Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 23 – L237C

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of silence, including its meaning in personal health and mental health, and the use of words like "we" and "we are" to describe emotions and actions. They also touch on the importance of cooperation between children and parents, the history of Islam, and the loss of people in the pandemic. The speakers stress the need for clear guidance and acceptance in learning and avoiding confusion and mistakes. They also mention the book they were given, which gave them guidance on their beliefs and laws.
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Lesson number 237. So to slough, we'll begin from number 99. Save rahimullah, Sam, when his people tried to kill him, and they were unsuccessful, what happened? He did not stay there anymore. Work harder. And he said in me there he would either be I am going to my Lord. What does it mean by this? I'm going to my Lord.

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This is referring to hijra, do migration

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in me that he won't eat out of the I am going to my Lord meaning to the place where my Lord has commanded me to go. And what place was that?

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a sham Palestine because remember, where was he? Originally from? Iraq, so it neither he born in Arabi, I am going to my Lord to the place which my Lord has commanded me to go, say Dini, He will guide me to tell me what to do. He'll show me the way. He'll guide me, he'll help me. Because remember when a person is leaving something for the sake of Allah, isn't he worried?

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We learned that duck is also an airman. When you leave something for the sake of Allah. Obviously, you're worried what's going to happen. But Ibrahim an s&m? What did he say? Say? Dini? Allah who gave me He will take care of me. He will show me the way he will tell me where to go.

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My future Allah will tell me about it. So what happened? He went to that his tie. And you see at the time of difficulty, what do we say in our LA for in LA he Roger we belong to Atlanta Him we will return. So he said indeed I wanted to be I'm going to my Lord, say Houdini, He will guide me.

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And when he was migrating with him where his wife, Sarah and his nephew, Luther Allison, and at that time, he did not have any children. So he made the love be heavily Minnesota hain, Oh my Lord, grant me from among the righteous, grant me a child who is saw,

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grant me a righteous child who will also carry this mission forward.

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People make many drawers for children, like give me a beautiful child, a very successful child.

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But this is one door that women should make or be heavily genocided. Because silence is one that is right and proper good in physical health, in spiritual health, in mental health in different different ways. Because Salah is what to be good and proper, good and proper in every way. So it's very comprehensive.

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It includes, as I mentioned, your physical health, physical well being spiritual well being mental well being. people pray for smartness for intelligence, for wealth. All of that is included in this talk I'll be having even a Sunday. And this also includes silence meaning one who is a good one who is good at his religion who beat into a mosque

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for Chanel, so we gave him good news of who Ville am in haleem of a boy who is Helene forbearing, who is highly one who has held and held him is the ability to control one's nuts. The ability to control one's anger, the ability to control oneself from reacting when a person has the ability to react. He has the ability to show anger to take revenge, but Helm is what to be able to control when cell phone. So Halem includes patients it includes tolerance, it includes gentleness.

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So if I shall now be a lemon haleem we gave him good news of the haleem boy, and how Halim was he? How tolerant was he? How much could he control himself? This is demonstrated in the following example. Phelim Bella hamara who Surya and who was the son? By the way, it's my honor, isn't it? He was the firstborn of Ibrahim right so he was the eldest of them.

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So when he reached meaning the hilum and Helene is married or innocent. When he reached marabu, with him meeting with Ebola, humorous and Surya, the running What does I mean by this? A Surya. Sorry literally means to walk fast. It's the base between running and normal walking.

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This is why the word sorry is also used for being extremely active and doing something because in this a person is moving fast. He's moving he's proceeding hardly moving speedily.

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So, Phantom, Bella Mara, who Surya Surya refers to the age of sorry, the age of running.

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When a person is old enough to walk with elders.

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You see a five year old if you want to take him with you somewhere

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able to manage many times what happens children? It's difficult for you to take them along for many, many things. But when children become older, like for example 1011 1213, then can they help you with what you're doing? Of course they can. Like, for example, you're in the kitchen, you have a five year old girl, you tell her, can you please put the dishes on the table? She's gonna struggle, isn't it? And you're gonna worry if she's gonna take this plate, what if she drops it?

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Same thing with a six year old, even a two year old. But when a child reaches the age of 1011 1213, then he has the ability to go along with elders. So fella Bella Mara, who, sorry, this is the age of running. And it said that this is the age of either seven or 13. So it's very rare to see them at this time was either seven, or he was 30.

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Because at this age boys, they're able to accompany their fathers.

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And when they're younger 453 do then fathers find it very difficult to take their sons along with them. When they're a bit older. Seven and above, then they find it easier. So Fela Bella Mara who Surya Allah He said Ibrahim I listen I'm setting the sun Yeah, when a year Oh my dear son in the era indeed I saw filmin me in the sleep. When am from the rotators noon well me know is to sleep and manage his moustache, as well as it applies to sleep and also the place of sleeping.

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And also when a person experiences in his sleep, so it can also apply to dreams. So any are awful man and I saw in my sleep, meaning I saw in my dream.

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And remember that the dreams of the prophets, what are they

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always true.

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And if they're showing something in a dream, then it either means that it's a command being given to them, they have to do it.

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Or they're being shown something which is effect by for example, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in his dreams many times he was shown many things.

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So in the often mme, I saw in a dream that any broker that indeed I'm slaughtering you,

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just imagine,

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I saw in my dream that I'm slaughtering you, funds. So look, my that Allah, what do you see? Me? What do you think? What do you think about this dream? What do you think I should do? I saw in my dream that I'm slaughtering you. What do you think? What should I do?

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Why are you doing this? Why is he asking is my return instead of what do you think I should do? What do you think about this? Why is he asking him?

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Because he is mentally preparing him.

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Ibrahim Bredesen knew from that dream that he had to slaughter his son. And alasa panel data had said to him a slim. And what had Ibrahim on Instagram said, a slim to me. So when he said assumed a little bit I mean, that what does it mean? If he even has to slaughter his son, he has to do it.

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So as a father, he knew he didn't have a choice, but at the same time it was his son.

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So how did he convince his son he's asking him, funds are mad at Ah, what do you say about this? caller, he said is married and Sam responded yet over to my father, if not more, just do what you have been commanded.

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Amazing. If I were to do what you have been commanded, Saturday duty, soon you will find me insha Allah, if Allah wills me in a slavery of those who are patient, if Allah wills, not if I want, but if Allah wills, you will find me of those who are patient, those who are steadfast, those who will not turn away.

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Now we see that although the command was clear, but Ibrahim right, Islam still consulted his son, so that his son also accepts the idea of being sacrificed. Because being slaughtered, being killed, your life being taken away is not something small.

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And this shows a very important thing that if you want to mentally prepared anyone for something, ask them for their opinion.

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What do they think about it?

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I remember Somebody once told me that they were given a very important tip, which really helped them that whenever you want somebody to do something, ask them, put the problem before them and ask them, What do you think we should do? Don't tell them I have this work? Would you like to do it? Please do it? No. But the problem before them and ask them? What do you think we should do? And when you present the problem before them, every person thinks I can solve the problem. Isn't this what everybody thinks of themselves? I am the problem solver. I am the best person this is why they're asking me. So when you ask them when you put the problem before them awesome.

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They will suggest, I think I should do it, I can do it. Let me help you with this. So it's one of the best ways of convincing people, but the problem before them and ask them, What do you think?

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Many times women complain, we want to do this. My husband doesn't agree. My husband doesn't want me to my husband is all around. You know, what the best ways. But the problem before the

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first the problem before them and tell them, this is the situation, what do you think we should do? Do you think we should do this? Do you think I could do it? Do you think I could go four days a week, do you think I could go three days a week, put the problem before them and let them solve the problem for you, they'll feel so empowered, honestly, they will. And they will help you, they will cooperate with you. Our problem is that we just go up to someone and we tell them, by the way, this is what's going on. And I'm going to do this. So I won't be seeing you these many days of the week. This is not the way to approach someone, this is not the way of making them agree. The way is that

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you consult them, you make them feel their importance, you make them feel that their say their suggestion their input is necessary. And when you will do that, they will cooperate with you.

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Just imagine giving up your life is not something small. And for someone who is 13 years of age, typically how would a child react?

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How would a child react? Why do I have to suffer because of you? Isn't it? This is what children say? Why do I have to suffer because of your religion? Because of your work? Why do I have to sacrifice many times children don't cooperate with their parents. If a father has to move from one city to another, because of his work, children say, why do we have to see your problem? Why should we have to suffer? But look at the cooperation of this married artist.

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It shows the therapy of the Father, that how the Father has taught him and how he has given him independent thinking that you think you come up with a solution? What do you think we should do?

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Typically, we just tell our children, we just tell young people, this is what has to be done. We like giving orders. But remember, nobody likes to just receive orders. People like to think and many times parents just decide for their children and impose everything on them. And children don't like it. Not even one little bit, isn't it?

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If you put the problem before the child, he will decide himself. Sometimes, even to the extent that what should a child where or what should a teenager where even this parents are deciding for them. We're going here, this is what you're going to wear and you have to wear only this Okay, which is two years old, three years old, four years old, understandable, but after that, give them some freedom. let them choose for themselves, let them decide.

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And once you let them decide, then only they will be able to decide when you are not there.

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Otherwise, how will their mind work? So this is very important when we're dealing with other people whether they're younger than us, or they're older than us or they're of the same age as ours, the same status as ours. If you want someone to agree with you, what should you do? let them decide what the problem before them and let them decide.

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incidence meriam is 5455 we learn what could fail kitabi is Mary inna who can asakawa de la Canada suelen every year and mentioned in the book is Maria indeed he was true to his promise which promise strategy dooney insha Allah who in a slavery

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and he was a messenger and a prophet. What kind of yet more Hello bisland it was a catty corner in dark humor Leah and he was to his Lord, pleasing. So it's my reader. So he said to his father, yeah, buddy, if I were to do what you have been commanded, so did you do any insha Allah give me a Slovenian. You will find me of those who are patient if Allah wills

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and this also reflects the training that his mother had given.

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Because think about it, where was Ibrahim Renison in Palestine? And where was this my return incident in Makkah and Ibrahim al Islam he traveled back and forth many times. But remember his miter saw was very young he was still an infant when Ibrahim reticent and had to leave.

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Now imagine differently. What would a mother do? In the position of how to what would a mother do? She would raise her child with some bias against her father. I have done everything for you. Your father never even changed one diaper.

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I used to take you I used to feed you is do everything for you. And children. They grow up with a bias with some dislike against their father. This is not right. Have you understood the mission of her husband the responsibility of her

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husband, she accepted it and her husband sacrificed and she sacrificed when she sacrificed. Look, a person goes for over a person goes for Hajj. What does he have to do? Sorry, the same sorry that hasn't had to do.

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So look how Allah appreciated her efforts as well. And look at the obedience with which she raised her child, that he is so obedient to his father. He's so obedient to his Lord.

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fella slimmer. And then when they had both submitted who Ibrahim and is married both the Father and the Son submitted to do a loss of the Father submitted he handed over his son to Allah and the son. He handed over his life to a fella Astana, both submitted. What hello and he laid him down the hill from the youth center, Stan lamb lamb tell, which is to put someone face down on the air, with their forehead touching the earth. So he turned him upside down in order to slaughter him because if he was facing up then imagine you're looking at one another, it would be so difficult. So he laid him upside down what alone he laid him little jabeen on the fourth

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LG Venus on the roof Hatteras, GmbH. Debian is the side of the forehead, one side of the forehead, and the plural of Debian is dooba dooba, whom we have read this word into Toba? What is it for heads? So jabeen is the side of the forehead. If you divide your head into two and you have one right side and your left side, right, so chubbiness one side, right side or left side. So what Allah hulan jabeen he laid him on the forehead.

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And then he was about to pass the knife. And what happened when they know who and we called him? And that, yeah, Ibrahim or Ibrahim.

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He was about to pass the knife over the neck of his son. Both had submitted and almost Pandora called out Yeah, Ibrahim podocyte. Dakota row. Yeah, you have fulfilled the vision you have fulfilled the dream, meaning the command that you were given, you have already fulfilled how, although he did not complete the slaughter, but the fact that he was ready, the fact that his son was ready, the fact that he was holding the knife and he was about to pass it, what does it show? He had completely submitted to Allah. That was sufficient. Dr. ruja in academic energies in worsening indeed, thus do We reward the mercy of those who are virtuous? Those who sacrifice for the sake of

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Allah? How, how is it that Allah subhanaw taala rewards them that he removed the distress, he made a way out?

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You understand? He made a way out. That Ibrahima center is smart enough to center we're in a very difficult position.

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On one side is a command of a law.

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On the other side, it's your family. It's your child, it's your life.

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When a person is ready to give up anything for the sake of Allah, then Allah makes a way out for him.

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Ibrahim is married or a Muslim, they were ready to give up everything for the sake of Allah. They showed it they proved it. But what happened? Allah subhanaw taala replaced his murder listening with a ram or just like Dr. Roja in academic and university. This is how the more sedena rewarded, that Allah makes a way out for them.

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So remember, when you're stuck, when you're in a dilemma in a difficult situation? On one side is a command of Allah. On the other side? Is that what you love? Go for what?

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What should you go for? Command of Allah, and Allah will make a way out for you.

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He will make a way out for you. But if you think oh, it's impossible, it's unrealistic. There's no way I can do it. If you think like that, then how would a lawmaker weigh out for you? in academic and adjusted merci Nein, in the head, Allahu Allah, Allah Almighty. Allah himself says that, indeed, this was a clear trial. Clearly, it was a test. It was a huge test. There's no doubt about it. It was a clear test. But what happened both of them successfully passed it was a day now who and we ran some Team B division away with a great slaughter today. Now who said earlier video? What does video mean? ransom. So for the now who we ransomed, who is married or an incident hvidovre in our lane

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with a great slaughter? What does it mean by this great slaughter? depend Arlene refers to the land that replaced is married.

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So he was rescued by a lamb that substituted in his place. So if a day now we'll be living in our lane with a great slaughter. What's our aachener ladyfinger

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Sitting and we left for him among later generations meaning again for his married area center, although he's gone, but his name, his praise lasts still today. Good memories are there till today without luck now on a given Earth in in, in Sharla 8485 we learned

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that Ibrahim already said he made there our jolly designer so you can fill it in with journeymen water, 30 genitourinary, and grant me a reputation of honor among later generations, and place me among the inheritors of the garden of pleasure. So what the Lochner Lady for ismar 11 sm and also Ibrahim Renison in the later generations they were praised. Allah says Allah when Allah Ibrahim, peace be upon Ibrahim gallican edges in mercy dusted we recommend the doers of good in the home and everybody, meaning indeed he was of our believing servants just as who was knew had a sinner. And how did Allah reward him for this great sacrifice for this great submission that will be shown now

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who is how can it be Yemenis sila hain and we gave him good news of who is how and is how another son Nabhi a prophet and ultimate aside hain Ibrahim said amid drought I'll be heavily mean a significant loss of Pandora gave him of those who are slowly he will battle canal la he and we blessed him who Ibrahim la Santa where Allah is help and also his help woman Zulu Yeti Hema and from their offspring is worse than they were good. We'll go on in windy nuptse movie and one who does wrong on himself one who does lol on himself movie clearly.

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So from the descendants of his haircut s&m came two types of people, those who are more sin and those who determine themselves how do they determine themselves by disobeying Allah by turning away from the commands of Allah by not giving preference to Allah. So we see that although this refers to the Bani Israel in particular because that was the descendants of his hacker listener. But in this is a great lesson for us. Where do we fall within

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the recitation of this is and then we'll continue to

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work on it.

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Me no Swami.

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is upon me.

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What up? I do my Nana musawah Harun and we did certainly confer favor upon Musa and Harun are they you must send them

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In the previous I add who was mentioned Ibrahim right his son and his son is my reader and I said him and after that also is have our listener

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and from the descendants of Abraham, Hassan was Musa and heroine from the Bani Israel. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions them know

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what other manana and certainly We bestowed favor manana from the roof hunters meme new noon. And man is to show a favor to someone but in particular, it is to show a huge favor to someone. Because from the same root is the word a man or M net, which is the name of a very heavy load, just as we have a kilogram, right. Similarly, in the Arabic language, we have a man or a net from the same root letters mean noon, noon, and it's used for a very heavy load. So from that man is used for a huge a big favor. So my Nana, We bestowed a huge favor and what was his huge favor and Moosa and Harun

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on both of them exclusively. of prophethood because this favor is not bestowed to everybody.

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There are only some people, only a few individuals who are bestowed this huge favor.

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Wanna j now Houma and we save them to meaning both Musa and Harun Acoma, Houma and also the people of them to who were their people.

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The bunny is what you sow them as well as their people. All were saved by Allah from what Miguel Karabiner Aleem from the great affliction. We have read this word earlier as well as COVID. Arlene the great affliction in the case of new nslm what was el COVID? Arlene?

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One was the opposition of his people, right? The disbelief of his people, because they've disbelief for a very long time. And the longer the disbelief, the heavier it is for the messenger, the more difficult it is upon the messenger.

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And secondly, I'll Kirby Robin for new horizon and what was it

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the distress of drowning, dying by drowning so Allah subhanaw taala saved him and his or her from that.

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And over here we see that Al COVID Arlene was also used for musang heroin. So what was the COVID Arlene that they were saved from?

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First of all, fit our owns persecution, because remember that fit our own head enslave the bunny Islam

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and he hadn't just enslaved them but he tormented them he tortured them to various ways. First of all through hard labor,

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then by killing the boys and by keeping the women alive, so the women were extremely vulnerable. The entire race was as though being completely finished from the surface of the earth. So I'll COVID Arlene refers to fit her owns persecution of the Bani Israel

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because it was there for a very long time remember, when was that is that um game fit our own set that we will kill the sons of Bani Israel again. So what did the Bani Israel say Tucson is to them the Diamond Club, we were hurt before you came and we are hurt even after you have come.

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So imagine for how long the persecution, the enslavement, the torture must have continued. Because musala cerami video of a prophet At what age at the age of 40 typically that's when the messengers of Allah receive Prophethood.

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Now imagine when Musa was born at that time, the sons of Bani Israel were being killed. And he came after 40 years as a prophet. So imagine 40 years of torture. And this is just what we know of a long island. What happened before Mossad is when I was born, and after he came still, there was a lot of torture, a lot of persecution of the Bani Israel. So I'll come in earlier is the distress that the bunny Israel suffered at the hands of fitter own

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just because they were believers, and especially after Masada said I'm game fitter only intensified his oppression of buddy Islay so carbon or lean refers to that.

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And secondly, carbon or lean also refers to

00:29:12 --> 00:29:14

drowning widow

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within our own industry, because remember what happened when we saw this and then approach the sea with the bunnies right a las panatela commanded him to throw his staff and as a result the sea parted into to the Bani Israel safely cross the sea. And what happened afterwards when for their own game.

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The sea closed in upon him and his army and as a result they were destroyed. So we see that for the people of North Dallas and I'm also uncovered Arlene was drowning

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and for the people of Iran also what is uncovered Arlene drowning

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because it is a very great distress

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because a person feels extremely helpless, extremely helpless.

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Hello, are you

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have experienced this perhaps if you've ever gone swimming or in the shower, and what happens as the water comes onto your face onto your face you're unable to read some people are unable to put their head underwater because if you suffocate it,

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children are afraid that the water is poured directly over their heads even when the hair is being shampooed. Why? Because water coming onto your eyes onto your nose onto your face. It's very suffocating.

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And imagine a person dies like this. When it janeane humo como momento COVID. Arlene, this was a great favor of Allah what are some now home and we supported them we help them a lot helped will start a setup and also how are they set up against you for their own and his people for candles so they were homeowner Holly been, they were the ones who were victorious, not fit our own and his people.

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Just imagine the power and the authority that fit our own head and compare that to the weakness of the Bundesliga.

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But it's amazing how the very Israel were saved and fit our own and his entire nation destroyed finished. How is it possible by chance no one so now we help them It seemed almost impossible for Bani Israel to ever be released of that enslavement to ever come out of that torture.

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Because it had been so long and for their own was extremely powerful and extremely tyrannical as well. So the fact that they were saved, what does it show? Allah help them

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and then this is great hope for all those people who are suffering difficulty in the way of them that no matter what difficulty a person is going through, if Allah helps a person, then a person is successful. One is on now who knew who will hollaby

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what attina whom and we gave them to Musa and one both were given Al Kitab al musta been the clear scripture, the explicit scripture.

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Notice the word is Mr. Bean, and this is from the mustard. What's the most look? is Stephen? Okay, this is bad is different. And as we have learned earlier, the vibe is different and gives the meaning of seeking as well as

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mubadala. What are the Where did we learn from that is different, which gives the meaning of Kabbalah?

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Yes, that's very good. That Yes, Harmon just mark. And yes, does he want to exaggerate in market?

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So similarly over here will be clear, but must have been extremely clear, explicit, very clear. So what book was this that was around we're given the Torah. And how was it Mr. V, that it was clearly understandable.

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The message of that book was clear. There was absolutely no doubt about it. It was an enlightening scripture. The messages of that book were not ambiguous. No, they were clear. And the book guided them with regards to their beliefs and also with regards to shady or rulings of shady or what to do the laws as well the decrees as well.

00:33:14 --> 00:33:45

Like for example, Mossad Isn't he brought the 10 commandments as well. Now imagine that we're given the commands, how in clear form 10 commandments is 10 things you have to observe? How much clearer could it be? Think about it? How much clearer could it be? So they were given a key table musta been inserted into a 44 we learn in and Zenda Terada who didn't want to do that, indeed, We sent down the total in which was guidance and also like,

00:33:47 --> 00:34:14

insert the such the ayah 23 why Nakata Athena woosehill kita falletta confy Maria t Malika what's your Allahu who then live in Israel a guide for the Bani Israel you inserted an arm I 154 so Martina moussaka Dabba de man and Island lady Asana. What have Sweden Nicola Shay. How is it described? Duff's Lena licola shy explanation for everything that the buddy Israel needed to know?

00:34:16 --> 00:34:19

Well, who didn't wash mutton and a guide and also a mercy

00:34:21 --> 00:34:31

in throttle MBA 48. Allah subhanaw taala describes the book as Al Furqan criteria, worldly and an allied with a claw and a reminder. Lil McDuffie

00:34:32 --> 00:34:59

in sort of Baccarat is 53. Again, it's mentioned us for corn. And over here it's described as allocatable. Mr. Bean, because it guided them with regards to every aspect of their life. Any instruction they needed, it was in the book mentioned very clearly, so that they will not be in confusion. Where are they now Houma, and we guided them to a slit off on was the theme on the straight path will sign out on both of them were upon what

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

For a lot of stuff in the right, the right way, and that is what they should do their people as well. And that is the way of every messenger just as we learned in sort of the scene in nucca. I mean, mousseline, Allah, Seraphin was takim What are aachener la humor? And we left for them both, both Musa and Harun Allah subhanaw taala left for them feel sad in the later generations left What?

00:35:28 --> 00:36:14

sent out what hasn't? Good praise good mentioned good memories, that the later generations they remember Musa and Harun in good terms? How that if you look at it, later generations includes Muslims, Christians, Jews, and besides them as well, so many people, they remember musasa how are they sort of their efforts, their sacrifices, their words, their guidance, their instruction? What Soraka is a human Earth hearing. So they were mentioned in good terms and spoken of highly? And how are they praised, as most closely as many as much sinning? Allah says Allah when Allah Moosa will have peace be upon Musa and also held

00:36:15 --> 00:36:25

in Liga legends in merci Nene. Indeed, We thus reward the doors of good, what was their accent? What was the acceptable silence? 11 humbleness?

00:36:27 --> 00:36:30

Allah subhanaw taala defines them as were Sunni. So what was there?

00:36:32 --> 00:36:38

their patience, their persistence, their steadfastness? Did they give up? They did not give up.

00:36:39 --> 00:37:09

Just think about it. How difficult it must have been for them to go to film. Just imagine mozarella seven when he left Egypt? Was he guilty of a crime? Yes. Was he of those who were wanted? Yes. And if he was seen, would he be killed? Of course. But still a lot of paradata sent him and he went. One is the command of Allah. And the other is what you think is good for you.

00:37:10 --> 00:37:21

Just as Ibrahim has said, and one was a command of a man, on the other hand was his own son. But we see that your son is what that you obey Allah. You do what Allah is telling you to do.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:36

Even if it seems very difficult, even if it seems impossible, even if it means you're inviting a lot of danger, a lot of harm. But when a person obeys Allah, then Allah helps him. Allah honors him.

00:37:38 --> 00:37:43

Just imagine musasa Coronavirus Allah, if they did not become prophets of Allah, would they be remember?

00:37:44 --> 00:37:54

Imagine most artists have escaped. He went to Medina slip like an ordinary person died or they're finished? Would he be remembered today? No.

00:37:55 --> 00:38:06

But when Allah commanded him, he accepted his command, he went, look at how he is remembered today. And look at how the course of history was changed. The entire Bunny is right, you were saved.

00:38:08 --> 00:38:14

Because sometimes we think, Oh, it's not fun. I don't have to, you know, I have a choice. Let me just take it easy upon myself.

00:38:15 --> 00:38:23

But the thing is that when a person accepts a challenge, then it's a means of elevating his ranks. It's a means of coming closer to Allah.

00:38:24 --> 00:38:57

We think religion is all about ease, convenience, you know, taking it all easy, not taking any challenges. Know, when a person takes a challenge, only then he can excel only then he can go higher. And if we take it easy all the time, then we'll have nothing to show. When can a person do your son when he accepts a challenge? In NACA Delica, Nigel Merson, this is how we reward them. We're sinning in the humor. Indeed, there were many bad in many of our believing servants.

00:38:59 --> 00:39:01

Because when a person has a man in his heart,

00:39:02 --> 00:39:08

then that light of demand that fire of him and it doesn't let him stay. But it doesn't let him stay still.

00:39:09 --> 00:39:21

He excels. He goes further. In the whole moment, everybody knows what meaning they were believing servants and that belief. It led them to great sacrifices, it led them to great achievements.

00:39:22 --> 00:39:36

So when the light of Eman has truly entered a person's heart, then he wants to do something he wants to accomplish something. And then when Alice command comes when a challenge comes, he accepts it. And then he accepts.

00:39:38 --> 00:39:39

We'll listen to the recitation.

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Jane, Jaina

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Reba Dena Mimi

00:40:45 --> 00:40:53

panicle law will be Hansika Mashallah La ilaha illa Anta, Luca wanna tobradex Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

As-Saffat 75-122 Tafsir 114-122

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