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Al-Muminun 91-118 Word Analysis and Tafsir 111-118

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In New Jersey to homoeo, indeed, I have rewarded them this day, who the believers were laughed at.

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Allah has rewarded them today. Why be masaba who, because they endured with patience, be male subban they did not give up. Because it's very easy to give up when other people are laughing at you. When other people are making fun of you.

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You're turning towards a religion. You try to read more and more.

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You try to give priority to the religion, other people begin to make fun of you, it's very difficult to go on. Very difficult to continue.

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Especially when people look down on you because unfortunately, the standards of people have changed.

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If somebody is going ahead, and then he's going towards failure and loss.

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And if a person is compromising their religion to gain more than here, then that person is successful. This is what our standards are today.

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So if a person is going towards the deen, he is trying to excel in the religion, he is left that he is discouraged. What do we see over here that such people will be rewarded on the day of judgment? Why the mass

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because they were patient.

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And sober includes it fallibility here.

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sober includes it for ability here said that if somebody is making fun of you, you don't make fun of them in return. You're tolerant, you're forgiving. You tell them in a nice way. You correct them properly. And Sabra includes steadfastness. It includes that a person continues to be on the right way. No matter how much people make fun of him. No matter how much people ridicule him, no matter how much people discourage him, in need as a two homoeo mob Mr. Sabo, unknown who will fight his own, that indeed they're, they're the ones who are truly successful. They have attained their goal. They are in general, you made fun of them, Look, their agenda.

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And where are you? What is your state.

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So we see that on the Day of Judgment, the tables will turn

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those who remain steadfast in obedience to Allah, despite the mocking of people, despite the discouragement of people, they will be successful. And those who wasted their lives, laughing, joking.

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Laughing themselves and making other people laugh, to the point that they even made fun of the religion, then such people will have failed on that day.

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We don't insert the motor 15 is 3436 folio melodien amanu melco Ferry of harpoon.

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So today, those who believe are laughing at the disbelievers when, on the day of judgment, Allah Allah Ian's alone on adorn couches, they will be looking observing. Hansel, we will cofell Mac and we have our own has the disbelievers not been rewarded this day for what they used to do.

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If a person laughs at the other, he deserves to be laughed at.

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If a person laughs at the other, he deserves to be laughed at. So be very careful when you laugh at someone.

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There's a difference between laughing with someone and laughing at someone.

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The self, they used to be so concerned about laughing at somebody else, that they would fear that the same thing is going to happen to us and other people are going to laugh at us.

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They would be concerned about even laughing at an animal

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that if I make fun of an animal and I'm laughing at an animal today, Allah will ridicule me tomorrow. He will make me a laughingstock for other people that others will laugh at me.

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And unfortunately, we make fun of animals. We are kind of birds. We're kind of creatures of Allah. We make fun of people, we make fun of children. We laugh at one person we laugh at the other person and we don't care about their feelings.

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We don't care about how they're feeling, what they're going through. How much we've injured them, how much we have hurt them.

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A loss of penalties very, very just if our laughing causes her to someone alone will take revenge of the Day of Judgment.

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Una Yoku.

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When a person is so lost in

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in the pleasures and the enjoyment of dystonia, then he forgets that he will be held accountable for what he's doing.

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And in that Obama, he begins mocking at others, he begins making fun of others, causing hurt, ridiculing their religion, upsetting a loss of data. Because it is something very, very serious. And we need to check ourselves that sometimes just to, you know, make other people laugh just to come across as someone who's very entertaining, very amusing, very jolly, we begin to make fun of other people. And we think we're being very smart.

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But the fact is that a person who makes fun of others, he's not smart. He's harming himself. He's causing loss to himself.

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This is so scary. When I took alimony. Don't even speak to me.

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If somebody is upset with you, and you try to apologize to them,

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you try to make them happy. How can you do that? By talking to them?

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If they're not willing to even listen to you, if they tell you don't even talk to me, is there any way maybe you can go ask somebody else for help.

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But on that day, Maliki Ahmed, he, he is the Malik of that day. Nobody can dare to say that all this person we were punished, forgive him.

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If Allah saying to someone, Sofia Allah to Allah Mooney, who can go and request for that person.

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And we see over here in New Jersey, to whom polyoma be masaharu because they did suffer, I have rewarded them, what unknown will find that they are successful today. No one else about them is successful. So we see that the desert for suffer the recompense for suffered is nothing but success.

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And in order to be successful there, we have to do something right now. We have to live a careful life right now.

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Let's continue.

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Allah, Allah will say, Allah will ask the people come lava stone, how long did you stay? How long did you remain? Fill out the in the earth, or the scene in number of fears.

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Allah will ask the people on the Day of Judgment.

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That How long did you stay in the earth? For how many years? Did you stay in the earth?

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And in the earth has been understood as in the life of dunya as well as in the grave?

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How long was your stay in dunya? And how long was your stay? In the

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ALU? They will reply. Love is now we remained Yeoman a day over a woman or just a part of the day. We don't know. First Elena ID so as those who enumerate Allah Diem florala.

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An ad is did actually Ferrell

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and who is added? Add one who does or that one who counts one who enumerates. So as those who keep the records as those who keep count of the numbers of things, meaning as the angels who write the deeds

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or as the people who were experts.

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So what do we see that on that day, people will lose sense of time.

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Why do you

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Due to the intensity of the punishment,

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Allah He will say, Allah will reply in lavista illa kalila and you stayed not but a little. In the dunya you only stay for some time for a temporary period

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as we discussed earlier, that the stage of lunia the stage of this life of this existence is the most temporary. It's the shortest stage

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illa hollyland low and concurrent on tala moon, if only you had known.

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If only you had known that that was the most temporary stage, you were only going to be there for some time. You are not going to be there for eternity, then you would not be here today. Meaning you would not be suffering today.

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You would not be in misery and great loss today.

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If you realized earlier in dunya, that your life and dunya is temporary it is short, it's the most valuable one

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then you would not be suffering from punishment today. You would have done something about yourself you would have done something to save yourself.

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Instead of haha i 103 we learn yet the half or two anabaena 111 11 Russia, the people will murmur among themselves and they will say you remain not but 10 days and adonia

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into the room I 55. We learn we oma taco, Masato York simile, magery Moon, Malibu high rasa

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and the day the hour appears the criminals will swear that they had not remained but an hour,

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because the length of the length of the day of judgment will be so long that dunia will seem like nothing.

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It will seem like a day, a part of the day and our only 10 days. This is what people will think. In sort of unify 45 we learn why oh my Ashura home colonial Basu, a lesser Ottoman and a half. And on the day when he will gather them, it will be as if they had not remained in the world, but an hour of the day.

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This is how short This is how insignificant the life of the studio will appear to be that.

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What does it show to us, that if you put it in perspective,

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life of dunya life of life of eternity,

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what is the shortest

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life of dunya

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but how much importance we give to it to the enjoyment that is in it to the pleasures that are in it, that for the sake of that enjoyment? For the sake of that pleasure, we will sacrifice that which is eternal, we will sacrifice that which is far better,

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far more important.

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Think about it. Many things that we know we are supposed to do. And many things we know we are not supposed to do. Why don't we change our ways?

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Why don't we change our ways, because we think this dunya is everything we say that we also have to live in this dunya

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we also have to survive over here. Allah has also given this life to us. So we also need to enjoy. We also need to survive over here. And with this, we make every haram thing halal for ourselves. Everything that is not permissible. We make it legal for ourselves. Everything that we must do, we devalue it, thinking we also have to live in dystonia. But the fact is, if you also have to live in dystonia, you also have to live in Bursa, you also have to live in the afterlife. So never ever give preference to dystonia over the afterlife

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because this dunya eventually it will finish and it will seem like only an hour, only a day, only a part of the day.

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It will not seem that important at all. When put in perspective.

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Instead of a half hour 35 we learned a new home yo my arona you are Duna Let me help us who LSR them in the house. It will be on the day they see that which they are promised as though they had not remained in the world except an hour of the day.

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On the day of judgment, it will seem that in the dunya they did not stay except for just an hour of the day. Think about it.

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A place where you have to go for just an hour. How much importance Do you give to it?

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No, not much. Like for example, if you just have to go to the mall for an hour if you just have to go to the grocery store for an hour. What will you take with yourself a bag and everything in it? Will you take your car filled with supplies? No. Will you take your sleeping bag with you know some people go to the grocery store?

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with just some money in their pocket, that's it, they don't even carry a bag.

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Because I'm just waiting for some time. I don't need anything over there.

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I might not even need my phone. I don't even need my keys. I don't need anything. I'll just walk with the car to the money in my pocket. And that's it.

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So this is how the Nia is you can survive on the minimum.

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You can survive on very little.

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You can make do, you can sacrifice. But it appears to be like a mountain like something so huge.

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Something that is so important. Something that is so major that you cannot survive without. And because of that. We don't set right priorities.

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A lot of questions as for her septum, then did you think unima Hala canal Kumar button that we created you use Leslie

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Did you think that we created you without a purpose uselessly without any aim? Well, and Nicole Elena letho Jerome and that to us, you will not be returned. This is what you thought

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you thought wrong. Arbitron is from the newsletters I in that set.

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And others is used for an action that may be purposeful, in and of itself. Like for example, a person is cooking food.

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It's what a purposeful action, but it is done for the purpose of play. It is done for a useless purpose. Like for example, a person cooks food, only to throw it in the garbage.

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You understand? He spent two hours standing, cooking, cooking, cooking. And once the food is done, he throws it in the garbage.

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What will you say about this person

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is being foolish. So Allah subhanaw taala is asking us that you think that we created you or others that you have a body that function so perfectly.

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There are so many amazing things that Allah has created. You have eyes that can see so many beautiful things Allah created so many beautiful things for you to see.

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The food that you eat, the air that you breathe, so many things a lot created. But all of that is just going to end up into nothing. This is what you think about a lot

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of her her symptom Anima Hala canal komaba thing that you have been created without any purpose. There is no reason for your creation. No wisdom, no benefit.

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And you will not be questioned. You will not be brought back to us. You don't have any rules to follow. What anakim Elena lotto Tarun How is it possible?

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into the tide is 27 we learn one more Hello, can I summon our other woman Dana Houma, bathory law, and we did not create the heaven and the earth and that between them aimlessly,

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the heaven and the earth, just imagine how great they are,

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how detailed they are, how beautiful they are. All of that you think Allah created without any purpose? That's not possible. In sort of the Han is a 38 to 39 one ma Hola, como esta mal wa t? Well, although avena Houma la bien, and we did not create the heavens and the earth and what is in between them out of play, that we just wanted to have some fun. We just wanted to amuse ourselves. So we just made the heavens and the earth and all of you know,

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mahalo Khanna, Houma, elaborate how we did not create them except in truth.

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So we say that there are two ways of living this life. One is that a person thinks this life is just for fun, it's for amusement, you just have fun, you'll be married. Tomorrow, you're going to die, you're going to turn into dust. And that's it. That's an interior existence.

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And when a person lives like this, does he care about any limits? Does he care about any rules? Does he care about his actions? No. Does he care about the consequences of his actions? No.

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But the other way is, that a person realizes that after this life isn't after life, after this dunya is an afterlife is the day of judgment, when I will be held accountable for what I have done for what I have said, for the decisions that I have made. I will be held accountable. And when a person lives with that in mind, then his way of life will be different. His behavior will be different.

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Further, Allah, Allah who will medical health, so Exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth? You think that a lot created all of this aimlessly? How could you think like this about Allah. If a person does something as small as cooking a food, a meal for

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For no reason throwing it into the garbage, you say that is foolish.

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You think that Allah would create millions and millions of lives. People who would go through times of happiness and times of sadness, people who experience joy, pleasure, grief, anger, people who feel so much experience so much. learn so much can do so much can say so much. All of that you think Allah has created without a purpose? There Allah, Allah Allahu Allah is Exalted above that, that he would do a thing like that.

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That he would create all of this uselessly. Al Malik. He is the king. He is a sovereign, he is the one with absolute authority, and he is

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he is the true sovereign. No one else is sovereign besides Him. La Ilaha Illa who there is no god except Him who should have Kareem and He is the Lord of the honorable Throne of the noble throne.

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He is the rub of Arab shield Karim al Karim from Ruth veteris Goswami, and Kareem his noble, generous, prestigious.

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So He is the Lord of the hour that is cutting.

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So when he is so noble, when he is so great, how could you expect? How could you ever imagine? How could you ever think that he created all of this without a reason? No, he created all of this for a reason. At the end, each and every person will be held accountable.

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When they do, and whoever invokes my Allah He besides Allah, either him or her another god,

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any person who worships others besides Allah, Who does ship level Han Allah will be he does not have any evidence for it, any proof for it?

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And when he does not have any proof for it, on the day of judgment, For in him or herself who are in the lobby, then indeed his reckoning will be with his Lord, meaning Allah who will recommend him with whatever that he deserves. And what is that recompense in the Hulu for healthcare field alone? Indeed, the disbelievers they are not successful, they do not succeed.

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If you look at the beginning of the surah, what did we learn? called the earthly Helm? You know, it's the believers who will be successful.

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And what do we learn over here in the hula, you flickable calf,

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the calf alone can never be successful. There are two completely different ways of life, leading to two completely different outcomes.

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When a person believes in the oneness of Allah, when Medina home bill being in law, you should be gone.

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When a person is fearful and humble before a law

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that leads to an outcome and that is of gender. And when a person does shrink, when a person does not fear Allah, when a person does not care about the consequences of his deeds, then he lives a different life leading to a completely different outcome.

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In total costs 88 we learned while at the rumor Allahu Allah

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La Ilaha Illa who could Lucia inherently con la vida level ha como la he told her own and do not invoke with Allah another day at why because there is no data except him. Everything will be destroyed except his face. His is the judgment and to Him you will be returned.

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Welcome, and say meaning Oh Prophet sallallahu Sallam make Dora Robbie, Oh my Lord, forgive what hum and have mercy.

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say, Oh my Lord, forgive and show mercy and the height of our hemming, and you are the best of those who show mercy. The prophets that alone is Adam is being commanded to make this to Allah subhanaw taala

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that, Oh my Lord forgive.

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Because no matter what a person has done, no matter what great accomplishments he has, after all, who is he?

00:24:28--> 00:24:29

A human being

00:24:30--> 00:24:42

and a human being. No matter how strong he is. He does err. He does make mistakes. He does fall short. So constantly we are in need of Allah's forgiveness.

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and what how and have mercy meaning increase in forgiveness. Rama is a step ahead of forgiveness, that not just forgiveness but also reward because without Rama of Allah, can anybody

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Person intergender

00:25:02--> 00:25:04

No way. So it'll fit, what?

00:25:06--> 00:25:17

What, and the height of our Hamid and you are the best of those who showed mercy? What's the relevance of this throughout over here, that Allah make us of those who are successful,

00:25:18--> 00:25:25

show mercy to us have mercy on us, and grant us success Don't make us of those who are unsuccessful.

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We listen to the recitation.

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If you look at it in the solar panel data has laid out before us two ways of living.

00:27:03--> 00:27:07

Two ways that a person can live his life. One is the way of a man.

00:27:08--> 00:27:09

And the other is the way of

00:27:11--> 00:27:16

one is that a person develops the qualities that are mentioned in the sort of movement,

00:27:18--> 00:27:35

who are successful, and Latina woman peaceful at him harsher than those who do the cat cats, those who purify themselves. And later on in the surah, as well, the qualities of believers are mentioned, which are that they don't do shake

00:27:36--> 00:27:46

and other qualities are also mentioned. So this is one way of living life. And when a person lives his life in this way, then what happens, he becomes fearful of Allah,

00:27:48--> 00:28:28

he becomes concerned about his actions, he becomes concerned about the hisab on the day of judgment about how his Bursa is going to be, how his afterlife is going to be. And because of that concern, because of that fear, or that you can use it or own a fill hierarchy, or homeless hobbico. A person realizes I have not done enough, I need to do more, I need to avail every opportunity. And Such are the people whose scales will be heavy on that day. Such are the people who will be the heirs of gender on that day. Will ecoman very soon alladhina, Arizona for those whom he her holiday.

00:28:30--> 00:29:04

This is one way of life. And the other way of life is that a person thinks there is no purpose to this life. Just enjoy your life to the max. This is all that you experience. Don't care about any limits. Do whatever you feel like doing. And when a person comes in this way, he's an hombre. He does not care about the accountability. He does not care about his afterlife, he thinks he's going to turn to dust. And that's the end. Whereas that is not the end. Because a lot of questions is that you think there is no purpose to your life, there is a purpose.

00:29:05--> 00:29:10

You will be held accountable whether you believe or not, whether you try or you don't try.

00:29:11--> 00:29:13

And when the time will expire.

00:29:14--> 00:29:19

People will want to be returned, but they will not be given any more chances. Not even one

00:29:20--> 00:29:22

neither from Brazil, nor from hellfire.

00:29:24--> 00:29:41

If you look at all of the qualities of believers that are mentioned in this surah What do they show such because someone is required to have horseshoes to turn away from love to keep your promises and commitments to look after your responsibilities. So what is required?

00:29:42--> 00:29:55

Someone is required to bear the ridicule the mockery of other people to bear the opposition of other people to command that which is right if we're better which is wrong without that a person cannot accomplish anything. So somebody is necessary.

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And also we see at the conclusion

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The soda we're all taught at work that we'll call a bill fair Warhammer entitled our human because each person makes mistakes. So ask Allah for forgiveness, but ask for forgiveness with sincerity. Because when a person seeks forgiveness with sincerity, then forgiveness is given to you. And if a person just says it outwardly peninnah Kalamata Waka elucha is just a word that he's saying he doesn't really mean it in our people to sorry, is just a word. You don't really mean it. You're just saying it on the surface? I don't accept it. So we have to see with what intention with what sincerity? Are we apologizing? are we seeking forgiveness from Allah?

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And we see at the beginning of the surah, the creation of the human being was mentioned that how the human being when he's created, he's made to go from one stage after the other gradually, and then how he becomes into Hong Kong. Aha. And then at the conclusion of the surah, Allah subhanaw taala asks us you think we created your uselessly?

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How can a person even imagine that when a woman is pregnant, how much difficulty she undergoes

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when the child has been created inside her how much difficulty she's going through? When the child has to eventually come in adonia so much pain, so much hardship, when the child is being read when he's being raised up so much hardship? How could a person think all of this is for no reason that people are just going to turn to dust and that's it? No.

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This is not befit the justice of Allah. This is not a fitness justice at all. That people go through so much hardship they experienced so much. And it's all for no reason. There's no way it could be like this. So we all need to remember that there is a reason behind our lives. There is a purpose for our lives. And we have to ask ourselves every single day, am I fulfilling that purpose? You know, people have certain goals. People have certain mission, something that they want to accomplish. And every morning they ask themselves, they remind themselves to tell themselves This is what I'm going to do today. This is what I'm going to accomplish today. This is what we need to

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remind ourselves every single day as well.

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soprano Kala whom ob harmonica, Michel de la ilaha illa Anta Mr. firaga wanted to be like I said Mr. de comida