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An-Nur 47-57 Word Analysis and Tafsir 47-48


AI: Summary © The importance of affirmations and acceptance in religion is highlighted, as it is crucial for everyone to follow affirmations and acceptance. The speakers stress the need for people to confirm their beliefs and not give false commitments. The speakers also emphasize the importance of following actions and not giving false commitments, as it is crucial for achieving success in Islam implementation. The speakers stress the importance of acceptance and implementation in obtaining success in implementation, avoiding false assumptions, and reflecting on actions and interests.
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Are we lay him in a shared line of edemas millennial recommended or him? lesson number 184 sudo to new, I am number 47 to 57

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waiuku Luna and they say, I'm Anil Villa he, we believe in Allah will be the Lazuli and also in the messenger, we're Aparna and we also have a so my other one for you coming home, then a party of them turns away mimbar the Delica after that woman, Allah Ico will move money and such people. They're not believers at all.

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Well, coluna, who does they refer to? The hypocrites or those people who claim to be believers? What do they say that when we left he was solely we believe in Allah, that he is our Lord, that he is the one who we worship, what was truly and we also believe in the messenger that he is the one who has been sent by Allah soprano data that we are supposed to follow him. We believe in his truthfulness. Well, Alterna and we also have a meaning we obey whatever Allah and His Messenger tell us to do. Any command that comes to us from Allah and His Messenger, what do we do? We obey, we are satisfied, we are content, we are very happy with all of the commands that Allah and His Messenger have given to

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us. But then when the time comes to really act on the commands, what is the reaction of these people? Allah says some then contradicting their own statement, when the time for action comes, what happens? Yet, uh, whenever you come in home, a group of them turns away. Notice a group of them, not all of them, but just a group of them turns away turns away from what from obeying the command of Allah and His messenger. they contradict their own statements. They said earlier, we believe we obey. But when the time came to obey what happened, they refuse to obey.

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Yet one law is from the worldly, and the only when it is used for turning away. It is to turn away physically from something, it is to turn away physically from something. So some matter will lead for the home in home. A group of those people who claim that they are believers, they turn away, meaning they do not follow the command, main body Delica after that, after what, after the statement, after this claim of theirs, after this all after this confession that we are believers, we are going to obey after all of these big statements and big claims, what happens? They turn away they refuse to follow. So such people Allah says Wilma would I mean, they're not at all believers.

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In reality, these people are not believers. Why? Why does the loss of panatela negate their email? Why does he cancel out the amount of such people, when they actually say from their mouths, that there are believers? They say from their mouths that there are going to obey? Why does Allah cancel out their email? Why does he nullify their email? Why does he negate their email?

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Because there is a contradiction. They say they believe, but they don't prove it from their actions. They say we will obey. But when the time to obey comes they refuse to obey. Because we think of a man we think of believed to be just that a person believes in his heart and whatever his actions are, that doesn't really matter. We say that is a matter between the servant and his Lord. So to each his own Eman is basically just in the heart.

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But in reality Eman is quite different from what we think of the mind to be

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Eman is actually three things. Eman includes a does the markable. Well it on

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that event is first of all, does the What does it mean by that? That you affirm the truthfulness of something? you affirm the truthfulness of something like for example, if a person says I believe in Allah, what does it mean? He affirms the existence of Allah, He affirms the oneness of Allah. He affirms the Ruby of Allah, his Zulu here, his asthma and so forth. So first of all, does believe that you believe in the truthfulness of something, but this is not sufficient. This alone is not sufficient. You need to follow it up by something. And what is that?

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What does it mean by Google? That you accept it for yourself as well?

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That you don't just say yes, I agree. Yes, I say that it is the truth. No, you accept it.

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You take it as your own. Like for example, we see that the Michigan of Makkah, they would affirm that Allah subhanaw taala is the creator. So many times the Quran just mentioned if you ask them who has made this who gives you this? They will say Allah. But when it comes to accepting that yes Allah is the only God do they accept? No, they say that no along with all other other gods as well. So is that affirmation? acceptable? No, because affirmation must be followed by acceptance. affirmation does the must be followed by Alka Boone.

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Similarly, we see that many people at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they used to affirm the truthfulness of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. They would say that he is the most truthful man. However, they would not accept him to be a messenger. They will not accept the message that he had brought. And amongst those people was his own uncle, Abu Talib, that Abu Talib supported him, just imagine, he affirmed the fact that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not a liar. He affirmed that, but did he accept Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to be messenger? No. Did he follow him? No.

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So that affirmation that the snake is not acceptable.

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We see that Abu Talib he used to say that law there are lame to be an Nadine and Mohammed in higher again in Berea TdnN that certainly I know that the religion of Muhammad is the best religion. I know. I have realized this. I am certain about this locker that I live to I am certain. I have known this, that the religion that he has is the best religion higher at the end of the body at Idina, it's the best religion for all creation.

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Did he accepted though? He did not.

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So is that affirmation? Any good? Is that affirmation and use it's not. And then Eman is not just about a dusty and COBOL data person says yes, this is true. And as I accept it, no, it must be followed by a third thing.

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And what is that? And if on either on an if then if Elif node.

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And what is it? I mean, submission

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that a person also submits that a person also complies with

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that he doesn't just say that he had this is right. I accept it. However, I do not want to do this. No. Eman means that a person also follows it up by action. He does what is required as well.

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Like for example, a person might say, I believe that you're supposed to be five times a day. I accept that. However, I don't pray five times a day. Is that acceptable? No. Is that complete Eman? No, imagine means that a person must fulfill all of these three components. So we see that those people who just say with their mouth that we believe in Allah and His Messenger, and they make big claims that we also obey, we're very obedient. But when the time comes to obey a certain command, they turn away. Allah subhanaw taala says that such people are not believers. Because their Eman is incomplete. Their Eman is deficient. There is a lot of say there's a lot of talk. However, there's

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no action, there's no submission. Therefore, the amount of such people is not acceptable at all.

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Now, there are many people, even today who appreciate Islam, who talk very positively about this religion of ours. And they may be considered as apologetics. In fact, they may go to the extent of even say that the Quran is somehow divine. And there are many people who argue on their behalf that why isn't this person considered to be a believer? So what if they don't pray? So what if they don't call themselves Muslim? So what if they don't follow the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? This is what people say they're believers in their heart. They believe in God, they are saying such positive things about the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So how is it possible that these people will go

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to Hellfire many times you will find people arguing about such matters. The fact is that if a person does not accept and if a person does not submit, that is not even

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like for example, if a person studies all of the material that is taught at a particular University, that is required to obtain a particular degree, he studies all of that material. He covers all of the syllabus. He does it at home. He does all of the research papers. He does all of the experiments, he reads all of the books and he also tests himself

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However, he does not go and enroll himself at the university.

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Can he just say, I should get the degree? Can he say that I should be considered as a doctor? Because I have done all of this research? I have done all of this study, I have done more than what people do typically at a university. Can he claim that? Can he say, Can he demand that he should be given a certification? No, he cannot be given that certification. Why? Because he did not enroll himself at the school.

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He did not go to the place, he did not go when he was required to go. He did it on his own, but he did not accept the discipline that is at a school at a university. So similarly, just as this person will not be given the certification, he will not be given the degree. If a person claims that he is a believer at heart, he says that he believes, but he does not do what is required, he does not accept the discipline, will he be given the certification of a man? No, it's not acceptable in the sight of Allah.

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And the fact is that if a person truly believes in his heart, if a person truly believes in his art, then it is not possible that he will not proclaim that faith that he will not live by that faith. So if a person just says yes, yes, I accept, I think this is right. You know, it makes sense to me. It's very logical. However, I do not wish to live by it. What does it mean his heart has not really accepted. So if a person just claims that I believe I believe, but he is not following it up by action, then this is not a man. Because it does not behoove a believer that he contradicts what Allah subhanaw taala has commanded.

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If a person says I believe in Allah, then it does not suit him that he will go against the commands that Allah Subhana Allah has given. This does not suit a believer. So what do we see over here, that primarily This is talking about, who then would have 15 because they will say big things. However, when the commands were revealed, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told them what to do, they would refuse to obey. So such people are not believers in the sight of Allah, their Eman is not acceptable in the sight of Allah.

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Now, in the light of this ayah, we also need to analyze ourselves. That many times, we say that whatever aligners messenger have said, somewhere in our Alterna, we make big claims, we say big, big statements. And we say that we believe we say that everything that comes from Allah is true, and we must follow it. It's for our own benefit. But really, when the time for action comes, what is our behavior? Do we have a list of excuses? Do we have fears? Do we say no? Are we reluctant? Or do we have a readily

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because a believer he does not turn away.

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When he says he will obey, then he definitely obeys. And if you look at it in this order, many many commands have been given, like, for example, the command of autobus of lowering the gaze, the command of pistols, Rouge, guarding the chestatee, guarding one's private parts, covering one's body.

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Similarly, covering the Zener, hiding the Xena, many commands have been given in this order. Now we all need to check ourselves that after learning after talking about the benefits of these commands, after discussing them in detail, after writing all of these notes and sharing with one another, what is the state of our actions? When it comes to the practical implementation of these commands? Where do we stand? Are we where we were before? Or have we really made an effort to improve ourselves in the light of these comments? We all need to check ourselves.

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Because if we're just saying that, yes, we're going to do it, we're going to do it, we're going to do it, but we don't actually do it. Then this behavior is not acceptable by Allah. This behavior does not suit a true believer. A believer is the one who says he believes and when it comes time to act, he acts he does what is required of him. And the monastic is the one who says big things, but he does not do anything

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will either do in a law he will sue Lee. And when they are called to Allah and His Messenger,

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what does it mean by this, when they're called to Allah and His Messenger call to allow meaning call to the mama know what it means by this is that when they're called to the book of Allah,

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when they're called to the command of Allah,

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that come and learn about it

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Come and follow it. So when they're invited to obey, when they're invited to learn about what Allah subhanaw taala has said, What are slowly he and his messenger when they're called to Allah and His messenger?

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Now what does it mean by this one, they're called to the messenger meaning to his Sunnah to his commands to his instructions. And in the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam being called to the Prophet sort of outside of means to him, to listen to him, to see what he's saying.

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So when they're invited to Allah and His Messenger,

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Leah coma, so that he may decide he may judge who may judge the messenger. Muhammad sat alone isn't that he may judge bainer home between them. Now before we continue, notice one thing that they're called to Allah and His Messenger bots, but what has been said Leah coma so that he may judge and he only refers to Mohammed sallallahu Sallam This is not Leah coma. So that both of them judge Why is it only Leah Kuma he may judge

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because whatever judgment the prophets are allowed to send him is going to give it is going to be in the light of the guidance that he has received from Allah soprano in the form of the Quran or otherwise. So, a lot of panel data is one who sends the commands and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is the one who gives the rulings in their light. And also remember, that obedience to the command of the prophets are allowed to send them is equivalent to obedience to the commander of of loss apprentice.

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So it is the same whether Allah gives the command or the messenger gives a command, because my nuclear war Sula for called upon

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whoever obeys the messenger than in fact he has obeyed who Allah soprano.

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So what either do in a la hora de la cama avena home so that he may judge between them, and he may judge between them concerning what affairs concerning all those affairs, in which they are disputing with one another. Whether it is some religious affair or it is some secular affair, any affair that is between them in which they have a dispute, when they're invited, come to a Lynas messenger so that the messenger will judge between you what happens either for you coming home, then suddenly a group of them what is their reaction, morally alone, once you turn away?

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If you notice this word either either overhears of paja, ear, and Vegeta is all of a sudden, instantly. So immediately at once, their reaction is what word alone, they turn away. Now earlier we read the word yet Oh Allah. Over here, we read the word more of you alone, both mean turn away. What is eroded. errorlog is the a version of the heart. It is the dislike the aversion that a person finds in his heart for something

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that he doesn't have interest in it. He doesn't like it. He doesn't want to see it. He doesn't want to think about it. He doesn't want to go close to it.

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The only is what to turn physically away from something that a person does not do what is asked of him, and Ariela, this person has no interest in it, he is averse to it. So instantly their reaction is off a version. They don't even want to think of going to the Prophet sallallahu.

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They don't even want to think about what Allah subhanaw taala has said in the Quran. Either for you caminho morellato.

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We seen that when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he migrated to Medina, and Islamic State was established over there. And the head of that state was who the profits are loaded on himself. And remember that the profits on a lot of sudden being the head of the state, he was not just a spiritual leader or religious leader for the people. But he was also in the sense a political leader in meaning that if people had any religious concern, or they had any worldly concern, who would they go to for solutions? The profits or loss?

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So for example, if a person wanted to know something about the deen, who would you go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? If someone had disobeyed Allah and Ahad had to be implemented on him, a punishment had to be carried out on him, who would he be taken to the profit sort of August because he was a religious leader.

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But at the same time, any worldly disputes even that people had,

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they will also go to who to the prophets of the virus.

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And remember that in Medina, it wasn't just the Muslims who were residing. It was also non Muslims. There were so much to gain and there

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Also the educator, the hood. So the Muslims, they were definitely required to go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when it came to seeking religious as well as worldly solutions. However, the no keytab, the people of the book, they had a choice.

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They could either go to their own religious leaders, or they could come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they had this choice. Now, the people of the book, what would they do? Whenever they wished they would come to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and whenever they wish, they would go to their own leaders, especially if they did not want a ruling from their own religion. Who would they go to the profits or losses, and then we have seen incidents where the people of the book, they went to the profit sort of autism seeking solutions.

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However, there was another group of people,

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the minority, the hypocrites, what would they do? that whenever they felt that the profits on a lot of them would decide in their favor? What would they do? They would go to him. But whenever they feared that the decision would be against them. Because what they were doing contradicted the teachings of Quran and so on. So whenever they had this fear that the decision of the profits or loss and was going to go against them, then what would they do? They would either go to their tribal leaders, or they would go to the leaders of the Anunnaki, that they would not come to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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And this behavior of theirs as we mentioned earlier, as well, we learned in sort of de Missa number 6261. That Alam Tora Ella Latina Yes, Ramona. And now home, Amman will be my own de la alayka. Or my own dilemma in publica. Have you not seen those people who claim to have believed in what was revealed to you and what was revealed before you?

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You RE DO NOT Duna at the hacker mo Illa for who they wish to refer legislation to the hoods work or the O'Meara and Jacobi he, while they were commanded to reject it. When you read the shape on a new lilla humble Ember EDA and shaitan wishes to lead them far astray. What either lead Allah home tolo lm, n De La Hoya universally, and when it is said to them, come to what Allah has revealed, and to the messenger or a talamona 15 I also do not angkasa do you see the hypocrites turning away from you in a version?

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So this is not just that it happened only once? No, this was a regular behavior that anytime anytime they felt that the command of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was going to go against them, they would not go to him. And the same thing has been mentioned over here as well. That what either do in a law you want to sue Lilia Camarena, what happens either for you coming home, morally alone, suddenly a group of them they turn away, they're not interested at all they say no, no, we don't want to go there. Let's go somewhere else. But Allah subhanaw taala says and sort of the Nyssa is 65 that fell out of beaker Now you may know that no by Allah they will not truly believe by Allah such

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people are not believers. Had you had chemo caffeine, I shudder avena home until they make you a profits on a lotus annum judge concerning that over which they dispute among themselves, meaning any matter concerning which they're disputing with one another.

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They have to refer that issue to the profit sort of artisan, they have to take his judgment concerning that issue. And if they do not do so, then such people are not believers. And it's not just about making him the judge, but some Malaya, doofy emphysema, Rajan. And then they do not find within themselves any discomfort, medical data from what you have judged. So basically, they should accept it when you sell them with a schema and they should submit in full willing submission. So what do we see that there are three conditions that a person must fulfill in order to be a believer in order to prove his emotion? And what are those three conditions from sort of the Messiah as 65?

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That at the time of any dispute, that may be amongst people that may be among scholars that may be amongst people of knowledge? When a person sees different different views? What should he refer to? Where should he go?

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What should he look into?

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What the prophet SAW a lot of cinemas said he should not be looking into what so and so scholar said, What so and so Imam said what so and so she said, No, his concern should be what did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say about this? What did he command regarding this? How did he implement this?

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How did his wives implement this? How did they understand this?

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And secondly, once a person learns about what the prophet sort of all the sudden has said, there should be no constraint in the heart in implementing the decision of the prophets.

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that a person should not feel uncomfortable, or why do I have to do this, but I don't like it. It goes against my lifestyle, it goes against my wishes, this is too difficult. It goes against the modern times, no, there should be no heritage in the heart, there should be no constraint in the heart, while you sell him with a stream. And a third condition is that the decision must be implemented completely and fully.

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A person cannot pick and choose, a person cannot outwardly accept and inwardly deny No, you suddenly motor sliema full and complete and willing submission.

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So when a person accepts the decision of the profits are allowed to send him in this way,

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and he accepts it, and he implements it, then he is a true believer, then his email is complete.

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And if a person does not accept, if a person does not obey, and if a person does not follow the instructions that align His Messenger have given, then the man of such a person is not acceptable at all.

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Now, again, we need to look at ourselves, it's very easy to talk about others, it's very easy to talk about the hypocrites at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, who have now gone,

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however, what do we need to do?

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reflect on ourselves? That is this behavior found in us at all in any way?

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that we need to analyze ourselves. Whenever there is a matter of difference of opinion. Whenever there is a dispute, in any matter of Deen, or while we're living our life in a certain way, we have a particular lifestyle. And we come across a statement of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we come across a certain command that is clearly mentioned in the Quran. In clear words at MOBA Hina. It is as clear as the full moon on a clear night when there are no clouds, it's as clear as a full moon. You can see it very clearly without any difficulty. So when we come across such clear commands from Allah from His Messenger, clear statements, what is our behavior? What is our instant reaction? Is

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it a reluctance? Is it of hesitation? Is it that we say this is impossible? Is it that we say I don't think I'm going to do it? Is it like no? Or is it a obedience? Because the believers when they are called to Allah, they do not delay. They do not present excuses, what is their reaction? samina will alternate.

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But unfortunately, our condition is contrary to this. It is contrary to some Aaron altona. Many times when we hear of an authentic Hadees of an eye of the Quran, we study, we understand it, we analyze it fully,

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instead of implementing, instead of accepting what is our behavior, our excuses, that we say, yes, the IRS has this however, I heard so associate say that there's another opinion as well.

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I heard that this is Mr. hub, I heard that this is not legit. I heard that this was Arab culture. I heard that this was only for the wives of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we have excuses. The ayah is clear itself evident at mobikin kienet, clear versus crystal clear in which the hokum is evident, you cannot misunderstand.

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But still what is our behavior, we have a list of excuses. We say so and so said this, so and so said that in our culture, we don't do this, this is not acceptable. This is not important for me. This is what our reaction is. But this is not the correct way. This is not the way of a believer, he leaves everything he puts everything on one side. And on the other side is what the statement of Allah the statement of the messenger, and that is enough, that is sufficient, even if the whole world contradicts that statement. Even if the whole world will tell you the cons of following that statement following that hokum what should be our reaction. Allah has said this, the messenger said

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this so Mirena.

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Because if we begin to follow other people, if we begin to make other people our excuses, then remember that none of those people will aid us on the Day of Judgment. None of those, none of those, none of those scholars will come to defend us on the Day of Judgment. Each and every one of us will be alone. They will not come and say Oh Allah leave this person because I said this. And they were following me blindly. Yes, they learned about what you had said. However, they still took my opinion whereas in

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Reality it was contradicting to what you had said, nobody's going to come and defend us on that day. We're going to be alone.

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You see, the thing is that the IRS, as we have learned it MOBA ynap. They're clear, and we should really accept that from our hearts. Just because somebody has understood them differently does not mean the either unclear, okay? Just because somebody has understood them differently does not mean if they're unclear.

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If you look at the meaning of the words, if you look at the context in which the ayat were revealed, if you just look at the way the prophets, Allah does it and the Sahaba, they implemented the ayah. It's very obvious. However, there are people who interpret the Quran according to their own understanding according to their own knowledge, according to their own background according to what they have been taught. And remember that over time, for example, if a particular scholar gave an opinion, in the second century, in the third century, in the fifth century, at that time, perhaps they did not know of all of the Hadees perhaps they did not know of all of the statements of the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam because at that time, still, the knowledge of our Deen was still being collected. So just because a scholar has said something does not mean we accept it as a statement of the Quran and Sunnah. This is what my point is, that we have to see what Allah soprano data is saying as well. That Unfortunately, many times, you know, we just have this sort of scholarship, it's nice to have only so and so scholar said, it's not legit. And we see in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala is saying coal, say, and it's all fairly, it's all imperative. It's all commands. And still we say no, this is not mandatory, this is not necessary. There are other options available as

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well. Who are we to say that? Who are we to claim such things? So we see that the behavior of a true believer of a sincere believer is that he looks at what Allah and His Messenger have said, on the one hand, is the statement of Allah the statement of the messenger, and everything else. On the other hand, when a line is messenger have said something that should be sufficient for us. Now, many times it happens that, for example, people will question us, why do you do this in your religion? Like, for example, you know, people often ask, Why do women have to wear hijab? And we have a list of benefits of hijab, like, for example, I remember once this woman was saying that it's part of

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being modest. And you know, when I get up in the morning, I don't really have to spend time making up my hair and everything. And the person who was asking her this question, you said that, okay, if it's supposed to be modesty, then how come your scarf in your purse are matching?

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Because it was the exact same pattern? So we give a list of benefits and the pros and so on and so forth. But at the end of the day, what is the reason? Why are we doing what we're doing? Because Allah soprano data has said, and this is the biggest reason, the biggest reason

00:33:02--> 00:33:26

you can give people menu, any benefits, scientific evidences, social benefits, financial benefits you can go on. But all those reasons, all those explanations can be refuted by the people. What is sufficient is that our Lord wants us to do it. This is a command that God has given in his book, and this is why we do it. We do it to please our God and that is sufficient.

00:33:27--> 00:34:03

So this should be our belief in our hearts as well that we do what we do, because Allah subhanaw taala has said, and that is sufficient for us. And in our actions as well, this should be our behavior. And we see over here in this ayah, that when the command of a law comes via kamaaina home, either for you coming home or you don't then at once a group of them turns away either this either is of great importance, what is a natural instant reaction, instant behavior, immediate reaction.

00:34:05--> 00:34:42

You see there are certain commands which take time for a person to implement in his life. Like for example, you learn about something, and you know, you're supposed to do it, but you find it difficult at the moment. And you say I do intend to do it, but now I find it difficult. I have this reason I have that reason. Similarly, it could be that you want to do it but you don't have the support from your family. You don't have this sport from your husband from your parents. Okay. But what is the test? The test is that what is the state of your heart at the moment when you heard the command?

00:34:43--> 00:34:59

That is where you are being tested? What is the state of your heart either at once, what is your state? Is it a mortal? No way. This is not for me. No way I can do this. Or is it a fella I know this is what you want me to do. I know I should be doing this.

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

intend to do this helped me

00:35:03--> 00:35:08

make my way easy for me clear the way for me so that I'm able to implement this.

00:35:09--> 00:35:22

So this is the real test that at the time when we learn about what Allah subhanaw taala has said, is our response of a version in our hearts, or is it of acceptance?

00:35:24--> 00:35:33

The true believer, the one who truly believes in his heart, his reaction is going to be of acceptance, that even though my mind doesn't really accept it,

00:35:34--> 00:35:54

even though it contradicts my lifestyle, even though it contradicts what I want to achieve in my life, even if it contradicts how I look at things in life, even if, you know, my whole family is against this, however, I believe this is from Allah, I believe that I am actually supposed to do this.

00:35:55--> 00:35:57

And if I'm not able to do it, that's a different thing.

00:35:58--> 00:36:14

If I'm not able to do it, right now, that's a different thing. So when a person is immediate reaction is of acceptance and not have a version than what happens. Allah makes it easier for him to implement as well.

00:36:15--> 00:36:52

alone makes it easier for that person to implement as well. Because many times we have genuine excuses, such as my parents don't know, even if I want to, they will take it off. They will not let me do this. Or my husband does not want me to do it. Yes, it's a genuine excuse. However, what's the state of your heart? Do you really have the desire to obey Allah? Do you really have the desire to obey Allah, even in this way, do also obey this command of Allah, if you have that desire, and if it is sincere, Allah will give you the feed, he will give you the feed.

00:36:53--> 00:37:35

But if there is no desire in the heart, and we just say our family does not want us to do it, our circumstances don't allow, then definitely we won't be able to do it. And remember, that when a person he does not accept with his heart, when a person is averse in his heart, towards a command of Allah soprano, Darla, that Allah takes at the feet away from him as well. He does not give him the ability or the opportunity to do it. Who the person who does not want to do it in total, and am I a 110, we learn when one level of either the home or the SATA home, GM, Allah mute me know, be aware

00:37:36--> 00:38:03

that we will turn away their hearts and their eyes, just as they refuse to believe in it the first time. The first time they heard the command, they refuse to believe that's it. They're not going to be able to accept No, they're not going to be able to implement now. So any command that we learn off, we find it difficult, it goes against our mind goes against our lifestyle. But what should our behavior be that yellow, I find it difficult when you give me the trophy?

00:38:04--> 00:38:06

You give me the trophy, you help me.

00:38:08--> 00:38:49

Because anything that you desire from your heart, you will do it. Think about it, something that you really like something that you really want to do. Do other people have to tell you to do it? No, you'll do it anyway. Even if other people stop you, even if other people say you're not allowed to do it, you'll do it anyway, isn't it? So? Think about it. Now, for example, if there is a particular issue concerning wish there are contradicting opinions amongst the scholars, and each has their evidence. Now, it really depends on how you look at the evidence. Which one are you studying more? Which one? Are you reflecting upon more, because many times we choose to study that opinion, which

00:38:49--> 00:39:10

we like, and the opinion that we don't like, we don't bother to reflect much on it. We just accept very blindly this scholar has said, This is his opinion. And these are his evidences, and that's it's efficient. And for example, if you just ignore those opinions, because they were formulated later on, what came first, what came first, the Quran,

00:39:11--> 00:39:47

and that was followed by how the Sahaba implemented. The opinions were formulated later on. If you just look at the ayat, believe me. It's clear. Nobody needs to explain it to you. Nobody needs to tell you Oh, but this is the evidence and that is the evidence and this is how we look at it. This is how we interpret it. No, it's obvious. It's clear. Like for example, I mentioned you two opinions when it came to covering the face that some scholars say that a llama Zahara minha includes the face and the hands and other scholars disagree and those scholars who say that okay, the face may be exposed they have set a condition. They have not said yes go everywhere in front of any man any

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

place with your face exposed. No, they have not said that they have set a condition and that is that where there are chances of fitna you must cover and where you don't feel any danger. Like for example, you're in front of your uncle. You

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

30 years older than you, he's treated you like his daughter his whole life. So in that case, for example, if a woman exposes her face, that's okay. But it's not that you're going out walking amongst absolute strangers who were staring at you, who are analyzing your facial features, commenting, and you don't know how people are thinking, the kind of filth that's out there, you know, how people are thinking how people's minds are working. So, we cannot say that Oh, just because one scholar has said or some scholars have said that face is not included in the Zener therefore, expose your face all the time anywhere in front of any men know they have set a

00:40:35--> 00:40:55

condition. So even when taking that opinion, be just be just, and if this is one opinion, that okay, it is most of the help to cover the face. Isn't there another opinion that it's why should we not bother to study that opinion? Should we not bother to reflect on that opinion, we should,

00:40:56--> 00:41:06

because we just hold on to one particular opinion that we like that suits our desires, and we hold very fast to it. And we ignore the rest of the evidences.

00:41:07--> 00:41:14

Believe me, if you study this, if you study the ayat that will come later on in Sharla, you do not have to look at what other people are saying.

00:41:15--> 00:41:50

You do not have to look at that. You have to ask your heart. You have to read the ad again and again. In silence when there's nobody around you reflect and ask yourself, question yourself. And if at that time, you find it difficult, which is only normal. It's only normal. What should our behavior be? Yella? I know you want me to do this? I know this is a command. I find it difficult. Give me the fake open my heart make me understand Allahumma Arenal healthcare, how can

00:41:52--> 00:42:01

that show me the truth as truth and give me the ability to follow it? Because no one can do anything, anything without the feet.

00:42:03--> 00:42:22

So, the problem that is being mentioned over here is that either for you coming home or doing that when the command comes the state of the heart is of a version like no way I cannot do this. This is not for me. This is what Allah dislikes. This is what is not accepted.

00:42:23--> 00:42:46

You find it difficult. Okay, fine. ask Allah for help. Because when a person has said, it will lead to be like you Robin I'm happy with the lies my Lord and what does it mean? Any command comes from Allah, I like it. Samir and I will alternate means I hear and I obey. And when I was a doctor means we believe and we affirm the truthfulness of this, even if it goes against our lifestyle.