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Along with World War One

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I should have gone

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Hi knee

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Hi Lee

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Hi me

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thank you know

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in Alhamdulillah Muhammad who was staring a hole and I still fiddle

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well the villa Himanshu Rory and fusina women say Dr. Molina Maria de la Vela medulla. Alma UDL Fela her de Allah Masha Allah ilaha illallah Idaho la sharika my shadow under Muhammad Abdul Hora surah you will let the you know. I'm Anna Tapachula haka to party. Walter Mottola. Illa one to Muslim on you Hannah SUTA Kurata Kamala the Hala poco Minassian Wahida Tian wahala coming huzzah Jehovahs I mean who Malaysia and cathedra on one isa what up Hola. Hola de Luna de will Erhan in Allah who can La Cooperativa?

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Yeah, you know top Allah Who Apolo Colin city then yesterday la comme la como. Como minuta. Allah wa Sula, advisor, frozen Alima and my bad inner circle Hadith economic Allah. Had you heard him Hamid insult Allahu alayhi wa sallam, or shadow Marie Martha to her death in vida, Colombia, Dottie Amara la Cala Galati infinity.

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One of the greatest prophets that Allah subhanaw taala sent to this world was Prophet Musa,

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one of the five prophets and messengers, who was described as possessing a very strong will mean only lesson

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and it is no surprise

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that because of the strength of Prophet Musa emotionally and physically,

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that Allah sent him to perhaps the worst person on earth,

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a person

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that is clearly promised Jahannam in the Quran, and that was thrown

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And frown was an extremely arrogant person Allah had sent him so many signs, from the sign of

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the staff, the stick of Moses the walking stick of Moses turning into a snake, eventually eating all the fake snakes the ropes of the magician's,

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to the glowing hand to locusts, to the flood, to blood to frogs, to lice, etc, and the different plagues

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but one of the most arrogant things that frown ever did while he was in this world,

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was that he said

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to his associate,

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build me a tower.

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Build me this large structure

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so that I can see I can go up and I can see

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if Allah exists, so that I may see Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And in this verse, Allah subhanaw taala says here,

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we'll call it fear. Oh, no, you headed mela Malim Tula Camila innovatory. And Pharaoh said to his close associates

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now I live to lukou Min Isla Henry look at the arrogance. I have not known for you any other deity except myself

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for Okay, Billy, Yeah ha man who are the Queenie federally Serhan Lally a blowhole as Bob. So he commanded his minister had to build him this tower

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to do what he thinks that if this tower is built for him, that he can find the ASVAB the ways into the heavens.

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And in another verse, he says, For your ally Sarhan, Lolly, Apollyon, Illa, Allah He Musa, let me look at Allah, let me see if he exists.

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And then he says, And he doesn't even say, if Allah exists, He says, If the Lord of Moses Illa Allah him water

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to the lord of Moses, if he exists, what you need Laguna whom you know, Caribbean, and I think that he is from among the liars.

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Brothers and sisters

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after the tower was built to round ascended the tower, and obviously he's not going to see all those Potala. When he came down the tower, what did he declare himself as he came down and he says, The House shot off and

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so he gathered all his people and his army.

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And he gathered all of them in one place after he arrogantly ascended this tower to prove that Allah doesn't exist because he cannot see him.

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The Gullah Ana Rob bukem Allah,

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I am your most Supreme Lord. This is what surround said to the people.

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So brothers and sisters, this question comes up. And sometimes you have atheists, maybe children, young people, even adults.

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They will say why is it that Allah didn't show himself to frown?

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More importantly, why is it that we as Muslims, believe in a God that we cannot see?

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And so today we want to explore some of these reasons.

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And how to answer this question.

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But what is most interesting is the answer of why we cannot say Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is answered in the story of Prophet Musa himself.

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Because later on after they were saved from thrown and round, round and round, round round and then Musa

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after almost knocked out punished for down and destroyed him and Musa took his people to safety.

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Allah Subhana Allah, Allah commanded Musa to meet him on the Mount of Sinai, Siena

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and there Allah subhanahu wa taala spoke to Musa Callum Allah Who Musa to clean Allah spoke to Musa directly but he didn't Musa didn't see Allah subhana Hotel.

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Allah tells us in the Quran, well I'm magia mu Sally me call Tina were Kalam.

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Who Rob boo. Paula rugby irony under the lake Paul Allen Torani wala Kimber Isla Javelin for any stockcar Rana Khanna who fuss over Turon

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Fela Fela Mata JAL Rob Lee gyla who DACA Hara Musa Sarika Fela, Martha Paula Subhanak to elago a well meaning

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Moses requests to see Allah is wholesomely different from surrounds request to see Allah surrounds requests to see Allah was out of arrogance and rejection of Allah's round and mockery. So let's round town is not going to dignify for round with a response except with a worst punishment. But when Musa spoke last round Allah Musa asked to see Allah out of Eman out of submission to Allah subhanaw taala so after Allah had spoken to Musa Musa said, Oh my lord, allow me to see you.

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So Allah says, Len Turon you will not be able to see me and the scholars said, this, this word learn it does not mean elaborate. It means in this dunya in this world, we as humans will not be able to ever see Allah.

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When I can under you will like you number 11 Generally for any stalker, who for sofa, Ronnie, but look at this mountain Musa

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because what happened is Allah subhanaw taala revealed himself to that mountain.

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And when Allah did so that mountain collapsed into dust, it completely vanished.

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To show you the strength of Allah subhanahu wata. In fact, there are some Hadith without going too much detail into it. There are some Hadith, like even ibis, etc, that when the Prophet SAW Selim talked about this verse, the prophet Sal and pointed his thumb to his pinky finger.

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And he was making an approximation to help people understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala only revealed a very tiny part of himself onto the mountain, and that destroyed the mountain.

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And so when the mountain collapsed and was pulverized into dust,

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Musa fell unconscious.

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And when he woke up,

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what did he say? He didn't say, Oh, my bad, I apologize. I'm sorry for asking that question. He says to you like I seek repentance. I seek forgiveness in your law, then I'm from among the believers, a call of Allah.

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hamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. All early he was on the edge Mary?

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To answer this question fully of why we as believers, we as Muslims, believe in a God that we cannot see with our eyes. We had a few reasons for that. Number one, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us explicitly in a hadith, and when he says in st Muslim, the Allahu Allahu La era I don't mean kumara Baku, Azerbaijan, I don't know that none of you will see your Lord

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until after you pass away.

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Also, number two,

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it is from the Mercy of Allah, that Allah subhanaw taala protects his creation from himself. And so there's this long Hadith.

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But towards the end of this hadith, the Prophet SAW Selim describes that Allah subhanho wa Taala has a veil, a hijab in front of him

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that veils him from the wet rest of the creation. Hijab who knew

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this and another narration this free job is a fire. We don't know what kind of light it is, but it's a light that only Allah knows. And the process Selim says if this veil was removed,

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like a Harappa tsubo. Hard to watch he Manta Ulay he must mean

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that if Allah removed this veil from that separating between him and the creation, the beauty of Allah subhanahu wa taala the power of Allah subhanahu wa taala would utterly destroy everything that he sees from his creation.

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So it is

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protection from Allah subhanaw taala that Allah has not

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enabled us to see him

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but this year

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You know, the brothers and sisters, I was I one time saw this poster in school. And it was it was it was, there was a language class, either Hindi or Bangla. I wasn't sure. And there was a picture of this woman, and she had like eight hands, okay. And it's this woman, Mom, that's like sweeping the floor. And another hand is a mom cooking, and other hand as a mom, feeding the kids, etc.

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And then I looked at this image, and I finally understood, ah, they're trying to depict the many jobs that the mom does. And then it finally clicked why in Hinduism, all these gods have, like, so many arms, because they're trying to depict each different power.

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And see, here's the issue, because Allah is infinite.

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Humans, if they actually saw Allah subhanaw taala, they would try to depict Allah subhanaw taala into an image.

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And you cannot depict the infinite with the finite, because the finite will never do justice to the infinite.

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So whatever a person tries to draw, it will never do justice to Allah subhanaw taala led to the removal of sod. Well, who are you to recall of salt or who Allah three, four.

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Finally, brothers and sisters, a few other reasons is that

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the whole universe proves to you the existence of Allah, Allah subhanho wa taala. You look at a car on the street, you're not going to think, oh, this car just came by itself.

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You look at the new app threads. You're not going to think oh, well, you know, threads came by itself. We don't know where it showed up from. You look at everything in the world. It is a testament to Allah's existence.

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So for someone to say I have to see Allah in order to believe in Him that is of utmost blasphemy and disrespect to Allah subhanho wa Taala because you see all of this, and you cannot believe that Allah exists that even if Allah showed himself to you, you would not believe.

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Finally brothers and sisters.

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Seen Allah subhanaw taala is a special reward for the believers on the Day of Judgment.

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Allah tells us in the Quran Lilina sanel husana was Jada

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describing the believers, Allah says for those people who have done good, what is their reward? So SNA here means paradise. And what comes after that? What does Allah say? What else do they get? was

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an extra an additional reward? What is this additional reward?

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It has seen Allah subhanahu wa taala

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that all of you here brothers and sisters, inshallah one day that you will meet your Creator and see your Creator. The process, Selim describes this, this reward of seeing your Creator greater than any reward in Jannah.

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Allah says in the Quran, would you tell me the mother in law, Robbie, Hannah Vera, on that day, faces will be brightened. What are they doing, looking at their Lord?

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And that's why we close off with this beautiful Hadith, in which the Prophet SAW Selim says

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the companion asked him when we see our Lord, He said, Yes. Do you have any difficulty seeing the moon, the full moon he says, No. Do you have any difficulty seeing the sun? He says no. Then you will surely see our Lord on the day of judgment. And after the people of Jana have entered Jana,

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Allah subhanahu wata, Allah will say to the people of Jana May Allah make us among those who will say

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Shall I give you something more?

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So the people of Jana will say, Oh Allah, you have illuminated our faces. You have entered us into Paradise, and you have saved us from hell. And at that moment, Allah subhanho wa Taala will remove the veil

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and then all the people in Jannah will see Allah subhanahu wa ala

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and that reward of seeing Allah subhanahu wata Allah is greater than all the pleasures that they have already experienced.

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And therefore we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to give us Tofik to give us strength to bless us with the entering of ourselves into Jannah with Allah's mercy, and to give us the beatific vision to see Allah

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How to what to Allah

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dunya Hassan Aucilla karate hacer una Joaquina data now, Robin Allah to ADA data no habla Mila Dong Rana in until herb consola