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As-Saffat 75-122 Tafsir 75-113

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Lesson number 237. So to solve that, and number 75, do 91 100 and a new one, and no had certainly called us find a near multiple Mooji Boone and we are the best of responders. How excellent were we? They hear of prayer meaning the one who responded to His Torah when Nakata, Nadella new nandana from NIDA and what does that mean to call out to someone? How loudly and when this word is used for the out? What does it show, out of desperation into that a person is constantly calling upon Allah soprano that desperately This is how he called upon Allah, he called for help. Well according Adana, New Haven, new Hello Sam called upon who Allah for help. He did not call upon others, but rather he

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called upon Allah for Allah nierman big boon. So look how excellent Elijah boon, those who respond and would you want this is in Florida, although it's referring to a loss of hand data why, for the purpose of royalty for the purpose of majesty, that how excellent we are as responders, how best Allah soprano data is, as one who responds for the nierman witchiepoo.

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There is a great lesson in this for us know how to center when he called Allah subhanaw taala. Allah accepted his application, he accepted his door. And when is it that new medicine I made there are two of them after he stayed among these people for a very, very long time. And you know how long that time is 950 years. And he stayed in them constantly calling them to the worship of Allah alone. But the more he calls them, the more they increased in their disbelief. The more they turned away from him in sort of new hire five to six we learned a lot of be in need to call me Laila and one of her fellow Musee. To whom Dora he in furor. He said, My Lord, indeed, I invited my people to truth,

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night and day,

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night and day he called people, but my invitation increased them not except in flight, the more I call them, the more they ran away from me. So what happened then, when he called the people publicly secretly, night and day and still there was no positive response. Then he prayed to Allah. He prayed to Allah for help. We learned into a new higher 27 that he made there are that in NACA into the home, you live lewrie burger. Well, I really do Ls agilon cassava. Indeed, if you leave these people they will mislead Your servants and they will not give birth except to every wicked one. And disbeliever This is going to be the future of people if you let these people live, that the future

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generations will be a wicked once disobedient once disbelievers. Interest O'Connor is number 10. We learn further out of Bahu a name of luban son Dustin. So he invoked his Lord that indeed I am overpowered. So help me.

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This is the first lesson we learned how to remain firm, that a person must call upon who? Allah He should make dua to Allah because it was a lot of fun and nierman would you vote he's the best of those who respond. This is a fact Eliza best of those who respond at times of difficulty you can call upon many, but the only one who can help you the only one who can respond to you. The only one who can help you truly fulfill your need is who Allah soprano.

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So gain your strength, gain your sex business from who Allah guarantee him, ask him for help.

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What was the draw of new health center? Instead of new hire 26 we learn what color no one a new set of billet other Ll Earth liminal Katharina the year that oh my lord Do not leave upon the earth from among the disbelievers and inhabitant. Don't even leave one disbeliever alive on the surface of the earth. This is a door that he made, was it fulfilled? Yes, it was because Allah says but a near Mooji boon, Allah is the excellent one who responds wanna Jaina? Who and we saved him, what Allah Who? and also his family, mineral COVID Arlene from the great affliction. This is how Allah responded to his daughter that Allah saved him and also his family. From what from the great

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distress. Welcome is from the roof letters. kathrada and comm is Hamas.

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The extreme distress, it is such distress that almost suffocates a person basically covers the opposite of sorrow, sorrow is what spaciousness vastness you can breathe, you have space. But COVID is that you are extremely distressed you cannot even read. It says though you are being suffocated. There's anxiety there's unrest there sorrow, there's worry, there's concern, apprehension, a person is worried a carpenter Aleem. Now what was this carburetor, Arlene COVID are leamas understood in two ways. That first of all, it refers to the opposition, that new hardness and phase from his people for how long 950 years.

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Just imagine somebody opposes you not for a day or two.

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They speak up against you not for a day or two. But for 950 years.

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We go to a wedding for three hours. And we feel that everybody is looking at us with those eyes. Everybody's upset. Everybody's saying negative things to us. And we feel as though that's it. It's the end of COVID. Arlene what was new hedis and AMS COVID, earline 950 years.

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And Allah saved him from that. Also it has been said that Al COVID Arlene, it refers to drowning the flood, a lot of

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because how did the last panel data save him and his followers, how that they were on the ship. And the rest of the people that were destroyed by a flood. Dying by drowning is of the worst types of death. Because a person sees his death. He cannot breathe, he suffocates to the death itself is painful. But if a person is dying by drowning, just imagine all the water is coming in. He's unable to breathe. Gradually he loses his senses. He wants to cough out he wants to read these gasping for air, but he's unable to do that. So this was a little bit of a last panel data saved him and his uncle from that. And just imagine the water was flowing from below. pouring from above a new hardest

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dilemma the videos were sailing on the ship on waves that were sizes of mountains. And just imagine they watched all the people that houses the animals and so many things drown and finish and those who were drowned. They were immediately entered into the Hellfire incident new higher 25 we learn mimma huddly adding him over here cofa Odyssey Luna Farah Mia, doula, hoomin Dune la ansara because of their sins, they were drowned and put into the fire. And they found out for themselves besides Allah, any helpers. So Allah subhanaw taala saved him and his or her from drowning, from punishment from this great affliction from the great flood. And Allah also rescued them from the other of his

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people. The hurt the opposition of his people that he suffered for 950 years.

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Now, a person who is calling people to Allah, what would distress him when people don't positively respond? This is why we learned about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam as well. What was this date for Allah Allah? here on nepsac Allah?

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This is why so many times in the Quran, the Prophet Solomon is and Mr. Latta has an Allah him Don't grieve over them in different different ways the prophets of Allah cinemas door, don't grieve, don't grieve, don't be sad, we will take care.

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Because for a diary, the one who was calling people to Allah when people don't respond, it hurts him. It distresses him. So this was Al COVID, leave. And Allah saved him from that.

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Allah saved him from that.

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And over here is who does this refer to? Is it just as family?

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No, it's those people who believed in him, those people who followed him because his wife and his one son did not believe in him. What do we learn in solitude when the son of new hairless and I'm drowned? He made the route to Allah. And what it allows parents to say to him in the hood lays them in a lake is not from your family. As for his wife, we learned that somewhere in the Quran that the wife of new Hardison and the wife of Lutheranism for HANA Tahoma, they both did Fianna to their husbands and what was a fan of gopher?

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So what Gina who I know who I have over here refers to his followers, those who are up on his Dean, including some of his family members, all of them were saved. Meanwhile, COVID Arlene from the great distress, what you're gonna do the yetta who, and we made his descendants whose descendants, the descendants of new Renaissance. They were made Homer Bertie. There were those

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Remaining Albertine florala their pain from the Tetris bear coffea. What does it mean to remain to last betting, those who remain those who survive those who lost those who continue to be? So it was his progeny. It was his children. It was his descendants, who were the survivors, and everyone else was destroyed. This is why all human beings descended from who knew her lesson. And this is the reason why he's also known as Adam musante. The second because it is said that new Harrison had four sons, one of them, he was destroyed in the flood. The three of them who survived who were the one his name was Sam seen a live meme. And it is said that he was the ancestor of Arabs, Persians and

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Romans. It was his descendants, who were the Arabs, Persians and Romans,

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third son of new Hollister, and his name was

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and he was the ancestor of the Africans. The fourth son of new Harrison, and his name was, yes. Yeah, I live first. Yes. And he was the ancestor of Dirks. It's also said that he do general Deuter also from his descendants. So what's your another reata, homall, Burkean, all of the human beings that came after New Harrison, they were from his sons, his progeny, his descendants. And it's also said that it was your another realtor who who will be working. What this means is that his zariya remained. And it was from his progeny. It was from his descendants, that the profits came.

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Because along with new hairless lamb, there were some other believers who survived as well. And just as New Horizons children, they had children a lower than the other people, their descendants must have continued as well. their progeny must have continued as well. So some scholars have said that what it means by Albertine is that Prophethood came from who from the descendants of new heresy

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just as Ibrahim right escena Allah tada chosen, isn't it? So Prophethood came from who his progeny from Bani Israel and Benny is married. And before Ibrahim Harrison, who was a new instructor headed I am number 26. We learned what are called Oksana new Han were able on Hema, which are under a fee to the Yeti human Nobu water wells kita This is also supported by the Quran this opinion that we sent knew how to serve and Ebrahim really serve as messengers. And we placed in their descendants Prophethood and scripture.

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So yes, there were some people who survived about 80 who survived the flood. But it was only from the children of know how to sell them. That profit scheme. So Abraham or the center was of the descendants of who knew what your analogy yetta who, whom will Berkey

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Water aachener la he and we'll have for him, Phil, serene among later generations. What did we leave for him? That's not mentioned over here. But it's understood. And what does that say that would have been fair praise, good praise.

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That although he is gone, but still, he is mentioned in good terms. He is described in good terms today. What's our aachener la you we left for him? favorable mention good memories fair praise, Phil atherina in the later ones meaning in the people who will come later on. And clean refers to all the people until the day of judgment.

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So this shows to us that our last panels are preserved for new listener sent out with Hasson among the later communities until the day of judgment. If you think about it, know her Listen, I was a messenger a very, very long time ago.

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Because it was very early on the shift began. And Alice pantalla sent new Fantasyland as a messenger. And after the Great Flood, you can imagine everything was destroyed. If the people perished along with them, their houses, their architecture, whatever art whatever traditions they had, even that was finished.

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Because when a flood comes, it doesn't just kill people, what does it destroy, as well? Everything else? Whether it is furniture, or it is artwork, or it is literature, anything that people have floodwaters, they destroy everything. So you can imagine the entire civilization. It was finished. And the people they had to start everything from scratch. But despite that, what do we learn? Allah subhanaw taala preserved the name of new

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all those people who oppose him. Do we know

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Their names? No. Do we know about their civilization? Do we know about their culture? about their traditions? We don't know. All we know is that they were mushrikeen That's it. But who do we know about from all those people knew Hennessy. We know about his story. We know about his characteristics. He was of the Muslim clean. We know of his mission, his work, how long he lived for what all he did. So what do we see here? that whoever Allah chooses for his Deen his work? He also preserves his name. He also preserves for him a good mention what are aachener la he fell asleep cellar when I learned new Han PSP upon new filler al amin among the world's mean a loss of personal

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data is telling a seller when Allah May peace be upon you, Phil al amin among the world's meaning among all the people of the world's new heartless enough he was chosen among all the people out of all people he was chosen and alasa panels artists and send them on him in destiny once and I'm his dad which people will receive were

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and the other is Salaam that people get Indonesia

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and there are very few who get Salaam from Allah Indonesia

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in general we know Salah one coulomb Eva Rahim

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but Indonesia very few people get Salaam directly from Allah. And new Hydra Salim is one of them. Institute I have 48 Laws of Power Tara says do a new b2b send me Mina webinar Catan alayka y la mmmm America it was said oh no disembark from the ship. insecurity from us, and blessings upon you and upon nations descending from those with you.

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The new hotness around when he descended from the ship. Allah subhanaw taala since Anam on him, this is why he was saved. And those who were with him were also safe and secure.

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in Qatar Liga legends in worsening indeed we does reward the doors of good meeting Yes, new credit center. He wasn't. He wasn't mersin but this is not limited to new.

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If anyone does what new Hello Sam did, he will get the same just from Allah.

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But what's the condition? He has to do with new harness? What is it that new heinessen and

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he remained firm, he called people to Allah, he did not give up. Although the experience became an COVID arleen for him, but he did not give up. And he called upon who Allah in academic energies is mercy, the one who sacrifices for the sake of Allah, the One who remains firm for the sake of Allah, Allah does not waste his efforts. He does not waste his efforts. He preserves his name, he preserves his work. He makes him successful in psychedelic energies in myrcene, in nahu, indeed, he mean everybody knows what meaning he was of our believing servants knew her that center, he was of those servants of Allah who are believers. He believed in Allah,

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other many people who believe in Allah.

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But how is the man of new hermeticism? Different? Why does the loss of parents artists specifically mentioned that he was of our believing servants? Why is this mentioned in particular over here?

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I mean, it's understood he was a believer. Why is this mentioned in the human or Eva? Mini? Why is this quality highlighted over here? Isn't it the first quality that a person should have? So why is it highlighted over here? What was so special about his belief

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that he did not give up? because of the pressure of his people, even after 950 years? People were mocking at him, they were opposing you. But still, he did not give up and what does that show the sincerity of his faith? The conviction he had the commitment that he showed 950 years. That's a huge commitment.

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his belief was true. He had conviction he had to clean. And remember he man is not just about saying that you believe right? It's about showing it as well. He showed it he proved it. How? Through his struggle. When he called people to Allah, he did not give up. And when he found a difficult he turned to Allah

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in the home and every bed dinner mini in some Hurry, then we drowned the others, the others, meaning the disbelievers from among his nation, they were drowned, they were finished, and there was no trace left of them at all. And in this incident, there is a lesson for all of us, that the outcome of those people who believe in Allah, who trust in Allah, who do their son

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who sacrificed for the sake of Allah who don't give up for the sake of Allah, those who are the chosen servants of Allah, their outcome is different from the outcome of who? Those who turn away from

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New Hennessy. Allah preserved his name and the rest of the people

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drowned, finished.

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They were finished. So the outcome is different.

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We listen to the recitation of these ideas and then we'll continue the lesson.

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The Watchtower?

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Feel free

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in dementia TV, and indeed among his Guiding Light evil are he was surely Ibrahim reticent

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of his guide was also Ibrahim reticent although Ibrahim Hassan came many many years ago, but he was very similar to new heinessen.

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The word Shira is from newsletters, Shania Twain, and she literally means a party, a group of people, adherents of a particular faith of a particular belief followers of a particular faith. So what's in them and share it and indeed from his Shira from his group, was Ibrahim Raisa, leading among his kind, he was like him. He had the same fate. He adhere to the same religion knew her SNM he was a movement in Allah. Ibrahim arrested him he was also a movement in

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what in them and share it like

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it is that there was a difference of about 2000 years between New harvest and m&a Blahyi medicine and between them came several profits which is good earnings and I'm slowly listener. But still, Ibrahim realism he was also Martin min McCullough, what does it show to us? What lesson is there in this for us?

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1000s of years may have passed by centuries may have passed by. But just because years and years have gone by doesn't mean the same cannot be done.

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Doesn't mean a person cannot have human doesn't mean a person cannot do their son doesn't mean a person cannot remain steadfast. No, he can think about it in 2000 years. May things change, traditions change, culture changes, geography changes literally

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everything changes in 2000 years. So imagine do 1000 years later Ibrahim or s&m game, but still Allah says we're in them and cheer to hear that you've Rahim

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can we also be of the same share of the same group we can be provided that we fulfill these conditions as well. We do the same that they did is a robber who when he came to his Lord because been sunny with a sound heart leaning mentioned remember Ibrahim when he came to his Lord with a sound heart.

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urban setting, you know is a heart that is saline meaning safe and sound, safe and sound from what?

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From doubts, from anything that is not right from any blemish from any imperfections. What does it mean by that, that Calvin Saleem has a heart that is pure of any doubt, a heart that is not impaired by shank gopher sin, nor by any weakness of faith, free from any false beliefs or any bad characteristics or any worldly love? This is the kind of heart that Ibrahim

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insert many of if 41 Allah subhanaw taala says about Ibrahim Hassan what could fill kitabi Ibrahim in the who Cana Cydia Carnaby yeah indeed he was a man of truth. And the Prophet

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is Connolly Avi he will call me he remember when he said to his father and to his people murder terrible dude. What is it that you worship? He did not blindly follow. rather he questioned. He used his mind. It's all early

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The he will call me Mazda turbo Don, what is it that you worship? Instead of Marie Maya 42 we learned is orderly A B, when he said to his father Yeah, of a T, limiter, boo, malaise, Maru la basura, la linea and kashaya.

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All my father, why do you worship that which does not hear and does not see and will not benefit you at all? Why do you worship that? Over there we learn that he asked his father over here we learned that he asked his father and will call me he, he asked his people as well. But he began From who?

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His father? Because how should a person start? Well ended our Sheila taka carabin start from your family.

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And remember, this is one of the ways of remaining From where do you we were having a discussion on how to remain firm it is by telling your family members telling them what you have found what you believe what you have found in the Quran. Because you have changed when you learnt so you cannot expect them to change without having them learn. So you have to share your beliefs with them as well. You have to tell them as well. They have a right. So if rahima escena. He didn't just talk bad about his father, what did he do? He went and spoke to his father. Again, he didn't just talk bad about his people saying that, oh, they're a stray? They're going to hellfire. What did he do? He

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went and spoke to them.

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So it's only a B he will call me he made a terrible dude. What is it that you worship? And he made them think? Think about it, what is it that you're worshiping? If going early happen is a falsehood as God's doing Allah He besides a lot duty doing you desire?

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If can if because what alive?

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And the word if, as opposed to cut it or any other word denotes the worst kind of like, Why? Because if you turn something around from its original direction, reality is something else and you've distorted it.

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So if kind of early happen, is it lies early Hatton, as Gods do a lot of besides a lot to reduce your intent, your desire, if over here refers to *.

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What does it refer to? Should? polytheism? So what does it show to us? That shake is what? It's a fabrication. It's falsehood. Lies, it's all lies. So if gun is a falsehood, le Hatton as Gods Do not lie to you, do you worship other gods besides Allah? And these gods? What are they a fabrication and invention? So polytheism is a falsehood. It's fabricated, by misguided minds? Somehow, one no come? Then what is your thought? Bill up Bill alameen, about the Lord of the worlds, he makes some Thank

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you, you're going after false gods. You're going after gods that you have invented yourself, idols that you have made yourself. And there's nothing about them except lies, meaning there's no reality to them, except that they are false. When you have done this, then what do you think about the Lord of the worlds? For now one local, what is your opinion? What do you think about Bill bill me? What does it mean by this? We can understand this in many ways. First of all,

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you have made so many gods and you're worshipping them.

00:28:38--> 00:28:47

What do you think about the Lord of the worlds? The creator of everything? The owner of everything? Don't you think he alone deserves worship?

00:28:49--> 00:29:13

You understand the way he's approaching it? from Allah No, comparable me? What do you think about him? Don't you think he alone deserves worship? Don't you think that he is the only true God? these gods that you prostrate before they are in if you have made them up yourself? And the Lord of the worlds? What do you think about him? Isn't he the only true Illa? familiar one Nakamura? bellami.

00:29:15--> 00:29:52

We can also understand this in another way. That what do you think about the Lord of the worlds? That when you have worship other than Him? Do you think he will leave you without punishment? Aren't you afraid of it? Don't you fear him? Aren't you concerned that when He is the Lord of the worlds, and you have invented so many gods and you prostrating before them bowing down before them, offering sacrifice before them? You think the Lord of the worlds will leave you? Aren't you afraid of it? Aren't you concerned about your end? When you will meet him? Will he not punish you?

00:29:54--> 00:29:58

So he is warning them and at the same time he's making them think

00:30:00--> 00:30:16

Warning coupled with questioning so that people also use their reason. He used his mind himself and he's making other people use their mind as well. Fenella knows a lot then then he cast a look for a new job at

00:30:17--> 00:30:47

NASA. He looked he saw NASA against NASA. NASA is to Glantz wants to take one look at something just as hot for a lemon hot, hot, hot spot is to snatch wants to just take one thing by snatching. So similarly messala is to glance wants to take one glance at something. So for another another lesson, he glanced at one glance at what finished June to the stars.

00:30:48--> 00:30:59

And the June was a Florida measure. Why did he look at the stars This is understood in two ways. First of all, it is said that literally he looked up to the stars once.

00:31:00--> 00:31:19

And why did he do that? Because his people, they were mushrik. And they also worship the sun, the moon, the stars, so on and so forth. We learned earlier that Ibrahim Reddy said and he said to the people when the star came out when the star was bright, this is my God had that'll be

00:31:20--> 00:31:25

followed by a fella. He said, I don't like those who fly. And then same thing about the sun and the moon.

00:31:26--> 00:31:30

So the people they used to worship the sun, the moon, the stars.

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So for another another button in the gym, and in a sense that these people were also astrologists. So he was playing along with them. The people in order to find out about what was to happen in the future. What would they do? They would look up the stars, okay, the star is there, that means do it. The star is not here, it's there. That means don't do it. Or the star is bright. That means the future is bright, different beliefs people have. Just like today also people have horoscope.

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Now based on horoscopes, do people plan out their future events, do they? Many times they do. This is why they read their horoscope.

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So Ibrahima, listen, it's not that he had any sort of belief like the rest of the people. But he was just playing along with them. That Fenella never gotten into doom. He looked at the stars for all ENISA theme. And he said I am going to be ill. Why did you do this? Because the nation of Ibrahim right his center, they were going to go for some festival. And they wanted Ibrahim or s&m to come along with them. Because obviously everybody goes.

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But everyone here has some had some other plan. And what was that to break the idols while the people were gone?

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Now if he went with him, he wouldn't be able to do it. If he stayed back, he needed a genuine excuse. He needed some reason. Because staying back from a festival, from a religious festival is not something small. So the people they would refer to the stars to tell their future. Several are here listen, displaying along with him, he looked at the stars and said, I think I'm going to be able to I should stay back.

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So they said okay, stay back. Don't come with us. You understand? It's not that he had this belief, just as he said to the people earlier, Heather B. Did he mean it? Did he mean it that the star is my Lord? No way. We cannot even imagine that he believed in that. He was just playing along with the people. Similarly over here. He said for Carla, it nissa T.

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Some have said that for another another attempt into June. This is a phrase, this is an expression. When a person is thinking about something

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it would be said about him that never thought of in new doom.

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He's thinking he's reflecting. And typically, you know, a picture of a person who's reflecting How is it that he's just staring into something or he's looking up into the sky? Right? So when a person is in deep thought when he's reflecting about something, this expression is used in a lot of energy. He looked up into the stars

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to concentrate, so Ibrahima handsome, he's making a plan. He's thinking, What do I tell them? What do I say to them? How do I manage to stay back?

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So he's thinking, and then he came up with an idea he said to them for pilot in nissa T and he said, Indeed, I'm about to be you. Or I am, I am unwell, so famous on the reflector scene of me and succumb is physical illness. muddled can also apply to the illness of the disease of the heart spiritual diseases Well, fuchal to be morones, the word model can apply to spiritual diseases. But the word succumb is exclusively for physical illness.

00:34:53--> 00:34:55

So like, for example, a headache, a fever.

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

And it's also not that suffering is the first level of illness

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:01--> 00:35:03

the initial stages of some illness.

00:35:05--> 00:35:08

So for example, what happens when you're getting a cold?

00:35:09--> 00:35:17

You feel as though your sinuses they're clogged up and you get a headache, you feel weak, you feel drowsy.

00:35:18--> 00:35:25

So this is the initial stage. So for color in the soccer game, he said, Indeed I am unwell, I am sick.

00:35:26--> 00:35:44

And if you think about it in a soccer game, this statement is true whether you have a toothache, or a headache. So, definitely you could say this was a lie because he was not really unwell. But this statement is true, even if you have a little bit of pain anywhere in your body.

00:35:45--> 00:36:15

So for Allah in the Supreme, when he said that the people left him further were lower in homotopy. And so they turned away from him departing, they turn away from him would have been as one turning their backs and the left. They went for their festival, and the left Ibrahima Islam behind. So what happened then, for all Isla leha to him, that he turned to their gods faqad and he said Aleta Kowloon, do not eat for Raja Raja from the clappers law well, hain

00:36:16--> 00:36:40

raha Illa, is to quietly and secretly go towards someone quietly and secretly go towards someone or something so far all either earlier they have secretly, quietly, silently, he went to their gods because the gods must have been in a temple of some sort. So he went there secretly, although the people were gone for color and then he said to them, Allah Taku don't you eat

00:36:41--> 00:37:24

because the people have placed their food in front of the idols as an offering to seek blessings. So, they had left all that food over there, and the food was still sitting and obviously, they had not eaten anything. So he said to them a letter Cologne and he said Malecon What is wrong with you? Let them take on you do not speak because he was asking them Why do you not eat? And when they did not respond, he said Malecon Latin diccon What's wrong with you? You do not speak respond to me answer me. Because if you're talking to someone and they don't respond, you get upset. Do you get upset? I do at least when I asked when you don't respond I get upset. So Malecon let them take on

00:37:24--> 00:37:30

what is wrong with you that you do not speak and turn recordings from not and not is to speak in a way that is understandable.

00:37:31--> 00:37:46

So what happened for her I lay him then he turned up on them notice earlier it was longer ILA and now this is raha Allah. So for our I lay him he turned upon them.

00:37:47--> 00:38:23

He turned upon them. And what did he do little bun striking billion mean with the right turn. He turned on them with a blow with his right hand. bourbon, he's struck down how with his right hand, believe me. And remember earlier mean over here has been understood in different ways, one, with his right hand he struck them. Secondly, Allium is also understood as a symbol of strength. So he struck them with a lot of might smashing them breaking them apart, with his full power, instruct them.

00:38:25--> 00:38:29

Thirdly, oath. Remember, you mean also means oath, a minus or

00:38:30--> 00:39:15

so billion mean meaning because of the mean that he had sworn because of the author he had taken, what all Teddy's worn earlier into the NBA. If 57 we learn what's a law he learned he then Malcolm BARDA and to what loom would have been that I swear by Allah, I will surely plan against your idols after you have turned and gone away. Because Ibrahim in Islam, he spoke to his people first, when he didn't see any positive response from them. And then he told him, I'm going to do something against your idols, prove to you that these idols are nothing. So he swore by Allah, when the people were gone. Then what did he do? He did attack the idols. Why? Because vilya mean because of his oath that

00:39:15--> 00:39:40

he had sworn for Aqaba Lu la he, then the people came to word him he is a foon hastening arcobello of Bella, we have done this word earlier, aka Bella Ella is to turn towards someone pay attention to them. So the people they advance towards me as a phone running hastening is a phone from the roof letters. They pfeffer's F and Zef is to run.

00:39:41--> 00:39:46

What kind of running is it? Normal running? Not too fast, not too slow.

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

So for acaba de la he has a full there approached him running because when the people returned, they did not know at first who had done this to their idols, we have learned about this early incidence of MBA

00:40:00--> 00:40:22

That the people came and they wondered who did this to our gods to our idols until they discussed among themselves and they said that we have heard a boy, the guru whom we have heard a fighter who talks negatively about our gods. And his name is you call the Who? Ibrahim. So they discussed among themselves and they said he stayed back. It must be him. So they went to Ibrahim on Instagram quickly.

00:40:24--> 00:40:47

He has a phone running, because they were trying to figure out who did it and when people are trying to figure something out like this. Then they become extremely active. So they ran into Brahim Ernestina. And when they came to him, Ibrahim medicina, spoke to them. He rebuked them, and he criticized them. And he said, Paula, he said, a terrible donor. Do you all worship math and hate on that which you are?

00:40:48--> 00:41:06

You worship something that you have carved yourself? Then Sri Tunis from noon had that and that is what to carve. Carve What? Rock or wood? So it shows that the idols that these people had, they had carved them out of rock or wood,

00:41:07--> 00:41:21

a terrible Duna method Hey, do you worship what you carve yourselves? Whereas the reality is, that will love ohana, Coco well, Allah has created you. If Allah has created you, then who deserves your worship

00:41:23--> 00:41:28

Allah or something that you have carved yourself? who deserves your worship? Allah,

00:41:30--> 00:41:37

these gods are these idols you have made them yourself and Allah has made you

00:41:38--> 00:41:50

so he deserves your worship. Well lo Hanako one of them alone and also what you do, meaning what you carve what you make, even that Allah has created how

00:41:51--> 00:42:14

that when you make these idols you make them from what from what from Brock who made the word and rock, Allah soprano. So Allah has not only created you he does not only own you, but he also owns what these beings that you worship will allow hola como Mata Ramadan so you have made the creation of Allah your gods.

00:42:16--> 00:42:18

Again, he's questioning them to make them think

00:42:19--> 00:42:26

aalu they said una who banana construct for him a furnace a building for

00:42:27--> 00:42:37

him and then throw him into the burning fire. without even thinking without even giving thought to what it what a human is. Sam was telling them

00:42:39--> 00:42:39

what are they doing?

00:42:41--> 00:42:58

planning to kill him? They said boo boo boo from newsletters. Babylonia Bina to build to construct build for him Banana, banana is a building a structure something that is built. And over here this banana refers to a furnace.

00:43:00--> 00:43:30

What does it refer to the furnace, a structure that was full of fire, a fireplace, a huge massive fireplace. And once they build it, they filled it up with firewood and to set it on fire. And when it was set ablaze, for Alou hoof injure him then throw him into the blazing fire a journey. It shows how massive the fire must have been. Because of their aim is what the name of Hellfire and it's huge.

00:43:31--> 00:43:44

So the word of the game shows to us over here how massive the fire must have been. Because jakeem literally is used for blazing fire. jackhammer is blazing of the fire raging of Fire.

00:43:45--> 00:43:49

Fire in a pit that is burning fiercely for an oil filter him

00:43:50--> 00:44:32

elsewhere we learned Otto Harry who once wrote earlier taco in Canton Fair in the people said burn him and help your Gods if you're really going to do something for a while to be he Caden and they intended for him a plan for Jana who will as funny in but we made them the most debased all the people together. They intended a plan against you Ibrahim Allison and what plan to finish him to kill him to destroy him. But what happened federal now who will expel him but Allah subhanaw taala he made all those people as well in the lowest as far as Florida, as fell from routes that are seen fellow and who is as far as the lowest the lowermost

00:44:33--> 00:44:39

because they plan to burn him. They even threw him into the fire. But what happened a loss of power without adult a fire.

00:44:41--> 00:44:58

cola narrow. Cooney Bowden massaman la Brahim. So it was coolness and it was very safe for Abraham are listed and he did not get burned. He did not get hurt at all. Now imagine all the people the entire nation made that fire

00:44:59--> 00:45:00

they built the first

00:45:00--> 00:45:11

Imagine they built a furnace. They filled it up with firewood, they lit it on fire, and they threw ebrahimian Islam in it and they put a hammer to sit on comes out of it perfectly fine.

00:45:12--> 00:45:36

perfectly fine. What a deceit those people suffered by Jana who was failing we made them the lowest the defeated because they were unsuccessful in finishing Ibrahim earnest and I'm in harming him even a little bit. They plan against him, but the plan went against you against themselves when I hit on macusa you Ellerbee

00:45:37--> 00:45:52

Jana who will spell in Wakanda. And he said, in neither he would either be safety Indeed, I will go to my Lord, and He will guide me. So what happened? He left that place. He didn't stay there anymore.

00:45:53--> 00:45:55

We listened to the end we'll continue

00:45:57--> 00:45:59

or in

00:46:01--> 00:46:02

a row.

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I don't want to go there. I don't want to go here. I don't want to do this. Have you ever made it? I'm not saying it was a false excuse. I'm just asking, have you ever said that?

00:48:07--> 00:48:08

Many times, isn't it.

00:48:10--> 00:48:13

And sometimes we use an excuse to stay away from good things even

00:48:14--> 00:48:17

don't want to pretend or we don't feel too good today.

00:48:18--> 00:48:31

I don't know what it is. But I just don't feel too good. can go to class. I don't feel too good. But we see that Brian he rotates around, he used that excuse to stay away from something that was wrong. Because all the people were going to a mushrik festival.

00:48:32--> 00:48:35

He didn't want to go there. So he said it needs to clean.

00:48:36--> 00:49:07

Now just right now we were discussing about how to remain firm. In the face of all this opposition when people force you do wrong things. And at that time, we can't think of anything, even if we're unwell will go along with them, we'll do what they want us to do. But if you have a headache, then instead of complaining, oh my god, I have a headache. God where all this stuff, just say I have a headache. I don't think I can go. I'm not saying lie. But I'm saying if you really not feeling good, then say it needs a clean, use that

00:49:08--> 00:49:09

anything you'd like to say

00:49:11--> 00:49:51

in the heart as well. So when you're pure at heart, and nothing can affect you. So this is one of the main thing as well that you need to work on exactly what a person has already been studying, then he's able to remain firm. Because Alban sadeem, as I mentioned to you earlier, that it is a heart that is safe and sound pure from any blemishes. But earlier I mentioned to you once that the team is also used for a person who has been bitten by a snake or a person who has been saved by a snake bite, that it's used in both ways. The trim is used for someone who has been bitten by a snake so you can imagine the state of a person has been bitten by a snake. How is he

00:49:53--> 00:49:59

in a lot of pain, concerned, worried, anxious, he never takes a break and everything so I'll worry about this.

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

snake bite later does everything like that? No, he becomes anxious. And similarly Salim is used for a person who has been saved from a snake bite, meaning a snake was about to bite him but he managed to escape so he is safe and sound. So, Alvin Saleem has a heart that is restless, a heart that is anxious. A heart that is concerned, alert, concerned for itself. So when a person has that feeling, or being concerned about his mind about his actions or his faith, then what happens he turns to Allah