Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 27 – L272D

Taimiyyah Zubair
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

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lesson number 272. So today we'll be in from number 25.

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What about the Humala barrel de Lune.

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And they will approach one another inquiring of each other who the people agenda.

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In the previous ayah the enjoyment is mentioned how they will be enjoying the food agenda, the drink agenda, and also how they will be enjoying the company of one another. And as they're sitting together, reclining, relaxing, having fun, they will also talk to one another. But what will they talk about? Because remember that the people of gender we learn from the Quran that Lazarus Murphy her levia you will not hear in gender, any lallier anyone who makes love for any lock sound?

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So the conversations are the people of general also very meaningful.

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So what are they talking about? Acquavella literally is to advance to come forward to turn to so aka bada bada boom, Allah Berlin in some of them will pay attention to others, they will approach others. And they will be yet alone yet so alone is from the settle, to ask one another, to question one another.

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So what will they ask each other about, about how they were in the dunya? what they used to do? And also how they have attained gender, the fears and worries that they had Indonesia, they will talk about it now. Why? Because Indonesia, they were busy. They didn't have much time to talk.

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So in general, now they will ask each other. So what did you do? So how did you feel?

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You know, people say there's so much enjoyment agenda will a person not eventually get bored? No. There's so much to talk about. There's so much to enjoy. There's no end to that.

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Carlos kalu. They said in the corner. Indeed we used to we were called Blue before meaning before coming here in the donia. We used to be fee, Lena in our families must 15 ones who were fearful. What does it mean by this that in Cabo Luffy, Lena was 15. That amongst our family members, while we were with our families, and usually when families come together, when there is an occasion, like for example, like an eighth party and read dinner, or there is a wedding. Or for instance, there's anything important that's happening in the family, all the family members, what happens to them, they come together.

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So while we were in our families, we were much feeling we were afraid we were fearful, fearful of who alasa

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and when a person is afraid of Allah, then what does it mean? That he will be careful about obeying a law and not disobeying him?

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Usually, what happens to us when it comes to family gatherings? Then many times we wonder, should I do this? Should I not do it?

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Just right now somebody was asking about they had started in a car and that is coming up and there will be many family gatherings. So what should they do? I said if you started do it, those who have to do in front of do it doesn't mean that you cut off from them. Don't go to the family gathering no you go. But this is the real test in front of strangers in front of people who you don't know it's very easy to pretend, isn't it? It's very easy to do something that you find difficult. However, when it comes to your own family members, your own brothers and sisters, your own uncles and aunts your own cousins, then that is the real challenge that what do you do over there?

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So we see that the people have gender. They will say in Nakhon acaba Rafi Alina moshfeghi we were fearful of Allah, even when we were within our family members. Secondly, it has also been said that fi Elina means concerning our families.

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And remember that the word it doesn't just apply to family, but primarily it applies to wife. And it's that family which a person has through one spouse.

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So with regards to our with regards to our spouses with regards to their matters, we were much relieved. We were afraid we were concerned. We were concerned that are we obeying a law with regards to our spouse or not.

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Because you see, with your family members, you're the most relaxed, isn't it? It's very easy to refuse. It's very

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Very easy to say something back to them. And it's very easy to talk about wrong things with them as well. Because in front of strangers, you feel that you have to protect your image, isn't it. And because of that pretense comes in, a person ends up pretending many things that he wouldn't do otherwise.

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But in front of your closest family members, like your spouse, like your children, like your siblings, like your parents, that is when your true self comes out. You are who you really are in your family members, those who are closest to you.

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So we were concerned amongst them, and we were fearful concerning them do meanings we were concerned, fearful amongst them. And we were also fearful concerning them.

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Amongst them, what meaning does that give them we were careful about the commands that Allah had given, and concerning them, that we weren't just worried about ourselves. But we were also worried for who, for them. We were concerned for our family members as well. This is why we made the offer them. This is why we used to remind them this is why we used to teach them this is why we used to do different things and we didn't do certain things. So in our corner, Ave Fie, Alina was 15. We were fearful in our family members concerning our family members

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from Anoma who are Elena, so Allah conferred favor upon us, well, we'll call it an either have a sum, and he protected us from the punishment of the scorching fire. It's a last favor that he protected us that when the test came to us through our family members, there was a big test that our family members for example, were not supportive. What did we do at that time? We used to pray to Allah, that Oh Allah, give us the stability, give us the confidence, give us the courage from an Allah who arlena so Allah favored upon us. And he gave us the courage, he strengthened us, he gave us the confidence to do what we had to do to stay away from wrong. And this is a huge favor of a law

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that a person is able to obey Allah were in his own home, in amongst his family members. Because if a person is not able to obey Allah there, then where can we how can he Furman De La Hoya Elena will corner either with some room and he saved us from the punishment of the scorching fire assawoman from the roof better seen me me. And Sam is used for heat storm, extremely hot desert when that brings with it sand, and also a lot of heat like a heat wave. So or there was some over here refers to the punishment of the hellfire.

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Earlier we learned that the people have gender they'll be united with their families, isn't it? Parents and children will be united together.

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Now, for Mandela, who are Alena, Allah bestowed a huge favor on all of us that he saved all of us from the hellfire. Earlier, what do we learn? The second meaning of fee, Elena was 15. And we were fearful concerning our families, what's going to happen to them, but Allah bestowed his huge favor on all of us, and he saved every single one of us. Typically, what do parents worry about with regards to their children? their education, their health? Isn't it their manners, isn't it? But we see that the quality of the people agenda is that they are concerned for their family members with regards to their

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with regards to their deed, that what's going to happen to them? What will happen to them? What will they do? So this is a huge favor of a lot that he saved us all from the Hellfire in Kona Indeed, we used to min covenant before Nether Oh, who we used to call upon Him, we used to pray to Him, the eyes of the people of Jana, they include the US for themselves and also the US for their family members. So we used to pray to Him and inner who indeed he is, whoever he is the one who was the kind and he's also under him, the Merciful.

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Albert with regards to a person with regards to a human being is He who is very dutiful, very obedient, very righteous. And when the word bowl is used to describe a loss of panel data that it means one who is very kind, one who is very generous one who rewards. So in the who who elbow, indeed, he is the bar, meaning the one who is very kind. And he's also a Rahim have tremendous mercy. This is why he saved us.

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So what did you learn from designers? in coding cover up arlena machine? What did you learn from this?

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We cannot just be concerned about ourselves but we also have to be concerned about our family members. That many times we see mothers are only concerned about the food of their children the clothes of their children winter's coming in, do they have enough sweaters? Do they have enough socks? Do they have their mittens? Do they have their hats? Isn't it? are they eating every week? What's the word? groceries food. But this is not the only worry that we should be having. We should be more concerned about the health of our children of our families, our spouses, those who are closest to us. Are there praying? are they learning? Do they have Eman? Do they love Allah? What is

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their a flock? Like? does Allah appreciate that? Or does he not appreciate that? So if you want to know for yourself, you want to know for your family as well. And if you wanted for them as well, then it's not a team just by wishes. It's attained by effort. And it's also attained via because you see there are over here is especially mentioned that we used to make Dorado him in Kona and Cabo Luna drew who draw is also very important. And the second meeting of the saya that fee at the time was 15 that we were fearful. amongst our family members, it's very easy that you delay saara when you're at home. But when you're with strangers, that isn't easy.

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At home, what happens? Yeah, I'll get up, I'll get up. It's only my brother who's watching. It's only my husband, he knows me. But with your friend, she looks at you as someone who goes to Alberta, as a student of the Quran. Then in front of them, you have an image, isn't it? So it's easier to become pious and righteous in front of strangers. But it's more of a challenge to be to obey Allah, when you are comfortable when you are relaxed. So this is the real test those who are not relaxed amongst our family members. They're the ones who make an agenda.

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What do we learn about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam? He used to be with his family members, the other end would be pronounced and he would become like a stranger, isn't it? otherwise everything is fine. As soon as the Adhan is pronounced, that's it, he's going in akuna kaaboo Fie, Alina was 15 we were fearful. And if a person is afraid in his house, if a person fears Allah in his house, in his family, then he will be afraid of Allah everywhere else as well. And if he doesn't feel alone in his family, that he will not fear Allah anywhere else. This is the real test.

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I had number 29

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for the kid, so remind former

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Well, Mr. junoon, for you are not by the favor of your Lord, a soothsayer or a madman. And the following is, many of the misconceptions the false accusations the false beliefs of the machine of maca are going to be negated. As you know, this is a murky salon, the theme of the Rockies was his belief in Allah as well as the last day. So even they will be emphasized. And in Makkah, you know that there was a lot of opposition people

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Names of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they remained firm on their faults ways, despite the fact that the truth was very clear. So, all of these concepts are going to be refuted one after the other. And you may wonder that these do not really seem connected, you may feel like that, but if you keep the background, the context in which the surah was revealed in your mind, then it will be very easy for you to understand and shovel

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further get firmer and the veneer material of beaker beaker Hainan, whatever, you know, the machine of Makkah, they used to call the Prophet sallallahu Sallam can imagine what this guy Him, who is a guy in Ghana is a soothsayer, a fortune teller, someone who informs of the matters of the unseen. People go to him, they asked him what's going to happen? Is this good for me? Is this not good for me, and what is a Hindu? He pretends that he knows the knowledge of the unseen and thus he gives instructions to people

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and suit saying gahanna was extremely common in the Arabian society, especially before the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came. And so however they question the prophets of Allah set them as to how it works, because many times people would go to a cane, and what he would say what actually happened, would actually come true. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the companions, that again, who does use the jinn

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and the jinn, what do they do? They go up to the skies, they listen to the conversations of the angels, and they eavesdrop. And then they come and they tell the captain one piece of information mixed with many, many lines and that kahin What does he do in return? he informs the people of what's going to happen. And if he tells people about five things, even if one thing comes to be true, then people start believing in Him, isn't it so? So the people of Arabia they call the Prophet sallallahu Sallam Okay, why? Because he was telling the people with regards to the matters of the unseen, that there is going to be a day of judgment. So Allah soprano Dallas's, former and debonair,

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Mattila, Pika, Pika when you're not a cat, when you tell people of the matters of the unseen, however, that is based on the knowledge of Revelation, not the knowledge that is gained from share clean, which is mixed with lies, not at all. What am I doing, nor are you a madman, you are not even someone who is insane, because that's also what the machine called him.

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Therefore, for the kid, keep reminding, keep doing your job. Because the thing is that when people give you bad names, when they start describing you as a captain and Majnoon, you feel shy, you feel distressed, and you almost begin to lose your confidence. So the profits are aligned incident is stalled over here for that kid, keep reminding. And by the grace of your Lord, you're not okay. You're not much noon.

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I'm Yoko Luna, Sharon, or do they say about you that he is a Sherry? Do they say that you're a sheriff that you report? Why would they call him apart? Because the Quran was very eloquent. So they call the Kalam of Allah share. So mucuna Sheridan, neither of us will be we wait for him. Raji Ballmer known a misfortune of time. Poets were very influential as well in the Arabian society. And if there was a poet who was very influential, very famous, and people did not like him, what do they want for him to die? Because when he dies, that's it. his poetry will come to an end. And the venom that he sprays on us even that will not be there anymore. This is what people would want with

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bullets. So the machine omaka they called the profits out of RSM avoid as well. And they said, not all of us will be here, we are waiting for him, Are you well known, we were just waiting for him to die. Once he dies. That's it. All of this will be over all of this Prophethood that he has claimed and all these things that he's telling us about everything will be over. The word label manual blade means literally doubt, uncertainty. And if you think about it, accidents, are they certain or uncertain, uncertain, you don't know what might happen when isn't a similarly death that is also uncertain, when the word re is used with Alma noon, that it does not mean that rather it gives the

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meaning of calamity. It gives them meaning of misfortune. And Manu is from the root letters meme known known from the word man, and man is literally to cut something. What does it mean to cut something literally, and Minoan is used for death? Why? Because when a person dies, and his life has been cut off,

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so label Maroon together means the misfortune the calamity of death.

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So are they waiting for you to die in other ways

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Words matter of bus will be here label Malone which is waiting for him to die. And the label Manon can also be understood as misfortune, calamity, disaster, the accidents of fate, because the word Maroon is also used for fate for destiny. So we're just waiting for him to suffer from some misfortunes. And when he suffers from them, then he will not say what he's saying. Allah says people say to them, the apostle Wait, meaning you're waiting for my death keep waiting for in numerical For indeed I am with you, Minamoto be seen of those who wait, meaning let's see what happens whether my Dharma and I come to an end first or is it you and your opposition that collapse and Moodle Home

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Alarm or home behavior? Or do their minds command them to say this alarm is the plural of him or hidden? hen is used for tolerance. And from this the word Helm is also used for intelligence. Why? Because there is a deep connection between tolerance and intelligence. When a person is intelligent, how does he behave with others? with patience with tolerance? And when a person is not that intelligent, when a person does not use his mind, then how does he behave with people ignorantly, with impatience? If people are behaving bad with him, he behaves equally or worse with them. So intelligence and tolerance have a very deep connection. And from the same root is also the age of

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puberty. Hello, the age of puberty. Why? Because at that age, a person is expected to become intelligent. A person is expected to become tolerant, like, for example, a child, a child who is five years old, six years old, two years old. You he wants something you don't give it to him, What is he going to do? Cry, scream? Isn't it? Anything goes against his wishes, he's gonna throw a tantrum.

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But when a child reaches the age of puberty, then are they expected to behave better? Are they expected to behave differently? Of course they are.

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So our alarm over here gives a meeting of mind Faculty of understanding and model Home Alarm on behavior that is it that their minds are commanding them with this with this? What does this refer to? To call the messenger? A Sharia, okay, in my junoon? Is it that their minds are telling them to do this meaning? In other words, is this what they think about it? Is this really what their what their intelligence dictates? Then their intelligence is very, very poor indeed. meaning they're not using their minds.

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I'm home como tahune? Or are they are people who are transgressing? meaning they're transgressing the limits in their arrogance in their pride.

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Because if you think about the Prophet sallallahu Sallam any stranger who met him, he knew that he was not virgin.

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any stranger even who met him knew that he was not a guy when he was married. So it was strange that the people of Makkah, they were calling him sharing module, Allah says, Is it their intelligence that's telling them to say this about him? No, that's not the case. But rather, the problem is that they are people who are transgressing. They have become so proud, so hearty, so arrogant, so disbelieving that even though the truth is manifest, they're not willing to accept it.

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I'm Yoku Luna Taka wala or do they say that has he made it up? Bella you mean own? Rather they do not believe the cold water from the roof hydrous cough well, cold, what is called me word. Allah, kala yaku. Speak, he said, and the owner, this is from bapta for the hawala ye Taka, Taka,

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Taka wala Yakubu the coal from

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the coal is to fabricate a statement to make up a statement. We understand the goal is to make a statement. So mucuna Taka Wallah? Do they say that he has made up this port on this page? Allah says but like me, no, no, he hasn't concocted he hasn't fabricated it. Rather these people they do not believe out of their pride, failure to be Hadith and myth Lee, then let them produce a statement like it. If they say that he has fabricated it. Then if he can fabricate the Quran, they can also fabricate something very similar, isn't it? So? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not have any past career of being a poet or anything like that? No, he was a very noble man. A very

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respectable person, but he wasn't famous poet of Arabia at all. And he wasn't someone who could read or write either. There were other people who when it came to worldly knowledge, perhaps were far ahead of him. So Allah says over here, if you say that he is fabricated it failure to be howdy famously, then the rest of the people even they should bring a speech that is like the Quran, in candles are the thing if they're truthful, because if he can fabricate it, then they too can fabricate it. If he can come up with something like the Quran, then they too can come up with something like the Quran. And this challenge is in the Quran. It's mentioned in the Quran many, many

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times, isn't it so? Because there are many people who throughout the ages have said that the Quran was just the word, the speech of Ruth Hamilton Allahu wa sallam. This is a big lie. Because if it was his speech, then people would have produced much better, more effective, much more eloquent speech than his. Whereas we see that people have attempted many times, but they have never ever been able to come up with something like the Quran. Not even close. In candles are the thing if they're truthful, in what they say that he is fabricated.

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And colico militia in? Or were they created by nothing? I'm hormonal callicoon? Or were they the creators of themselves? Meaning Why are they so proud? That out of their pride, they are calling him a shy, they're saying that he is fabricated. They're not willing to accept they're not willing to surrender? What do they think of themselves? I'm fully human lady Shane. Were they created by nothing? So they are free, and woman called cocoon, or they created themselves, so they don't need to submit?

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You see, many people, they do not like to limit themselves to the commands of the shittier isn't it? And what do they think that they have absolute freedom? It's their life. It's their choice. But the fact is that people they are not their own owners, nor are they their own creators. So when you're not your own, or when you're not your Creator, when somebody else owns you and someone else has created you, then what does it mean? That you have to submit? You have to accept pride does not suit you. arrogance does not suit you. Rather, submission is what suits you. So the Mr. Kenan maka did not want to accept the religion of Allah. They did not want to be confined to this faith. They

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wanted to follow their desires, whatever they liked, they wish to worship it. Whatever they wish to do, they wanted to do it. So Allah says unholy Coleman lady Shea in Oklahoma, hi, Nicole, what do they think of themselves? Were they created by nothing? main lady Shea in by nothing, meaning without a creator, even our bustle dinar alien, he interpreted this as Robin Holly thing that were they created without a lord without a creator. Meaning they came about themselves no one actually created them and human Holocaust, or did they create themselves? Neither is the case. So what does it mean that that Allah is the one who created them? So if Allah has created them, he owns them, and

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he deserves that he should be worshipped and he deserves that he should be submitted to

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um Kanako sama, what he will or did they create the heavens and the earth? No, they don't have the power to create themselves, then how can they have the power to create the heavens and the earth? Been up noon? Rather they are not certain. They are not certain about what about the fact that Allah is a creator? And if they were certain about the fact that alized the Creator, then what would they do? They would submit they would believe they would accept in so he held Buhari it is recorded that debatable.

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He said that I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam recite Surah insalata not a

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debatable motto he had come to Medina from Makkah after the battle but why?

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to ransom the captured wish the key because you know that after the Battle of but many wish Tolkien were captured as prisoners. So debatable. multiroom had come from Mecca to Medina to speak to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the prisoners and ransom them. And when he arrived, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was reciting sudo to insalata.

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Imagine he is listening to the entire recitation from the beginning work to work it out. We must review documents

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and then after so many exam in our level of bigger level, okay, and then he's listening, listening, listening and imagine the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is reciting. He said that when the prophets of Allah said enrich this ayah and Holy Quran, right

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She in Mohali home, I felt my heart would fly away.

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I felt my heart would fly away. I could not handle it anymore.

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The Quran had such an impact on him. And later on, he became Muslim as well.

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