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wa salam ala rasulillah he was early he was heavy on one shot he said that he was in the armory. While I looked at him in designing f kuqali or banner ad in Africa Nia has an awful lot he has an another but not Somali Kumara llahi robotica who Welcome to a juice a day. Today we are covering the 19th jewels of the Quran. And the 19 jewels. The Quran is the judge that begins with ultra ultra on Ayah number 21. and ends with sort of animal if 55. So it is from Surah 25 or 21 that it has all those who are 26 saurashtra. And then sort of 27 and Neville, it has most of surah number 27 in it as well. That's how long the juice is. This is the 19th use of the Quran. As we spoke about last

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time, we wanted to connect the we didn't want to split up sort of record into two surahs or two days. So we are going to begin from the beginning of sort of row one, which is Surah 25. When which a last part says I will be liking your shape on the regime. The Baraka Latinas lol for con Allah Abba de Leah Guna de la la mina zero, Blessed is blessed be He who has revealed the criterion

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the Quran to his servant, that he may warn the nations Allah Allah mean is not just nations Allah Allah mean is

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everybody, all of humanity? That's what I mean. So I guess you nations is okay. Right? But it's basically he's sent as a warner as a messenger to all of humanity for all time, so la sala.

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And he is going to be the Warner through the furqan, the criterion, that's what the Quran is called here, Al Furqan, the criterion, the thing that separates truth from falsehood, Allah de la who will cause some of it? Well, this Quran is from sent from the one who is the Sovereign of the heavens and the earth, who has forgotten no children, let me into his wallet and while I'm Jaco luxury, confirmed, Moloch has no partner in his sovereignty, while while kakula shake it is He is the one who has created all things for God Dora huta, co de Lara, and has measured them out precisely, this is the glory of Allah, that he has no partner, he has created things, you know, in the most perfect

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manner, with in the most perfect order. And the pros perfect order gives evidence to the fact that that it is a single unified chain of command, and that's why he has no partners, and no children. And that's why he is not like anybody else, and only one worthy of worship. But they, unfortunately, despite all that, they have taken besides him deities who create nothing and are themselves created. And what an irony that is, they worship the thing that is created itself and hasn't created anything. While I am the coonelly unfussy him wrong well on a fire and have no power to harm or benefit themselves. Right forget about others even themselves they can get harm or benefit. While I

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am Laguna mountain, they control neither death nor knife, while are no children nor resurrection, why are they being worshipped? If they cannot have any say, or any control in these matters?

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Well, Paula Larrinaga for those who disbelieve those who deny the truth, they say in her the Illa if konista who this is only a forgery of his own invention, what are on who Allah He Coleman Harun and others have helped him in coming up with this forgery, the Quran, it's, it's, you know, it's fabricated. He's made it up himself. These are not like it's not a divine revelation and others he's sought help from others. The Quran says for caja almanzora what they say is unjust and false. And this is what they say today about the Quran to write. It's not only what the Buddha said, Even today, when someone wants to reject the Quran, divinity, this is what they say, Oh, you know, it's

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just something that the Prophet made up himself and he must have copied it from here or there. They would say for example, a South Tyrol a walnut Tata baja fables of the ancients, which he had written down, except he's been meticulously he's meticulous in noting down these things for here to MLA e book ratangarh, sila and they are dictated to him morning and evening. This is exactly what the orientalist say today as well. orientalist is someone who is not a Muslim, but studies Islam to refute Islam. Okay, that's what they say. Well, this is you know, from

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The Prophet went to Syria when he was a young man. And he went to, you know, Yemen when he was a young man for trade expeditions. And that's how you knew about what the Christians believed and the Jews believed. And that's how he came up with these stories in the Quran, right? Even though there's a remarkable difference between the narrative narrative of the Quran and the narrative of the Bible. And even though there is a clear consistency in the, the stories and the historical accounts, in the Quran, and add to that the person himself could not read or write, he was unlettered. So all of these things and then who is this? This individual? Who's dictating it to them who or who is this

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person? Right, which scholar of the Bible, right level around the Prophet for that long that they would dictate to the Prophet. The stories of the Bible was that

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none. colons Allahu Allah, Allah was set off somehow it will all it has been revealed by Him, who knows every secret that is in the heavens and on the earth. That's the reality.

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say to them, they said, This replied to them, oh, Prophet this way, in the who cannot afford rahima He is the most forgiving and most merciful. He's not some, you know, vindictive Lord, He is the most forgiving the Most Merciful Lord. Okay, notice, they said,

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they said, reply to them will profit by this. They said What is up with this messenger?

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Who eats food and walks about in the marketplaces? Why has no Angel Angel Minh sat down with him to warn us even though there is an angel that would come but we want to see something superhuman? How come this angel or how come this messenger is not you know, doesn't it doesn't have riches, you will call either he can zone out Hakuna loco Jana t Coleman ha or a garden something like you know, he doesn't have to worry about anything he just has, you know, luxury and an enjoyment How can we didn't get all these? You know things never mind that's the measure of success, right? monetary success is the measure of success for the judging the profit by that? And then the say the wrongdoer

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say you are surely following a man who is bewitched in 30 w Runa in La Jolla Miss hoorah that's what they said reply

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to them all messenger owner gave a lot of work and

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observable kind of, you know, things to say about you what kind of false sorts they say not looking examples the gift to justify to themselves that you are not a profit, okay? And that is why for download, they have surely gone astray follows up the organizer below and then are unable to find the straight path. The profit system cannot read and write How can you copy from other scriptures, the person does not have access to the intricacies of the laws of the Jews. How can he be talking about that in the Quran? With so much detail? The most of them had some people around him who knew the Bible and some people in the Arabian Peninsula who knew you know, other scripture, but not in

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anywhere near the amount of detail that the Quran has? Who are these people who were the Prophet was copying from?

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Right. That's the question. And that's why when you want to, you know,

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say that this is not a you know, Allah's revelation, you will have to find these kinds of examples, you will have to find these kind of justifications, and that's what they would say about the persona and that's what they say about the person today as well. But Allah says the Baraka, lady, insha, Allah Allah, Allah, aka Pharaoh medallic.

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Blessed is He, if he Please, can give you better things than that. better things than these gardens and treasures better than all of that is Jenna. In Nigeria, even Dr. Helen her gardens watered by flowing streams, and palaces, the real reason why they don't believe you or problem solve as a prophet, or they don't want to accept you as a prophet. The real reason why they don't want to accept the Quran as the Word of God is Ayah number 11. But can the Buddha's sarrah have denied the hour

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they have denied it they have called and then the accountability of the next life they have called it a lie.

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And that's why they don't want to accept because if you accept accountability of the next life, now your life has to change in accordance to that. Well, artisanal coffee dinner artisanal evanka, Versace sarila as for those who have have denied that there is going to be a very severe punishment a blazing fire. Okay. The glimpses of the punishment are shown here. What kind of a fire is this in our atomic mccannon buried somewhere hula hula was a field This is not any type of punishment is not just any flame when

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It sees them from afar. They will hear it's raging and roaring. So panela the fire itself has this raging and roaring smell sorry this raging and roaring characteristic. Then when they are tossed in it into a narrow space chains to chain together Tao analogous to water then they will plead for death. But that day Labrador Leo masu Rashida don't call it a different one that call for many deaths I eat this is not going to transpire that even one death will not save you from this kind of torture. And that is a glimpse of the punishment. But whenever Allah mentions the punishment, he mentions that there is paradise and paradise looking at the sky, Allah describes it as genoten holds

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the paradise of immortality, meaning you are not going to die there. Whatever pleasures whatever enjoyment you're enjoying, you are not going to lose that it is going to be Lahu, Maya own whatever you desire holiday in forever. Right? This is a you know, Paradise is described in these terms, mostly in the Koran, the expressions and the emotions a person would feel. It's, you know, beyond words, just to call it a little garden, or some rivers that's a very, you know, very basic description. But the Quran gives us glimpses, and the biggest glimpse it gives us is the experience, the sensation, the sensation of being content, the sensation of having no fear of losing what you

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have the sensation of having whatever you want.

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That is paradise. Okay? A glimpse of Paradise is given here. A very interesting thing Allah says an ayah number 21 my arsenal cabela, communal morsani

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in in Houma, kutamo, he will not feel as well this was a criticism, why is he a human being? How come he's dependent? How come he's like us? Right? This is a you know, a criticism that people would have about profits, and I just want a response. Every messenger was a human being, who would eat and walk around in the marketplace being live like a normal human being, okay.

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But the difference between them and other human beings would be that they receive revelation. So to expect anything different would be to expect something that has, that's not going to take place. That's how Allah does. That's what Allah does. That's how he does things. Okay? The real reason for rejection was already mentioned previously, okay? But this is an important point, every messenger was like this. And then Allah says something very interesting. I really like this verse. And I think you should underline this, or Jana baldachin, the violin fit not an artist,

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you make some of you a means of trial for others, to see whether you are patient,

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whether you are steadfast, we made some human beings a test or a fitna a trial or a means of, you know, a means of difficulty. For others. There's people like that in the world, who are going to be a means of will will be a test of your patience.

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And that is what the law says, we've done this to see others we will move up patient, or Canada buka masirah. And your Lord is all seeing now this is referring This is first speaking to the Prophet salam to say that look, you're there are people who are going to be a thorn in your side, oh prophet SAW them. So you have to be instead of anything else, you should be patient in this in the face of this artist we don't you should be patient and deal with them in the best way. And that's what he did. Okay.

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But then the other is the idea. And it's in its ruling or its meaning extends beyond the profit and extends to all of us as well. There are people who are going to be, you know, a thorn in our side, they're going to be very difficult to bear. But Allah Subhana Allah tells us, they are a test and we have to, you know, act appropriately and accordingly. Okay. Some more glimpses of the punishment are mentioned here. Okay. Oh, so I have number 25. Well, yo matuszak Coco sama

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the day when the clouds with the day when the sky will split open with its clouds, and the angels are sent down rank upon rank. Okay, that's the Day of Judgment. On that day, I'll moon cuyama illa true sovereignty on that day will belong to the to the medical model. So Excuse me, I misread that Elmo cuyama ad Neil ha Kula Rockman true sovereignty on that day will belong to the gracious one to Allah, the Most Merciful

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A man, okay, and I am an adult Katharina zero and that will be hard date for those who deny the truth is going to be a tough day for them. And that's a you know, it's a sometimes the Quran says something like an understatement, just to say to tell you that it's going to be hard day meeting, there's going to be an unbearable day. Okay, this is like an Arabic rhetoric way of speaking to when something is like,

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like, at its worst to say this is going to be bad, right? It's like a expression that's used and sometimes we use it as well. Right? This is going to be a hard test for you. This is going to be a difficult exam, right? It's gonna be the most difficult thing you've done. Okay, so this is an expression for that. Okay, they Oh, my caffeine Lassila. It's gonna be unbearable for them that day. Okay, what's going to happen? Here's an example. Here's the scene. Yo, Maya, lolly more Elia day. On that day, the wrongdoer will bite his hands. Well, you're cooler. Yeah, later on in the house tomorrow su de Sevilla, and say, wood that I had walked in the messengers past. A better

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translation. Yeah. Litani. I wish I so wish I had walked the path with the messenger salsa, okay. It was soon no expression is interesting. Taking a path with the messenger. Like I was just I wish I was with, like, whatever he was doing, the sooner I wished I was, you know, doing the same thing. But also could mean that I followed the messenger and became became a Muslim. Alright. Why is he biting his hands?

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Why would he bite his hands, he's biting his hands. Because that is an expression of regret. You know, like when you are nervous, you sometimes some people chew their fingernails. It is an expression of,

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of nervousness, not that I condone that or anything, but that's what happens. Biting of the hands is like the hyperbole of that, like you are so like, you have so much anxiety, so much regret, that you don't know what to do with yourself. So that thing that your body instinctively does is just start biting on your hands. Okay? That's like the response of your body to deal with the frustration you're feeling is to make it forget about the frustration by physical pain. Good. That is the kind of frustration and regret that people will face on the Day of Judgment, who did not accept the message? Remember the pseudo has been talking about why him right? How come he's not a superhuman?

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Why not angels? Why not? gardens that he has? Why not? thing what kind of Revelation is this? So now Allah says, This is what's gonna happen. Right? Fast forward all the way to the end. That's what's gonna happen to people who are seeing this and then they live that and die that die with that. Yeah, la Yeah, ye lotta Litani. lamotta Fullerton. cadila Oh, what I had never chosen such a person for my companion. Ye lotta late any late any This is all expressions of regret. This man is experiencing the most intense regret. Okay, and now he's What is he regretting his regretting that he made a friend and that friend was a close friend. And that close friend law called the albala anionic

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victory bother his journey made me forgetful of the warning after it had reached reach me better translation he misguided me away from the reminder after the reminder had come to me the reminder is the Quran as Vicar is also the name for the Quran. This person took me away from the Quran took me away from the deen after I had found it or after I had received it. And that is the man's regret that day. The people he surrounded himself so himself by

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and then the messenger would say yeah, Allah will follow suit the Arabic in the comet the hadou Hodder Khurana Maha Jura, my people did indeed discard discard this Quran. My people did not study it as it was supposed to be studied, Oh Allah, right. And that is reason for their many of them falling short. So this is some scenes from the Day of Judgment, a day of intense regret. The problem is told this is how can Alexander nikolina be you know, I do one minute emoji the mean. Thus we did assign to every prophet and enemy from among the sinners, and your Lord is sufficient as a guide and as a helper. The believers as this reliever say, why was the Quran not sent down to him in a single

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revelation, though?

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lanuza Hill Khurana Joomla wahida. Why not? How come it's this way, it's all like pieced up. You know some students here some students there sometimes here sometimes there are a lot of reveals the reason Galaga you know, sub b2b, for other it is to strengthen your heart. We sent it in this manner, so that we might strengthen your heart or profit center. That's the reason for sending it in piecemeal. This is an important thing, the Quran and the Islam cannot just all be quickly swallowed up and quickly consumed and understood and process it's a thing that requires time the person was given 2030 years to process the Quran. Take your time through studying the Quran and studying Islam,

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because that's how, like your heart will slowly been strengthened. It needs

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to be able to live up to what the dean is asking us to live up to. Okay. And otherwise, it might be too fast too soon. What I've done Now hold on till we gave it to you in a gradual revelation. Okay. This is very beautiful expression, or a very beautiful description of the Quran. We take our time through it. I remember 43 says, I ate up

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a terminator father in law who ever entered the Kumari wakita? Have you seen the one who has taken his own desire?

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His own desire to be his God?

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Can you be a guardian over him? This is a reason for a person to reject the message. The reason why they're rejecting the message is Isla Hawa they have taken their whims, their desires, what they want to be their God. This is perhaps this is the case with the polytheist Arab back in the day. This is the case with the atheists and agnostics quite a bit as well as their God is their desire. Or their you know, their their desires often become their their God they are guiding principle. And that's the only thing that matters under the kumada killer. When a person is in that situation, you can't really do anything about that oh prophet gave

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us a number 45 mentions some beautiful signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala okay. He says, I never 45 mentions the shadows, how Allah lengthens the shadows, and then shrinks them, okay. If he had wanted, he could have made made it constant and place the sun as an indicator, right. But the movement of the earth and the movement of the sun, right creates this, you know, constant movement of shadows. This is to show a loss padala this is part of his design part of his wisdom.

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And this is something that happens for us to reflect right how the nature of the creation is. It allows us to live and flourish in the manner that if it wasn't the case, we wouldn't be able to live and flourish in the same way. Okay, well, we'll let the jarnac mala lieberson has made the night a mental for you. When no muscle button and sleep as a repose are aware of recovery are geralyn O'Hara nasura and made the day a time for risings so bad and from the word sub sub is Saturday. And that's what you know, sub is the Sabbath. Right, the day of resting and no muscle baton and the sleep is rest for you. Right? you recover, you know, in Sports, Science, right? The one of the biggest things

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that athletes are taught is how to take naps before they're there. They're important games, for example, as a way of recovery. They take naps, right. And this is, you know, you think that, like one of the all time great athletes are doing like sleeping before their games is because that's how their body recovers. That's one of the greatest way of recovery is through sleep. And now muscle batten, Magellan holla misura. And the day is a time for rising and activity. So a very beautiful thing like if Allah has given us the ability to recover, built into our lives. Imagine if he didn't have this, how difficult would it be how difficult it will be for us to manage our energies so that

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we don't run out. But Allah has given us this mechanism to recharge every single day.

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He is the one who has sent the winds as heralds of His mercy one or the other salaria have pushed on by the Rama De Anza nomina sama eema Anta hora, right? He is the one who has sent these winds that pollinate these winds that bring the clouds together. And then there is rain that falls that Lee rain brings for life after the earth is dead and brings an end

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And quenches the third terrorist of the creation, the cattle and men, right in great number.

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This is the kind of examples of luggages off now who were in only the crew for about accuracy in Khufu rock, okay? Most people didn't persist in their, in gratitude in their disbelief unless there's something very interesting if Allah had wanted to. It's not beyond Allah to send a warner to every town, every single town and village would have received a prophet if Allah had wanted to. That was if he wanted to choose that way. You know, he is the He is the one who has made the whole universe. But that's not what he chose, he chose to send a messenger to a community and some communities got more messengers some godless, okay, but that was purely his choice.

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And that's his design. And he explains that, you know, if he had wanted to, he could have done it that way, but he didn't. So Don't kneel to those those who deny the truth that cannot be an excuse for denying the truth or jarhead whom he had and can be and respond to this kind of behavior with the Quran be he convey the message of the Quran and fight these ideologies through the words of Allah This is a you know, a Jihad of the tongue right you fight a ideology that is rotten. That is incorrect by the correct ideology through the Quran and Sunnah. And this is what this this tells us about okay

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other eye other signs of Allah fftt he has caused salty water and freshwater right how the Monday with the river and the sea the mix there is this this this insurmountable barrier between them the falls naturally, a very beautiful sign a very beautiful image is the one who has recreated human beings from water that's how we are makeup is and then he has created us not as isolated being standalone in the back in a vacuum. We are actually all connected right connected by ties of blood, NASA, banford, Yahoo, NASA banjo cetera. And by the ties of marriage, that's how you know our families are formed. This is a way that Allah has allowed us to live and flourish together and will

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offer the era and your Lord is all powerful, and yet they worship besides Allah, that which cannot harm nor benefit them. Right? Despite all of these signs, they still do that. Okay, the surah concludes with a very powerful passage. What are the people who do the rough man Paloma rock man, when they are told prostrate yourself before the Most Gracious one before a rock man? they asked what is this most gracious one? What is this? Man? What are you talking about? And as you do limited Muna, should we prostrate ourselves before whatever you will, and this kind of attitude increases them and aversion. This is a place of such that after the class if you'd like to make such dire,

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please do so such that is something you do in certain parts of the Quran, such that to tilava such that reciting the Quran. So it's a very beautiful thing. You know, it's like you see that gets in opposition to the actions of those who are rejecting the message. They're like, we're not going to make such up the believers they make such up to show their opposition, you know, to them. Now, they're saying, who is a rock man? Who is this rock man, the Most Gracious one who is this Lord, this God you want to talk about? You want to see who God is, you want to talk about the great signs of Allah, you look at the servants of Allah, the Vatican leggera, for summary, Raja Raja Raja,

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mahkamah, and monniera. The great signs of a lie include the constellations of the heavens, the sun and the moon, the one the alternation of the night and day, and, and

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this this, the signs are there for people who can who would like to take heed, and who would like to be grateful. But also among the signing of a rock man is Eva rock man, the true servants of God, the people who believe in Him, and then they worship Him. And they live life to that highest standard that God wants them to live, becoming the best versions of human beings. Those people are also indicators of who God is. They're also like the sun and the moon that you can see and you can ponder and you can reflect these people are also a source of guidance. So panela How many times does a person find Islam just by looking at a person who's practicing Islam and being inspired by their

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practice? How many people accept Islam to this day after reading Malcolm X's biography

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All right, so Hannah, this is the man who passed away. So I was martyred so many years ago But till this day people read his autobiography, until this day, they find through his life guidance. This is what man means the true servants of God.

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Because they are also assigned from the signs of Allah. How Who are these two servants? Young Aladdin I am sure now I'll be home and they walk upon the earth with humility

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is the key prerequisite of being a servant of Allah is that you have humility, but in the hall Baba humble Jae Hee Luna or Lu Salaam and when they are addressed by the ignorant ones, their response is Sadam and they have so much you know self control, when addressed in a manner that is appropriate, they reply in a manner that is appropriate. And this is what the Quran teaches us in the fabula thi here Asano Surya rappelle what is evil with what's best.

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That's how you win hearts. And this is what the Quran is teaching us here as well. When livina Joby tuna, Europe bm sujeto kiama. Those who spend the night prostrating themselves and standing before the Lord right there, goodness, the source of their goodness, the strength of their goodness comes from their spirituality. The spirituality is attained by worshiping the Lord, by praying. We ask Allah to make us of these people by letting their who do not have been a surfer, nada jahannam They are the ones who say Our Lord ward off from us the punishment of hell, for its punishment is a dreadful tournament to suffer. Very, very difficult. This punishment Allah protect us from it.

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They're genuinely afraid of it, and they genuinely seek Allah protection from it. In the hostile atmosphere Karma Karma is an evil place and evil abode. We don't want to be there alone. They are the ones who are living either un* who, when they spend Lemieux sifu they are neither extravagant nor miserly. Okay. What can I buy in America comma, but keep a balance between the two. They're not extravagant and they're not wasteful. They're not miserly in that they're not. They don't hold back what's necessary. They have the perfect balance kind of been a relic of karma. He perfect. You know, balance. A, you know, this is what the Quran spending policy is for the believers spend. Don't be

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miserly, don't like chain your hand to your neck. Remember that image, right? Don't become like don't let your miserliness enslave you, or imprison you also don't become reckless, and you just lose everything. There's a fine balance, walk that fine balance. It's a beautiful it shows that these people are spiritually enriched, their Dora is beautiful. Their the way they speak is beautiful. The way they walk is beautiful. The way they are calculated, is very beautiful. They are the ones who of course, don't invoke anybody but Allah, nor take a life to the foundation of torpedo. What I have to learn a necessity harbor Malabo loving Huck norther take a life which God

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has made sacred meaning they they honor the sanctity of life while I is known, nor do they commit adultery

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or my f as Delica, yellow Kasama these are the major sins by the way. Right shirk. Killing, Xena, these are three top major sins that are mentioned here in this IR Hey, you law fula whoever does so commit adultery will have his suffering doubled on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide forever in this grace Illa Manta Baba jameelah I'm Alan salejaw. Except for those who repent and believe and do good deeds. These people Allah will change their evil deeds. Look at this, not just forgive them, hula iica Ubud de la who say he, de him has an ad, God will change the evil deeds of such people into good ones.

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Not just forgive them, and now they have like a clean slate. He will turn their evil deeds into good deeds, he will turn their mistakes into good actions. It's like someone has a debt. that that that that that is not just like it's forgiven, it turns into a balance for them. That is what a loss counselor does when someone comes to him in repentance. Well can Allahu fudo rahima He is the most forgiving and the Most Merciful. Whoever repents, mantapa solid and

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Good then truly has turned Illa Hema taba has turned to God, you know in the truest sense meaning once you have said, I'm sorry Allah stuff that Allah and you do something good to make up for that bad that you have done, then you're forgiven. You are forgiven. Okay? This is the dean, if you have hurt somebody, you have to make up to them. You have to give them reparations, you have to make them hold somehow. But if it's not, so you haven't hurt a person, or harmed a person or rip anybody off. It's just you and a lot of personal sin. All that is required is still for Allah and you mean it and you rate make up for it by doing something good. And intending that Oh Allah, I don't want to go

00:35:45--> 00:36:27

back to this. Again. Once that is done Halas you are forgiven as if that sin doesn't even exist. That's how incredible Allah's mercy is. And we should never think that we are beyond hope, or we're losers are sinners and just perpetually making mistakes, or incompetent or any No, that is what the devil wants us to think of ourselves, or we think of ourselves is you make a mistake and you make up for it. You don't have the mistake anymore. It's gone. Well hamdulillah that's the kind of positive attitude the believer is supposed to have. And that's what these great eras are Rahman servants of Allah that's what the that's the attitude the show. They are the ones who lie shallowness Xu do not

00:36:27--> 00:37:09

bear false witness when they pass by frailty with a mother who will love me, Morocco kerama they passed by with dignity. They don't engage in it. They don't they know. You know, they keep their dignity and their honor and their nobility even when people are engaging in things that are inappropriate. Love, again is something that is a waste of time, something that is frivolous. Well, livina either looky loo BRT, Rob became lamea head Wally has some mamamia these are the ones who don't turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the sides of the Lord. When they are reminded of them. They're the ones who say Rob bana habarana. I mean, as Gina was the Tina prorata I want you to

00:37:09--> 00:37:10

underline this one

00:37:11--> 00:37:51

very beautiful door and you should make this go out every day. They say Our Lord grant us joy in our wives and children and make us a model for the righteous have known me as wodgina. It's not just wives Actually, this is spouses that applies for both genders. xojo is for the husband and zoji is also used for the wife in all Arabic xojo that's for both genders. It's actually in modern day Arabic like you know, contemporary Arabic that that distinction is made in that way. But in classical Arabic the Arabic Quran was revealed xodus actually for both genders. So as well Gina Rhea, Tina is actually for both genders.

00:37:52--> 00:38:39

Medina incunabula namun as vergina Maria Tina kurata you give us joy, make our kurata ion is actually the coolness of the eyes The eye is cooled by tears of joy make our families our spouses and our children's so incredible so like make us cry tears of joy because of our spouses and children. That's what you're asking for. So pat on how incredible is this door? I will make this door inshallah every day because it's very beautiful to those are the ones who like you dishonor the water, Fatah Bhima sobre la kanaha Tama Salama, they are the ones will be rewarded with lofty mansions in Paradise, because be masaharu

00:38:41--> 00:39:21

because they were able to bear the difficulties of this life. They were able to bear the decency of people they were able to bear the the insults and the harms of others they were able to, you know, go through the ups and downs of life while maintaining their spirituality. They were able to go through their flaws, while not ever giving up hope on themselves or on Allah's mercy, right that requires patience that requires strength of character because they had that they are going to be given these lofty dimensions well you're not going after you had the hired Osama and receive greetings of welcomes and salutations apiece and they will be in it forever. Callie the interview

00:39:21--> 00:39:23

What a beautiful place. How sunart

00:39:27--> 00:39:36

horrible mama This is that passage the the servants the true servants of Allah we ask automaker's those servants and make us of those who

00:39:37--> 00:39:53

who are worshipping Him and we become reasons for others guidance because of who we are. The surah Next one is called shoe Surah assura is called as such because of the very last I have skipped to that IRA.

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

To 24 not the last is the last page for sure. Our da w rahula.

00:40:00--> 00:40:46

Don't ask for the poet's it is the misled who follow them. Okay? Do you not see how they wander aimlessly in every Every valley, and that this preach what they do not practice except those who are true believers except the true believing poets who do good works and remember God would favor or excuse me the fervor and defend themselves only after they are wrong. The wrongdoers will soon know how evil attend their affairs take, what is this referring to blisters referring to the idea. So the sole surah is called assura the points and it's actually going to speak about the might end power of Allah subhanaw taala. And it's going to actually speak about a whole bunch of scenarios, oh, by a

00:40:46--> 00:41:32

whole bunch of examples of prophets. Allah demonstrates his might. But it's named assura. This name naming of this world generally is done by the Sahaba over the Prophet himself. I don't know which who named this surah disfavour probably doesn't have a did. And it is a reference to what misguides people right now poetry is misguiding. Of course not poetry is is good hamdulillah there were many greats Muslim scholars. In fact, a large number of them were poets as well. You know, I'm a chef, a very famous D for example. But here what poetry is referring to is the entertainment industry, that its purpose is not to bring goodness, its purpose is not to bring wholesomeness. Its purpose is to

00:41:32--> 00:42:26

push the envelope, do something radical that people will talk about, and then it becomes the norm. And then you have to do something even more radical, even more unheard of. Right? And that is what this passage is perhaps referencing. I'm Terra Nova coolly wordy, he says, aimlessly wander Every valley, that's a translation. But what it actually is referring to is why then a valley here is every unexplored place, or every like, like a topic that's, you know, taboo or inappropriate. They indulge in it, they go into it, try to get reactions, this is what comedians do. This is what you know, Netflix does, right? They do. This is an outrage, people are like, well, I should cancel

00:42:26--> 00:42:33

Netflix. And that's publicity for them. Right? This is perhaps what assura is referring to here.

00:42:34--> 00:43:13

And it's quite obvious. If you look at the entertainment industry, and the people who are there. Definitely they do not preach what they practice, right? That don't pray, there's no morality, there's no, there's not forgetting no morality, there is no there's no harmony, in their lives in the sense of what they believe in what they do. Right? They're often at odds. They're often at odds, you would find somebody who played a character of somebody who they don't really like otherwise in real life, they don't believe that to be true, but they will play that character in the movie, because they're getting money, right. And they're entertainers and they have to push the envelope.

00:43:14--> 00:43:28

So this is what the surah is named after because that is something that humanity, right can get, you know, distracted by and that's what the surah is named after. But the sooner there is one idea that repeats in the surah

00:43:29--> 00:44:08

this excuse me, this too is that repeats in the sutra very frequently. This is number eight and number nine, you will notice it again and again coming in nephila Haleakala IEA Makana x mini well in Nara Burg Allahu Allah is Rahim. Surely in this there is a sign yet most of them will not believe and surely your Lord is the Mighty One, the Merciful One, okay. And this is the theme of the surah your Lord is the mighty the merciful and Allah will demonstrate that in this surah through a number of examples, okay. For example, He says, look at this. I will amuro

00:44:11--> 00:44:59

it will be Camembert nafi ham equaliser. Elgin Kareem has to now see the earth and how it almost innumerable number of beneficial things we have caused to grow in it. Right? Isn't this a sign of who Allah is? But most of the people don't want to believe that right? Oh, and not a buckler who realizes Oh Rahim. Okay, then it turns the story of Musa Okay, a very powerful story of Musa Islam here. What's most Moses told go to the wrongdoing people and the people of the Pharaoh and tell them Will you not fear God? Okay, a lot of Allah tahune. Now, what what is new here is the dialogue between Moosa and the Pharaoh. Okay, here musala sam stands in front of

00:45:00--> 00:45:45

Pharaoh and he says, an outer sail first. First he stands for the Pharaoh and says, In Rasulullah big robola Allah mean we are messengers from the Lord of the world, me and Harun and we want you to let the children of Israel go. Now what does the pharaoh Pharaoh say? He says, All alumno Big afina walidah to be not bring you up among us as a child with a with a phenomenal romaji Cassie Nene, and you spend several years of your life with us. Didn't we raised you, Moses, this is how, you know, like you're gonna, we did we favored you, you know, by raising you and this is how you come back to repay us. And on top of that, Moses, remember the dean you committed a foreign to foreign technology

00:45:45--> 00:45:49

for Alta right, this is a very, very beautiful expression.

00:45:50--> 00:46:04

It's like a play on words, that the the the, the deed committed here is kept ambiguous and it's repeated as such to drive home, the ignominious it right if

00:46:06--> 00:46:28

you committed the deed that you committed rememberable so what you did well and terminal Catherine and surely you are one of the ingrates you are very ungrateful Moses. Look at look at the audacity of Iran. Right But look at the response of Musa okay he says file to her he then Allah Bali he said, Yes, I did that mistake and I was misguided. I made a mistake.

00:46:29--> 00:47:12

I punched the person the person died. I didn't intend to kill them. That was a mistake. Okay, but I ran away because I feared you will not be just for two minutes on the market took my fair view. Because you are a tyrant. And then my Lord grant me wisdom and made me a messenger. And what favor are you talking about? What favor Are you taunting me with? What they will get Nick Martin tamanu Hi. And I butter bunnies even slave the children Israel even state my people, all of my people even slave them and then you raise me and now you're taunting me with their favor. Right? This is a very beautiful response like look at how he like you know, smashes pheromones argument right? perfectly

00:47:12--> 00:47:58

okay. And you can apply this any oppressor who says oh, we are bringing civilization we brought the railroads to India right so you you're taunting us with that you looted the country? Are you canalys did you abuse to obliterated it? And now you're taunting us with like these little peanuts you left behind? What a joke. That is what most of us are saying to fit out and what an excellent response that is. And you can apply that to every circumstance where a powerful oppressor is trying to somehow claim to be been nificent and magnanimous. You can always talk in a reply with the way Moosa replied and you will never fail, inshallah, all over the world, no matter what I mean, what is this

00:47:58--> 00:48:40

Lord of the Universe, Moses, who is this law of the universe, or what is this concept? Why am I not one man who what is taking that you talk about Mussa, Colorado, some of it will be mamajuana Houma enquanto McLean, he is a Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them if you were, if you would be convinced if you want to believe you will know this is what it is. For our own. You notice how one is about Moosa and one is what Francaise Allah color, color color, but one color is Musa and the other color is brown. Okay? It's a very beautiful side of the Quran. It's like a rapid fire style. You notice the eyes are short, all Aleem on how Allahu Allah, Allah to stem Iran. He

00:48:40--> 00:49:22

says to those around him do listen to what he's saying. Right? Moosa continues, he is your Lord. Rob bukom Ramu Abba, eco mala within. And the Lord of your forefathers. He braved you and your forefathers you were not gods, you are human beings, and you're made by him. Now for our own is losing. his audience is losing this battle of this dialogue, this debate really badly. So he says, This man is crazy. This messenger has been sent to you guys you think is a messenger. He's crazy. Musab continues herbal maastrichtian, McGreevy, morbi, Noma, incontinent. archelon. undeterred, he says, He is a Lord of the east and the west and all that lies between them. If you can only

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

understand now, if Iran has lost the debate, he's been humiliated. And now he is going to respond with threat of violence. And that's what that's what oppressors do. That's what the presses do. When they are when they are threatened. When they're shown to be, you know, oppressors and full of you know, full of full of nothing, they turn violent. Bala in it the Hata Illa Allah Jalla Nakayama Sunni, if you were to take any other day t besides me, I will throw you into into the prison and then most of us are brings about the science the

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

The SERP that the staff his hand, and then the fit our own says, You know what?

00:50:08--> 00:50:52

You know, he turns to his chiefs and said this is a very skillful magician, and he wants to kick you out of your earth. He wants to kick you out of your land. With this sorcery. What are you gonna do? You gotta let him just demolish you and kick you out with his power, powerful words and his magic. You're not gonna do anything. These guys are calculated like I told you said let his brother let him and his brother wait a while this is going to become big news that you are defeated today. So that just let's let it come down. And let's get to every every Sahar, every skillful sorcerer. And then when the sorcerers came, and they had their their battle with musallam Okay, so hello to Sajid in 46

00:50:52--> 00:51:26

they immediately fell down into such the and they said we believe in the Lord of the worlds Robbie musawah Harun the lord of Moses and Aaron I have 49 this is an interesting little thing he says, For round this is a new new new addition or new thing that the Quran mentions that wasn't mentioned previously. What is that? All the momentum the whole Kabbalah and welcome? Have you come to believe in Him before I have given you permission? In hula Kabira como la de Allah, Allah como se Hara? He is surely your master who has taught you magic, how they just met.

00:51:27--> 00:52:07

Oh, but this is the thing. That's what happens. This is what Fake News is. This is what we see in social media today. You say something outrageous. That's just factually wrong, but people will buy it. People will not just buy it, they will believe it. And that's what his people did. Like Yeah, he's got to be they all got to be working together. Without any evidence just because you lost right? A copy an idea como de la comida de la Vela Saliba naka de Marine, I will cut off your hands and feet on alternate sides and crucify you. Of course, these people are true believers. And this is the courage that human gives it like no worries, we are going to going back to our Lord and we don't

00:52:07--> 00:53:00

want we want Him to forgive us and you are a tyrant anyway. Now I a number. A lost mother saves money. And he saves them by telling Moosa to flee at night. So that our own sense his Harold's, and they're trying to, you know, catch up and demolish is when he saw you, but I met Gemma and I 61 when the two parties saw each other, right, the companions of musasa in Allah dracoon we have been we are sure to be overtaken. We are caught Red Dead. Okay. In front of us is the Red Sea. Behind us is the army of Moosa ma right here. Actually, the army of around me right here or Musab? We're done. We're toast, Mossad essences all color in Iraq besides Dean. He says, No, my Lord is with me. And He will

00:53:00--> 00:53:45

guide me. This is what true Eman is right. My Lord is with me. He'll guide me. Most of us have seen this. He's lived this. He's seen this when he was a baby. Right, saved against all odds. You seen that when he was a young man saved against all odds. You seen that in the Palace of the Pharaoh, nobody dares to speaking with a pharaoh of Moses and has defeated him and smashed him in an argument. Nobody then is humiliating, the frown in front of everybody with them magicians. He knows Allah is with him every step of the way. So he's not going to abandon them now. So of our hyena, Illa Musa and Eldoret, br Sokal Baja, then we reveal to Moses Moses be obeyed Moses strike the sea

00:53:45--> 00:54:21

with his staff, again, the staff of Messiah is like an image is the imagery of the staff continues throughout the Koran, and a part at each part was like a huge mountain. And then last part Allah saved the meantime the others approached, okay, Musa and those with him were saved, or the others Pharaoh was drowned in Nevada is when I can throw him winning the IRA that you know that those two ayat will repeat, surely in that there's a sign, get most of them do not believe. And indeed your Lord is the mighty the merciful. Next is Ibrahim alayhis salam,

00:54:23--> 00:54:59

aleikum. nabba Ibrahim, right. And he the same, it starts by him talking about talking with his, with his father and his people. Why are you worshiping what you worship? Okay. And they said, Well, we worship idols, and brought him on Sam says, well, do they hear you? Hello? Yes. morona calm is the rune because Allah hears us. Allah responds to us. These idols don't owe you any rune. They help you benefit you or harm you because Allah benefits and harms. This is well this is what we do. That's what our people did.

00:55:01--> 00:55:44

So Abraham says all of this is in Homer, I do believe they are my enemies in law. But I mean, the only one who is not my enemy is the Lord of the Universe, meaning the only one who will worship is the Lord of the universe. Now check out how beautiful Ibrahim alayhis salam, his description of Allah is. I love you. Hello Connie for Jolla Dean. He is the one who created me and He guides me one Levy, who will you throw money wasting, he gives me food and gives me drink whatever Maria to for who is when he cures me when I am ill when I fall sick. He cures me whenever you need to Nizam machine and he will cause me to die and bring me back to life. And he is the one I hope will forgive

00:55:44--> 00:56:33

me my fault on the Day of Judgment. Look at this. He says he created me. He guides me. He feeds me. He gives me drink. But when I get sick, he cures me. You see that he Ibrahima Salam is associating all good with Allah. And when he falls ill he doesn't associate the illness to Allah even though it happens by Allah is commanded unless permission, but he doesn't associate evil with Allah. And that's what we are taught as believers we don't associate evil to Allah, even though it is Allah's decree, because that creates the sense of ingratitude that how come God did this to me, God made me sick. That creates that resentment.

00:56:34--> 00:56:35

That is what

00:56:36--> 00:56:54

stops a person from being grateful that causes them to forget the blessings that they're enjoying. So you learn that subtlety from Ibrahim Ali Salaam so beautifully he expresses that here, okay. The it speaks about

00:56:56--> 00:56:57

the the

00:57:00--> 00:57:43

it speaks about Ibrahim Allison AMS da O Allah give me a good name among the later generations and make me of those who inherit the gardens of bliss and forgive my father for he is mixed misguided, okay? And do not disgrace me on the day when all people are resurrected. The day when wealth and sons will be of no avail dilemma at Allah have you Calvin Saleem, except for those who comes with to God with a sound heart a very beautiful passage, the day the thing that benefits on the Day of Judgment is not money, or family or connections or your ethnicity, what language you spoke, where you live, what matters what matters is the one who comes to God with have been studying a sound

00:57:43--> 00:58:28

heart a heart that sought him and you know made mistakes but corrected course and spent their life correcting course that is the one who benefits on that day enough either legal American federal meaning I have 103 in certainly there is a sign in that but most of them do not believe and your Lord is the mighty the merciful then the story of no Hallo Salaam is mentioned now there these details are quite you can shall read them on at your own time as one I'll quickly skim through and give you two quick things there. Number one is notice as the story is mentioned, the conclusion of the story

00:58:29--> 00:58:30


00:58:31--> 00:59:05

enough either alika I have American Actor whom many in Nara baccala who IV ISIS or Raheem Sterling, certainly there's a sign in that, but most of them do not believe and your Lord is a mighty and merciful. Okay, you will notice that and I never 121 and I 122 concluding the story of Noah then the story of add, and who begins Okay, and concluding in the same way, right? including in the same way, right here in Iowa number 140 and I 141 in Nevada, Iowa.

00:59:07--> 00:59:45

I 139 in Nevada I have a mechanic for whom meaning in Arabic Allah who realizes over him surely there this is certainly a sign in that but most of them do not believe and your Lord is the Most mighty, the Most Merciful. Okay, mighty in the sense he can punish merciful in the sense he can forgive. Right and that is the perfect balance of the two and then some mood and solid and then loot and his people and then sure a bit and his people nice. All of them begin and end the same way in a few gallica Ira amarkantak

00:59:46--> 00:59:59

Rebecca hula, right, these are the two eyes that repeat throughout. Okay, so that's one thing to notice, like how consistent the style of this surah is very unique in that erotica, IRA or mechanics or name

01:00:00--> 01:00:44

Why not ibaka hula is right, this is a very interesting consistency you will find in the surah. Now what I actually want to share with you also is one other subtlety that you will find. And this is something again we're trying to take like a bird's eye view of the Quran here, okay? Another subtlety you find here is how Allah calls the prophets. Their brother, is Allah whom whom known when their brother Noah said, Will you not fear God? Right? And they will say the same thing in the law. kumaraswamy I mean, I am a trustworthy messenger, so fear God and obey me, right? I'm not asking for any money. My reward is with a my lord Allah gave. Now when,

01:00:45--> 01:00:58

who is mentioned is all of them. Their brotherhood said to them, will you know if your god I am a trustworthy messenger, fear God and obey me? I don't ask you for any money. All right, then is mentioned

01:01:01--> 01:01:37

slowly, and it's the mood denied the messengers, when their brother solly said to them, Well, you know, if your god I am a trustworthy messenger, I fear Allah and follow me. I'm not asking for money, right? The repetition is showing every messenger said the same thing different times they lived, but they all said the same thing. They spoke different languages. But the message was all the same because it was coming from the same Lord, if a home their brother noticed it was their brother nor their brother, who their brother salia their brother, Lupe, all of whom, whom Luton.

01:01:38--> 01:01:55

When their brother Lord said, Will you not fear God, I am a trustworthy messenger fear God and obey me. I don't ask for any money. But look, even Luca sama said, There brother loot. Keep in mind there brother loot is interesting because loot Assad was not ethnically from Sodom and Gomorrah.

01:01:57--> 01:02:18

He was not ethnically the same as the people he was inviting. But he was a brother in humanity. He was a brother in the sense they shared the same city, the same space, they lived in the same place together. So they're brothers in that place that they inhabit, right? It's like, you know, it's like an extended family is a bond that's built.

01:02:19--> 01:02:22

But then look at what Allah mentions schreib

01:02:24--> 01:03:10

got us one acre till more serene. the dwellers of the forest also rejected the messengers, if follow him sure I won a lot of trouble. When sure I've said to them, will you not fear God, not their brothers right? Now. The reason why is every nation before was mentioned as the people of load, the people have no odd some mood by their names or the names associated to their profit. Here, the nation is mentioned as us herbal acre, the dwellers of the forest, and they would worship the forest, they will worship the trees, right, they will think the trees have spirits in them, and they will worship them. So now when they're mentioned, not as their ethnicity or as related to their

01:03:10--> 01:03:37

Prophet, but they're mentioned as by their religion. shrine with Islam is not called their brother then, because he's not their brother in their ship is not a brother in their polytheism is a brother in humanity, brother in ethnicity, but not brother when it comes to shake. That is a bond that we do not accept. And it's a very beautiful, very subtle expression the Quran has.

01:03:38--> 01:04:18

And of course, Reverend Sam says the exact same things as the other prophets. I also want to point out to you something that localism says right because this is a point of contention, the the homosexuality the immorality of it is now a contentious thing. Okay? It could even be considered as hate speech and people will label me a bigot for saying this okay. But look at how not only Salaam is going to speak about this. He says at the turn of the Quran, I mean, Allah Allah mean, do you have all people approach males and this is not just approaching at, you know, at is used for penetrative intercourse. So that's what he's saying. Did you do this? What are the Runa Haleakala

01:04:18--> 01:04:59

Kumara bakuman as logical do you leave your wives with whom your Lord has created who whom your Lord has created for you? But unto Omen I don't. You are transgressing all bounds. They say oh loot if you don't stop. You will be banished. We will kick you out. We will cancel you loot. Right. How interesting. This This thing has you know continued from Sodom and Gomorrah until present day sodomy The same thing is there we will cancel you if you say something about us. Okay? color in niyama liquid mineral Coleen look at what he says he says I am one of those who are pours your ways I find what

01:05:00--> 01:05:01

Do a port,

01:05:02--> 01:05:33

not you, the person is a healer healing the person. He's not healing the individual. He's healing the action. And this is a very subtle, very beautiful way that the Quran explains to us. The how we invite to morality and how we talk about things that the people who don't see eye to eye, here, we don't see eye to eye, when it comes to shake, right? We will not accept it. So we're not going to say yes, we are brothers in check. No.

01:05:34--> 01:05:46

We don't see eye to eye in matters of morality like this one. So we're not going to just accept it and say yes, you know, you do you and we do us, we are going to mention that this is

01:05:48--> 01:06:39

this is something that we don't like we find it to be unacceptable, but not to extend that the the conversation to the individual, not that it becomes hatred, or bigotry. Of course that's never the case. Okay. And that is a very subtle thing you find in the Koran and to conclude the surah inshallah, and for the sake of time, so get I assume is number 213. I number 2013 filata the room Allah he either aka no call any deities besides god bless you encourage punishment. What ended I Sheila tackle a Caribbean and warn your nearest kinsmen? Start with your family first, and then be gentle extend kindness and affection to those of the believers who follow you? But if they obey you

01:06:39--> 01:07:17

say, I know bear respond No, be a bear no responsibility for what you do whatever koalas is Rahim. Put your trust in the mighty, though merciful, because Allah is the mighty, the Merciful. That's the theme you seen throughout the surah put your trust in Him, and He will take care of you. Because he sees you at all times. He is the one who hears and sees. So this is Surah assura. The next one is to animal which we'll shala discuss tomorrow, again to keep the surah together because we're normal extends into the next judge. And it has a very beautiful theme. The theme of

01:07:18--> 01:07:41

the The question is, is there a god besides Allah? Right? And that phrase repeats in the surah. And then the rest of surah gives us examples of Allah's miraculous science. So we want to keep those together. So when we could talk about it all in shots out tomorrow zachman locaton for coming out. I'll see you all tomorrow, same time, same place. So panagia llama hamburger.