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Al-Anbiya 30-50 Word Analysis and Tafsir 37-40

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What do you call inside an urgent human being has been created from what from from haste? What does it mean by this? That the human being has been created from his? That by nature, he is very hasty.

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What does it mean? It is to be hasty to want something before it's due time before its specified time.

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And generally it has to do with the desire of the knifes

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doesn't it?

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Like you want those cookies really badly? That's why you keep opening the oven door.

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This has to do with the desire of the knifes the more greedy a person is the more efficiency he has for what is coming his way.

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This is why it is said that a large Latin Mina shape on the hastiness is from who it is from shape line.

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But remember that hastiness is not always negative. It also has a positive connotation. When, when it is used for good things like for example, mozzarella salad, what did he say? What are two illegal v? Little De

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sarjan? Yes, generally, it does have a negative connotation, however, it can also have a positive side to it.

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So I did this hastiness.

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Other set that I did, it also gives the meaning of mud quicksand

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when there's wet and loose mud, watery sand.

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Why? Why is it called an agile, because when you put your foot in it, it sinks very quickly,

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isn't it or it slips very quickly, you don't even know and within a second, you're on the floor, because you slipped.

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So holy cow inside them in Agile, the human being has been created from agile, we can understand this as literally from mud. And secondly figuratively, that by nature, he is very hasty. He is very hasty in all of his affairs, as though he has been created out of it, as though he has been made out of it. So it shows the mobile level of the trade of argil in the human being, like how it is that holy caminhada if a person is very short tempered, it is according to him, and he has been created from anger, Inc is very short tempered poem in large. This person has been made from Larry, what does that mean? From play that this person is only concerned with having fun, and entertainment? So

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how do you call in Santa Monica? And this is why he's very hasty and very impatient. Allah says, so do you come it? Soon I will show you my signs. falletta started June. So do not impatiently urge me.

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So we see that haste in and of itself is not something evil. But if a person is hasty, at the wrong time, for the wrong reason, then it is already. Remember that

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there are some things in which hastiness is required, such as the act of goodness, it doesn't mean that you press Allah very quickly. But it means that you give it priority, you come to it very quickly, which is why I lost pantalla says faster vehicle hierarchy, race, in doing good deeds. Why be hasty in such matters, so that the opportunity to do good does not slip out of a person's hands? Because if a person delays, then what will happen? He will lose the opportunity, isn't it? Like, for example, if you want to buy something that's generally very expensive, but on a particular day, there's a very good deal. And it's like 50% off, but you'd only get it if you're one of the first

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300 people who come to the store, what will people do? They will come and stand there before the store opens, sometimes they will come and stand there during the night, isn't it? So this is the rodella Why so that you do not lose the opportunity.

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Now this is good. However, when a person uses quality negatively, then this is something that is blameworthy.

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How does a person uses quality negatively?

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Like for example, when a person is too quick to give up hope. If he's going through difficult times, he thinks that's it is the end of my life. I don't think Allah will ever respond to my prayers. Allah is very upset with me, he has abandoned me therefore I don't care about whatever he has commanded me to do. This is what origina

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that a person gives up too quickly. He gives up hope very soon. Or, for example, a person reacts with impatience

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that you have asked someone to do something, they don't do it. You remind them again, they still don't do it. And then you go and yell at them. You give it to them. This is what rajala wait. Give them some time.

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Give them a chance. But without giving them chances. What do people do? They go in, give it to them, they react with impatience, or they will show anger. They will go and take revenge. So this kind of urgency is negative. We see that the people of Makkah, the context of this ayah, the people of Mecca, they will demand miracles, they will demand signs, and they will also demand punishment.

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So Allah subhanaw taala says Haleakala in Santa Monica, look at them. What are they asking for? punishment? debt disaster, calamity. This is because they're very impatient, very hasty.

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So Allah says that, what do you call it? falletta. Started, you don't, I will show you, my ayat. Just have some slippers.

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So yes, this is about the machine of Makkah. However, there is a lesson in this for us as well.

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If you take it back to the theme of this is that this life is a test. Every situation is a test. What do we see that everything happens at its due time? Isn't it?

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Everything happens at a time. Therefore, we should not be hasty.

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When we're going through some difficulty, what do we want, it should be over immediately.

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If we're experiencing some illness, we wanted it to be over within a day or two, we want to eat some medicine, which will take away the pain immediately. Within moments that should be gone. If we have some infection, we want that whatever medicine we're taking, it should remove that infection from our bodies completely within moments. But what do we see that everything happens at its due time? For everything Allah has fixed a time, therefore we should not be hasty.

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Similarly, what happens? For example, if a woman is pregnant, she's experiencing nausea, she's experiencing fatigue, what does she want? That these nine months should be over like this? But it doesn't happen? It's going to take nine months. It's not going to be less than that in LA. Mashallah. Right? So, we see that for everything, there is a fixed time, do not be hasty. Don't think about when it's going to be over? Think about what you're supposed to do now.

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Because the machine of Makkah, what were they saying, bring the punishment, we want all of this to be over. They weren't looking at what they were supposed to do. This is a huge mistake, a huge error, where person is just waiting for circumstances to change. And he does not focus on what he's supposed to do.

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Because it shows to us that every trial, every difficulty, it is temporary. no difficulty is permanent. Sooner or later, it will change

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whether the difficulty is coming from other people, or it is coming from your physical body, or it is coming from the circumstances that you're in any difficulty you're experiencing, remember, sooner or later it is going to be over.

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But right now what is being observed.

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My good character, my behavior, my dog collar, Allah, my sub, my again, my Dora that is being examined that What do I do?

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Do I give up? Do I keep praying? Do I even turn to a law or not? Do I do is to fall? Or do I get busy talking to other people complaining to them.

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Just the other day I was talking to somebody, and they were asking me about something I was telling them about it. So they were saying that, you know, when you're going through difficulty, if you have your eyes fixed on the edges, that inshallah even for this there is then it becomes very easy to go through it,

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it becomes very easy to pass that time. But if your eyes get fixed on the pain, if your eyes get fixed on the situation that you're going through, then all that time seems very heavy, it seems very difficult, and you're unable to do anything.

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So if you do suffer thinking, inshallah there is

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that inshallah even for this there is reward, it becomes very easy to bear that pain.

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And if you think oh my god, I'm so miserable, and I'm so sad, and I'm so unfortunate, then you will not be able to do anything. So it's about changing your perspective, isn't it?

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It's about changing your outlook on life. If you change it, your behavior will change. And if you don't change your Outlook, your perspective, then it will be a total waste of time.

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While coluna and they say, Mother has a lot to do, when will this promise be? Meaning when would it be fulfilled in quantum science again, if you're really truthful, so the machine that would ask the prophets of Allah sent him this promise that you threaten us off, that there is going to be a day of judgment if we don't believe there could be punishment.

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When is it going to be? If you're really truthful?

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Allah says lo Yala, Medina cafaro If only those who disbelieve knew, if they only knew Hina the time when les funa? And would you hear him? And now when they will not be able to avert the fire? And would you hit him from their faces while they're under him and nor from their backs? What alumium Sauron nor will they be able to?

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Right now, they're being so hasty. If only they knew the time when the fire is going to fully surround them, such that leja could funa funa from the rotator skaffa. And cough is used for the palm of the hand. And Kapha is to prevent something from coming your way it is to repel it. So there you go, funa, they will not be able to avert Anwar Julian now from their faces, the fire.

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Just imagine if something is coming on your face, what are you going to do, you're going to do your best to prevent it from reaching your face. And imagine if it's fire, so when they will be trying their best to avert the fire from their faces, but they will not be able to whenever I'm saluting him, and nor from their backs,

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if something is coming towards your face, and you try to protect your face with your hands, if that's not possible, what do you do you turn around, isn't it.

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So what was coming towards your face now comes towards the back. Unless as well, I'm saluting him, they will not be able to even prevent the fire from their backs, without me and so on. And they will not be helped, they will not be taken out of the fire. So if only they knew about this, they would not demand the punishment. They would not demand that the Day of Judgment should come immediately. So if they're demanding for the punishment, it's out of ignorance, it's out of foolishness.

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Now what happens many times when people are going through some difficult situations, what do they begin to pray for? depth. They begin to pray that yell, just take me out of here. Take me out of this world. I just want to die. Finish me, give me that? Oh, for example, if a woman is going through difficult times as the husband, what does she begin to pray for? divorce.

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This is what we want that the difficulty should be over it should be finished, even if it means going to a more difficult state or going to a more tougher situation. This is because of what hastiness This is because of impatience. So Allah subhanaw taala remind us over here, that How do you know? How do you know that the state that you will go on to next will be better for you, it will give you rest and comfort. Know the machine when they will demand destruction. Allah tells them there's punishment or waiting for you. You asked for destruction, there is punishment awaiting.

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Similarly, when people pray for death, they forget that the experience of death is extremely painful, that the angel of death when you take the soul out, yes, for the believer, it comes out very easily. However, still, that experience is extremely painful. The profits or losses and experienced pain

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in the grave, even when they won't go and the Nikica. Is that a beautiful experience? Is that a beautiful scene?

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No. Angels that are very harsh, that are very severe. And the way that they'll be interrogating a person. It's not an easy situation. It's not an easy place. If you tell somebody to go and lie down in a dark, small room, will they be able to do that? Maybe for five minutes, not more than that. The grave is much darker. It's much more smaller, it's much more tinier. So we forget sometimes and out of impatience, we demand things that are against us. They're not in our favor, in reality or against our favor.

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So we see that throughout our lives, whenever we're going through some difficulty. What should we realize that are handed a lot it's not that bad.

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Or model the learner? He would say that whenever I go through difficulty, I thank Allah for many things, and amongst them is that I think a lot that this difficulty is not as bad as it could have been. It's not something worse than this. So we should be grateful for this even

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we learned in sort of calfire 29 about this punishment that in our utter denial royally mean and out on a hell of a lot.

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And because a half of em salado if it's coming on their faces, they will not be able to prevent it. If it's coming on their backs, they will not be able to prevent it.

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In total alpha 41 we learned lahoma and Johanna mommy had one woman fell victim of a lash

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they will have

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From Hell Abed and over them coverings of fire.

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Intro to Zoomer number 16. Also we learned a home in focalin Lula Lumina, woman, Lola canopies a fire above them, and canopies a fire below them.

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In sort of the Brahimi 50 returns or be Roman, Iranian, what I'll share with you a woman now, fires going to cover their faces.

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So a person should never be hasty. He should never be impatient. But rather, he should focus on what is required of him.

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But he himself didn't. Rather it will come to them, suddenly, it will come to them unexpectedly, forever how to whom, and then it will be willdan Dabba Doo from the roof address berhad we have done this word earlier as well for bolita Latika, what does it mean, to be dumbfounded to have nothing left to say to be shocked, to be flabbergasted, that when a person never expected something to happen, and it happens all of a sudden without any warning. So right now, they're impatiently demanding the punishment, when it will come, it will come suddenly, and it will bewildered them, it will shock them falaya still do not have the hair, and then they will not be able to repair it, they

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will not be able to avert it, whether homeand alone, nor will they be given a chance, nor will they be given rest bite. And this is what happens. When circumstances change. They're beyond our ability. They're beyond our control.

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If we want to reverse if we want to go back into the past, we cannot do that.

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If we want to stop the circumstances from changing, we do not have that authority, we do not have that control. So what is your own out there? Well, our homes are owned, they will have no more chances, no choice to return. Therefore, what should we do? Take advantage of the time that we have been given now. regardless of whatever situation we're in,

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don't wait for things to change. Do what you have to do now.

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Things that were coming in my mind were that when it comes to secondary studies, secular work. We never ever will have excuses. Like my situation is this, I cannot do it. I have cramps, I can't come to school. I don't have a ride. I can't come to school. You know, I didn't do this. I cannot study. Never ever. People will until their last days of pregnancy, they will be working until like, even if they're nauseous, they'll go to school. If they have cramps, they'll go to school, they'll get their work done. But when it comes to the dean, Oh, you know what, I don't have too much responsibility today. So I think I might just not go for my position that I've been given. Or you know what today

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It doesn't seem like it's such an important day. I'll stay at home and listen online. It's very sad. It's very, very sad. And the thing is, we're being tested. What do we do in these situations? Do we take it very lightly? Or do we still give importance to this work that we're doing? Remember

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One of my relatives, she was becoming a doctor. And she was doing her house job. And she happened to be pregnant at the same time. And she was constantly on her feet throughout her pregnancy at the hospital. And I remember her husband was telling us that she was at the hospital when her labor began. And she went from one department of the hospital, one wing of the hospital to the other to deliver her baby. And she delivered her baby. And after 10 days, she was back.

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After 10 days, she was back. Why? Because she had to complete her house job. And I remember that that was around the time when I was going to give birth to my son as well. And I thought, if she can go back to her work, just because she has to complete her house job. That means it's possible. It is humanly possible. I'm sure you've seen so many people who go back to work very soon after they give birth to their children, very soon after. It's humanly possible. We see that Maria Maria, Sarah, when she gave birth, Teresa this temporary stay there. No, she went with him. And she went to her people, she took him. So what does this show that it's humanly possible, we think that we're ill,

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we're sick, we can't do this, we can't do that. Whereas in reality, it's very much possible. It's about how much priority we give to the work we're doing. People will travel to their work, people will travel to their universities, two and a half hours two hours daily. So when something is important to you, it doesn't matter how long it takes, it doesn't matter what you're going through,

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people will be sick, and they'll go to work. Because they're afraid if they don't go, they might lose their job.

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They're afraid that they might not get their next paycheck.

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So sometimes we're driven by money. Sometimes we're driven by marks. And sometimes we're driven by the agenda.

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So see what drives you see what drives you. If it's really the other that you want, then who had or what situation you're in, you'll do it if somebody is going to work. And even if they have to come from two hours away, they will not say, Oh, my ride comes five minutes late. Therefore, I'm five minutes late. On my ride has to leave 10 minutes early. So I know how important this work is I've ever had to leave 10 minutes early. Nobody does that. Nobody does our work. But unfortunately, when it comes to the dean, and we take it very lightly, what is it? If we're given marks, will we take it more seriously? Then why are we coming?

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are we coming from marks are we coming from?

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I just want to add the point that I feel that we live in this societal norm, where Quranic studies Islamic studies are undermined, right? And reason why we would never get the excuse at our workplace to our boss, that are writing five minutes late. That's why I'm five minutes late, because we undermine the reward that we're getting for coming here and setting the Quran. And unfortunate that that's the society that we live in and don't give it importance. Yes. And many times I see that, for instance, if somebody does not come if somebody is late, if somebody has not showed up for many days, what's the reason I had an appointment, I had to go here, I had to go there, I had this worker

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at that work to do. But believe me, if you're at your workplace, you would make your appointment at some other time, isn't it. So are all doctor's appointments in the mornings only, you can also get them after hours. We don't go off at five o'clock, we end school at three. You have a long time after that to book all of your doctor's appointment. But unfortunately, perhaps his work is not as important to us. Which is why we don't give it that much attention.

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sonica I was just thinking that we should really be careful what message we sent to our children, that sometimes like some parents, they don't send their children to Islamic school, because maybe they were sleeping or maybe they retire, stuff like that. And they don't check what home are they were given. But when it comes to the sickler education, they make sure that they study even sometimes they miss the Islamic class, because they have an exam. So we should really be careful what we're sending the message to our children very true. When it comes to certain worldly things, you have to go to this wedding, you have to go to this party. People have invited you, you have to

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go regardless of how you're feeling, go get dressed up, you have to come with us. But when it comes to going to an cast or something like that, we're like, oh, you're tired, go and sleep. Go and lie down. We take it so lightly.

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I remember, as children when we were being raised, my parents were so strict that we could never stay at home just because we weren't well.

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I remember there were times when I would go to school, I'd be somewhat ill, and the teacher would send me to the doctor's office and I would be lying down over there. Because I wouldn't be able to sit in class but my parents are like, even if you didn't get to take all of the classes, at least you're able to take two or three. Because even they're important because if you miss one day, you're missing

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A lot of work, you're missing a lot. But unfortunately, were absent one day were absent and other day were absent half of a day, with the five minutes of one class to go to the bathroom with leave 10 minutes of another class to go fix our hijab. This is not right. This is like because we're constantly failing, constantly failing.

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If you're not complete your secular education, not attending university, you know, people would pity you that Oh, too bad. You know, they'll pity you that you didn't get to complete education. But nobody's going to question you. Like, you did not study the Quran, you did not attend al Qaeda or any of these classes. And so in same goes for losing your job. You know, people say, Oh, you lost your job is really good job. You give up, you know, such and such opportunity, and so on, so forth. But when it comes to against hitting the button, you could have never studied anything your entire life. And let's just say you read it once. And that is suffice for many people.

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It's just gonna share because people are heedless, and they pay attention more to the dunya.

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Recently, just the weekend past, my daughter had an experience with where you wash the dead body. And then she had an experience to go inside a casket, they cover it. And she said, mama, you know what, after that, you don't care about anything else. You just think of the ahera You don't even want to fix your hijab anymore. That's how strong the impact is to Hurley, we know that the answer is more important to us that we will give importance to what we're doing right now. Because the dunya is nothing period.

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We just think that that isn't the man. So he's just looking at the immediate pleasures and desires. And that is why he's working so many things, because he hasty, exactly, that out of this original. What happens we want to be happy instantly, we want to fulfill our desires instantly. And because of that we compromise on things that are more important.

00:27:03--> 00:27:10

So when it comes to coding, you're studying, for example, diploma courses, or even naturally within Sharia and

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subject so people actually asked that, what is the scope of what you're doing Indonesia, like they do not look beyond that.

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So what's the gist of this discussion? What's the just what's the main lesson? What do we have to do? If the only thing permanent is change?

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To stay firm and whatever we're doing, don't keep waiting for things to change. What else?

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That during times of difficulty when we think that the situation is getting extremely difficult, we should remember that the profits or losses that have went through much more difficult situations.

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Arsalan, Takahashi and Wahidullah. So basically the gist is that regardless of what situation we're in, what is necessary, what is important is important. Therefore do it. Don't delay. Don't wait. Don't distract yourself. Don't do one thing or the other to amuse yourself to entertain yourself just to get by know what is important is important to do it. Do not delay.

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recitation of these

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wanna boo

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