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As-Saffat 1-74 Tafsir 48-61

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arrows below him in the shape line

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over him.

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That's the number 236. So to fluffer will begin from number 48

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we're in the home of the auto perfect Marine, and with them will be women limiting their glances with large beautiful eyes.

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In the previous if we learned about the food of the people of gender, that it will be for whacky fruits, and with that fruit, or with that delicious food, the people of gender will also be honored. And at the same time, they will also be offered a drink, and that drink is going to be such that it will be delicious, beautiful in its color. And at the same time, it will not have any kind of bad effect.

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So we see the agenda is full of delight. But delight and pleasure are incomplete except with friends and companions. Isn't it so?

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So over here after the food agenda, what is mentioned the women agenda were in the home cost little to perfect in that with them will be also cost a lot as a pluralist Casa La from the letters of Saud, la casa Casa is to reduce something to confine something. And salado casa, what does it mean? we shorten the prayer, isn't it? Is to shorten Sunnah.

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And also, if so, who are Allah Qaeda is when a person is content with something.

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He is content with whatever that he has.

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Because when a person is not happy with what he has done, what does he do? He keeps looking around, isn't it?

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And when a person is happy with what he has done, what does he do? He limits his gaze, he limits his plans to his own possessions.

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So we're in the home cassata for these women agenda, what is their quality, that they restrict, they can find, they reserve? What do they reserve above the glands, meaning their gaze, they can find it to, to their spouses to their husbands.

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The word of thought from the root letters for offer and thoughts is used for look, glands site. And in particular thought of is used for looking at something for a very short time.

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Meaning, you know, what is that a person is staring at something he's constantly looking at something but thought of is to look at something for a very short time.

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So first of all, ocelots they are one zoo, reduce or limit confine their gaze, and what is their gaze above they look for a very little moment. And on top of that Renan reknown is a Florida Marina and Marina from their own countries, Armenia known what does it mean? I, I write and I ina is a woman who has large, wide, beautiful eyes.

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So a woman who is attractively wide eyed because wide eyes are a sign of beauty.

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So what do we see over here, the quality of the women of paradise. And what is that quality? That the women of Paradise, they are chaste women and they do not look at anyone except for who their own husbands because also lots of they limit their glances to who to just their husbands.

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As I mentioned to you, when a person is satisfied with something with what he has, then he looks at his own belongings only. But when a person is not happy with what he has, then his eyes begin to wander.

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So why is it that they restrict their reserve their glances for their husbands only.

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First of all, out of modesty, out of humility, out of shyness and also because they are very satisfied with the beauty that they find in their husbands. So we're in the home password autofill in

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and it's amazing that they have large beautiful eyes, but at the same time they're able to control them. They're able to limit their gaze

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instead of solid eye number 52. Also, it is mentioned we're in the home parser auto perfect a throg and with them will be women limiting their glances and of equal age.

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So spouses in general will be of equal age Why? So that there's more compatibility and they can get along well with one another.

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And for women to have this quality in general, you think she does not need this quality Indonesia?

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What do you think so,

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for a woman to have this quality agenda does she not need to strive to develop this quality Indonesia? Right? What quality of lowering the gaze limiting the gaze because we think lowering the gaze is only for the men. But lowering the gaze is also for who? For women, that they must not look at other men directly, unnecessarily continuously, or wandering their gaze. This is not something that befits a woman,

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a woman who is bashful a woman who has had

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a woman who was hired What will she do when she stared other men? constantly looking at them? No, she will limit her glands.

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Instead of Oh, man, I have 56 we learn from him nakazato toffee lemmya Tommy's hoonah instant Kabbalah Humala Jan, in them are women limiting their glances, untouched before them by men or gin. Instead of the rush man is 72 hold on muscle rotten, filthy and fair ones reserved in pavilions. So this is mentioned elsewhere in the Quran as well.

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As if they were bailed on delicate eggs mcnown well protected meaning in their beauty. In their appearance, the women of general will be like delicate eggs. Now for us eggs is not really something that you compare people with. But if you look at an egg, what is the surface like? smooth, isn't it?

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And babe, according to Hanson, Bosley is the egg of an ostrich which is neither white nor is it brown. You understand? When you buy eggs, these is what two colors do you have? either white or you have brown. But this is somewhere in the middle, like a pinkish complexion. You understand? Like a pale, pinkish complexion. So, unknown available macaroon. So if you look at the complexion of the egg, it's beautiful. Similarly, if you look at the surface of the egg, it's extremely smooth. These days, how do people describe beautiful, lovely skin? What kind of expression that two people have?

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flawless, smooth, but don't deserve a porcelain doll.

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So porcelain doll What does it mean? smooth? Isn't it so? Clear? And in its color, beautiful circle and the hoonah bio mcloon if you compare porcelain, the appearance of horsemen with even eggs, isn't it similar? It's very similar.

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So some women get offended. Oh my god, Bible eggs. What comparison is that? This is comparison in appearance in beauty in color, in texture. Okay, that flawless skin and now unavailable. And as if there are eggs that are mcnown protected mcnown from the ruthless gaff no known and can as you know, as to shelter to conceal something. So mcnown must rule one that is sheltered, one that is protected. One that is well hidden. Why would eggs be covered and hidden? Why?

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Because first of all, they're delicate, right? If you leave them out in the open, then what's going to happen something or the other is going to attack them. And ostriches Where do they live? Were in rain forests. deserts, right? And what is there in the desert? A lot of sand, isn't it? sandstorms. So if you expose the eggs aren't they're gonna get dirty? Isn't their color gonna? look messy? Of course it will suck or unknown available mcnown. This further emphasizes the perfection. The beauty of their skin of the color. And the hoonah baileigh maknoon. untouched eggs. untouched. Flawless, perfect. Unknown availa maknoon. And if you think about it, anything that you find is precious. you

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preserve it. You protect it. You don't expose it all the time.

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If people have extremely precious jewelry, what do they do with it? Do they just leave it by the kitchen sink. Some women have this habit. They leave their rings by the kitchen sink. They leave the jewelry by the kitchen sink and what happens their parents or their husband or their in laws, they get offended? We spend so much money on this. And here you are just throwing your jewelry around. Anything that is precious. You don't leave it lying around. What do you do? You cover it, you protect it. And women, they are precious. This is why Allah has commanded them that they cover themselves even in the dunya

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because when they expose themselves all the time, then what happens

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The eyes of other people, they hit them. Right? And they change them. They don't look beautiful anymore. They don't remain beautiful anymore. Sokka and Nirvana baby mcnown as if they're delicate eggs that are well protected. inserted Walker is 23 women of gender are described as concerning in maknoon, the likenesses of pearls that are well protected just as pearls. Similarly the women of Jenna will be beautiful in their appearance. And just as pearls are well protected, solidity they're also well protected. In Serato rushman, I have 58 can only go to Walmart, as if they were rubies and coral. Again, in the brightness of their color, radiance in their beauty. There'll be like rubies

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and coral.

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And a variable Humala barrel vinyasa, I don't know, in this dunya women do a lot of things to protect their beauty isn't sunscreen, a lot more than what are listed and this

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they do so many things to preserve the beauty of their skin to make their skin more beautiful to make it glow. Do not let it age. People do so many things in this video. But we see that all beauty where does it lie? Where does it lie? in gender?

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Because in this dunya, no matter how much you woman struggles to preserve her beauty, is it within her hand? It's not woman, not a medieval nutcase who fell.

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No matter how much a woman tries to preserve her beauty. Ultimately she is going to age and with aging, she is going to lose her beauty.

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So what's the point of putting in all the effort in just preserving your beauty in this dunya physical beauty and not spiritual beauty. Because if a person just strives to gain physical beauty in this dunya then he will be deprived of beauty in the Hereafter, isn't it? But if a person strives to gain spiritual beauty in this dunya then he will be given physical beauty that is eternal that is permanent in the hereafter.

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For Acquavella variable Humala borrowing yet alone, and they will approach one another inquiring of each other. Now the people of general What are they doing, talking to one another.

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Earlier, we read motorcar believe they're facing one another. cups are being passed around, they're drinking, they're eating, they're with their companions. Now all of a sudden for a cabana barrel boom, but as you know, to advance to approach so some of them will approach barreling to others, meaning they will pay attention to one another, they will direct their attention to one another. And what will they do yet, as they'll be asking one another?

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Meaning the people of gender will have conversations they will have discussions. And part of those conversations is what asking each other about what they experienced in the world, in their life in the dunya. asking each other about their past experiences.

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So what did you experience and what did you go through? And what was your test? Because just imagine when friends when they get together, what do they talk about? What do they talk about, if you meet a friend after many years, a childhood friend, what will you ask them? So, What school did you go to? And what did you study and you remember that person? What happened to them are you in contact with them, this is what happens right? So similarly, the people have dinners or sitting, they will talk to one another about their past experiences.

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All of our illumine home, a speaker among them will say meaning someone from among them he will say from the people of gender in the candidate Corinne Indeed, I used to have a companion

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in need, indeed i canna he was leave for me Kadena a friend,

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arenas of their own country spot on and earned his way

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a horn. Cotton is also used for a century, remember, and cotton is also to connect literally means to connect out until very rural buried meaning I joined one camera with the other I tied one camera with the other one camels are traveling in a caravan what happens? All of them are tied together.

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So current is also to connect fairness, the word Corinne is used for someone with whom you are connected through some kind of relationship.

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This relationship could be of blood, meaning you are their relative. So because they are your relative you are connected with them, you understand?

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Or this relationship could be a friendship because they're your friend. This is why you're connected with them. Or this relationship could be of business

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of work. This is why you're connected with them. Like a colleague, a fellow a co worker. So in the Canada Corinne I used to have a Korean a companion on earth he used to be with me Hello Ireland in what way possibly at work are in some way or the other Yokota he would say in Mecca are indeed you lemina Muslim surely of those who confirm surely of those who believe. Meaning this Corinne of mine this friend of mine, this companion of mine, he would ask me in amazement at in you see in Africa you really as if he is amazed that are you let me know most of the pain most of the pain Florida massage massage yet as in one who confirms one who affirms one who believes in who in Allah, the

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hereafter the messenger? So he would ask me, do you really believe in God? Do you really believe in the hereafter? Do you really believe in resurrection? Do you really believe in Hellfire in paradise? Are you really among those who affirm all of this? And he would ask me either what when MIT now we have died what corner and we have become to Robin where a llama and dust and bones in Nana Medina Do you think that we're going to be recompensed Medina is a Florida, Medina from the newsletters that known Dean as we discussed earlier, it means religion worship and it also means Recompense.

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And Medina is one who has been fully recompensed. Who is money. One who has been fully recompensed one who has been given everything that he deserves.

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So you think he would say to me that when we have died and our bodies have decomposed, our bodies have turned to dust and bones, you think we're going to be brought up alive and recompense for our deeds? It doesn't make sense to me. Isn't this a very common a very familiar situation? But how do people, perhaps you're studying together, perhaps they're working together? Perhaps they get along with one another and many things. But when it comes to religion, one raises doubts in the heart of the other. You really think this is possible? How is it possible? We're living in the age of science and technology and so on and so forth? How could you believe that there's resurrection? And how

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could you believe that this is going to happen?

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So he'll be talking, you'll be saying this to the other people have genda that all of a sudden it will be said? honor, he will say meaning a loss penalty will say to him, or an angel will say to him hell unto metalia Would you care to look Are you interested in looking? Hell and Tom has our anthem you all Montpellier on lockdown Iran is a Florida move from the rotators for lamb. I

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don't know what discipline army derives. When something rises, when something goes up.

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For example, a person rises up, a person goes up. Is it easy for him to look down and have a good look at what's going on below him? Of course. So this is why talara is to rise and it also to look out to look into to become acquainted with something.

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Now with plan Arthur lay him if you look down on them, two people have

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so Cora has antimo pudieron. Would you like to have a look? Would you like to see? Would you like to see what the end of this person you're talking about? The place that he is in the situation that he's in the condition that he is in? So what's going to happen for paler than he will look for who and he will see him FISA injure him in the midst of hellfire.

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No person may wonder this is an agenda that people are having this conversation and Hellfire is somewhere else. So how is it that he can see Hellfire in the midst of Hellfire from Jenna? Is it difficult for us to understand? Is it No. For these days? All you need is a screen Isn't it so? So all you need is just a screen these days to look into what's happening in another place. Why do you think it would be difficult for a lot to show the people of gender just a view a scene of what's going on in Hellfire?

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So * talara follow elfi Sawa injure him he will look and see him that same Corinne in the midst of hellfire. That same Corinne who used to raise doubts in his art about resurrection, or hereafter about recompense that same person you will find him in Hellfire Allah He

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Let's say who will say the person who is in Jenna. de la he by Allah. In good della Torre Dini, by Allah, you almost ruined me. You almost destroyed me. Had I listened to you? I would have been with you. Thank God I did not listen to you delight in kittler Dini, by a lie, you almost ruined me. You almost destroyed me. Get this on there inflators. gasweld al Qaeda, yada yada.

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What does it mean to almost do something to almost do something not do it but almost be at the verge of doing? So you were almost at the verge of Latour, Dini, Dini, from the room fetters law, Dahlia, Radha, and that is to perish to be destroyed.

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When are you linear? On whom Allah who Isla de la

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How can his wealth of alien when he has been destroyed when he is ruined?

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Whatever however, Fatah wa Salatu Dini, surely you destroyed me? You ruined me. You would have finished me? Had I listened to you?

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While Ola near moto rugby? And if not for the favor of my Lord, if not for the blessing of my Lord, the Continental Marine, I would have been of those brought in hell.

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I would have been with you much buddy and my buddy in Florida. Martial Law who is Martha, one who is presented so presented were for punishment, in Hellfire with you?

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Had it not been for the blessing of my Lord? I would have been of those who were presented and Hellfire for punishment as well. What do we see over here

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that this person is acknowledging the favor of Allah soprano.

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That if he is successful in the Hereafter, if he managed to save himself from the Hellfire and energen it was not because of his own efforts, it was not because of his own smartness and cleverness and intelligence. No, it was only because of what the nirma the blessing of Allah, He bestowed this blessing upon me. He had mercy on me, he guided me, He saved me from being influenced. He protected me. This is why in total arafa 43, we learn that the people of general when they will enter agenda, they will acknowledge that the success is because of

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a loss of penalty. This is why we'll call on hamdulillah he led he had an idea, they will say All Praise to Allah, who guided us to this. Why am I couldn't Elina dedhia, Lola and her Dona LA, and we would never have obtained guidance, had Allah not guided us. So Alola near metodo de la continental Marine, had it not been for the best thing of my north, I would have been punished as well. What do we see in these items? What lesson do we learn from what is mentioned over here,

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do friends in dystonia? One is a believer, and other is not a believer, one believes with conviction, the other has doubts. And the one who has doubts. He is trying to create doubt in the heart of the other person as well. Does he give up? The believer? Does he give up? Does he come under peer pressure? Does he know? Because what do we see in the surah? From the beginning,

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that there are people who come under the pressure of others, isn't it. So when the followers will say to the leaders, that you would come to us and Ilia mean, you used to pressurize us. So they will blame others. There are some people who come under other people's pressure. And there are some other people who remain firm.

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We have to see as well, that we start doing something good. We started going to have it. Especially when a person learns at the end, he starts many things, many things that he did not do before. But what happens when he goes into the outside world. And there's so many corunna so many people that he's connected with either through work or through school, or through family or through marriage or something or the other people, they try to create doubts in your heart. Why? Because they themselves are inept. They try to shake you should you come under pressure. Should you give up what you're doing? No, because if you give up what you're doing, we learned earlier that these people are not

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going to take responsibility at all, isn't it so? So we have to stand firm we have to remain firm.

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How much more direct can a person be? Over here we see that this Corinne What is he saying to him? That in the kilometer massage duty? Are you of those who really believe? Imagine if somebody says to you seriously, you believe? Are you crazy? What's wrong with you? How more direct can a person be? And a person talks to us and this way we could give up

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instantly. No, no, no, no, no, I don't believe in that. I'm just like you, isn't it because we try to satisfy other people.

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And this also shows to us that who is our sincere and true friend, someone who creates doubts in our heart, someone who weakens us in our face interaction, or someone who strengthens us in that

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any person who creates doubts in our heart will make fun of our religion. Who makes fun of us when we're doing something good. Remember, he's not sincerity.

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And never ever come under pressure because no such people are going to help you on the Day of Judgment. Because we see over here he says, de la he in Quetta lotto Dini, you are about to destroy me, while Ola Nero moto Villa continue in our party, and had it not been for the blessing of my Lord, I would have been finished, I would have been presented for this punishment as well. So a person should realize that if he's able to remain firm, this is only by the blessing of Allah soprano.

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And we should really make to offer this make to offer steadfastness make dua for firmness, because it's very easy to do good things when you're surrounded by good people.

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But when you're surrounded by people who don't influence you in a good way, that is where the real test is. So make dua for yourself. This is why I've taught you that along my journey to becoming a holy burden coach. What it means is that along many arrows have become and howdy better than Cody. Code is to wrap a turban and hold is to unwrap a turban. When a turban is wrapped up, what does it mean a person is in the right state.

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And when the turban is opened up, what does it mean something bad has happened, he has fallen he has tripped he's not in the right state anymore. So although once you have fixed our state, once you have guided us, once you have shown us the way save us from losing that state. So make the offer yourself that Allah protects all of us and he give us is to karma and not be influenced by the people of this world because there's so much without so much fitness.

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Literally there are people who lose their faith.

00:27:19--> 00:27:52

Recently, I found out about a person who went to university and he's become an atheist lost his faith completely. And this is not the first time I've heard such a story. So there are people who will pose doubts at you. And who are these people sometimes they come in the form of professors, sometimes they come to you in the form of friends, in the form of coworkers. So don't get swayed. Don't listen to them. And keep making the art to Allah Allah you give me firmness, you keep me fresh, because we cannot do this by ourselves. Remember that?

00:27:53--> 00:28:06

Because there are some people who think they can deal with outside world because they have the knowledge of the Quran they have studied the Quran, how can I lose it? No, any person can unless Allah gives him dolphy. So hold on to who? Unless

00:28:08--> 00:28:30

for the stem sokoban roadwatch it was a lymphoma. And if you hold on to yourself, can you fall very easily because what are you only one person you are weak? So you need to gain strength from who? Allah that's why make the art to him. Pray to him for steadfastness and firmness. Well, Lola near metodo de la condominial Marine

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

and then this person will say FML national be my eating, then are we not today?

00:28:37--> 00:28:38


00:28:39--> 00:28:49

Question for then? Not national, we be my gt at all wants today. What does it mean? Why this? Why is he saying this?

00:28:50--> 00:29:07

That upon realizing I'm in general in Paradise, and now no one's gonna die. So my national we may you do. So this, he will ask out of sheer delight. And in order to speak about the blessings of a loss of hunter

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that out of wonder, out of amazement, out of happiness, he will say this in Paradise, that now we're not going to die. There's no death anymore. I found that to be my eating, isn't it so we're not gonna die? No. in LA Mota Ola. We're not gonna be more of the bean except for our first death and we will not be punished. Wow, amazing. The test is over. You understand? Because dunia is what a constant struggle, a constant test. Right? One test after the other one fitna after the other. So this person when you will realize I'm in general, and I'm not going to die. And the fact that I had to suffer before I have suffered it already in our modafinil, oola except for our first step, what

00:29:56--> 00:29:57

does the first death refer to?

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

The death that was in

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Dunya after where the life woman will be more as the being And now, we are not at all going to be punished. Because once a person is in gender, then what will happen

00:30:12--> 00:30:15

to us the people of gender, that would you like it

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and the people that we have everything, a loss of panels, I will ask them repeatedly. And then what will a lot of panels are stated that I have bestowed upon you my

00:30:27--> 00:30:32

my happiness, and no fear of being upset again.

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So, women national be more on the beam, and now we're never going to be punished. We're not going to be punished. We've suffered our death. That's it. Now, this is Jenna, this is eternal.

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We learned from a hadith that that will be brought in the form of a ram and it will be slaughtered in that an older woman will be more intervene unless as in the Heather, indeed, this Lowell fosun are we this is the great success. This is a great attainment. What is a great attainment, that a person is saved from Hellfire and he is admitted into gender. And when he is in gender, that's it. No debt, no illness, no suffering, no loss, no fear. No worries. Bella Hoefler Alinea, whatever we are known, and no fear of Allah being upset, of displeasing

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of making a lot angry. Isn't that a great gift?

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Because in this dunya, what happens? You do good, but you always have this fear. Is it acceptable? You do something good. And the next moment you do something so silly, isn't it? And you get so upset with yourself, you get so angry, you get so frustrated? What's wrong with me? Why can I not just fix myself? This is not possible in dunya a person keeps trying, he keeps struggling and then ultimately when he will enter Jannah Allah says in

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early, this is the great success only this is success.

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Limited he has for the life of this failure million army Don't let the workers work limits Lehigh either, for the lack of this meaning for the lack of this pleasure for the lack of this success, for the lack of this and frozen or lean, this is what people should be struggling for fun yurman and army Luna army alone, all those people who are working, struggling day in and day out constantly, this should be their ultimate goal. This should be their target, this is what they should be striving to attain.

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Each person is an airman in some way or the other in dystonia, isn't it? One person is working to build his career, another person is working to buy himself a house and other person is working to become a millionaire. Another person is working to become famous. People have different goals, another person is working for the sake of nothing.

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Allah says an army loon all those who are working, this should be their target, this should be their goal, what attaining gender

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in heaven Allah who will falls in early, but this foes are Arlene. How can it be attained? When a person falls into peer pressure? Is it know when a person remains firm, when a person holds on to Allah?

00:33:26--> 00:33:43

So what's the lesson in this for us, that whatever the situation may be, whatever the environment a person may be, in, whoever a person may be with, he has to remain firm. He cannot succumb to what people say. He cannot give up.

00:33:44--> 00:33:46

And you're stronger than you think.

00:33:47--> 00:34:09

You may think you don't have that resolve, you don't have that determination. But give it a try. You can do it. You can remain firm. Because many times we underestimate ourselves, we think we cannot do it. One person is telling us don't do this good thing anymore. Or try this bad thing just one time for my sake. And what happens we give up over there.

00:34:10--> 00:34:23

But remember, you have the resolve to remain firm. just discovered within its there. remain firm. You can do it. And when a person remains firm, look at the reward

00:34:24--> 00:34:29

in the Heather level alfasud Arlene limitedly has a phenomenal army.

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We listen to the rest recitation.

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Me all,

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tahmina most body

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This tells us that we need to do something we need to do something,

00:36:35--> 00:36:48

isn't it. And we discussed earlier the different types of armor, armor love, called jawara, Hassan and also the armor love dark. So, a person has to do armor if he wants to gain success in the hereafter.

00:36:50--> 00:37:25

And each person's capacity each person's ability is different. what one can do the other cannot necessarily do. But what every person must have is Islam as sincerity. This is why it Larry Bird, Allah Hill was listening is repeatedly mentioned in this sort of McCullough's as someone who has chosen why because of his purity, because of his sincerity. So we have to make ourselves sincere. We have to keep praying to Allah subhanaw taala for steadfastness, we have to remain sincere to him. And then

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feel free to do whatever he wants us to do. Sally mostly had fun

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with listen to the recitation