hold on his armor, it is a mercy. You call me up minion for people who believe

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the Quran is guidance at the beginning.

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It tells you what to do. It is here that it shows you the way like we learned earlier that radical kuttabul la Buffy

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but when a person follows those instructions, when a person observes them, then what happens

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he ends up getting the mercy of Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala tells us what to do.

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And when we do it, then there is ease in our lives, then there's comfort in our lives, then there's contentment in our lives, then there is satisfaction. And if a person does not follow the instructions that Allah has given, no matter how much knowledge he has about the Quran, he will not feel that

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he will not have anything of that sort. When a person follows the instruction, then he gets.

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So in this ayah we learn that in the stories of the previous messengers, there is a big lesson and the big lesson we understood,

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we have discussed about it that it is that when the difficulty increases, then relief is very soon.

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But along with that, there are many other lessons as well.

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Many many lessons,

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which we have discussed as we have studied the story of use of Isilon but there are many other lessons as well.

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And to summarize the entire story, the main lesson of the story of use of nslm is that everything

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everything in life has its opposite.

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Nothing at all is permanent.

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If a person experiences one thing today, he will experience its exact opposite tomorrow.

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And this is what we see in the story of use of a listener

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where he experienced extreme love from his father. He also experienced extreme jealousy and hatred from his brothers,

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where he was so loved, so valuable in the sight of his father, he was so meager, so small, nothing in his value in the sight of the people who sold him

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will shadow will be feminine boxing, the rahima Mara Duda.

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But in the sight of his father use of wrestling was so valuable.

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Similarly, where a person is humiliated, where a person suffers from humiliation, then there is a time where you also is given honor.

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For example, use of our listener was thrown into the well.

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Why, so that he is humiliated

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the woman she sent him to the prison, so that he is of the salary. But Allah subhanaw taala made him so honorable he became a disease,

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that the people called him a disease.

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Nothing at all, in this life is permanent. Where you experience one thing today, you will experience the exact opposite of it tomorrow,

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where the entire family was united at the beginning. Then in the middle, what happened, the entire family was separated.

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user is anonymous. at one place, the father is in one place, and the brothers are going back and forth. Again and again. from Kenya, on to Egypt again and again, until eventually the family is united again.

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Similarly, where a person has committed a major mistake, the brothers of use of medicine on the exact opposite. What did they do? They admitted they apologized.

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Similarly, the woman, she committed a severe crime as well. But what did she do? She apologized.

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Nothing at all in this life is permanent. Everything changes. So when you're going through something, when you're experiencing one state today, never think that that is going to be a permanent state, that you're going to remain in that state forever.

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And when a person thinks like this, then accepting situations becomes very easy.

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Like for example, when you say Listen, I went to the prison. If he thought okay, this is the end of my life. Forget about it. Would he be immersing? No, he wouldn't be immersing when a person realizes

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That this is only temporary this is only a phase this is only a temporary stage, then what happens? It becomes easier for him to have somebody to have Taqwa.

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But when a person does not have hope of relief, then what happens? He gives up.

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He does not have any patience. He does not fear Allah, He does not want to do anything to please Him, He has completely disappeared.

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But the problem with us is that many times we don't like change, isn't it? we resist change. But the fact is that the only thing that is permanent in life is change. If there is a girl who is unmade tomorrow should we make.

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If a girl is in her house, with her parents tomorrow, she'll be out of that house, isn't it? So?

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If someone does not have a car today, he'll have it tomorrow.

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If a person does not have children, today, they will have children tomorrow, nothing at all is permanent. Everything undergoes changes. Every state changes every phase changes. And this is a reality that we must accept we must understand.

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Because only when we accept this, then going through life becomes easy. Then staying positive becomes easy. Looking at the positive side becomes easier.

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And this is the lesson that Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us in this story.

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If you see there's so many contradictions, so many opposites throughout

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where there's jealousy. There's love.

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Right? Where there's arrogance, there's humidity.

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Throughout there's so many contradictions.

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We'll listen to the recitation of these if and then we'll do a little bit discussion.

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many wanna

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No, II mean.

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See, you feel out.

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Padukone move

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McKenna Howdy.

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way down

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If you think about it, accepting change is the most difficult thing to do in life.

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Because it goes against your nuts, you finally get used to something, you finally get comfortable with something and what happens, you see something completely different coming.

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And it's very difficult to accept it. It's very difficult to deal with it. Because many times, we're not ready to face it.

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But what's the lesson that we learned from the surah, that interview may have took a while, for in the law allow you the original mercy, that when a major change happens in your life, when you lose someone you love, when you don't live in the place that you love,

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when the circumstances in your life, they completely change if a person has submitted into court, and Allah will not waste his reward,

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because in every situation we are being examined,

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when Allah subhanaw taala changes our state, from one state to another, one phase of life to the other, what is being observed? that how do we behave? Do we accept? Do we do suffer? Do we think positive, and a person who does suffer, a person was stuck what he is doing, and Allah will definitely reward him.

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Allah will reward him.

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And we see that everything we face in life, everything that we go through, it changes.

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Like, for example, one day, you're best friends with someone.

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And the other day you wondering, why did I befriend them? Right?

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One day, you experience a lot of happiness from one person.

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And the same person who hurts you a lot the second day.

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Now, when they love you, when they bring you happiness, you're like, Okay, finally, I have a very good friend.

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And the next day, when they hurt you slightly, what happens, we go down in the dumps, we get very, very depressed.

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But the fact is that everything will change. And if you're open to change, then accepting the different situations in life will be easier.

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Doing summer will be easier, having the core will be easier.

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And if a person is not willing to accept any change, then there is no room for him in this universe.

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Because everything undergoes change in this universe, every single thing.

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No house stays forever, no tree stays forever, nothing stays as it is, from the beginning to the end, no, everything changes, then a person does not accept it, he's only causing harm to himself.

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If you look at it, your COVID has no use of Edison and both of them they had a very strong relationship with the loss of

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a very deep connection, which is why we see that both of them are turning to Allah repeatedly again and again.

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And when a person has this, then he can accept the different situations and he can do suffer, he can have Taqwa. And he can pass the test easily.

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And when a person does not have this ability, that he cannot pass any test.

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And the fact is that eventually everything will be over. But what will stay

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what you did, how you behaved, that is going to be recorded forever.

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Anything you go through life, tell yourself, this is only a phase.

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There's only a phase, it'll be over.

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If you're hungry, eventually you'll eat something.

00:23:49--> 00:23:51

If you're tired, eventually you'll sleep.

00:23:52--> 00:23:54

If a baby is crying, eventually you'll be quiet.

00:23:56--> 00:23:58

Everything is a face, but don't panic.

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Everything's a face. But at the same time, we shouldn't try to take matters into our own hands and do it the wrong way as we look at like the brothers of us have tried to solve their problems by putting him into well wait and try to solve her problems as well by enticing him and seducing him. And we see that you've probably slim he took everything with patience, and he waited for a lot. So this is what the coins right? It's not just about the coin is also needed, because of a person is going through a difficult situation. What does he think that you know, let me just deal with it myself. And he forgets about what Allah has said. Now the brothers of use of Edison, they did not

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like use of SLM instead of waiting for that phase to be over instead of changing themselves instead of improving themselves instead of thinking what can we learn from the situation? What did they do? They took things in their own hands, and they did something that was against the core.

00:24:55--> 00:24:57

So the stucco remains on we know that

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Exactly. And then a person is encouraged to fear a lot more when you remember that the home of the Hereafter is much better. In this dunya if I do get something with my impatience with disobeying Allah, then how long will I enjoy it only for a few days, it'll be over eventually

00:25:17--> 00:25:55

I was just focusing at home has a disability, no Illa make up what happens when we call anybody towards Allah subhanaw taala and somebody reject us, we can just leave the work. So this is what I was relating to the how maybe your way is one way. And if the other person is rejecting you, it means you need to change your style, you need to change your strategy. So this is how I just took a lesson that you don't have to adopt only one way Yes, the place where you calling upon that is one that Allah subhanaw taala. But we need to keep the room in our place as well for the changes that maybe somebody you call, and that person accepted right away, and the person right away third person

00:25:55--> 00:26:09

right away. But once it happens that there is a person that rejects you, so here comes to work with you need to work hard on it and keep accepting the changes that they would keep the room for this. This is for something to improve your work as

00:26:11--> 00:26:31

a psycho. I was just thinking about the brothers when they did so injustice to you. For example, in the end, he forgave them, and how people do you know, hurdles and everything. And we say, okay, we forgive you and everything, but we don't really forget it. Like if we don't say to them, we don't remind them but we go tell the world. And yet we say we forgive them.

00:26:32--> 00:26:33

This is not forgiveness.

00:26:35--> 00:27:07

I was just thinking of the selfless attitude that the diary needs to have. Because even like throughout his life is really some he doesn't complain about his own hardships that he's going through every time wherever he is, whether he's in jail or even. I was thinking about someone at the time where the woman is trying to entice him and he's like, remembering May Allah protect me. So even at that time, it's like he sort of still duking it out to her like go on the straight path, you know, Fear Allah think of Allah. So it's like every point where he is in when he's in jail, when the men forgets about him like to forget about mentioning him, he doesn't go and you know, tell him, why

00:27:07--> 00:27:34

did you forget about me, he still reminds him about Allah Subhana Allah and Allah told me all this, you know, this is what I'm telling you. And even at the end of the story, where that's one of those now telling the prophecy lesson on that, you're not asking for a reward from them. So why are they accepting, so it's like showing continuously making sure, for every day, it's like, make sure that is your intention, make sure you're being like that you're selfless in your actions. Because if you expect anything from people, then there's something wrong with the intention.

00:27:36--> 00:27:57

The main lesson of the whole sort of use of was that change is constant, and allows paralysis or paralysis to remedy you know, matter what change you're going through the Bible is able to solve all your problems. And that's just amazing, because he has a solution for everything. So why don't you take a lesson from that? Exactly. The Quran is constantly there, it guides you tells you what to do. And

00:27:58--> 00:28:24

once you follow, then you're at peace. So we need to reflect on the story and think about what lesson have I taken from myself? And what's the change that we need to bring about in my life in my behavior in my thinking, because if after learning the entire story, still a person does not change. And what's the point? If it was just intellectual exercise, eventually we'll forget about what you learned. But if you take a lesson and you implement that will bring about a change in your life.

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And if you look at it, this is that we learned that there are so many signs and the heavens and the earth, but they are worried alone, they constantly turn away, they don't take a lesson from it. So everything that happens, there is something that you can learn from it.

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As long as you can. I just wanted to say that generally when you hear about patients, you hear about the reward of patients or the fact that one should be patient, but this one actually teaches us how to be patient, how you can exercise patience, just by knowing that whatever calamity, whatever difficulty has come, it is from Allah. This is the plan of Allah, and he will raise you through it. And also knowing that it is just a passing case is going to pass.

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Just to reflection on a lesser plan with Allah comforting the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he's doing dour and nobody's listening to him. This gives us a reminder that when we're doing dowel ourselves, don't be disheartened make you know when people are not listening right away, put in mind that I am not here to convert anyone because the hidayah is from Allah subhanaw taala

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why Allah subhanaw taala tests people is to elevate their ranks to increase them in their project. So when a person is being tested, he shouldn't think that well maybe I've committed some crime maybe I'm very sinful. Yes, a person should definitely increase in is the thought it should do Toba but at the same time, you should remember that this is a means of cleansing me of purifying me. Allah has a plan. And this will make it easier for a person to go through the challenge.

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For me, the story is several classes in a way because I learned from things that are practical and in this story, every single incident that's happening, it's a practical example of what you would do in that case.

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salako just reflecting in the entire surah, Yusuf Ali Salaam, had taqwa of Allah, even in the most intimate situations like when he was in the room with his wife. And it was only him and her, he still feared a lot. And he had no idea that his story was going to be narrated in the Quran, so many people are going to read it. So we should think about it like on the day of judgment when all our sins will be displayed in front of everybody that was ever created. Is Our Story gonna be like the best of stories or is it gonna be the worst?

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Because everything that happens in life, it's a story. It's an incident.

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Is it really worth mentioning?

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The story of our life.

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So panicle long will be humbucker Michelle de la Ilaha. illa Anta, Lyrica when I said I'm already coming to life.