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As-Saffat 123-182 Translation 123-182

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I said I'm ready

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to go.

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Suddenly without a suit, he can cut him out for a little bit let him in a shape on his team Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem published.

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Sidley, MD working on of that I'm in discerning of governance Cody.

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Lesson number 238. Sort of the sofort is number 123 to 182. Translation we're in and indeed, in the asset in Yes, lemon, surely from an mousseline the messengers in Allah when he said the only he to his people, Allah do not that the boon you all fear

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at that arena Do you all invoke Berlin Berlin whatever the owner and your lead ash Santa's best alcoholic clean of those who create

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Allah and Allah Rob backhoe Europe What about Andhra Abba eco of your father's a well in the first ones such as the Whoo hoo so they denied him in the home so in the de la Maroon shirt he wants to be presented in LA except Reba de la servants of of LA and losslessly those who are chosen what the Lochner and we left our la he upon him fee in an effort in the later ones. Solo one piece Allah upon Ilia seen in years, in that indeed we Guernica does not busy we reward and worsening those who do most good in the who indeed he men from a bad Deena our servants, meaning the believers were in and indeed, Luton, those are the center. Lemmon surely from mursaleen the messengers it when Medina who

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we saved him, whatever the who and his family at the marine all together in that except are using an old woman fee in a Liberian those who stayed behind so much then the Marina, we destroyed an airplane, the other ones were in the comb and indeed you are latimore Runa surely you all pass by, or lay him upon them must be seen as once entering in morning will be lane and in the night. A fella do the not darkly known you all US interact well in that and indeed, UNICEF, Eunice lemon, surely from Elmo, Celine the messengers, if when ever he ran away, he left to unfold the ship. Alma shown the latest one faster hammer, so he drew lots. Second, so he was mean from Elmo to Halloween, the

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Those who are rejected,

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felt Acoma who saw it swallowed him and show to the fish wahoo while he would even blameworthy

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fanola So, if not unknown, that indeed he can. He was men from Alamosa between those who exalt

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lella visa surely he remained fee in botany he it stomach Illa to young de yuvaraj soon, they are resurrected phenibut neighborhood so we threw him bill

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at the open shore where he was while he still came on.

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What am BATNA and we cause to grow? or lay upon him? shedule rotten a plant

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men from Jaco cleaning a vine make a great fine we're also now who and we sent him either do me 100 1000 Oh, or jazzy do they increase revenue so they believed for Madonna home so we benefited them either do Shane in a time first ft him so ask them a little bigger are for Europe. Albania to the daughters when a home and for them Alba noon the sons or Hanukkah now we created al-mulla aka the angels in earth and females were home and they share hidden ones who were witness. Other unquestionably in the home indeed the men from iski him their life layer gewoon surely they say one other. He has forgotten. Allahu Allah. We're in the home and indeed the LA County Boone surely dyers

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us Lhasa has chosen

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Al Burnett the daughters either upon and beneath the sons, man What? Luckily for you okay for help desk Ramon you all judge a fella Do they not do that can you all take heed

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or Luckily for you so far known and evidence sovann and evidence or an authority

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will be known clear,

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too so you all come vikita become with your book in if you were saw the clean ones who are truthful, what do I do and they made bainer who between him webinar and between an agenda, the Jim NASA relationship

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while uncertainty animate it new agenda, the gym in the home in the de la Washburn surely wants to be presented. So the HANA glorified, Exalted Allah, Allah, Allah from what he has the phone they ascribe Illa except rebekka servants, Allah of Allah, Allah Allah seen the chosen ones for inner comb So indeed you are warmer and that which barbudan you are worship man not until you own or lay against him be fattening at all ones who tempt

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inlet except man who who or he saw one who enters to burn al jehane the Hellfire

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wanna and not Minar from us in the except la who for him mccalman a place a position marylu one known what in and indeed we learn national surely we a soft phone? Those who make rows what in the and indeed we learn national surely we Alamosa be shown those who glorify what in and indeed can they were layer two loans surely they would say low is a net that indeed are in dinner with us. Declan a reminder, men from a wedding the former ones lacuna surely we were very bad servants of Allah of Allah and losslessly the chosen ones sucker for rule so they denied the he with it for so far so soon. Yeah, the moon they will know what occurred and certainly several caught it proceeded.

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Kadima tuna, our word, very bad enough for our servants and mousseline the messengers in the home indeed de la home surely de la monsoon. Those who are helped. Were in and indeed June Donna, our forces the home for them, Allah hollyburn those who are victorious

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fatawa so turn away on home from them had that until shanan a time

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whatever stayed home and watch them for sofa so soon, you will sleep alone they will see frbr there Bina

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are or do then they are there Vina with our punishment? Yes, they are doing they hasten for either so when Nasrallah it descended this hottie him in their courtyard, fossa, so evil sebatu morning, and once again of those who are warned, what I wonder and turn away on home from them. Hector until Shane, a time will ever sit and watch for sofa. So soon, you will soon they will see. So by Hannah glorified, Bob Baker, your property

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of the honor Ummah, about what you see phone they ascribe what Salah one NPS, either upon an mursaleen the messengers 100 and all praise Allah for Allah, Robbie Alani of the worlds.

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Let's listen to the recitation.

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Watch out

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