Taleem al-Quran 2010 – Juz 19 – L194A

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Ash-Shuara 141-191 Translation 141-191


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The transcript is a jumbled mix of unrelated statements and phrases, making it difficult to summarize. Different speakers express frustration with various proposal ideas, including a proposal to allow people to leave a sign, drinking turn, and shipping-home drivers to receive a drink. They also discuss a woman named Missus Speaker claims to have been killed by Robbie. The group discusses various ways to handle the situation, including using old woman fees and even beating him up with a booster shot, and consider the potential consequences of warmer and rotter weather.

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Salam aleikum wa

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rahmatullah wa salam ala rasulillah Kareem amerit firoozeh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Rubbish rightly so the way acidity Emery better melissani of koko de probenecid are in

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Lesson number 194. Solo to sharara is number 141 to 191.

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Translation go there but it denied. So mudo samode and mousseline the messengers is when Allah He said, the home to them who home their brother saw your home so there are a salam, Allah do not that the goon you all fear in me indeed a knuckle for you, Rasulo a messenger amine on trustworthy factor co so you all fear Allah, Allah will appear only and you all obey me warmer and not as a local I asked you I know he upon it. Men from Nigeria in any reward in not a god my reward Illa except Allah upon Rob an island mean of the world

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will we'll do takuna you will be left fee in ma what her hoonah is here. I mean, as one secure fee in generating gardens were Yun and springs was the ruler in and fields of crops. When Lynn and balms tell her it's fruit, her beam, one softened. What can he do? And he will carve men from algae burn the mountains. Will you turn houses? fairy Hill ones with skill for Taku so y'all fear Allah Allah, what are to your only and you all obey me wanna and do not duty Are you all obey Umrah command, I was riffing off the extravagant ones, and levina those who you've Ceduna

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they'll make mischief. Fie in an outline the earth while there and not usefully hone their reform

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although they said in Nevada, indeed not but, and you are. Maine from Alamosa. hurryin those bewitched may not enter you in there except by Sharon and then with Luna like us.

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So you come

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in with a sign in if contract you were made from a solidarity, those who are truthful,

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Allah He said heavy he this mare cotton she can walk by my hair for it should have been a drinking turn. When I come and for you shipborne a drinking turn. Yo have a day might argue or known winner and do not there was sue her. You all touch her. We sue him with evil fair holder calm consequently, it will seize you either double punishment. Yo have a day Lehman one great Falcon whoo Ha. So the wounded her, they have stronger for us bajo. So they became navvy mean as ones regretful ones remorseful for the home so it sees them and either boo the punishment in indeed fee in velika that area turn surely assign warmer and not Ghana, he was a thorough home most of them would mean

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believers were in and indeed Rebecca Europe, Lahore, surely he is an Aziz the always Almighty of Rahim the all was All Merciful.

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But it denied all people loads of loads are the hustler and mousseline the messengers is when Allah He said la home to them or who home their brother no to load on his salon. Allah do not that the code you all fear in me indeed I lock home for you prasun a messenger amine are trustworthy for total. So you are

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Fear Allah, Allah will have to your only and you will obey me warmer and not as unethical. I asked you, I lay upon it men from edging any reward in not Algeria my reward Illa except Allah upon

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an island mean of the world's tuna. Do you all approach at the corner the male's main from an either mean the world's water the ruler and your lead man what Hanako he created local for you or bucco Europe main from as logical your wives been rather? And don't you all own a people are the ones who transgress Curlew, they said that in Surely if not to enter he uses a loop or loop later cool then surely you will definitely be made from a local gene. Those who are expelled.

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He said in me indeed a there are medical for your deed men from elkaar lien those who strongly detest Robbie

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nagini save me

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and my family member from what year alone they do Fernand Jaina who so we saved him or Allah who and his family. He married all together in there except I use an old woman fee in a Liberian those who remain behind some then the mama we destroyed and hurryin the others are unpopular and we raid I lay him upon them mokara arraign fossa so how evil mataro reign among 13 of those who were warned

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in indeed fee in the liquor that let I surely assign warmer and rot Ghana he was at home most of them would mean believers were in and indeed Rob Becker, your Lucha surely he is. Allah Aziz the always Almighty of Rahim, the always All Merciful God Baba, he denied us horrible companions

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of the word of the ticket. I will also lead the messengers.

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If when God He said the home to them, sure, I will drive early Salah Allah do not that the whole your fear in me indeed I luckily for you all rasuluh a messenger, I mean are trustworthy for the whole so your fear, Allah her Allah, we're ugly, Ernie, and you will obey me. Warmer and not as eloquent. I asked you, I lay upon it. Men from Nigeria, any reward in not Algeria, my reward Illa except Allah upon Robbie alameen of the worlds Ofu you all fulfill al Qaeda, the measure, whether and do not the coup you all be men from a city, those who reduce those who cause loss was a new anti all way. Bill pestforce with the scale, and Mr. Team, the even weather and do not they will pursue

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you all reduce a NASA the people I share a home there things are there and do not die. So you all act wickedly fi in the earth, wolf city as ones who make mischief what Taku and you all fear and lady who? holla Coco, He created you while you Bella and the creation or the generations? I will in the former ones ALU they said in number indeed not but under you our main from Alamosa. hareem those bewitched

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warmer and not enter you in there except by Sharon a human being with Luna like us we're in and indeed

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now when Luca we think you lemon surely from Al Qaeda been the liars for us. So you caused for Elena upon us kissaten a fragment main from a summer the sky in if content you were main from a slightly the truthful ones.

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He said Rob be Myra are normal is most knowing the amount of what Maroon you all do forget the rules so they denied him for the home so it sees them or their will punishment yo have a day of winner of the canopy of the shade in Oahu indeed it can it was either the punishment yo of a day or leave one grade in the indeed fee in their liquor that area then surely assign warmer and not Ghana was XL home most of them would mean believers were in and indeed, lawbreaker Europe Lucha surely he is an Aziz the always Almighty of Rahim always All Merciful

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let's listen to the recitation

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cuz that's the Moodle mobile sorry is

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a let

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do one wanna

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add in Algeria

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una meanie Fijian

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to do

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Paulo in

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Moosa Hari

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saw the team

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una de mi

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mi mi.

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mean that

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in Nigeria

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Pauline Amina Jeannie

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vana Dana

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you can use any in

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any local monsoon

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remove CB What does

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